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Paola Parreno-Merino Communication Arts, Honors College You don’t like it when you snore. You think it’s embarrassing, You think it’s loud, You think it’s terrible. But me? I love it when you snore.

Susan La

Fine Arts, Honors College Psyche and Eros Paper 5 x 5 in

The soft tremor of your chest. Your breath announcing its arrival, It’s departure. It’s my lullaby to a peaceful sleep. And even miles away, Alone in my bed, With your snoring through the line I imagine us, in 5, 10, 20 years: Your snore ever-present in the air around us, Your chest rising and falling with a magnificent rumble, And me, buried within the earthquake of your being, loving every moment of it, Of you, Of us. In the morning, you’ll open those brown eyes, And I’ll smile at your blush when you realize you’ve been snoring. Because you really don’t understand that I love every single part of you. But for now, you’ll sleep And I’ll hum along to the song of your slumber. Dreaming of you, forever.

Palate First Edition  
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