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Study Skills


English Literature

KEY TEX TS • Develops students’ advanced skills in reading texts and the ability to think in sophisticated ways about the defining concepts in contemporary English studies. • Covers all of the major topics encountered in an introductory theory course, using a variety of texts as practical examples. 978-0-230-51648-9 | £18.99

‘If I had my way, every student of English would be supplied with a copy of this book.’ – Times Higher Education Supplement 978-0-230-00723-9 | £19.99

• Offers practical advice on how to study poetry, using close readings of a variety of texts and helpful models for discussion. • Provides historical, social and biographical context, suggestions for essays and a glossary of literary terms. 978-1-4039-4562-4 | £17.99

• An international selection of 15 short stories by distinguished modern writers including Peter Carey, Zadie Smith and Bernard Malamud. • Featuring the theme of ‘difference’, each story has something to say about cultural encounters, often arising from experiences of migration or uprooting. 978-0-230-20208-5 | £10.99


Provides a compact history of English poetry from the 16th century to the present day, combining definitions, context and literary theory alongside coverage of all the major critical and theoretical approaches to verse. 978-1-4039-9461-5 | £19.99

For students taking their study to the next level… Co-published with the English Subject Centre This must-have companion for students preparing for and starting their English Literature degree covers everything from preparing for the course to the skills needed for studying at degree level. 978-0-230-21183-4 | £13.99




Series Editor: Steven Matthews This series provides a range of original social, cultural, political and historical documents necessary for contextualising key texts from the major periods in English literature. Combining the latest scholarship with accessible pedagogy, each book offers students an authoritative and accessible way into the literature, cultural background and history of the period.


978-0-230-55136-7 £19.99

978-0-230-00176-3 £19.99

978-1-4039-9830-9 £19.99

978-0-230-00035-3 £19.99

READERS’ GUIDES TO ESSENTIAL CRITICISM Series Editor: Nicolas Tredell This series provides students with easy access to the essential criticism on key authors, texts and genres of world literature of the past and present day.

978-0-230-51713-4 £14.99

978-0-230-20186-6 £14.99

978-1-8404-6268-5 £14.99




Series Editors: Philip Tew and Rod Mengham This series provides introductions to the key writers from the new generation that has emerged during and after the 1970s. Each volume offers a clear yet theoretically-informed introduction to the writer and their cultural context, accessible readings of their key works, an overview of the critical work available and an interview with the writer.

978-0-230-51676-2 £9.99

978-1-4039-8782-2 £9.99

978-0-230-00180-0 £9.99

ANALYSING TEXTS Series Editor: Nicholas Marsh This series is dedicated to providing the skills students need to enjoy, understand and analyse key texts in the English Literature syllabus. Students are guided in the skills and techniques of close textual analysis which are used to build an insight into, and richer understanding of, an author’s individual style, themes and concerns. An additional section on the writer’s life and work and a comparison of major critical views place them in their personal and literary context.

978-0-230-20098-2 £14.99


978-1-4039-9269-7 £14.99

978-1-4039-0057-9 £15.99

NEW CASEBOOKS Series Editor: Martin Coyle This series reveals the exciting developments in the theory and practice of literary criticism, indispensable for any English Literature A-Level course. Each New Casebook consists of: • Carefully chosen essays and extracts dealing with the central critical issues raised by the text or texts being studied and which illustrate some of the more striking features of the new critical thinking. • Additional features of each volume are the substantial introduction which discusses the critical implications of the essays and the annotated further reading section with its suggestions for further study.

978-0-333-54595-9 £15.99

978-0-333-71616-8 £15.99

978-0-333-54585-0 £18.99

CASE STUDIES IN CONTEMPORARY CRITICIS M Series Editor: Ross Murfin Introduces A-level students to contemporary trends in literary theory and criticism. Each volume reprints the text of a classic work of literature along with five essays specially prepared for A level students, that read the work from five contemporary critical perspectives.

