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Patrice Albertus eMarketing Consultant Qualifications

AntiloP NEWMEDiA 3-131 Muskrat. P.O. Box 497 Banff, Alberta T1L 1A6, Canada (403) 621-3810

Relevant skills

e-Marketing eMarketing



Internet Marketing commited !

5 years commercial website management experience,with Google PageRank and 1st page serach result indexation.

Google Advertising Professional classification in progress : 3 years experience, 10001500$ campaigns monthly, conversion rate results

Blogging & peering on different groups or communities


Social Medias Release Chart.

with social networks and Web 2.0 integration

PHP, Flash and many CMS platforms

Puropose-built tagging in SMNR (delicious, digg,‌).

PPC, Banner campaigns

Yahoo Marketing, Microsoft Adcenter, Fastclick

Masters in Marketing 4,5 years in position : Toshiba + Canon

E-mailing software : Sarbacane, CampaignMonitor, Zookoda (newsletter for blogging)

e-marketing great skills with reports enhancing Feedburning and news publicize tools

Widget marketing on Facebook, MySpace and social networks. with web javascripts, with Widget Distribution model. building oriented profiles, and filters

Social spreading model with plugins

Google Analytics & AdWords full integration

E-mailing on Mambo CMS

embedding in web pages. Keywords Placement improving

Crowdsourcing in emarketing plan.

Subscriptions conversion website layout building

AdWords Editor qualifications

Your Opportunity

Multimedia content planification : Graphics, RSS, Podcasts, Boilerplate

Qualifications.xls 14/07/08

BLLT weaknesses on A fresh, new and dynamic social medias and meta ressource for E-Strategy optimisation for search Senior Manager and engines Marketing team (see SEO result report)

Managing a performant online advertising platform for monitoring all different campaigns and edit relevant weekly reports. Multi account campaign model for BLLT second market members


Urcher & Google Analytics poweruser.

Meta and Sitemap optimisation on HTML,

Gooruze emarketers New medias and convergence community prodigy user. macro knowledge : essay Publishing and sharing on SEO, during master in QuĂŠbec marketing, PR and social networking.


Web Analytics ongoing use since 1999

eMarketing program building



Enhancing conversion tools, depending to current Propose and developp BLLT Analytics situation Optimise and boost new social models : current feed model : widgetization, Facebook Building accurate profiles increase qualified visitor to crowdsourcing, social in regard to Sales, Events, conversion reach. mediasphere boosting, ... Heritage ans other programs

Customer relation orientated mix preference (Services)

Tourism industry marketing courses. Social marketing courses.

Patrice Albertus eMarketing Consultant Qualifications

AntiloP NEWMEDiA 3-131 Muskrat. P.O. Box 497 Banff, Alberta T1L 1A6, Canada (403) 621-3810

Web & New medias Relevant skills







Easy CSS understanding

Developping with CMS, mobility and groupware solutions.


Web 2.0 / 3.0

Blogging since 2005.

Web development since 2000

HTML design with


concept integration

Quick learning on new formats. Autodidact.

Flash CS3 development

Galery platforms : Slideshowpro for Flash 1.7, Slideshowpro Director, SimpleViewer

Using the PHP applications easily (not as developper)

Widget model distribution knowledge Blog laboratrory for (see article on widget plugins and new marketing : technologies (code, APIs, OpenSocial,..) dget-marketing)

User-friendly applications with JS and AJAX PHP include mechanism (header scripts. / footer)

Building website layout, blog & CMS themes with CSS

Open-Source Portals : Mambo 4.6, Joomla, MODx, Ez Publish

and blogging optimisation

Mootools / LightWindows / Boxover

Code understanding for some Embedding PHP applications scripts updates or (monitoring, tracking, refering,…) personalisation

Plugins personalisation

Social Press Release plan for CMS

SOA (service Wordpress / oriented architecture)

