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Row over Iran nukes may fuel instability: Pak Hina adresses ‘Lasting Peace through Global Governance’ debate TEHRAN—Foreign Minister should be the only instru- Summit. Hina Rabbani Khar said on Tuesday that growing confrontation over Iran’s nuclear programme threatens further instability in the broader region.“In our view, dialogue and diplomacy

PC opposes Thar power coal project I SLAMABAD —Opposing the Thar power coal project, the Planning Commission (PC) has said that generating 100 megawatts of electricity from coal is unrealistic. According to the Planning Commission report, the project is not implementable for the generation of electricity because heat range of gas produced by this project is 150 BTU which is not sufficient for power generation. On the other hand cost

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SC reserves verdict in Arsalan case ISLAMABAD—The Supreme Court on Tuesday reserved judgement in the case against Dr Arsalan Iftikhar, and stated that a verdict will be announced in a day or two. A two-member bench of the apex court headed by Justice Jawwad S Khawaja heard the case pertaining to the review petition filed by Arsalan Iftikhar. The petition had challenged the June 14 Supreme Court order.—INP

ments to resolve outstanding issues,” she said while addressing a debate on ‘Lasting Peace through Global Governance’ on Tuesday in Tehran ahead of the Non Aligned Movement (NAM)

“We believe that peaceful resolution of this issue is still possible on the basis of reciprocal confidence building measures.” Khar said Pakistan believes that founding prin-

$7.6 billion TAPI gas line project

Pak may not get stakes in Yolotan-Osman gas field ALI SYED I SLAMABAD —Pakistan may not get the stakes in the development of the gas field for its onward export to three buyers—Afghanistan, Pakistan and India under $ 7.6 billion TAPI gas pipeline project as US wants to develop the field. Turkmenistan seems worried about the US resolve to develop the filed at any cost as it may invite wrath of Russia who does not want to provide any access to US in Turkmenistan oil and gas reserves. However, US company, Chevron has estab-

lished its office at Ashgabat with the aim to develop the field. The Manila-based Asian Development Bank (ADB) wants US companies comprising Chevron and Exxon to develop the upstream gas field. Turkmenistan wants to develop it on its own. Though India and Pakistan had sometime back jumped to a consensus decision to develop their stakes in upstream development of South Yolotan-Osman gas field in Turkmenistan which has made the situation more complex. Pakistan and India had also decided to come up

with joint funding to develop the gas field in Turkmenistan. But now US may allow India to get some stakes in the gas field development, but Pakistan which is a cash strapped country is not likely to have the equal treatment. However, according to Advisor to PM on Petroleum and Natural Resources, the participation by Pakistan and India in the development of the gas field will make the project more feasible. He noted there was a major progress on TAPI project as Bangladesh also wanted to

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Ruckus in Punjab Assembly over new provinces issue

PML-N shortlists 9 names for caretaker PM


ISLAMABAD —Leader of the said he discussed in detail

L AHORE —Government and opposition leaders on Tuesday exchanged harsh words during session of the Punjab Assembly which was chaired by Speaker Rana Mohammad Iqbal. Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) lawmaker Shaukat Basra demanded that the assembly speaker nominate

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Opposition in the National Assembly Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said Tuesday that the PML-N has shortlisted nine names for a caretaker prime minister. Retired judges and senior politicians are among those shortlisted; however the list does not include anyone from Punjab. During a news conference here, Nisar said no retired general or bureaucrat has been included in the list. He

with PML-N President Nawaz Sharif about the caretaker prime minister and the list would be shared with opposition parties in the assembly and outside. The opposition leader said the PML-N was devoting its entire attention on free and fair elections. He alleged that the government has already started pre-poll rigging as two to four billion rupees

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ciples of NAM, including peaceful co-existence sovereignty, territorial integrity of all states and non-interference in internal affairs of other countries, provide firm basis for enduring

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Farhatullah elected chairman of commission on new provinces I S L A M A B A D —Presidential spokesman and PPP veteran leader Senator Farhatullah Babar was unanimously elected chairman of the commission on creation of new provinces in Punjab here on Tuesday. The commission had been formed on August 16 by Speaker National Assembly Dr Fehmida Mirza in line with the direction of President Asif Ali Zardari after passage of unanimous resolutions by National Assembly and Punjab Assembly for creation of Southern Punjab Province and revival of pro-

TEHRAN: Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar delivering her speech at the NAM Ministerial Meeting.

Mullah Omar, aides living in Pakistan: US General I SLAMABAD —An American Mullah Omar is hiding in Pa- Allen, Commander of US and general has said Mullah Omar and other commanders are hiding in Pakistan. The statement contradicts Islamabad s stand that the Taliban leader lives across the border in his country. In a direct repudiation of repeated claims of Pakistan, a top American general based in Afghanistan has said that reclusive Taliban leader

kistan along with his commanders. “Omar lives in Pakistan, as do many of his commanders. From that safe vantage point, they’ve sent hundreds of young, impressionable, largely spiritual and helpless youths to their deaths and detention in Afghanistan. For this, they must forfeit their honor and any claim to Islamic virtue,” General John

NATO forces in Afghanistan, wrote in an article in The Washington Post. Allen’s article focused on the recent increase in attack on US troops from the Afghan security force, which Taliban has been claiming it has infiltrated and carrying out such strikes. “The focus on ‘green-on-

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Passengers rampage Multan Railway Station over trains delay M ULTAN —Passengers of Pakistan Express went on a rampage at the Multan Railway station against 16-hour train delay. 10 protestors were taken into custody. Karachi bound Pakistan Express was 16-hour late due to failure of engine again and again that irked the passengers travelling from Rawalpindi to Karachi. On

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Circular debt goes up to Rs370 billion Govt owes Rs242 billion to PSO I SLAMABAD —The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of the National Assembly was informed Tuesday that the circular debt has reached an all time high of Rs370 billion mainly due to non payment of subsidy by the federal government. During meeting of the PAC under the chairmanship of Nadeem Afzal Gondal here, Secretary Petroleum

and Natural Resources Waqar Masood said that the circular debt was increasing by Rs15 billon to Rs20 billion every month. He said that 95% of cost of oil and gas is paid through collection of bills but the federal government is not paying its subsidy. Audit officials told the committee that there had been four audit objections on

circular debt of Rs40 billion. The committee took strong exception and expressed anger over Secretary Petroleum for not coming to the meeting fully prepared. It questioned as to why the responsibility was not fixed for circular debt and punishment awarded. On the import of LNG, the secretary said no policy has

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Pak Nuclear Programme: It was none other than Dr A Q Khan Dr A Q Khan is rightly known and respected as the founder of Pakistan’s nuclear programme. His singular contribution in this regard is also recognised by the nuclear circles of the world. But unfortunately, some quarters in Pakistan, after regular intervals, try to belittle his contribution by crowning some others for Pakistan’s much-cherished and enviable nuclear programme. Mr Ghulam Iahaq Khan, in his capacity as the Finance Minister and again as the President of Pakistan, played a crucial role in providing an enabling atmosphere for the advancement of the nuclear and missile programmes in Pakistan. The former President, in his letter dated August 8, 1999 addressed to the Editor-inChief of this paper, Mr Zahid Malik, had acknowledged that it was none other than Dr A Q Khan who made Pakistan’s defence impregnable. We are publishing below the full text of his letter. We are also reproducing some extracts of the speech delivered by the then President Gen Pervez Musharraf at the farewell dinner for Dr A Q Khan on March 27, 2001 for the information of our valued readers. (Editor) Ghulam Ishaq Khan President SOPREST President of Board of Governors GIK Institute Former President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan 3-B, Jamrud Road, University Town, Peshawar D.O. No. PSP/GIK/99 Dated Peshawar, the 16-8-99 My dear Malik Sahib,


HANK you for your let ter asking me for my views on Dr A Q Khan’s personality, traits of character, services and achievements “shedding light,’ by virtue of my close association with Pakistan’s nuclear programme, on some of the hitherto untouched aspects of his life, as the man and the scientist”. I have been, no doubt, associated in various official capacities with the work and doings of Dr A Q Khan, practically uninterruptedly, for over two decades. Early in our association I could perceive in him a person imbued with a noble mission in life, difficult to achieve but not impossible for a man with his attributes of character. Later, of course, I would witness how assiduously he applied himself to move with steadfast determination towards achievement of the goal that he had set for himself. It was, as I now recall, with great delight and admiration to listen in our regular monthly meetings to his report on the progress made and the distances travelled, and how ingeniously and with what skill he had been able to surmount the impediments and hurdles that had stood or come in his way. It is said that “an institution is the lengthened shadow of one man and the length of the shadow is largely influenced by the appointments he makes, who would provide the innovative new concepts that

allow the implementation of his or her programme”. Working practically on a green field, one of the first tasks which Dr A Q Khan addressed when he accepted the challenge of developing Pakistan’s nuclear programme was to create an ambience of his own in which to strive for the attainment of his mission by establishing the Kahuta (KHAN) Research Laboratories (KRL) and manning them by a team of loyal, trustworthy and dedicated engineers and scientists with professional excellence. By now, KRL has emerged as one of our most outstanding institutions, at par with some of the best in the world in the field of defence production and research. It comprises facilities for uranium enrichment to weapons-grade levels, for which it was originally planned to be set, incidentally established at a fraction of the cost being incurred at that time by other countries and institutions engaged in similar exercise, together with state-ofthe-art workshops, amenities and equipment, some of them located in separate buildings of allied or affiliated institutions, for the indigenous production of missiles (including Ghauri) and a whole range of other battlefield weapons from antitank devices, multi-barrel guns, and night vision appliances, etc. This was the first major step towards attainment of self-reliance in defence technology and KRL, under the able leadership of Dr A Q Khan, has thereby made invaluable contributions to the defence and security of the country. To invest KRL with its present capabilities constituted a real challenge for its architect; technical problems confronted for the first time had to be resolved; manmade hurdles had to be circumvented and even natural hazards had to be conquered. In the course of enrichment, while the centrifuges were apparently functioning normally, a stage was reached when the natural uranium gas used in them refused to be enriched beyond a certain level. Its cause had to be investigated and overcome. Often bans were imposed at critical times on export of critical items, validly and openly contracted, even paid for, which then had to be fabricated locally through experimentation, trial and error or the long-drawn-out, tedious process of reverse engineering. Again, on at least three occasions, the elaborate array of hundreds of extremely delicately balanced, fast revolving centrifuges, painstakingly erected, were knocked flat down by severe jolts of unexpected earthquakes (a comparatively rare phenomenon in the Kahuta region). These had to be reconstructed and recreated at a great cost of labour and time. In these circumstances any other person not endowed with the indomitable will and tenacity of Dr A Q Khan would have thrown in the sponge. These events, however, simply spurred him to work with still greater vigour and determination, with the result that in a reasonable short time not only would the colossal damage be

restored, but in the last mis- nium, a product of KRL, as hap even the design param- ‘fuel,’ they had developed by eters improved by providing the 2nd half of 1984, a nuclear explosive device which could be assembled and detonated at short notice. Some foreign countries, with a resolute agenda for establishing a nonproliferation regime globally, took serious note of this development and their ‘Imam’ decided to penalize the country for its ‘sin’ of acquiring nuclear explosive technology and audacious defiance of their avowed strategic policy objectives. Accordingly, in 1990, economic sanctions were imposed on Pakistan and the military aid and financial assistance (some even already Dr A Q Khan committed) on which our economy had been made sysa more stable anchor to the tematically dependent since machines and making them the Afghan embroil was tothereby practically immune to tally suspended. The “posfuture seismic shocks. Today session of a nuclear explosive KRL and its allied outfits device”, the gravamen of the stand as a shining monument charge against us, was howto the foresight, and patriotic ever never acknowledged at vision and hard work of its any responsible official level architect. It also vividly illus- at home, and as a matter of trates that, given the oppor- state policy a cloud of ambitunity, a modicum of re- guity was deliberately built sources, some encourage- around it. Human nature ment and, above all, a wise, harbours in itself a natural

who even otherwise were not well disposed towards the nuclear programme under the patronage of Dr A Q Khan. These groups had persuaded themselves to believe that it was all a “hoax” and “publicity stunt” and such a device was never developed and did not exist, even though they knew from experience that Dr A Q Khan had seldom made a promise on which he could not deliver – maybe after some time lapse. The cloud finally lifted on 28th May, 1998, when not one, but several devices were successfully tested at Chaghi Hills in Balochistan, putting the ‘Doubting Thomases’ to shame… [T]here burst forth a virtual avalanche of recognitions of the feat; of conferment of honours and award, of medals and prizes, both official and non-official, of laudatory references and tributes, the naming and foundation laying ceremonies of technical institutions after Dr A Q Khan, etc. The result is that Dr A Q Khan stands today as the most decorated citizen of the country and his is the best and most widely known name internationally, particularly in

larly to those of us who were uranium to weapon grade and losophy that promotion of associated with the working whose single-minded pursuit science and technology is a of both the institutions (both and unremitting efforts sur- sine qua non for economic mounted all blocks and growth, human welfare and hurdles, both internal and ex- national security and that in ternal, [and whose efforts] order to alleviate poverty, culminated in the May 28th eradicate unemployment and detonations. It was none other increase productivity and than Dr A Q Khan and his production, it is imperative to team at KRL! invent and introduce new A project of this magni- technologies and improve tude and complexity could upon [or] replace older ones. admittedly not be the job of a He is also on the board of single individual or governors of the Ghulam organisation; others must Ishaq Khan Institute of Engihave contributed to it and neering Science and TechnolPAEC certainly did in quite a ogy (GIKI), the first institusignificant and noteworthy tion set up by the Society for manner, in a spirit of patriotic the realisation of its aim and cooperation in a project of objects and as its project dinational importance and by rector, Dr A Q Khan has made fulfilling their part of the obli- invaluable contributions to its Ghulam Ishaq Khan gation in faithfully carrying development into a Centre of first rate organization in their out the task assigned to them Excellence and to making it, own right ) and were familiar in the context of the overall as adjudged by neutral obwith their potential , and knew division of labour. This does servers, the topmost instituof the task respectively as- not mean, however, that tion among Pakistan’s institusigned to them, as well as, when mention is made of the tions of science and technoltheir past performance and victory at Al Alamein in the ogy and one of the distinachievements. For almost 2nd World War, instead of guished technical seats of over a decade before the con- attributing full and outright learning (University) in Asia. troversy arose, foreign ex- credit to Field Marshal MontLately, as an earnest of his perts, nuclear analysts, and gomery for his astute strate- human resource development those specializing in Pakistan gic guidance of the war, an exertions, he has founded a affairs knew and were un- attempt must be made to ap- new welfare organisation by questionable acknowledging portion it among all those who the name of SACHET. With a who the real architect of Paki- acted as field commanders, commitment to contribute to battalion leaders or sectional the various aspects of human heads looking after supplies, development, its aim is “to logistics or auxiliary services promote human development or who, in some other capac- for the under-privileged in ity, participated in the ven- Pakistan”. Initially, it will be ture, all with the aim of en- working in three areas: (i) litabling the Field Marshal to eracy promotion, (ii) geriatric accomplish at the earliest the care and (iii) reproductive coveted mission of ultimate health, which it considers nation is grateful to you for victory. It is a pity that this “contemporary realities and what you have done for us, point is not generally under- issues relevant to present-day Pakistan”. today and for all times to stood and appreciated. Dr. A. Q. Khan is an acI have said on some precome. You are our national tive participant in life and a vious occasion that the meahero and an inspiration to our future generations. No- man of many ‘virtues.’ Ame- sure of goodness and greatbody can ever take that nable to advice but standing ness that a person achieves away from you and your firm on basic principles, he is in life depends on the causes place in history is assured. endowed with an uncommon and the nobility and innate You will always be at the degree of dynamism and truth of these causes that he very top. We salute you and drive; is intolerant of indeci- espouses in life. By this defithank you from the depths I have said on some previous of our hearts. occasion that the measure of As I say quite often, in a goodness and greatness that a general sea of disappointments, the development of person achieves in life depends on Pakistan’s nuclear capability the causes and the nobility and is a unique national success story. It is a story of selfless innate truth of these causes that he devotion, unbridled dedicaespouses in life. By this definition tion, scientific brilliance, Dr A Q Khan is truly a “good” and technological mastery and above all, supreme patriotism “great” person as there cannot be a and religious fervour of thoumore noble cause than working for sand of silent workers. the development of one’s own These men of science, these Mujahids, have put country and the welfare of its Pakistan in the exclusive nuclear club. They have people. What he has achieved in life so far and the deeds that he has made Islamic nations proud. They represent the best accomplished speak for themselves, qualities of Pakistanis and and they speak louder today than have shown that, when we want to, we can move mounthe words in which they can be tains and indeed change described, affirming the truth of the their colour. Such is the aphorism that. strength of their faith and sense of duty. Pakistan Zindabad.” sion and procrastination and nition Dr A Q Khan is truly a does not hesitate to accept a “good” and “great” person as challenge, no matter now there cannot be a more noble stan Nuclear Technology daunting the task is. However, cause than working for the was; who orchestrated the defence research and produc- development of one’s own strategy based on enriched tion is not his only forte. To- country and the welfare of its uranium when the plutonium gether with an abiding inter- people. What he has achieved route reneging on formally est in the spread of education, in life so far and the deeds that drawn, apparently binding, with emphasis on science and he has accomplished speak contracts regarding the sale technology, he has diverse for themselves, and they of reprocessing plant and al- other interests, ranging from speak louder today than the lied equipment as blocked for love of Urdu poetry to human words in which they can be us by the powers that be after resource development and described, affirming the truth the Indian explosion of 1974; welfare. As a founding mem- of the aphorism that. who designed and initiated a ber of the Society of the ProWith profound regards programme for the indigenous motion of Engineering Sciand best wishes, fabrication of the various ence and Technology Yours sincerely, highly sophisticated devices (SOPREST), he actively beSigned and gadgets for enriching lieves in the society’s phi(Ghulam Ishaq Khan)

