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THIS TEXT IS: • CONCISE - Covers key topics and includes a suite of engaging pedagogical features, but all in a much more concise and accessible package than its competitors making it ideal for a 1-semester course. • COVERAGE - Tackles all of the core essentials, but additional chapters on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Career Development bring it right up-to-date with the contemporary trends/considerations in HRM. • ACCESSIBLE WRITING STYLE - The clarity of the writing and the precision of the explanations really stand out in this book and have been picked up on by a number of reviewers.

9781137009395 September 2013 | Paperback 304pp | £36.99


refreshingly concise and practical introduction to HRM, focused on building key skills and offering innovative text and video features to enable students to apply theory to the real world of business.

• INNOVATIVE PEDAGOGY AND PRACTICAL, SKILLS-FOCUSED APPROACH - More interactive and innovative than the competition, the book builds transferable skills to increase student employability in HR and beyond.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: RONAN CARBERY is a Lecturer in HRM at the Department of Personnel and Employment Relations of the Kemmy Business School at the University of Limerick, Ireland. He is also associate editor of the European Journal of Training and Development. CHRISTINE CROSS is a Lecturer in OB and HRM in the Kemmy Business School at the University of Limerick, Ireland. Prior to this, she worked in a number of multinational organizations in both management and HRM roles.

As well as traditional pedagogical features such as Learning Outcomes, Key Terms and Review Questions, this title incorporates: > MAKING LINKS: cross references to where key topics are discussed in other chapters, providing a sense of the holistic nature of HRM 

> CONSIDER THIS...: a variety of reflective questions designed to stimulate student thinking on a particular topic, and mini activities such as looking at the job section of a newspaper and answering questions on it > BUILDING YOUR SKILLS: exercises which ask the student to put themselves in the position of a line manager and think about how they would respond to a particular situation > HRM IN THE NEWS: examples of media coverage of each main topic in a chapter to demonstrate how it can be applied in the real world - accompanied by questions  > ACTIVE CASE STUDIES: cases accompanied by questions and practical tasks. Companies are usually large MNCs such as Apple and Volvo

The companion website provides a wealth of bonus materials, including video interviews with HR professionals recorded specifically for use with the textbook.

FOR LECTURERS > PPTs and Testbank (MCQs) > Lecturer manual containing chapter overviews, learning outcomes, and answers to the Active case study questions

FOR STUDENTS > SPOTLIGHT ON SKILLS: combined text and video feature to help students develop their people management skills by answering practical questions, diagnosing problems and developing solutions. The questions posed in the features in the book are answered by HR practitioners in the corresponding video interviews > A searchable glossary and useful weblinks > Bonus practical material, such as job descriptions, role profiles and safety statements > An appendix to chapter 12 covering the employment relationship and relevant legislation in Ireland

TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Introducing Human Resource Management; Christine Cross and Ronan Carbery 2. Employee Resourcing: The Planning and Recruitment Phase; Marian Crowley-Henry 3. Employee Resourcing: The Selection Phase; Christine Cross 4. Employee Induction, Turnover and Retention; Colette Darcy

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9781137009395 September 2013 | Paperback 304pp | ÂŁ36.99

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