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Assessing Children’s Learning

Challenging the Role of the Teaching Assistant

Mary Jane Drummond, University of Cambridge, UK. Now featuring a brand new foreword by Sue Swaffield, this classic text, Assessing Children’s Learning, examines some of the vital questions that teachers and other educators ask themselves as they assess children’s learning across the curriculum. The author sets out to offer an alternative to objective, mechanical approaches to assessment; she defines assessment as a process in which teachers look at children’s learning, strive to understand it, and then put their understanding to good use in the classroom where children are given both trust and freedom to learn. $53.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415686730, NZRP$67.00 Publish December 2011, 224 pages Routledge Education Quantity

9 780415 686730

9 780415 562768

Reassessing Practice and Questioning Policy Peter Blatchford, Dr Anthony Russell and Rob Webster, all University of London, UK. This key and timely text examines the impact of TAs on pupils’ learning and behaviour, and on teachers and teaching. The authors present the provocative findings from the ground-breaking and seminal Deployment and Impact of Support Staff (DISS) project. This was the largest, most in-depth study ever to be carried out in this field. This book reveals the extent to which the pupils in most need are let down by current classroom practice. $49.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415687645, NZRP$64.00 Publish December 2011, 176 pages Routledge Education

9 780415 687645

Assessing Learning in the Primary Classroom

Children as Decision Makers in Education

A Resource for Primary Teachers

Sharing Experiences Across Cultures

Sandra Johnson is an independent assessment consultant.

Sue Cox and Anna Robinson-Pant, both University of East Anglia, UK; Caroline Dyer, University of Leeds, UK; and Michele Schweisfurth, University of Birmingham, UK.

Why is assessment so important in the teachinglearning process? How should we assess pupils in the primary classroom? Assessing Learning in the Primary School is an accessible introduction to the concepts critical to a professional understanding of this vital aspect of a teacher’s role. It comprehensively considers the principles underpinning effective assessment, the different forms it can take and the different purposes it serves, both within and beyond the classroom. $49.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415562768, NZRP$64.00 Publish December 2011, 184 pages Routledge Education Quantity

9 781441 116666

Towards a Theory of Educational Assessment Caroline Gipps, University of Wolverhampton, UK. Originally written to re-conceptualize assessment in education in the 1990s, Beyond Testing has stood the test of time and become a classic text in the field. With its examination of the range of uses of assessment - from teacher assessment and standardized testing to formative assessment and norm-referenced testing - to the purposes of assessment - from accountability to support for teaching and learning - the issues it deals with are as enduring and relevant to education now as they were when it was first published. It offers an unsurpassed framework for educational assessment. $64.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415689564, NZRP$81.00 Publish December 2011, 224 pages Routledge Education Quantity

Children as Decision Makers in Education looks at how children can actively participate in decisionmaking. It builds upon previous research into student voice and decision-making, citizenship education in the school curriculum and work with children as researchers. This insightful collection is forward-looking, bringing together cross-cultural experiences and supporting individuals or groups to work collaboratively in the future. $58.00 Pb, ISBN 9781441116666, NZRP$72.00 Publish December 2011, 192 pages Continuum Quantity Education

Cross-Curricular Teaching and Learning in the Secondary School... Humanities

Beyond Testing

9 780415 689564


History, Geography, Religious Studies and Citizenship Richard Harris, University of Reading, UK; Simon Harrison, Swanmore College of Technology, UK; and Richard McFahn.

9 780415 561891 1

December titles

Drawing on case studies taken from a range of innovative secondary schools, and interrogating the use of cross-curricular approaches in UK schools, this book constructs a research based pedagogy with practical steps for students and teachers as they consider how cross-curricular approaches can be implemented in their own subject areas. $49.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415561891, NZRP$64.00 Publish December 2011, 184 pages Routledge Quantity Education

Professional Titles

9 780415 675574

Foundations of Primary Teaching

Inspired Drama Teaching

Fifth Edition

A Practical Guide for Teachers

Denis Hayes is an education writer and speaker, UK.

Keith West has taught English and drama for over 30 years.

Now in its fifth edition, Foundations of Primary Teaching will be an essential resource for any trainee or practicing primary teacher. Written in a friendly and accessible manner, this book has been updated in line with the new curriculum and provides a comprehensive introduction to all aspects of teaching within the primary school. It blends theory and practice to foster and develop effective pedagogy and, in so doing, to stimulate your thinking, expand your horizons and motivate you to relish one of the most thrilling, frustrating, exhausting, exciting and important jobs in the world. $57.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415675574, NZRP$72.00 Publish December 2011, 528 pages Routledge Quantity Education

Inspired Drama Teaching is packed full of practical ideas to inspire your students and colleagues about drama. It offers tips and ideas on everything a teacher of secondary drama needs to cover. This book includes a chapter on getting the students to work collaboratively, and one on making use of ICT within drama. There is also a chapter dedicated to embodying drama and dramatic techniques across the curriculum, so you can get your colleagues excited about drama as well. There’s a handy exam specification matrix online too. $39.95 Pb, ISBN 9781441155818, NZRP$49.95 Publish December 2011, 176 pages Continuum Education

Getting the Buggers to Write

An Integrated Play-Based Curriculum for Young Children

Third Edition

Olivia N. Saracho, University of Maryland, USA.

Sue Cowley is an expert on behaviour management, and on creative approaches to teaching and learning.

9 781441 171306

Bestselling author Sue Cowley offers advice on improving skills and confidence, and getting students excited about writing - not just in literacy or English, but across the curriculum. This book is full of engaging and creative approaches for writers at all stages of confidence and competence: from children just starting to write, to experienced learners looking to perfect their own style. On the companion website you’ll find lots of useful extras, including advice about the teacher as writer - how you can use your writing skills beyond the school. $39.95 Pb, ISBN 9781441171306, NZRP$49.95 Publish December 2011, 264 pages Continuum Quantity Education

9 780415 887755

Just Imagine

Exploring Contemporary Issues in Writing for Children

Creative Ideas for Writing, Second Edition James Carter is an educational writer, INSET provider and one of the UK’s leading children’s poets.

Here Comes the Bogeyman is an essential text focussing on critical and contemporary issues surrounding writing for children. Containing a critically creative and a creatively critical investigation of the cult and culture of the child and childhood in fiction and non-fictional writing, it also contains a wealth of ideas and critical advice to be shared with writers, students of children’s writing and students of writing. $39.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415617536, NZRP$49.95 Publish December 2011, 160 pages Routledge Education Quantity

9 780415 607933

Improving the Student Experience

Just Imagine is an exciting, unique and versatile resource that provides teachers with practical and stimulating creative writing activities for fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Taking three different, but interconnected media by which to generate and explore creative writing - ‘Text and Themes’, ‘Images’ and ‘Music’ - the book/CD offers inspiration for a wide range of creative writing workshops. This second edition includes three brand new tracks on the CD as well as many new images, texts and also interview clips with high profile children’s authors. $69.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415607933, NZRP$87.00 Publish December 2011, 128 pages Routledge Quantity Education

Knowledge and Virtue in Teaching and Learning

A Practical Guide for Universities and Colleges

9 780415 598798

An Integrated Play-Based Curriculum for Young Children offers the theoretical framework for understanding the origins of an early childhood play-based curriculum and how young children learn and understand concepts in a social and physical environment. Distinguished author Olivia N. Saracho then explores how play fits into various curriculum areas in order to help teachers develop their early childhood curriculum using developmentally and culturally appropriate practice. Through this integrated approach, young children are able to actively engage in meaningful and functional experiences in their natural context. $64.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415887755, NZRP$81.00 Publish December 2011, 224 pages Routledge Quantity Education

Here Comes the Bogeyman Andrew Melrose, University of Winchester, UK.

9 780415 617536


9 781441 155818

The Primacy of Dispositions

Michelle Morgan, University of Kingston, UK.

Hugh Sockett, George Mason University, USA.

Michelle Morgan describes how her new Student Experience ‘Practitioner Model’ provides an organised and more detailed structure; guiding Practitioners in the identification of what they have to deliver, who they need to deliver it to and when they need to deliver it across her six key stages of the student lifecycle. The Practioner Model offers a new way of thinking in terms of delivering ‘interlinked’ academic, welfare and support activities at the home unit and university level to support the student in their university journey. $62.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415598798, NZRP$78.00 Publish December 2011, 256 pages Routledge Education

The challenge this book addresses is to demonstrate how, in teaching content knowledge, the development of intellectual and moral dispositions as virtues is not merely a good idea, or peripheral to that content, but deeply embedded in the logic of searching for knowledge and truth. It offers a powerful example of how philosophy of education can be brought to bear on real problems of educational research and practice-pointing the reader to re-envision what it means to educate children by developing the person, instead of simply knowledge and skills. $69.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415899987, NZRP$87.00 Publish December 2011, 288 pages Routledge Quantity Education


9 780415 899987 December titles


Professional Titles Language and Minority Rights

Relationships and Sex Education 5-11

Ethnicity, Nationalism and the Politics of Language, Second Edition

Supporting Children’s Development and Well-Being

Stephen May, University of Auckland, New Zealand

New Zealand Author

9 780805 863062

The first edition of Language and Minority Rights is now regarded as a key benchmark in the field of language rights and language policy, drawing together debates on language from widely different academic fields, including the sociology of language, ethnicity and nationalism, sociolinguistics, social and political theory, education, history and law, and illustrating these debates via a wealth of different national contexts and examples. The second edition is a timely and useful revision of its core arguments and examples, addressing new theoretical and empirical developments since its initial publication. $74.00 Pb, ISBN 9780805863062, NZRP$93.00 Publish December 2011, 416 pages Quantity Routledge Education

Sacha Mason, Bishop Grosseteste University College Lincoln, UK, and Richard Woolley, University of Worcester, UK.

9 781441 190291

Learning Gardens and Sustainability Education

School Leadership for Authentic Family and Community Partnerships

Bringing Life to Schools and Schools to Life

Research Perspectives for Transforming Practice

Dilafruz R. Williams, Portland State University, USA, and Jonathan D. Brown.

9 780415 899826

This book goes beyond touting the benefits of learning gardens to survey them as a wholesystems design solution with potential to address myriad interrelated social, ecological, and educational issues. The authors creatively place soil at the center of the discourse on sustainability education and learning gardens design and pedagogy. Examples from urban schools and from students, teachers, and school leaders provide practical understanding of how bringing life to schools can indeed bring schools to life. $53.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415899826, NZRP$67.00 Publish December 2011, 240 pages Routledge Quantity Education

Susan Auerbach, California State University, USA. This book brings together research perspectives that intersect the fields of leadership and partnerships to inform and inspire more authentic collaboration. Contributors from the fields of educational leadership, family engagement, schoolcommunity partnerships, and education for social justice come together to examine the role of educational leaders in promoting partnerships as a dimension of leadership for social justice. $62.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415893961, NZRP$78.00 Publish December 2011, 272 pages Routledge Education

Mentoring Teachers in Post Compulsory Education

Special Educational Needs

A Guide to Effective Practice, Second Edition

Janice Wearmouth, University of Bedfordshire, UK.

Bryan Cunningham, University of London, UK.

