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Foundation Mathematics K.A. Stroud, formerly at Coventry University, UK with Dexter J. Booth, formerly at University of Huddersfield, UK

A complete entry level mathematics book based on the phenomenally successful approach of the bestselling Engineering Mathematics by the same authors. This book is designed to help students embarking on a wide range of higher education courses to improve their mathematics to the required standard. Contents: Arithmetic • Introduction to Algebra • Expressions and Equations • Graphs • Linear Equations • Polynomial Equations • Partial Fractions • Trigonometry • Functions • Matrices • Vectors • Binomial Series • Sets • Probability • Statistics • Regression and Correlation • Introduction to Differentiation • Partial Differentiation • Integration April 2009 752pp Paperback £38.99 9780230579071 IC

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Engineering Mathematics 7th edition K.A. Stroud, formerly at Coventry University, UK with Dexter J. Booth, formerly at University of Huddersfield, UK

Engineering Mathematics, the best-selling introductory mathematics text with sales of over half a million copies worldwide, is now in its 7th edition. Its unique programmed approach takes students through the mathematics they need in a step-by-step fashion with a wealth of examples and exercises. The book is divided into two sections with the Foundation section starting at Level 0 of the IEng syllabus and the main section extending over all elements of a first year undergraduate course and into many second year courses. The book therefore suits a full range of abilities and levels of access. The Online Personal Tutor guides students through exercises in the same stepby-step fashion as the book, with hundreds of full workings to questions. Contents: PART I: FOUNDATION TOPICS • Arithmetic • Introduction to Algebra • Expressions and Equations • Graphs • Linear Equations • Polynomial Equations • Binomials • Partial Fractions • Trigonometry • Functions • Trigonometric and Exponential Functions • Differentiation • Integration • PART II • Complex Numbers 1 • Complex Numbers 2 • Hyperbolic Functions • Determinants • Matrices • Vectors • Differentiation • Differentiation Applications • Tangents, Normals and Curvature • Sequences • Series 1 • Series 2 • Curves and Curve Fitting • Partial Differentiation 1 • Partial Differentiation 2 • Integration 1 • Integration 2 • Reduction Formulas • Integration Applications 1 • Integration Applications 2 • Integration Applications 3 • Approximate Integration • Polar Coordinate Systems • Multiple Integrals • First-Order Differential Equations • Second-Order Differential Equations • Introduction to Laplace Transforms • Statistics • Probability • Answers March 2013 Paperback IC

1184pp £ 45.99



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Advanced Engineering Mathematics

Engineering Mathematics Through Applications

5th edition

2nd edition K.A. Stroud, formerly at Coventry University, UK with additions by Dexter J. Booth, formerly at University of Huddersfield, UK

‘Stroud is by far and away the best text book for engineering maths. It is excellent for students to use on their own to reinforce what they have seen in class.’ - Esther Norton, Anglia Ruskin University, UK This bestselling textbook is a comprehensive course for undergraduates in engineering and science from second year level onwards. Its highly successful technique-oriented approach guides the student through the development of each topic. There are hundreds of worked examples and exercises. New material has been added throughout this edition. A Full Table of Contents is Available at: May 2011 1136pp Paperback £44.99 9780230275485 IC

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Fundamental Maths For Engineering and Science Mark Breach, Nottingham Trent University, UK

Kuldeep Singh, University of Hertfordshire, UK

This comprehensive, student-friendly textbook teaches maths in a step-by-step fashion in an applied engineering context. The purpose of the maths is immediately made clear, resulting in a highly motivating text for first year engineering and pre-degree students.

Contents: Introduction: Arithmetic for Engineers • Engineering Formulae • Visualizing Engineering Formulae • Functions on Engineering • Trigonometry and Waveforms • Logarithmic, Exponential and Hyperbolic Functions • Differentiation • Engineering Applications of Differentiation • Integration • Engineering Applications of Integration • Complex Numbers • Matrices • Vectors • First Order Differential Equations • Second Order Linear Differential Equations • Partial Differentiation • Probability and Statistics • Solutions • Appendix: Standard Normal Distribution Table July 2011 944pp Paperback £43.99 9780230274792 Ebook



