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Trade terms apply to the following trade titles Cracking the Carbon Code

Happy Retirement

The Key to Sustainable Profits in the New Economy

Simple Ways to Transform Your Relationships, Self-esteem, and Emotional Wellbeing

Terry Tamminen is Cullman Senior Fellow and Director of the Climate Policy Program at The New America Foundation, a non-profit, post-partisan, public policy institute, as well as Operating Advisor to Pegasus Capital Advisors. Previously, Mr. Tamminen headed California’s Environmental Protection Agency and was Cabinet Secretary and Chief Policy Advisor to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Carol Hagland was a Consultant Clinical Psychologist who worked in the NHS for over three decades. She is the author of Getting to Grips with Asperger Syndrome, and has been retired for the last two years.

The carbon market is a new one, so investing in it is not as easy as it could be. The market is extremely volatile and very illiquid, to say nothing of being at the mercy of the whims of politicians. Still, that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth buying the shares now. Despite the surplus in the market, the price of a carbon credit is holding up pretty well. Cracking the Carbon Code is filled with eye-opening facts that provides investors and business managers with insights and practical data that ultimately persuaded these leaders to embrace a low-carbon economy, critical information that is needed by anyone who wants to understand how to make money from “green” technology and how to avoid investments that will soon suffer from hidden carbon liabilities. Readers will learn to de-code a crucial component of this new economic driver -- carbon credits, the world’s first common currency. $39.95 Hb, ISBN 9780230109506, NZRP$49.95 Publish January 2011, 192 pages Palgrave Macmillan Quantity 9 780230 109506 Environmental Economics

Whether you’ve been planning your escape for years, or are suddenly forced into retirement, this highly readable and informative book will help you to make the most of it. With modern culture geared to time filled with work, retiring often initiates a seismic change in lifestyle. The mental impact can be huge, affecting your identity, relationships, and well-being. Carol Hagland explains why we don’t need to fear the slow down and how we can prepare for and thrive in our years away from work. With a unique psychological approach to making the most of retirement, using cognitive behavioural therapy, Happy Retirement focuses on your personal well-being, relationships and psychological adjustment to retirement, rather than finances or hobbies. It draws on the author's experience both as a clinical psychologist and as a recent retiree, and isn't just for over-65s - no matter what age you retire at, this book has something for you. $19.95 Pb, ISBN 9781851687633, NZRP$29.95 Publish January 2011, 160 pages Oneworld Publications Quantity 9 781851 687633 Lifestyle

The Fair Trade Revolution


John Bowes has worked for the Co-operative Group, where he was responsible for all of their ground breaking initiatives on Fair Trade. These included being the first retailer to stock Café Direct coffee, the first to introduce an own brand Fair Trade product and the first to import Fair Trade bananas into the UK. He was also Managing Director of AgroFair UK, a pioneering Fair Trade fruit business.

Foreign Bodies, Their Ingestion, Inspiration, and the Curious Doctor Who Extracted Them

Fair trade has come a long way in the last 20 years. The Fair Trade Revolution celebrates the movement’s achievement and takes up the challenge of improving more lives through fair dealing with producers. The authors of this collection, many of whom were responsible for the initial success of Fair Trade, emphasise the importance of ensuring that farmers and other producers remain the main beneficiaries. Punchy chapters, illustrated with many real-world examples, cover all the important issues including the tensions between large and small operators, the impact of recession, environmental policy and the danger of large operators embracing Fair Trade more in word than in practice. Written by the leading lights of the Fair Trade movement, including Harriet Lamb (Executive Director of the Fairtrade Foundation) and Bruce Crowther (Establisher of the world’s first Fair Trade Town) this book will inspire activists and consumers to keep making the right choices. $24.95 Pb, ISBN 9780745330785, NZRP$29.95 Publish January 2011, 240 pages Pluto Quantity Social Economics 9 780745 330785

Mary Cappello is a recipient of the Bechtel Prize for Educating the Imagination from Teachers and Writers Collaborative and the Lange-Taylor Prize from Duke University’s Center for Documentary Studies, she is a professor of English and creative writing at the University of Rhode Island. She lives in Providence. One of the most popular attractions in the Mütter Museum, the world-famous medical museum in Philadelphia, is the Chevalier Jackson Foreign Body Collection: a beguiling set of drawers filled with thousands of items that had been swallowed or inhaled (both by accident and deliberately). Combining original research with a sympathetic and evocative sensibility, award-winning author Mary Cappello restores the narratives, lives, and desires of the physician-artist Dr. Chevalier Jackson and his patients that haunt this uncanny collection. In Swallow a marvelous collection forms a surprising narrative that journeys deep into the nature of human experience. Cappello invites us to enter the seat of human appetite, language, aggression, breath, and even knowledge-the human mouth-in an original and creative tour de force. $39.95 Hb, ISBN 9781595583956, NZRP$49.95 Publish January 2011, 304 pages The New Press Quantity 9 781595 583956 Medical Curiosities

1 Feature Titles Month titles

Feature Titles R outledge S ourcebooks for the A ncient W orld

Animals in Greek and Roman Thought

Consider The Power of Reflective Thinking Within Your Organisation

A Sourcebook

Daniel Patrick Forrester is a strategist and management consultant with over fifteen years experience.

Stephen Newmyer, Duquesne University, USA.

9 780415 773355

This book brings together new translations of classical passages which contributed to ancient debate on the nature of animals and their relationship to human beings. The selections chosen come primarily from philosophical and natural historical works, as well as religious, poetic and biographical works. The selections are arranged thematically and, within themes, chronologically. A commentary precedes each excerpt, transliterations of Greek and Latin technical terms are provided, and each entry includes bibliographic suggestions for further reading. $44.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415773355, NZRP$59.95 Publish January 2011, 142 pages Routledge Quantity History

9 780230 106079

Apocalyptic Faith and Political Violence


Prophets of Terror

Tony Cleaver is Senior Teaching Fellow in Economics at the University of Durham, UK

The Basics, Second Edition

James F. Rinehart is an Associate Professor at Troy University, USA.


9 780230 108738

9 780415 571098

Bad Apples

The Essential Financial Toolkit

Identify, Prevent and Manage Negative Behaviour at Work

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Finance But Were Afraid to Ask

Adrian Furnham is Professor of Psychology at University College, London, UK, and John Taylor works as an independent consultant with international companies and government organizations in Europe, the US, Africa and Asia.

Javier Estrada, Professor of Finance at IESE Business School, Spain. Math and jargon make essential financial concepts seem intimidating, but that is simply because most books do not have the goal of being accessible to interested readers - this book does. In ten easy-toread chapters, it explains all the essential financial tools and concepts, fully illustrated with real-world examples and Excel implementations. $59.95 Hb, ISBN 9780230283596, NZRP$79.95 Publish January 2011, 128 pages Palgrave Macmillan Business

In a difficult economic climate it is more important than ever to manage bad behaviour in the workplace and minimize the damage negative and destructive employees can have on an organization. This book looks at the problems companies cane face but also shows how to resolve these issues and work towards a positive outcome. $59.95 Hb, ISBN 9780230584747, NZRP$80.00 Publish January 2011, 256 pages Palgrave Macmillan Business Quantity

9 780230 283596


Brown Skin, White Masks

Ethics of Trade and Aid

Hamid Dabashi is an internationally-renowned cultural critic and award-winning writer.

Development, Charity or Waste?

In this unprecedented and provactive study, Hamid Dabashi critically examines the role that immigrant intellectuals play in facilitating the global domination of American imperialism. He examines why and how so many immigrant intellectuals help to sustain imperialism, radically altering Edward Said’s notion of the ‘intellectual exile’ in order to show the negative impact of migration of intellectuals. Brown Skin, White Masks provides a passionate account of how these immigrant intellectuals - compradors and guns for hire - continue to betray any notion of home or country in order to manufacture consent for imperial projects. $34.95 Pb, ISBN 9780745328737, NZRP$48.00 Publish January 2011, 192 pages Pluto Quantity Politics

Christopher D. Wraight teaches with the Royal Institute of Philosophy. The Ethics of Trade and Aid demonstrates how political philosophy provides us with insights often passed over in modern development jargon. Christopher Wraight scrutinises the trade and aid industry through the lens of philosophy and ultimately shows that a compassionate, rational and humane engagement with the global economy does hold the promise of a better, more equal life. $29.95 Pb, ISBN 9781441125484, NZRP$42.00 Publish January 2011, 192 pages Continuum Philosophy

9 781441 125484

January titles



T hink N ow

9 780745 328737

Now in its second edition, Economics: The Basics provides an engaging and topical introduction to the key issues in contemporary economics. Fully updated to take into account the economic recession, changing patterns in world trade, housing and currency markets, this book covers fundamental issues. With a glossary of terms, suggestions for further reading and new case studies covering subjects including the sub-prime mortgage crisis, changing commodity prices and speculative bubbles, this comprehensive and accessible guide is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand how economics works. $29.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415571098, NZRP$38.00 Publish January 2011, 320 pages Routledge Quantity Economics

T he B asics

This study examines the functional relationship between millenarian-inspired terrorism and the process of political change. Through an exhaustive investigation of late Twentieth-century movements, Aum Shinrikyo, Sendero Luminoso and Hezbollah, it concludes that in each case, apocalyptic expectations performed a significant group mobilization, leadership and therapeutic function. $44.95 Pb, ISBN 9780230108738, NZRP$59.95 Publish January 2011, 323 pages Palgrave Macmillan Politics

9 780230 584747

The stories and examples within Consider demonstrate that the best decisions, insights, ideas and outcomes result when we make sufficient time to think and reflect. Reflection supplies an arsenal of ideas and solutions to the right problems. The organizations and leaders who can sustain thought upon the right problems, while they absorb the unknowns that will inevitably arise, will prove the most relevant and lasting in this already turbulent new century. $44.95 Hb, ISBN 9780230106079, NZRP$59.95 Publish January 2011, 240 pages Palgrave Macmillan Quantity Business

S tudies in the H istoriy of S cience and T echnology

Feature Titles Eugenics and the Nature-Nurture Debate in the Twentieth Century

Our Way to Fight

Aaron Gillette is Assistant Professor of History, University of Houston-Downtown.

Michael Riordon is the author of four books and has also had numerous articles published and produced award-winning documentaries.

Peace-Work Under Siege in Israel-Palestine

Gillette shows that the sciences of sociobiology and evolutionary psychology were undergoing rapid development in the early twentieth century. However, many of the early researchers in these sciences were also eugenicists. With the rise of behaviorism and the reaction against eugenics in the 1930s, any scientific claims that behavior might be influenced by heredity were suppressed for ideological reasons. $39.95 Pb, ISBN 9780230108455, NZRP$49.95 Publish January 2011, 256 pages Palgrave Macmillan Science Quantity

9 780230 108455

9 780809 094769

9 780745 330228

Evolution: The Story of Life on Earth

The Whistleblower

Jay Hosler is a professor of biology at Juniata College and the author/illustrator of two graphic novels and several science cartoons. Kevin Cannon and Zander Cannon, illustrators of numerous graphic novels and comic books, live in Minneapolis.

Sex Trafficking, Military Contractors and One Woman’s Fight For Justice

Evolution, the most accessible graphic work on this universally studied subject, takes the reader from earth’s primordial soup to the vestigial structures, like the coccyx and the male nipple, of modern humans. Once again, the award-winning illustrations of the Cannons render the complex clear and everything cleverly comedic. And in Hosler, Evolution has an award-winning biology teacher whose science comics have earned him a National Science Foundation grant. $29.95 Hb, ISBN 9780809094769, NZRP$38.00 Publish January 2011, 160 pages Farrar Straus and Giroux Science Quantity

Kathryn Bolkovac served as an International Police Task Force human rights investigator in Bosnia.

Soon to be a Major Motion Picture!

9 780230 108028

Extreme Fear

The Collapse of Journalism and What Can Be Done to Fix It

M ac S ci

Jeff Wise is a contributing editor at Popular Mechanics, Travel + Leisure, Outside’s GO, and Fortune Small Business. Veteran science journalist Jeff Wise delves into the latest research to produce an astonishing portrait of the brain’s hidden fear pathways. Wise favors a hands-on approach, volunteering to jump out of an airplane while wearing sensors and to endure a four-hour simulated missile attack on a Navy destroyer. He returns with a tale that combines lucid explanations of brain dynamics with gripping, true-life stories of mortal danger. By understanding how and why people respond the way they do, Wise argues, we can better arm ourselves against our own everyday fears. $24.95 Pb, ISBN 9780230103481, NZRP$32.00 Publish January 2011, 256 pages Palgrave Macmillan Quantity Popular Psychology

Robert W. McChesney, University of Illinois, and Victor Pickard, New York University.

9 781595 585486

Celebrated media analysts Robert W. McChesney and Victor Pickard have assembled twelve seminal pieces on the crisis in journalism, revised and updated for this volume. Influential commentators provide a comprehensive portrait of the newspaper industry’s predicament - including a concise history of modern newspaper journalism; a hard-hitting analysis of the structural and financial causes of newspapers’ sudden collapse; and deeply informed proposals for how the vital role of journalism might be rescued from impending disaster. $29.95 Pb, ISBN 9781595585486, NZRP$36.00 Publish January 2011, 224 pages Quantity The New Press Current Affairs

Getting Between the Balance Sheets

World Report 2011

The Four Things Every Entrepreneur Should Know About Finance

Human Rights Watch is the largest US-based international human rights organization. It investigates, reports on, and seeks to curb human rights abuses in some seventy countries.

David Frodsham has spent his working life in startups and growth companies, as an entrepreneur, board member and CEO coach; Heinrich Leichtenstein, Professor of Financial Management at IESE Business School in Barcelona, Spain.

