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Octubre 2008

DE KONZA Los Lobos In Salina

President Fox at KSU

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10/3/08 9:02:09 AM

Community Director ’s Message

Hola Comunidad! It is a pleasure to introduce this issue of our region’s first bi-lingual magazine, Palacio De Konza, serving our collective communities. Palacio means ‘A Palace.’ It’s a lifestyle, a journey, a dream. It’s a feeling of something constant, something upward, it keeps moving forward to acheive greatness. The sun in our logo represent the light which is free for everyone to enjoy. Without the sun, nothing would be possible. This is the nature of our publication. Like our sun, Palacio is free for all to enjoy. Our purpose is to help the community by dispelling myths, providing relevant information and creating a path for individuals and families to achieve greatness in their lives. The core objective is to provide community resources and opportunities to our readers. Together, our community is powerful and contributes a large amount of prosperity to our cities. When we as a group open our minds, our eyes and our heart to dream, we all benefit from th growth and achievement. With education and information as our guide for success and for all who have dreams and goals we can make a significant difference in our communities. Every month we will strive to bring a variety of information, news, events and opportunities localized to our region. The support from our advertisers enables us to bring you this monthly publication to better inform our communities. Our advertisers provide services to assist us in our daily lives. We sincerely hope you enjoy our free publication and make it part of your family’s monthly readings, discussions and libraries. Should you have any questions about the content, the advertisers or wish to contribute in being a part of our magazine, please contact Gracias!

Joel Bales. Konza Community Directory / Publisher 913-871-1397 Read & Subscribe On-line @ Palacio de Konza

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Mensaje Del Director De La Comunidad

Hola Comunidad! Es un placer introducir a Palacio de Konza, la primera revista bilingue sirviendo al comunidad de Konza. Palacio; es un estilo de vida, un viaje, un sueno. Es yb sebtunuebti de algo constante, algo ascendente, que continua hacia delante para lograr grandeza. Nuestro sol representa la luz de lo que es libre para la satisfaccion de todos. Sin el sol nada seria posible. Esa es la naturaleza de esta publicacion, Palacio De Konza es gratis para todos. Nuestro proposita es ayudar a la comunidad rompiendo mistos, proporcionando informacion relevante y creando un camino para que los individuos y las familias logren alcanzar la grandeza en sus vidas. El obetivo principal es el proporcionar recursos comunales y oportunidades a nuestros corazones para sonar, todos nos beneficiamos del crecimiento y exito. Con educacion y information como guia hacia el exito. Con educacion y informacion como guia hacia el exito por todos quenes tienen suenos y metas nosotros podemos hacer una diferencia significante en nuestras comunidades. Si usted tiene cualquier pregunta acerca de nuestros articulos o ananuciates o le gustaria obtribuir y ser parte de la revista, usted nos puede contactar a y - Gracias!

PALACIO DE KONZA serves Ft. Riley, Junction City, Ogden and Manhattan, Kan. Palacio de Konza is a monthly publication with a distribution of 10,000 readers. For information on advertising or to submit editorial content for publication contact Community Director / Publisher Joel Bales. Palacio De Konza 822 Dondee Drive Manhattan, KS 66502 USA Copyright October 2008

Octubre 2008

10/6/2008 8:44:50 PM

Mexico President Fox: Building Bridges, Not Walls Answer to Immigration Issue

Fomer Mexican President Vincente Fox called for cooperation and the building of bridges instead of walls when he spoke to a full house on Kansas State University’s campus as the 152nd lecturer in the esteemed KSU Landon Lectures September 24th. Fox, the first president to be elected by the opposing party, controlled inflation and interest rates promiting economic development during his six year term in office, 2000 to 2006. “He is a visionary leader,” KSU President Jon Wefald said in his introduction. Fox focused on immigration issues between the U.S. and Mexico. Fox said building walls between the countries is not the proper solution for illegal immigration. “We should not be building walls,” Fox said. “We should be building bridges.” Fox said the United States, Canada and Mexico are some of the biggest trading partners in the world. Mexico imports $250 billion per year from United States producers — more products and services than Italy, France, Germany and United Kingdom combined. The results is thousands of jobs for Americans, Fox said. “We’re partners! We’ve been friends and we’re neighbors,” Fox said. “We need a great effort among ourselves to know more about our mutual nations’ economies.” Fox said China is predicted to have the largest economy by 2040, meaning the United States will no longer hold first place. The U.S. and Mexico can be the largest marketplace if the two countries work together, Fox said. “Many Mexicans have not found