Providing an engaging and complete overview Special Educational Needs: The Basics examines the fundamental principles of the subject from policy to practice. This book covers: concepts of special educational needs; the historical development of special provision and key legislation; identification and assessment of young people’s special learning and behaviour needs; working with a wide range of individual difficulties in practice; the personal experiences of individuals with special needs; and special needs provision and the children’s workforce. $29.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415592246, NZRP$34.95 Publish December 2011, 240 pages Routledge Education

The Basics


9 780415 592246

The Primary English Encyclopedia

Alastair Daniel, London Metropolitan University, UK.

Margaret Mallett, Fellow of The English Association, UK. This user friendly encyclopedia explains concepts, aims and current requirements in all aspects of the primary English curriculum and is an invaluable reference for all training and practising teachers. Entries have been updated to take account of new research and thinking and now reflect the requirements of the new Primary National Curriculum and particularly The Communication, Language and Literacy Development element. The approach is critical but constructive and supportive of the reflective practitioner in developing sound subject knowledge and good classroom practice. $69.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415589529, NZRP$87.00 Publish December 2011, 576 pages Routledge Quantity Education


Storytelling across the Primary Curriculum

The Heart of the Curriculum, Fourth Edition

9 780415 589529


9 780415 893961

Now in its second edtion, Mentoring Teachers in Post Compulsory Education has been updated with current research and technological advances. Describing all of the expectations, responsibilities and rewards involved in mentoring, the book covers: what to expect as a mentor and what your mentee expects of you; the skills, attributes and functions that make an effective mentor; organising and conducting observations; perspectives on professional learning; and what to do when things go wrong. $46.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415669405, NZRP$58.00 Publish December 2011, 144 pages Routledge Education

9 780415 669405

Clear strategies to support children’s questions about growing up, relationships and sex are essential so that they are enabled to stay safe and healthy, develop positive and confident views about themselves and those around them, and deal with peer and media pressures. This book provides a solid, research-informed background to these issues and considers the historical context of Relationships and Sex Education. $53.00 Pb, ISBN 9781441190291, NZRP$67.00 Publish December 2011, 192 pages Continuum Quantity Education

9 780415 598606

December titles


Starting from the question ‘what is a story?’ this book leads the reader through the theory and practise of storytelling as an educational method. This practical book gives teachers the skills and confidence to use storytelling and the spoken word in new and exciting ways in the classroom. It will also give teachers the confidence to ‘put down the book’ and trust themselves to tell, rather than read, a story. It provides a wealth of examples of cross-curricular teaching opportunities, including a section on the ways in which the teaching of phonics can be embedded in the ‘real’ language of story. $49.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415598606, NZRP$64.00 Publish December 2011, 176 pages Routledge Quantity Education

Professional Titles

9 780415 883726

Teaching and Learning Second Language Listening

The Archaic

Metacognition in Action

Paul Bishop, University of Glasgow, UK.

Larry Vandergrift, University of Ottawa, Canada, and Christine C. M. Goh, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

The Archaic takes as its major reference points C.G. Jung’s classic essay, ‘Archaic Man’ (1930), and Ernesto Grassi’s paper on ‘Archaic theories of history’ (1990). Moving beyond the confines of a Jungian framework to include other methodological approaches, this book explores the concept of the archaic. This book focuses on the reception of myth in the tradition of German Idealism or Romanticism (Creuzer, Schelling, Nietzsche), which not only looked back to earlier thinkers (such as Jacob Boehme) but also laid down roots for developments in twentieth-century thought (Ludwig Klages, Martin Heidegger). $57.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415547567, NZRP$72.00 Publish December 2011, 272 pages Routledge Quantity Psychology & Counselling

The Past in the Present

This text offers a systematic and comprehensive treatment of concepts and knowledge relating to teaching L2 listening, with a particular emphasis on metacognition. The metacognitive approach, aimed at developing learner listening in a holistic manner, is unique and groundbreaking. The book is focused on the language learner throughout; all theoretical perspectives, research insights, and pedagogical principles in the book are presented and discussed in relation to the learner. $76.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415883726, NZRP$96.00 Publish December 2011, 336 pages Routledge Quantity Education

9 780415 547567

Teaching Music Musically

Clinical Applications of Learning Theory

Keith Swanwick, University of London, UK. This classic text is essential reading for all music educators, including practising and intending teachers in schools and colleges, and instrumental teachers. It is re-released in this special edition with a new preface by the author exploring what’s changed since the book was first published, where the field might go from here and why the themes and idea are as relevant now as ever. Illustrated throughout with practical examples, Teaching Music Musically introduces important ideas about music education to all those curious about the role of music in our lives. $52.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415686297, NZRP$67.00 Publish December 2011, 110 pages Routledge Education Quantity

9 780415 686297

Australian Author

9 780415 690157

Mark Haselgrove and Lee Hogarth, both University of Nottingham, UK. This book examines a variety of psychological disorders from the perspective of the psychology of learning. It addresses a wide range of clinically relevant issues in chapters written by international experts in each field. Individual chapters present experimental research into the neuropsychological basis of the acquisition of fears, phobias and clinical aversions, the placebo and nocebo effects, the psychology of drug addiction and relapse following clinical treatment, and the role of learning in Tourette’s syndrome, depression and schizophrenia. $79.95 Hb, ISBN 9781848720084, NZRP$99.95 Publish December 2011, 224 pages Psychology Press Psychology & Counselling

Visible Learning for Teachers and Students

Cognitive Behavioural Coaching in Practice

How to Maximise School Achievement

An Evidence Based Approach

John Hattie, University of Melbourne, Australia.

Michael Neenan, Centre for Stress Management, UK, and Stephen Palmer, City University,UK.

In November 2008, John Hattie’s ground-breaking book Visible Learning synthesised the results of more than 15 years research involving millions of students and represented the biggest ever collection of evidence-based research into what actually works in schools to improve learning. Visible Learning for Teachers takes the next step and brings those ground breaking concepts to a completely new audience. Written for students, pre-service and in-service teachers, it explains how to apply the principles of Visible Learning to any classroom anywhere in the world. $49.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415690157, NZRP$59.95 Publish December 2011, 272 pages Routledge Quantity Education

9 780415 472630


Conscious and Unconscious Aspects

Designing and Teaching Outstanding Courses in Community Mental Health Counseling and School Counseling

Brent Willock, Toronto Institute for Contemporary Psychoanalysis, Canada; Lori C. Bohm, CUNY, USA; and Rebecca Curtis, Adelphi University, USA. We all experience loneliness at some time in our lives and it often motivates people, consciously or otherwise, to enter treatment. Yet it is rarely explicitly addressed in psychoanalytic literature. Loneliness and Longing rectifies this oversight by thoroughly exploring this painful psychological state. It draws on both theory and practice to discuss ways to help people to understand and cope with this important emotional state, encouraging them to make loneliness and longing less pervasive in their lives. $55.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415610988, NZRP$69.95 Publish December 2011, 336 pages Quantity Routledge Psychoanalysis

Cognitive Behavioural Coaching in Practice explores various aspects of coaching from within a cognitive behavioural framework. Michael Neenan and Stephen Palmer bring together experts in the field to discuss topics including procrastination, stress, performance, self-esteem, perfectionism, goal selection, and socratic questioning. This highly practical book is illustrated throughout with lengthy coach-coachee dialogues that include a commentary of the aims of the coach during the session. $39.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415472630, NZRP$49.95 Publish December 2011, 264 pages Routledge Quantity Psychology & Counselling

The Counselor Educator’s Survival Guide

Loneliness and Longing

9 780415 610988


9 781848 720084

Dilani Perera-Diltz and Kathryn C. MacCluskie, both Cleveland State University, USA.

9 780415 875899

December titles


This edited resource manual's main objectives are to establish a rationale and format for incorporating active learning across the Counselor Education curriculum; provide material that closely meets the CACREP guidelines for that content area to emerging, new, and established educators developing courses in CMHC or SC programs; and provide active learning strategies that can be incorporated into classroom lessons. $57.00 Hb, ISBN 9780415875899, NZRP$72.00 Publish December 2011, 340 pages Routledge Quantity Psychology & Counselling

Professional Titles The Ecocritical Psyche

Handbook of Counseling Military Couples

Literature, Evolutionary Complexity and Jung

Bret Moore, fomer U.S. Army Psychologist, USA.

Susan Rowland, Pacifica Graduate Institute, USA.

9 780415 550949

9 781841 698786

The Ecocritical Psyche unites literary studies, ecocriticism, Jungian ideas, mythology and complexity evolution theory for the first time, developing the aesthetic aspect of psychology and science as deeply as it explores evolution in Shakespeare and Jane Austen. Susan Rowland scrutinizes literature to understand how we came to treat ‘nature’ as separate from ourselves and encourages us to re-think what we call ‘human’. The book argues that literature is where the imagination, estranged from nature in modernity, is rooted in the non-human other. $53.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415550949, NZRP$67.00 Publish December 2011, 192 pages Routledge Quantity Psychology & Counselling

9 780415 887304

Face Perception

The Human Quest for Meaning

Vicki Bruce and Andy Young.

Theories, Research, and Applications, Second Edition

Face Perception provides an up-to-date, integrative summary by two authors who have helped develop and shape the field over the past 30 years. It encompasses topics as diverse as the visual information our brains can exploit when we look at faces, whether prejudicial attitudes can affect how we see faces, and how people with neurodevelopmental disorders see faces. It offers a compelling synthesis of behavioural, neuropsychological and cognitive neuroscience approaches to develop a distinctive point of view of the area. The book concludes by reviewing what is known about the development of face processing, and re-examines as the question of what makes faces ‘special’. $79.95 Hb, ISBN 9781841698786, NZRP$99.95 Publish December 2011, 472 pages Psychology Press Quantity Psychology & Counselling

Paul T. P. Wong, Trinity Western University, Canada.

9 780415 876773

What is the meaning of life? This is one of the most persistent and significant quetions ever asked. People routinely search for purposeful relationships and work, but find it difficult to answer what is personally meaningful. The second edition of The Human Quest for Meaning, with 21 new and revised chapters, clarifies the different types and components of meaning. It brings together trends in the “human search for meaning,” and examines the process of purpose-seeking through multiple perspectives, such as positive psychology, selfdetermination, and integrative. $89.95 Hb, ISBN 9780415876773, NZRP$113.00 Publish December 2011, 760 pages Routledge Quantity Psychology & Counselling

Family Assessment

Psychology of Reading

Contemporary and Cutting-Edge Strategies, Second Edition

Second Edition Keith Rayner, University of California, USA; Alexander Pollatsek and Charles Clifton, both University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA; and Jane Ashby, Central Michigan University, USA.