9 780230 252868

When Kathryn Bolkovac saw a recruiting announcement for private military contractor DynCorp International, she applied and was hired. She was assigned as a human rights investigator, heading the gender affairs unit. The lack of proper training provided sounded the first alarm bell, but once she arrived in Sarajevo, she found out that things were a lot worse and so she began to unravel the ugly truth about officers involved in human trafficking and forced prostitution and their connections to private mercenary contractors, the UN, and the U.S. State Department. $34.95 Hb, ISBN 9780230108028, NZRP$49.95 Publish January 2011, 256 pages Palgrave Macmillan Quantity Current Affairs

Will the Last Reporter Please Turn Out the Lights

The Science of Your Mind in Danger

9 780230 103481

Our Way to Fight follows the dangerous lives of non-violent peace activists in Israel and Palestine. It explores crises that stirred them to act, the risks they face, and small victories that sustain them. Michael Riordon takes us to thousand year-old olive groves, besieged villages, refugee camps, checkpoints and barracks. In the face of deepening conflict, Our Way to Fight offers courageous grassroots action on both sides of the wall, and points the way to a liveable future. These engaging stories will provide inspiration to peace activists in Israel, Palestine and across the world. $39.95 Pb, ISBN 9780745330228, NZRP$49.95 Publish January 2011, 256 pages Pluto Quantity Current Affairs

For many entrepreneurs there is a mystique about finance - starting, growing and selling new ventures is tough enough. Yet with some focused financial knowledge you can run your company with less cash, grow it more quickly and make more money when it is sold. This book makes the dry world of finance easy to understand and relevant to entrepreneurs. $59.95 Hb, ISBN 9780230252868, NZRP$79.95 Publish January 2011, 224 pages Palgrave Macmillan Quantity Business

9 781583 229217

January titles


Human Rights Watch, under director Kenneth Roth, leads the struggle to focus the world’s eye on human rights issues at home and abroad. Its annual World Report, written in straightforward, nontechnical language, conducts a systematic investigation of human rights abuses in every country from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, with a particular focus on the roles played in each country by key domestic and international figures. Then, in incisive essays written by staff, scholars, and activists, the report describes the way forward to a more humane future. $44.95 Pb, ISBN 9781583229217, NZRP$59.95 Publish January 2011, 608 pages Seven Stories Press Quantity Current Affairs

History & Philosophy Art and Phenomenology

Diversity and Pluralism in Islam

Joseph D Parry, Brigham Young University, USA.

Historical and Contemporary Discourses Amongst Muslims

Philosophy of art is traditionally concerned with the definition, appreciation and value of art. Through a close examination of art from recent centuries, Art and Phenomenology is one of the first books to explore visual art as a mode of experiencing the world itself, showing how in the words of Merleau-Ponty ‘Painting does not imitate the world, but is a world of its own’. $52.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415774505, NZRP$64.00 Publish January 2011, 256 pages Routledge History & Philosophy


9 780415 774505

9 781848 853027

The History of Sexuality in Europe

The Making of the Speech that Transformed a Nation

A Sourcebook and Reader

Clarence B. Jones served as speechwriter and counsel to Martin Luther King, Jr. and Stuart Connelly is an author and filmmaker.

The History of Sexuality in Europe: A Sourcebook and Reader is a dynamic introduction to the latest debates in the history of Sexuality in Europe. It begins with an introduction, “The Magnetic Poetry Kit of Sex,” that surveys the field of sexuality and introduces the new concept of sexual grammar. It focuses on the modern age, but has three chapters on the ancient and medieval world to demonstrate their very different cultures of sexuality. Each section pairs the latest chapters and articles by experts with primary sources. $59.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415781404, NZRP$86.00 Publish January 2011, 336 pages Routledge History & Philosophy

“I have a dream.” When those words were spoken on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on August 28, 1963, the crowd stood, electrified, as Martin Luther King, Jr. brought the plight of African Americans to the public consciousness and firmly established himself as one of the greatest orators of all time. Behind the Dream is a thrilling, behind-the-scenes account of the weeks leading up to the great event, as told by Clarence Jones, co-writer of the speech and close confidant to King. $34.95 Hb, ISBN 9780230103689, NZRP$44.00 Publish January 2011, 224 pages Palgrave Macmillan Quantity History & Philosophy

Anna Clark, University of Minnesota, USA.

9 780415 781404

Innovation and Empire in Turkey Sultan Selim III and the Modernisation of the Ottoman Navy

C ontinuum C ompanions

Jessica Frazier and Gavin Flood, both Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies, UK. The Continuum Companion to Hindu Studies offers the definitive guide to Hinduism and study in this area. The book covers all the most pressing and important themes and categories in the field - areas that have continued to attract interest historically as well as topics that have emerged more recently as active areas of research. Seventeen specially commissioned essays from an international team of experts reveal where important work continues to be done in the field and, valuably, how the various topics intersect through detailed reading paths. $210.00 Hb, ISBN 9780826499660, NZRP$320.00 Publish January 2011, 192 pages Continuum History & Philosophy Quantity

Tuncay Zorlu, Istanbul Technical University.

9 781848 857827

The Continuum Companion to Philosophy of Mind

Ottoman naval technology underwent a transformation under the rule of Sultan Selim III. The changing face of the Ottoman Navy was facilitated by the influence of the British, Swedish and French in modernising both the shipbuilding sector and the conduct of naval warfare. Through such measures as training Ottoman shipbuilders, heavy reliance on help from foreign powers gave way to a new trajectory of modernization. Using this evidence Zorlu argues that although the Ottoman Empire was a major and modern independent power in this period, some technological dependence on Europe remained. $65.00 Pb, ISBN 9781848857827, NZRP$80.00 Publish January 2011, 272 pages I.B.Tauris Publishers Quantity History & Philosophy

In the Footsteps of the Gods Travellers to Greece and the Quest for the Hellenic Ideal

James Garvey, Royal Institute of Philosophy, UK.

9 780826 431882


From new questions concerning qualia, representation, embodiment and cognition to fresh thinking about the long-standing problems of physicalism, dualism, personal identity and mental causation, this book is an authoritative guide to the latest research in the Philosophy of Mind. Experts in the field explore the current thinking in one of the most active areas of interest in philosophy today. The book also includes overviews of perennial problems and new directions in contemporary philosophy of mind, an extended glossary of terms for quick reference, a detailed chronology, a guide to research for ongoing study and a comprehensive bibliography. $210.00 Hb, ISBN 9780826431882, NZRP$320.00 Publish January 2011, 400 pages Continuum Quantity History & Philosophy

David Constantine was for thirty years a university teacher of German language and literature.

9 781848 855458

January titles


In the Footsteps of the Gods traces the ways in which the constantly changing ideal image of ancient Greece inspired those who travelled there. With lively accounts of their adventurous journeys and vivid descriptions of what they saw, discovered, collected and published about the remains of ancient Greece, it reveals the extraordinary effects that these travellers’ accounts had on the poets and scholars of the west, who in turn were influential in creating the idea and ideal of Greece, which became such a powerful force in the arts and politics of the 18th and early 19th centuries. $32.00 Pb, ISBN 9781848855458, NZRP$38.00 Publish January 2011, 264 pages Quantity Tauris Parke Paperbacks History & Philosophy

in history

Behind the Dream

The Continuum Companion to Hindu Studies

9 780826 499660

This important book examines the ways in which matters of common concern to Muslims have been discussed by them and examined. The volume explores the processes by which Muslims construct notions of the self, the other and community, and addresses the socio-cultural tools that they employ in so doing. Offering contributions by world-class scholars, Diversity and Pluralism in Islam applies insights from a range of disciplines, including anthropology, history, literature, political theory, comparative literature and Islamic studies. $75.00 Hb, ISBN 9781848853027, NZRP$94.00 Publish January 2011, 272 pages I.B.Tauris Publishers Quantity History & Philosophy

R outledge R eaders

9 780230 103689

Zulfikar A Hirji is Associate Professor of Anthropology at York University, Toronto.

History & Philosophy Philosophy and Simulation

Encounters in a Deep Heartland

The Emergence of Synthetic Reason

Susan Richards edits openDemocracy Russia, part of openDemocracy, the website about global affairs which she co-founded.

Manuel DeLanda, University of Pennsylvania, USA.

Far from Moscow and St Petersburg, there lies another Russia. Overlooked by the new urban élites and almost unknown to the West, in the great provincial hinterlands of the Volga River and Siberia, Russians struggle to reconcile their old traditions with a new and unfamiliar world. Returning again and again to the deep heartland of this rapidlyevolving country, Susan Richards has encountered extraordinary people and forged lasting friendships. Through their unforgettable stories and her own experiences she reveals how in Russia the past and the present cannot be separated. $26.00 Pb, ISBN 9781848857834, NZRP$32.00 Publish January 2011, 320 pages I.B.Tauris Publishers Quantity History & Philosophy

In this groundbreaking new book, Manuel Delanda analyzes all the different genres of simulation (from cellular automata and genetic algorithms to neural nets and multi-agent systems) as a means to conceptualize the possibility spaces associated with causal (and other) capacities. This remarkably clear philosophical discussion of a rapidly growing field, from a thinker at the forefront of research at the interface of science and the humanities, is a must-read for anyone interested in the philosophy of technology and the philosophy of science at all levels. $44.95 Hb, ISBN 9781441170286, NZRP$54.00 Publish January 2011, 240 pages Continuum History & Philosophy


Philosophy and the Idea of Freedom

The Key Concepts

Roy Bhaskar, University of London Institute of Education.

Helen Beebee and Nikk Effingham, both University of Birmingham, and Philip Goff, University of Hertfordshire.

9 780415 559287

M odernism

9 780415 579643

The Metaxas Myth

Settler Colonialism

Dictatorship and Propaganda in Greece

A Theoretical Overview

Marina Petrakis, University of Kent at Canterbury.

Lorenzo Veracini, Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia.

The Metaxas Myth is the first detailed account of General Ioannis Metaxas’s attempts to mimic the fascist models of Mussolini, Hitler, and Franco by portraying himself as the ‘saviour’ of the Greek nation in an effort to build his power base as dictator. Following the dissolution of parliament in 1936 up to his death in 1941, Metaxas used every media outlet available to promote his great myth: newspapers, periodicals, cinema, theatre and radio. Marina Petrakis analyses the nature of Metaxas’s shortcomings: the errors made and the policies that eventually bred not loyalty, but at best apathy and at worst hostility towards his would-be autocracy. $65.00 Pb, ISBN 9781848857810, NZRP$80.00 Publish January 2011, 280 pages I.B.Tauris Publishers History & Philosophy Quantity

Australian Author

9 780230 284906

A vivid exploration of the history of a very powerful and long lasting idea: building European worlds outside of Europe. Veracini outlines how the founding of new societies was envisaged and practiced and explores the specific ways in which settler colonial projects tried to establish ideal and regenerated political bodies. $49.95 Pb, ISBN 9780230284906, NZRP$61.00 Publish January 2011, 192 pages Palgrave Macmillan History & Philosophy


Modernism and Nihilism

Starting with Wittgenstein

Shane Weller, University of Kent, UK.

Chon Tejedor, University of Oxford, UK

Focusing on a wide range of philosophers and writers, from Nietzsche to Derrida and Flaubert to Borges, this book charts the history of the deployment of the concept of nihilism within the discourses of philosophical and aesthetic modernism and considers the similarities and differences between modernist and postmodernist approaches to nihilism. $44.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230231047, NZRP$54.00 Publish January 2011, 192 pages Palgrave Macmillan History & Philosophy

Ludwig Wittgenstein was arguably the most important and influential philosopher of the twentieth century. Covering all the key concepts of his work, Starting with Wittgenstein provides an accessible introduction to the ideas of this hugely significant thinker. Thematically structured, the book leads the reader through a thorough overview of the development of Wittgenstein’s thought, resulting in a more comprehensive understanding of the roots of his philosophical concerns. $29.95 Pb, ISBN 9781847061423, NZRP$42.00 Publish January 2011, 192 pages Continuum History & Philosophy


9 781847 061423 January titles



with ...

9 780230 231047

Metaphysics: The Key Concepts is an accessible and engaging introduction to the most widely studied and challenging concepts in metaphysics. The authors clearly and lucidly define and discuss key terms and concepts. Arranged in an easy to use A-Z format, each concept is explored and illustrated with engaging and memorable examples, and accompanied by an up-to-date guide to further reading. Fully cross-referenced throughout, this remarkable reference guide is essential reading for students of philosophy and all those interested in the nature of reality. $39.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415559287, NZRP$54.00 Publish January 2011, 368 pages Routledge Quantity History & Philosophy

In Philosophy and the Idea of Freedom Roy Bhaskar sets out to develop a critique of the work of Richard Rorty, who must be one of the most influential authors of recent decades. In a brilliant tour de force, Bhaskar shows how Rorty falls victim to the very epistemological problematic Rorty himself describes. Developing his own critical realism, Bhaskar shows just where Rorty’s system comes unstuck, and how the philosophical problems to which it gives rise can be rationally resolved and explained. In this process Bhaskar utilizes his critique of Rorty to begin to elaborate his own alternative interpretation and critique of the philosophical conversation of the West. $69.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415579643, NZRP$83.00 Publish January 2011, 224 pages Routledge Quantity History & Philosophy

S tarting

and ...

9 781848 857810


9 781441 170286

C lassic al T exts in C ritic al R ealism

R outledge K ey G uides

9 781848 857834

Lost and Found in Russia

9 780415 781435

Autobiographical International Relations

Feminist Security Studies


Annick T.R. Wibben, University of San Francisco.

Naeem Inayatullah, Ithaca College, USA.