Gen Musharraf’s speech at farewell dinner for Dr A Q Khan


s we gather tonight to honour our most-se nior and eminent scientists, our national heroes, my thoughts go back to the eventful day in May 1974 when India conducted its first nuclear test and in the process, altered the security landscape of South Asia to Pakistan’s critical disadvantage. Coming so soon after the 1971 dismemberment of our country, the event served to deepen our sense of insecurity and vulnerability. To our conventional asymmetry was added yet another dimension of imbalance, and Pakistan was left to fend for itself. The international community, to no one’s surprise, went through the motions of ritual censuring and posturing, but at the end of the day, it was Pakistan which was left totally exposed to Indian nuclear blackmail and threats. The situation was critical. Our security paradigm had changed and, with no nuclear weapons programme worth the name, Pakistanis literally looked to the sky for help. We did not lose faith. And sure enough, Allah Almighty answered the nation’s prayers, had

mercy on our situation and made a miracle happen. In walked a giant of a man, none other than Dr Abdul Quadeer Khan, the man who would give Pakistan a nuclear capability single-handedly. His arrival in those difficult days gave hope and cautious op-

timism to a doubting nation that was used more to scams and empty promises than to performance and delivery. Ladies and Gentlemen! Subsequent years and events and Dr Abdul Quadeer Khan’s achievements are now well recorded

and form a glorious chapter of Pakistan’s history. Dr Khan and his team toiled and sweated, day and night, against all odds and obstacles, against international sanctions and sting operations, to create, literally out of nothing, with their bare hands, the pride of Pakistan’s nuclear capability, the Kahuta Research Laboratores, later renamed most appropriately, the Khan Research Laboratories. Within a few years, he and his brave men gave Pakistan its first-ever fissile material in the form of highly enriched uranium and thereby levelled the scores with India. His is a rare success story, in that he set out to achieve an objective for his country and, within his lifetime, has been able to see its fulfilment and received unprecedented accolades, admiration and everlasting gratitude from his countrymen. Never before, in my judgement, has any nation owed so much to one single man’s achievements. Dr A Q Khan’s Nishan-e-Imtiaz and Bar, the only Pakistani to have been bestowed the honour, is the acknowledgement of a grateful nation and is thoroughly well-deserved. Let me put on record formally. This

dedicated and selfless leadership, dreams can indeed be turned into reality. The nation owes a debt of gratitude to its nuclear scientists and engineers for transforming an essentially technologically backward country into the seventh nuclear power in the world. In bringing about this radical change the most vital and crucial contribution, in my judgment, was made by Dr A Q Khan and his research organizations. Using weapons-grade enriched ura-

urge for its achievement to be recognized, and since this recognition because of the official policy stance was frustratingly slow in coming it was naturally causing some discouragement to those who had for years tirelessly and selflessly worked on the development of the device and were not looking for no other reward except public recognition. At the same time, the policy for lack of “solid proof” was creating doubts and suspicions in the minds of those

the scientific community. Unfortunately, the tests also gave rise to a futile and totally unbecoming controversy regarding apportionment of credit for the acquisition of the ‘bomb technology’ between PAEC (Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission) and KRL and the relative primacy of their scientists and engineers in the matter. The claims made and the arguments advanced by the new aspirants to credit made distressing reading, particu-

Pervez Musharraf

USAID to continue supporting PESCO Rain, thundershower STAFF REPORTER P ESHAWAR —A team of the USAID Power Distribution Program visited Peshawar Electric Supply Company (PESCO) to discuss with PESCO’s CEO Brig. (Rtd) Tariq Saddozai and senior management USAID’s ongoing projects for the distribution company. The projects undertaken by the USAID Power Distribution Program for PESCO were also discussed. The USAID Power Distribution Program team along with PESCO officials then inspected the newly arrived rickshaws and network maintenance equipment for PESCO supported by USAID. Under the Change Management Project of USAID Power Distribution Program, PESCO has been provided eight (8) rickshaws and network maintenance equipment to help improve the performance of PESCO linemen in Peshawar’s city division. The division has consumers located in very congested streets where other vehicles cannot go therefore the use of the USAID provided rickshaws will help in speedy service to consumers. The project aims to revive standard network maintenance

practices through improved methods and equipment to fix anomalies, resulting in losses and safety concerns. In addition, the Program’s Change Management Project aims to improve the operational processes related with compliant handling and performance management by applying better methods and communication tools provided by USAID. Brig. Saddozai thanked and greatly appreciated the assistance provided by USAID to PESCO under its Power Distribution Program and expressed his wishes for strengthening cooperation between USAID and PESCO on its metering project, linemen safety trainings, capacity building and organizational and institutional development of PESCO and its officers and staff. He further stated that the key requirement of PESCO was presently institutional improvement through capacity building and training and requested USAID to assist in that through its Power Distribution Program. The USAID team also appreciated the support of both PESCO’s CEO and its management and the ongoing developments at PESCO, including the campaign against electricity theft and

efforts to reduce both techni- USAID Power Distribution Clinton in 2009 as among the stan in reforming the power cal and non-technical losses. Program was announced by United States’ efforts to sup- sector to mitigate the current The four and a half year Secretary of State Hillary port the Government of Paki- energy crisis.:

across country likely

I SLAMABAD —Pakistan Me-

teorological Department on Tuesday forecast isolated rain/thundershower for Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Gujranwala, Sargodha and D.G. Khan divisions during the next 24 hours. According to the synoptic situation, seasonal low lies over Northwest Balochistan. A shallow trough of westerly wave still persist over northern parts of the country. Monsoon currents are continuously penetrating into upper and Central parts of the country. In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, isolated rain/thundershower is expected in D.I. Khan, Bannu and Hazara divisions during the next 24 hours. Mainly hot and humid weather is expected in most parts of the Sindh and Balochistan during the next 24 hours. In Kashmir, isolated rain/thundershower is expected in Kashmir during next 24 hours while in GilgitBaltistan, mostly partly cloudy weather conditions will prevail with chances of PESHAWAR: Member of USAID Power Distribution Program briefed officials of Peshawar Electric Supply Company light rain at one or two places during next 24 hours. during their visit to PESCO office.

The chief amounts of rainfall during last 24 hours was Mianwali 99mm, Bannu 48, Kohat 32, Muzaffarabad 28, Parachinar 26, Chirat 25, Kakul 24, Peshawar 21, Balakot 19, Noorpurthal 17, Garridupatta 15,

Mallamjabba 11, Dir & Jhelum 07, Kalam, Chillas, T.T. Singh 06 and Murree 05mm. Meanwhile, KP Met office here on Tuesday predicted rain in DI Khan, Bannu and Hazara division of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province during next 24 hours. According to Met office here, seasonal low lies over Northwest Balochistan and a shallow trough of westerly wave still persist over northern parts of the country. Monsoon currents are continuously penetrating Upper and Central parts of the country.—APP

Minister visits flood areas Staff Reporter

PESHAWAR—The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister for Excise & Taxation, Liaqat Shabab and Minister for Irrigation, Syed Ahmad Hussain Shah, jointly visited the flood affected areas at Gujar Busti Aman Ghar, District Nowshera and inspected the retaining wall and spurs, which were badly hutted by recent flood and directed the quarter concerned to reconstruct them to protect the population from further devastation of the flood during rainy season. On this occasion, Secretary Irrigation, Khalid Pervez, Chief Engineer, Riaz Ahmad Khan, Supdt: Engr, Sahibzada Shabbir Khan, XEN, Zaman Khan and officers of other concerned departments were also accompanied them. Liaqat Shabab, while talking to the affectees said that Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was being informed about the flood situation and concrete steps would be taken to protect the population of the area from further losses in future. He said that due to construction of embankment at river Kabul in Khweshgi area, the pressure of flood raised and hit this side of the river, however, the area was remain saved from big losses due to low rain. He said that Nowshera population could be protected from devastation by constructing retaining wall in the area. He assured the people that government will take each and every step to save the population of Nowshera from flood. The Irrigation Minister said that retaining wall would be constructed of Gujar Busti, Aman Ghar, because it was the responsibility of the government to protect the life and property of the people of Nowshera district. He maintained that Irrigation Department was in contact with other concerned departments to create an atmosphere of coordination with each others in this regard.

Determined for sports complex Staff Reporter

Husband poisons wife to death Brother kills sister FAISAL KHAWER BUTT/ BASHIR AHMAD RAHMANI S IALKOT \H AFIZABAD —A married woman, Sajida Bibi (36) was allegedly poisoned to death by her husband Afzal, for her inability to have children, police said on Tuesday. It is said that Afzal, a resident of village Makhanpur in the limits of Phalora Police Station in tehsil Pasroor, brought his wife Sajida to Govt. Allama Iqbal Hospital in Sialkot in quite critical condition three days back and left her there. Sajida Bibi later expired in the hospital on Monday. It is further said that Sajida, a resident of village Depokay near Zafarwal, had married Afzal 13 years ago and they had no children. Police have reg-

0.18m Pakistanis to perform Hajj this year STAFF REPORTER P ESHAWAR —Federal Additional Secretary, Religious

P ESHAWAR —Deputy Speaker, Khyber Affairs, Arshad Bhatti has

Pakhtunkhwa Assembly, Khushdil Khan advocate determined for construction of a mini-sports complex in his constituency PK-10, which will also be comprised of a big library and Jirga Hall. He expressed these views while addressing prize distribution ceremony of First Dr. Rehan Badminton Tournament here in Babukhel Payan, Badhber the other day. He said that construction work on the mega project is in full swing. On this occasion, he also appealed the people of the area to play role in the provision of land for the construction of big sports ground in the area to provide sports facilities to the youth of rural areas and prevent them from involvement in negative activities. The Deputy Speaker said that the prevailing situation in the country has further increased the need for promotion of sports in youth and urged the party workers to utilize all available resources in highlighting the importance of sports and measures of government initiated in other sectors. He said that informing electorates about measures initiated by the government for attracting youth towards positive activities is the responsibility of party workers. He said that such steps will also prove helpful for the party in the coming elections. He urged the party workers for starting preparation for elections. Later, he announced cash prizes of Rs.10, 000 for winner and Rs.5000 for runner-up teams of the tournament and also distributed different prizes among other players. Meanwhile, it is reported that the government has completed rehabilitation work of two access roads, pavement of streets and clean drinking water supply schemes in different villages of the Salarzai Tehsil in Bajaur Agency.

FRs uplift Staff Reporter

P ESHAWA R —Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister for Labour Sher Azam Wazir said on Tuesday that PPP was focusing on development of Frontier Regions (FRs) with special attention on education, health and communication sectors. Talking to reporters here, the minister said the government believes in uniformed development of all six Frontier Regions including FR Tank, FR DI Khan, FR Bannu and FR Peshawar. He said the politics of PPP revolves around masses. He said PPP was endeavoring for the socio economic emancipation of down trodden and under privilege masses. He said he has decided to contest general election for national assembly seat from NA-47 while his son Fakhar Azam Advocate will try his luck on PK-71. Earlier, talking to media, he said that despite limited resources and big foreign and local challenges the government has taken certain measures for the welfare of the workers in general and poor in particular. He said that he himself is a worker and pro-poor public representative, therefore he, while utilizing the capabilities of the Workers Welfare Board had transformed it into an actual welfare organization of the labourers and workers. He sad that they without any political discrimination have taken all labour federations and trade unions into confidence for establishment of labour colonies for provision of residential facilities and educational institutions for provision of health facilities to workers across the province. Sher Azam Wazir said that as PPP had always remained the pro-poor party therefore, after winning the polls he joined this popular political party.

Lake affectees rehab Our Correspondent

H UNZA —Deputy Speaker GilgitBaltistan Legislative Assembly (GBLA) Jameel Ahmed Tuesday said that rehabilitation of Attabad lake affectees was top priority of the government and all out efforts are being made in this regard. Talking to media he said GB government was totally aware of the difficulties being faced by affectees while people should also demonstrate tolerance and patience so that matter could be solved in a better manner. “All problems of Attabad lake and flood afectees will be resolved on priority basis and they would be given maximum compensation”, said the Deputy Speaker. It was earlier reported that a passenger boat in Attabad Lake got stuck in mud, leaving all 20 passengers stranded for nearly three hours, police and residents of Hunza said on Saturday. “The incident occurred at about 8:30pm, soon after the boat left the Gulkin for Hussaini village in Gojal valley,” said Mohammad Ali, a police official. According to residents, most of the passengers were labourers returning home from work. As the news spread in Hunza, volunteers and rescue workers reached the site and launched an operation that lasted nearly three hours. All the passengers were escorted back safely. To ensure passengers’ safety, the administration of Hunza has banned boat service in the 23-kilometre lake during night time. However the orders are regularly flouted by boat operators. Last month, 14 passengers including four foreigners were injured when a boat was hit by stones and boulders blown out of a dynamite blast near the lake’s spillway. Despite the ban, the boat was travelling in an area where conduction work was being carried out at night.

istered a case against Afzal on the complaint of Khalid, the brother of deceased woman, and started investigations. Meanwhile our correspondent from Hafizabad reported that a young girl in Thatha Dhonda village was shot dead by her brother due to her suspicious character. According to police source, Misbah had developed illicit relations with a young man of the same village. Her brother Bilal (accused) advised her time and again to mend her ways but she continued her affairs with her lover. Last night, both deceased and accused exchanged harsh words. Thereupon, Bilal opened firing on Misbah and killed her on the PESHAWAR: Labours showing passport during protest in favour of their demands outside the Press Club. spot.

said that this year 1,80,000 Pakistani pilgrims will perform Hajj, saying the Ministry of Religious Affairs has already prepared a communication strategy on scientific lines in this regard. Speaking in Hujj training workshop here in a local hotel on Tuesday, he said that the strategy has been formally approved by the federal cabinet. He said that no increase has been made in the Hajj package of this year, but divided in three categories. The Hajj training workshop was also attended by Joint Secretary, Ministry of

Religious Affairs, Shehzad Ahmad, Dr. Hajj Peshawar, Shakeel Ahmad Sethi, Media Advisor, Altaf Pervez Hashmi and large number of local journalists. Addressing a workshop, Additional Secretary, Religious Affairs, Arshad Bhatti said that pilgrims performing Hajj under the government scheme will be provided train service in Makkah. He said that training program for pilgrims has already been launched. He said that Hajj Policy 2012 has been approved by the federal cabinet and applications were invited through different bank branches from May 2, 2012, which continued till May 10, 2012. He said that a total of 97,814 applications were received. The Ad-

ditional Secretary, Religious Affairs said that as compare to last year, the pilgrims have been divided into three categories and expenses will be charged on the basis of distance of their accommodation. The Blue category will be for those residing within 900 meters, which will not be provided any transport and they will be charged of rent 7500 Riyal per head, while Green category will be comprised of those who accommodation within 2000 meters, which will be provided transport and their accommodation charges will 5000 Riyal per head. Similarly, he said that the accommodation of White category will on distance of more than 2000 meter and

PEMRA to show zero tolerance against illegal channels STAFF REPORTER I SLAMABAD —The participants of a consultative meeting to deliberate upon parameters of “obscenity” for electronic media unanimously suggested to Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) to invoke its laws across the board and show zero tolerance for violation of PEMRA laws particularly the illegal channels and illegal content. The participants took serious view of non-representation from owners of TV channels or cable operators which was viewed non- seriousness on their part as they are the direct stake-

holder to implement the public / viewer’s aspiration. Chairman PEMRA Dr Abdul Jabbar briefed the participants about various terminologies, connotations and expressions used to define obscenity in different countries. Qazi Hussain Ahmed, Muhammad Hussain Mehanti, Lt. Gen. Retd. Qayum and Ansar Abbassi opined that Pakistan was created in the name of Islam and its Constitution clearly envisages that there can be nothing against Quran, Sunnah and Shariah. They specifically criticized news channels for spreading vulgarity in the guise of entertainment news. The re-en-

actment and dramatization of crimes was also severely criticized by the participants as they said that this form of disgust in the garb of investigative journalism should not be tolerated by PEMRA. However, they also appreciated the work done by PEMRA in this regard and demanded immediate closer of all illegal channels. Concluding to the elaboration of obscenity, they said that “Any content which is unacceptable while viewing with the family transpires obscenity”. They also recommended formulating a committee to screen out unwanted content from TV advertisements as well as regulating the rating of TV channels.