Len Sperry, Florida Atlantic University, USA. Family Assessment covers more than one hundred assessment methods-both the most widely strategies as well as those that are more specialized and issue specific. Techniques and instruments for assessments are summarized concisely in tables and discussed in depth in the chapters, often by the experts who developed the approaches they describe. Each chapter is also supplemented by recommended strategies for utilizing the assessment tools, as well as by case studies and observational method matrices. $57.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415894074, NZRP$72.00 Publish December 2011, 346 pages Routledge Psychology & Counselling Quantity

9 780415 894074

9 781848 729759

Goal-Directed Behavior This volume presents chapters from internationally renowned scholars in the area of goals and social behavior. The book is organized around a series of topics that are of critical importance to understanding the social-cognitive aspects of goal-directed behavior. In each chapter, the authors offer an introduction to past research on a specific topic and combine this with a presentation of their own empirical work to provide an integrated overview of the topic at hand. As a whole, this volume is designed to provide a broad portrait of goal research as it has been and is currently being conducted in the social psychological literature. $86.00 Hb, ISBN 9781848728738, NZRP$109.00 Publish December 2011, 355 pages Psychology Press Quantity Psychology & Counselling

Reading is a highly complex skill that is prerequisite to success in many societies in which a great deal of information is communicated in written form. Since the 1970s, much has been learned about the reading process from research by cognitive psychologists. This book summarizes that important work and puts it into a coherent framework. The book’s central theme is how readers go about extracting information from the printed page and comprehending the text. $69.95 Pb, ISBN 9781848729759, NZRP$87.00 Publish December 2011, 486 pages Psychology Press Quantity Psychology & Counselling

The Psychology of Strength and Conditioning

Henk Aarts, Utrecht University, The Netherlands, and Andrew Elliot, University of Rochester, USA.

9 781848 728738

Handbook of Counseling Military Couples includes a clear, thorough introduction to military culture and to coupled relationships in the military, but more than that, it provides readers with expert analyses of the special types of issues that come up for military couples and shows clinicians how to address them productively. In the chapters, readers will find the answers to questions such as how are military couples’ rights different from those of civilians? What attitudes and beliefs about relationships might military members bring to a session, and how are those different from those of civilians? When should particular treatment strategies be used, and why - and how? $67.00 Hb, ISBN 9780415887304, NZRP$84.00 Publish December 2011, 411 pages Routledge Quantity Psychology & Counselling

David Tod, Aberystwyth University, UK, and David Lavallee, University of Stirling, UK.

9 780415 574099

December titles


An effective strength and conditioning program underpins the training regime of every successful athlete or sportsperson and it is now widely recognised that psychology plays a significant role in the application of strength and conditioning principles. This is the first book to examine the importance of psychological factors in strength and conditioning and to offer a comprehensive overview of current research, theory and best practice. The book looks at how psychology influences training and performance and how training can influence an individual’s psychological well-being. $57.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415574099, NZRP$72.00 Publish December 2011, 272 pages Quantity Routledge Psychology & Counselling

Professional Titles School Rampage Shootings and Other Youth Disturbances

Lean for the Healthcare Professional

Early Preventative Interventions

The same Lean principles that a hospital might use to eliminate waste and improve the efficiency of processes are applicable to individuals working in healthcare. This book not only provides the tools to alleviate the obvious symptoms of inefficiency but also demonstrates how to find the root causes underlying that inefficiency and eliminate them. It presents a practical, step-by-step approach to applying lean principles to individuals, including real-world examples to illustrate how these principles have been applied in the healthcare industry. $89.95 Pb, ISBN 9781439859933, NZRP$113.00 Publish December 2011, 112 pages Productivity Press Healthcare

Daniel Markovitz, Time Back Management.

Kathleen Nader, Two Suns Childhood Trauma Program, USA. This book and its accompanying CD provide early preventative interventions for elementary-school age children. Building both on research and on decades of experience working with the conditions, traits, and skill failures that have been identified in rampage shooters, the book links these personal child and childhood environmental conditions to a number of symptoms, disturbances, and/ or disorders in youth or adulthood, including the expression of rampage violence. $46.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415877480, NZRP$58.00 Publish December 2011, 296 pages Routledge Psychology & Counselling Quantity

9 780415 877480

9 781439 859933

Studies in Perception and Action XI

Managed Health Care in the New Millennium

Sixteenth International Conference on Perception and Action

Innovative Financial Modeling for the 21st Century

Eric P. Charles and L. James Smart.

9 781848 729766

This volume is the 11th in the Studies in Perception and Action series and contains research presented at the 16th International Conference on Perception and Action (ICPA) meeting in the summer of 2011. ICPA provides a forum for presenting new data, theory, and methodological developments relevant to the ecological approach to perception and action. The forty-nine papers presented in this volume are divided into five parts and represent the latest developments in ecological psychology research from four continents. $115.00 Pb, ISBN 9781848729766, NZRP$145.00 Publish December 2011, 275 pages Psychology Press Psychology & Counselling Quantity

David I. Samuels, EthiCare Breakthrough Solutions/ EthiCare Revenue Cycle Management, Inc., USA.

9 781439 840306

Surviving Identity

Gregory William Smith, Freehills, Perth, Australia.

Kenneth McLaughlin. Today, political claims are increasingly made on the basis of experienced trauma and inherent vulnerability, for example in the increasing numbers of people who identify as a ‘survivor’ of one thing or another, as well as the way in which much political discourse and social policy assumes the vulnerability of the population. This book discusses these developments in relation to the changing focus of social movements; from concerns with economic redistribution towards campaigns for cultural recognition. $46.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415591218, NZRP$58.00 Publish December 2011, 168 pages Routledge Psychology & Counselling Quantity

Australian Author

9 781439 862780

H E A LT H C A R E & S O C I A L W O R K

In recent years, safety management has placed leadership and management commitment at the center of effective workplace health and safety programs. At the same time, personal liability for workplace health and safety has increased, resulting in poor outcomes for individual managers. Discussing the minimum expectations that Courts and Tribunals have of managers, this book examines the relationship between those expectations and effective safety performance. Using specific case examples for illustration, the author examines whether managers are merely meeting their legal obligations or making a positive contribution to workplace safety and health. $89.95 Pb, ISBN 9781439862780, NZRP$113.00 Publish December 2011, 192 pages CRC Press Quantity Healthcare

Surviving Health Care Reform

Handbook of Medical Tourism Program Development

Arthur M. Feldman, Jefferson Medical College, USA.

Developing Globally Integrated Health Systems Maria K. Todd, Mercury Healthcare Companies, USA.

9 781439 813140

This book discusses actuarial assumptions and the difficulties in payers’ transitions from communitybased underwriting to experience-based ratings. It explores what the future holds in the areas of clinical pathways and population-based risk assumption tools and approaches. It covers what happens when the underlying actuarial and risk assumptions are ignored or trivialized. The author also discusses the challenges capitation-based pricing faces from an international perspective. $89.95 Hb, ISBN 9781439840306, NZRP$113.00 Publish December 2011, 296 pages Productivity Press Quantity Healthcare

Management Obligations for Health and Safety

Vulnerability and the Psychology of Recognition

9 780415 591218


This is an excellent and appropriate how-to guide for hospitals; hotels, spas and retreats; medical, dental and mental health providers; and government health, export, and tourism officials curious about entering the medical tourism and health travel market. The book is written at the level of the strategic and executive audience and their implementation teams - covering everything from developing a medical tourism network for medical services to assessing client satisfaction and patient follow-up. $152.00 Pb, ISBN 9781439813140, NZRP$191.00 Publish December 2011, 208 pages Quantity Productivity Press Healthcare

9 781439 879481

December titles


This book provides an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the health care reform legislation. It explains how doctors, patients, and families can determine the success or failure of the legislation over time. The author describes how to ensure that this landmark legislation succeeds in achieving its goals and proposes an accounting of steps that elected representatives can take in order to improve the bill. The text cuts through the political rhetoric and focuses on the core issue: what we need to do to preserve our ability to provide the best possible care for our patients and to fulfill our societal mission of providing care for our citizens independent of their financial means. $59.95 Hb, ISBN 9781439879481, NZRP$75.00 Publish December 2011, 208 pages Productivity Press Healthcare Quantity

Professional Titles Critical Issues in Youth Work Management

Entrepreneurship in Context Marco van Gelderen, Massey University, New Zealand,and Enno Masurel, VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Jon Ord, UCP Marjon, UK.

9 780415 594356

This valuable textbook communicates the complexities and controversies at the heart of youth work management, exploring key issues in a critical fashion. Written by a team of experienced youth work lecturers, the chapters cover topics such as planning, evaluation and supervision, whilst acknowledging the changing structures of integrated services and the impact of public service reform. Divided into three sections, it covers: historical and theoretical context; critical practice issues, including leadership, policy constraints, planning and accountability; and managing in different settings, for instance integrated services and the voluntary sector. $48.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415594356, NZRP$61.00 Publish December 2011, 200 pages Routledge Quantity Social Work

New Zealand Author

Practice-Based Research in Social Work

Evidence-Based Productivity Improvement

A Guide for Reluctant Researchers

A Practical Guide to the Productivity Measurement and Enhancement System

This unique textbook explores practice-based research (PBR), using numerous practice examples to actively encourage and engage students and practitioners to embrace research as a meaningful support for their practice. This book discusses the evolution of PBR as a distinct social work research approach, describes its principles and methods and presents a range of exemplars illustrating the application of PBR within different practice methods in different practice settings. $49.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415565240, NZRP$64.00 Publish December 2011, 240 pages Routledge Social Work Quantity

Robert D. Pritchard and Sallie J. Weaver, both University of Central Florida, USA; and Elissa L. Ashwood, Strategy 42.

9 781848 729681


Design and Marketing

Managing Software Organizations and People, Second Edition

Dr. Al Iannuzzi, Johnson & Johnson Inc., USA.

Phillip A. Laplante, Colin. J. Neill, and Joanna F. DeFranco, Pennsylvania State University, USA. Using real and hypothetical case studies, this book illustrates poor management approaches, unpleasant work environments, and bad manager traits that lead to failure. For each antipattern, the text describes the situation and symptoms, gives examples, and offers a refactoring solution. The authors provide real-world anecdotes that illustrate key concepts. They also include thought-provoking exercises that describe a situation and ask which antipatterns are present, as well as how to refactor the situation. $115.00 Hb, ISBN 9781439861868, NZRP$145.00 Publish December 2011, 440 pages Taylor and Francis Quantity Business & Management

9 781439 854310

Marketing is a key element to generating demand for greener products and to meeting customer demand. Written by the head of product stewardship for Johnson & Johnson, this book discusses how to tie in the green improvements to appropriate marketing in order to reach customers in the marketplace. This author gives specific advice on how to think about product (and service) design from an environmental perspective. In addition, the text provides detailed examples of what works, and what doesn’t, and how to effectively merge innovation with green thinking using numerous case studies from leading companies. $133.00 Hb, ISBN 9781439854310, NZRP$168.00 Publish December 2011, 216 pages CRC Press Quantity Business & Management

Corporate Sustainability Management

Low Carbon Transport in Asia

The Art and Science of Managing NonFinancial Performance

Eric Zusman, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES), Japan; Ancha Srinivasan; and Shobhakar Dhakal, Global Carbon Project, Japan.

Strategies for Optimizing Co-benefits

Mark W. McElroy, Center for Sustainable Organizations, USA, and Jo M.L. van Engelen, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands.

9 781844 079117

This new book explains the Productivity Measurement and Enhancement system (ProMES) and how it meets the criteria for an optimal measurement and feedback system. It summarizes all the research that has been done on productivity, mentioning other measurement systems, and gives detailed information on how to implement this one in organizations. $44.00 Pb, ISBN 9781848729681, NZRP$55.00 Publish December 2011, 316 pages Routledge Quantity Business & Management

Green Products


9 781439 861868


9 780415 890922

Sarah-Jane Dodd and Irwin Epstein, both City University of New York, USA.