978-1-4039-4632-4 £15.99

978-0-333-65703-4 £15.99

978-0-230-10000-8 £15.99


RIES PALGRAVE MASTER SE Each book in the successful Palgrave Master Series is a self-contained course, taking the students from first principles to examination level. These highly readable, clearly presented texts are packed with examples, questions and exercises to reinforce understanding and help towards exam success. No previous knowledge of the subject is required and they have been developed in line with what students need from basic, introductory texts.

978-0-333-69875-4 £18.99

978-1-4039-4488-7 £18.99

978-0-333-94898-9 £18.99


978-0-333-80270-0 £18.99


Each volume in the series is a slim encyclopaedia for students to dip into whenever they need. They are both a reference guide and a critical guide, helpfully providing students with exactly the kind of information and ideas they need to move their work along.

978-0-230-22330-1 £18.99

978-0-333-96258-9 £15.99

978-0-230-20555-0 £14.99

For other Key Concepts in Literature please visit


Offers definitions of over 850 essential literary and critical terms, including traditional and contemporary terms and introductions to emerging fields of critical study


THE RSC SHAKESPEARE COMPLETE WORKS The first and only Complete Works edition to be commissioned by the Royal Shakespeare Company. ‘Jonathan Bate and Eric Rasmussen have given us an edition full of endless fascination.’ Tom Deveson, Times Higher Education 978-0-230-20095-1 | £19.99 | Paperback

The RSC Shakespeare - the ultimate Shakespeare texts for all students • An easily-accessible introduction by award-winning Shakespearean scholar Jonathan Bate. • Clear on-page notes reveal the many layered meanings of words or phrases unfamiliar to students today. • A scene-by-scene analysis to ensure students have a clearer understanding of all scenes in the play. • Each play takes a look at specific productions and includes interviews with leading directors or actors such as Gregory Doran, Sam Mendes, Michael Boyd and David Tennant to ensure a well-rounded knowledge of different interpretations of the play. • A rich exploration of approaches to staging each play so that students learn how to put the play into practice. • A whole chapter on Shakespeare’s career and the Elizabethan Theatre so that students can put the plays in their historical context. • The online reading room and resources available to accompany this book are incomparable to any other Shakespeare text. Visit: 7



Based upon a unique collaboration between internationally-renowned Shakespeare scholars Jonathan Bate and Eric Rasmussen and artists, directors, educators and archivists at the Royal Shakespeare Company, one of the world’s leading theatre companies, The RSC Shakespeare Editions provide fresh and definitive editions of Shakespeare’s works for the twenty-first century. With thirty-one plays in print by the end of 2011, The RSC Shakespeare Editions offer a huge variety of options for Shakespeare teaching and study, opening up the interpretative possibilities to really bring the plays to life for students.

New editions for 2011

978-0-230-28413-5 £6.99

978-0-230-28410-4 £6.99

978-0-230-28412-8 £6.99

978-0-230-28411-1 £6.99

978-0-230-30092-7 £6.99

978-0-230-30090-3 £6.99

978-0-230-30091-0 £6.99

978-0-230-30094-1 £7.99

Visit to view the full list of plays in the series


THE SHAKESPEARE HANDBOOKS The Shakespeare Handbooks supplement Shakespeare’s individual plays to aid students’ understanding of how the play might work in performance. They make an ideal companion alongside play texts such as the RSC Shakespeare individual plays.

Only £10.99!






The only introductions to Shakespeare’s plays which offer a scene-by-scene theatrical commentary, enabling students to get a sense of the play as a performance text.

Visit for a full list of titles in the series

The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust is the headquarters for all things Shakespearian. We specialise in A-level and undergraduate courses, as one student said ‘it’s my A-grade on a plate!’ We are passionate about Shakespeare in performance and are pleased to recommend The Palgrave Shakespeare Handbooks series. Find out more about the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust at or email us at


978-0-333-69873-0 £18.99

978-0-333-59932-7 £16.99

978-0-230-23879-4 £13.99

978-1-4039-9041-9 £13.99


English Language and Linguistics

The English Language and Linguistics list features high quality texts, suitable for students at all levels. Textbooks cover everything from the core topics, terms and concepts your students need, right through to study skills and careers advice.