the opportunities they’re looking for in their own land,” he said. “The dream of America is freedom and democracy and this is what we share.” Fox said Mexico is trying to emphasize the importance of women in society, the need for equal education, and the issue of drug trafficking and violence, Fox said. Mexico began only as a transit for drugs, then drugs starting being produced there, and now the country is dealing with consumption as well according to Fox. He challenged the U.S. to take some responsibility for these issues. “Once the drugs crosses the border, who moves it? Who collects it?” Fox asked. KSU junior Heather Wood asked

Fox whether there was any legislation on education for children who are born to undocumented parents. “Those kids, many times, their parents were thrown away,” he explained. “If you don’t have a dose of compassion, it’s difficult to have an answer to those problems like the one you have stated.” Jory Oullhiad, Ph.D student said K-State should have more lectures like these. “Not just in Kansas, but all over the United States, we need more leaders out there,” she said. “The more controversial, the better. It just gets people thinking, and I was really happy to see him come.” - Kansas Collegian journalist Deborah Muhwezi contributed to article, edited by Joel Bales. (file photo).

Palacio de Konza

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Octubre 2008

10/6/2008 8:48:57 PM

Music Legends LOS LOBOS in Salina Concert October 18 Since they began as Los Lobos Del Este Los

Angeles in 1973, this grammy award winning band has evolved into a respected artistic entity searching for themes and topics that are interpretive pulses of our times. At this stage in their illustrious career, any new album by the East Los Angeles rock band Los Lobos is a highly anticipated event. Using musical molds built upon Blues, Rockabilly, Jazz, Latin and their own Mexican-American heritage, Los Lobos has never beat their fans over the headwith politics or agendas. Instead, they subtly challenge them with conscience-raising songs and thoughtprovoking lyrics. Their latest Hollywood Records release“The Town and The City” - certainly does that. “Somewhere halfway through the making of this record I found this linear sort of plot, a story of struggle” explains Perez. “So I thought, I’m not going to resist and followed my intuition. It was like a flashlight waving at the end of a tunnel that I had to go after.” “The epic “The Town and The City” is told in the first-person, with each song serving as an episodic step in a rough journey that is in your face at times, comforting and nostalgic at others. Most of the thirteen songs are co-written by Perez and David Hidalgo; Cesar Rosas contributes two songs. “The journey takes on a darker, more desperate tone with “Hold On,” a metaphorical blues about the trials and tribulations that could lead one into grips of drug and alcohol abuse. “David and I talked about the theme and the following day he came to the studio with a lyric written for the chorus” adds Perez. “I told him ‘I’ll get this done but its not going to be pretty’.” Sonically, the album is a jewel, reflecting the introspective quality of the songs inradiant, ambient textures. In hindsight, Los Lobos’ records have evolved, creating a sound combining hi-fi with lo-fi, acoustic with electric. Steve Berlin admits it was a challenge to process the ideas and character of the songs. Palacio de Konza

