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Alexandra Laurent Psychology


Kind stranger I didn’t see you come my way Now that you are here Stay So I can tell you the matters of my heart And I can listen to the vowels from your mouth Sound so blissfully soulful So full of myself I hesitate Now that you are here Stay Your hand softer than mine Your lips fit in mine So nicely I forget to open my eyes I sense your frustration You cover it up with questions and questions Although I can’t open up as easily as you may wish while you are with me Stranger, Now that you are here won’t you Stay With me and watch me as I cower Under your endless light I see it and I worry I’m a little bit dim A little too dull Like a brand new doll Are you just a night Am I I apologize if I get in your way Step on something and break it I just wait and wait and wait But you are worth it No more I “thinks” But I truly feel I know what I want For you to Not go away.

Palate First Edition  
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