they will also provided transport facility and the rent of their accommodation will be Rs.3600 Riyal per head. He said that applications for Hajj 2012 have been received on the basis of first come and first get. He said that this year 1, 79, 200 Pakistanis will perform Hajj and the same number was approved by the Government of Saudi Arabia last year too. He said out of this number 50% will perform Hajj under official scheme and remaining 50% will perform Hajj through private tour operators. He said that last year only those pilgrims, which were performing Hajj under official scheme, were provided train facility in Makkah, but this

KP cabinet to meet on Sept 1 STAFF REPORTER P ESHAWAR—The provincial cabinet of Awami National Party (ANP) KP will meet on September 1 (Saturday) with its president, Senator Afrasiab Khattak in chair. According to a press release issued by Provincial Information Secretary of ANP, Malik Ghulam Mustafa, the provincial cabinet will take review of overall political situation in the country besides discussing organizational measures and the new entrants in the party. The meeting, he added, will also discuss implementation over demand of provincial government of KP in an energy conference about handing over of distribution companies of Wapda to provinces.

year the facility will be available for all Pakistani pilgrims. He said that for the transportation of pilgrims, the ministry has obtained the services of four airlines, which included PIA, Shaheen Airline, Saudi Airline and Nass Airline. He further said that for the accommodation of pilgrims the ministry till now has obtained 88 buildings, which are included four Green and 85 White categories. These buildings, he said has the capacity of accommodating 42, 360 pilgrims. Arshad Bhatti said that a comprehensive awareness strategy for Hajj pilgrims has been evolved under which problems relating to Hajj will be highlighted on radio, television, print and electronic

media. He said that last year, Hujjaj Mohafiz scheme was introduced under which the legal heirs of those died in Saudi Arabia were paid Rs.0.2 million and for this year the amount has been increased to Rs.0.3 million. Joint Secretary, Shehzad Ahmad said that awareness campaign of Hajj Policy 2012 has been launched to inform pilgrims about the available facilities. He urged the pilgrims to go Saudi Arabia as ambassadors of Pakistan and never breach the identity and prestige of the country. He said that due to the lack of education our pilgrims have to face difficulties. However, he said that instead of criticism the media should present their proposals.

Opposition Leader inHouse constitutional need: Bhootani OUR CORRESPONDENT Q U E T TA —Speaker of the Balochistan Assembly Muhammad Aslam Bhootani has said that after passage of 20th Constitutional Amendment, it is important for the Balochistan Assembly to have its Opposition Leader. Bhootani, in a statement issued on Tuesday, said, “We have received applications from three members of Balochistan Assembly for leader of the opposition.” All constitutional requirements will be fulfilled while declaring a member as op-

position leader, he added. He said that after returning back from his offical visit of Maldiv and Kolambo, he would take a decision. The Constitution has a provision that the Chief Minister shall have to consult with the Opposition Leader in the Provincial Assembly for establishing caretaker government, which will look after the matters of general elections, Speaker Bhootani said. He reiterated that the opposition leader would be nominated as per the Constitution, rules and regulations of the assembly and on merit.

Zardari for compensation to terrorism afflicted


Iran’s nuclear quest


N his address at the annual dinner of All Pakistan Textile Mills Asso ciation (APTMA) on Monday, President Asif Ali Zardari touched upon a number of issues that not only directly relate to the industrial sector of the country but also the overall economic condition of Pakistan. He acknowledged that industrial progress is deeply linked to the rate of interest, which is currently on the higher side and should be brought down as per demands of the business community. Similarly, he also agreed that the energy shortage was badly affecting the industry and economy and proposed launching of textile bonds to help provide soft loans to the sector. Textile sector is the largest contributor to the exports of the country but textile exports have not picked up momentum at the desired level mainly because of non-competitiveness. Apart from the factors related to the internal economic policies of the Government, the poor security and law and order situation caused by the war on terror has put additional burden on production and exports. It was in this backdrop that the President called upon the international community especially the West and the United States to think of ways to compensate the countries most adversely impacted by the war on terror by making some allowance to them for market access. Pakistan is a resource starved developing country that depends too much on foreign assistance but even then it had to incur hugely on war on terror and as pointed out by the President the overall losses of the country on this account go beyond $80 billion. It is understood that even if the normalcy returns in near future it would take decades for the country to recoup these staggering losses. Therefore, the demand of President Zardari is quite logical and justified and needs to be considered with all seriousness by the affluent members of the global community. However, the United States and the European Union are either not willing or creating obstacles in the way of grant of even those concessions to Pakistan which they are already giving to countries of comparable economic standing. Ironically, the United States has been resorting to the sloganeering of ROZs for about a decade but at the end of the day the idea has altogether been dropped. The situation, therefore, calls for taking up the issue with the world both at bilateral and multilateral forums with full preparations.

ROK on flood protection projects T

HE Republic of Korea, which is already actively collaborating with Pakistan in different sectors of the economy, has offered to provide assistance in one of the most critical areas of concern for the country. During meeting of the Korean Minister for River Restoration Myung Pil Shim with Minister for Water and Power Ch. Ahmad Mukhtar, the South Korean National River Restoration Organization offered assistance in flood protection projects and technical assistance for the development of hydropower projects. There is strange phenomenon in Pakistan: When there are no rains for some weeks the country fears drought conditions due to lack of sufficient water reservoirs and if there are rains for two or three days floods cause havoc in different areas. This speaks volumes about the vision of our planners and leaders. Floods have been causing huge losses to the country every year and the country suffered damages worth billions of dollars in 2010 and 2011 floods, forcing the country to beg for global help for relief and reconstruction. The question arises as to why we have miserably failed to plan and executive flood control system during the last over six decades. We have Federal Flood Commission that has spent billions of rupee of this poor country on flood protection measures but their impact is not visible mainly because of poor and faulty planning and substandard construction. Similarly, there are dozens of other departments and agencies that directly or indirectly spend billions on flood protection measures like sizeable spending every year on Nullah Leh in Rawalpindi but we are still unable to manage this nullah. In this backdrop, the offer of South Korea, which has expertise in the field of flood mitigation, assumes significance but much depends on our own commitment and ability to devise programmes and projects with Korean assistance for the purpose.

Controversies: Manmohan shows the way out L

IKE many ongoing controversies in Pakistan and when one hardly dies down, another raises its head providing enough material to political opponents to vent their anger, our neighbouring country also faces similar situation. The Indian Prime Minister is being criticised by the opposition over the controversial coal block allocations allegedly causing billions of rupees losses to the country and demanding his resignation and the sessions of the two houses of Parliament have been marred by unending allegations. In this perspective Prime Minister Manmohan Singh while talking to media persons said his silence is better than a thousand answers as it keeps in tact the honour of innumberable questions. Dr Mahmohan Singh has been following the practice of not responding to motivated criticism directed personally at him. This shows maturity and far sightedness and is the hallmark of his soft spoken personality. This should be an example for politicians in the sub-continent because they consume most of their energies on levelling allegations and counter allegations and thus waste their time on frivolous issues. In Pakistan too, there are daily allegations of wrong doings by those in the government as well in the top bureaucracy and the opposition comes out with threats of exposing the misdeeds of each other. No doubt hundreds of billions of rupees corruption is going on in Pakistan as people evade taxes and even do not pay electricity dues leading to an un-ending power crisis. But in our view time has come that the leadership in Pakistan and India should have a clear vision to address critical issues and at the same time concentrate their attention to formulate policies for the well being of the masses. We hope that our politicians too will follow the footsteps of Dr Manmohan Singh which is the saner course.

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Exploitation of bureaucracy in politics cipal Secretary to the Prime Minister because the dynasty wanted at PMO an who enKuldip Nayar official joyed its dence. In either case, it was more than his ability which won him the position. The harm o doubt, the Indian bureau that the Congress rulers have caused cracy was once a steel to the bureaucracy is probably the frame that gave strength to maximum. The BJP too has used ofthe system. But it is malleable to- ficials for the party purposes. But the day. It can be twisted or turned into worst case is that of the Congress any shape and this is no more a and now when the Comptroller and secret. The rulers know it. In fact, Auditor General (CAG) report on the notes put up to them are writ- coal scam, estimated at a whopping ten by bureaucrats to suit whims Rs 1.48 lakh crore, is unfolding one of their ministers. Against this can see that the Congress rulers, parbackground, I was amused to read ticularly, the Prime Minister and the advice by Prime Minister’s Home Minister Shinde were thick Principal Secretary, Pulok with the officials and saw to the gain Chatterjee, to his fellow bureau- of certain individuals. It all began with Prime Minister crats. He says that top civil servants should be “truly independent” and Indira Gandhi who wanted “a comnot to seek personal advantage mitted bureaucracy.” I wondered from their political masters. How- then, committed to whom, not to a ever honest his advice, it does not person or a party but to the constitubehove Chatterjee to give it. He is tion. How officials were used or ala retired IAS officer of the 1974 lowed themselves to be used is a batch and has occupied the best of sordid story of the seventies, particupositions due to his proximity to larly during and after the emergency. the dynasty of Mrs Indira Gandhi. It would serve some useful purpose Indeed, Chatterjee is an ex- if the views of the government on tremely capable officer. But to the coal scam were set out unequivoreach the most covetable position cally and in a manner which would after retirement is not possible un- enable the different government less he has pulled some wires. It is functionaries to tell their story so that possible that he was posted Prin- the blame could be pinned downed


to somebody. The government’s primary responsibility is to guarantee protection to those officials who refuse to deviate from their code of conduct which should be accepted not only by officials but also by the ministers. If there is sincerity at the political level, the time is ripe for reaffirming the principles and ideals in a manner that there is no ambivalence about the intentions of the government in relation to the bureaucracy. If the officials on the one hand and politicians on the other do not limit their areas of operation to their accepted and acknowledged fields, the nation cannot be kept safe towards working for a democratic system of government. Yet the most important point is that the rulers will have to keep bureaucrats away from party politics and not use them for illegitimate things that the ruling party indulge in. The Manmohan Singh government’s contribution towards politicizing the bureaucracy is quite substantial. Not long ago, the cabinet secretary used to pick up officers to serve as secretary in a particular ministry. Only one name was sent up to the minister concerned who had to accept him or her. Now the minister himself selects his secretary from a panel of names submitted to him. Why he leaves out number one on the panel and instead selects the sixth or seventh for appointment is not difficult to guess. The minister was probably told or he himself knew who was the most pliable of-

ficer. Today the minister can go outside the panel and select anyone of his choice. Chatterjee, amplifying his advice, says: “Our role is to strengthen the hands of the political leadership by giving them sound, objective advice and respecting their decision so long as it is legitimate. And we can do this so long as we do not go to them for undue personal favours.” Of course, Chatterjee touches upon corruption which has eaten up the best in the system. He rightly says: “Civil service is not a spoils system”…This unfortunate perception is best captured in the quote of Malcolm Forbes who said ‘Once in a civil service job, one needs only to live to rise’.” How does Chatterjee now explain what was going on in the PMO on the coal scam? Even the rules about the law to give coal mines on auction were delayed by four years so that the ruling party could pick up for favour any individual for allotment. Alas, civil servants have forgotten all the noble traditions of public service. They are now an instrument in the hands of rulers for tyranny or manipulation. That they would themselves become part of the system was not envisaged. I am sad to see the ignoble end of great service it once was. —The writer is a veteran Indian journalist, syndicated columnist, human right activist and author.

Is situation ripe for an operation? has now decided to overplay HN threat and to sensationalize safe havens in North (NW). It Asif Haroon Raja Waziristan also has decided deEmail: clare HN as a terrorist group. If so, it will maximize pressure on Pakistan. Last September, he US had mounted extreme Mullen had described HN as the pressure on the newly formed ‘veritable arm’ of ISI. democratic government to Drone war was intensified to proannul peace treaty with Maulanas voke pro-government militant groups Sufi and Fazlullah in Swat after the in NW to shelve peace treaty and pick militants had penetrated Dir and up arms against security forces. Other Buner in April 2009. Alarm bells reasons were to push the Army to were sounded that the militants launch the much delayed operation were at the verge of capturing and to compel HN to exit from NW. Islamabad and the nukes. A joint There was a lull in drone strikes durresolution was passed by the par- ing the stoppage of NATO supplies liament and the Army tasked to con- for seven months but after reopening front the existential threat with full of supply lines in July this year drone force. No sooner the bases of Paki- attacks have once again picked up stani Taliban were demolished in momentum. Not a single member of Swat, Shangla, Buner, Dir and TTP has been killed by drones. AtBajaur, USA exerted pressure to tack on Kamra airbase on the night tackle the main base of TTP in of 16 August by a band of nine suiSouth Waziristan (SW). Dis- cide bombers was aimed at destroymantlement of TTP’s base in SW ing strategic assets and to impel the dismayed the schemers. Had Army to hasten to plunge into NW. ISAF instead of withdrawing its This crude tactic was employed earborder posts sealed the border in lier on also when a terrorist attack 2009 effectively, all the fleeing took place on GHQ on 10 October militants including their leaders 2009, which forced Gen Kayani to could be nabbed or killed and the give a green signal for Operation Rahgenie of terrorism bottled up. e-Nijat in SW. However, the US and its allies After persistent efforts since early didn’t want to control terrorism. 2010 and application of multiple presThey wanted to weaken Pak Army sures, the US now claims that Pakiand not TTP that had been created stan has finally agreed to launch a with devious intentions. joint and coordinated operation in Since Pak Army’s successes NW in concert with US troops. This went against ill-motivated plans, the decision had been taken long time US in its bid to cripple the Army back but socio-politico-economicdecided to open new fronts with the operational constraints came in the help of runaway terrorists. They way. Even now firm decision in this were provided safe havens in Kunar regard has not been taken. GHQ has and Nuristan, regrouped and re- turned down the US proposal of joint launched in 2011 in Dir, Mehmand, operation saying that the ISAF may Bajaur and Chitral. These abscond- do so on other side of the border in ing terrorists are now being equated Khost-Paktika provinces in coordinawith Haqqani network (HN) which tion with Pak Army’s operation is struggling to liberate its country whenever it is launched. GHQ also from foreign occupation. The US made it clear that its prime focus will after failing to win over Haqqanis be on anti-Pakistan groups and not


on anti-US elements as wished by USA. Washington seems satisfied that at last its wish is being fulfilled and may not contest these two points but HN will continue to haunt the US military as long as it stays in Afghanistan. The US military has given clear hints that it will take care of sanctuaries in Kunar and Nuristan and control cross border raids provided Pakistan demolished safe havens of HN in NW. In case an operation is launched in next few months, the situation will not be as grim as was in 2010-2011. While Swat to a large extent has been rehabilitated and secured, rehabilitation and development works under the aegis of Army in SW are going on with speed and good progress has been achieved. Almost 75% of displaced people have returned and are taking part in reconstruction and business activities with fervor. Had the US lived up to its promise of setting up ROZs in Waziristan, by now a world of change would have come in that war torn region. Held up $1.1 billion CSF is being released which will enable the Army to oil its war machinery. Notwithstanding the relative improvement in security situation and the fact that the trunk of armed forces remains as strong as ever, the fact is that restive areas that had been controlled by the Army after paying a heavy price are again being made turbulent by the powers that desire an operation to be launched in NW. Distrust gap between USA and Pakistan has widened with little hope of its abridgement. Civil administration is reluctant to take over its duties in troubled areas pacified by the Army. Covert war by foreign agencies based in Kabul is continuing as heretofore and cauldron of Balochistan is simmering. TTP in FATA and BLABRA-BLF in Balochistan are being funded and equipped to keep the flames of terrorism enflamed. Sindh and Balochistan have become a single battle zone. Criminal elements in the two neighboring provinces are militarily supporting each other since 1990s. Gun running

originate from Balochistan. Criminals seek refuge in either of the provinces once the chase of the law enforcers becomes hot. Target killers of the two provinces ultimately escape to South Africa once the noose tightens around them and reappear when the noose is loosened. TTP and BLA, the two banned terrorist groups are also linked with criminal elements. The entire chain of criminals is backed by RAW, CIA and Mossad. Sectarianism is being inflamed in Balochistan, Kurram Agency and Gilgit-Baltistan by hidden forces. Karachi is bled by the militant wings of the three ruling coalition parties together with external elements. Levlin Anatole, a British historian makes a startling exposure in his book published in 2011 ‘Pakistan a Hard Country’ that all the explosions and attacks in Pakistan are being planned and carried out by CIA and its agents in the name of Taliban. This is exactly what I and several other analysts had been highlighting. Think who are the collaborators with paid terrorists? The US and al-Qaeda were not long-term adversaries but partners. Economic situation is going from bad to worse and the ruling regime is not showing any inclination to improve its performance and put the house in order. Politicians are least concerned about internal and external threats and plight of the masses groaning under acute poverty. The rulers are manipulating to extend their stay by another year so that they could give five-year extension to President Zardari through act of parliament in 2013. The ones in opposition are divided and wholly focused on gaining power. The religious parties/groups too are divided and interpret religion through their respective narrow lenses. Under the circumstances, obtaining politico-economic-military environment are still not conducive for a military operation. —The writer is a retired Brig, a defence analyst and a columnist and author of several books.