9 780415 565240

Much research in entrepreneurship presents results as if they are universally and timelessly valid. Entrepreneurship in Context takes the opposite tack - it studies entrepreneurship as a context bound phenomenon. The book addresses context in a narrow sense, i.e. a person’s life situation and local, situational characteristics. It also deals with wider contexts such as social, industry, cultural, ethnic, sustainability-related, institutional, and historical contexts. $184.00 Hb, ISBN 9780415890922, NZRP$232.00 Publish December 2011, 224 pages Routledge Business & Management

This book is the first to introduce a systematic means of including context in sustainability management and doing effective CSM. After making the case for why context matters, the book explains how to do context-based CSM by providing a stepwise, cyclical blueprint for how to practice it in any organization. Practical examples of best practices are presented throughout, while simultaneously addressing key issues. $69.95 Hb, ISBN 9781844079117, NZRP$87.00 Publish December 2011, 256 pages Routledge Quantity Business & Management

9 781844 079155

December titles


This book represents a pioneering effort to identify and remove barriers to a co-benefit approach in developing Asia’s transport sector. The introductory section makes the case for this. The second section features analytical frameworks to identify strategies with potential co-benefits, offering new findings on black carbon and dieselization. The third section grounds the analytic work in case studies. A final section examines whether a post2012 climate regime can help transform a rapidly motorizing Asia into a low carbon Asia. $57.00 Pb, ISBN 9781844079155, NZRP$72.00 Publish December 2011, 288 pages Earthscan Quantity Business & Management

Professional Titles Managing Emerging Risk

A Tale of Two Transformations

The Capstone of Preparedness

Bringing Lean and Agile Software Development to Life

Kevin Burton, Scottsdale, USA.

9 781439 826416

Providing ideas, tools, and a new way of thinking, this important guide introduces the concept of emerging risk and the effective mitigation of and response to unforeseen events. It describes new types of risks, their identification, and their implications for mass casualty and damage. Encouraging cooperation among services, it proposes response actions with regard to identification, mitigation, messaging, crisis communications, planning, and preparedness. It explains techniques for modeling new risks and threat outlooks, methods for calculating and creating strategy and tactics, and guidelines for conducting ongoing risk assessments. $89.95 Pb, ISBN 9781439826416, NZRP$113.00 Publish December 2011, 280 pages CRC Press Quantity Business & Management

Managing Supply Chains on the Silk Road

Michael K. Levine, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, USA.

9 781439 879757


City and Soul in Divided Societies Scott A. Bollens, University of California, USA.

Strategy, Performance, and Risk Çagri Haksöz, Sabanci University, Turkey; Sridhar Seshadri, University of Texas, USA; and Ananth V. Iyer, Purdue University, USA.

9 781439 867204

9 781439 861332

9 780415 678186

This book present emerging supply chain practices from the Silk Road regions that include China, Hong Kong, India, Pakistan, Iran, Central Asia, Lebanon, Turkey, Israel, and Hungary. It takes a resultsoriented, comparative approach to supply chain management covering structural, strategic, and operational topics. Providing insights for assessing performance and hedging risk, this is a handbook that no competitive supply chain executive can afford to ignore. $99.95 Hb, ISBN 9781439867204, NZRP$130.00 Publish December 2011, 328 pages CRC Press Quantity Business & Management

Highlighting a critical and often overlooked aspect of Lean implementation, this book discusses how to transform an organization from its current state to the desired state. Following the popular organizational approach of the prequel, A Tale of Two Systems, it presents two contrasting transformations based on polar opposites on the development spectrum: process-driven, compliance focused groups and chaotic groups. Synthesizing Lean manufacturing and Lean product development, it places agile software development in the context of Lean and examines the relative benefits of the Drive People versus the People Driven approach. $89.95 Hb, ISBN 9781439879757, NZRP$113.00 Publish December 2011, 272 pages Quantity Productivity Press Business & Management

9 780415 779234

In this unique book Scott A. Bollens combines personal narrative with academic analysis in telling the story of inflammatory nationalistic and ethnic conflict in nine cities - Jerusalem, Beirut, Belfast, Johannesburg, Nicosia, Sarajevo, Mostar, Bilbao, and Barcelona. Reporting on 17 years of research and over 240 interviews with political leaders, planners, architects, community representatives, and academics, he blends personal reflections, reportage from a wealth of original interviews, and the presentation of hard data in a multidimensional and interdisciplinary exploration of these urban environments of damage, trauma, healing, and repair. $69.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415779234, NZRP$87.00 Publish December 2011, 288 pages Routledge Quantity Architecture & Urban Studies

Performance Hubs

Community Livability

Engaging Teams in Focused Continuous Improvement

Issues and Approaches to Sustaining the Well-Being of People and Communities

Marc Roberts, Global Business Excellence Consultant for Dell, UK.

Fritz Wagner, University of Washington, USA, and Roger W. Caves, San Diego State University, USA.

Written for working professionals, this book explains what a performance hub is and provides the clarity needed for full organizational deployment. The author describes the four key headings under which a performance hub is configured, including organization, situation, complication, and resolution. He demonstrates how to cascade the right metrics throughout all levels of the business and how to drive the appropriate corrective action at the right level of the organization. $59.95 Pb, ISBN 9781439861332, NZRP$75.00 Publish December 2011, 138 pages Productivity Press Quantity Business & Management

Using a blend of theory and practice, experts in the field look at evidence from international, state and local perspectives to explore what is meant by the term “livable communities”. Chapters examine the various influencing factors such as the significance of walkability as a factor in developing a livable and healthy community, the importance of good open space providing for human activity and health, restorative benefits, and the importance of coordinated land use and transportation planning. $63.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415779913, NZRP$81.00 Publish December 2011, 288 pages Routledge Architecture & Urban Studies Quantity

9 780415 779913

Small Business Management in Cross-Cultural Environments

Designing Architecture

Per Lind, Gotland University, Sweden.

Andrew Pressman, University of New Mexico, USA.

Small Business Management in Cross-Cultural Environments is one of very few books to take the cross-cultural context as an opportunity to analyse and discuss the key concepts of small firm management in different parts of the world. This textbook covers important topics, such as: the global economic development process; entrepreneurship; the role of government; and SME growth and collaborations in a global context. By explaining how culture shapes and conditions the reality of small businesses and how organizational theories and models fail as management tools, this book fills an important gap. $85.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415678186, NZRP$107.00 Publish December 2011, 384 pages Routledge Quantity Business & Management

Designing Architecture is an indispensable tool to assist both students and young architects in formulating an idea, transforming it into a building, and making effective design decisions. This book promotes integrative and critical thinking in the preliminary design of buildings to inspire creativity, innovation, and design excellence. This compendium of individual wisdom and collective experience offers explicit guidance to students and young professionals on how to approach, analyze, and execute specific tasks; develop and refine a process to facilitate the best possible design projects; and create meaningful architectural form. $57.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415595162, NZRP$72.00 Publish December 2011, 208 pages Routledge Architecture & Urban Studies Quantity

The Elements of Process

9 780415 595162

December titles


Professional Titles Designing Tall Buildings

Persistent Modelling

Structure as Architecture

Extending the Role of Architectural Representation

Mark Sarkisian, Skidmore Owings & Merrill, USA.

9 780415 894807

The first of its kind, Designing Tall Buildings is an accessible reference that guides you through the fundamental principles of designing high-rises. Each chapter focuses on one theme central to tall-building design, giving you a comprehensive overview of the related architecture and structural engineering concepts. Author Mark Sarkisian provides clear definitions of technical terms and introduces important equations, to help you gradually develop your knowledge. Later chapters allow you to explore more complex applications, such as biomimicry. Projects drawn from Skidmore, Owings & Merrill’s vast catalog of built high-rises demonstrate these concepts. $57.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415894807, NZRP$72.00 Publish December 2011, 210 pages Routledge Quantity Architecture & Urban Studies

Phil Ayres, The Royal Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture (RASA), Denmark.

9 780415 594073

Environmental Landscape Restoration and Design

ReNew Town Adaptive Urbanism and the Design of the Low Carbon Community

Dr. Robert L. France, NSAC, Canada.

9 781439 869864

Addressing the concept of environmental restoration, this book explains new approaches and how to balance the reclamation, regeneration, and rehabilitation of previously abused and presently neglected landscapes for use by people. It introduces new restoration approaches of particular interest to professionals, academics, and researchers, and discusses options and limitations in the repair of wetlands and buried streams. The author includes case studies from the US and the UK to illustrate the interdependence between innovative site technologies and novel planning and design strategies and processes. $177.00 Hb, ISBN 9781439869864, NZRP$223.00 Publish December 2011, 276 pages CRC Press Architecture & Urban Studies Quantity

Andrew Scott and Eran Ben-Joseph, both Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA.

9 780415 678995

A Guide to Energy Management in Buildings

Imagination, Perception and Practice in Architecture

Controlling energy use is one thing, but it is important to assess or estimate it, and to understand the range of interventions for reducing its use and the methods for assessing the cost effectiveness of these measures. This guide covers the various issues from a theoretical standpoint and provides practical, worked examples where appropriate, along with examples of how the calculations are carried out. It provides a template for instigating the energy management process within an organization, as well as guidance on management issues such as employee motivation, and gives practical details on how to carry it through. $46.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415566490, NZRP$57.00 Publish December 2011, 160 pages Taylor and Francis Quantity Architecture & Urban Studies

Gerald Adler, Timothy Brittain-Catlin and Gordana Fontana-Giusti, all University of Kent, UK. Scale is a word which underlies much of architectural and urban design practice, its history and theory, and its technology. This book considers what is culturally specific about scale? And what does scale mean in a world where an intuitive, visual understanding is often undermined or superseded by other senses, or by hyper-reality? The book contains a visual essay in each section. $69.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415687126, NZRP$87.00 Publish December 2011, 256 pages Routledge Architecture & Urban Studies Quantity

9 780415 687126

Handbook of Sustainable Refurbishment: Housing

Urban Wildscapes Anna Jorgensen, University of Sheffield, UK, and Richard Keenan.

Simon Burton has worked in the field of energy conservation for more than 20 years.

9 781849 711982

ReNew Town puts forth an innovative vision of performative design and planning for lowcarbon sustainable development, and illustrates practicable strategies for balancing environmental systems with urban infrastructure and new housing prototypes. To date, much of the discourse on the design of sustainable communities and ‘eco-cities’ has been premised on using previously undeveloped land. In contrast, this book and the project it showcases focus on the retrofitting and adaptation of an existing environment. $57.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415678995, NZRP$72.00 Publish December 2011, 288 pages Routledge Quantity Architecture & Urban Studies


Douglas Harris, Heriot-Watt University, UK.