This bestselling introductory textbook is based around three core topics – word, sound and sentence. Packed with classroom-tested examples and exercises and written in an engaging, easy-to-follow style, this is the ideal place for English Language students to start.

This practical and accessible introduction to the major categories and structures of English grammar leads students step-by-step through the key terms and topics. With exercises, examples, tables and more this student-friendly introduction makes for essential reading.

978-0-230-20801-8 | £19.99

978-0-230-21695-2 | £17.99

‘An impressive work, which deals with fairly dense subject matter in a deft and decisive manner. There’s a great deal for the novice to chew upon and plenty for those with more experience to digest’. Ian McMechan, Ermysted’s Grammar School, UK

This comprehensive textbook provides an ideal starting point for those new to the subject. Each chapter introduces the topic, explains and illustrates the key concepts and frameworks and uses case studies to fully engage students. Illustrations, examples, diagrams and graphics all help to create a very accessible book.

978-0-230-01314-8 | £18.99

978-1-4039-4590-7 | £20.99


Make sure your students have access to these essential resources!


978-0-230-27931-5 £12.99

978-0-230-20015-9 £16.99

978-1-4039-1262-6 £18.99

978-0-230-21692-1 £18.99

978-1-4039-9483-7 £18.99

978-1-4039-0077-7 £18.99

978-1-4039-3628-8 £18.99

978-1-4039-0106-4 £15.99

978-1-4039-3391-1 £15.99


Modern Foreign Languages


Ideal for beginners • A highly illustrated course in Mandarin Chinese. • Focuses on listening, speaking, reading and writing.

• Students can practice their pronunciation and learn to write the fascinating Chinese script with confidence. 978-0-230-20013-5 | £18.99. Book and CD pack 978-0-230-20055-5 | £29.99*

AR ABIC This bestselling series just got even better This new book provides varied and imaginative practice material for all beginners in Arabic. 978-0-230-28219-3 | £9.99

978-0-230-01310-0 £18.99

Book and CD pack: 9780230013124 | £29.99*

978-0-230-22088-1 £19.99

Book and CD pack: 9780230220867 | £32.50*

978-1-4039-4109-1 £14.99

978-1-4039-4110-7 £14.99

• These books provide a complete course in Modern Standard Arabic. • Recommended by the Edexcel exam board. Download their scheme of work for GCSE FREE at to see how to use these books in your teaching.


*CDs also sold separately

Drama and Performance THEATRE & Theatre& is a vibrant series of very short books covering the hottest and most often studied topics in theatre and performance. They represent a fresh intervention into the discipline, presenting the best writing from ‘A-list’ scholars in a format that is digestible, attractive and affordable to A level students.

Only £5.99!






For a full list of titles in the series visit


978-0-230-21141-4 £17.99

978-0-230-24147-3 £15.99

978-1-4039-3670-7 £18.99

978-0-230-21700-3 £17.99

978-0-230-55188-6 £19.99


Film, Media and Culture Studies


This teaching pack - including a video compilation of six short films accompanied by a teaching guide and support materials on a CD-ROM - introduces innovative ways to teaching with film that support work within the National Curriculum framework. 978-1-844-57242-7 (BR033D) | £49.98

This pack consists of a DVD, a ‘starter’ booklet and an online teaching guide. The DVD includes a carefully selected collection of 13 films, between 2 and 18 minutes long that are suitable for students aged 13 and over. 978-1-844-57240-3 (BR035) | £62.99

This resource has been developed with the aim of helping teachers to introduce non-fiction films into their classrooms. This pack consists of a DVD, a ‘starter’ booklet and an online teaching guide. The DVD includes a carefully selected collection of 13 films, between 2 and 18 minutes long. 978-1-844-57241-0 (BR038) | £62.99


TEACHING FILM AND MEDIA STUDIES Provides a wealth of information and new ideas for all teachers involved with the teaching of AS and A level Media Studies (OCR, AQA, and WJEC), AS and A level (WJEC), GNVQ/AVCE, Btech, Scottish Highers/Advanced Highers, and Lifelong Learning courses. Teaching Analysis of Film Language David Wharton and Jeremy Grant 978-0-8517-0981-9 | £27.99

