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Our Vision We seek to promote the growth of the whole person towards the fullness of life, which comes from God. We therefore are committed to: • Nurturing the spiritual and moral development of our community. • Providing an experience of learning and life founded on the values of the Gospel. • Raising awareness of, and response to, the needs of others locally, nationally and globally. • Providing a secure and caring environment where the uniqueness, dignity and worth of all are recognised and developed. • Being a beacon of best practice and excellence, where everyone is known and achieves to their highest potential. • Sustainability as a school specialism and promoting sustainable approaches for the benefit of current and future generations. • Being outward looking, working in partnership with others to provide opportunity and provision for local families and adults.

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A brand new & welcoming Sixth Form I hope you enjoy reading this prospectus which describes the many outstanding opportunities that are offered at the new Hope Academy Sixth Form. The Academy is a wonderful place to learn, offering brand new world class learning environments with purpose built facilities for Sixth Form students. Our Sixth Form is a totally new provision for young people in the area offering a wide range of subjects including A Levels, BTECs, NVQs and GCSEs. Here at Hope Academy Sixth Form we are committed to academic excellence where every student will meet their potential. We will expect you to be committed to learning and hard work but also believe you should enjoy your time here. Sixth Form life is not just about study and we will offer an exciting range of activities and opportunities outside the classroom including sport, music, drama, dance and international trips. I hope you will choose to become part of our exciting future.

John K Gannon BSc MA(Ed) Principal

“A community of learners of all ages from the local area committed to mutual service where each person can flourish, be their best and work for the common good to the glory of God and his creation.” Our Mission

Hope Academy is a joint Catholic & Church of England community, sponsored by both Churches and Liverpool Hope University. We welcome young people from all faith backgrounds or none. The Academy provides brand new Sixth Form provision for the young people of Newton-le-Willows and surrounding areas. It is not just a new name for an existing school but is the result of a £33 million investment. A new beginning. Our vision at Hope Academy Sixth Form is to be a beacon of best practice and excellence where everyone is known and achieves to their highest potential. We are committed to the development of the whole person and equally value every student whatever their background, beliefs or talents. We look to develop a thriving community of young people who understand their responsibilities to each other and to those in need.

The spiritual and moral development of our community will be an integral part of everything we do and our full time chaplain and chaplaincy team will be there to support all members of the community. Sustainability is our specialism and promoting sustainable approaches for the benefit of current and future generations is a distinctive aspect of our curriculum. We hope our young people will become agents for change in securing the sustainable future of our planet.

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Hope Academy Prospectus 2011

e s o o h c o Form t h t x i s S y n m ade reaso Hope Ac 10

Committed to Excellence We are committed to excellent academic standards offering brand new provision for you in your local community.

Personal Support and Care We will offer outstanding support for you in a safe and happy environment. You will have a dedicated personal tutor who will meet regularly with you and monitor your progress. There will be a full programme of Career and Higher Education advice to help you make important decisions about your future.

Student Facilities

Hope University

You will have your own study centre with access to the latest learning technologies. There will be dedicated social spaces with an amazing Sixth Form terrace! We have excellent dining facilities and our CafĂŠ will be open all day where you can sit, talk and relax.

We have a very special relationship with Hope University which is one of our sponsors. Hope University has tremendous expertise, experience and resources which are offered to support and help your development and achievement.

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World Class Learning Environment We believe you deserve the best. Here at Hope Academy Sixth Form we offer dedicated Sixth Form facilities within a brand new world class learning environment. The Academy is a £33million new building with truly outstanding facilities. We offer a wide range of specialist areas including exceptional science facilities, sport, drama and music studios with a fully equipped recording studio, to name but a few!

Sustainability…. Giving HOPE to Our Planet We are a community which cares about our world. Sustainability is our specialism and we care what happens to our planet. If you study here we hope you will get involved in saving the world!

Student Life We hope you will choose to get involved in the life of the Sixth Form. We offer wide ranging enrichment activities such as international trips, sport, drama and music, community and charity events.

Highly Qualified and Experienced Staff You will be taught by highly qualified and committed staff who are experts in their subjects.

A Wide Range of Courses and Programmes We offer a wide range of subjects and programmes. You can choose from A Level, BTEC, GCSE and Foundation Learning. In addition you have the opportunity to undertake an extended project which is worth up to an additional AS in UCAS points. You will work with a tutor designing and undertaking an agreed project which is highly valued by universities.

