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Mind mesmerized Mind consumed Heart paralyzed Heart doomed Pain anticipated Pain received Promises captivated Promises deceived Tears initiated Tears unleashed Sorrow accumulated Sorrow released Kisses tender Kisses prolonged Life splendor Life wronged Control destroyed Control surrendered Strength restored Strength rendered Bane addiction Bane amplified Existence fruition Existence revitalized Darkness extinguished Darkness craved Light distinguished Light saved

All these pages and letters I’ve written; These words of love are yours. Your lips evoke emotions I write out with ink My blood rushes and you consume my soul I constructed a barrier to protect my body But you encaptured my mind and heart You came with pain and promises But took the tears and sorrow away Your kisses of life were my salvation In losing my control with you, I found my strength again You are the bane of my existence You are the darkness to my light But in reality you are my saving grace disguised You are my guardian, protector, keeper; my most unexpected surprise You saw what no one else could fathom You held me until I found the courage to be strong You are the reason I can smile and live for the moment You are the inspiration for my every song


Palate First Edition  
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