Teaching TV Sitcom

Teaching Video Games

Sarah Casey Benyahia

Barney Oram and James Newman

978-0-851-70975-8 | £27.99

978-1-84457-078-2 | £27.99

Teaching Film Censorship and Controversy

Simon Quy

Teaching Scriptwriting, Screenplays and Storyboards of Film and TV Production

978-1-84457-146-8 | £27.99

Mark Readman

978-1-84457-079-9 | £27.99

Teaching Short Films

Mark Readman

978-0-8517-0974-1 | £27.99

Teaching Stars and Performance

Teaching World Cinema

Teaching Men and Film Matthew Hall

Jill Poppy

Kate Gamm

978-1-84457-082-9 | £27.99

978-1-84457-131-4 | £27.99

978-0-851-70997-0 | £27.99

Teaching Contemporary British Broadcasting

Teaching Music Video

Sarah Gilligan

Peter Fraser

978-0-851-70980-2 | £27.99

Teaching Women and Film

Rachel Viney

978-1-84457-058-4 | £25.99

978-1-84457-036-2 | £27.99

Teaching TV Drama Jeremy Points

Teaching TV News

Teaching Film and TV Documentary

Eileen Lewis

978-1-84457-223-6 | £27.99

978-0-851-70979-6 | £27.99

978-1-84457-132-1 | £27.99

Teaching Contemporary British Cinema Sarah Casey Benyahia

Teaching Digital Video Production

Teaching Black Cinema Peter Jones 978-1-84457-156-7 | £27.99

Peter Fraser and Barney Oram 978-0-851-70977-2 | £27.99

978-1-84457-061-4 | £27.99

Teaching Auteur Study David Wharton and Jeremy Grant 978-1-84457-081-2 | £27.99 15

TEACHING MEDIA AT GCSE This series is for teachers of Media Studies and English who are responsible for delivering this exciting and demanding area of the curriculum. Clear explanations of the key concepts and ideas are accompanied by a series of case studies, providing practical advice and exercises for every classroom environment. Each guide is supported by extensive online resources to help the busy teacher get the most out of their students.

Teaching Digital Video Production at GCSE

Teaching Film at GCSE

M.L. White

James Baker and Patrick Toland

978-1-84457-152-9 £34.99

978-1-84457-151-2 £32.99

Teaching Television at GCSE Eileen Lewis 978-1-84457-153-6 £31.99

A LEVEL AND FURTHER EDUCATION Understanding the Moving Image series Designed for A level students and teachers, Understanding the Moving Image provides stimulating introductions to key themes within Film and Media Studies. The series focuses on familiar and popular moving image media texts while also introducing the reader to the traditions and breadth of film and television.

Also available in the series: Understanding Realism Richard Armstrong 978-1-84457-062-1 £17.99

Understanding Audiences and the Film Industry Roy Stafford 978-1-84457-141-3 £17.99


Understanding Television Texts

Understanding Film Texts

Understanding Representation

Phil Wickham

Patrick Phillips

978-1-84457-172-7 £17.99

978-0-851-70799-0 £17.99

Edited by Wendy Helsby 978-1-84457-080-5 £17.99


Representation, Realism and Fantasy in Film Book

Macbeth Video & Accompanying CD-ROM

Images and Reality Video & Accompanying Book

978-1-9037-8607-9 £19.99

978-1-84457-257-1 £39.98

978-1-84457-260-1 £17.72

Into Animation Film as Evidence: Britain in 1900 Video & CD-ROM 978-1-903-78612-3 £38.99

Bollywood and Beyond Video & CD-ROM

978-1-84457-253-3 £64.99

978-1-84457-259-5 £44.99



This introduction to film theory covers both classic and contemporary films across a range of international cinemas, and uses pedagogical resources to enthuse and equip students.