9 780415 566490

This book reconsiders the relationship between architectural representation and architectural artefact particularly in the fields of responsive and adaptive architectures. The book defines, frames and grounds the notion of the persistent model and the activity of persistent modelling, identifies and reports upon significant shifts in practice where relationships between representation and artefact are emerging, and speculates upon further implications of Persistent Modelling for architectural practice. $69.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415594073, NZRP$87.00 Publish December 2011, 224 pages Routledge Architecture & Urban Studies Quantity

Based on careful analysis and experience in all housing sectors and house types, this handbook explains and demonstrates how to incorporate the most effective energy saving measures in the existing housing stock. It begins by setting out the basic aims of sustainable refurbishment before presenting a large number of illustrated case studies from a range of single- and multifamily dwellings. A practical section then details the specific measures that can be taken to reduce the energy demand of buildings, with extensive references to further resources. $115.00 Hb, ISBN 9781849711982, NZRP$145.00 Publish December 2011, 224 pages Earthscan Architecture & Urban Studies Quantity

9 780415 581066

December titles


Urban Wildscapes is one of the first edited collection of writings about urban ‘wilderness’ landscapes. Evolved, rather than designed or planned, these derelict, abandoned and marginal spaces are frequently overgrown with vegetation and host to a wide range of human activities. Combining theory with illustrated examples and case studies the book demonstrates that urban wildscapes have far greater significance, meaning and utility than is commonly thought, and that an appreciation of their particular qualities can inform a far more sustainable approach to the planning, design and management of the wider urban landscape. $69.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415581066, NZRP$87.00 Publish December 2011, 248 pages Routledge Quantity Architecture & Urban Studies

Textbook terms apply to the following academic titles

New Zealand Authors


A History of Management Thought

Diversity and Development

Morgen Witzel, University of Exeter, UK.

Tony Binns and Etienne Nel, both University of Otago, New Zealand; and Alan Dixon, University of Worcester, UK.

For the past three thousand years people have been thinking about the problems of management. This book shows how thinking about management has evolved and changed. It shows how changing social, political and technological forces have challenged people to think about management in new ways, and how management thinkers have responded. From the pyramids to Facebook, from military strategy to managing for sustainability, A History of Management Thought tells the fascinating story of how management thinking has changed, shifted, evolved and developed down through the centuries. $76.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415600583, NZRP$96.00 Publish December 2011, 360 pages Routledge Business Management

This book introduces and de-mystifies Africa’s diversity and dynamism, and considers how its peoples and environments have interacted through time and space. The background and diversity of Africa’s social, cultural, economic, political and environmental systems is examined as well as key development issues which have affected Africa in the past, and are likely to be significant in shaping the future of the continent. $64.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415413688, NZRP$81.00 Publish December 2011, 464 pages Routledge African Studies Quantity

9 780415 413688

Animal Welfare in Animal Agriculture


Husbandry, Stewardship, and Sustainability in Animal Production

A Developing Country Perspective Betty Jane Punnett, University of the West Indies, Barbados.

Wilson G. Pond, Cornell University, USA; Fuller W. Bazer, Texas A&M University, USA; and Bernard E. Rollin, Colorado State University, USA.

9 781439 848425

This book takes the reader on a journey through the complex maze of issues that surround animal welfare today. After providing historical background on industrialized agriculture, the text links current and historical uses of animals and our views toward them with the concept of sustainable agriculture, addressing the role that welfare plays in this subject. International contributors present their views on what constitutes genuine animal welfare and how it is attained. $133.00 Hb, ISBN 9781439848425, NZRP$168.00 Publish December 2011, 320 pages CRC Press Quantity Animal Science

This book introduces and assesses the typical theories and management approaches that are popular in developed countries, from the perspective of managers in developing countries. A wide variety of countries, with many different environments and cultures are explored and the book covers key concepts, such as economic development, planning and strategic management, operations management, HRM, and leadership. $57.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415590693, NZRP$72.00 Publish December 2011, 192 pages Routledge Business Management

9 781439 816905


9 780415 590693

Conducting Astronomy Education Research

Marketing Management

A Primer

Luiz Moutinho, University of Glasgow, UK.

Janelle M. Bailey, University of Nevada, USA; Stephanie J. Slater and Timothy F. Slater, both University of Wyoming, USA.

The case study method has been one of the most effective teaching tools in business management education. This is one of the first books to use this method to provide a truly global perspective on the different realities of marketing management in a range of environments. This book provides a wide coverage of analytical discussions in areas such as branding, retailing, strategic marketing, marketing programming and innovation in marketing. The case studies presented range from fashion to petroleum pumps, snacks to electronics and computers and focus on some very well known companies including: Google, Microsoft, Sony, Red Bull, Cacharel, Zara and ING. $92.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415458894, NZRP$116.00 Publish December 2011, 584 pages Routledge Quantity Business Management

Worldwide Cases

This Primer informs and motivates instructors who want to study the teaching and learning of astronomy. It provides fruitful research designs, effective data collection, as well as analysis strategies. Giving users a grounding with the basic concepts, it then points them to sources of more detailed information. $48.00 Pb, ISBN 9781429264099, NZRP$61.00 Publish December 2011, 150 pages Palgrave Macmillan Astronomy

9 781429 264099


9 780415 600583


9 780415 458894

Feedback Control in Systems Biology

Every Molecule Tells a Story

Carlo Cosentino, University of Catanzaro, Italy, and Declan Bates, University of Exeter, UK.

Simon Cotton, Uppingham School, UK.

This self-contained, easy-to-follow book demonstrates how feedback control concepts can be applied to systems biology. Each chapter introduces a field within control engineering and provides several applications in cellular biology. Chapters focus on the essential ideas and concepts from control theory that have found applicability in the systems biology research literature, including basic linear introductory material as well as more advanced nonlinear techniques. The book illustrates key ideas and concepts with examples from cellular biology. It also includes research literature, illustrations, and references to enhance study. $133.00 Hb, ISBN 9781439816905, NZRP$168.00 Publish December 2011, 303 pages CRC Press Quantity Biology

9 781439 807736

December titles


From cooking to medicine, from engineering to art, chemistry-the science of molecules-is everywhere. A celebration of the molecules of chemistry, Every Molecule Tells a Story celebrates the molecules responsible for the experiences of everyday life: the air we breathe; the water we drink; the chemicals that fuel our living; the steroids that give us sex; the colours of the seasons; the drugs that heal us; and the scented molecules that enrich our diet and our encounters with each other. You can’t see them, but you know that they are there. Unveiling the structures of poisonous “natural” substances and beneficial man-made molecules, this book brushes away any preconceived notions about chemistry to demonstrate why and how molecules matter. $90.00 Hb, ISBN 9781439807736, NZRP$113.00 Publish December 2011, 432 pages CRC Press Quantity Chemistry

Textbook terms apply to the following academic titles Physical Chemistry

Sex, Crime and Morality

A Modern Introduction, Second Edition

Belinda Carpenter, Sharon Hayes and Angela Dwyer, all Queensland University of Techology, Australia.

William M. Davis, Texas Lutheran University, USA, and Clifford E. Dykstra, Illinois State University, USA.

9 781439 810774

9 781588 267733

This text presents core principles and topics. Straightforward and streamlined, it presents the necessary amount of detail for comprehension. Organized in such a way that the various topics covered are connected to each other, it allows students to see physical chemistry as an interconnected discipline and not a series of unrelated concepts. Each chapter in this new edition has been thoroughly updated and includes new information on computational applications, more end of chapter problems, and new chapters on nanotechnology and surface chemistry. $64.00 Hb, ISBN 9781439810774, NZRP$81.00 Publish December 2011, 400 pages CRC Press Quantity Chemistry

Australian Authors

9 781843 928157

Crime and Criminality

When Crime Appears

Causes and Consequences

The Role of Emergence

Ronald D. Hunter, Georgia Gwinnett College, USA, and Mark L. Dantzker, University of Texas, USA.

Jean Marie McGloin, University of Maryland, USA; Christopher J. Sullivan, University of Cincinnati, USA; and Leslie W. Kennedy, Rutgers University, USA.

This concise but thorough introductory textbook bridges the gap between theory and the real world of crime and criminal justice. The authors discuss the full gamut of issues and concepts typically covered on the introductory course syllabus. This revised and updated edition also uses real-world examples to illustrate theory, discusses cuttingedge crime prevention strategies and highlights the impact of crime on both victims and offenders. It addresses the challenges of homeland security for local police and reflects the impact of changing criminal law on the criminal justice system. $49.00 Pb, ISBN 9781588267733, NZRP$62.00 Publish December 2011, 225 pages Lynne Rienner Quantity Criminology

9 780415 883054

Crime, Policy and the Media

Dr E. K. Ummer, E.M.E.A. College of Arts and Science, India.

Jon Silverman, University of Bedfordshire, UK. Crime, Policy and the Media is the first academic text to map the relationship between a rapidly changing media and policymaking in criminal justice. Spanning the period, 1989-2010, it examines a number of case studies - terrorism, drugs, sentencing, policing and public protection, amongst others - and interrogates key policymakers (including six former Home Secretaries, a former Lord Chief Justice, Attorney-General, senior police officers, government advisers and leading commentators) about the impact of the media on their thinking and practice. $59.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415672320, NZRP$75.00 Publish December 2011, 224 pages Routledge Criminology Quantity

9 780415 672320

This book is concerned with our ability to make sense of the complex underpinnings of the endstage patterns and events that we see in studying crime and offers an early narrative on the concept of emergence as it pertains to criminological research. The chapters in this volume provide a sense of why the emergence framework could be useful, outlines its core conceptual properties, provides some examples of its potential application, and presents some discussion of methodological and analytic issues related to its adoption. $67.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415883054, NZRP$84.00 Publish December 2011, 240 pages Routledge Quantity Criminology

Basic Mathematics for Economics, Business and Finance

The Shaping of Criminal Justice, 1989-2010

9 781439 853023

Over the last few decades, there has been a marked increase in media and debate surrounding a specific group of offences in modern Democratic nations which bear the brunt of the label ‘crimes against morality’. Included within this group are offences related to prostitution and pornography, homosexuality and incest and child sexual abuse. This is the first academic text to offer an examination and analysis of the philosophical underpinnings of sex-related crimes and social attitudes towards them and the historical, anthropological and moral reasons for differentiating these crimes in contemporary western culture. $57.00 Pb, ISBN 9781843928157, NZRP$72.00 Publish December 2011, 192 pages Willan Publishing Quantity Criminology

9 780415 664202

This book can help overcome the widely observed math-phobia and math-aversion among undergraduate students in these subjects. It can also help them understand why they have to learn different mathematical techniques, how they can be applied, and how they will equip the students in their further studies. The book provides a thorough but lucid exposition of most of the mathematical techniques applied in the fields of economics, business and finance. It deals with topics right from high school mathematics to relatively advanced areas of integral calculus. $104.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415664202, NZRP$131.00 Publish December 2011, 544 pages Routledge Quantity Economics

Practical Crime Scene Processing and Investigation,

Corporate Governance

Second Edition

Carol Padgett, University of Reading, UK.

Ross M. Gardner is a retired U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command Special Agent, USA.

This book presents an international treatment of corporate governance, supported by relevant regulation and case studies. Ideal for undergraduate and postgraduate students of Business, Management, Finance, Accountancy and Law. $78.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230229990, NZRP$99.00 Publish December 2011, 370 pages Palgrave Macmillan Economics

With more than 300 color illustrations, many of which are new, the second edition of this bestseller adds material on such topics as mapping technology and expands on previous work. Presenting numerous case studies from his personal files and using methods based on U.S. Army techniques, the author expands the chapters on basic and advanced techniques to incorporate the latest trends in collection and interpretation. In addition, he offers a new laboratory manual and workbook. $133.00 Hb, ISBN 9781439853023, NZRP$168.00 Publish December 2011, 432 pages CRC Press Quantity Criminology

Theory and Practice

9 780230 229990

December titles



Textbook terms apply to the following academic titles The Economics Companion

Research Methods for Studying Groups and Teams

Graham Mallard, University of Bath, UK. An invaluable resource for those considering and starting degree courses in Economics. It introduces readers to the core theories and techniques of economics and presents some of the most interesting controversies and wider themes. It is an essential guide for those wanting to study the subject successfully. $49.95 Pb, ISBN 9780230235694, NZRP$59.95 Publish December 2011, 320 pages Palgrave Macmillan Economics


9 780230 235694

A Guide to Approaches, Tools, and Technologies Andrea B. Hollingshead, University of Southern California, USA; and Marshall Scott Poole, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

9 780415 806336

Economics for Business

Coastal Engineering

Second Edition

Processes, Theory and Design Practice, Second Edition

Dr Chris Mulhearn and Howard R. Vane, Liverpool John Moores University, UK.