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When he sings, ‘I close my eyes and it’s all I see,’ it means that anywhere you are you can never deny where you came from. And it’s not just about these beautiful pastoral pictures you might have of where you came from. For me, there were also disturbing images of police helicopters flying over the neighborhood, the sound of shots going off late in the night. These are the details that also make upour memories. And even those things, as bitter as they are, can sometimes be sweet as well.” “Don’tAsk Why,” “No Puedo Más,” and “Free Up” complete the album, with everysong saying something significant about the mysterious journey that creates a newlife in a society much different from where it began. It can be the first-person immigrant story that repeats itself every day along the US/ Mexico border but witha universal message about the struggle between right and wrong. “This is a record of this moment,” concludes Steve Berlin. “There are places where it’s dark and foreboding and that’s certainly how many people I know feel right now,although there are songs in Spanish, this is a universal story at a time when we are really moving through something into something. No one I know is standing still. We’re caught up in the tide of history in a profound way and everybody’s moving whether they want to or not.” “In the larger scheme of things I hope these songs will communicate to people in way that can be interpreted into their own lives,” says Louie Perez. “We as a band have had an interesting life so far and if it all ended tomorrow I could sit back and be proud at what we’ve accomplished. But we’re not done yet and I’m blessed with the opportunity to keep chiseling away at this huge stone and wait for more to be revealed.” Los Lobos will bring their legendary musical style to Kansas in Salina’s historic Steifel Theatre on Saturday October 18th. For ticket and reservation information visit ~ (editorial contributions by: Madison House, Inc.)

Octubre 2008

10/8/2008 10:54:52 AM

Pan de Muerto

Los Mortes’ Dias Day of The DeadIngredients - transcrito por Saladdin Shabazz

eat and drink during their passing When we are born, our onto the next life. Los Mortes Dias life begins, meaning time to grow means that on these days of the year, and time to play. the souls are easy to depart.

1/4 cup milk 1/4 cup (half a stick) margarine or butter, cut into 8 pieces 1/4 cup sugar 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 package active dry yeast 1/4 cup very warm water 2 eggs 3 cups all-purpose flour, unsifted 1/2 teaspoon anise seed 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon 2 teaspoons sugar

Time to be you, time to Food is most important dumake money, time to begin your ring this day. Such things as the Pan family; su familia. For the Latino de Muerto meaning bread of the community it means dead, candied skulls a wonderful celebraand taquila for the tion of life, but what adults. Additionally, happens when life on the graves family Instructions: Bring milk to boil remove from heat. Stir in butends? Do we go on members place Cem- and ter, 1/4 cup sugar & salt. In large living our lives? Or poalxochitl known bowl, mix yeast & warm water undo we celebrate our as many flowers, til dissolved. Let stand 5 minutes. loved Ones death? Flors De Muerto, or Add milk mixture. Separate yolk & This celebration has the flowers of the white of one egg. Add the yolk to mixture. Save egg white for been a part of Hispadead. Bright colors yeast later. Now add flour to the yeast nic community and are most important and egg. Blend well until dough culture for centuries during this celebra- ball is formed. I'm Speaking about tion. Orange mariLos Morte's Dias' golds and yellow are Flour a pastry board or work surface well & place the dough in cenDay of The Dead. few key colors to this ter. Knead until smooth. Return day. to large bowl and cover with dish This holiday started by the towel. Let rise in warm place for Aztecs who believed in the goThere is some happiness 90 minutes. Meanwhile, grease a ddess Mictecacihuatl, Goddess and some sadness. Children are the baking sheet & preheat the oven of the underworld They say. That hardest treasures to lose because to 350 degrees. now she is to preside over con- they are so small and innocent. Los Knead dough again on floured surtemporary festival as well with Angelitos means the ‘little angels.’ face. Now divide the dough into her husband Mictlantecuhtli Toys are brought to their graves so fourths and set 1/4 aside. Roll the where they both rule the after life. the lost children may take them over remaining 3 pieces into “ropes.” On greased baking sheet, pinch 3 Her job is to keep watch over the on their long journey. rope ends together and braid. Finbones of the dead so are they well ish by pinching ends together on protected. Among orthodox Chris- opposite side. Divide remaining in 1/2 and form 2 “bones.” tian religions, November 1st is also dough Cross and lay them atop braided So forth in this festival is known as, All Saints Day following loaf. synthesis with the Spanish cultu- the ancient tradition of commemore, on going that this holiday is rating all saints collectively on the Cover bread with dish towel and let rise for 30 minutes. Meanwhile, in celebrated during the days of No- first Sunday after Pentecost. a bowl, mix anise seed, cinnamon vember 1st through the 2nd, Los and 2 teaspoons sugar together. Mortes' Dias. It is a well planned In conclusion, the first day In another bowl, beat egg white event that is organized during is Dia de los inocentes,, the day of lightly. After 30 minutes, brush the year so it can come in to play innocents and the second day is Dia top of bread with egg white and sprinkle with sugar mixture, exwhen the month comes around. de los angelitos. cept on cross bones. Bake at 350 By this point, family members degrees for 35 minutes. Makes 8 will be gathering goods for Los For more information on to 10 servings. Mortes Dias. These goods are ca- these cultulled offerings or offerendas. ral holidays visit www. For this celebration cau- palaciodeses these things take personal care and love. These are family and search members who have passed away our website & California’ Califor nia’s nia’ s rreigning eigning kings of T Tex-Mex/Rock ex-Mex/Rock Espanol. 7:30 p.m. in life. Some things prepared for send us your Doors open 6pm; $35, $42, $45; Box Offices M-F 9-5 pm this day are, private alters at gra- holiday pho151 S. Santa Fe, Salina 785-827-1998 ves, meals and desserts. In order tos! that these precious souls may Buy online:

Los Lobos Stiefel Theatre Oct.18 Palacio de Konza

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Octubre 2008 10/6/2008 9:06:34 PM

Mundaza Fácil Cuando se cambia a una casa

nueva, hay algunas cosas que usted necesita saber, como cuando es un buen día para empezar a cambiarse. ¿Debo contratar personal de mudanza y cuáles cajas mantendrían mis pertenencias seguras? Primero, usted necesita saber cuáles cosas se van a ir con usted y cuáles son basura. Segundo, ordene los artículos que tienen mayor importancia como: testamentos, estados de cuenta y fotos de la familia. Si usted va a botar a la basura estados de cuenta esté seguro que primero los pase por una trituradora de papel o los moje y rompa antes de ponerlos en la basura, para que nadie pueda tomar sus números de cuenta para robar su identidad. Las tarjetas de crédito antiguas deben ser cortadas en pedazos antes de ponerlas en la basura. Usted se sentirá tranquilo de que lo hizo. Tercero, cuando usted ponga fotos familiares en cajas que estén listas para enviar, hay algunas cosas que se deben hacer para que no sufran ningún daño. Cuando las fotos familiares están enmarcadas esté seguro de comprar papel burbuja y cuidadosamente los, póngalos en una caja con papel periódico o pedazos de espuma flex, envuélvalos cuidadosamente con cinta adhesiva y mantenga la caja hacia arriba para que la señal de frágil se pueda distinguir. De esta manera usted se asegurará que sus fotos estarán con usted por muchos años. Esté seguro de que su vajilla y cristalería sean empacadas de la misma manera. Nunca se estrese con la tarea de mudanza porque esto puede causar que su familia se sienta bajo una presión no necesaria. Mantenga la calma si se siente estresado, nunca lo demuestre y Palacio de Konza

38153.1.1.006.indd 1


mantenga una buena actitud así todo saldrá bien. Cuando se contrata personal de mudanza esté seguro de verificar el historial de la compañía para saber acerca de su reputación. De esta manera usted se sentirá más tranquilo de que sus artículos no se perderán, serán robados o dañados durante el proceso de mudanza. Esté pendiente del personal para estar seguro que estén haciendo el trabajo correcto de otra manera el trabajo no se llevará a cabo. O si usted no puede pagar personal de mudanza pida ayuda a algunos amigos o miembros de su familia ya que ellos son el mejor personal que