ran appears to have installed a few hundred more centrifuges at its deep underground site known as Fordow, thus enhancing its ability to produce uranium enriched to 20 percent, a purity that can be converted relatively quickly to bomb-grade fuel. This is unsettling news. But the Obama administration sensibly says “there is time and space” to keep working toward a diplomatic solution, despite growing pressure for military action from Israel and its supporters. Iran’s continuing activity violates United Nations Security Council demands to halt enrichment, but as one official said, it is “not a game-changer.” The disclosure about the centrifuges is in a report expected soon from the International Atomic Energy Agency. Tehran’s nuclear ambitions are clearly dangerous to Israel and the region. But the administration argues that Iran is not on the verge of producing a weapon and that the United Nations inspectors will provide warning before it gets to that point. Washington’s caution is wellplaced, especially when set against the overheated statements of Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, that time is running out. He has never warmed to the idea of negotiations between Iran and the United States and other major powers. The speculation now is that he is escalating his warnings before the United States election in a cynical gambit to get President Obama’s agreement to act against Iran soon. An attack in this case might well make things worse. A sustained air campaign would most likely set Iran’s nuclear program back by only a few years. Moreover, the talk about using force has become a distraction, shifting attention to the Israeli-United States dispute rather than keeping it squarely on Iran. It is disappointing that recently toughened sanctions and several rounds of negotiations have not produced positive results. If there is to be any chance of that, the world is going to have to stay united in enforcing sanctions and isolating Iran. That is why this week’s meeting in Tehran of the Nonaligned Movement was a major blow. Nations truly interested in peace should have boycotted the meeting. Instead, 120 of them sent senior representatives, including heads of state. Some of them, like the Persian Gulf states, no doubt hedging their bets, are buying billions of dollars in new American weapons because they fear a nuclear-armed Iran. Worst of all, Ban Ki-moon, the United Nations secretary general, chose to participate even though Iran has been thumbing its nose at Security Council resolutions for nearly six years. The meeting gave Tehran the perfect propaganda opportunity to play the victim and defend a nuclear program that is indefensible. — The New York Times


Keep children safe on roads


arents who love their children make sure they are properly seated and safely buckled-up when travelling in their cars. Those parents who speed with their children in vehicles, or do not make sure they are safely seated, are guilty of reckless endangerment and their love for their family must be called into question. Parents take the lives of their children into their hands every time they place them in a car and they are responsible for their safety. However, almost every day on the roads children can be seen hanging out of windows, not buckled-up in the front seat, sitting in speeding cars or distracting drivers. If parents are not able to properly look after their children then the law must step in. Those seen to be driving careless with their children must face harsh fines and penalties; after all, reckless endangerment of life is a serious offence. Those who do not ensure the safety of their children while driving should be deprived of their licences and their vehicles, or they might lose their families in a tragic accident. — Gulf News

I tend to believe that cricket is the greatest thing that God ever created on Earth... certainly greater than sex, although sex isn’t too bad either. —Harold Pinter British dramatist

Minorities under attack arrest for allegedly the papers Column from Dallas burning with Quranic writings is so pathetic and heart wrenching. It shows how the people Saeed Qureshi turn wild on such gosEmail: sips without pondering that their reaction does no good to Islam and the Muslims. Ishat happened in Astor? On lam is larger than life and if it can be the road leading to Gilgit, desecrated or threatened by a young three buses were waylaid at girl with no knowledge of Islam or a place near Babusar pass by the the papers she might be burning, then heavily armed fanatic Sunni Mus- we must lament our vision of Islam. lims. The passengers were disemThe most persecuted minority is barked, and lined up. Those discov- that of Ahmadis who are constitutionered to be Shias were gunned down. ally declared as non Muslims. They The spine chilling tragedy is so are killed and their worshipping ghastly as to make one speechless. places are attacked from time to time. It’s difficult to describe the barbaric Of late their grave yards were ranenormity of this carnage that spatters sacked and the inscriptions written on blood on the already bloody face of the graves were erased. Minarets of Pakistan. This is one of those ump- their worshipping places were demolteen ugly manifestations of bigotry, ished and Arabic writings whitesectarian hatred and prejudice based washed. This community is becomvendetta that are now fast mushroom- ing Diaspora and seeking asylums in ing all over Pakistan. other countries. If this frightening intolerance and The Hindus mostly inhabited in bigotry is allowed to escalate, Paki- Sindh are also not safe as a religious stan would turn into battleground for minority. The statements of certain sectarian Armageddon. Can the Sunni Hindu pilgrims to India indicated the radicals liquidate all the Shias and maltreatment and discrimination they vice versa all the Sunnis could be were being subjected to by powerful eliminated by Shias? The teenage majority religious sections. They alChristen girl Ramsha’s case and her leged incidences of kidnapping of


Hindus, and their forced conversion to Islam. Even otherwise we have been reading about their houses attacked and rampaged with casualties. Islam enjoins security and other rights to the minorities. Unfortunately we Muslims suffer from a lurking paranoid that Islam is always in danger and prone to be desecrated. Deplorably the Quran is being used by the unscrupulous Muslims to settle their scores with non-Muslims or with the challengers of their vested interests. No Muslim not even the enlightened are ready to take Ramsha’s word as credible and forgive her when that innocent soul swears that she did not know if she was doing something wrong. These are some of the latest events that suggest how fragile the law and order situation has become in Pakistan. One would tend to draw an inescapable inference that a nasty and diabolic game is being orchestrated and staged by the parties that want Pakistan to be rendred totally dysfunctional and crippled. Patently the sectarian, regional, ethnic fires are consuming this country and paving way for the renegade forces to balkanize it. The religious frenzy and sectarian hate is assuming frightening dimensions as to render the human life as insignificant as a worm. Humans are known to turn barbarians but that

stigma was exclusive to the past societies. The recurring massacre of Shias can be consigned to the sectarian madness, but what about the surging violence, devouring the lives of the people for other reasons. The hopes and aspirations of the residents are fading away about the sanctity and security of their life, limb and properties. But did ever any government or its functionaries seriously try to stem the raging tide of sectarianism and the religious right’s bulging influence over the society. Democracy sans safety and accountability is a base coin with no worth. The leaders and the rulers better give security, accountable, efficient, and people-friendly governance to the citizens and take away the charade of democracy that survives on the blood of the citizens. There is a pervasive and growing disenchantment with the viability of the country. If at all anyone can be pointed at as antiPakistan or unpatriotic, it is not the public but the powerful and the privileged classes. The harassed people and paralyzed intelligentsia are not to blame if they pose questions as to how the country was being run and whether this downward calamitous drift would ever be checked or that country’s survival was at stake.

Gender and women Sadaf Nuri


here were times when science was considered privileged in the field of academia. The world has developed globally and this advancement has resulted in the introduction of new ideas and innovations. The whole worldly phenomena revolve around human cultural setting and behaviour. From the last few centuries in general and from the last century particularly, concept of ‘gender’ has been emerged as a new intellectual discourse. Ironically, in the developing countries, the very term has been confused with the concept of studies of women. However, the case is other way round; gender does not refer to the feminism. The term “gender” has appeared as a vogue over a period of time. It has emerged as a unique discipline in the present times. The misconception about the subject needs to be relooked. The perceived notion about this very subject is that it caters to the needs of women folk sidelining the issues and concerns of men. The term gender incorporates both masculinity and femininity.

Due to its interdisciplinary nature, it not only studies the social or biological construction of the established categories as “male” and “female” but also more diversified patterns of class, race, ethnicity and sexuality and how is gender affected by them. Similarly, division of labour and assignment of social roles to the males and females according to the physical attributes are also important themes covered in the subject of gender studies and roles. Gender tries to challenge the so called established and conventional concepts of social construction of gender and the probable roles associated with it. Patriarchy is much discussed because it holds prominent position in large number of societies where males hold the dominant position and women has minimum or no role in decision making. The subject is interdisciplinary and multidimensional having its ties with other areas of human concern which includes social discrimination, division of labour, freedom of expression for women, similarities and differences between nations, existing disparities between urban and rural cultural settings particularly pertaining to the discriminating roles of women in all respects.

Most importantly, it also studies the various forms of genders other than male and female. Transgender community is also now being highly discussed and debate has been going on regarding their rights and roles in a society. Anthropologically speaking, there are certain societies who recognize even more than three genders. Gender is an international subject exhibiting the fact that gender issues exists almost everywhere in the world. They tend to be intensified in a few societies marked by rigidity in their religious and cultural patterns, while other societies experience resilience in their gender roles. The discipline has newly been introduced; as far as its scope is concerned I believe this would prove to be quite good providing the novice with intellectual insight by widening their horizons and making them capable of resolving the issues, through rational thinking. The diverse field includes a women study which is discussing women issues at length. Women have remained aloof as far as the concept of their rights is concerned. This subject is making possible endeavours by fulfilling the possible prospects. In my view, definition of gender varies according to the societal conditions and the established

norms. A society with stringent religious values and practices has defined gender discrimination. Ironically speaking, in case of Pakistan, religion is also being used as a tool for political and social vested interests. Woman has also borne the brunt of male-dominated mind set. In case of our society, unchaining of women from the clutches of ruthless and dark mindset of male hegemony seems to be a far cry. Awfully, in some of the sub-cultures or societies within Pakistan, even the right to life of women is under control of men. Interestingly enough, gender creates cognizance and awareness between women and other cadres of a society who are gender sensitive. Development is expected in a society marked by gender harmony where gaps are reduced to the possible extent in order to gain maximum positive outcomes. Lastly, misconception and self created meaning about a social subject paint a bad image of a society. Such is the case with the gender studies in our society. It needs to be taken in a proper context. —The writer works for IPRI and is a researcher of Gender Studies.

Views From Abroad

Isolating Iran? Najmedin Meshkati


he 16th summit of the NonAligned Movement in Tehran this week will draw dignitaries and representatives from more than 100 countries — 35 heads of state, including Mohamed Morsi, the current chair of the movement and the first democratically elected president of Egypt, as well as UN SecretaryGeneral Ban Ki-moon. For the next three years, Iran will serve as the chair of the movement, which was formed in 1961 to counterbalance the superpowers. In early August, Iran hosted a high-level meeting that included Russia on the crisis in Syria. All this points to the abject failure of the US policy in the last 30 years to “isolate” Iran. Policies of restriction or containment through sanctions and economic mechanisms do not work. In a porous world, sanctions are largely ineffective. Proponents of further tightening of the so-called crippling sanctions or the oxymoronic “smart sanctions”

on Iran point to the significant drop in Iran’s oil exports, shortage of foreign currency and the economic hardship in Iran as evidence of the effectiveness of sanctions. However, the sole intended consequence of all these sanctions has been zero insofar as scaling back or curtailing Iran’s nuclear programme. During the Truman administration, Secretary of State Dean Acheson’s policy of containment of China pushed Chairman Mao Tsetung to greater extremes and arguably led to the Chinese invasion of southern Korea that produced the Korean War, ensnaring the United States. Likewise, his treatment of President Gamal Abdel Nasser and refusing to fund the construction of the Aswan Dam further radicalised the Egyptian leader, pushing him into the arms of the Soviet Union. Likewise, imposing more sanctions on Iran would result in further radicalisation, adding fuel to the fire of hard-liners and eventually marginalizing the democratic forces in Iran. Instead of sanctions, the West is better advised to support and promote the Iranian pri-

vate sector, which is the engine of economic growth and social change. When it comes to building relationships, the recipe for Iran should be the same one that the US followed in overcoming its ideological angst with respect to the Soviet Union, China and Vietnam. In the case of Iran, the US could take a baby step by allowing the Iranians to purchase goods, know-how and other services that enhance the safety of Iran’s civil aviation. This confidence-building initiative, which is powered by science and engineering-enriched diplomacy, is a correct approach and promotes global aviation safety. To begin the process, there must be a willingness on the part of the US or Iran to admit that one day there could be a meaningful relationship between the two. The US needs to see Iran as part of the solution to its strategic challenges in the Middle East, which have little to do with Iran itself. For example, the Syrian quagmire, which is fuelled by the Sunni governments, mostly dictatorial monarchies, is not of Iran’s making. But, first, Washing-

ton and Tehran must be able to communicate directly and reciprocally on matters of mutual interest. Resolving their differences can come later, much later. As the gathering of the Non-Aligned Movement in Tehran demonstrates, Iran is isolated mostly in the minds of some US policymakers and their cheerleading pundits. It is US interests that suffer as a consequence. By not reckoning with Iran as a major player in the Middle East, the US deprives the American private sector of a lucrative market, indirectly keeps Israel’s security in a state of limbo and deepens the stagnation in the Arab-Israeli peace process. A fresh and bold approach to US-Iran relations is not only desirable but imperative for the United States’ national interests in the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa. The writer is a professor of engineering at USC and was a senior science and engineering advisor in the Office of Science and Technology Advisor to the Secretary of State (2009-2010). — Courtesy: Los Angeles Times

Your child’s teacher..!


hat do you say when you visit your child’s school on parent’s day or open house? Do you make excuses for him or her? Here Below is Lincoln’s letter to his son’s teacher: “He will have to learn, I know, that all men are not just, all men are not true. But teach him also that for every scoundrel there is a hero, that for every selfish politician, there is

a dedicated leader…Teach him that for every envy there is a friend. It will take time, I know. But teach him, if you can, that a dollar earned is of far more value than five found….Teach him to learn to lose…. And also to enjoy winning. Steer him away from envy, if you can, teach him the secret of quiet laughter. Let him learn that the bullies are easiest to lick…Teach him, if you can, the wonder of books….But also give him quiet time to ponder the eternal mystery of birds in the sky, bees in the sun, and flowers on a queen hillside. In school teach him it is far more honourable to fail than to cheat…Teach him to have faith in his

own ideas, even if everyone tells him they are wrong….Teach him to be gentle with gentle people and tough with the tough. Try to give my son the strength not to follow the crowd when everyone is getting on the band wagon… Teach him to listen to all men… but teach him also to filter all he hears on a screen of truth, and take only the good that comes through. Teach him, if you can, how to laugh when he is sad…Teach him there is no shame in tears. Teach him to scoff at cynics and to beware of too much sweetness. Teach him to sell his brawn and brain to the highest bidders, but never to put a price tag on

his heart and soul. Teach him to close his ears to a howling mob … and to stand and fight if he thinks he’s right. Teach him gently, but do not cuddle him, because on the test of fire makes fine steel. Let him have the courage to be impatient... let him have the patience to be brave. Teach him always, to have sublime faith in himself because then he will always have sublime faith in mankind. This is a big order but see what you can do….He is such a fine little fellow, My Son! Fine words from a great man: I hope you who have children also say such to their teachers..! —Email:

Voice of the People Pakistan-TTP war MALIK TARIQ


f Pakistan was at war with another country, then the enemy would be bombing our military installa tions, destroying our aircrafts parked inside hangars, killing our soldiers and innocent citizens. Now that the TTP have accepted responsibility for attacking Kamra Base and other suicide attacks killing innocent Pakistani citizens, they have assumed the role of enemies of this state and as such no political party, or religious group should be seen flirting or talking to them. Negotiations can only be conducted with an ememy only in case of defeat or after cessation of hostilities. On 13 March, Sh Rasheed the former minister of Musharraf, who supported his unjustified attacks on Lal Masjed and Nawab Akbar Bugti, sought permission and blessings of Mullah Omer to facilitate Imran Khan’s planned march to North Waziristan. Mullah Omer is not even a Pakistani citizen and has no jurisdiction over Pakistan, nor can he be allowed to do so. North Waziristan is an integral part of Pakistan and Sh Raseed had no business seeking Mullah Omer’s permission for Chairman PTI to enter a territory which is part of this country. Sh Rasheed made other very objectionable remarks. All this was done in the presence of Imran Khan who was sitting on the stage. Sh Rasheed claims to have entered an electoral alliance with PTI. It was expected of Imran to disassociate from these unpatriotic statements of a former minister of Musharraf, who allowed NATO to launch drone attacks, and forced Pakistan to wage a war, which it should never have participated in. Unfortunately history tells us that every military dictator from Ayub, to Yahya, then Zia and finally Musharraf were instrumental in making this country get into war, which was not in our national interest. Political opportunists like Sh Rasheed have associated themselves with every such military adventurer. If Imran Khan considers it feasible for PTI to be linked with Sh Rasheed, then I am afraid he is not the man whom we can look at, to bring about a change for better. —Lahore