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This short, accessible textbook explains the maths clearly through words and examples, and makes sure students put past anxieties about maths or gaps in their knowledge behind them. Contents: Preliminaries • Fundamental Arithmetic • Arithmetic of Small Quantities • Arithmetic of Powers • Arithmetic Calculations • Graphs and Charts • Algebra Introducing the Unknown • Algebra - More Complex Forms • Algebra - Functions • Algebra - Working with Formulae • Algebra - Transposition of Equations and Inverse Functions • Algebra - Factors of Expressions • Geometry • Series • Trigonometry • Graphical Representation of Trigonometric Functions • Simultaneous Equations • Quadratic Equations • Surface Areas and Volumes of Solids • Coordinate Systems • Areas of Irregular Figures • Trigonometric Identities • Logarithms and Indices • Differentiation - Basic Relationships • Differentiation of More Complex Functions • Differentiation - Uses • Integration - Basic Relationships • Integration - Area and Volume • Vectors • Matrices • Probability • Central Tendency and Dispersion • Answers January 2011 392pp Paperback £32.99 9780230252080 IC

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Understanding Hydraulics

Soil Mechanics

Surveying for Engineers

3rd edition

Principles and Practice

5th edition

Les Hamill, University of Plymouth, UK

3rd edition Graham Barnes, Consultant and Researcher

‘Excellent book for anyone needing to understand hydraulics and engineering hydrology.’ - Online reviewer Suitable for students from pre-degree through undergraduate level as well as a reference tool for industry. There are numerous worked examples, self-test and revision questions to help students solve problems and avoid mistakes. Contents: Introduction • Hydrostatics • Pressure Measurement • Stability of a Floating Body • Fluids in Motion • Flow Measurement • Flow through Pipelines • Flow under a Varying Head: Time Required to Empty a Reservoir • Flow in Open Channels • Hydraulic Structures • Dimensional Analysis and Hydraulic Models • Turbines and Pumps • Introduction to Engineering Hydrology • Applications of Engineering Hydrology • Sustainable Drainage Systems • Bibliography • Appendix 1: Derivations of Equations • Appendix 2: Solutions to Self Test Questions • Appendix 3: Graph Paper May 2011 656pp Paperback £44.99 9780230242753 Ebook



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‘One of the best textbooks on Soil Mechanics.’ - J.W. Glenn, Belfast Institute of Further and Higher Education, UK Soil Mechanics provides students with a clear understanding of the nature of soil and its behaviour, offering an insight into the application of principles to engineering solutions. In keeping with industry changes, this 3rd edition incorporates Eurocodes with worked examples to demonstrate the theory in use. Contents: Soil Formation and Nature • Soil Description and Classification • Permeability and Seepage • Effective Stress and Pore Pressure • Contact Pressure and Stress Distribution • Compressibility and Consolidation • Shear Strength • Shallow Foundations: Stability • Shallow Foundations: Settlements • Pile Foundations • Lateral Earth Pressures and Retaining Structures • Slope Stability • Earthworks and Soil Compaction • Site Investigation September 2010 576pp Paperback £45.99 9780230579804 Ebook


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John Uren, University of Leeds, UK and Bill Price, formerly at University of Brighton, UK

This classic text takes the reader through everything they need to know, from traditional methods through to the very latest technological developments. Ideal whether students are studying surveying as a separate discipline or as part of a civil engineering, building or construction course: accessible, well illustrated and comprehensive. Contents: Introduction • Levelling • Angle Measurement • Distance Measurement: Taping • Total Stations • Traversing and Coordinate Calculations • Global Positioning System • GPS Coordinates and Transformations • Measurements, Errors and Specifications • Detail Surveying and Plotting • Setting Out • Circular Curves • Transition Curves • Vertical Curves • Earthwork Quantities • Appendix • Solutions March 2010 816pp Paperback £48.99 9780230221574 IC


Design of Structural Elements 2nd edition William McKenzie, Edinburgh Napier University, UK