Widely recognised as the ultimate guide to cinema, this textbook is lavishly illustrated in colour and features in-depth case studies to aid learning. 978-1-84457-193-2 | £29.99

978-0-230-21711-9 | £18.99


This concise introduction provides an overview of the issues and perspectives that contribute to a full understanding of film studies.

Covering criticism, theory and practice, this textbook guides students towards an integrated understanding of film. 978-0-230-22976-1 | £21.99

978-1-4039-1627-3 | £21.99


978-0-333-65870-3 £20.99

978-0-333-65872-7 £20.99

978-0-230-20335-8 £20.99

KEY CONCEPTS IN CULTURAL STUDIE This student-friendly resource offers a comprehensive selection of definitions of key cultural studies terms, guides readers to further reading and places cultural studies in context. 978-0-230-00646-1 | £15.99



Our strong reputation for producing high-quality and groundbreaking books at all levels for History will ensure that your students receive the best resources to support their study of this often complex subject area.


Theory and History series


Theory and History provides teachers and students with concise and comprehensive introductions to the principal theories encountered in the study of History.

John Tosh provides a motivating case for the practical relevance of studying history and its importance to our society today. 978-1-4039-8728-0 £17.99

978-0-333-98675-2 £17.99

978-0-230-52148-3 | £10.99


*OCR RECOMMENDED Ideal for students taking CW3 Islam & The Creation of An Islamic Civilisation, Edexcel 978-0-230-57451-9 £17.99

Ideal for students taking The Crusades and Crusader States 10951192, OCR 978-0-230-22069-0 £15.99

This third edition of a classic textbook has been fully updated, rewritten and revised to take into account the latest scholarship

Ideal for students taking CW6 The Golden Age of Spain, Edexcel 978-1-4039-3337-9 £15.99

978-0-230-00673-7 £19.99


EARLY MODERN HISTORY Ideal for students taking England Under Elizabeth I, 1558-1603, Edexcel


978-0-333-93084-7 | £21.99

The first account of King James to place him in the context of all his kingdoms. *OCR RECOMMENDED 978-0-333-61396-2 | £19.99

Ideal for students taking The Early Stuarts and the Origins of the Civil War 1603-42, OCR


This succinct introduction explains what the Industrial Revolution was, when exactly it occurred, why it happened in Britain first and why it remains a pivotal event in world history. 978-0-230-57926-2 | £15.99

Offers a broad ranging and authoritative history of British social policy from the Industrial Revolution to the present day. 978-0-230-22466-7 | £19.99

978-0-333-98656-1 | £24.99

An accessibly written new evaluation and ‘biography’ of Cromwell, which draws on the latest research to challenge the accepted view of his life, character and political career. 978-0-230-57421-2 | £19.99

A comprehensive introduction to the history of crime and the law in Britain from 1600 to 2000. Ideal for students taking CW20 Crime & Punishment in Britain, Edexcel 978-0-230-22470-4 | £18.99

Ideal for students taking HIS1C The Reformation in Europe, c1500-1564, AQA 978-0-333-64451-5 | £19.99


MODERN EUROPEAN HISTORY Ideal for students taking The Origins and Course of the French Revolution 1774-95, OCR or HIS1F France in Revolution, 1774-1815 AQA A revised and updated short analysis of the causes and nature of French revolutionary terror, focussing on the years from 1789 to 1795. 978-0-230-20181-1 | £15.99

Ideal for students taking Anti-Semitism, Hitler and the German People, 1919-1945, AQA 978-0-230-20387-7 £17.99


Ideal for students taking Life in Nazi Germany, 1933-1945, AQA 978-0-333-60073-3 £19.99


Dynamic and absorbing, the books in this series give students a sense of a country’s entire history, while giving additional emphasis on developments over the last hundred years. Ideal for students taking Democracy and Dictatorship: Italy 1896-1943 or HIS2G The Forging of the Italian Nation, 1848-1871, AQA

Ideal for students taking The Rise of China, 1911-90 OCR or CW42 The Making of Modern China, Edexcel

978-1-4039-8616-0 £16.99

978-0-230-24984-4 £16.99


MODERN WORLD HISTORY NEW One of the most concise yet comprehensive assessments of the entire course of World War II, covering both the European and the Asian Pacific conflicts. 978-0-230-27936-0 | £19.99

An approachable overview of the developments in postwar American politics, foreign policy, society and culture, now thoroughly revised and updated to include recent events such as Obama’s election.