This book rethinks security theory from a feminist perspective - uniquely, it engages feminism, security, and strategic studies to provide a distinct feminist approach to Security Studies. The volume explicitly works toward an opening up of security studies that would allow for feminist (and other) narratives to be recognized and taken seriously as security narratives. To make this possible, it presents a feminist reading of security studies that aims to invigorate the debate and radicalize critical security studies. $59.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415457286, NZRP$74.00 Publish January 2011, 176 pages Routledge Current Affairs & Politics

A Narrative Approach

This volume provides a novel approach to international relations. In the course of fifteen essays, scholars write about how life events brought them to their subject matter. They place their narratives in the larger context of world politics, culture, and history. Autobiographical International Relations believes that the fictive distancing associated with academic prose creates disaffection in both readers and writers. In contrast, these essays demonstrate how to reengage the “I” while simultaneously sustaining theoretical precision and historical awareness. $65.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415781435, NZRP$80.00 Publish January 2011, 240 pages Routledge Quantity Current Affairs & Politics

War and Rape

Fighting for Darfur

Law, Memory and Justice

Public Action and the Struggle to Stop Genocide

Nicola Henry, La Trobe University, Melbourne.

Australian Author


Rebecca Hamilton is a human rights activist who spearheaded the campaign which led Harvard University to divest from Sudan.

In this book, Henry asks some critical questions about the relationship between mass rape, politics and law. In what ways does law contribute to the collective memory of wartime rape? How do ‘counter-memories’ of victims compete with the denialism of wartime rape? The text specifically analyses the historical silencing of rape throughout international legal history and the potential of law to restore these silenced histories, it also examines the violence of law and the obstacles to individual and collective redemption. $65.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415564731, NZRP$80.00 Publish January 2011, 176 pages Routledge Current Affairs & Politics Quantity

9 780415 564731

9 780230 100220

P algrave S tudies O ral H istory

Author Rebecca Hamilton passionately narrates how six years of major grassroots campaigns fought to bring the plight of Darfur natives to the world's attention. From the Pentagon officials to ordinary citizens who galvanized in uprecedented numbers to protest killings, Hamilton details how advocacy in favor of Darfur was an exuberant, multi-billion dollar effort. Weaving together stories of heroic individuals who fought to make a difference, Hamilton describes a complex and immensely relevant story. $42.00 Hb, ISBN 9780230100220, NZRP$52.00 Publish January 2011, 272 pages Quantity Palgrave Macmillan Current Affairs & Politics

Being Muslim in America

From Rebellion to Reform in Bolivia

Irum Shiekh is a Visiting Scholar of Asian American Studies at UCLA.

Class Struggle, Indigenous Liberation, and the Politics of Evo Morales

This book collects personal narratives of immigrants from Pakistan, Egypt, India, and Palestine who were racially profiled and detained following the September 11 attacks. Exploring themes of transnationalism, racialization, and the global war on terror, Irum Shiekh here provides a space for former detainees to tell their stories and explain the human cost of suspending civil liberties after a wartime emergency. $45.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230103825, NZRP$56.00 Publish January 2011, 256 pages Palgrave Macmillan Current Affairs & Politics


9 780230 103825

Jeffery R. Webber, University of Regina. Evo Morales rode to power on a wave of popular mobilizations against the neoliberal policies enforced by his predecessors. Yet many of his economic policies bare striking resemblance to the status quo he was meant to displace. Based in part on dozens of interviews with leading Bolivian activists, Jeffery R. Webber examines the contradictions of Morales’ first term in office. $27.00 Pb, ISBN 9781608461066, NZRP$34.00 Publish January 2011, 340 pages Haymarket Books Current Affairs & Politics

9 781608 461066


Campaigning in the Twenty-First Century

The Future of Global Currency

A Whole New Ballgame?

Benjamin J. Cohen, University of California, Santa Barbara.

The Euro Versus the Dollar

Dennis W. Johnson, George Washington University. This book analyzes the way campaigns were traditionally run and the extraordinary changes that have occurred in the last decade. Dennis W. Johnson looks at the most sophisticated techniques of modern campaigning-micro-targeting, online fundraising, digital communication, the new media-and examines what has changed, how those changes have dramatically transformed campaigning, and what has remained fundamentally the same despite new technologies and communications. $46.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415800389, NZRP$58.00 Publish January 2011, 140 pages Routledge Current Affairs & Politics

9 780415 800389


9 780415 457286


9 780415 781503 January titles


Can the euro challenge the supremacy of the U.S. dollar as a global currency? From the time Europe’s joint money was born, many have predicted that it would soon achieve parity with the dollar or possibly even surpass it. In reality, however, the euro has remained firmly planted in the dollar’s shadow. The essays collected in this volume explain why. This collection distils the views of one of the world’s leading scholars in global currency, and will be of considerable interest to students and scholars of international finance and international political economy. $59.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415781503, NZRP$74.00 Publish January 2011, 208 pages Routledge Quantity Current Affairs & Politics

PRIO N ew S ecurity S tudies

I nterventions

Current Affairs & Politics

G lobal C ivil S ociety Y earbook

Current Affairs & Politics Global Civil Society 2011

North Korea

Globality and the Absence of Justice

The North Korea Modernization Research Group is affiliated with the Institute for Far Eastern Studies at Kyungnam University.

Martin Albrow, LSE Global Governance, UK, and Hakan Seckinelgin, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK.

How can members of the international donor community help to quickly improve the overall welfare of the North Korean people? What kind of sustainable development plan will enhance the long-term human rights situation in North Korea? Will gains in development and human rights trigger political liberalization? The authors of this volume discuss these challenges and suggest concrete ideas to promote North Korea’s development, human rights, and democracy through international cooperation. $32.00 Pb, ISBN 9788984213234, NZRP$39.95 Publish January 2011, 130 pages Lynne Rienner Current Affairs & Politics

Global Civil Society 2011 combines activist and academic accounts of contemporary struggles to promote, negotiate and deliver justice in a global frame without a central authority. In their engagement with cultural diversity and their networked communication the contributors rethink and remake justice beyond the confines of the nation state. $79.95 Pb, ISBN 9780230272019, NZRP$96.00 Publish January 2011, 352 pages Palgrave Macmillan Current Affairs & Politics Quantity

G lobal I nstitutions

9 780230 272019

Global Think Tanks

Pilgrims of the Night

Policy Networks and Governance

Ivor Agyeman-Duah is founder of the Centre for Intellectual Renewal in Ghana.

James McGann, University of Pennsylvania, USA.

M iddle E ast


F ocus

9 780415 779791

9 780230 108721

9 780415 573238


9 788984 213234

Global Think Tanks provides a clear description of and context for the global proliferation of think tanks. Whilst these institutions are still relatively new players in global and national politics, they are becoming a significant source of strength in an increasingly transnational and less Western-led world. This work presents an important guide to the factors contributing to the proliferation of think tanks, the present nature of this proliferation, and the future of think tanks at the global, regional, and national level. Examining the issues that face think tanks on a global scale, this book will be of great interest to all students of international relations and international organizations. $47.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415779791, NZRP$58.00 Publish January 2011, 160 pages Routledge Quantity Current Affairs & Politics

Combining the expertise of political leaders, scholars, and other analysts, this collection of critical essays takes a hard look at the continuing challenges and opportunities facing African development in the 21st century. The authors argue that Africa must control its own precious natural resources, modify its trade and economic relations, and form new relationships with emerging economies in order to improve conditions on the continent. $56.00 Hb, ISBN 9780956240156, NZRP$70.00 Publish January 2011, 220 pages Lynne Rienner Current Affairs & Politics


9 780956 240156

Hezbollah: The Story of the Party of God

Political Bourdieu

From Revolution to Institutionalization

Jim Wolfreys, King’s College London.

Dr. Azani, International Policy Institute for CounterTerrorism (ICT), IDC, Herzliya.

Pierre Bourdieu died in 2002, but his status as a politically engaged academic only fully emerged in the last few years of a long and active life as a scholar and public intellectual. Although there are now many books on Bourdieu, this book stands out as being the only one that focuses on the political significance of his work and activity. This edited collection brings together an excellent list of leading authorities including Jeremy Lane, Alex Callinicos and Bridget Fowler with others, like Philippe Corcuff, Gérard Mauger and Jacques Bidet, creating a welcome cross-Channel dimension. $47.00 Pb, ISBN 9780745324241, NZRP$58.00 Publish January 2011, 232 pages Pluto Current Affairs & Politics

Anti-Capitalism and the Public Intellectual

Hezbollah is a Lebanese Shiite movement with an affinity and a deep correlation with the Iranian system, yet it’s foundation stemmed from the development of social and political procedures in the Lebanese system, in general, and among the Shia sect, in particular. The 2008 model of Hezbollah is one of a pragmatic terrorist organization that is far more dangerous than that of the revolutionary Hezbollah of the eighties. In fact, the movement hasn’t abandoned its goals, but changed their pace of application. $48.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230108721, NZRP$59.95 Publish January 2011, 308 pages Palgrave Macmillan Quantity Current Affairs & Politics

Now Publishing 2012

9 780745 324241


International Law and the IsraeliPalestinian Conflict

The Political Economy of Latin America

A Rights-Based Approach to Middle East Peace

Reflections on Neoliberalism and Development

Susan M. Akram, Boston University; Michael Dumper, Exeter University; Michael Lynk, University of Western Ontario; and Iain Scobbie, SOAS.

Peter Kingstone, University of Connecticut.

Placing a rights-based approach to the IsraeliPalestinian conflict at the centre of discussions over its peaceful resolution, this book provides detailed consideration of international law and its application to political issues. The book debunks the myth that law is not useful to its resolution, illustrating through both theory and practice how international law points the way to a just and durable solution to the conflict in the Middle East. $68.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415573238, NZRP$83.00 Publish January 2011, 368 pages Routledge Quantity Current Affairs & Politics

9 780415 998277

January titles


This brief text offers an unbiased reflection on the neoliberal debate in Latin America and the institutional puzzle that underlies the region’s difficulties with democratization and development. Peter Kingstone advances an important but underexplored argument about political institutions. Kingstone offers a unique contribution by mapping out the problem of how to understand institutions, why they are created, and why Latin American ones function the way they do. $39.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415998277, NZRP$59.95 Publish January 2011, 192 pages Routledge Current Affairs & Politics Quantity

Current Affairs & Politics

9 780415 876209

Techno Politics in Presidential Campaigning

Identity Politics in Twenty-First Century America

New Voices, New Technologies, and New Voters

David F. Ericson, George Mason University.

John Allen Hendricks, Stephen F. Austin State University, and Lynda Lee Kaid, University of Florida.

Assessing the limits of pluralism, this book examines different types of political inclusion and exclusion and their distinctive dimensions and dynamics. Collectively, these essays elucidate a wide range of inclusion or exclusion: voting participation, representation in legislative assemblies, representation of group interests in processes of policy formation and implementation, and participation in discursive processes of policy framing. $64.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415876209, NZRP$80.00 Publish January 2011, 224 pages Routledge Current Affairs & Politics Quantity

9 780415 879798

Transforming Fire

A Reader

The Rise of the Israel-Islamist Conflict

Duane Rousselle is the founder and editor of the journal Anarchist Developments in Cultural Studies, and Süreyyya Evren writes on contemporary art, literature and radical politics.

Jonathan Spyer, Global Research in International Affairs Center, Israel.

This book includes the most comprehensive collection of essays about this emergent body of thought. Many of the chapters have been formative to the development of a distinctly ‘post-anarchist’ approach to politics, aesthetics, and philosophy. Others respond to the so-called ‘post-anarchist turn’ with caution and scepticism. The book also includes original contributions from several of today’s ‘post-anarchists’, inviting further debate and new ways of conceiving post-anarchism across a number of disciplines. $49.95 Pb, ISBN 9780745330860, NZRP$64.00 Publish January 2011, 320 pages Pluto Quantity Current Affairs & Politics

9 781441 166630

Understanding Iran

Palestinian Politics and the City since 1967

Everything You Needed to Know, from Persia to the Islamic Republic, From Cyrus to Ahmadinejad

9 780230 103436

Polk describes a country and a history misunderstood by many in the West. While Iranians chafe under the yolk of their current leaders, they also have bitter memories of generations of British, Russian and American espionage, invasion, and dominance. There are important lessons to be learned from the past, and Polk teases them out of a long and rich history and shows that it is not just now, but for decades to come that an understanding of Iran will be essential to American safety and well-being. $24.95 Pb, ISBN 9780230103436, NZRP$34.00 Publish January 2011, 272 pages Quantity Palgrave Macmillan Current Affairs & Politics

Strategic Thinking about the Korean Nuclear Crisis

The United States and Cuba

Four Parties Caught Between North Korea and the United State

Marifeli Perez-Stable, Florida International University.

Intimate Enemies

From 2002 China, Japan, Russia, and South Korea struggled to navigate between the unsettling belligerence of North Korea and the unilateral insistence of the United States. Drawing on sources from each of the countries, this book examines how the four perceived their role in the Six-Party Talks and the regional context, as they eyed each other. The book emphasizes the significance of these talks for the emerging security framework and great power cooperation in Northeast Asia. $48.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230108479, NZRP$59.95 Publish January 2011, 276 pages Palgrave Macmillan Current Affairs & Politics Quantity

Prior to 1959, Cuba and the United States didn’t have a mutually beneficial and respectful relationship, and amid the Cold War, Cuba’s alliance with the Soviet Union made U.S.-Cuba normality even more elusive. What the United States and Cuba now face is relating to each other as normally as possible, a task made all the more difficult by the shadow of the Cold War. This book systematically covers the background of U.S.-Cuban relations after the Cold War and explores tensions that extend into the twenty-first century. $62.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415804516, NZRP$78.00 Publish January 2011, 224 pages Routledge Current Affairs & Politics

9 780415 804516

January titles



C ontemporary I nter A meric an R elations

S trategic T hought N ortheast A sia


William R. Polk established the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Chicago.

