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Illusion Vaersa Illusion A word that can shatter your world when you realize that your life is simply that Illusion A mirror that reflects on that which you believe to be true Illusion The words so cleverly crafted into an image that gives hope to the weary Illusion The happiness that cleverly masks the pain and displays a smile that is genuine enough Because that was all that we were An illusion We were the promises always meant to be broken We were the rules never meant to be bent We were the characters who had to follow their role and not enhance them We were the dreamers who never attained that which should have been theirs Because we were an illusion, blindly believing in the vision that was simply an empty mirage But now the mirror is shattered The photograph ripped The vision a depiction of the truth we simply ignored That everything was far beyond perfect That time did not stop when we felt it did That life was never going to be merciful to us That perhaps we really were breaking each other’s hearts But our illusion was the only thing that kept me afloat It was the only peace i could find in the storm surrounding me It was bliss in its purest form It was home, you were home And perhaps the illusion is simply a vision of what’s to come Maybe we foreshadowed the events that are yet to happen Perhaps we simply tried to speed up time itself For we craved what we couldn’t have, longed for something forbidden

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Palate First Edition  
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