Women and human rights HASHIM ABRO It is deeply disturbing fact that more than 90 percent of Pakistani women believe they are the property of their husbands- before marriage that of their parents- it seems obvious that they are not aware of their human rights secured under the law of the land and that also the international law. Since 1948, there have been more than a dozen major international conventions and protocols protecting the human rights of women throughout the world. Governments are required to act and eliminate “social and cultural patterns of conduct of men and women which are based on the idea of the inferiority or the superiority of either of the sexes or on stereotyped roles for men and women. A special legal duty is imposed upon governments to “take into account the particular problems faced by rural women. Women have the “right freely to choose a spouse and to enter into marriage only with their free and full consent.” Children can not give free and full consent to marriage. As parents, women shall have equal rights “irrespective of their marital status, in matters relating to their children.” It is discriminatory to arbitrarily deny women spousal support and equal custody rights at divorce. Various other conventions ensure that women are protected from involuntary servitude, cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment. Domestic violence can not be ignored as simple “family misunderstanding” but must be prosecuted as a serious crime. The Convention on the Rights of the Child protects young girls from being forced to undergo the painful and degrading practice of genital mutilation and rape in the form of child marriages. It is, indeed, time to end the silence and stand up and speak up against their dehumanization in different parts of Pakistan. The rampant violence against women must not be tolerated. It must be combated through a combination of education, information and rigorous prosecutions of abusers. If actions or lack of action speaks louder than words, it is obvious that ruling elite do not think much of their women’s lives and dignity. A broad social movement needs to be established to challenge all practices that degrade women and challenge cultural and social patterns defining the lopsided power relationship between men and women in Pakistani society. —Islamabad

Sports performance MUBASHIR MAHMOOD Pakistan performance in the London Olympics was so devastating that it has disappointed many Pakistanis. In all the games where Pakistanis participated either they were last or second last. In hockey, Pakistan was at seventh position, thanks to the easy group where Pakistan somehow managed to perform. However while searching on the internet I found that Jehangir Khan former World number professional squash player has a record which is almost unbeatable. From 1981 to 1986, he was unbeaten in competitive play. During that time he won 555 games consecutively, the longest winning streak by any athlete in top-level professional sports as recorded by Guinness World Records. It is also sad to see that a Pakistan produced players like Jehangir Khan and Jansher Khan (who was also another legend) and now Pakistan squash is suffering just like hockey. Government of Pakistan and concerned authorities should look into this matter and should ap-

point former players to groom and polish the new talent so that Pakistan can bring laurels to country. —Karachi

US aid won’t work! SYED MUHAMMAD ABUBAKER US Aid is known for its welfare activities all over the world. This is termed as aid or assistance “From the American people” and it also has a considerable significance in Pakistan, as the US Aid is executing many welfare projects in the rural and urban areas. Some of their projects include installing water filtration plants; establishment of schools in the rural areas, providing financial assistance to poor families etc. despite their numerous efforts this is not allowing the Americans to establish their good will among the Pakistani people. Our analysts attribute this to the intervening role of Americans in Pakistani politics, their strict policies against our government and covert operations of American dominated “NATO” in Pakistani territory which has worsened the entire situation. US Aid is no doubts rendering a noble job by doing relief works in our backward areas and aiding the deprived the class of the society. However if they want to generate a favorable public opinion and build up a positive image among the Pakistani people, these welfare activities won’t be enough. As these welfare activities won’t be useful for curing their broken image which had been spoiled due to the stiff attitude of American politicians towards Pakistan. No matter how much the Americans keep up the relief work and welfare activities in our country, they won’t be able to establish their good will unless and until they fix the real problem. Only if the Congress men sitting in the White House decide with a sincere heart that they will to have true bilateral relations on the basis of mutual respect with the Pakistanis, the situation will improve. The Americans should know that “We need friends not masters” and when these drone attacks in the tribal areas of Pakistan are stopped; ultimately an atmosphere of trust will be developed among these two nations. As when they will listen to us, then our government and our people will also respect them from the core of heart. Slowly and steadily our people will began to look positively towards them and will also have a good opinion about them. Finally the atmosphere of distrust will end. Now it’s up to them that what they want. Whether they keep threatening our national sovereignty and have a negative image or they just come over self-deception and show themselves the way they are. This is the only way for sustained relations between the two countries and then the US AID would have far reaching results. —Lahore

Appeal for justice A CONCERNED CITIZEN It was shocking to note an aggrieved father observing hunger strike on an auspicious Eid -ul-Fitr day ( August 20).This was to highlight his ordeal to the authorities concerned. Unfortunately, he had lost his lone son at the hands of a quack doctor some time back in Kandiaro. A devastated father Jahangir Shah, who comes from a common family background, was shown in a report made by a Sindhi TV channel. But, sadly this episode was not covered by the national as well as English language news channels. It was rightly expected the other TV channels would have also covered this event in their transmissions. It may not be out of place to mention here

that mostly our media is less attentive to the sufferings of rural society and sometimes, impression is created, as they have totally neglected the rural society which constitutes about 75 percent of country’s population. The population in rural areas does not resort to street agitation, and vandalism, as is done in urban centers so the authorities conveniently ignore their pains. This creates in them a measure of deep alienation,and deprivation.There comes a desire to move to big cities. I hereby appeal to apex Courts to kindly look into the incident. Also, I would urge the Chief Secretary of Sindh to call to account the District Administration for being indifferent to the complainant. In the past such kinds of incidents have been covered in the editorials, but under the circumstances, there is need to take a fresh look into the foregoing matter. Mushroom growth of quacks across the province/country, must be checked with heavy hand. —Kandiaro

Violation of individual liberty SYED NOMAN ASLAM The plan of the federal government to block all prepaid SIMs has generated a needless debate which could have been avoided in present circumstances when our economy is already in shambles and allegations of violation of human rights in the country abound. There are factors pertaining to individual liberties as well with this decision. The biggest worry is that if authorities can implement such draconian measures without any significant opposition, its natural temptation will be to take even more freedoms away from citizens, again using the threat of terrorist attacks as a justification. —Wah Cantt

Nothing to defend MUHAMMAD JAVED After the planted interview allegation in her first appearance Anchor Merhar Bukhari told her viewers that she had decided to go to court against her defamation. Hanif Abbasi sent a Rs. 25 crore defamation notice to Sherikh Rashid Ahmed which the latter courageously accepted. On the Memo Gate scandal Farahnaz Ispahani wife of Hussain Haqqani publicly warned that her husband was going to file a defamation suit abroad. On the recent Olympics Games Passport Visa scandal our Government spokesman left no time opening the big mouth that the Government was going to take legal action again the London based Daily. None of the above to the best of my knowledge till today’s information has practically “filed” any defamation suits as they claimed. This in other simple words means to this ordinary citizen that these people are now not interested in protecting their “fame” which ultimately means they now think that the allegations against them are correct. In fact since the age I started reading newspapers, this senior citizen had always been reading and hearing about such legal action threats but does not remember having seen any such case ever been filed. So, in such a case, I am right to take it that Sheikh Rasheed is right what he keeps on saying on TV about Hanif Abbasi and so on. —Karachi

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World is over-armed and peace is under-funded BAN KI-MOON


AST month, competing interests prevented agree ment on a much-needed treaty that would have reduced the appalling human cost of the poorly regulated international arms trade. Meanwhile, nuclear disarmament efforts remain stalled, despite strong and growing global popular sentiment in support of this cause. The failure of these negotiations and this month’s anniversaries of the atomic bombings at Hiroshima and Nagasaki provide a good opportunity to explore what has gone wrong, why disarmament and arms control have proven so difficult to achieve, and how the world community can get back on track towards these vitally important goals. Many defence establishments now recognize that security means far more than protecting borders. Grave security concerns can arise as a result of demographic trends, chronic poverty, economic inequality, environmental deg-

Making the U.S. military submit to Shariah FRANK J GAFFNEY JR


MERICAN servicemen are being killed in Af ghanistan at an accelerating rate by Afghans who ostensibly are their allies. These attacks have been dubbed “green-on-blue” incidents, an antiseptic and deliberately mild way of describing the treachery of Muslim natives (designated by the Islamic color green) against our folks (the blue forces). Such murders “inside the wire” are deemed to be so serious a threat that the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Army Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, went to Afghanistan last week to assess what is being done to prevent them in the future. That challenge is made considerably harder by the fact that President Obama’s strategy for extricating the United States from the war in Afghanistan is to have U.S. personnel train, advise and otherwise help Afghan army and police units assume responsibility for the war’s conduct as we rapidly pull out. Consequently, Afghans willing to take out Americans have plenty of opportunities to do so — and the latter essentially are unceasingly vulnerable to attack. Unfortunately, an even bigger factor in our troops’ vulnerability to such violence is the refusal of their chain of command to recognize and understand, let alone effectively counter, the motivation behind it. For example, the commander of U.S. and other foreign forces in Afghanistan, Marine Gen. John Allen, attributed the recent uptick in green-on-blue attacks to irritability on the part of Afghan personnel performing missions at high operational tempos while sweltering in summer heat and hungry because of the Ramadan fast. The appropriate response? In a Friday op-ed column in The Washington Post, the general declared, “The closer the relationship, the more secure, ultimately, our troops will be.” Syndicated columnist Diana West has caustically observed, “Like his brothers-in-brass, Allen is all about ideology — the COIN [counterinsurgency] ideology. This Leftist dogma transmuted to the battlefield is founded on the Big Lie of ‘universalism,’ which takes in the absurd but also liberty-threatening belief that all cultures, all religions, all civilizations have interchangeable values and aspirations. The theory is easily disproven, but it remains a commandment of postmodern gospel.” Pursuant to the Team Obamaapproved COIN doctrine, the posture our troops in harm’s way in Afghanistan must adopt is one of doing everything possible not to give offense to the Afghans. In fact, in February, the military distributed to U.S. forces in theater a handy pocket guide titled “Inside the Wire Threats — Afghanistan Green on Blue.” It is all about establishing a “bond of trust” between Afghan army and NATO personnel. Interestingly, another document, produced for the military’s use in May 2011 by Jeffrey Bordin, a military behavioral scientist, shows why, as a practical matter, that can’t happen. This unclassified “red team” analysis suggested that the problem is, as its title suggests, “A Crisis of Trust and Cultural Incompatibility.” It found, based on extensive interviews with U.S. and NATO troops, that practices inspired by, condoned or even mandatory under the brutally repressive Islamist doctrine of Shariah — such as the “poor treatment and virtual slavery of women in Afghan society”; the practice of child abuse, including the “raping and sodomizing of little boys”; and the torture of dogs — contributed to a “cultural gap” that alienated U.S. and Western personnel from their trainees and other native counterparts. As noted by Shariah expert and blogger Andrew Bostom, one of the recommendations (albeit, the 40th out of 58) offered by the red team for addressing this underlying problem, clearly at variance with the COIN party line, was to “Better educate U.S. soldiers in the central tenets of Islam as interpreted and practiced in Afghanistan. Ensure that this instruction is not a sanitized, politically correct training package, but rather includes an objective and comprehensive assessment of the totalitarian nature of the extreme theology practiced among Afghans.” The Obama administration responded to this red-team analysis and its findings by classifying it. Then, the COINcompatible pocket guide was promulgated, directing, in the words of the inimitable Diana West, that: “1) U.S. troops are to walk on eggs and refrain from saying or doing anything that might set off their armed, ‘hair-trigger moderate’ Afghan counterparts: ‘Avoid public rebukes,’ troops are told. ‘Counsel in private jointly with [the Afghan army] chain of command.’ “2) Worse, U.S. troops are ordered to assume the ageold role of the dhimmis, those wretched, self-censoring nonMuslims repressed and stunted by Islamic law: ‘Respect Islam, Koran or a mosque; Afghan women, elders and children. Avoid arrogance; i.e., belief that [International Security Assistance Force] culture is superior to Afghan culture.’ “ Whatever we call such behavior — “politically correct,” “multicultural,” “diversity-minded” or simply “sensitive” — our enemies perceive it through the lens of their culture and, more important, the doctrine that governs it, namely Shariah. Specifically, they understand it for what it is: submission. Following that doctrine, the appropriate response to an infidel enemy’s submission is more violence to make him, as the Koran puts it, “feel subdued.” Accordingly, if we persist in this submissiveness, from winning Afghan hearts and minds, we are likely to put not just our troops there at ever greater risk. We will invite our foes to engage in more jihadist violence elsewhere, including here. Frank J. Gaffney Jr. is president of the Center for Security Policy (, a columnist for The Washington Times and host of the nationally syndicated program Secure Freedom Radio, heard in Washington weeknights at 9 p.m. on WRC 1260 AM. —Courtesy - Washington Times

radation, pandemic diseases, organized crime, repressive governance and other developments no state can control alone. Arms can’t address such concerns. Yet there has been a troubling lag between recognizing these new security challenges, and launching new policies to address them. National budget priorities still tend to reflect the old paradigms. Massive military spending and new investments in modernizing nuclear weapons have left the world overarmed ¯ and peace under-funded. Last year, global military spending reportedly exceeded $1.7 trillion ¯ more than $4.6 billion a day, which alone is almost twice the U.N.’s budget for an entire year. This largesse includes billions more for modernizing nuclear arsenals decades into the future. This level of military spending is hard to explain in a post-Cold War world and amidst a global financial crisis. Economists would call this an “opportunity cost.” I call it human opportunities lost. Nuclear weapons budgets are especially ripe for deep cuts. Such weapons are useless against today’s threats to international peace and security. Their very existence is de-stabilizing: the more they are touted as indispensable, the greater is the incentive for their proliferation. Additional risks arise from accidents and the health and environmental effects of maintaining and developing such weapons. The time has come to re-affirm commitments to nuclear disarmament, and to ensure that this common end is reflected in national budgets, plans and institutions.

Four years ago, I outlined a five-point disarmament proposal highlighting the need for a nuclear weapon convention or a framework of instruments to achieve this goal. Yet the disarmament stalemate continues. The solution clearly lies in greater efforts by States to harmonize their actions to achieve common ends. Here are some specific actions that all States and civil society should pursue to break this impasse. Support efforts by the Russian Federation and the United States to negotiate deep, verified cuts in their nuclear arsenals, both deployed and un-deployed. Obtain commitments by others possessing such weapons to join the disarmament process. Establish a moratorium on developing or producing nuclear weapons or new delivery systems. Negotiate a multilateral treaty outlawing fissile materials that can be used in nuclear weapons. End nuclear explosions and bring into force the Comprehensive NuclearTest-Ban Treaty. Stop deploying nuclear weapons on foreign soil, and retire such weapons. Ensure that nuclearweapon states report to a public U.N. repository on nuclear disarmament, including details on arsenal size, fissile material, delivery systems, and progress in achieving disarmament goals. Establish a Middle East zone free of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction. Secure universal membership in treaties outlawing chemical and biological weapons. Pursue parallel efforts

on conventional arms control, including an arms trade treaty, strengthened controls over the illicit trade in small arms and light weapons, universal membership in the Mine Ban, Cluster Munitions, and Inhumane Weapons Conventions, and expanded participation in the U.N. Report on Military Expenditures and the U.N. Register of Conventional Arms. Undertake diplomatic and military initiatives to maintain international peace and security in a world without nuclear weapons, including new efforts to resolve regional disputes. And perhaps above all, we must address basic human needs and achieve the Millennium Development Goals. Chronic poverty erodes security. Let us dramatically cut spending on nuclear weapons, and invest instead in social and economic development, which serves the interests of all by expanding markets, reducing motivations for armed conflicts, and in giving citizens a stake in their common futures. Like nuclear disarmament and nonproliferation, such goals are essential for ensuring human security and a peaceful world for future generations.No development, no peace. No disarmament, no security. Yet when both advance, the world advances, with increased security and prosperity for all. These are common ends that deserve the support of all nations. Ban Ki-moon is the Secretary General of the United Nations.— Courtesy - Korean Times.