Gilbert Rozman, Princeton University.

9 780230 108479

For a time, the Arab-Israeli conflict seemed a fight over real-estate and recognition, but in recent years it has transformed into an existential battle between Israel and radical Islamism. Spyer, who served as a special advisor on international affairs to Israeli Cabinet ministers, provides a vivid account of what can now be called the IsraelIslamist conflict, outlining the issues at stake and gauging each side’s relative strengths and weaknesses. Combining narrative and argument, Spyer uses first-person accounts of key moments in the conflict to highlight the human impact of this battle of wills. $49.95 Hb, ISBN 9781441166630, NZRP$61.00 Publish January 2011, 240 pages Continuum Quantity Current Affairs & Politics

The Rise and Fall of Arab Jerusalem This book examines Palestinian politics in Jerusalem since 1967, since the outbreak of the second intifada in particular, focusing on the city’s decline as an Arab city and the identity crisis among the Jerusalemite Palestinians. Principally concerned with Palestinian politics and how they have evolved over time from the grassroots upwards, it covers issues such as the separation wall, military activity and terror, planning regulations, the joint JewishArab struggle against the occupation and efforts to remove Palestinians from the city. $62.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415598545, NZRP$77.00 Publish January 2011, 192 pages Routledge Current Affairs & Politics

9 780415 598545

The 2008 US presidential campaign saw politicians utilizing all types of new media to reach voters of all ages, ethnicities, socio-economic backgrounds, and sexual orientations. This volume examines the use of these media and considers the effectiveness of reaching voters through these channels. It explores not only the use of new media and technologies but also the role these tactics played in attracting new voters and communicating with the electorate during the 2008 presidential debates. $79.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415879798, NZRP$100.00 Publish January 2011, 324 pages Routledge Quantity Current Affairs & Politics


Hillel Cohen, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


R outledge S tudies on the A rab -I sraeli C onflict

9 780745 330860

The Politics of Inclusion and Exclusion

Introducing New Radical Thinkers Introducing Verso's Radical Thinkers Set 5! What is a radical thinker? The word radical comes from the Latin radix, meaning ‘root’: it means to cut right to the core. A radical thinker therefore is anybody involved with the fundamentals of their material, who changes the way we think about the world, and challenges the way we think it should be. And when the time for action comes, radical thinkers develop and propagate practical methods of overturning the status quo. By questioning our deep-rooted views on ourselves and society, radical thinkers compel us to rethink who we are, how we want to live our lives, and how we want the world to be.

“A golden treasury of theory”—Eric Banks, Bookforum “Verso's beautifully designed Radical Thinkers series, which brings together seminal works by leading leftwing intellectuals, is a sophisticated blend of theory and thought.”—Ziauddin Sardar, New Statesman Brecht and Method

Machiavelli and Us

Fredric Jameson, Duke University.

Louis Althusser (1918 - 1990) taught philosophy for many years at the Ecole Normale Superieur in Paris.

The legacy of Bertolt Brecht is much contested, whether by those who wish to forget or to vilify his politics, but his stature as the outstanding political playwright and poet of the twentieth century is unforgettably established in this major critical work. Fredric Jameson elegantly dissects the intricate connections between Brecht’s drama and politics, demonstrating the way these combined to shape a unique and powerful influence on a profoundly troubled epoch. $22.95 Pb, ISBN 9781844676774, NZRP$29.00 Publish January 2011, 280 pages Verso


9 781844 676774

9 781844 676750

Contingency, Hegemony and Universality

Passwords Jean Baudrillard is the author of, among other works, America, The System of Objects, Impossible Exchange, Screened Out, and The Perfect Crime.

Judith Butler, University of California, Berkeley; Ernesto Laclau, University of Essex; and Slavoj Zizek, Institute for Social Studies, Ljubljana.

In his analysis of the deep social trends rooted in production, consumption, and the symbolic, Jean Baudrillard touches the very heart of the concerns of the generation currently rebelling against the framework of the consumer society. Passwords, in the spirit of Gilles Deleuze’s Abécédaire, offers us twelve accessible and enjoyable entry points into Baudrillard’s thought by way of the concepts he uses throughout his work: the object, seduction, value, impossible exchange, the obscene, the virtual, symbolic exchange, the transparency of evil, the perfect crime, destiny, duality, and thought. $22.95 Pb, ISBN 9781844676767, NZRP$29.00 Publish January 2011, 92 pages Verso

In a compelling and unusual experiment, three eminent theorists engage in a dialogue on central questions of contemporary philosophy and politics. Their essays, organized as separate contributions that respond to one another, range over the Hegelian legacy in contemporary critical theory, the theoretical dilemmas of multiculturalism, the universalism-versus-particularism debate, the strategies of the Left in a globalized economy, and the relative merits of post-structumalism and Lacanian psychoanalysis for a critical social theory. $22.95 Pb, ISBN 9781844676682, NZRP$29.00 Publish January 2011, 300 pages Verso

9 781844 676682

ISBN 9 781844 676729

9 781844 676675

9 781844 676705

9 781844 676743

9 781844 676668

9 781844 676736

9 781844 676699

9 781844 676712

9 781844 676781

“We do not publish our own drafts, that is, our own mistakes, but we do sometimes publish other people’s,” Louis Althusser once observed of Marx’s early writings. Among his own posthumously released drafts, one, at least, is incontestably neither mistake nor out-take: the text of his lecture course on Machiavelli, originally delivered at the École Normale Supérieure in 1972, intermittently revised up to the mid-1980s, and carefully prepared for publication after his death in 1990. Machiavelli was a veritable Althusserian passion. Machiavelli and Us reveals why, and will be welcomed for the light it sheds on the richly complex thought of its author. $22.95 Pb, ISBN 9781844676750, NZRP$29.00 Publish January 2011, 224 pages Verso Quantity



9 781844 676767



Comments on the Society of the Spectacle

Debord, Guy


Critique of Economic Reason

Gorz, André


Design and Crime (And Other Diatribes)

Foster, Hal


Freudian Slip

Timpanaro, Sebastiano



The Panopticon Writings

Bentham, Jeremy



The Politics of Time

Osborne, Peter


for the

Postmodern Geographies

Soja, Edward W.


12-Volume Set

Race Nation Class

Balibar, Étienne & Wallerstein, Immanuel


Radical Thinkers 12-Volume Set

Verso Books January titles


2686pp 9


$22.95 (NZRP$29.00) each, or

Introducing Classic Radical Thinkers Introducing Verso's Radical Thinkers Classic Editions! Celebrating forty years of Verso Books, with new hardback editions. Radical Thinkers Classic Editions is a selection of Verso’s leading titles, celebrating forty years of New Left Books and Verso. Hardback and embossed with foil, these are essential new editions of the highlights from four decades of uncompromising, radical publishing. Praise for Radical Thinkers Classic Editions: Aesthetics and Politics: “This is vital reading for anyone concerned with the relationship between art and socialism.” – John Fowles, Philosophy Culture and Materialism: “The left's foremost cultural historian and critic... an acute and perceptive political commentator.” – Comment For Marx: “One reads him with excitement. There is no mystery about his capacity to inspire the intelligent young.” – Eric Hobsbawm Minima Moralia: “A classic of twentieth-century thought...whose translation is the best by far of any work of critical theory.”

9 781844 676644

9 781844 676637

Aesthetics and Politics

For Marx

Theodor Adorn; Walter Benjamin; Ernst Bloch; Bertolt Brecht; and Georg Lukacs.

Louis Althusser (1918 - 1990) was a leading intellectual in the French Communist Party.

No other country and no other period has produced a tradition of major aesthetic debate to compare with that which unfolded in German culture from the 1930s to the 1950s. In Aesthetics and Politics the key texts of the great Marxist controversies over literature and art during these years are assembled in a single volume. They do not form a disparate collection but a continuous, interlinked debate between thinkers who have become giants of twentieth-century intellectual history. The most remarkable aesthetic debates in European cultural history, with an afterword by Fredric Jameson. $34.95 Hb, ISBN 9781844676644, NZRP$48.00 Publish January 2011, 220 pages Verso

A milestone in the development of post-war Marxist thought, this is the work in which Louis Althusser formulated some of his most influential ideas. This book contains the classic statements of Althusser's analysis of the young Marx and the importance of Feuerbach during this formative period, of his thesis of the “epistomological break” between the early and the late Marx, and of his conception of dialectics, contradiction and “overdetermination.” Also included is a study of the materialist theater of Bertolazzi and Brecht and the critique of humanist readings of Marxism. For Marx, in its audacity, originality and rigor, will explain why Althusser's impact was so significant. $34.95 Hb, ISBN 9781844676620, NZRP$48.00 Publish January 2011, 270 pages Verso


9 781844 676620


Culture and Materialism

Minima Moralia

Raymond Williams (1921 - 1988) was the author of many books and several novels.

Reflections from Damaged Life

A comprehensive introduction to the work of one of the outstanding intellectuals of the twentieth century. Raymond Williams is a towering presence in cultural studies, most importantly as the founder of the approach that has come to be known as “cultural materialism.” Yet Williams’s method was always open-ended and fluid, and this volume collects together his most significant work from over a twenty-year period in which he wrestled with the concepts of materialism and culture and their interrelationship. Williams’s identity as an active socialist, rather than simply an academic, is captured by two unambiguously political pieces on the past, present and future of Marxism. $34.95 Hb, ISBN 9781844676637, NZRP$48.00 Publish January 2011, 278 pages Verso Quantity

Theodor W. Adorno was director of the Institute for Social Research at the University of Frankfurt from 1956 until his death in 1969. A reflection on everyday existence in the 'sphere of consumption of late Capitalism', this work is Adorno's literary and philosophical masterpiece built from aphorisms and reflections, shifting in register from personal experience to the most general theoretical problems. $34.95 Hb, ISBN 9781844676613, NZRP$48.00 Publish January 2011, 256 pages Verso

9 781844 676613

Also available as a 4-Volume Set!

9 781844 676651

$110.00 (NZRP$144.00) Hardback, 1,036pp

January titles



Palgrave Promotions

An entertaining trip into the science of life in space and space on Earth

The real science behind losing weight

$32.00 Hb, ISBN 9781851687800 August 2010, 312 pages Oneworld Publications NZRP$37.95

$28.00 Pb, ISBN 9781851687268 May 2010, 384 pages Oneworld Publications NZRP$32.00


9 781851 687800


9 781851 687268

Smart, witty essays on science and culture $39.95 Hb, ISBN 9780809087372 2009, 256 pages Henry Holt and Company NZRP$52.00

An invaluable guide to the fascinating origins of everyday words $25.95 Pb, ISBN 9781847062741 2009, 224 pages Continuum NZRP$32.00


9 780809 087372


9 781847 062741

The essence of the big ideas that have shaped our world $12.95 Pb, ISBN 9781906523213 2009, 144 pages New Internationalist NZRP$12.95


9 781906 523213

Sale or return terms are available for orders placed using this form. Discuss and leave this form with your Sales Representative or fax directly to: Anthony McKenney, National Sales Manager 02 9285 9290. January titles


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$3 tober ris     Oc . Tau 8.00 I.B RP$4 y it NZ ant Qu

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January titles















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ok bo e siv s, en rcise h ng e pr exe the stro m o r’s r f a l A c acto ed fo nt o ysica 5   f 74 o sign pme e ph 66 4 l e 5 o d vel xib 41 80 97 de d fle N an dy b, ISBges bo 7.00 P 24 pa


E inary C N traordntin f A M he ex onstatem o on R t C s ft FO xplorey that ki’s syhas le 04 R E ac lavs ing S 4967 PE leg anis train e U 80415 St tor- in th N 97 ac ting b, ISBges ac 4.00 P 08 pa



1 92

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0 2. $4 y 201 um Ma ntinu 8.00 Co RP$4 NZ




6 85


1 78



0 18



s e l t i T

Palgrave Publicity Spotlight On….

On Tour

Mary Roach is a columnist and popular science writer. She began her writing career at the San Francisco Zoological Society, producing press releases on such topics as elephant wart surgery. In 1986, she sold a humor piece about the IRS to the San Francisco Chronicle, which led to a spate of humorous first-person essays. She appeared on The Colbert Report, a satirical news program, in November 2005 and appeared on The Daily Show on August 2, 2010 to discuss her newest book Packing for Mars.

Sarah Irving, author of Gaza: Beneath the Bombs ($34.00 Pb, ISBN 9780745330242, NZRP$41.00) will be visiting Australia from November 2010! A freelance writer, Sarah’s work has appeared in New Internationalist, Big Issue North and Electronic Intifada.

The Israeli offensive in Gaza was described

by Amnesty international as ‘22 days of death and destruction’. This eyewitness account brings home the horror of life in Gaza beneath the bombs. Sharyn Lock went to the Gaza strip with the Free Gaza Movement but soon after her arrival Israel attacked Gaza’s 1.5 million inhabitants by land, air and sea. Her candid and dramatic blogs from Gaza gave the world an insight into the conflict that the mainstream media - unable to enter Gaza - couldn’t provide.

What happens to you when you can’t walk for a year? What

happens if you vomit in your helmet during a space walk? Is it possible to survive a bailout at 17,000 miles an hour? Space exploration is in some ways an exploration of what it means to be human. To answer these questions, space agencies set up all manner of quizzical and startlingly bizarre space simulations, and as Mary Roach discovers, it’s possible to preview space without ever leaving Earth.

Packing for Mars


For further information on Sarah’s visit please contact Rebecca Lewinsky, Promotions Manager,


$32.00 Hb, ISBN 9781851687800, NZRP$37.95 September 2010, 256 pages, Oneworld Publications

Palgrave in the News

Palgrave News!