Dominic Reeve, University of Plymouth, UK; Andrew Chadwick, University of the West Indies, Trinidad; and Chris Fleming, Halcrow Group Ltd.

Economics for Business is an engaging introductory text, full of international examples and cases enabling students to grasp complex economic theory and understand its relevance in real-world business scenarios. Students will enjoy the clarity and wit of the writing style and benefit from the quirky learning features and illustrations. $101.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230271715, NZRP$128.00 Publish December 2011, 464 pages Palgrave Macmillan Economics


9 780230 271715

9 780415 559898

Australian Author

9 780415 686273

This volume provides an overview of the methodological issues and challenges inherent in the study of small groups and teams from the perspective of seasoned researchers in communication, psychology and other fields in the behavioral and social sciences. It summarizes the current state of group methods in a format that is readable, insightful, and useful for both new and experienced group researchers. $69.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415806336, NZRP$87.00 Publish December 2011, 480 pages Routledge Quantity Education

9 780415 583534

This second edition brings the models and examples of coastal engineering practice up to date. It has expanded coverage of tsunamis and generating energy from waves to focus both on the great dangers and the great opportunities which the ocean presents to the coastal zone. It describes numerous case studies to illustrate the successful application of mathematical modelling to real world practice. $85.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415583534, NZRP$107.00 Publish December 2011, 560 pages Taylor and Francis Engineering Quantity

Health Economics

Predictive Hydrology

An Industrial Organization Perspective

A Frequency Analysis Approach

Xavier Martinez-Giralt, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain, and Pedro Luis de Oliveira Martins Pita Barros, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal.

Paul Meylan and André Musy, both École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland; and Anne-Catherine Favre, Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble (GINP), France.

This textbook will provide teachers and students with a reference to study the market structure aspects of the health care sector. The book is structured in three parts. The first part will present the basic principles of economics. It will bring all readers to the required level of knowledge to follow subsequent parts. Part II will review the main concepts of health economics. The third part will contain the core of the book. It will present the industrial organization analysis of the health care market, based on the authors’ own research. $104.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415559898, NZRP$131.00 Publish December 2011, 352 pages Routledge Quantity Economics

9 781578 087471

Predictive Hydrology: A Frequency Analysis Approach is the first book to address both the theoretical concepts and the methodological approaches used in frequency hydrology-spelling out the fundamental methods to consider, providing concise instruction on the techniques that are involved, and including examples and critiques based on practical applications. It explores some of the recent research developments in the field. $115.00 Hb, ISBN 9781578087471, NZRP$145.00 Publish December 2011, 180 pages Taylor and Francis Quantity Engineering

Critical Incidents in Teaching

Environmental Governance

Developing Professional Judgement

James Evans, University of Manchester, UK.

David Tripp, retired, Murdoch University, Australia.

Environmental Governance is the only book to discuss the first principles of governance, while also providing a critical overview of the wide ranging theories and approaches that underpin policy and practice today. It places governance within its wider political context to explore how the environment is controlled, manipulated, regulated, and contested by a range of actors and institutions. This book shows how network and market governance have shaped current approaches to environmental issues, while also introducing emerging approaches such as transition management and adaptive governance. In so doing, it highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the different approaches currently in play, and considers their political implications. $53.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415589826, NZRP$67.00 Publish December 2011, 224 pages Routledge Quantity Environmental Studies

In this re-released classic edition of Critical Incidents in Teaching - in print since 1993 and which includes a new introduction from the author - David Tripp shows how teachers can draw on their own classroom experience to develop it. In this practical and unique guide, the author offers a range of strategies for approaching critical incidents and gives advice on how to develop a critical incident file. Illustrated with numerous classroom examples for discussion and reflection, Critical Incidents in Teaching is for everyone concerned with the development of professionalism in teaching. $55.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415686273, NZRP$70.00 Publish December 2011, 192 pages Routledge Quantity Education

9 780415 589826

December titles


Textbook terms apply to the following academic titles Environmental Justice

Intercultural Transfers and the Making of the Modern World, 1800-2000

Concepts, Evidence and Politics Gordon Walker, Lancaster University, UK.

9 780415 589741

9 781439 804452

9 780415 492324

Environmental justice has increasingly become part of the language of environmental activism, political debate, academic research and policy making around the world. It raises questions about how the environment impacts on different people’s lives. This book focuses on such questions and the complexities involved in answering them. It explores the diversity of ways in which environment and social difference are intertwined and how the justice of their interrelationship matters. It has a distinctive international perspective, tracing how the discourse of environmental justice has moved around the world. $57.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415589741, NZRP$72.00 Publish December 2011, 272 pages Routledge Quantity Environmental Studies

Sources and Contexts Thomas Adam, University of Texas, USA.

9 780230 243545


Making History

Foundational Principles, Applications and Technologies

The Historian and Uses of the Past

Pamela McCauley Bush, University of Central Florida, USA.

Everyone has a personal connection to the past, independent of historical inquiry. So, what is the role of the historian? Exploring the relationship between history and society, Kalela argues for a more participatory research culture and provides practical guidance on planning research projects with greater public impact. $41.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230276826, NZRP$52.00 Publish December 2011, 224 pages Palgrave Macmillan History

A comprehensive introduction to the field of ergonomics, this text includes scientific principles, research, applications, and emerging trends in technology. It contains all the necessary elements for delivery of a quality ergonomics course including a sample course syllabus, PowerPoint slides for instructors and students, homework assignments, class projects, instructor’s manual, suggested lab equipment, proposed lab exercises, and a student laboratory manual. $115.00 Hb, ISBN 9781439804452, NZRP$145.00 Publish December 2011, 376 pages CRC Press Ergonomics Quantity

Jorma Kalela, University of Turku, Finland.


9 780230 276826

Urban Geography

Introduction to Geopolitics

Fourth Edition

Second Edition

Tim Hall, University of Gloucestershire, UK, and Heather Barrett, University of Worcester, UK.

Colin Flint, University of Illinois, USA.

This extensively revised and updated fourth edition not only examines the new geographical patterns forming within and between cities, but also investigates the way geographers have sought to make sense of this urban transformation. The fourth edition combines the topicality and accessibility of previous editions with extensive new material, including many new chapters such as the urban world and politics, housing and Residential Segregation, and transport in cities, as well as a wealth of international case studies, extending its range of coverage across the field. $55.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415492324, NZRP$70.00 Publish December 2011, 304 pages Routledge Quantity Geography

This clear and concise introductory textbook guides students through their first engagement with geopolitics. It offers a clear framework for understanding contemporary conflicts by showing how geography provides opportunities and limits upon the actions of countries, national groups, and terrorist organizations. This second edition is fundamentally restructured to emphasize geopolitical agency, and non-state actors. The text is fully revised, containing a brand new chapter environmental geopolitics which includes discussion of climate change and resource conflicts. $59.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415667739, NZRP$75.00 Publish December 2011, 288 pages Routledge Human Geography Quantity

9 780415 667739

Handbook of Health Psychology


Second Edition

The Claiming of Space

Andrew Baum, University of Texas, USA; Tracey A. Revenson, City University of New York, USA; and the late Jerome E. Singer, Uniformed Services University, USA.

David Storey, University of Worcester, UK. This extensively revised and updated second edition continues to provide an introduction to theories of territoriality and the outcomes of territorial control and resistance. It explores the construction of territories and the conflicts which often result using a range of examples drawn from various spatial scales and from many different countries. It ranges in coverage from conflicts over national territory (such as Israel/Palestine, Northern Ireland, South Ossetia) to divisions of space based around class, gender and race. $57.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415575508, NZRP$72.00 Publish December 2011, 304 pages Routledge Human Geography

This new edition reviews the latest approaches to the most critical topics in health psychology today. This edition maintains the bio-psycho-social model framework. It cuts across concepts (e.g., behavior change), populations (e.g. women’s health), risk and protective factors (e.g., obesity) and diseases. Each author provides a theoretical foundation, evaluates the empirical evidence, and makes suggestions for future research, clinical practice, and/or policy. $150.00 Hb, ISBN 9780805864618, NZRP$232.00 Publish December 2011, 1056 pages Psychology Press Health

9 780805 864618

For far too long, the history of the modern era has been written as a history of isolated nation states. This book which presents both interpretation and primary source documents challenges a nationcentred account, exploring the interconnected and interrelated nature of societies in the nineteenth and twentieth century. Responding to the burgeoning interest and number of courses in global and world history, the book introduces both the methods and materials of transnational history. $34.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230243545, NZRP$43.00 Publish December 2011, 176 pages Palgrave Macmillan History Quantity


9 780415 575508 December titles



Textbook terms apply to the following academic titles Principles of Mucosal Immunology

Commercial Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution

Society for Mucosal Immunology.

9 780815 344438

Principles of Mucosal Immunology is intended for advanced undergraduate and graduate students in immunology and microbiology, medical students, and dental students. It presents the basic and clinical aspects of the mucosal immune system, focusing on the major components of the mucosal barrier--the gastrointestinal, upper and lower respiratory, ocular, and genitourinary mucosal immunology systems. Topics include the cellular consituents of the mucosal immune system, hostmicrobe relationships, infection, mucosal diseases, and vaccines. Principles of Mucosal Immunology is sponsored by the Society for Mucosal Immunology and is written by internationally recognized leaders in the field. $106.00 Pb, ISBN 9780815344438, NZRP$133.00 Publish December 2011, 512 pages Garland Science Quantity Immunology

Peter Fenn, University of Manchester, USA. Commerce is inherently complex and the sums of money involved can be astronomical, so it is no surprise that conflicts and disputes are all too common. There are numerous techniques designed to resolve these problems, and this book summarizes the most important of these, as well as alternative dispute resolution methods. The reader seeking a deeper understanding of these procedures will also find clear explanations of the principles and methods for conflict management, such as negotiation, risk management, mediation and conciliation. $46.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415578288, NZRP$58.00 Publish December 2011, 160 pages Taylor and Francis Law

Computers and Society

Criminal Law

Computing for Good

Second Edition

Lisa C. Kaczmarczyk, Evaluation and Assessment Consultant, USA.

Charles Nemeth, California University, USA.

