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Chicken Paleo Dinner Options There are so many options with chicken! If you’ve got some chicken at home, perhaps one of these ideas will give you some inspiration? Thai green curry Chicken Fajitas. Either skip the tortillas or use lettuce, or Nori wraps instead 

Chicken casserole – make it in your crockpot/ slow cooker for an instant dinner  Chicken kebabs  Bacon wrapped chicken breasts  Roast chicken  Chicken salad with mango  Lemon chicken in the slow cooker  Jerk chicken  Quick & easy chicken curry  Paleo chicken pad thai  Avocado Cashew chicken

Fish Paleo Dinner Suggestions Fish is a great choice for Omega 3 – just make sure you get good quality seafood – and ideally line caught fish. Salmon burgers Paleo Sushi using nori wraps and cauliflower rice Pan seared tuna with lime and steamed veggies  Smoked haddock omelette  Chilli crab 

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Salt & pepper squid  Shrimp salad  Chowder Baked trout & roasted vegetables  Seared scallops  Muscles with garlic  Seaweed salad  Paleo paella  Fish stew 

SAD Dinners Missing a SAD favourite? Try the Paleo version!  

Make a Paleo pizza with a nut flour base Spaghetti bolognaise with zucchini noodles

Beef Paleo Dinner Ideas Beef is another very versatile dinner choice, with literally thousands of menu options. Try one of these ideas tonight.

Bunless burgers with sweet potato fries  Meatloaf Lasagne (using eggplant and zucchini instead of pasta)  Paleo meatballs  Beanless chilli  Spicy beef curry made with coconut milk  A traditional roast beef dinner with roasted veggies  A beef and broccoli stir fry  Beef stew  Beef stuffed capsicum/bell peppers  Beef stroganoff  Cottage pie topped with cauliflower mash  Beef Goulash  Beef Bourguignon  Steak & Eggs  Cinnamon beef hash  The classic meat pie 

Lamb Paleo Dinners I always forget how much I enjoy lamb. Fancy one of these on your menu tonight?

Shepherds pie topped with sweet potato mash  Lamb shanks with cauliflower rice  Lamb skewers  Slow roasted leg of lamb  Lamb tagine  Lamb hotpot  Lamb chops and mint sauce  Lamb burgers served with a Greek salad  Rogan Josh

Paleo Pork Dinners You can do a lot with pork – this is one meat that I especially recommend getting the best quality possible. Ideally try to get pasture raised pork.

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