The Changing Faces of Journalism

What are others saying about our recent releases? “[This book] responds to what are becoming quite familiar debates about the current state and likely futures of journalism in the context of the shift from information to entertainment… it is thoroughly and thoughtfully contextualised in contemporary debates. A useful collection, then, with some very strong and interesting contributions.” Qty - Australian Journalism Review, 32(1), 2010

Palgrave Macmillan, Still Thinking Radically! In the New Year make sure you turn to Palgrave Macmillan for all the radical thinkers. Verso Book of Dissent ($29.95 Pb, ISBN 9781844674480, NZRP$39.95)

Across the ages and in every continent, people have struggled against those in power and raised their voices in protest. Qty

$55.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415778251, NZRP$69.95, July 2009

Listen to Loretta Napoleoni, author of the bestselling Terrorism and the Economy on Triple J program ‘Sunday Night Safran’ during her visit to the Melbourne Writer’s Festival:

The Obama Syndrome ($29.95 Hb, ISBN 9781844674497, NZRP$39.95)

What has really changed since Bush left the White House? Very little, argues Tariq Ali, apart from the mood music. Qty

$25.00 Pb, ISBN 9781583228951, NZRP$29.95, March 2010

The Invisible City

The Moneyless Man


An interview on ABC Radio program ‘The Book Show’ with Emili Rosales during his visit to the Melbourne Writer’s Festival can be found at:

($25.95 Pb, ISBN 9781851687541, NZRP$34.95)

Imagine a year without spending or even touching money. Former businessman Mark Boyle did just that and here is his extraordinary story.

$19.95 Pb, ISBN 9781846880902, NZRP$25.00, Qty September 2009


Media requests for review copies by letter, e-mail or fax to Melbourne office please

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Biography & Memoir Richard III

The Frontier Love Story of Rachel and Andrew Jackson

David Hipshon, St James Independent School, Twickenham.

Patricia Brady is a social and cultural historian.

9 780230 609501

The forty-year love affair between Rachel and Andrew Jackson parallels a tumultuous period in American history. Andrew Jackson was at the forefront of the American revolution - but he never could have made it without the support of his wife. Beautiful, charismatic, and generous, Rachel Jackson had the courage to go against the mores of her times in the name of love. Like many great love stories, this one ends tragically when Rachel dies only a few weeks after Andrew is elected president. Andrew and Rachel Jackson’s devotion to one another is inspiring, and here their story of love and loss comes to life for the first time. $39.95 Hb, ISBN 9780230609501, NZRP$52.00 Publish January 2011, 272 pages Quantity Palgrave Macmillan Biography

9 780415 462815

The Fossil Hunter

The Shah

Dinosaurs, Evolution, and the Woman Whose Discoveries Changed the World

Abbas Milani Though his monarchy was toppled in 1979 and he died in 1980, the life of Mohammad-Reza Shah Pahlevi, the last Shah of Iran, continues to resonate today. Here, internationally respected author Abbas Milani gives us the definitive biography, more than ten years in the making, of the monarch who shaped Iran’s modern age and with it the contemporary politics of the Middle East. This comprehensive and gripping account shows us how Iran went from politically moderate monarchy to totalitarian Islamic republic. Milani reveals the complex and sweeping road that would bring the U.S. and Iran to where they are today. $34.95 Hb, ISBN 9781403971937, NZRP$48.00 Publish January 2011, 352 pages Palgrave Macmillan Biography

M ac S ci

Shelley Emling has been a journalist for 20 years.

S tudies in the H istoriy of S cience and T echnology

9 780230 103429

Mary Anning was only twelve years old when, in 1811, she discovered the first dinosaur skeleton while fossil hunting on the cliffs of Lyme Regis, England. Until Mary’s incredible discovery, it was widely believed that animals did not become extinct. Once news of the fossils reached the halls of academia, it became impossible to ignore the truth. Mary’s peculiar finds helped lay the groundwork for Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. The Fossil Hunter chronicles the life of this young girl, with dirt under her fingernails and not a shilling to buy dinner, who became a worldrenowned paleontologist. $24.95 Pb, ISBN 9780230103429, NZRP$32.00 Publish January 2011, 256 pages Palgrave Macmillan Quantity Biography


Growing Up bin Laden Osama's Wife and Son Take Us Inside Their Secret World

John Logsdon, George Washington University. There has to date been no comprehensive account of how the actions taken by JFK’s administration have shaped the course of the US space program over the last 45 years. This book, based on primary source material and interviews with key participants, is such an account. It tells the story of how JFK, only four months in office, decided that the US national interest required the country to enter and win the space race by reaching the moon “before this decade is out.” It traces the evolution of his thinking and policy up until his assassination, which brought to an end his plans to moderate the space program’s goals and explore collaboration with the Soviets. $49.95 Hb, ISBN 9780230110106, NZRP$70.00 Publish January 2011, 320 pages Palgrave Macmillan Quantity Biography

Jean Sasson has studied Middle Eastern culture for over thirty years.

9 781851 687565

Granting extraordinary access to their private world, Osama's wife and son reveal the frightening transformation of a loving husband into a hardened terrorist. In 1996, Osama chose the 15-year-old Omar to accompany him to his mountain fortress of Tora Bora in Afghanistan, where the risks of hunger and disease soon paled before the dangers of the terrorist camps. With unprecendeted access and insight, bestselling author Jean Sasson takes us inside the secret world of Osama bin Laden. $25.00 Pb, ISBN 9781851687565, NZRP$29.95 Published June 2010, 320 pages Oneworld Publications Quantity Biography

The Life and Times of Stella Browne

The Notebook

Feminist and Free Spirit

José Saramango is a Nobel laureate Portuguese novelist, playwright and journalist.

Lesley A. Hall, Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine, London.

9 781848 855830


9 781403 971937

John F. Kennedy and the Race to the Moon

9 780230 110106

Despite reigning for only a relatively short period of time, Richard III is one of England’s most controversial monarchs. This new biography takes a nuanced view both of Richard III’s reign and of the controversies surrounding it, exploring them in the wider context of the period. David Hipshon emphasises the need to separate the man himself from the caricature that has so often been painted. Incorporating new research and previously unpublished material, this book is a must-read for all those interested both in Richard III as king, and in the development of the English monarchy and society at the end of the medieval era and the beginning of the early modern period. $39.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415462815, NZRP$51.00 Publish January 2011, 264 pages Routledge Quantity Biography

This is the first full length biography of radical reformer Stella Browne, whose life, ideas and activities overturn so many assumptions about early twentieth-century politics and feminism. Lesley Hall’s biography explores Stella Browne’s life and times, from her upbringing in Nova Scotia into her political apprenticeship and life from militant suffragism in the early 1900s through her internationalism and involvement with Margaret Sanger and the birth control and sex-reform movements, her work among pacifist, Communist and feminist circles in North America, the UK and Continental Europe. $59.95 Hb, ISBN 9781848855830, NZRP$80.00 Publish January 2011, 300 pages I.B.Tauris Publishers Quantity Biography

9 781844 676149

January titles


The Notebook records a year in the life of José Saramago, beginning on the eve of the 2008 US presidential election. In these pages, he evokes life in his beloved city of Lisbon, revisits conversations with friends, and meditates on his favorite authors. Precise observations and moments of arresting significance are rendered with pointillist detail, and together demonstrate an acute understanding of our times. Saramago dissects the financial crisis, deplores Israel’s bombardment of Gaza, traces the ongoing inquiry into the execution of the Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes on the London Underground, and charts the transition from the era of George W. Bush to that of Barack Obama. $36.00 Hb, ISBN 9781844676149, NZRP$42.00 Published March 2010, 288 pages Verso Quantity Memoir

R outledge H istoric al B iographies

A Being So Gentle

R outledge P hilosophy C ompanions

General Reference

R outledge H andbooks A pplied L inguistics


9 780415 962193

The Routledge Companion to Epistemology

The Routledge Handbook of Global Public Health

Sven Bernecker, University of California, and Duncan Pritchard, University of Edinburgh.

Richard Parker and Marni Sommer, both Columbia University, USA.

The Routledge Companion to Epistemology provides a comprehensive and the up-to-date survey of epistemology, charting its history, providing a thorough account of its key thinkers and movements, and addressing enduring questions and contemporary research in the field. Seventyeight chapters, each between 5000 and 7000 words and written by the world’s leading epistemologists, provide students with an outstanding and accessible guide to the field. Designed to fit the most comprehensive syllabus in the discipline, this text will be an indispensible resource for anyone interested in this central area of philosophy. $199.00 Hb, ISBN 9780415962193, NZRP$300.00 Publish January 2011, 918 pages Routledge Quantity Reference

The Routledge Handbook of Global Public Health addresses both the emerging issues and conceptualizations of the notion of global health, along with expanding upon and highlighting the critical priorities in this rapidly evolving field. It will be organized in ten main sections. This comprehensive handbook will provide an authoritative overview for students, practitioners, researchers, and policy makers working in or concerned with public health around the globe. $199.00 Hb, ISBN 9780415778480, NZRP$352.00 Publish January 2011, 504 pages Routledge Reference

9 780415 778480

The Routledge Handbook of Applied Linguistics

The Routledge Handbook of International Criminal Law

James Simpson, University of Leeds, UK.

William A. Schabas, National University of Ireland, Galway, and Nadia Bernaz, Middlesex University, UK.

The Routledge Handbook of Applied Linguistics serves as an introduction and reference point to key areas in the field of applied linguistics.The 47 chapters connect knowledge about language to decision-making in the real world. The volume as a whole highlights the role of applied linguistics, which is to make insights drawn from language study relevant to such decision-making. The chapters are written by specialists from around the world. Each one provides an overview of the history of the topic, the main current issues and possible future trajectory. $199.00 Hb, ISBN 9780415490672, NZRP$352.00 Publish January 2011, 680 pages Routledge Reference

9 780415 490672


9 780415 552035

The Routledge Handbook of Archaeological Human Remains and Legislation

Barrie Houlihan and Mich Green, both Loughborough University, UK.

Nicholas Marques Grant and Linda Fibiger.

9 780415 479967

The Routledge Handbook of Sports Development is the first book to comprehensively map the wide-ranging territory of sports development as an activity and as a policy field, and to offer a definitive survey of current academic knowledge and professional practice. Spanning the whole spectrum of activity in sports development, from youth sport and mass participation to the development of elite athletes, the book identifies and defines the core functions of sports development, exploring the interface between sports development and cognate fields such as education, coaching, community welfare and policy. $220.00 Hb, ISBN 9780415479967, NZRP$400.00 Publish January 2011, 648 pages Routledge Quantity Reference

The Routledge Handbook of Energy Security

The Routledge History of the Holocaust

Benjamin K. Sovacool, National University of Singapore.

Dr. Jonathan C. Friedman, West Chester University.

This handbook examines the subject of energy security: its definition, dimensions, ways to measure and index it, and the complicating factors that are often overlooked. The volume identifies varying definitions and dimensions of energy security, including those that prioritize security of supply and affordability alongside those that emphasize availability, energy efficiency, trade, environmental quality, and social and political stewardship. It also explores the various metrics that can be used to give energy security more coherence, and also to enable it to be measured. $199.00 Hb, ISBN 9780415591171, NZRP$400.00 Publish January 2011, 400 pages Routledge Quantity Reference

9 780415 779562

January titles


The genocide of Jewish and non-Jewish civilians perpetrated by the German regime during World War Two continues to confront scholars with elusive questions even after nearly seventy years and hundreds of studies. This multi-contributory work is a landmark publication that sees experts renowned in their field addressing these questions in light of current research. Serving as a comprehensive introduction to the history of the Holocaust, this volume also adds depth to current debate, both geographically and topically, assessing the Final Solution as the German occupation instituted it across Europe and covering issues which have previously been under-investigated. $199.00 Hb, ISBN 9780415779562, NZRP$384.00 Publish January 2011, 512 pages Routledge Quantity Reference

R outledge H istories

9 780415 591171

The Routledge Handbook of Archaeological Human Remains and Legislation provides comprehensive information on the excavation of archaeological human remains and the law through 62 individual country contributions from Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America and Australasia. In addition, an overview of landmark anthropological studies and important collections are provided where appropriate. $220.00 Hb, ISBN 9780415588577, NZRP$400.00 Publish January 2011, 624 pages Routledge Quantity Reference

This book provides a timely and comprehensive survey of emerging and existing areas of international criminal law. The handbook features new, specially commissioned papers by a range of international and leading experts in the field. It contains reflections on the theoretical aspects and contemporary debates in international criminal law. Providing easy access to up-to-date and authoritative articles covering all key aspects of international criminal law, this book is an essential reference work for students, scholars and practitioners working in the field. $199.00 Hb, ISBN 9780415552035, NZRP$352.00 Publish January 2011, 432 pages Routledge Quantity Reference

The Routledge Handbook of Sports Development

An International Guide to Laws and Practice in the Excavation and Treatment of Archaeological Human Remains

9 780415 588577


R outledge K ey G uides

Society & Culture Fifty Key Anthropologists


Robert Gordon, University of Vermont, USA; Andrew Lyons, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada; and Harriet Lyons, University of Waterloo, Canada.