Using case studies and examples from the arts, humanities, social science, engineering, and technology, this unique and innovative textbook explores the ubiquitous role of computing and its uses throughout society. To engage students, the text draws on socially relevant topics, such as Internet Voting, Poverty Alleviation, Social Computing and Modeling, Technology in Healthcare, and more. It includes motivating exercises, questions, and project suggestions. A supplementary website will be provided. $104.00 Hb, ISBN 9781439810880, NZRP$131.00 Publish December 2011, 312 pages CRC Press Information Technology Quantity

9 781439 810880

9 781439 861714

Intelligent Systems for Engineers and Scientists

9 781439 821206

This book provides a comprehensive review and analysis of criminal law content from statutory, moral and philosophical perspectives. The text covers fundamental principles in criminal law codifications, delivers an accurate examination of criminal elements in felonies and misdemeanors, and encourages critical inquiry and analysis beyond the text. The second edition covers emerging specialized crimes in the virtual world and intellectual property. It also features updated information on case law and statutory authority, model penal code provisions, case law precedent and Supreme Court conclusions. $150.00 Hb, ISBN 9781439861714, NZRP$223.00 Publish December 2011, 480 pages CRC Press Quantity Law

Intellectual Property in Academia

Third Edition

A Practical Guide for Scientists and Engineers

Adrian A. Hopgood, De Montfort University, UK.

Nadya Reingand, CeLight, Inc., USA.

The third edition of this bestselling reference examines the principles of artificial intelligence and their application in engineering and science as well as techniques for developing intelligent systems to solve problems. This edition features an expanded chapter on intelligent agents that emphasizes the importance of dispersed systems, in which software agents are spread across the Internet. A new chapter presents extended coverage of evolutionary and genetic algorithms. In addition, a separate chapter is devoted to other optimization algorithms. $177.00 Hb, ISBN 9781439821206, NZRP$223.00 Publish December 2011, 416 pages CRC Press Quantity Information Technology

This book provides a practical understanding of intellectual property basics relevant in an academic environment. It describes the process of performing a comprehensive prior art search, determining business value, filing for a patent, licensing to companies, and using follow-up patents to create a valuable portfolio. The text also covers starting a new business, with cases of student inventions that led to successful start-ups, and reflects recent changes in application procedures, including filing for accelerated examination patents. $74.00 Pb, ISBN 9781439837009, NZRP$93.00 Publish December 2011, 296 pages CRC Press Law

9 781439 837009

Programming in C++ for Engineering and Science This concise C++ programming book emphasizes C++ features, examples, and applications that are most relevant to the engineering and computer science fields. The author uses a problem-solving approach to show how to use C++. He focuses on the features of C++ that are most important in engineering and science applications, with other features described in optional sections, appendices, or on the text’s website. Each chapter contains a carefully selected set of programming projects of varying degrees of difficulty, along with chapter summaries that highlight key terms, important points, design and style suggestions, and common programming pitfalls. $133.00 Pb, ISBN 9781439825341, NZRP$168.00 Publish December 2011, 736 pages Quantity CRC Press Information Technology


Corpora and Language Education Lynne Flowerdew, Hong Kong University for Science and Technology, Hong Kong.

Larry Nyhoff, Calvin College, USA.

9 781439 825341


9 780415 578288

9 781403 998934

December titles


Corpora and Language Education provides a comprehensive overview of the field and includes a discussion of the historical and conceptual background of corpus linguistics. The five main approaches to corpus linguistics are critically reviewed. Quotations, definitions and key concepts are included in the main text to highlight important issues and competing voices. The author illustrates how corpus linguistics has been applied in various research fields, e.g. business and health care contexts, forensic linguistics, literary stylistics, translation studies, second language acquisition, lexicography and testing. The application of corpus linguistics techniques to pedagogy is also discussed. $46.00 Pb, ISBN 9781403998934, NZRP$58.00 Publish December 2011, 288 pages Palgrave Macmillan Quantity Linguistics

Textbook terms apply to the following academic titles English Grammar

The 4 A’s of Marketing

A Resource Book for Students

Creating Value for Customer, Company and Society

Roger Berry, Lingnan Univeristy, Hong Kong.

9 780415 561099

English Grammar presents the basic concepts and key terms of English grammar in a clear and systematic way, and encourages readers to evaluate critically the knowledge they already have, particularly in areas that are problematic for them as learners, and to build up and trust their own intuitions about the language. It uses a range of international authentic texts to illustrate concepts and theories, from sources such as newspapers, novels and academic texts discussing English grammar. The book is accompanied by a companion website featuring audio files of authentic spoken English, and further activities. $41.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415561099, NZRP$52.00 Publish December 2011, 224 pages Routledge Quantity Linguistics

Jagdish Sheth, Emory University, USA, and Rajendra S. Sisodia, Bentley University, USA.

9 780415 898355

The Language of Gaming Discourse and Ideology

Designing for Newspapers and Magazines

Astrid Ensslin, Bangor University, UK.

Second Edition

The Language of Gaming examines the complex language of videogames and gaming from a discourse analytical perspective. Astrid Ensslin studies the discourses inscribed in videogames by their producers, as well as gamer and media metadiscourses, and focal areas include gamer slang, illocution, multimodality and narrative structures. $39.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230238596, NZRP$49.00 Publish December 2011, 224 pages Palgrave Macmillan Linguistics

Chris Frost, Liverpool John Moores University, UK.


9 780230 238596

9 780415 666541

A hugely beneficial introduction to students and professionals in print media and design, this book offers guidance on how to produce attractive publications and how to tailor them to their target audience using colour, text placement, typography and images. The book details the elements of good design and provides instruction on how to get the most of computers and computer-aided design. The book examines a broad range of local and national publications including The Sun, The Daily Mirror and Glamour magazine and explains the reasoning that underpins their design choice. $44.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415666541, NZRP$55.00 Publish December 2011, 192 pages Routledge Quantity Media & Communications

Strange Divisions and Alien Territories

Media and Religion

The Sub-Genres of Science Fiction

Daniel A. Stout, University of Nevada, USA.

Keith Brooke, University of Essex, UK.

This text examines the history, theory, cultural context, and professional aspects of media and religion. While religion has been explored more fully in psychology, sociology, anthropology, and the humanities, there is no clear bridge of understanding to the communication discipline. Daniel A. Stout tackles this issue by providing a roadmap for examining this understudied area so that discussions about media and religion can more easily proceed. Offering great breadth, this text covers key concepts and historical highlights; world religions, denominations, and cultural religion; and religion and specific media genres. $53.00 Pb, ISBN 9780805863840, NZRP$67.00 Publish December 2011, 208 pages Routledge Quantity Media & Communications

Foundations of an Emerging Field

Strange Divisions and Alien Territories explores the sub-genres of science fiction from the perspectives of a range of top SF authors. Combining a critical viewpoint with the exploration of the challenges and opportunities facing authors working in the field, contributors include Michael Swanwick, Catherine Asaro and Paul di Filippo. $41.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230249677, NZRP$52.00 Publish December 2011, 192 pages Palgrave Macmillan Literature


9 780230 249677

9 780805 863840

Victorian Literature

Media Convergence

John Plunkett, Regenia Gagnier, Angelique Richardson, Rick Rylance and Paul Young, all University of Exeter, UK; and Ana Vadillo, University of London, UK.

Networked Digital Media in Everyday Life Graham Meikle, University of Stirling, UK, and Sherman Young, Macquarie University, Australia. This book focuses on how everyday media such as Facebook, iTunes and Google can be understood in new ways for the 21st century through ideas of convergence. Key chapters explore the development of the internet, the rise of social media and the new opportunities for audiences to create, collaborate upon and share their own media. $41.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230228948, NZRP$52.00 Publish December 2011, 224 pages Palgrave Macmillan Media & Communications

An anthology of both familiar and previously unavailable primary texts that illuminate the world of nineteenth-century ideas. An expert team introduce and annotate a range of original social, cultural, political and historical documents necessary for contextualising key literary texts from the Victorian period. $46.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230551756, NZRP$58.00 Publish December 2011, 320 pages Palgrave Macmillan Literature

9 780230 551756

The authors present a powerful and tested approach that helps managers see a business’s every action through the eyes of its customers. This approach is organized around the values that matter most to customers: Acceptability, Affordability, Accessibility and Awareness. Taken together, these attributes are called the “4A’s.” The 4A framework derives from a customer-value perspective based on the four distinct roles that customers play in the market: seekers, selectors, payers and users. $62.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415898355, NZRP$78.00 Publish December 2011, 184 pages Routledge Quantity Marketing


Australian Author

9 780230 228948 December titles



Textbook terms apply to the following academic titles Net Work

9 780230 231405

9 780415 883283

Ethics and Values in Web Design

Evidence and Skills for Normal Labour and Birth

Helen Kennedy, University of Leeds, UK.

A Guide for Midwives, Second Edition

Despite growing interest in the cultural industries and the iconic status of the web designer, surprisingly little academic attention has been paid to the work of people who make websites. This book fills that gap, offering a detailed analysis of the work practices and working conditions of web designers. Helen Kennedy draws on over a decade of work and research within the web design industry to argue that web design is suffused with ethical inflections, which originate both in Tim Berners-Lee’s ideal vision of the web as an open, accessible and universal medium, and in the ethics and values which individual web designers bring to their work. $46.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230231405, NZRP$58.00 Publish December 2011, 256 pages Palgrave Macmillan Quantity Media & Communications

Denis Walsh, University of Nottingham, UK. This new edition emphasises the importance of translating evidence into skilful practice. It updates the evidence around what works best for normal birth, aspects of which still remain hidden and ignored by some maternity care professionals. Beginning with the decision about where to have a baby, through all the phases of labour to the immediate post-birth period, it systematically details research and other evidence sources that endorse a low intervention approach. $57.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415577328, NZRP$72.00 Publish December 2011, 184 pages Routledge Nursing



Critical Methods and Applications, Fourth Edition

A Study of a Vice

Jeremy G. Butler, University of Alabama, USA.

This book examines the nature of moralism in specific moral judgements and the ways in which moral philosophy and theories about morality can themselves become skewed by this vice. The book ranges across a wide range of topics: the problem of the demandingness of morality; the conflict between moral and other values; the contrast between the practice of moral philosophy and other modes of moral thought or reflection; moralism in the media; and moralism in the public discussion of literature and art. $34.00 Pb, ISBN 9781844654949, NZRP$43.00 Publish December 2011, 192 pages Acumen Publishing Philosophy

Craig Taylor, Flinders University, Australia.

Television explains in depth how television programs and commercials are made and how they function as producers of meaning. Author Jeremy G. Butler shows the ways in which camera style, lighting, set design, editing, and sound combine to produce meanings that viewers take away from their television experience. He supplies students with a whole toolbox of implements to disassemble television and read between the lines, teaching them to incorporate critical thinking into their own television viewing. $104.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415883283, NZRP$131.00 Publish December 2011, 528 pages Routledge Media & Communications Quantity

Australian Author

9 781844 654949

The Routledge Companion to Metaphysics

Maurice Merleau-Ponty, formerly of the Collège de France. Foreword by Taylor Carman, Introduction by Claude Lefort, Translated by Donald Landes. First published in 1945, Maurice Merleau-Ponty’s monumental Phénoménologie de la perception signalled the arrival of a major new philosophical and intellectual voice in Post-War Europe. Breaking with the prevailing picture of existentialism and phenomenology at the time, it has become one of the landmark works of Twentieth century thought. This new translation, the first for over fifty years, makes this classic work of philosophy available to a new generation of readers. $92.00 Hb, ISBN 9780415558693, NZRP$116.00 Publish December 2011, 688 pages Routledge Philosophy

The Routledge Companion to Metaphysics is an outstanding, comprehensive and accessible guide to the major themes, thinkers, and issues in metaphysics. The Companion features over fifty specially commissioned chapters from international scholars which are organized into three clear parts: History of Metaphysics, Ontology, and Metaphysics and Science. Each section features an introduction which places the range of essays in context, while an extensive glossary allows easy reference to key terms and definitions. $69.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415493963, NZRP$87.00 Publish December 2011, 632 pages Routledge Metaphysics Quantity

9 780415 558693

The Emotional Labour of Nursing

John Symons, University of Texas, USA, and Paco Calvo, University of Murcia, Spain.

