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MIGRATION, ETHNICITY AND... Race and Racism in Russia Nikolay Zakharov, Södertörn University, Sweden Race and Racism in Russia identifies the striking changes in racial ideas, practices, exclusions and violence in Russia since the 1990s, revealing how 'Russianness' has become a synonym for racial whiteness. This groundbreaking book provides new theories and substantive insights into race and ethnicity in a Russian context. Contents: 1. Global Racisms and Racism in Russia: An Introduction * 2. Race and Racism in the Russian Past * 3. Race, Racialization, and Racism: A New Theoretical Framework * 4. Making Race in the Russian Academia * 5. Rioting for Whiteness: Doing Race on the Squares of Moscow * 6. Becoming Racial: Race As a New Form of Inequality * 7. Geopolitics of Racism and the Nation-Building Processes * 8. Concluding Discussion

Mapping Global Racisms March 2015 UK March 2015 US 248pp Hardback £65.00 / $100.00 / CN$109.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Latino Studies Editor: Lourdes Torres, Latin American and Latino Studies, DePaul University, USA Latino Studies has established itself as the leading, international peer-reviewed journal for advancing interdisciplinary scholarship about the lived experience and struggles of Latinas and Latinos for equality, representation, and social justice.

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Social Research and Policy in the Development Arena Critical Encounters Martin Doornbos, Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, The Netherlands "Professor Doornbos' book is an urgent read for both scholars of the development process and its in-the-field practitioners. Doornbos has worked extensively at the intersection of academic research and applied project implementation. His book is an invaluable treatise on which academic ideas have a survival value and as a guidebook for the practitioner preparing to meet the real world of development practice." - Michael F. Lofchie, UCLA, USA The author focuses on the research-policy nexus in development studies, highlighting reciprocal orientations and interactions between the domains of social research and of policy and politics. He looks at instances where these domains are complementary and geared towards common objectives, but also with others marked by opposing rationales. Contents: Introduction * 1. The Research-Policy Nexus: Multiple Encounters, Multiple Frictions * 2. Conceptualizing African statehood and legitimacy: shifting positions in the research-politics nexus * 3. A ‘Negotiating Statehood’ Perspective: Implications for Policy? * And more...

EADI Global Development Series October 2015 UK October 2015 US 248pp 1 diagram Hardback £68.00 / $105.00 / CN$115.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available


Development Cooperation of the ‘New’ EU Member States Beyond Europeanization Edited by Ondřej Horký-Hlucháň, Institute of International Relations, Czech Republic, Simon Lightfoot, University of Leeds, UK "The authors make a clear case for the limited effects of the imposed development policy-standards leading to a 'shallow Europeanization'… This study forms a unique contribution to the field of European development cooperation studies." - Louk Box, Honorary Professor of International Cooperation at Maastricht University, The Netherlands The book provides a comprehensive analysis of the international development policies of ten Central and Eastern European countries that joined the EU between 2004 and 2007. The contributors offer the first thorough overview of the 'new' EU member states' development cooperation programmes, placing them in a larger political and societal context. Contents: Foreword: Lost In Transition?; Louk Box * Introduction: Diverging Theoretical Approaches To A Normative Research Field; Ondřej Horký-Hlucháň * PART I: MEMBERS OF THE OECD DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANCE COMMITTEE * And more...

EADI Global Development Series August 2015 UK August 2015 US 312pp 7 b/w tables, 6 figures Hardback £65.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 Canadian Rights ebooks available



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