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Palgrave Macmillan and the Family Business Consulting Group have teamed up

to provide family businesses with indispensable leadership guides and practical handbooks


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The complete set includes all 23 titles i and is exclusively avail An active independent board is the single greatest resource for the modern family business and has become essential to the success of family businesses in our globally competitive world. This guide shows how to blend committed family members with talented non-family directors to produce an effective, independent board and flourishing family business. Great boards sustain great companies.”—Lanse Crane, Chairman and CEO of Crane & Co.

The guidance provided will be invaluable to sibling teams going through this transition. I highly recommend it to both second generation siblings as well as the patriarch of the business.”—Dianne Saulsbury Zugg, president, Saulsbury Family Foundation

The Family Council Handbook is a thorough and insightful guide to good governance. Vivid examples and ‘food for thought’ make it more than just a manual for starting a family council— it’s a treatise on tearing down walls and building bridges for better family business communication. If you read this book, you’ll be a better family business owner.”—Jamie A. Richardson, vice president, Government and Shareholder Relations, White Castle System, Inc.

All too often, family businesses rely on the success of the past and are unprepared for the future. Finally, we have an all-in-one guide to running this unique type of organization from two highly respected pioneers in the field, with a particularly valuable emphasis on leading transition and change.” — Marshall Goldsmith, author/editor of 34 books, including New York Times bestsellers, MOJO and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

Individual titles in the Family Business Leadersh The full set, including all 23 leadership tit

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Offering vital insights and advice to those working for and running family businesses, this innovative series from Palgrave Macmillan and the Family Business Consulting Group belongs in the offices of family enterprises the world over

Family businesses, whether small entrepreneurial startups or mid-sized entities, are unlike any other business. They encounter a unique set of challenges, ranging from strategic growth to succession planning to communications between colleagues (and relatives!). The books in Palgrave and the Family Business Consulting Group’s family business series address all of these obstacles, and more, to provide family enterprises with guidance on how to overcome them and achieve continued growth and success. The authors of these books are experts in the field, sharing practical, effective, and time-tested insights from their many years running their own family businesses.

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What the experts are saying about our family business books…

Each Family Business Leadership publication is packed cover-to-cover with expert guidance, solid information, and ideas that work.” —Alan Campbell, CFO, Campbell Motel Properties, Inc., Brea, CA

While each volume contains helpful ‘solutions’ to the issues it covers, it is the guidance on how to tackle the process of addressing the different issues, and the emphasis on the benefits which can stem from the process itself, which make the Family Business publications of unique value to everyone involved in a family business - not just the owners.” —David Grant, Director (retired), William Grant & Sons Ltd. (distillers of Glenfiddich and other fine Scotch whiskeys)

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