Changing the World

Fifty Key Anthropologists surveys the life and work of some of the most influential figures in anthropology. The entries, written by an international range of expert contributors, represent the diversity of thought within the subject, incorporating both classic theorists and more recent anthropological thinkers. This accessible A-Z guide contains helpful crossreferencing, a timeline of key dates and schools of thought, and suggestions for further reading. $39.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415461054, NZRP$51.00 Publish January 2011, 282 pages Routledge Society & Culture

9 780415 461054


Guy Arnold is the author of fifty books, including Africa: A Modern History (2005), The International Drugs Trade (2005) and The New Scramble for Africa (2009). Guy Arnold examines how and why people migrate, including both the massive internal migrations in China and India that drive economic development and the influx of cheap labour into the advanced economies of the USA and EU. He shows that migrants are essential to advanced countries, filling skills gaps and bolstering ageing populations, and argues that the constant flow of people in all directions should be welcomed as a positive assault Now Publishing March 2011 upon outdated, narrow nationalism. $56.00 Pb, ISBN 9780745329055, NZRP$64.00 Publish January 2011, 416 pages Pluto Quantity Society & Culture 9 780745 329055

No Longer the Same

The Origins of America’s Debate on Homosexuality

Religious Others and the Liberation of Christian Theology

Fred Fejes, Florida Atlantic University.

David R. Brockman, Progressive Christian Center of the South.

Using the 1977 campaign against the Dade County Florida gay rights ordinance as a focal point, this book provides an examination of the emergence of the modern lesbian and gay American movement, the challenges it posed to the accepted American notions of sexuality, and how American society reacted in turn. $45.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230108264, NZRP$56.00 Publish January 2011, 292 pages Palgrave Macmillan Society & Culture


Hollywood’s Exploited

Women and Housing

Public Pedagogy, Corporate Movies, and Cultural Crisis

An International Analysis Patricia Kennett, University of Bristol, UK, and Chan Kam Wah, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

9 780230 285026


9 780415 548977

Intellectual Property and Theories of Justice

Youth in a Suspect Society

Axel Gosseries, University of Louvain; Alain Marciano, University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne; and Alain Strowel, Saint-Louis University.

Henry A. Giroux, McMaster University, Canada.

In this volume, fourteen philosophers, economists and legal scholars and one computer scientist address various facets of the same question: under which conditions (if any) can intellectual property rights be fair? This requires a close examination of a variety of specific issues such as peer-topeer file sharing, access to vital medicines, the interaction between copyright and freedom of expression, patents on genes, etc. It also involves bringing together state-of-the-art knowledge on legal, economic and technical issues with the most advanced state of our normative theories. $52.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230285026, NZRP$64.00 Publish January 2011, 296 pages Palgrave Macmillan Quantity Society & Culture

Democracy or Disposability?

9 780230 108707

January titles


Through the lens of education reform and current education politics, this book attempts to situate young people within a number of theoretical and political considerations that offer up a new ‘analytic of youth’, one that posits not only the emergence of a new way to talk about youth but also a new language for understanding and critically engaging the politics that increasingly frames every aspect of their lives. Giroux explores the current conditions of youth and their educational experiences within the emerging discourses of bio-power and disposability, while relating how these forces work against young people. $49.95 Pb, ISBN 9780230108707, NZRP$61.00 Publish January 2011, 256 pages Palgrave Macmillan Quantity Society & Culture

S ociety S eries

This book provides an interdisciplinary and collaborative anthology that seeks to make a compelling and exciting analysis of contemporary Hollywood film texts (and the larger industry and society to which they are dialectically related) in light of Giroux’s ideas about public pedagogy. Foreword by Lawrence Grossberg. $46.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230623590, NZRP$58.00 Publish January 2011, 272 pages Palgrave Macmillan Society & Culture

This collection seeks to contribute to comparative housing debates by highlighting the gendered nature of housing processes and to show how these socially constructed relationships are culturally contingent, and manifest and transform over time and space. The international contributors draw on a wide range of empirical evidence relating to labour market participation, wealth distribution, family formation and education to demonstrate the complexity and gendered nature of the interlocking arenas of production, reproduction and consumption and the implications for the housing opportunities of women in different social contexts. $80.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415548977, NZRP$112.00 Publish January 2011, 256 pages Routledge Quantity Society & Culture


E duc ation , P olitics P ublic L ife

Richard Van Heertum, CUNY/College of Staten Island; Anthony J. Nocella, II, Syracuse University; and Benjamin Frymer, Sonoma State University.

9 780230 623590


9 780230 109438

H ousing


9 780230 108264

This volume offers an accessible yet theologically innovative exploration of a question that is key to Christianity’s relation with the post-modern world: what happens to Christian theology when it follows its traditional habit of excluding religious others from the theological conversation? $45.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230109438, NZRP$56.00 Publish January 2011, 240 pages Palgrave Macmillan Society & Culture

N ew A pproaches to R eligion and P ower

Gay Rights and Moral Panic

Business & Economics China’s Management Revolution

Economic Instruments of Security Policy

I nternational M anagement K nowledge

The New Business Leadership Model

9 780230 285453

Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, founded in 1967, is one of the world’s leading strategy consultancies.

Influencing Choices of Leaders

As one of the world’s largest economies China is facing many unique management challenges in the wake of the financial crisis. The future presents many opportunities for growth and commerce but new management skills must be developed to cope with these issues. $59.95 Hb, ISBN 9780230285453, NZRP$83.00 Publish January 2011, 200 pages Palgrave Macmillan Business & Economics

This book examines the economic policies available to a head of state and addresses how best to measure the success of these tools. Detailed case studies throughout the book allow readers to understand the decision-making process and how to craft policies designed to influence specific outcomes. The book surveys policies currently used as well as those that may not be appreciated for their national security application. $59.95 Pb, ISBN 9780230110625, NZRP$76.00 Publish January 2011, 256 pages Palgrave Macmillan Business & Economics


Gary M. Shiffman, Georgetown University, Washington, DC.

Green Growth, Green Profit

Effectual Entrepreneurship

How Green Transformation Boosts Business

Stuart Read, IMD.; Saras Sarasvathy, University of Virginia; Nick Dew, Naval Postgraduate School; Robert Wiltbank, Willamette University; and AnneValérie Ohlsson is an independent writer, researcher, and creator.

Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, founded in 1967, is one of the world’s leading strategy consultancies. Green business is here. It is a multi billion business with enormous growth potential, driven by megatrends such as demographic change, climate change and urbanization. It is driving the transformation of existing businesses and changing the way customers and suppliers act, forcing them to rethink their business strategy. $59.95 Hb, ISBN 9780230285439, NZRP$83.00 Publish January 2011, 256 pages Palgrave Macmillan Business & Economics

9 780230 285439


When you start a new venture - for profit or not, individually or within existing organizations - you are not only trying to make a good living, you are engaged in expanding the horizon of valuable new economic opportunities. This book is designed to help you do that start to finish. And, in form and content, the book embodies the expert entrepreneurs’ logic - bold, systematic, pragmatic, and at all times full of energy, mischief and fun. $99.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415586443, NZRP$128.00 Publish January 2011, 288 pages Routledge Business & Economics

Global Action Networks

Integrated Communications Planning in the Digital Era

Steve Waddell is an educator, consultant, researcher, and network founder.


9 780230 285484

Developing Innovative Organizations

Investment Beliefs

A Roadmap to Boost Your Innovation Potential

Kees Koedijk and Alfred Slager, both Tilburg University, the Netherlands. Having the right investment beliefs and putting them into practice is key to delivering the right results. Decision makers in the investment industry should worry less about the stocks and products they pick for their clients and more about getting the big picture right; developing investment beliefs are instrumental in making the right choices. $59.95 Hb, ISBN 9780230284937, NZRP$83.00 Publish January 2011, 208 pages Palgrave Macmillan Business & Economics

Benoît Gailly, Louvain School of Management. Combining insights from leading academic research and experienced managers, this book provides a systematic framework to understand what innovation is, why it matters, how it can be managed and how it can help your organization to reach its objectives. $59.95 Hb, ISBN 9780230289420, NZRP$83.00 Publish January 2011, 256 pages Palgrave Macmillan Business & Economics


9 780230 284937 January titles



M anagement



The world’s governments are overwhelmed with climate change, war and unrest, the global financial crisis and poverty but there is a promising invention in Global Action Networks (GANs). GANs mobilize resources, bridge divides and promote the long-term deep change and innovation work that is needed to address the global challenges. $59.95 Hb, ISBN 9780230285484, NZRP$83.00 Publish January 2011, 256 pages Palgrave Macmillan Business & Economics

B occoni

Brand Media Strategy

Today’s sophisticated media landscape offers more tools and platforms, for the savvy marketer than ever before. Media & brand expert Antony Young explores how today’s most innovative marketers are meeting the challenge by employing the latest media tools in ways never before seen to grow their brands, and getting unprecedented results. $44.95 Hb, ISBN 9780230104747, NZRP$58.00 Publish January 2011, 256 pages Palgrave Macmillan Business & Economics

9 780230 289420


9 780415 586443

Antony Young, CEO of Optimedia International Inc.

9 780230 104747


9 780230 110625

Business & Economics The Startup Game

Developing Family Business Policies

Inside the Partnership between Venture Capitalists and Entrepreneurs

Your Guide to the Future Craig E. Aronoff, Joseph H. Astrachan, and John L. Ward, all The Family Business Consulting Group, Inc.

William H. Draper III, founder of Sutter Hill Ventures, Palo Alto, California.

9 780230 104860

The Startup Game by venture capitalist Bill Draper is the first up-close look at how the relationship between venture capitalists and entrepreneurs is critical to the future of business. zFrom the VC who saw the value in Skype, Zappos, and many other companies, comes firsthand stories of success. Written in an engaging narrative, and incorporating the author’s own personal experience as well as other successful entrepreneurs, this book provides a much needed look at how the world of venture capital and entrepreneurship work. $45.00 Hb, ISBN 9780230104860, NZRP$56.00 Publish January 2011, 272 pages Palgrave Macmillan Quantity Business & Economics

Developing policies to guide decision making can help the family business avoid serious problems. When everyone in the family understands the basis for decision making there is very little room for feeling slighted-- yet few businesses take the time to work together to develp their policies. The authors provide a step-by-step process for engaing family members in developing policies which cover issues such as: dealing with conflicts of interest; retirement timing; distribution of profits; loan programs; compensation and succession. $34.95 Pb, ISBN 9780230111097, NZRP$46.00 Publish January 2011, 120 pages Palgrave Macmillan Business & Economics

9 780230 111097

The Superpromoter

Effective Leadership in the Family Business

The Power of Enthusiasm

Craig E. Aronoff and Otis W. Baskin, both The Family Business Consulting Group, Inc.

Rijn Vogelaar is CEO of Blauw Research.


F amily B usiness S eries

9 780230 111172

Healthy Growth for the Family Business

Family Business Governance

Jennifer M. Pendergast, The Family Business Consulting Group, Inc.

Craig E. Aronoff and John L. Ward, both The Family Business Consulting Group Inc.

Healthy growth is critical to the future of any business - too many rash decisions can lead to the demise of a family business. Author Jennifer Pendergast provides readers with practical knowledge to help determine whether to grow, what type of growth is healthy and sustainable and what the future potential is for any business. $34.95 Pb, ISBN 9780230111240, NZRP$49.95 Publish January 2011, 100 pages Palgrave Macmillan Business & Economics

Strong family governance can create an environment of smooth decision making, cohesiveness, effective conflict resolution and a directive that moves the business forward. Authors Aronoff and Ward show leaders why a strong governance is critical to taking families from one generation of success to the next. $34.95 Pb, ISBN 9780230111066, NZRP$46.00 Publish January 2011, 100 pages Palgrave Macmillan Business & Economics

Maximizing Family and Business Potential


9 780230 111240

9 780230 111066


A Woman’s Place

Family Business Succession

The Crucial Roles of Women in Family Business

The Final Test of Greatness Craig E. Aronoff, Stephen L. McClure and John L. Ward, all The Family Business Consulting Group Inc.

Ann Dugan, Sharon P. Krone, Kelly LeCouvie, Jennifer M. Pendergast, Denise H. Kenyon-Rouvinez and Amy M. Schuman, all The Family Business Consulting Group, Inc.

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Identifying and developing leaders in a family business can be more difficult than traditional business. How do you develop each child differently, how do you lead your sibling-- who in fact may be older than you? Balancing the diverse demands of your business, your family, and your shareholders means taking extra effort. Here authors Aronoff and Ward discuss the different styles of leadership and what style might work with what family member-including the Directing Leader; the Coaching Leader; the Counseling Leader; and the Delegating Leader. $34.95 Pb, ISBN 9780230111172, NZRP$46.00 Publish January 2011, 100 pages Palgrave Macmillan Quantity Business & Economics

From the head of the firm to the quiet yet powerful role of “influencer without authority”, women are increasingly active in all parts of today’s business. This book looks at how to encourage and support women family members, to the the challenges women face in finding the right balance between work and life, to the role spouses play in couples that work together. It is filled with stories and interviews from women working in a family firm. $77.00 Hb, ISBN 9780230111226, NZRP$96.00 Publish January 2011, 224 pages Palgrave Macmillan Quantity Business & Economics

Preparing to pass the family business on to the next generation is perhaps the roughest and most critical challenge facing business owners. Yet most businesses don’t realize that succession is a lifelong process of planning and management. Leaders will learn how to create a succession plan; how to develop opportunities for succession candidates; how to build consensus with the family and leaders on succession plans; and when and how to let go of their own role in the business. $34.95 Pb, ISBN 9780230111004, NZRP$46.00 Publish January 2011, 100 pages Palgrave Macmillan Business & Economics

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F amily B usiness L eadership S eries

With their word-of mouth advocacy of products or brands, superpromoters influence us and how we buy with the power of enthusiasm. Business managers should not just focus on complaining customers but they should value their enthusiastic friends: the superpromoters. By cultivating the superpromter they can more effectiviely promote their brand. $59.95 Hb, ISBN 9780230285095, NZRP$83.00 Publish January 2011, 208 pages Palgrave Macmillan Business & Economics

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Business & Economics The Family Constitution

Preparing Successors for Leadership

Agreements to Secure and Perpetuate Your Family and Your Business

Another Kind of Hero Craig E. Aronoff, Kennesaw State University, USA, and John L. Ward, Kellogg School of Management, USA.