*EDEXCEL RECOMMENDED Ideal for students taking CW39 The USA from reconstruction to civil rights, Edexcel. 978-0-230-23706-3 | £19.99

Ideal for students taking Crisis in the Middle East 1948-2003, OCR. 978-0-230-24711-6 | £22.99

978-0-230-25145-8 | £18.99

Ideal for students taking The Origins of the American Civil War, 1829-61, OCR. 978-0-333-79054-0 | £21.99

This cogent and compelling history of the US by an award-winning teacher represents the most concise yet critical history of America available today. 978-0-230-22137-6 | £17.99


This established and popular textbook provides a comprehensive and objective account of this complex subject, and has now been revised and updated throughout. Ideal for students taking CW43 The Middle East and the Arab-Israeli Conflict, Edexcel. 978-0-230-00469-6 | £18.99


Advice on writing essays, preparing for exams, group work and oral presentations, and using the Internet for assignments. 978-1-4039-8734-1 | £15.99

PALGRAVE MASTER SERIES An overview of the development of Europe from the French Revolution to the present day, featuring a wide range of pictures, maps, graphs and questions. Documentary extracts help readers to question the nature and value of various types of historical evidence.

An overview of the international relations of the great powers – USA, Russia and China in addition to twentieth-century conflicts such as the Iraq War. 978-1-4039-3982-1 | £18.99

978-0-333-64081-4 | £18.99

Covering the key developments in American History from 1900 to 1980 this is an ideal text for A-level study. 978-0-333-73005-8 | £18.99

Addresses the key political, social and economic developments in German history from 1864 to unification, through to the collapse of the Berlin Wall and re-unification in 1990. 978-0-333-98710-0 | £18.99

This text brings British history up-to-date with new content on Britain under New Labour since 1997. 978-0-230-20556-7 | £18.99

Designed for A-level students, this book presents a vivid and informative account of the events which befell the Russian people during the course of the twentieth century. 978-0-333-96307-4 | £18.99


The market leading publisher in politics, Palgrave Macmillan’s introductory titles provide clear, concise and accessible approaches to the subject and are ideal for AS and A-Level study.


CORE TEXTS IN BRITISH POLITICS Now updated to cover British politics in an age of austerity and coalition government, the new edition of this text combines updated content with Andrew Heywood’s lively and comprehensive style and the engaging learning features of the first edition.


Covering all the topics in the Edexcel and AQA syllabi and the core requirements of other examining boards, this is the essential text for AS Level students of UK Politics. Of the previous edition: New edition of the key introduction to UK Politics

‘If you are looking for a single textbook to meet all your students’ needs, this is the one!’ Linda Jeffries, Old Palace School 978-0-230-28562-0 | £20.99

‘The new edition of this classic text brings it bang up to date. Extremely wide-ranging and very engagingly written, it is a fine introduction to British politics.’ Alan Renwick, University of Reading, UK 978-0-230-27234-7 | £24.99

‘Comprehensive, accessible, engaging and highly innovative, the second edition of this landmark text provides a judicious and creatively illustrated mix of theory, commentary and analysis. Moran brings British politics alive as never before.’ Colin Hay, University of Sheffield, UK 978-0-230-28999-4 | £26.99

CONTEMPOR ARY POLITIC AL STUDIES SERIES A key resource for teachers and libraries


978-0-230-22278-6 £21.99

978-0-230-58473-0 £22.99

INTRODUCTORY TEXTS Now in its 4th edition, this international bestseller has been thoroughly revised and updated to include topics such as multiculturalism, consideration of the changing nature of ideological discourse, and the impact of developments such as globalisation and the ‘war on terror’. The clear and readable introductory approach is supplemented with an on-page glossary, end of chapter questions and boxed features ensuring this is an essential text for A2 students. ‘A very good buy for students.’ I.S. Richards, Amazon reviewer 978-0-230-52180-3 | £23.99

