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I AM A QUEEN! I am a queen. I secure my crown and inherit my throne through a powerful legacy.

I am a queen! “Phenomenal,” like Maya Angelou, “Still I Rise” ready and capable to conquer life’s daily obstacles. I am unstoppable! My perseverant attitude and stubborn will help me to endure the worst; I strut with grace and poise, Even when my world is unstable, I am cool, calm, collected; Ask First Lady, Michelle Obama, a queen doesn’t fold under pressure.

I am connected to a vibrantly rich history; A spiritual lineage consisting of soulful sisters like: Cleopatra, Sojourner Truth, Ida B. Wells-Barnett, and other incredible women, Who asserted their majesty and ascended to royalty By virtue of their integrity.

I am what great queens are made of: Sisterly like Audre Lorde and loving like bell hooks I believe in the power of a sisterhood communion, In the strength of a bond built by great women united; Creating, inspiring; contributing significantly to the world; Compassionate forces to be reckoned with; respected.

I belong to a sacred ancestry, Not blood bound but psychically. You see, when I was born I inhaled the same air breathed by the queens before me. Their presence now inhabits my soul, moving my spirit, Shaping the essence of my very being.

Like Angela Davis or the honorable Betty Shabazz I am political, radical And at times damn controversial! I shy away from nothing and no one. Unafraid to speak up and fight for what I believe in Because a queen fights on principle and doesn’t dare hold her tongue.

Jaiye Anais Simone Sociology

My voice! My voice is a passionate harmony of Billie Holiday, Celia Cruz and Nina Simone; A contemporary echo of the beautiful Lena Horne, I embody her sensual energy within my vocal chords. A deep, profound song remains stuck unsung in my larynxReminiscent of the old Negro spiritualsAnd when I flow The soulfulness of the blues is present within my tone. So, you should listen carefully when I have something to say My voice is an instrument for uplift. And I deserve to be heard. So I speak loud and clear, Hoping to dignify the proud voices of the past residing inside and through me. My speech is one of eloquence spoken with the proud esteem of being a queen.


I am what great queens are made of: I emulate those noblewomen already mentioned But just like them I am an original Distinctive in my uniqueness I ambitiously enhance my greatness Hoping I rise to rest on my own personal pedestal of significance From which others may one day acquire inspiration. Until then I’m content where I am in my progression. Daily I grow to be better but my title never lessens, Cause as a queen there is truth and beauty in my imperfections.

My power is divine, ordained by my inner goddess, I am in control of my destiny. Positive energy propels me to strive for the best, And because I am blessed I know great things are in store for me. I have to succeed because I AM A QUEEN!


Palate First Edition  
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