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We dared to challenge fate altogether But what was mere fate when we were consumed with constant desire Carnally, passionately, the rest of the world would seize to exist We were completely and willingly blinded Because that was our kind of love Blind Until life came and glued our eyes open so that we could not even blink It stripped away the shelter that we so carefully constructed It tore down the walls that made the cruelties of life disappear It wrenched us apart from each other’s desperate embrace Because life was not fair to us It was never going to allow our illusion to become something more concrete It was never going to let our fantasies become alive in the flesh It gave us false hope, like a scrap of meat left for the starving dogs But we took it, and I still cling to that sole strip of hope Because I want our dreams to become reality I want what we might have had to become what we will have I want this pain to be the kind that makes us grow further together I want you, for you to be with me The mirror is shattered now, the bits of glass the only residue of what was once there The walls are stained with blood and tears, the aftermath of breaking apart without anyone to care But those shards can be recreated, that mirror can be replaced For through all the pain, sadness, and confusion, You still remain my perfect Illusion



Palate First Edition  
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