978-0-230-52497-2 £26.99

‘Politics is simply the best introductory guide available for the subject. Andrew Heywood defines the theory and practice of politics in a rigorous, lively and highly accessible way. This book is indispensable for any student of politics’. Professor Jon Tonge, University of Liverpool, UK

‘Andrew Heywood’s book is truly amazing. Its concise nature makes it one of the best books around. I would highly recomment it to any Government and Politics students.’ Amazon Reviewer 978-0-333-77095-5 £15.99

EUROPEAN POLITICS A broad-ranging but concise introduction to the EU which covers all major aspects of European integration. This new edition takes full account of the Lisbon Treaty and the consequences of the global economic crisis. 978-0-230-29883-5 | £22.99

GLOBAL POLITICS Written in a highly readable manner, Global Politics by Andrew Heywood is the perfect introductory textbook for students, offering full coverage of the Global Politics A-level syllabus. 978-1-4039-8982-6 | £29.99


Sociology SKILLS-BASED SOCIOLOGY SERIES All titles in this series are ideal for A-level study and are designed to cover all the key concepts, issues and contemporary debates in Sociology. Filled with helpful exercises, these highly readable introductions provide students with the opportunity to build their knowledge whilst also putting their understanding into practice. ‘I particularly like the coursework suggestions… I would strongly recommend purchasing a class set.’ Jill Swale, Social Science teacher

978-0-230-21781-2 £ 22.99

978-0-333-68763-5 £ 21.99

978-0-333-96889-5 £ 21.99

978-0-230-21782-9 £ 21.99

978-0-230-21792-8 £21.99

KEY TEXTS A textbook with a twist! Written as a novel in the voice of a sociology student, this is a brilliantly engaging guide to classic and contemporary debates and is the perfect introduction to sociology for students of all abilities. 978-0-230-23246-4 | £14.99

*AQA/RAI Recommended Text Accessible and engaging, with unique first-hand accounts from indigenous peoples, this is an ideal introduction to anthropology for students approaching the subject for the first time. 978-0-230-00527-3 | £20.99

Also available: Mastering Sociology, 4th edition by Gerard O’Donnell 978-0-333-91956-9 | £18.99

Key Concepts in Sociology by Ken Roberts 978-0-230-21140-7 | £15.99


Psychology PALGR AVE INSIGHTS IN PSYCHOLOGY Series Editors: Nigel Holt & Rob Lewis NEW






Only £9.99!




• Suitable for all specifications: AQA(A), AQA(B), OCR, Edexcel, WJEC. • Conceived by senior examiners and written by leading authors, lecturers and researchers. • Reliable extended material all in one place. • Tailor-made to stretch and challenge your students.


‘Perfect…for students aiming for top grades’ Sara Berman, Head of Psychology, Claire’s Court School, Maidenhead, UK ‘This series is much needed…’ Dorothy Blakemore, Scrutineer for a major exam board

• Covering all key issues, approaches and debates.

More information and sample chapters available at


MIND SHAPERS Key thinkers and theories revisited for today’s students Series Editor: Richard Stevens This series profiles the life and work of key psychologists and thinkers who have shaped our ways of thinking about the human condition. These books are highly readable, and are short enough to be accessible while still offering in-depth analysis.

Only £12.99!







More information, contents and ‘On the writing of...’ author snippets at



• Well-respected core introductory textbooks supported by useful psychology concepts and skills texts. • Ideal for getting started in Psychology in secondary education and perfect for transitioning to Psychology in further and higher education.

Handy summaries of the most important psychological research studies that define the field of psychology. 978-1-4039-0038-8 £25.99

This comprehensive introduction provides the tools students need to understand both the theories and the practical aspects of the subject. 978-0-333-62050-2 £18.99

A brief introduction of the core concepts in psychology, ideal for short courses.

Skills guide for writing essays, undertaking research and using statistics in psychology.