Christian Community We are a caring Christian community open to young people from all faiths or none where mutual respect and support for each other is paramount. A community with unity and warmth that will help you discover who you are and where you want to go in life. You can get involved in many activities such as CAFOD, Fairtrade, justice & peace and retreats.

Brand new learning environment and facilities

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Hope Academy is a brand new ÂŁ33million building which compares well with the best in Europe. It is one of the most sustainable and highly specified educational buildings in the country.

students can sit and relax Exclusive Post-16 Study Centre where

Main entrance with a piece of inspirational artwork created by architectural glass artist, Kate Maestri

s ht Interior ig r b d n a Modern

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Sixth Form students will enjoy outstanding and dedicated study and social facilities with access to the latest learning technology.

Cutting edge equipment

This includes an exclusive Post 16 study centre with seminar rooms and its own terrace where students can sit and relax. Sixth Form students can also access the full resources of the Academy including the refectories and Café Bar. The Academy is a truly 21st century building with cutting edge design and learning technologies. This includes: • An innovative science suite of laboratories and flexible learning areas • An outstanding technology suite that includes a graphics and product design studio, food technology room and specialised resistant materials area for design and technology students • A learning support suite • Five modern foreign language laboratories with the very latest interpretation equipment

Superb computer facilities

• Superb performing arts facilities, including a drama suite, dance studios and a music suite, which includes a recording studio • Fully-equipped art and design area that includes a textiles suite, 3D/ceramics suite, digital art studio, media studio and outdoor art terrace • Cutting-edge ICT equipment, including a wireless network, high-speed internet, a 24-hour school through remote access to resources and support • Outdoor classrooms • Wetland pond with outdoor gardens In addition, students will have access to the physical resources of Liverpool Hope University, e.g. advanced laboratories, theatre and field centre.

Flexible learning spaces

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Support & Guidance

Induction Conference

Personal Tutor

We offer all new students to our Sixth Form an induction conference. In addition to having a great time, you will be introduced to the Sixth Form experience and allowed time to get to know each other and your tutors. It will make you aware of the expectations in Sixth Form and allow you to begin to recognise your strengths and set targets for your subjects.

When you come to Hope Academy Sixth Form your personal tutor will help you settle in and support you through your time here.

The conference will begin the process of making you aware of Higher Education options and the many ways in which you can get involved in Sixth Form life.

Career Guidance Helping you make the right choice for your future. There will be a full programme of career guidance in partnership with the Connexions service. This will include advice on careers, progression to university or gap years, helping you make the right choice for your future. It will also include access to Higher Education conferences and support in visiting a range of Higher Education institutions.

Your tutor will undertake regular reviews of your progress against the subject targets you have been set. In addition they will support you with study skills and offer advice on career progression.

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Getting Involved... Personal Development and Enrichment… It’s not all work! We will expect all our students to work hard and be committed to their learning. However we firmly believe that Sixth Form should be a time when you have great fun, get involved and develop as a person. Here at Hope Academy Sixth Form there will be lots of opportunities to get involved. This will include Sixth Form councils and social committees, Duke of Edinburgh Award, music and drama productions, sport, community service, charitable work and a wide range of outings including trips abroad.

Study Support We want you to feel valued in Hope Academy Sixth Form and the staff working with you will make sure that support for your studies is available when you need it. In addition to your Form Tutor, your subject teachers will provide you with study skills advice that is specific to the courses that you are following. We also have Achievement Mentors in the Academy who can give extra support when necessary. There will be study skills sessions during your induction and on other occasions where possible throughout the year

Additional Support Hope Academy Sixth Form is committed to educational inclusion and welcomes students with learning difficulties or who are disabled. We can support you if you have additional health or learning needs and will do our best to make sure that you are able to make the most of your life in the Sixth Form. We can arrange for you to have extra time in examinations if necessary. The level of support will depend upon your individual requirements and you may discuss this on enrolment day with experienced Sixth Form staff.

Financial Support. From September 2011, if you need some financial support to stay in education, you can apply for the new 16-19 Bursary Fund. You will receive more information about who is eligible and how to apply when you enrol at Hope Academy.

Sixth Form Student Council. At Hope Academy, we want you to be able to contribute to the success and future development of the Sixth Form. The Sixth Form Student Council provides a way of representing your views and ideas at Sixth Form and Academy level. In addition, the council will be responsible for the organisation of enrichment opportunities including charity events and sporting activities. You can apply for a position on the student council (although numbers are limited) and you will be given more information about this when you start at Hope Academy. You may prefer to be a tutor group representative, reporting issues and ideas discussed during form time back to the student council. Whatever your role, we want to encourage you to get fully involved in Sixth Form life.