Review of the 1st edition: ‘The author has provided an excellent text for undergraduate students. The book compares favourably with other texts, above all in the number of examples which are typical of industry rather than just academic. This book would be one recommended for the structural design courses at this School particularly because of the ‘real examples’...’ - David Easterbrook, Senior Lecturer, School of Civil and Structural Engineering, University of Plymouth, UK A detailed study of the process of design for structural elements, updated comprehensively for the new Eurocodes in all four building materials: concrete, steel, timber and masonry. The scope of this text is wide, and its numerous examples, practical problems and easy-to-follow diagrams make it an ideal course text. Contents: Structural Analysis Techniques • Overall Structural Stability and Robustness • Design Philosophies and the Eurocode Program • EN 1990 - Basis of Structural Design • EN 1991 - Actions on Structures • EN 1992 - Design of Reinforced Concrete Elements • EN 1993 - Design of Structural Steelwork Elements • EN 1995 - Design of Timber Elements • EN 1996 - Design of Masonry Elements • Appendix 1 - Greek Alphabet - SI Prefixes and Material Properties• Appendix 2 - Properties of Geometric Figures • Appendix 3 - Beam Reactions Bending Moments and Deflections • Appendix 4 - Continuous Beam Coefficients • Appendix 5 - Shear Deformation of Beams • Appendix 6 - Weights of Construction Materials • Appendix 7 - Cross-sectional Areas of Reinforcing Steel • Appendix 8 Standard Component Sizes for Steelwork Connections April 2013 736pp Paperback £40.99 9780230217713 IC

Design of Structural Timber To Eurocode 5 2nd edition William McKenzie and Binsheng Zhang, both at Edinburgh Napier University, UK

This edition is a source of information on the nature and inherent characteristics of timber and practical design in relation to the requirements of the new Eurocode EC5. In addition, it also has extensive explanations and worked examples relating to the new loading codes for dead, imposed, snow and wind actions, i.e. EC and EC1. Contents: Structural Timber • Design Philosophies and Eurocodes • Design Loading • Structural Analysis Techniques • Flexural Members • Axially Loaded Members • Members Subject to Combined Axial and Flexural Loads • Roof Trusses • Mechanical Fasteners • Overall Structural Stability September 2007 520pp Paperback £47.99 9780230007772 Ebook



Reinforced Concrete Design

Structural Mechanics: Worked Examples

To Eurocode 2


7th edition Bill Mosley, formerly at Nanyang Technological Institute, Singapore, John Bungey, University of Liverpool, UK and Ray Hulse, formerly at Coventry University, UK

A practical introduction to the principles and methods used in the design of reinforced and prestressed concrete structures. This bestselling text contains many worked examples and conforms to EC2 reflecting the interpretation and use since its introduction. Contents: Notation • Introduction to Design and Properties of Reinforced Concrete • Limit State Design • Analysis of the Structure at the Ultimate Limit State • Analysis of the Section • Shear, Bond and Torsion • Serviceability, Durability and Stability Requirements • Design of Reinforced Concrete Beams • Design of Reinforced Concrete Slabs • Column Design • Foundations and Retaining Walls • Prestressed Concrete Water Retaining Structures • Composite Construction April 2012 464pp Paperback £47.99 9780230302853 Ebook


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Understanding Structures 5th edition Derek Seward, Lancaster University, UK

Ray Hulse and Jack Cain, both formerly at Coventry University, UK

This text provides students with brief summaries of key facts topic-by-topic and then a series of carefully paced and sequenced worked examples using real exam questions, with additional explanatory notes. The text will reinforce knowledge learnt in lectures and through companion textbooks, complete understanding, and help in preparing for exams. Contents: Equilibrium of Rigid Structures • Pin-jointed Frame Structures • Shearing Forces and Bending Moments • Direct Stress • Bending Stress • Combined Bending and Direct Stress • Shear Stress • Torsional Stress • Mohr’s Circles of Stress and Strain • Composite Sections • Beam Deflections and Rotations • Strain Energy and Virtual Work April 2009 304pp Paperback £24.99 9780230579811 Ebook


‘[This] text clearly and completely explains essential concepts, develops an intuitive understanding (assisted by clever illustrations) and provides practical ‘real world’ examples.’ - Vaughan Maybury, Lecturer, Wellington Institute of Technology, New Zealand

A highly illustrated text explaining the fundamentals of structural analysis, materials and design in one integrated volume. It focuses on the process of design using real data and avoiding a mathematical approach to encourage a feel and awareness for the physical behaviour of structures. Updated for the Eurocode. Contents: Design - Basics - Materials - Loads - Pin-jointed Trusses - Tension - Beams - Compression - Combined Axial and Bending Stresses - Torsion - Connections - Arches and Portal Frames - Foundations and Retaining Walls Deflection - Indeterminate Structures and Components June 2014 392pp Paperback £43.99 9781137376565 New


