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Prologue: She Comes with the Rain Mikaila Daniel

Computer Science, Honors College


hey refused to name the new settlement “New Earth.” Earth was old, yes, but its death wasn’t due to its age. New Earth displaces the true blame. It implies their race was oblivious to the condition of the planet. This was a lie they would never tell themselves again. Their new home was not Earth, and never would be. The refugees took every precaution to ensure humanity’s new home would never be destroyed. The distribution and use of all resources in their home would be heavily regulated. They established a governing body to control everything in this city, and called it “The Republic.”

This machine carefully calculated each event in a person’s life— maintaining the population of humans at 150,000, plus or minus two percent. It intervened when it saw fit, distributing diseases when the population grew too large, decreasing taxes when the population grew too small. A select few were aware of the Republic’s powers, and for many generations these people were in charge of maintaining the machine’s hardware and software. Four hundred and sixty-two years after its birth, the Republic falsely interpreted an update as a threat to its city. To protect itself, it created a problem that could never be detected by it or its inhabitants—much less be solved by one of them. Full story featured on our website:


Palate First Edition  
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