Content and Design separation

Weblog and Publishing Open-Source Wikis : DocuWiki, platforms : MediaWiki MovableType / TypePad

for SEO Optimisation

Forums : bbPress, phpBB

CSS Optimisation : StyleMaster, CSSTweak

eCommerce : OsCommerce,

Paypal Objects

sensibility in all last web conception projects

Used on commercial website (Intranet/News), on personal blog (

Social Networking : Facebook, LinkedIn, Gooruze, Viadeo Hubs

Your Opportunity

Social Bookmarking :, Technorati, Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, …

Web conceptions PHP includes and plugins Marketing basis with web elaborated for many web are essential in social development skills objectives with many optimised websites. profile. classic or RIA layouts: commercial, artistic, Fast and easy BLLT web Real eMarketing galery,… and Intranet plugin dominance, no all for embedding for an easy-totechnology sensibility Understanding of BLLT use orientation members needs

Qualifications.xls 14/07/08

Enhancing the BLLT newscasting pages

Fast integration to BLLT EZ Publish CMS platform

Real Up-to-Date qualifications in news publishing. Opportunity to improve BLLT news feeds and blog ranking (unranked).

Patrice Albertus eMarketing Consultant Qualifications

AntiloP NEWMEDiA 3-131 Muskrat. P.O. Box 497 Banff, Alberta T1L 1A6, Canada (403) 621-3810

IT Relevant skills





Tech support on desktop

Multitask and Autodidact 110%

Client-Side + Server capacities

Small business

Autodidact +

professional IT training

eMarketing program building


with social networks and Web 2.0 integration

Small Business Network installation and configuration, with Mail services, security, monitoring servce print solutions, remote applications and more !


Windows, MacOS, Linux

Microsoft Windows from 95' to Vista support ...with blind eyes (english, french, german)

Desktop station installation

Adobe and Macromedia Suites since 1997.

CRM database building for Canon customer management

Beta tester for many applications

SQL Databases with Wordpress and other CMS Databe backup and restore

solutions integration specialist

Web Hosting

Mobile Devices

more than 16 domain hosting since 2001

Web and mobile convergence sensitive

Google Apps integration in SMB for content gathering, Domains hosted and managed document sharing, multiple with H-SPHERE Automation agenda management, and many control panel Web 2.0 services implementation

Collaborative tools installation for news, newsletter and HTML content gathering.

Adobe Device Central

DNS, CNAME configuration subdomains, alias

HTTP rules Redirection (301, 40x) .htaccess

Design and Web profile

Logs : Webalizer, ModLogAn

Your Opportunity

CGI Scripts (FormMail,‌)

Qualifications.xls 14/07/08

see Qualifications profiles on BLLT Position description (page 3)

A performant and approved process for BLLT's CMS information progress (from text edit to publishing)

Bring on visitors handleds, from iPhone to Blackberry !

Patrice Albertus eMarketing Consultant Qualifications

AntiloP NEWMEDiA 3-131 Muskrat. P.O. Box 497 Banff, Alberta T1L 1A6, Canada (403) 621-3810

Training, Helpdesk Relevant skills

Direct support



High-tech environments positions Customer trainer, on IT product, individual and achievments by Toshiba and Canon.

Toshiba newest products teacher to sales & marketing team. Customers training program supervisor.

and groups

Audits process to build new programs

Adobe Connect, Macromedia Breeze and other elearning applications exptertise

At ease with different kind of users

Helpdesk and remote help qualified. VNC, Windows remote

Your Opportunity

Blogging practices trainer : installation, training and follow-up from many customers, friends an contacts

Qualifications.xls 14/07/08

Ready-to-use helpdesk coordinator for BLLT members and staff

Very good skills to build online and offline training documents (Communication courses in 20052006). Mobiles, handleds and computer power-user, fast grip with new cases

Patrice Albertus - Compétences SEO, web, WebMarketing, IT, training/Helpdesk  

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