se puede encontrar. Esté seguro de darles algo en retorno para agradecerles por la ayuda en la mudanza. Mantenga a sus niños ocupados empacando sus juguetes. Proporcióneles artículos livianos y suaves para poner en las cajas, así mantendrá a sus niños seguros, contentos y ocupados. Tome descansos frecuentemente, manténgase con energía y despierto. Tome mucha agua y tenga algo liviano para comer, ya que no se debe comer cosas pesadas porque no querrá estar lleno durante el tiempo de mudanza. Planee su mudanza con meses de anticipación una vez que haya encontrado una casa o lugar. Empaque sus artículos en forma organizada, también esté pendiente de los pronósticos metereológicos para la semana en que usted piensa mu-

darse. La ropa es algo muy importante cuando se está mudando. Use ropa que sea cómoda y no se preocupe por ensuciarse. Marque todas sus cajas para que usted sepa donde ubicarlas cuando llegue a su nuevo hogar. Divídalas por categorías como: comedor, el dormitorio de arriba, ático, etc. La organización es la clave en una mudanza; una vez que usted sabe donde van a ir sus cosas, más rápido se puede empezar a poner en orden su nuevo hogar. El limpiar la casa mientras usted está en el proceso de mudanza es una pieza clave. Haga una lista de las cosas que tienen que ser reparadas en su antiguo y nuevo hogar. Tome fotos y notifique al propietario de la casa acerca de los problemas; de esta manera el o ella podrá arreglarlos antes de que usted se establezca en su nuevo hogar. Si los problemas son fáciles de arreglar o hacerlos por su propia cuenta; hágalos como: limpiar pisos, paredes, refrigerador y congelador. Después de que haya limpiado la casa, esté seguro de verificar nuevamente ventanas y puertas, para estar seguro de que no haya ningún error para no ser multado por los problemas que usted podría haber arreglado pero que no tomó el tiempo para hacerlos. Siga las mismas instrucciones en su nuevo hogar, haga una lista y envíela al propietario de la casa para que los problemas en su nuevo hogar puedan ser solucionados. Si ellos no intentan arreglarlo, por lo menos notifíquelos por escrito. Nunca permita que la salud de su familia se perjudique durante el proceso de mudarse de su antiguo a su nuevo hogar. Ante todo recuerde que este es un tiempo de disfrutar de su nuevo hogar y trátelo con respeto. ~Transcrito por: Salddin Shabbaz

Octubre 2008

10/6/2008 9:40:04 PM

Bilingual Marketplace educaciĂłn


Beach Museum of Art 701 Beach Lane - KSU Campus Manhattan Arts Center 1520 Poyntz - Manhattan

Alternative Education Center 1833 Elmdale - Junction City

Junction City Workforce Center 1012 W. 6th St. #A

ďŹ nanzas


K-State Credit Union


Junction City Arts Council 107 W. 7th - Junction City

St. Francis Xavier’s 218 N. Washington - Junction City


Ft. Riley Post Chapel Ft. Riley - (785) 239-3359

Briggs Auto Lane 2312 Stagg Hill Rd - Manhattan


AA 24 Hour Help Line (800) 503-8602 (Nationwide)

First Congregational Church 700 Poyntz - Manhattan

Irwin Army Community Hospital 600 Casson Road - Ft. Riley (785) 239-7000 Geary County Health Department 1212 W. Ash St. - Junction City Riley County Health Department 2030 Tecumseh Rd - Manhattan (785) 776-4779‎ /

World-Class Shows You’ll Never Forget!

Capitol Steps Oct.16 “Sirviendo a la

communidad hispana de Manhattan en tu idioma. Cuenta conmido para hayudarte a obtener el vehiculo y prestamo ideal para ti y tu familia.�     *HOBDJP

$32, 38, 48

Los Lobos Oct.18 Crosby & Nash Nov.7 $35, 42, 45

Two Christmas Shows:

$55, 69, 80

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Dec.3 $38, 42, 48 Phil Vassar Dec.19 $38, 41, 45


151 S. Santa Fe


800-505-8295 FACT: 40% of Palacio readers keep or share

Palacio magazines with others, yet

another reason to advertise. If you are the latest reader; please recycle this paper by passing it along to yet another person or to your local