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Construction Technology 1: House Construction 3rd edition Mike Riley and Alison Cotgrave, both Liverpool John Moores University, UK

‘This text is perfect as an introduction to modern house construction. The structure is so easy to follow with topics clearly explained in an easy to understand style which includes clear visual images and annotated drawings. All this plus the extremely valuable web-site support material really makes this text a winner with students.’ - Ian Wardle, Senior Lecturer, University of Central Lancashire, UK

Construction Technology 2: Industrial and Commercial Building 3rd edition Mike Riley and Alison Cotgrave, both at Liverpool John Moores University, UK

A new edition of this popular undergraduate textbook for the study of industrial and commercial building. This third edition is thoroughly revised including new material on sustainable construction.

A widely used and popular textbook designed specifically to support the study of domestic house construction at undergraduate degree and HNC/ HND level. This third edition has been thoroughly revised to reflect new technology and construction methods. The enhanced layout and student-friendly features take the reader through each step of the building process from planning to internal finishes. To take a look at the companion website which features photographs and outline answers to the review tasks, visit: or scan the QR code. Contents: PART I: INTRODUCTION TO HOUSE CONSTRUCTION • Functions of Buildings • Preparing to Build • The Building Process • PART II: BUILDING SUBSTRUCTURE • Foundations • Walls Below Ground • Ground Floors • PART III: BUILDING SUPERSTRUCTURE • External Walls • Upper Floors and Stairs • Internal Division of Space: Walls and Partitions • Roof: Structures and Coverings • Windows, Doors and Ventilation • Internal Finishes • Overview of Alternative Sustainable Construction Methods June 2013 392pp Paperback £36.99 9781137030177 IC


Contents: PART I: PREPARING TO BUILD • PART II: BUILDING SUBSTRUCTURE • PART III: BUILDING SUPERSTRUCTURE • PART IV: SUSTAINABLE CONSTRUCTION AND DESIGN A Full Table of Contents is Available at: April 2014 448pp Paperback £39.99 9781137371690 New


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Construction Technology 3: The Technology of Refurbishment and Maintenance

Total Sustainability in the Built Environment Edited by Alison Cotgrave and Mike Riley, both at Liverpool John Moores University, UK

2nd edition Mike Riley and Alison Cotgrave, both at Liverpool John Moores University, UK

An in-depth look at refurbishment and rehabilitation with added emphasis on sustainability, energy performance, flooding and health and safety. Contents: PART I: BUILDING REFURBISHMENT, MAINTENANCE AND SUSTAINABILITY • The Context of Refurbishment • The Context of Maintenance • PART II: COMMON DEFECTS ENCOUNTERED DURING CONSTRUCTION • Common Defects in Buildings • PART III: THE TECHNOLOGY OF REFURBISHMENT • Common Refurbishment Technologies • PART IV: THE MANAGEMENT OF MAINTENANCE AND REFURBISHMENT WORK • The Management of Refurbishment Work • Demolition and Disposal • Case Study April 2011 240pp Paperback £39.99 9780230290143

The first textbook in sustainable construction bringing together the whole range of topics from planning through to facilities management in an accessible and engaging way, and complete with illustrations and photographs. Written by experts and including real-world case studies, this book can be used as a core text or across several modules.

Available on Amazon Look Inside 8

7th edition Randall McMullan, Construction Physicist, Government Advisor and Writer

This engaging text covers the science, technology and services that relate to the comfort of humans and the environmental performance of buildings. This edition has been revised in line with new regulations, up-to-date practice and world-wide trends.

Contents: Introduction • Planning for a Sustainable Built Environment • Alternative Renewable Energy Sources • Sustainable Design • Green Construction Technology and Management • Refurbishment for Sustainability • Sustainable Building Services • Public Health Engineering Services • Smart Technologies • Carbon Reduction Management • Sustainable Procurement • Sustainable Project Management • Sustainable Facilities Management • Sustainable Property Management • Green Case Studies

Contents: PART I: CORE TOPICS • The Environment • Energy Use in Buildings Thermal Effects in Buildings • Air Control in Buildings • Principles of Lighting • Artificial Lighting • Natural Lighting • Aspects of Sound • Noise and Sound Insulation • Room Acoustics • Electricity Supplies • Water Supplies • Waste Water • Green Buildings • PART II: RESOURCES SECTION • Resource 1: Science Information • Resource 2: Principles of Heat • Resource 3: Principles of Light and Sound • Resource 4: Principles of Electricity • Resource 5: Principles of Water Technology • Resource 6: References