Food shortages could force world into vegetarianism, warn scientists JOHN VIDAL


O avoid catastrophic food shortages in the next 40 years, the world’s rapidly growing population may have to switch almost completely to a vegetarian diet, says the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI). SIWI’s latest report warns that there will not be enough water available for everyone to adopt a Western-type diet. Vegetarian diets consume five to ten times less water and would hence increase the amount of water available to grow more food. The International Water Management Institute (IWMI) also states that investment in small-scale water solutions rather than large irrigation projects would increase household revenues across the global south. Water scarcity’s effect on food production means radical steps will be needed to feed population expected to reach 9bn by 2050 A bull grazes on dry wheat husks in Logan, Kansas, one of the regions hit by the record drought that has affected more than half of the US and is expected to drive up food prices. Leading water scientists have issued one of the sternest warnings yet about global food supplies, saying that the world’s population may have to switch almost completely to a vegetarian diet over the next 40 years to avoid catastrophic shortages. Humans derive about 20% of their protein from animal-based products now, but this may need to drop to just 5% to feed the extra 2 billion people expected to be alive by 2050, according to research by some of the world’s leading water scientists. “There will not be enough water available on current croplands to produce food for the expected 9 billion population in 2050 if we follow current trends and changes towards diets common in western nations,” the report by Malik Falkenmark and colleagues at the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) said. “There will be just enough water if the proportion of animal-based foods is limited to 5% of total calories and con-

siderable regional water deficits can be met by a … reliable system of food trade.” Dire warnings of water scarcity limiting food production come as Oxfam and the UN prepare for a possible second global food crisis in five years. Prices for staples such as corn and wheat have risen nearly 50% on international markets since June, triggered by severe droughts in the US and Russia, and weak monsoon rains in Asia. More than 18 million people are already facing serious food shortages across the Sahel. Oxfam has forecast that the price spike will have a devastating impact in developing countries that rely heavily on food imports, including parts of Latin America, North Africa and the Middle East. Food shortages in 2008

led to civil unrest in 28 countries. Adopting a vegetarian diet is one option to increase the amount of water available to grow more food in an increasingly climate-erratic world, the scientists said. Animal protein-rich food consumes five to 10 times more water than a vegetarian diet. One third of the world’s arable land is used to grow crops to feed animals. Other options to feed people include eliminating waste and increasing trade between countries in food surplus and those in deficit. “Nine hundred million people already go hungry and 2 billion people are malnourished in spite of the fact that per capita food production continues to increase,” they said. “With 70% of all available water being in agriculture, growing more food to feed an additional 2 billion people by 2050 will place greater pressure on

available water and land.” The report is being released at the start of the annual world water conference in Stockholm, Sweden, where 2,500 politicians, UN bodies, non-governmental groups and researchers from 120 countries meet to address global water supply problems. Competition for water between food production and other uses will intensify pressure on essential resources, the scientists said. “The UN predicts that we must increase food production by 70% by mid-century. This will place additional pressure on our already stressed water resources, at a time when we also need to allocate more water to satisfy global energy demand – which is expected to rise 60% over the coming 30 years – and to generate electricity for the 1.3 billion people currently without it,” said the report. Overeating, undernourishment and waste are all on the rise and increased food production may face future constraints from water scarcity. “We will need a new recipe to feed the world in the future,” said the report’s editor, Anders Jägerskog. A separate report from the International Water Management Institute (IWMI) said the best way for countries to protect millions of farmers from food insecurity in sub-Saharan Africa and south Asia was to help them invest in small pumps and simple technology, rather than to develop expensive, large-scale irrigation projects. “We’ve witnessed again and again what happens to the world’s poor – the majority of whom depend on agriculture for their livelihoods and already suffer from water scarcity – when they are at the mercy of our fragile global food system,” said Dr Colin Chartres, the director general. “Farmers across the developing world are increasingly relying on and benefiting from small-scale, locally-relevant water solutions. [These] techniques could increase yields up to 300% and add tens of billions of US dollars to household revenues across sub-Saharan Africa and south Asia.” —GPF

Reining in private security faces regulatory thicket KIM-JENNA JURRIAANS


N mid-August, an intergovern mental Working Group of the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) met to discuss the creation of a potential convention for the regulation of Private Military Security Companies. A number of initiatives to make PMSCs more accountable are underway, such as the voluntary Code of Conduct for Private Security Providers (ICoC) and the UNHRC’s recent draft convention, but complex and worrying regulatory challenges remain. As transnational corporate use of force becomes common practice while cases of human rights violations are increasingly reported, GPF stresses the urgent need for binding international regulation. The UNHCR decided to extend the discussion to future meetings but member states remain deeply divided on the matter. Alleged human rights violations and other challenges involving the use of Private Military Security Contractors (PMSCs) have sparked a series of international efforts to create systems of accountability for an increasingly complex transnational industry. In one such effort, the second session of a special open-ended intergovernmental working group of the U.N. Human Rights Council in Geneva this week will consider various possibilities for expanding the existing regulatory

framework for PMSCs, including a draft convention that would limit the functions states could outsource to private companies. The draft convention is one in a series of efforts introduced in the last five years to create systems of accountability for an industry that by its nature poses a complex regulatory challenge. A second initiative, the International Code of Con-

duct for Private Security Providers (ICoC), is currently undergoing review. “Any industry that has such transnational operations has jurisdiction issues,” according to James Cockayne, an expert on international criminal justice and co-director of the Center on Global Counterterrorism Cooperation in New York. “That is compounded, however, by a second factor, which is that the industry involves the use of force,” he told IPS. “So there are strong incentives – particularly when things go wrong – for people to be less than forthcoming with information.” The fact that the industry operates in weak and

conflict-affected states means that even the best-intentioned companies and regulators may face extreme difficulty in accessing information needed for effective regulation, he added. Cockayne, who addressed gathered state parties in Geneva Tuesday, was previously involved in the creation of the 2008 Montreux Document in which 17 states affirmed their existing international legal obligations and good practices related to operations of PMSCs. Montreux, however, did not create a binding international system for accountability for PMSCs that would tackle existing jurisdiction issues. National regulations and standards regarding PMSCs vary per state. The existing Convention against the Recruitment, Use, Financing and Training of Mercenaries, in turn, does not actually apply to the new PMSC industry. It’s also unclear how international humanitarian and human rights laws that apply to PMSCs translate into concrete obligations of states, according to the Mercenaries Working Group in its a recent submission to the HRC. The U.S. Supreme Court, in June, opened the way to try four former employees of security outfit Blackwater (now Academi), after earlier attempts at prosecuting the quartet that’s accused of killing 17 Iraqis in a street shooting in 2007 had failed.—IPS

Going to war over water SYED MANSUR HASHIM


HE world rejoiced as the United Nations’ general assembly adopted a resolution in July 2010 de claring water and sanitation to be a basic human right. Yet two years on, governments around the world have yet to come up with concrete long-term policies that could help reverse decades- old neglect to water. More importantly, where river systems cross national boundaries the lack of regional cooperation on the sharing of precious water remains on the political backburner. While nations have gone to war over territory, water too soon could become the bone of contention leading to major conflicts in some of the most densely populated regions of the world. Such sentiments have already been voiced. In March, 2012, British Energy Secretary Ed Davey shared his concerns with global policymakers that “water wars could be a real prospect in coming years as states struggle with the effects of climate change, growing demand for water and declining state of energy.”

Water remains a finite resource. Over usage due primarily to consumption by an ever exploding global population and dependence on H20 for agriculture, industry, mining has helped dwindle supply of our reserves for freshwater. Our overindulgence in wasting water for recreation purposes takes a whole new meaning when one considers the alternative uses of the precious resource. For instance, growing a ton of wheat requires 1,000 tons of water; conversely, watering the world’s golf courses requires nearly 79 million tons of water a day. Such extravagance seems irrational especially when faced with the stark realities of climate change. Glaciers are melting and lakes, rivers and natural aquifers continue to dwindle. Alarm bells are being sounded everywhere. According to data published by the OECD, nearly half the world’s population (47%) will be living in areas of high water stress by 2030. Little wonder then that conflicts seem imminent in a number of regions in the world. And as we enter into the uncertainty of freshwater supplies, nations have resorted to dam building giving rise to cross-border tension. China undoubtedly leads the pack of dam builders. It has completed some 10 dams on the nearly 3,000 km long Brahmaputra River and is in the process of building another 18. Potential repercussion of such building could prove disastrous for both North-East India and Bangladesh. With plans to damming nearly 10 of the mightiest rivers that flow from the world’s largest water tank, the Tibetan plateau, China hopes to replenish some 6,000 lakes that have gone dry. The damming activity in the Upper Mekong for purposes of hydroelectricity is another worrying sign for lower riparian countries of South East Asia including Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and Cambodia. Indeed China is not alone in diverting precious water away to meet its growing needs. India and Pakistan have long been locked in dispute over water. The Indus Water Treaty (1960), overseen by the World Bank, divided six major river systems between the two nations. Pakistan received the Indus, Jhelum and Chenab, while India got the Sutlej, the Beas and Ravi. With nearly 50% of the population of Pakistan involved in agriculture and more than 90% of the country dependent on water of the Indus, tensions are constantly on the high with allegations that India is diverting away precious water by building an upstream dam. With India suffering from massive electricity crunch, it is little wonder that hydroelectricity looms large on its agenda. Yet, the construction and planned construction of such projects on the Chenam and Jhelum rivers has Pakistan on edge. Given such high stakes, it is little wonder that “there is definitely potential for conflict based on water, particularly if we are looking to the year 2050, when there could be considerable water scarcity in India and Pakistan,” says Michael Kugelman, South Asia Associate at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington. “Populations will continue to grow. There will be more pressure on supply. Factor in climate change and faster glacial melt ... That means much more will be at stake. So you could have a perfect storm which conceivably could be some sort of trigger.” While all indications point to a bleak future, there are ways the threat of a “waterless” world may be mitigated. Communities across the world are already taking action. Bellavista is a remote hillside village located outside Lima, Peru. In winter it is eclipsed by dense fog that rolls in from the Pacific Ocean. Locals with the help of German conservationists have found a unique way to catching all that moisture. Using multilayered nets to capture fog and condense its fine droplets into water. Prior to this programme residents had to spend up to 15% of their earnings to truck their water up from Lima. Now the fog generates tens of thousands of gallons of water a year which helps residents to sustain 700 young trees and ten farm gardens year round. Such practical solutions exist that allow us to meet our freshwater needs today while preserving nature’s ability to meet those growing needs.—Courtesy - Daily Star.The writer is Assistant Editor, The Daily Star.

Iran denies showing nukes to envoys

PC opposes Thar power coal project From Page 1 of purification plant is $ 1.35 million per megawatt that is impossible to execute, a private television channel reported Tuesday. According to the Planning Commission production of gas from coal would cost millions of dollars while electricity production would cost $ 1.96 per megawatt. The report says that projects like Thar Coal have never been successful anywhere in the world while it has been feared that underground water may be polluted due to this project. It further says that experiment of 8 megawatts should be undertaken instead of 100 megawatts.—NNI

Row over Iran nukes may fuel instability: Pak From Page 1 peace and stability in the world. “In our region Afghanistan will need support of NAM fraternity as it moves towards transition phase in the year 2014,” she said. Calling for peace, security and prosperity in the Palestine region, the foreign minister urged a just solution of the issue on the basis of the “Palestinian people’s right to self-determination”. Moreover, she also called for an immediate end to ongoing bloodshed by all sides in Syria in the interest of regional peace and stability.—INP

Farhatullah elected chairman of commission on new provinces From Page 1 vincial status of Bahawalpur. The commission held its maiden meeting here at the parliament house which was attended by nine out of twelve members of the commission, however, PML-N members of the commission did not attend. The PML-N leadership has already expressed its reservations over composition of the commission.—APP

PML-N shortlists From Page 1 have been channelized while four billion rupees more would be taken out of the national exchequer for this purpose. He said the Election Commission should take notice of pre-poll rigging. Nisar rejected the parliamentary commission for creation of new provinces and said the government and allied parties were not sincere for making new provinces but doing politics on this issue. He said by raising the slogan of new provinces the government cannot befool the people. On the contrary, he said, the PML-N was serious for new provinces not only in Southern Punjab but also Hazara. He said as the PMLN has boycotted the commission, division of Punjab would be decided by Farhatullah Babar, Haji Adeel and Faroooq Sattar. He said he had no contact with Syed Khursheed Shah for the last two months. The opposition leader said the PML-N would issue a White Paper on the assets of Imran Khan. It was the PML-N which forced Imran Khan to declare his assets and now when the cat is out of the bag, the PTI chief should be ready to answer more questions. He said Imran Khan will have to tell the nation as to how he made these assets. He alleged that Imran Khan did not mention these assets while filing his tax returns in the past eight years. He will also have to explain how he constructed the Islamabad house with millions of rupees. In reply to a question, Nisar said if the government was to write the letter to Swiss officials, it should have done earlier and not put the country in crisis. He said the government and its allies were not sincere in forming new provinces but creating a spectacle. He added that the PPP was politicking on the name of southern Punjab. Nisar informed reporters that the formation of new provinces was the responsibility of the assemblies and the government had no role to play in it..—INP

LAHORE: Motorists are stuck in a massive traffic jam on Mall Road.

Pakistan may not get stakes in Yolotan-Osman gas field become part of the project. To a question, he said that sellers and buyers of TAPI gas along with ADB authorities would start holding shows from September 10. The first road show would be held in Singapore and then in US, UK and may also be in the Middle East. Sources disclosed that Pakistan and India would have 150 million cubic feet per day (mmcfd) more gas each in their shares of the piped gas to be imported from Turkmenistan after Af-

From Page 1 ghanistan has halved its share of 0.5 bcfd (billion cubic feet per day) gas earlier agreed in the contract under TAPI gas line. Under the contract between Turkmenistan—gas seller country and Afghanistan, Pakistan and India — gas buyer countries, the gas of 3.1 bcfd was to be transported in the pipeline, but now Kabul have decided to have its import. Under the earlier contract with Turkmenistan of the 3.1

bcfd gas, 0.5bcfd was meant for Afghanistan, 1.3 bcfd for Pakistan and 1.3bcfd for India. Now Afghanistan has come up with reduction in its demand for gas and wants to negotiate Gas Sales Purchase Agreement (GSPA) with Turkmenistan only for 250 million cubic feet gas per day instead of 500 million cubic feet gas per day. Afghanistan is keen only in transit fee not in having gas as it lacks infrastructure to use its share of gas.

Ruckus in Punjab Assembly over new provinces issue From Page 1 legislators for a commission to carve out southern Punjab as a separate province. Basra also threatened to disrupt the session if his demands remained unmet. Opposition lawmakers chanted slogans advocating the creation of a southern

Punjab province. “The southern Punjab province will be created,” they chanted during the session. During the session, Rana Iqbal said that the issue of establishing the commission for new prov-

inces should be taken up in Punjab as it has been in other regions. Raja Riaz, the leader of the opposition in Punjab Assembly, dubbed the chief minister of Punjab a mental patient. He was retorted by Rana Sanaullah in the same coin.

4,000 ex-servicemen to be recruited to improve law & order SALIM AHMED L AHORE —Punjab

Chief Minister, Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that Punjab government has decided to recruit four thousand ex-servicemen, on contract, to further improve law and order situation in Lahore, and provide a peaceful atmosphere to the citizens. He said that these retired army Jawans would perform their duties in coordination with the police to control street crime in the provincial metropolis. He directed Home Secretary to immediately initiate the process of recruitment of retired army men and all necessary steps should be taken on emergent basis in this regard. The Chief Minister was presiding over a high-level meeting held to review law and order situation, here today. Advisor Jehanzeb Khan Burki, Member Assembly Pervaiz Malik, Mian Marghoob Ahmad, Hafiz Muhammad Nauman, Shuja Khanzada, Secretaries of Home, Finance, Prosecution and Information departments, IG Police Punjab and other concerned officers were present. Giving ap-

proval to recruitment of exservicemen on contract basis, the Chief Minister told the meeting that effective control of street crime is of utmost importance, for which the government would benefit from the services of retired army Jawans, who will help in controlling street crime in different localities of the city in an effective manner. He further directed establishment of Anti-Crime Helpline for immediate redressal of public complaints against crimes, and directed that a report be submitted to him about the helpline model, within seven days in consultation with Chairman Punjab Information Technology Board. The Chief Minister said that prosecution process of arrested criminals involved in various cases be further expedited and cases be submitted to the relevant courts so that the culprits could be awarded timely punishment. Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif also asked for weekly report of various cases from the Secretary Prosecution. He directed police to chalk out a comprehensive strategy to deal with the old cases, and ordered IG Police

and CCPO Lahore to submit detailed progress report, on action taken on old cases within seven days. He further directed that a report regarding headway made on old cases be submitted to him in future, during every law and order meeting. Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif also directed police authorities to make comprehensive planning to effectively control the incidents of extortion, throughout the province, including Lahore. He said that the dream of a peaceful society cannot be realized, without eradication of extremism, for which the police ought to play its vigorous role. He directed Members Assembly to review the performance of police stations, established in their respective constituencies, and submit a report to him in this regard, during the next law and order meeting. The Chief Minister also directed police authorities to ensure prompt registration of FIRs of all cases, along with informing the complainants regarding progress made on their FIRs. The Chief Minister also issued instructions for activating the Citizen Police Liaison Committee.