Pam Smith, University of Surrey, UK. An eagerly awaited new edition of a classic text which explores caring and compassion within the modern nursing context. Comparing past and recent research, the book provides a fascinating insight into the key elements of nursing practice, such as primary care and bereavement, as well as issues for nursing leadership, management and mentoring. $55.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230202627, NZRP$70.00 Publish December 2011, 240 pages Palgrave Macmillan Nursing



The Routledge Companion to Philosophy of Psychology

Can Nurses Still Care? Second Edition

9 780230 202627


Phenomenology of Perception

Robin Le Poidevin, Peter Simons, Andrew McGonigal, and Ross Cameron.

9 780415 493963


9 780415 577328

9 780415 493956 December titles


The Routledge Companion to Philosophy of Psychology is an invaluable guide and major reference source to the major topics, problems, concepts and debates in philosophy of psychology and is the first companion of its kind. A team of renowned international contributors provide forty-two chapters organised into eight clear parts: historical background; the status of psychological theories; models of the mind; behaviour, development and the brain; thought and language; perception and consciousness; the inner world; and psychology and the Self. $69.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415493956, NZRP$75.00 Publish December 2011, 704 pages Routledge Quantity Philosophy

Textbook terms apply to the following academic titles

9 780415 690553

Debating a Post-American World

Peace and Conflict Studies

What Lies Ahead?

A Reader

Sabrina Hoque and Sean Clark, both Dalhousie University, Canada.

Charles P. Webel, University of New York, USA, and Jorgen Johansen, Gothenburg University, Sweden.

The United States is currently the linchpin of global trade, technology, and finance, and a military colossus, extending across the world with a network of bases and alliances. This book anticipates the possible issues raised by a transition between American dominance and the rise of alternative powers. While a ‘post-American’ world need not be any different than that of today, the risk associated with such a change provides ample reason for attentive study. This unique project offers a compilation of disparate arguments by scholars and policy practitioners, encompassing a plurality of disciplines and theoretical perspectives. $62.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415690553, NZRP$78.00 Publish December 2011, 288 pages Routledge Quantity Politics

This is a comprehensive and intensive introduction to the key works in this growing field. Presenting a range of theories, methodologies, and approaches to understanding peace and to transforming conflict, this edited volume contains both classic and cutting-edge contemporary analyses. With an extensive introduction, as well as recommendations for further reading and questions for the classroom, Peace and Conflict Studies: A Reader will be essential reading for students, teachers, and practitioners of peace and conflict studies, and conflict resolution. $64.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415591294, NZRP$81.00 Publish December 2011, 432 pages Routledge Quantity Politics

9 780415 591294

The Future of European Social Democracy

The Politics of Culture

Building the Good Society

Munira Mirza, Cultural Adviser to the Mayor of London, UK.

The Case for Universalism

Henning Meyer, London School of Economics, UK, and Jonathan Rutherford, Middlesex University, UK.

9 780230 290945

9 780415 778732

Across Europe social democracy is in crisis. The countries which form its collective home, Britain, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, Italy and France, are all currently governed by centre right parties. It seems that change to European social democracy is essential. The contributors to this volume look at what kind of change this might be. The authors explore the values of European social democracy, how it can be revived and what kind of political economy it requires in order to thrive. $46.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230290945, NZRP$58.00 Publish December 2011, 224 pages Palgrave Macmillan Politics Quantity

9 780230 284531

International Law, International Relations and Global Governance

The Biology of Psychological Disorders

Charlotte Ku, University of Illinois, USA.

David Linden, Cardiff University, UK.

This concise and accessible volume focuses on collaborative work within the disciplines of international law and international relations, and highlights the need to develop this collaboration further, describing the value for individuals, states, IGOs, and other non-state actors in being able to draw on the cross-pollination of international relations and international legal scholarship. This book examines how different elements of governance are interacting and shifting from one actor to another and analyses the cumulative effect of these shifts, and evaluates how they both enhance and challenge the worlds governing capacity. $59.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415778732, NZRP$75.00 Publish December 2011, 224 pages Routledge Quantity Politics

Covering a broad range of psychological disorders, their biological underpinnings, and the latest principles of pharmacological treatment, The Biology of Psychological Disorders is essential reading for students specialising in Biological Psychology, or seeking to contextualise their studies of cognitive and clinical neuroscience. $92.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230246409, NZRP$116.00 Publish December 2011, 512 pages Palgrave Macmillan Psychology


9 780230 246409

Introduction to Global Politics

Grief and its Challenges

Second Edition

Neil Thompson is a highly respected writer, teacher and adviser, with over 33 years of experience in the people professions.

Richard W. Mansbach, Iowa State University, USA, and Kirsten L. Taylor, Berry College, USA.

9 780415 782722

Based on original research and insights, The Politics of Culture charts a long-term shift in policymaking towards the use of culture as an instrument to achieve social and political objectives. This has brought an increase in funding and prestige to cultural institutions but created confusion about what culture is, who it belongs to and what it says about being human. This book puts forward a new understanding of universalism, one which recognizes that our ability to transcend difference is the essence of human culture and democratic politics. $115.00 Hb, ISBN 9780230284531, NZRP$145.00 Publish December 2011, 224 pages Palgrave Macmillan Quantity Politics

The 2nd edition of Introduction to Global Politics will be fully revised throughout with increased emphasis on the theme of change and continuity, introducing students to the key developments in current global politics in order to help them make sense of major trends that are shaping our world. It will continue to explain global politics using an historical approach, integrating theory with events at individual, state and global levels. This is a highly illustrated textbook with student activities throughout. Every chapter ends with annotated suggestions for further reading that will now include websites. $75.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415782722, NZRP$87.00 Publish December 2011, 584 pages Quantity Routledge Politics

This short introduction to loss and its impact on people’s lives is ideally suited to students and practitioners across many professions. With sensitivity and simplicity, Neil Thompson explores how grieving has been theorised and explains the crucial social dimensions to loss and grief that balance and extend more individualised models. $34.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230277564, NZRP$43.00 Publish December 2011, 240 pages Palgrave Macmillan Psychology

9 780230 277564

December titles



Textbook terms apply to the following academic titles Becoming a Public Relations Writer

Nationalism in the Twenty-First Century

A Writing Workbook for Emerging and Established Media, Fourth Edition

Challenges and Responses

Ronald D. Smith, Buffalo State College, USA.

Claire Sutherland, University of Durham, UK.

This is a comprehensive guide to the writing process for public relations practice. Using straightforward, no-nonsense language, realistic examples, easy-to-follow steps and practical exercises, this text introduces the various formats and styles of writing you will encounter as a public relations practitioner. A focus on ethical and legal issues is woven throughout, with examples and exercises addressing public relations as practiced by corporations, non-profit agencies, and other types of organizations both large and small. $104.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415888028, NZRP$131.00 Publish December 2011, 416 pages Routledge Public Relations

This major new text assesses the persistance of nationalism in a globalizing world and analyses the current nature and future prospects of this mutifaceted and evolving ideology. $53.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230220836, NZRP$67.00 Publish December 2011, 240 pages Palgrave Macmillan Sociology


9 780415 888028

9 780230 220836

American Cultural Studies

Sport and Society in the Global Age

An Introduction to American Culture, Third Edition

Timothy Marjoribanks, La Trobe University, Australia, and Karen Farquharson, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia.

Neil Campbell, University of Derby, UK.

9 780415 598712

This edition has been updated throughout to take into account the developments of the last six years, providing an introduction to the central themes in modern American culture and explores how these themes can be interpreted. The book discusses the various aspects of American cultural life such as religion, gender and sexuality, and regionalism. Updates and revisions include discussion of Barack Obama’s rise to power and the end of the ‘Bush Years’, and consideration of ‘Hemispheric American Studies’ and the increasing debates about globalisation and the role of the USA. $57.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415598712, NZRP$72.00 Publish December 2011, 368 pages Routledge Quantity Sociology

From play and participation to fandom and social action, sport forms a huge part of our daily lives. Encompassing hot topics such as heteronormativity, racism and the ‘cyborg’ athlete, this clear and concise text allows students to engage with the social processes, regulation and cultures of sport in a global age. $51.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230584693, NZRP$64.00 Publish December 2011, 224 pages Palgrave Macmillan Sociology Australian Authors

9 780230 584693

Arab Cultural Studies

Christopher Hay-Jahans, University of Alaska Southeast, USA.

Tarik Sabry, University of Westminster, UK. This book is the first attempt to explore ways of conceptualising and theorising the nascent field of Arab Cultural Studies. It reflects and engages in an interdisciplinary discussion on the different facets of Arab cultural studies, including gender, economy, history, epistemology, language, method, politics, literary and cultural criticism, institutionalization, popular culture, creativity and much more. The book presents a meta-narrative about how scholars have thus far thought and re-thought the field. $41.00 Pb, ISBN 9781848855595, NZRP$52.00 Publish December 2011, 320 pages I.B.Tauris Publishers Sociology Quantity

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An R Companion to Linear Statistical Models

Mapping the Field

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This companion manual was prepared to serve as an R supplement for textbooks on Linear Models. The manual provides computational and coding details on the use of R that textbooks do not. Topics covered include multiple linear regression, models for one- and two-factor fixed effects designs, covariance models, and models for randomized complete block designs. The text can serve as both a course supplement and a fairly detailed self-help resource. The development of “grass-roots” code alongside demonstrations of pre-packaged routines provides users with illustrations on how to develop their own code. $115.00 Hb, ISBN 9781439873656, NZRP$145.00 Publish December 2011, 373 pages CRC Press Quantity Statistics

Gender and History

A Whistle-Stop Tour of Statistics

Susan Kingsley Kent, University of Colorado, USA.

Brian Everitt, retired, King’s College London, UK.

This stimulating volume presents an overview of key gender theories and debates, tracing the development of gender as an analytic category in the writing of history. Covering a broad timespan, Kent makes the origins, concepts and methods of gender history accessible to students, showing how they can use gender in their own historical studies. $41.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230292246, NZRP$52.00 Publish December 2011, 160 pages Palgrave Macmillan Sociology

This book follows in the footsteps of The Mathematics Companion and The Physics Companion, presenting an introduction to basic probability and statistics through bite-size coverage of key topics. It is designed as a revision aid and study guide for undergraduate students, with descriptions of key concepts from probability and statistics in self-contained sections. It also makes an excellent reference for non-statisticians from various scientific disciplines who need an easy-tofollow reference for basic statistical techniques. The text shows how statistics can be applied in the real world, with lots of interesting examples and plenty of diagrams and graphs to illustrate the concepts more clearly. $59.95 Pb, ISBN 9781439877487, NZRP$75.00 Publish December 2011, 248 pages CRC Press Quantity Statistics


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Palgrave Macmillan December 2011 Professional & Academic Kit  

Palgrave Macmillan December 2011 Professional & Academic Kit

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