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Adam /Eve at creation ,had a knowledge of God ,it was printed in their hearts,and they understood its claims upon them. The law of God existed before man was created,it was adapted to the condition of Holy beings even Angels were governed by it. After the fall nothing was taken from the Law,not one of its Holy precepts could be improved,and so it will continue to exist throughout the ceaseless ages of eternity. The Sabbath was instituted in Eden,He made the Sabbath for man,yet after the fall of man nothing was taken from the Law of God ,the Law is comprised of two great principles,thou shalt Love the Lord thy God with all your heart and with all thy soul,with all thy mind and with all thy strenght, and the second is like unto it ,namely this,thou shalt love thy neighbour has thyself,there is none other commandment greater than these. The God of Heaven has place a benediction upon then that keep the Commandments of God,we shall stand a peculiar people of God. In the Law every specification is the character of the infinite God,the Sabbath is placed in the midst of the decalogue.Of the Sabbath God said you shall not defile it ,but keep it Holy,so false worship is spiritual adultery,so whom do serve for even Christ said that he was Lord of the Sabbath . Christs Sacrifice provides bounties,the rivers of blood that flowed at the harvest thanksgiving,when the sacrifices were offered in such large numbers,were meant to teach a great truth.For even the productions of the earth ,the bounties provided for mans sustenance,we are indebted to the offering of Christ upon the cross of Calvary.God teaches us that all we receive from Him is the gift of redeeming love. Are we worshippers of Jehovah,or baal?of the living God or of idols.?those who worship on a false day are indeed giving worship to Satan.Every man has been placed on trial,as were Adam /Eve in the garden of eden,as the tree of knowledge was placed in the midst of the garden of eden so the Sabbath command is placed in the midst of the Decalogue.Of the Sabbath ,God said ,ye shall not defile it but keep it Holy ,do you not know that all false worship is in fact spiritual adultery ,God will not be trifled with.He has a hatred for idolatry for all its influence is corrupting. Let it be known to all that God has given His Law for the regulation of the conduct of nation,of families,and of individuals.There is not one worker of wickedness, though his act be the lightest and the most secret ,that escapes the denunciation of Gods Holy Law. God says the Sabbath is His sign,its a sign of loyalty to Christ,it is a sign we believe he created our world.Its a sign that we want to follow all His Word,in the last days of earths history,Gods Word says,Here is a call for the endurance of the saints,those who keep the Commandments of God and hold fast to the faith of Jesus.In the last days God will have a group of people who love Jesus,they love him so much that they obey Him.Its more than a matter of days.In the Garden of Eden Satan said to Eve ,what difference does a tree make?all trees are alike,and Eve lost Eden because she bought into that lie. So many Christians today are buying into a deception. people say,What difference does a day make ?all days are alike,With God all days are not alike , one day was Blessed by God,or set aside, the Seventh day and God rested on only one day- The Sabbath. The issues of obedience,our choice is , The bible or tradition. Jesus or religious leaders. Gods Law, or mans dogmas. Gods instruction or human teaching. Gods way or mans way. And God says to you and me right now,Choose for yourselves this day Whom will you serve.But has for me and my household,We will serve the Lord Amen

Gods Sabbath  

what the world needs to know about thetrue Sabbath

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