Turkey to attend UNSC meeting on Syria

Passengers rampage Multan Railway Station over trains delay From Page 1 reaching Multan Railway Station Tuesday the passengers started protesting against the Pakistan Railways and threw stones at the police officials. The police force reached the scene on information and resorted to baton charge and aerial firing to disperse the protesters. Ten persons were arrested. The protestors damaged platforms the railways station. They blocked the railway tracks, due to which the railway officials had to stop the train coming from Karachi at some distance from the affected station.— Online

Lebanon and Jordan will also participate in the meeting upon a special invitation by France. Humanitarian aid which will be extended to civilians in Syria and the buffer zone which Turkey suggested to set up along Syrian border will be high on the agenda of the meeting. Davutoglu will express

tion of Syrian people staying in Turkey as well as the buffer zone issue. Earlier, Davutoglu said that if the number of Syrians staying in Turkey exceeded 100,000, then it would be a necessity to set up a buffer zone. Russia and China are not positive about a buffer zone, while U.S. is cautious.—AFP

“It is the IAEA that should have been given access to Parchin,” the senior diplomat told Reuters in Vienna. Iran is hosting the NAM summit, which ends on Friday, at a time when the West is trying to isolate the Islamic Republic over suspicions it is seeking a nuclear weapons capability. Tehran says its atomic program has only peaceful aims. The IAEA suspects that Iran has conducted explosives tests in a steel chamber at Parchin relevant for the development of nuclear weapons, possibly a decade ago, and that it may have tried to cleanse the site in recent months. Ali Asghar Soltanieh, Iran’s representative to the IAEA, said Iran had “preconditions” for an agency visit to Parchin. “One of our principles is that security issues should be completely observed, and any steps taken should be taken with our management,” said Soltanieh, speaking on the sidelines of the NAM summit, according to the Mehr news agency. He did not elaborate, but his choice of words sug-

gested Iran would seek tight control over any IAEA visit to Parchin. Soltanieh also referred to Iran’s demands for access to IAEA documents underpinning the agency’s concerns about possible military dimensions to Tehran’s atomic activity. “This has been our most major request, upon which we have insisted and will insist,” he was quoted as saying. Tehran’s quest for access to the documents is a sticking point in talks with the IAEA on the agency’s stalled probe into suspected atom bomb research in Iran, diplomatic sources say. The IAEA has received many of the documents from foreign intelligence services on the condition of confidentiality. Soltanieh also reiterated his country’s determination to keep enriching uranium. “We will not suspend enrichment for even one second,” the ISNA news Agency quoted him as saying. Enriched uranium can be used to fuel power stations, or, if processed further, for nuclear weapons.—Reuters

Afghan beheadings signal confusion in Taliban ranks LASHKAR GAR/KABUL—It the room there was only a from the truth in many parts

was meant to be another night of music and dance, a brief distraction from life in the searing heat and dust of Afghanistan’s conservative rural south for a small group of boys and girls in Helmand province’s Roshan Abad village. Instead it ended in brutality that even the Taliban’s austere leadership are unwilling to be linked with amid off-again, on-again peace moves and signs that grassroots insurgent fighters may not be in a mood for any compromise. All seventeen revelers - 15 boys and two girls - were shot or beheaded by their own vilFrom Page 1 lagers and insurgents enraged been framed for this purpose. by their “immorality”.“Inside However, on initial estimates 1500 MMCF of LNG will be imported from Qatar. He said the ECC has given a go ahead to import LNG and the government would give a guarantee in this connection. He said initial negotiations are factory and have not done its going on with Qatar in this job as expected from a regulator. connection. NEPRA has not only Chairman PSO informed the committee that the gov- endorsed and appreciated ernment is to pay an amount the policy of RPPs but also to Rs242 billion to the oil approved tariff of five to eight RPPs in the year 2009company. The committee also de- 2010. Moreover, initially manded a report from the officials of Ministry of Petro- NEPRA advocated and leum and Natural Resources suggested this advice in about increase and reduction such a way that these RPPs were the only panacea for in POL prices. Audit officials said that energy. After clearance PSO during 2004 to Decem- from NEPRA MOWP ber 2005 under joint ven- signed a contract with five tures provided HSD to Paki- IPP to rent 580 MW for five stan Motorways but the years with a total contract company could not make the cost of PKR 1.24 billion payment according to the dollars and so for PKR agreement causing a loss of 36.45million dollars has al158,000,000 rupees. The ready been paid as down committee directed for an payment to five different inquiry into the matter and IPPs. The Supreme Court fixing of responsibility of Pakistan and other international organizations took within 15 days. Zahid Hamid, MNA serious note of it and prodrew the attention of the ceeding in the Apex court committee towards the fact is pending. In the similar stance, that while development schemes about gas are be- NEPRA approved the tariff ing completed with his of two RPPs for KESC. The quota of resources but these 231 MW, KARKEY and 50 are being inaugurated by MW Aggreko RPPs were government ministers and all proposed by MOWP for the connections are being KESC to generate its gengiven to workers of a par- eration capacity and both were after the completion ticular party. He held SNGPL respon- supposed to connect with sible for this step motherly KESC for 60 months period. However, the management treatment.—INP of KESC refused to connect

Circular debt goes up to Rs370 billion

smashed electric keyboard powered by a car battery, as well as a broken tabla (drum) and blood stains around the room,” said district elder Juma Gul, who later visited the mudwalled compound where the slaughter unfolded. The central Taliban leadership is trying to improve the group’s image in case it wants to push forward tentative reconciliation steps and perhaps even enter mainstream politics. But some militant units are hard to control, roaming the countryside and slaughtering those deemed immoral. In the West, the Taliban are seen as one tight movement with uniform policies. But nothing could be further

of the country as NATO prepares to withdraw most of its combat troops by the end of 2014. The warning signs of a massacre in Roshan Abad, which raises fresh questions about leaders’ grip on scattered fighters, had been there for days but went unheeded, perhaps in the confidence only youths seem to have in their invulnerability. Insurgents, who largely control the area where U.S. Marines have suffered heavy losses, had posted letters of warning - known as “night letters” because they are left under the cover of darkness - on the door of the village mosque only days before.— Reuters

NEPRA blamed for ills

Rana raps PPP leader S TAFF REPORTER

L AHORE —Provincial MinA N K A R A —Turkish For- countries Turkey, Iraq, his views about the situa- ister for Law, Rana eign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu will attend a UN Security Council meeting on Syria in New York on August 30. Foreign ministers of the UN Security Council will convene under the chairmanship of France in New York to discuss the recent developments in Syria. Syria’s neighboring

D UBAI —Iran said on Tuesday it has no plans to show its nuclear sites to diplomats visiting Tehran for this week’s Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) summit, despite an earlier offer by a deputy foreign minister. Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Mohammad Mehdi Akhoundzadeh hinted on Monday that visiting NAM diplomats might be allowed to tour the Parchin military base, which the U.N. nuclear watchdog says may have been used for nuclear-related explosives trials. But Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast appeared to pour cold water on the idea. “We have no specific plans for a visit to Iran’s nuclear installations by foreign guests participating in the summit of NAM member countries,” state news agency IRNA quoted him as saying. A Western diplomat had dismissed as a “bad publicity stunt” Akhoundzadeh’s tentative offer, made after the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) again failed to gain access to Parchin for its inspectors at a meeting in Vienna on Friday.

Sanaullah has said that those who have ruined the country through loot and corruption should not criticize others. He said that every child of the country is aware of black deeds of PPP and corrupt federal government gave nothing to the people except unemployment, corruption, lawlessness and loadshedding.

From Back Page and buy expansive electricity from KARKEY and informed MOWP that KESC would prefer to buy electricity from NTDC/PEPCO under a 5-year power purchase agreement signed in 2009. Though, NEPRA submitted the statement in Supreme Court that NEPRA is involved in RPP scam, however NEPRA in its decision in the matter of Fuel Charges Adjustment for the Month of April 2011 for DISCOs approved the 21.83 PKR tariff of KARKEY on June 15, 2011. Similarly in case of Aggreko RPP, the NEPRA in its determination in the matter of KESC’s Quarterly Adjustment in Tariff for the Quarter, on 30 June 2011, allowed KESC to make O&M payments and service charges paid to Aggreko RPP. NEPRA advised MOWP, for early commissioning of fossil oil-based IPPs and RPPs (Rental Power Plants) which were slightly delayed behind planned commissioning of date (COD). Not only had this NEPRA also advised MOWP to examine the requests for extending COD and waiving off the delay in the COD The management of

NEPRA claims that it is playing a proactive role in the power sector but the reality is very different especially when compared to its performance with the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC), India , initially constituted on 24 July 1998. The CERC has had a substantial role in power development, especially in the promotion of cheap and green hydropower and other renewable sources.149 In India, on the advice of CERC the share of hydropower and other renewable energy source is constantly increasing, as during year 2008-9, hydroelectricity is increased by 27 % while nuclear energy has declined by 5.6% Furthermore, as per the mandate, NEPRA is supposed to be acting independently and exercising autonomous decisions. It was initially believed that the government would distance itself from business decision making, and would give space to NEPRA to operate freely in a post-privatization era of regulation and control. However, this is evident, that the performance of NEPRA is yet another department working under the auspices of the MOWP/GOP.

Mullah Omar, aides living in Pakistan: US General From Page 1 blue’ attacks obscures the callous slaughter of Afghan civilians by insurgents led by Mohammad Omar. He has the blood of innocents on his hands even though he hypocritically tells his subordinates not to attack civilians,” Allen said, holding that Omar is either out of touch, or his forces are out of control. “Perhaps that should

be no surprise. ‘Green’ and ‘blue’ have been taking the fight to the red enemy, the Taliban, and the enemy is fighting back from a position of weakness,” he said, holding that the outfit has been losing ground. “His forces have largely been ejected from most of the relevant population areas, and from among the most relevant terrain in Af-

ghanistan. Omar is losing financial support from donors, who are sending their money elsewhere, and from reduced drug profits, thanks to Afghan and coalition efforts to stamp out the poppy harvest,” he said. Allen also appreciated Afghan security forces for their efforts in curbing Taliban’s influence.—Online

NEPRA blamed for power sector ills ALI SYED ISLAMABAD—National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has been found responsible for all ills in the power sector in the recent research report by SDPI “Pakistan Power Outlook: Appraisal of KESC in Post Privatization Period” is an effort to analyze energy crisis and finding solutions in Pakistan. The recommendations proposed for KESC in the report are equally relevant and applicable to all thermal power plants within

DCO clarifies PESHAWAR—District Coordination Officer (DCO) Dera Ismail Khan, Khan Bakash Marwat on Tuesday strongly rejected news reports regarding disconnection of communication links between DI Khan and Punjab due to washing away of the Panyala bridge as result of recent rains and termed it wrong and baseless. According to an official statement issue here, the DCO said there was no truth in such news reports published in a section of press. —APP

Results announced BAHAWALPUR—The annual result of BA/BSc 2012 held under Islamia University Bahawalpur (IUB) will be announced on August 29 (Wednesday), said Spokesman of university Shahzad Ahmad here on Tuesday. Talking to APP, he said result announcement ceremony will be held at Ghotvi Hall, Abbasia Campus. He said gold medals and certificates will be awarded to the position holders. —APP

Suicide SARGODHA—A man committed suicide over a domestic issue in Satellite Town police limits on Tuesday. According to police, Shahzad Ahmed of Jinnah Colony quarreled with his wife over family affairs and left home six days back. He went to his relatives where he shot himself. He was shifted to DHQ hospital where he died. The body was handed over to the family. —APP

Girl electrocuted QUETTA—A minor girl was electrocuted in Teepal Shakh area of Nasirabad district. Police said Tuesday that a 2year-old girl Naaz Bibi was playing in her house when she touched an electricity wire and suffered electric shock. Resultantly, she died on the spot. Her body was handed over to the heirs after completion of legal formalities. Police registered a case. —APP

PESHAWAR:Vehicles wade through the flooded Charsaddah Road after heavy rain.

60 dead in Damascus warplanes raids

Violence in Karachi claims18 lives

US punishes 6 soldiers for burning Quran

BEIRUT—Syrian fighter planes made rare sorties on the outskirts of the capital Damascus, killing at least 60 people in its eastern suburbs, the same day a Syrian military helicopter crashed while under rebel fire, activists said. They said aerial attacks by at least two fighter planes late on Monday had targeted the neighbourhood of Zemalka and the more easterly suburb of Saqba where Free Syrian Army fighters had attacked and overrun several army roadblocks earlier in the day. Both suburbs are poor and inhabited predominantly by Sunni Muslims, who make up the majority of Syria’s population and have been at the forefront of fighting against President Bashar al-Assad. Video footage seen by a Reuters reporter of the aftermath of an attack by one of the planes firing rockets at an apartment building showed people running away with their children and the sixstorey building collapsed like an accordion. Syrian authorities have banned entry to most foreign media, making it impossible to verify accounts by activists and residents of activity in the capital. —AP

body of a woman was found near Nazimabad. Unknown gunmen opened KARACHI—Incidents of violence during the past two days claimed fire in Memon Goth, killing one lives of 18 people in Karachi. man. Police officials said that A political worker lost his the killings appears to be a case life in firing in New Karachi. of a personal vendetta. Tortured body of one man A body was found in Orangi Town area. Two people were was found in a gunny bag near killed by firing in Karachi’s Maripur Road Crown Cinema. Lines area. The situation in the The dead man had been shot to area turned tense after the inci- death. Another man’s body was dent. Another political activist found near Rehri Goth. A political party worker died of gunshot wounds by unsuccumbed to his wounds on known persons near Baghdadi Masjid in Martin Quarters area the operating table after being of Karachi. One person was shot at in Baldia Town. MQM chief Altaf Hussain killed in Korangi Police sources claimed that the victim was as- expressed his grief over the sociated with a criminal gang. killing and said that sectarian Two political party workers elements were targeting MQM were killed in Orangi town, fir- members. Firing in Lee Market ining incident. The killing caused panic in the area and as a result jured two police officials, inshops and business were shut cluding a crime branch officer. While at the same time firing down. Two people were gunned incidents in Quaidabad, Sher down and one other person was Shah and Baldia Town left five injured, when unknown gun- people injured including one men opened fire on them in woman. An unknown person sent a Kharadar. One person was killed letter threatening to blow up the in Manzoor colony, while an- city courts. Police sources other was killed near Garden claimed employing strict secuDhobi Ghath. One person was rity measures at the courts and killed near Korangi. The dead its adjoining areas.

WASHINGTON—The US will hand over administrative punishment to its six soldiers for their role in desecration of Holy Quran in Afghanistan early this year, an incident that had caused wide-spread protests and riots in the country and forced President Barack Obama to apologise. The report of the investigation, conducted by a senior army official and released by the US Central Command , found some 100 Qurans and religious texts were desecrate by US soldiers who found the holy literature being used by detainees for violent extremism. The report by Army Brigadier General Bryan G Watson found that US servicemen mishandled the Muslim holy book and other religious materials, to include their disposal at an incinerator. Noting that the “tragic incident” took place due to poor communication between “leaders and commands” and “lack of involvement of any senior leader”, the probe, however, “rejected” any suggestion that those involved acted with malicious intent to disrespect the Quran of defame the faith of Islam, the report said. —Online

Rehman Malik escapes passengers’ protest SKARDU—Dodging protesters

stranded in the city for over 10 days, Interior Minister Rehman Malik managed to board a flight to Islamabad, after a commotion started at the Skardu airport on Tuesday. Sources said that Rehman Malik had arrived at the airport to resolve the issue of C130 flights, which were meant to carry foreigners and students who had come to spend vacations and have been stranded in Gilgit due Completed PESHAWAR—The government to the closure of roads and flights to the region. The interior minishas completed rehabilitation ter had promised that he would not work of two access roads, pavement of streets and clean leave Skardu until the issue is drinking water supply schemes settled. However, when more C130 flights could not be scheduled, in different villages of the foreigners and students became Salarzai Tehsil in Bajaur Agency. Official sources told aggressive. The police resorted to baton-charge in order to disAPP on Tuesday that the perse the mob.—INP schemes were identified by local residents to political administration. This would help improve the socioeconomic condition of tribal people and will accelerate pace of development. —APP

Suspended MULTAN—Multan Electric Power Company (MEPCO) Authority has suspended three officials over negligence. According to Mepco sources, the suspended included Khairpur Tamivali SDO Asadullah, Kot Mithan SDO Noor Ahmad Khosoo and Shamasabad line superintendent Ch Akbar Ali Shahid. —APP

TTP terrorists held BAHAWALPUR—Bahawalpur police foiled a major terror bid by arresting two terrorists of banned TTP Waziristan’s Qari Imran Group on Tuesday and recovered a huge cache of explosive material from their custody.—INP


Chairman NAB calls on CEC STAFF R EPORTER ISLAMABAD—Admiral (Retd) Fasih Bokhari,Chairman National Accountability Bureau (NAB) paid courtesy call on Mr.Justice (R) Fakhruddin G. Ebrahim, Chief Election Commissioner of Pakistan and Members of Election Commission on Tuesday in the Election Commission Secretariat here. He was accompanied by senior officials of NAB. Mr. Ishtiak Ahmad Khan, Secretary, Election Commission and senior officers of the ECP were also present on the occasion. The CEC observed that the basic Constitutional re-

sponsibility of the Election Commission is to conduct free, fair and credible elections, and that the ECP can seek assistance of all the institutions of the Federation and the Provinces in the discharge of its duties. Chairman NAB offered to assist the ECP as per its requirements and also shared a few proposals with the Commission. The Election Commission appreciated this gesture and, thanking Chairman NAB for his visit, said that they would consider these proposals in the light of relevant laws/rules and would explore the possibilities of seeking NAB’s assistance, wherever it is required.