Daniela Montemerlo, Bocconi University, Italy, and John L. Ward, Kellogg School of Management, USA.

The founders of the family business must impart their vision and leadership to succeeding generations. Preparing those generations for leadership is challenging and encompasses a lifetime, but it is critical to the continuity and revitalization of the business. Aronoff and Ward’s strategy for a smooth transition prepares successors for their role in the future of the firm. $34.95 Pb, ISBN 9780230110991, NZRP$46.00 Publish January 2011, 100 pages Palgrave Macmillan Business & Economics

Financing Transitions

Preparing Your Family Business for Strategic Change

Managing Capital and Liquidity in the Family Business

Craig E. Aronoff and John L. Ward, both The Family Business Consulting Group Inc.

F amily B usiness L eadership S eries

Francois M. de Visscher, de Visscher & Co.; Craig E. Aronoff and John L. Ward, both The Family Business Consulting Group Inc. This book establishes the principles and patterns necessary to laying the foundation for capital and liquidity planning. Through an in-depth examination of financial situations, it leads family businesses to making wise, well-timed choices about the future of the business and the family. $34.95 Pb, ISBN 9780230111059, NZRP$46.00 Publish January 2011, 120 pages Palgrave Macmillan Business & Economics


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The family is key to the family business and thus key to the strategic plan for that business. It is important to incorporate family factors such as goals, needs, and relationships in order to build the strength of the firm. In addition, today’s complex world requires a flexible strategic path. The next generation of leaders will be required to develop new strategies as quickly as every few years to account for the enormous rapidity of technology development. Redefining the business has become an important step in the process that ensures not only strategic survival of the business but the committment of the family. $34.95 Pb, ISBN 9780230111073, NZRP$46.00 Publish January 2011, 100 pages Palgrave Macmillan Quantity Business & Economics

Make Change Your Family Business Tradition

Working for a Family Business

Craig E. Aronoff and John L. Ward, both The Family Business Consulting Group Inc.

Christopher J. Eckrich and Stephen L. McClure, both The Family Business Consulting Group, Inc.

Family businesses that expect to endure over a long period of time must learn to respond and adapt to a rapidly changing environment. But more so, they must take initiative and make change while preserving the success of the past. The authors provide a new appreciation for the importance of change and the tools necesary to incorporate change as a company tradition. $34.95 Pb, ISBN 9780230111127, NZRP$46.00 Publish January 2011, 100 pages Palgrave Macmillan Business & Economics

Eckrich and McClure provide a greater understanding of what a family business really is and how they differ from other companies and work environments. Designed to provide insight into the family and its behavior and to integrate the non-family employee into its unique structure. With tips on how to best serve the family business in order to secure not only your own success but the success of the family as well, this book will make you an indispensable family business partner. $34.95 Pb, ISBN 9780230111141, NZRP$46.00 Publish January 2011, 100 pages Palgrave Macmillan Business & Economics

A Non-Family Employee’s Guide to Success


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More Than Family

Money Makers

Non-Family Executives in the Family Business

Inside the New World of Finance and Business

Craig E. Aronoff and John L. Ward, both The Family Business Consulting Group Inc.

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Hiring and working with non-family managers can present challenges to the family business. Developing trusting relationship with people from outside the family and sharing secretive information are some of the difficulties expanding companies can face. However, it is essential to create an environment in which non-family managers can suceed for the good of the business and the good of the family. This book explores the processes of hiring, managing, and retaining talented outside executives. $34.95 Pb, ISBN 9780230111110, NZRP$46.00 Publish January 2011, 100 pages Palgrave Macmillan Quantity Business & Economics

David Snider, Bain & Company, and Chris Howard, University of Oklahoma.

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Money Makers reveals the selective and secretive industries of the private sector that drive the modern economy from the perspective of leaders in each field. Throughout the book, David Snider and Dr. Chris Howard rely on insights gleaned from interviews with top executives in six industries: private equity, hedge funds, management consulting, investment banking, management of Fortune 500 companies, and venture capital. Money Makers is an accessible guide for those looking to make sense of the financial world. $45.00 Hb, ISBN 9780230614017, NZRP$56.00 Published February 2010, 256 pages Palgrave Macmillan Quantity Business & Economics

F amily B usiness L eadership S eries

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The family agreement is becoming a prime objective to a successful family business. Designed for families planning to draft such an agreement, families deciding whether or not to begin the process, and those that have already established a family agreement, this book illustrates the fundamental components and their importance to the success of the family business. A family agreement or constitution is the expression of purpose for the continuity of the business and the process of creating one is just as important. $34.95 Pb, ISBN 9780230111165, NZRP$46.00 Publish January 2011, 120 pages Palgrave Macmillan Quantity Business & Economics

BFI S creen G uides

The Arts

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100 Animated Feature Films

Cross-Cultural Issues in Art

Andrew Osmond is a freelance journalist, specialising in animation, film and fantasy media.

Frames for Understanding

Andrew Osmond provides an entertaining and illuminating guide to the endlessly diverse styles, cultures, and visions of the genre, with entries on 100 of the most interesting and important animated films from around the world, from the 1920s to the present day. There are entries on Dreamworks’ Shrek, Pixar’s Toy Story, and Disney’s Jungle Book, but also pieces on Germany’s silhouette-based The Adventures of Prince Achmed, the oldest surviving animated feature; on the thirty year production of Richard Williams’ legendary opus, The Thief and the Cobbler; and on the lost work of Argentina’s Quinto Cristiani, who reputedly made the first animated feature in 1917. $54.95 Hb, ISBN 9781844573400, NZRP$64.00 Publish January 2011, 256 pages Palgrave Macmillan Quantity The Arts

Steven M. Leuthold, Northern Michigan University.

9 780415 578004

American History Goes to the Movies

Eisenstein on the Audiovisual Robert Robertson is a composer and filmmaker.

W. Bryan Rommel Ruiz, The Colorado College, Colorado Springs, USA.

9 781595 585462

What should movies teach us about American history? A lesson about pristine American exceptionalism or a history that includes the tragedies as well as the triumphs that define the American experience? American History Goes to the Movies explores both of these questions to find the meaning of the American experience through the films that represent this history to a general audience such as JFK, The Exorcist, The Last of the Mohicans, The Crucible, Glory, and many more. $46.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415802208, NZRP$58.00 Publish January 2011, 320 pages Routledge Quantity The Arts

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A Bomb in Every Issue


How the Short, Unruly Life of Ramparts Magazine Changed America

Music Non-Stop

Peter Richardson, San Francisco State University.

Sean Albiez, Southampton Solent University, and David Pattie, University of Chester.

A Bomb in Every Issue uncovers the largely untold story of Ramparts magazine, the spectacular San Francisco muckraker that captured the zeitgeist of the ‘60s and repeatedly scooped the New York Times, changing American journalism forever. Ramparts‘ list of contributors - including Noam Chomsky, César Chávez, Seymour Hersh, Angela Davis, and Susan Sontag - formed a who’s who of the American left. Although Ramparts folded for good in 1975, former staffers founded Rolling Stone and Mother Jones and include some of the most illustrious names in journalis, and it remains an inspiration to investigative journalists today. $29.95 Pb, ISBN 9781595585462, NZRP$36.00 Publish January 2011, 256 pages The New Press Quantity The Arts

When they were creating and releasing their most influential albums in the mid to late 1970s, Kraftwerk were far from the musical mainstream and yet it is impossible now to imagine the history of popular music without them. Today, Kraftwerk are considered to be an essential part of pop’s DNA, alongside artists like the Beatles, the Velvet Underground, and Little Richard. This collection of original essays looks at Kraftwerk from a variety of angles, and demonstrates persuasively and coherently that however you choose to define their art, it’s impossible to underestimate the ways in which it predicted and shaped the future. $39.95 Pb, ISBN 9781441191366, NZRP$48.00 Publish January 2011, 256 pages Continuum Quantity The Arts

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Cathy Come Home

Medieval and Early Modern Film and Media

BFI TV C lassics

Stephen Lacey, University of Glamorgan, UK.

9 781844 573165

The pioneering film director and theorist Sergei Eisenstein is known for the unequalled impact his films have had on the development of cinema. Less is known about his remarkable and extensive writings, which present a continent of ideas about film. Robert Robertson presents a lucid and engaging introduction to a key area of Eisenstein’s thought: his ideas about the audiovisual in cinema, which are more pertinent today than ever before. Eisenstein on the Audiovisual is essential reading for students and practitioners of the audiovisual in cinema and related audiovisual forms, including theatre, opera, dance and multimedia. $49.95 Pb, ISBN 9781848857315, NZRP$58.00 Publish January 2011, 256 pages I.B.Tauris Publishers Quantity The Arts

Stephen Lacey’s study is the first book-length account of Cathy Come Home and offers a close textual reading with attention given to its main themes and storytelling techniques. He analyses the film and its production history, outlining how it came to the screen and placing it in its social and cultural context, and provides a detailed analysis of its media reception to chart how it became a national phenomenon. Lacey also provides a detailed analysis of the ways in which Cathy draws on a range of filmic and dramatic traditions, including the French New Wave and contemporary documentary and current affairs, and explores the anti-rhetorical style of ‘non-acting’ that has often come to be associated with Loach’s work. $29.95 Pb, ISBN 9781844573165, NZRP$38.00 Publish January 2011, 144 pages Palgrave Macmillan Quantity The Arts

Richard Burt, University of Florida.

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This book contextualizes historical films in an innovative way - not only relating them to the history of cinema, but also to premodern and early modern media. This philological approach to the (pre)history of cinema engages both old media such as scrolls, illuminated manuscripts, the Bayeux Tapestry, and new digital media such as DVDs, HD DVDs, and computers. Burt examines the uncanny repetitions that now fragment films into successively released alternate cuts and extras (footnote tracks, audiocommentaries, and documentaries) that (re)structure and reframe historical films, thereby presenting new challenges to historicist criticism and film theory. $45.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230105607, NZRP$56.00 Publish January 2011, 304 pages Palgrave Macmillan Quantity The Arts

KINO: T he R ussian C inema S eries

The Montage of Music, Image and Sound in Cinema

Hollywood and the American Experience

9 780415 802208

Cross-Cultural Issues in Art provides an engaging introduction to aesthetic concepts, expanding the discussion beyond the usual Western theorists and Western examples. Steven Leuthold discusses both contemporary and historical issues and examples, incorporating a range of detailed case studies from African, Asian, European, Latin American, Middle Eastern and Native American art. CrossCultural Issues in Art draws upon ideas and case studies from cultural and critical studies, art history, ethno-aesthetics and area studies, visual anthropology, and philosophy, and will be useful for undergraduate and postgraduate courses in these fields. $62.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415578004, NZRP$80.00 Publish January 2011, 320 pages Routledge Quantity The Arts

The Arts Westerns

RJ Wheaton is Senior Producer for

John White, Anglia Ruskin University.

An album which distilled a genre from the musical, cultural, and social ether, Portishead’s Dummy was such a complete artistic achievement that its ubiquitous successes threatened to exhaust its own potential. RJ Wheaton offers an impressionistic investigation of Dummy that imitates the cumulative structure of the album itself, piecing together portraits and interviews, impressions of time and place, cultural criticism, and a thorough exploration of the music itself. The approach focuses as much on the reception and response that Dummy engendered as it does on the original production of the album. $19.95 Pb, ISBN 9781441194497, NZRP$29.00 Publish January 2011, 144 pages Continuum The Arts

It is a common assertion that the history of America is written in its Westerns, but how true is this? In this guidebook John White discusses the evolution of the Western through history and looks at theoretical and critical approaches to Westerns such as genre analysis, semiotics, representation, ideology, discourse analysis, narrative, realism, auteur and star theory, psychoanalytical theory, postmodernism and audience response. Including a chronology of significant events for the Western genre, a glossary and further reading, this introduction to an important genre in film studies is a great guide for students. $44.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415558136, NZRP$54.00 Publish January 2011, 224 pages Routledge The Arts


33 1/3

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9 780826 423436

Radiohead’s Kid A

Women, Music, Culture

Marvin Lin started, and is editor-in-chief, of the acclaimed online music magazine Tiny Mix Tapes.

An Introduction

Radiohead’s Kid A never had a chance on paper. Not only did the band have the unenviable task of following up the near-universally lauded OK Computer, but Kid A didn’t even have an official single or video. Neither did it help that the band largely abandoned rock-pop conventions for a sound that traversed glitch, free-jazz, modern composition, and krautrock. Rather than simply reinforcing Kid A’s canonical status, Marvin Lin situates the album in the temporal, examining it from various philosophical and cultural interpretations of time in order to arrive at its political and social stakes. $19.95 Pb, ISBN 9780826423436, NZRP$29.00 Publish January 2011, 144 pages Continuum The Arts Quantity

This is a book on the history and contribution of women in a variety of different musical genres and professions. Clear writing, compelling narrative, and more than fifty guided listening examples bring the world of women in music to life. It includes a wide array of pedagogical aids, including an abundance of photographs, a comprehensive companion website, critical thinking exercises, as well as a running glossary that reinforces key figures and terms. Covering important figures in art music and popular music, it examines a community of women involved in the world of music, including producers, consumers, performers, technicians, mothers, educators and listeners. $89.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415875639, NZRP$130.00 Publish January 2011, 336 pages Routledge Quantity The Arts

Julie Dunbar, Edgewood College, USA.

9 780415 875639


Slint’s Spiderland

Konstantin Stanislavsky was the co-founder (with Nemirovich-Danchenko) of the Moscow Art Theatre, which took the international theatre world by storm.