Gracias! Palacio de Konza

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Octubre 2008

10/8/2008 10:54:12 AM

Eventos En La Comunidad Octubre 15 - DISCOVER FT. RILEY’S TREASURES: How does one ‘’Discover Riley’s Treasures?’’ If you are new to Fort Riley or have been here and wish to learn more about where you live, work and play. Army Community Service’s (ACS) Relocation Staff are extending an invitation to experience Fort Riley with fun facts, interesting information and what the area has to offer. RSVP (785) 239-9435 Octubre 15 - FINANCIAL READINESS - MONEY MANAGEMENT CLASS: Army Community Service’s Financial Readiness Program offers a weekly money management class open to all active duty, family members, retirees and DoD civilians. Contact (785) 239-9435 Octubre 15 - NATIONAL HISPANIC HERITAGE MONTH OBSERVANCE at Ft. Riley’s conference center from 1145-1245. Octubre 16 - MEET SHELLEY CRYER, author of “The NonproďŹ t Career Guide: how to land a job that makes a differenceâ€? and an expert panel, appearing at K-State’s Hale Library 4:00PM and cost is free. Contact Dr. Olivia Collins email ocollins@ Octubre 17 - SILENT FILM FESTIVAL featuring Lon Chaney in the 1925 ďŹ lm “The Phantom of the Opera,â€? and Lorel and Hardy as comedic would be grave robbers in the 20 minute “Habeaus Corpus,â€? music provided by organist Marvin Faulwell and percussionist Bob Keckeison of the Topeka Symphony at the Manhattan Arts Center 7:30PM Octubre 18 - TRIP TO THE PUMPKIN PATCH: Exceptional Family Members Program Families will gather this trip to the “Pumpkin Patchâ€? and evert family will receive a pumpkin to decorate. Please wear your favorite Halloween outďŹ t. Contact (785) 239-9435

Octubre 18 - LOS LOBOS CONCERT: 7:30PM @ Stiefel Theatre in Salina, Kansas. Octubre 22 - WOMEN’S CONFERENCE: Spend the day with military spouses and attend a variety of educational and fun events at Riley’s Conference Center. Registration is $10 for the entire day. Contact (785) 239-6398 or visit www.rileymwr. com Octubre 26 - FT. RILEY GHOST TOURS: Historical & Archeaological Society of Ft. Riley presents annual ghost tours on historic Ft. Riley from 3:00-7:00PM. Event is free, proper ID, vehicile registration & insurance proof needed to enter post. Octubre 30 - ALL TREATS DAY: Costume parade on 10th & Washington St. proceeding down Washington to 6th Street with treats and games concluding at the Junction City Municipal Building 5:30PM - 8:30PM Novembre 4 - WOMEN AROUND THE WORLD DEMAND JUSTICE: Meet photojournalist Paula Allen at the K-State Student Union Forum Hall FREE at 7:00PM November 11 - VETERANS’ DAY PARADE on Poyntz Avenue Manhattan 9:30AM

El Primer Paso es mĂĄs fĂĄcil tomarlo poco a poco Empezando puede ser emocionante y a veces puede ser difĂ­cil especialmente cuando se trata de asuntos de estilo de cambio de vida. Entonces si las tĂ­picas instituciones financieras parecen ayudar un poco, dirĂ­jase a una uniĂłn de crĂŠdito sin fines de lucro que ahora estĂĄ abierta a la comunidad entera La UniĂłn de CrĂŠdito K-State. Desde prĂŠstamos de vivienda hasta su primera cuenta de ahorros, obtenga el apoyo directo que usted necesita

Usted no necesita irse muy lejos para encontrar bajas cuotas & sin costos escondidos de personas amables y honestas.


Palacio de Konza 38153.1.1.008.indd 1


Octubre 2008 10/8/2008 11:00:23 AM

Palacio De Konza | Octubre 2008  
Palacio De Konza | Octubre 2008  

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