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Hope Academy Prospectus 2011

Courses we offer... We offer a range of both traditional and vocational courses and programmes to meet the needs and aspirations of students. Many students are able to mix and match vocational and traditional subjects. SIXTH FORM CURRICULUM Subject

Level 3 A Level

English GCSE - Resit



Maths GCSE - Resit


Applied ICT

BTEC Level 3 Diploma and Subsidiary Diploma



Applied Science

Level 2 BTEC/NVQ

Critical Thinking


Business Studies


Drama and Theatre Studies

Further Mathematics

Health and Social Care



English Language and Literature Combined


Music Technology


Performing Arts

Religious Studies and Philosophy

Public Services

French General Studies


Travel and Tourism



Business Studies Catering Child Care ICT DIDA Public Services Work Skills


Sports Studies

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You will follow a programme of study that is suited to your ability, preferred learning style and future aspirations. We feel that it is very important that you progress onto courses that you will enjoy and in which you will succeed. The courses that you choose will depend on your GCSE results and your own personal choice and aspiration.

The table below details Hope Academy Sixth Form’s standard entry requirements. Please note that we always strive to take your individual personal circumstances into account.

Programme of study

Entry Requirements

Foundation This is a one year programme in which you can opt for 2 Level 2 BTEC courses. You will also study Work Skills and resit courses for GCSE English and Mathematics are also available. When you have completed the year successfully, you can progress to Level 3 courses. Advanced Our Advanced programme allows you to select from a wide range of traditional Advanced Level subjects such as Geography, Physics and English. Psychology, Sociology and Law may be less familiar and offer the opportunity to study a new subject. In addition to A Level subjects, we offer a variety of Vocational Level 3 BTEC National courses such as Applied Science, Sports Studies and Media. You are usually expected to take 4 subjects at AS Level or the equivalent in your first year. In year 2 most students studying A Levels will reduce the number to 3. If you succeed, you will be able to progress to University, further training or employment. Honours If you have achieved very high grades in your GCSE subjects you may want to opt for 5 AS Level subjects, you may also have the opportunity to complete an Extended Project. This shows a high level of commitment to study and increases UCAS points for University entry.

Mainly Ds with some Es at GCSE

At least 5 Cs at GCSE Level 2 BTEC may be needed to progress to a Level 3 BTEC in the same subject.

Mainly A*s and A’s at GCSE

General Studies and Critical Thinking add further breadth to the provision offered at Level 3 and you will all study Ethics as part of your Sixth Form curriculum.

Please note that some subjects have specific entrance requirements and you will be provided with individual guidance on enrolment day to ensure that you opt for the most appropriate courses. You can refer to the individual course information sheets to help your course choice.

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What to do next Autumn 2011

Autumn 2011 - Spring 2012

• Attend our Post-16 Information Evening, read the prospectus and visit our website.

We will consider your application form along with the information we receive from your school. You will then have an informal interview to discuss: • your initial choice of subjects and the entry requirements for these • your progression routes and career options. If you are offered a place you will be asked to confirm your acceptance.

• Start thinking about the subjects you might want to study and speak to your subject teachers and Connexions Adviser for their advice. • Apply to become a Sixth Form student at Hope Academy in one of three ways: 1. Completing the online application form on the Hope Academy website 2. Filling in a paper copy of the application form and handing it in to your Head of House 3. Posting a copy of the application form to Hope Academy Sixth Form at the address below You should apply as soon as possible but no later than FRIDAY 16th DECEMBER 2011.

August 2012 • After publication of the GCSE results you can enrol on your courses at the Sixth Form. September 2012 • Start your first few days at Hope Academy Sixth Form on an induction programme to ensure you settle into Academy life quickly and easily.

The courses listed and information provided in this prospectus are correct at the date of publication (October 2011) and are subject to change. For further information or queries please contact: Mrs. C D Cummins, Assistant Principal, Director of Sixth Form, Mr. D Brankin, Deputy Head of Sixth Form or Mrs. J C Vernazza, Post 16 Student Support Manager. Hope Academy Ashton Road Newton-le-Willows Merseyside WA12 0AQ Tel: 01744 671930

Hope Academy Post 16 Prospectus  

Hope Academy is a new academy in Newton Le Willows. It opened in September 2012 and its specialism is sustainability.

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