December 2012 328pp Paperback £38.99 9780230390584

April 2012 432pp Paperback £44.99 9780230290808


Environmental Science in Building



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The Sustainable Built Environment

Management of Global Construction Projects Edward Ochieng, Liverpool John Moores University, UK, Andrew Price, Loughborough University, UK and David Moore, Robert Gordon University, UK

Technical, Managerial, Legal and Economic Aspects

‘At a time when global construction markets are becoming increasingly important, this text provides an extremely useful guide to navigating the field. Its approach to global project management, which takes account of the demands of cultural complexity and uncertainty using real-world projects, will prove useful to a range of undergraduates and postgraduates, and construction practitioners.’ - Andrew King, MSc Quantity Surveying Course Leader, Nottingham Trent University, UK

Edited by Begum Sertyesilisik, Liverpool John Moores University, UK and Istanbul Technical University, Turkey and Ahmed Al Shamma'a, Liverpool John Moores University, UK The text adopts an interdisciplinary approach to address the huge challenges in creating a sustainable built environment. In a broad survey of critical issues it assesses procurement, cost modelling and management, green buildings, sustainable technologies, drainage and utilities, energy and the law. Contents: 1. Introduction to the Sustainable Built Environment • 2. Sustainable Procurement • 3. Cost Modelling for Sustainability • 4. Green Building Process • 5. Sustainable Buildings • 6. Low and Zero Carbon Technologies in Buildings • 7. Sustainability in Utilities: Water Efficient Sustainable Buildings • 8. Environmental Law for the Built Environment • 9. Conclusion January 2014 224pp Paperback £27.99 9780230314443 New

Examines key issues for students and professionals interested in and working with global construction project organisations. It focuses on managing culturally diverse and globally dispersed construction project teams. The text takes a decision-making, business-oriented approach, reinforced with contemporary international case studies. Contents: Introduction • Strategic Issues in Global Project Management • Global Stakeholders in Global Projects • Measuring and Improving Global Project Performance • Relevance of Global Project Structure and Organisation • Global Project Management Process • Managing Cultural Complexity in Global Projects • Partnering and Alliancing in Global Construction Projects • Financing Global Construction Projects • Factors Affecting Perspectives on Uncertainty and Risk in Global Projects • Global Sustainable Development and Construction • Conclusions: Global Construction Project Management June 2013 352pp Paperback £34.99 9780230303218 IC

If you are interested in writing a textbook in this area, please contact editor Kirsty Reade ( with your ideas.



Construction Contract Preparation and Management

Construction Contract Claims

Construction Contract Law

3rd edition

3rd edition

From Concept to Completion

A practical approach starting at the very beginning of projects and making important connections between stages which are often misunderstood. Considers the topic from an industry perspective including key issues such as Health & Safety, the Environment and EU regulations often ignored in other texts. Covers NEC and JCT contracts. A Full Table of Contents is Avaiable at: February 2012 528pp Paperback £33.99 9780230273795 Ebook


Available on Amazon Look Inside 10

John Adriaanse, London South Bank University, UK

Reg Thomas, formerly James R. Knowles, Construction Contracts Consultants and Mark Wright, Barrister

Geoff Powell, Coventry University, UK

‘This is an ideal purchase for anyone tackling the daunting subject of construction contracts. The book is...conversational yet highly informative. The illustrations are clear and well annotated, and the industry examples provide an invaluable real-life connection.’ Online reviewer

The Essentials

With reference to the latest revisions to the Scheme for Construction Contracts and UK and international case law, this book confronts the difficult problems that arise in claim situations, offering a systematic approach to various types of claims. Suitable for construction professionals and contractors, and postgraduate students. Contents: Brief History of Construction Contracts and Case Law • Choice of Contracts • Tender and Acceptance • Monitoring Delay and Disruption Claims: Prevention • Formulation and Presentation of Claims • Sub-contractors • Response to Claims: Counter-claims • Avoidance, Resolution and Settlement of Disputes November 2011 304pp Hardback £53.99 9780230242852 IC

