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Laura Camafreita Psychology, Honors College

This diagnosis has been eating away my body, The soul its prey, consuming its innocence Pondering fantasies of bliss while fighting thoughts of treachery My body, trembling inside a prison, I awaken This dual personality has exceeded insanity On moment the illness shows me life at the most exuberant mania, I’m flying. Every piece of Earth is shining with hope, and I am part of the greater symphony The sickness goes through my body in a powerful flow of glee, I’m flying Other times the despair is unbearable I feel my body crumbling, I’m falling The darkness, heavy, surrounds me no; I do not trust this Earth A depression, so intense, every part of the story leads to an unavoidable ending. The questioning causes a state of tears that caresses my body in reality, I’m falling This sickness has a price, beating my body but regenerating my soul. Chronic; the sensation lives sheltered, finding a home with me If the pain is worth this shining light and ridiculous jubilee Then I will suffer the truth and run from a torturous denial.


Palate First Edition  
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