Of all the seminal albums to come out in 1991 the year of Nevermind, Loveless, Ten, and Out of Time, among others - none were quieter, both in volume and influence, than Spiderland, and no band more mysterious than Slint. Few single albums can lay claim to sparking an entire genre, but Spiderland - all six songs of it - laid the foundation for post rock in the 1990s. Yet for so much obvious influence, both the band and the album remain something of a puzzle. This thoroughly researched book is the first substantive attempt to break through some of the mystery surrounding Spiderland and the band that made it. $19.95 Pb, ISBN 9781441170262, NZRP$29.00 Publish January 2011, 144 pages Continuum The Arts Quantity

C ontinuum R enaissance D rama

9 781441 170262


An Actor's Work on a Role

Scott Tennent, Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

An Actor’s Work on a Role is Konstantin Stanislavsky’s classic exploration of the rehearsal process, applying the techniques of his seminal actor training system to the task of bringing life and truth to one’s role. This new translation from renowned writer and critic Jean Benedetti not only includes Stanislavski’s original teachings, but is also furnished with invaluable supplementary material in the shape of transcripts and notes from the rehearsals themselves, reconfirming The System as the cornerstone of actor training. $52.00 Hb, ISBN 9780415461290, NZRP$64.00 Published December 2009, 272 pages Routledge The Arts Quantity

9 780415 461290


My Life in Art

A Critical Guide

Konstantin Stanislavski; translated by Jean Benedetti.

Matthew Steggle, Sheffield Hallam University, UK.

9 780826 411532


9 780415 558136

As perhaps the best-known and most-studied work in the canon of Shakespeare’s leading contemporary rival, Ben Jonson’s Volpone (1606) is a particularly important play for thinking about early modern drama as a whole. This guide offers students an introduction to its critical and performance history, including recent versions on stage and screen. It includes a keynote chapter outlining major areas of current research on the play and four new critical essays presenting contrasting critical approaches focusing on literary intertextuality; performance studies; political history; and broader social history. $45.00 Pb, ISBN 9780826411532, NZRP$54.00 Publish January 2011, 224 pages Continuum Quantity The Arts

9 780415 436571

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Before writing his classic manual on acting, Stanislavski began writing an autobiography that he hoped would both chronicle his rich and tumultuous life and serve as a justification of his aesthetic philosophy. But when the project grew to 'impossible' lengths, his publisher insisted on many cuts and changes to keep it to its deadline and to a manageable length. The result was a version published in English in 1924, which Stanislavski hated and completely revised for a Soviet edition that came out in 1926. Now, for the first time, translator Jean Benedetti brings us Stanislavski's complete unabridged autobiography as the author himself wanted it. $65.00 Hb, ISBN 9780415436571, NZRP$74.95 Published February 2008, 464 pages Routledge Quantity The Arts

R outledge F ilm G uidebooks

Portishead’s Dummy

Can Schools Save Indigenous Languages?

The Routledge Concise History of Nineteenth Century Literature

Policy and Practice on Four Continents

Josephine M. Guy, University of Nottingham, and Ian Small, University of Birmingham.

Nancy H. Hornberger, University of Pennsylvania. This book offers a close look at cases of indigenous language revitalization on four continents: Maori in Aotearoa, New Zealand, Sámi in the Nordic countries, Hñähñö in Mexico, and Indigenous languages in Latin America. Contributions by experts from each case are in turn discussed in international perspective by four counterpart experts. Starting from the premise that Indigenous language revitalization is worth doing, the focus here is on how to do it, and in particular, the role of schools in that endeavour. $52.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230285002, NZRP$64.00 Publish January 2011, 200 pages Palgrave Macmillan Literature Quantity

R outledge G uides L iterature

9 780415 487115

Gerard Manley Hopkins


Angus Easson, University of Salford, UK.

A Comprehensive Grammar, Second Edition

Gerard Manley Hopkins was among the most innovative writers of the Victorian period. Experimental and idiosyncratic, his work remains important for any student of nineteenth-century literature and culture. This volume is essential reading for all those beginning detailed study of Hopkins’ work and seeking not only a guide to the poems, but a way through the wealth of contextual and critical material that surrounds them. $39.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415273244, NZRP$48.00 Publish January 2011, 176 pages Routledge Literature

Stephen Matthews, University of Hong Kong, and Virginia Yip, Chinese University of Hong Kong.


9 780415 273244

Cantonese: A Comprehensive Grammar is a complete reference guide to Cantonese as spoken by native speakers in Hong Kong. It presents a fresh and accessible description of the language, concentrating on the real patterns of use in current Cantonese. This makes it the ideal reference source for all learners and users of Cantonese, irrespective of level, in schools, colleges, universities and adult classes of all types. Moreover, it will provide a lasting and reliable resource for all fluent speakers of the language. $98.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415471312, NZRP$128.00 Publish January 2011, 576 pages Routledge Language

Research Methods

Pb, 9780415559478 Quantity $39.95, NZRP$54.00

The Basics

T he B asics

Research Methods: The Basics is an accessible, user-friendly introduction to the different aspects of research theory, methods and practice. It is structured in two parts, the first covering the nature of knowledge and the reasons for research, and the second the specific methods used to carry out effective research. Complete with a glossary of key terms and guides to further reading, this book is an essential text for anyone coming to research for the first time, and is widely relevant across the social sciences and humanities. $29.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415489942, NZRP$38.00 Publish January 2011, 208 pages Routledge Literature Quantity

9 780415 559478

B. W. Wazur, Retired; formerly at SSEES, University of London

Roland Barthes

Modern Russian Grammar Workbook

Martin McQuillan, Kingston University, UK.

John Dunn, and Shamil Khairov, both University of Glasgow.


Modern Russian Grammar Workbook is an innovative book of exercises and language tasks for all learners of Russian. The book is divided into two parts. Section 1 provides exercises based on essential grammatical structures. Section 2 practises everyday functions such as making introductions, apologizing and expressing needs. A comprehensive answer key at the back of the book enables students to check on their progress. The Modern Russian Grammar Workbook is ideal for all learners of Russian, from beginner to intermediate and advanced students. $62.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415425544, NZRP$77.00 Publish January 2011, 234 pages Routledge Language

9 780415 425544 January titles



M odern G rammar W orkbooks

T ransitions

The Complete Course for Beginners, Third Edition

Specially written by an experienced teacher for self-study or class use, this course offers you a CD, 9780415581998 Quantity step-by-step approach to written and spoken $39.95, NZRP$52.00 Polish. No prior knowledge of the language is required. Whether you’re a business traveller, or about to take up a daring challenge in adventure tourism; you may be studying to teach or even 9 7 8 0 4 1 5 5 8 1 9 9 8 looking forward to a holiday - if you’d like to get up and running with Polish, this rewarding course will Pack, 9780415581981 Quantity take you from complete beginner to confidently putting your language skills to use in a wide range $69.95, NZRP$88.00 of everyday situations. $69.95 Pack, ISBN 9780415581981, NZRP$88.00 Publish January 2011, 370 pages Routledge 9 780415 581981 Language

Roland Barthes was one of the most influential thinkers of the twentieth century, but why should the reader of today, or tomorrow, be concerned with him? Martin McQuillan provides a fresh perspective on Barthes, addressing his political and institutional inheritance and considering his work as the origins of a critical cultural studies. Thought-provoking and insightful, Roland Barthes is essential reading for anyone who is interested in the writings of this key theorist and his continuing relevance in our post-9/11 world. $55.00 Pb, ISBN 9780333914588, NZRP$67.00 Publish January 2011, 224 pages Palgrave Macmillan Literature

9 780333 914588

Colloquial Polish

C olloquial S eries

Nicholas Walliman, Oxford Brookes University, UK.

9 780415 489942


9 780415 471312

C omprehensive G rammars


9 780230 285002

Nineteenth-century Britain saw the rise of secularism, the development of a modern capitalist economy, multi-party democracy, and an explosive growth in technological, scientific and medical knowledge. It also witnessed the emergence of a mass literary culture which changed permanently the relationships between writers, readers and publishers. In their lucid and accessible manner, Josephine M. Guy and Ian Small provide readers with an understanding of the complexity and variety of nineteenth-century literary culture, as well as the historical conditions which produced it. $39.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415487115, NZRP$51.00 Publish January 2011, 256 pages Routledge Quantity Literature

R outledge C oncise H istories of L iterature

S tudies in M inority L anguages and C ommunities

Literature & Language

Health & Lifestyle Dropping the Baby and Other Scary Thoughts

Family Education for BusinessOwning Families

Breaking the Cycle of Unwanted Thoughts in Motherhood

Strengthening Bonds by Learning Together Amy M. Schuman and John L. Ward, both The Family Business Consulting Group Inc.

Karen Kleiman, The Postpartum Stress Center, and Amy Wenzel, the Hope & Resiliency Clinic.

Family education is a both a learning and teambuilding process. This book guides owners through the education process - from determining when to bring your family into the business, and how to train them, to what they could and should do outside the firm first - so they can bring outside experience into the family firm. $34.95 Pb, ISBN 9780230111196, NZRP$46.00 Publish January 2011, 100 pages Palgrave Macmillan Health & Lifestyle

The Family ADHD Solution

Family Meetings

A Scientific Approach to Maximising Your Child’s Attention and Minimising Parental Stress

How to Build a Stronger Family and a Stronger Business Craig E. Aronoff and John L. Ward, both The Family Business Consulting Group Inc.

Dr Mark Bertin, Westchester Institute. In the United States alone nearly 4.5 million children suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, and the number is steadily increasing. For the families of these children, the stress can be overwhelming, often resulting in anxiety, depression, and divorce. Developmental pediatrician Mark Bertin addresses the overlooked problems at the core of the family unit, and guides parents on ways to create a calmer, saner, more productive environment for their child with ADHD to thrive in. $24.95 Pb, ISBN 9780230105058, NZRP$34.00 Publish January 2011, 240 pages Palgrave Macmillan Health & Lifestyle Quantity

R outledge S eries for C reative T eaching and L earning in A nthropology

9 780230 105058

9 780415 806572

9 780415 601726

Regular meetings help build a strong family. And a strong family has a much better chance at long term success. In Family Meetings, authors Aronoff and Ward show that holding regular meetings is one of most important ways of ensuring less conflict and more collaboration. $34.95 Pb, ISBN 9780230111011, NZRP$46.00 Publish January 2011, 100 pages Palgrave Macmillan Health & Lifestyle


9 780230 111011

Re-imagining Milk

Making Sibling Teams Work

Andrea S. Wiley, Indiana University, Bloomington.

The Next Generation

Re-imagining Milk demonstrates how a particular commodity can be used to illustrate ethnocentric beliefs about the universal goodness of milk; biological variation in human populations; political and economic processes that inform dietary policies, nutrition education, and current trends in globalization; the utility of a biocultural approach to the study of food; the cultural construction of a commodity that is consumed by many students on a daily basis, or if not, certainly is one that students “know” they “should” consume daily. $29.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415806572, NZRP$52.00 Publish January 2011, 128 pages Routledge Health & Lifestyle

Craig E. Aronoff, Joseph H. Astrachan, Drews S. Mendoza and John L. Ward, all The Family Business Consulting Group Inc.


Through pages filled with wisdom, tips, guidelines and experiences, the authors seek to navigate brothers and sisters who work in the family business or who are active owners through the challenges and opportunities and to retain the integrity of the family while serving the business. $34.95 Pb, ISBN 9780230111080, NZRP$46.00 Publish January 2011, 100 pages Palgrave Macmillan Health & Lifestyle

9 780230 111080


Tackling Depression at Work

Sharing Wisdom, Building Values

A Practical Guide for Employees and Managers

Letters from Family Business Owners to Their Successors

Kerrie Eyers and Gordon Parker, both Black Dog Institute, Sydney, Australia.

Denise Kenyon-Rouvinez, The Family Business Consulting Group; Gordon Adler, IMD Business School; Guido Corbetta, Bocconi University, Italy; and Gianfillippo Cuneo, Founder of Bain & Co., Italy.

Figures suggest that more than ten per cent of people in the workforce struggle with depression. Both employees and their managers are looking for the same outcome: recovery and return to best functioning. Tackling Depression at Work explains the key issues that arise and offers proven strategies that employees and managers can use. With insightful advice from workers who have learned to manage their disorder on the job, this book offers invaluable support for any worker with depression. $24.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415601726, NZRP$32.00 Publish January 2011, 208 pages Routledge Quantity Health & Lifestyle

9 780230 111202

January titles


A collection of personal family letters written from great entreprenuers to their family members about business, success and life. Fritz Henkel; Samuel C. Johnson and Robert Pasin are some of the founders included who offer advice and insights on topics such as sibling rivalry, succession, working through difficult times and social responsibility. These letter serve as a window to the past and can help families build upon the future. $34.95 Pb, ISBN 9780230111202, NZRP$49.95 Publish January 2011, 224 pages Palgrave Macmillan Quantity Health & Lifestyle

F amily B usiness S eries

Australian Authors


9 780230 111196

F amily B usiness L eadership S eries

9 780415 877008

This book addresses the nature of the intrusive, negative, and anxious thoughts pregnant and postpartum women can experience. It provides answers to the women who seek information, clarification, and validation and is a useful resource for healthcare professionals who work with them. It is a resource for consumers and clinicians who must confront these negative cognitions by outlining what these thoughts are, why they are there, and what can be done about them. $39.95 Hb, ISBN 9780415877008, NZRP$49.95 Publish January 2011, 264 pages Routledge Quantity Health & Lifestyle

Palgrave Macmillan Australia January 2011 Trade Kit  

Palgrave Macmillan Australia January 2011 Trade Kit

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