978-1-4292-6155-5 £26.99

978-0-230-51782-0 £15.99

A comprehensive overview of Psychology for first time students.

Easy and comprehensive guide to the major terms and concepts in psychology.

978-0-333-66852-8 £32.99

978-1-4039-4873-1 £15.99


Mathematics Wish your students were better at maths? Make maths manageable with this short text which explains core topics clearly, using examples to guide students through the topics one step at a time.


978-0-230-25208-0 | £25.99

The hugely successful, stepby-step methodology, guides students through hundreds of examples and exercises. From fractions and percentages to statistics and integration – this book will get pupils up to scratch. 978-0-230-57907-1 | £33.99



These accessible texts provide great introductions to chemistry and physics. Assuming little prior knowledge and focusing on the basics, the books offer easy ways into the core aspects of the subjects. Useful to those wanting to delve a little deeper at A-level, and a great way for students to transition to university. • Full-colour throughout. • Two new chapters on chemistry’s role in human health and energy research. • New video clips of chemical experiments on the book’s updated website. NEW EDITION


978-0-230-29182-9 June 2011 | £27.99

• New content on Fluid Flow and Wave Particle Duality. • Featuring updated study materials on the companion website. • New two colour format. 978-0-230-23192-4 Jan 2010 | £26.99

Palgrave Study Skills Customised editions We can produce bespoke editions of all our key titles for your own institution – so if you’d like an edition with your own branding, a local map and your own unique content, please contact Clare Mence at Visit – an extensive website packed with study skills advice and resources Follow us on Twitter and Facebook

BY ½ MILLION COPY BESTSELLING AUTHOR STELLA COTTRELL BESTSELLER This No.1 bestseller introduces students to the skills they need to succeed in a userfriendly, interactive format. ‘Without this book you can get by just fine with your education, but with it you could be exceptional.’ Zac, student ‘This book literally wills you to succeed, it’s inspirational.’ Anon, student 978-0-230-57305-5 | £13.99


The new edition of this leading guide helps students to develop reflective thinking skills, improve their critical analysis and construct arguments more effectively. ‘The book that I’ve loved the most in the entire year. Totally life changing.’ Student 978-0-230-28529-3 | £13.99


‘A brilliant life organiser!’ Student, London Metropolitan University, UK Everything students need to organise their information and time effectively, including study skills advice, diary pages, useful contacts and websites, personal finance guidance, timetables and more. 978-0-230-29826-2 | £7.99 incl VAT


‘This is a good book for mapping out all of your plans and goals in life - it has motivation, inspiration and also some tools for achieving what you want.’ Student Each chapter will encourage students to think reflectively about personal, academic and career goals and plan a path to success. 978-0-230-25018-5 | £13.99

Provides an easy-to-follow set of strategies and techniques that build to a plan for achieving your best possible exam performance. 978-0-230-50653-4 | £10.99

BESTSELLER ‘We are yet to find something that we can’t reference using this book!’ Student How to reference just about any material whether in print or from an electronic source, and practical advice on secondary referencing, paraphrasing and avoiding plagiarism. 978-0-230-27231-6 | £8.99

‘This is an excellent book, and has totally changed the way I study.’ Student Carefully tackles each stage of essay writing from interpretation of the question, to the research, planning, writing and revision. 978-0-230-22480-3 | £12.99

Covers selecting what to read, how to quote, paraphrase and summarise sources, through to spotting and correcting mistakes in the final essay. 978-0-230-20540-6 | £11.99

For a full list of study skills books, go to


POCKET STUDY SKILLS Lively, engaging, high quality advice in a handy pocket sized book



All ÂŁ5.99


Give your students a leg up Essential, one-stop resources which cover core topics, key terms and study skills tips.

NEW FOR 2011

The Psychology Companion | 978-0-230-00818-2 | £23.99 The Politics Companion | 978-0-230-51790-5 | £22.99 The English Language and Linguistics Companion | 978-1-4039-8971-0 | £18.99 The English Literature Companion | 978-0-230-00813-7 | £16.99 The Economics Companion | 978-0-230-23569-4 | £20.99

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