‘Well written, comprehensive and informative.’ - Steve Donohoe, University of Plymouth, UK. Covering the essentials of the subject, including how the law has developed, the reasoning behind key contract clauses and how contract law is applied in practice, this is an invaluable guide for students at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Contents: The Nature of Construction Contracts • Outline of the Law of Obligations • The Formation of Construction Contracts • Consideration • The Role of the Architect and the Engineer • The Main Obligations of the Contractor • The Main Obligations of the Employer • Time and Provisions for Delay • Variations and the Right to Payment • Payment and Certification • Sub-Contracting • Supply Contracts • Design Liability of Professionals and Contractors • Liabilities Post-completion • Determination and Damages • Methods of Dispute Resolution July 2010 440pp Paperback £35.99 9780230230446

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Property Valuation Techniques 3rd edition David Isaac and John O’Leary, both at University of Greenwich, UK

‘A comprehensive and insightful text which offers a strong explanation of all aspects of valuation theory supported by coherent and practical valuation examples. An essential read for all property valuation students but also provides indispensable background reading for practitioners and property advisors alike.’ - Louise Kirsten, Programme Manager in Real Estate Management, Liverpool John Moores University, UK Thoroughly revised with a new critical edge, this is the perfect guide for students and practitioners. The authors use a wealth of real-world applications and worked examples to cover traditional and new approaches, and include new material on sustainability, a new chapter on residential leasehold property and more on risk techniques. Contents: 1. Introduction • 2. Traditional Method of Investment Valuation • 3. Discounted Cash Flow • 4. Interest Rates and Yields • 5. Equated Yields • 6. Hardcore Method • 7. Equivalent Yields • 8. Equated Rents • 9. Rent Payments • 10. Taxation • 11. Risk • 12. Problems of Leasehold Valuation • 13. Contemporary Methods of Valuation • 14. Development Valuations and the Cash Flow Approach • 15. Computer Models and the Use of Spreadsheets • 16. Financial Appraisal Techniques • 17. New Directions May 2013 264pp Paperback £35.99 9781137302410 IC

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Property Valuation Principles 2nd edition David Isaac and John O’Leary, both at University of Greenwich, UK

A user-friendly introduction to property valuation for students and practitioners who are new to the subject. The text is packed with worked examples and photos and covers the five main methods of valuation, their application in a variety of markets and their relation to the wider economic context. Contents: The Concept of Property Valuation • Principles of Investment Applied to Property • The Property Market • The Role of the Valuer • Methods of Valuation • The Investment Method • The Residual Method • Discounted Cash Flow Approaches • Development of the Investment Method • Yields and Interest Rates • Taxation • Statutory Valuations • Development of the Residual Method • Property Finance • Financial Management and Accounts January 2012 248pp Paperback £33.99 9780230355804 Ebook


Available on Amazon Look Inside 11

Property Investment

Property Development

2nd edition

Appraisal and Finance David Isaac and John O’Leary, both at University of Greenwich, UK

With a focus on strategies for investment, markets and appraisal, this text explores the response of property investment markets to the challenges of sustainability, and provides expanded coverage of both residential and commercial property investment. Includes discussion on investment vehicles such as Real Estate Investment Trusts. Contents: Introducing Property Investment • Property Investment Markets • Property Investors • Types of Property Investment • The Principles of Property Investment Appraisal Techniques • The Application of Property Investment Appraisal Techniques • Refinements in the Use of Appraisal Techniques • Investment Performance and Portfolio Strategy • Portfolio Theory • Liquidation, Securitisation and REITs • Conclusion June 2011 328pp Paperback £41.99 9780230290242 IC


A selection of our textbooks are

2nd edition

now available as inspection David Isaac, John O’Leary and Mark Daley, all at University of Greenwich, UK

Provides an overview to the context of property development so that students and professionals can examine the stages of development in the process - from initial consideration, to site finding, general appraisal, valuation, funding, construction and marketing, with a focus on two key areas of the process: appraisal and finance. Contents: The Property Development Process • Development Appraisal • The Residual Valuation • Ground Rents and Partnership Schemes • Cash Flow Methods • Financing Property Development • The Classification of Development Finance • Structure of Property Finance • Design and Construction • Marketing Research, Marketing and Disposal July 2010 280pp Paperback £41.99 9780230201781 Ebook


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