Court, not govt can find a middle way :Aitzaz I SLAMABAD—Former President of the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) and senior leader of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Senator Aitzaz Ahsan said on Tuesday that the government will not opt for any middle way but the court can choose to do so. While talking to the reporters at the Supreme Court building, Aitzaz Ahsan said that Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf would meet the same fate as former Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani if he opted not to write the letter to the Swiss authorities. The former PM was disqualified from premiership as well as the National Assembly membership this June. Aitzaz said there was no middle path in connection with the Swiss letter.—INP

the country, in order to get relieve from this prevalent crisis. The report has exclusively discussed the so far performance and role of NEPRA in power sector. The report of which copy is available with Pakistan Observer illustrates that the Regulatory authority, a vital part of successful privatization of public organizations was unfortunately established after the establishment of 1994 Power Policy which endorsed the private investment in the form of IPPs. Though, this power policy permitted a substantial foreign in-

has underscored the need for a “comprehensive and integrated” approach to regulate the illicit trade in small arms and light weapons, which kill more than half a million people each year, with a particularly heavy toll on civilians. Speaking at the Second Review Conference of the UN Programme of Action on Small Arms and Light Weapons on Monday, Ambassador Raza Bashi Tarar, Pakistan’s acting permanent representative to the UN, said his government had taken several steps to promote implementation of the programme aimed at tackling

The Programme of Action, which countries adopted by consensus in 2001, contains concrete recommendations for improving national legislation and controls over illicit small arms, fostering regional cooperation and promoting international assistance and cooperation on the issue. Countries agreed to, among other measures, ensuring that licensed manufacturers apply an appropriate and reliable marking on each small arm and light weapon as an integral part of the production process, and to keeping comprehensive and accurate records for as long as possible on the manufacture, holding and transfer of small arms and

diction. “The complex nature of the challenges arising from the illicit trade in small arms and light weapons demands a comprehensive and integrated approach,” the Pakistan envoy said. While the Programme of Action and the International Tracing Instrument were important steps, greater attention was now required to address issues relating to demand for small arms And light weapons, as well, Ambassador Tarar said. Demand was manifested in the unresolved disputes festering in various regions and subregions, the growth of terrorist activities and the rise of narcotic drugs and organized

“As in the case of supply side, a similar, if not more robust, level of efforts and resources are needed towards the demand side of the small arms and light weapons field in line with calls for full and effective implementation of the programme of action.” Meanwhile, the Small Arms Survey 2012, which provides the latest information on the global authorized trade in small arms, was launched at UN Headquarters. The flagship publication found that the annual value of authorized international transfers of small arms, light weapons, their parts, accessories, and ammunition is at least $8.5

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Indo-Pak bilateral agenda issues doable: Salman NEW DELHI—Every issue on Indo-Pak bilateral agenda is a doable and it is in Islamabad’s interest to solve difficult ones, says Pakistan High Commissioner to India Salman Bashir in an exclusive interview with Times of India. What are your expectations from the Manmohan-Zardari meeting in Tehran and what is one major takeaway you can assure the PM of if he indeed visits Pakistan in November? Asked about meeting between President Zardari and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in Teheran,Salam Bashir said the meeting would be very good and very much in the line of the process of high-level meetings on the margins of important functions. He said Pakistan is committed to doing whatever is necessary to develop stable, sustainable rela-

tionship with India. Both sides have been upbeat and worked to build trust and come to a better understanding of each other. Some areas have seen movement like in the people to people domain, new visa agreement and trade. There are good spin-offs from this process. On more difficult issues, we certainly need to work more,he said. On J&K, there is an in-principle agreement from both sides to create more comfort for Kashmiris. The Kashmir issue cannot be relegated to the sidelines. We are willing to do more in terms of facilitating cross-LoC trade travel. On the issue of terrorism, the High Commissioner said that the visit of previous Indian home minister was productive. The new minister (Shinde) has been invited to visit as soon as convenient. This

reflects the desire of Pakistan to work on this matter with India. On doable issues, Salman Bashir said that each issue on the bilateral agenda is doable. What is required is a political will. This cannot be infused by anybody. It has to be grasped by ourselves. If a solution of Sir Creek or J&K or Siachen is to come, it will come only when we realize that it is in our interest to do so. He was of the view that realization exists in Pakistan and emphatically dismissed the impression that Pakistan is a house divided. There is no civil-military divide. Pakistan’s strategic establishment is dictated by its national interest and this should be clearly understood by everybody.xxxxx About the Mumbai Commission, Salaman Bashir said point-scoring of this nature is not helpful. —INP

Khursheed Shah hints at early elections ISLAMABAD—Federal Minister lies elections could be held a Khurshid Shah Tuesday said that month or two earlier than schedthe general elections could be held uled. He regretted over the boycott a month or two earlier from the due date in consultations with al- of the PML-N from the meeting of Parliamentary Commission for lied and opposition parties. Talking to media in the parliament creation of new provinces and said house here, Khurshid Shah said the government would try to perthat former Sindh home minister suade the PML-N to join the proManzoor Wasan’s statement was ceedings. However if the opposition did not agree, the commishis own personal viewpoint. Khurshid Shah added that the sion would go ahead with its task existing assembly’s term would as JUI(F)’s Maulana Abdul end on March 18 and then an in- Ghafoor Haideri was there. He terim setup would follow, how- said the Commission is mandated ever with the consultations of al- to submit its report in a month

which would then be approved by the 2/3 majority of the National Assembly. Minister pointed out that it was the Punjab Assem bly which adopted two resolution on 9th May recommending the creation of a province in Southern Punjab and restoration of the provincial states of Bahawalpur. In the light of these resolutions, the President wrote letter to the speaker on 30th May asking for the formation of a parliamentary commission to suggest creation of new provinces. —INP

Bugti murder case

Prohibited arms licenses for MPs

High Court grants interim bail to Sherpao QUETTA —Balochistan High had recorded his statement beCourt (BHC) on Tuesday accepted the interim bail of former interior minister Aftab Ahmed Khan Sherpao, the chief of Pakistan People’s Party-Sherpao (PPP-S) in Akbar Bugti murder case. The court has directed Sherpao to submit a surety bond of Rs1 million. Taking to media outside the BHC, Sherpao said that he

fore the investigation officer. He said that it was the duty of provincial government to ensure law and order in the province. The former minister said that Bugti was a great leader, adding that the problems could not be resolved by killing anyone. He said that the problems of Balochistan could be resolved through dialogue.—INP

Pakistan urges comprehensive approach to curb small arms trade

UNITED NATIONS—Pakistan the illegal trade in these weapons. light weapons under their juris- crime, he pointed out.

vestment in power sector but the absence of a transparent regulatory body made the investors to secure their investment through long term contracts. Moreover, the impacts of thermal inclusion of IPPs on the power sector were realized after they had rotten the roots of energy infrastructure of the country. In addition to this delay in the formulation of regulatory authority, the report highlights that the so far performance of NEPRA as a regulatory authority is not satis

billion. The new figure, the result of a four-year investigation completed this year, is more than double the previous estimate of approximately $4 billion, released in 2006.An expansion in the arms trade is partly responsible for the upward revision, according to a news release by the Switzerlandbased Small Arms Survey project. Two important sources of growth are increased spending by United States civilians on small arms and their ammunition, and large-scale government purchases of military firearms and light weapons for international and national armed forces involved in fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Survey also calculates the top importers and

Published by: Zahid Malik from 33-Queens Road, Lahore and printed by Gauhar Zahid Malik at Barex Printers.

exporters using the most recent published customs data, but poor transparency in state reporting among both large and small exporters - keeps a great deal of the authorized trade obscure. “While state transparency on small arms transfers to and from Europe and North America has been relatively strong, it has lagged in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East,” the Small Arms Survey’s Managing Director, Eric Berman, told reporters at the launch. According to the Small Arms Survey, there are an estimated 875 million small arms in circulation worldwide, produced by more than 1,000 companies from nearly 100 countries. —APP

ISLAMABAD—Instead of making the country arms-free, the federal government has decided to give 10 prohibited-bore arms-licenses and 20 non-prohibited-bore licenses to each member of the parliament each month. According to sources, federal interior ministry has formulated a policy according to which the demand from the federal ministers, MNAs and senators regarding issuance of such arms-licenses was analysed and the decision to give licenses was taken after approval of federal interior minister Abdur Rehman Malik. The federal interior ministry has access of mobile data to provincial IGs in order to improve law and order situation in the country. —Online

Kamra Airbase assault: PCNS meets on Sept 7 ISLAMABAD—Chairman Parliamentary Committee on National Security (PCNS) Mian Raza Rabbani has summoned the meeting of a committee on September 7 for briefing on terrorist attack on Kamra airbase. Senior officials of the security forces including Pakistan Air Force would brief the committee on the incident and post-attack situation as well as the ongoing inquiry into the terrorist attack. The committee would discuss proposals for amendments in the anti-terrorism laws and recommendations for legal framework to check disappearance of persons.—Online

How a tick bite made me allergic to meat


HE last time I ate a hamburger, I spent the night in the emergency room. There wasn’t anything wrong with the hamburger itself—aside from being a bit overdone—but it sent me into anaphylactic shock. It wasn’t always this way. Before last July’s “Hamburger Incident,” as I’ve come to think of it, meat and I had a long and happy history together. I grew up in a steak-and-potatoes sort of family, and one of my proudest achievements is chowing down on llama meat when I was on a college trip in South America. At the time of the Hamburger Incident, I had just returned to my native North Carolina after three years’ exile in the West, and I was looking forward to eating proper pulled pork barbecue again almost as much as I was looking forward to seeing my family. Unbeknownst to me, a recent bug bite had squelched my dreams of greasy, vinegar-sauced deliciousness. It turned out, I eventually learned, that thanks to a single nip from Amblyomma americanum, the lone star tick, I was now violently allergic to meat. The fact that tick bites can cause a meat allergy is still relatively unknown. For that matter, the fact that people can develop allergies as adults, rather than having them since childhood, is still relatively unknown, though it’s not unheard of to become allergic to shellfish or walnuts later in life. As a long-time sufferer of dust-mite allergies

myself, I always believed allergies were something I’d grow out of, not into. Unfortunately, I’m not alone in developing a meat allergy. A pile of evidence has amassed over the past several years proving that there are many others. I was hoping for some reassurance when I spoke with Dr. Scott Commins at the University of Virginia about the allergy. “We believe this is becoming an epidemic in the South,” he told me instead. There aren’t any published estimates yet of the prevalence of the allergy, but anecdotal evidence makes it clear that there are a whole lot of us missing out on our barbecue. Commins is one of a few scientists who are starting to tease out some of the details of the allergy. So far, they’ve proven that lone star ticks, a common species in the Southeast, can trigger the allergy, but they suspect other species of ticks can as well. The same allergy has been observed in Australia, for instance, where there are no lone star ticks to spread it. Not every bite from a lone star tick necessarily causes the allergy. The bite I blame for my allergy wasn’t my first tick bite—not by a long shot—or even my first that summer. Having grown up in the woods, I’m so used to tick bites that I don’t even notice them half the time. But I remember this particular bite because it left an itchy welt behind that lasted for weeks after I’d tweezed out the tick itself.

ISLAMABAD: Ambassador of the State of Palestine, Hazem Hussein Abu Shanab, State Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nawabzada Malik Amad Khan, Ghous Bux Mahar, Hamid Gul, Makhdoom Shahabuddin, Dr Abdul Basit, Deputy Head of Mission, Sultanate of Oman Sammar Ahmad Alzadjai, Ambassador of UAE, Eisa Abdullah Al Basha Al-Nuaimi, Ambassador of Turkey, M Babur Hizlan, Ambassador of Indonesia, Ishak Latuconsina, Ambassador of Morocco, Mohammed Rida El Fassi, Ambassador of Iraq, Dr Rushdi Al-Ani, High Commissioner of Brunei Darussalam Pehin Col (Retd) Abdul Jalil Ahmad and others flashing victory sign during a farewell dinner in honour of Palestinian Ambassador at a local hotel.—PO photo Sultan Bashir

ISLAMABAD: Former US Attorney General Ramsay Clark and Dr Fauzia Siddiqui call on Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf at Prime Minister House.

PM constitutes committee on Dr Afia’s case ISLAMABAD—Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf has constituted a four-member committee headed by Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar to look into the case of Dr Afia Siddiqui, the Prime Minister House said on Tuesday. The Prime Minister took the decision in a meeting with Ramsey Clark, former Attorney General of USA and Dr Fauzia Siddiqui, the sister of Dr Afia, who called on him at the PM House here. Other members of the committee include ministers for law, interior and human rights. The meeting discussed in detail the matters relating to Dr Afia Siddiqui, who is detained in the United States. The Prime Minister gave Dr Fauzia a very patient hearing and said he understood the agony of her family and assured her of all possible assistance, the Prime Minister House statement said.—APP

Pakistan’s musical heritage documented by Lok Virsa SANA JAMAL ISLAMABAD—Pakistan’s brilliant musicians may have touched countless hearts and minds for sometime but people hardly know about the musical heritage of Pakistan because very little is documented. However this task may not remain that intimidating as Lok Virsa (National Institute of Folk & Traditional Heritage) has set up a “Hall of

Musical Heritage” at the ethnological museum of Pakistan to provide a better understanding of country’s musical traditions. The Hall of Musical heritage depicts and portrays the history of music in the subcontinent, origin of music, classical folk music and contemporary music as well as contributions of the Muslims towards promotion of musical heritage. The music of Pa-

kistan is perhaps one of the most diverse selections of music in the whole world transpired by several influences from various parts of South Asia as well as Central Asian, Persian, Turkish, Arabic and Western popular music. Different traditional musical instruments such as tabla, pakhawaj, Tumbaknari, dhol, naqqara, shehnai, flute, alghoza, borrindo, narr, galarh, majira, khartaal, chimta, chang,

Youth delegation briefed on Parliament’s functioning I SLAMABAD —A group of

Vehicles impounded ISLAMABAD —Islamabad Police on Tuesday impounded 21 vehicles and 68 motorbikes during special checking in the city and black papers were also removed from 33 vehicles, a police spokes- ISLAMABAD: Minister European Parliament Michael Gahler calls on Advisor to Prime man said on Tuesday.—APP Minister on Human Rights Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar on Tuesday.

Rizwana Abbasi’s book launch

Pakistan against N weapons race: Malik Amad Speakers highlight Pakistan’s commitment to peace Author’s work on strategic issues lauded ASHRAF ANSARI ISLAMABAD—At a launch of book by Dr Rizwana Abbasi, Nawabzada Malik Amad Khan, State Minister of Foreign Affairs highlighted Pakistan’s security imperatives and its response in the backdrop of nuclearisation of South Asia. Speaking as chief guest at the book launch ceremony Tuesday, the State Minister recalled Pakistan’s consistent efforts at the international level particularly in the forum of UN General Assembly to declare South Asia a Nuclear Free Zone. Pakistan moved resolutions were adopted by huge majority of nations every time but India did not agree. India carried out nuclear test in 1974, embarked on ambitions N programme and rejected the idea of a Nuclear Free Zone in South Asia. Indian continued building up its conventional military might amid festering dis-

putes with Pakistan. Unfortunately the world powers failed to address security concerns of Pakistan. Pakistan had no option but to restore strategic balance in South Asia by taking the road to achieving nuclear capability. Nawabzada Malik Amad Khan said that ever since Pakistan attained status as nuclear weapon state, there has been no war in South Asia. The nuclear balance between Pakistan and India has worked. He regretted that there had been a campaign by certain foreign elements to malign Pakistan’s nuclear programme trying to cast doubts about security of its nuclear assets. Pakistan has been assuring the world in the strongest possible terms that there was no danger to its nuclear assests. Pakistan has adopted international standards of command and control system. The State Minister said, Pakistan does not want nuclear race in South

Asia, It only wants non discriminatory nuclear policy on the part of U.S and other world powers. Addressing the

function the Chairman, Higher Education Commission, Dr. Javaid Laghari lauded the effort of the author in writing a

sitar, vichtarvina, surmandal, sarod have also been put on display at the hall of musical heritage. One section of the display is dedicated to the contributions of the Muslims towards the musical heritage and includes information like: Philosophers like Al-Kindi, Al Farabi, Bu Ali Sina, Ameer Khusro, and Saif al Din, have researched and wrote extensively on music.

well researched book on a sensitive issue relating to Pakistan’s security needs. He agreed with the author of the

ISLAMABAD: State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Nawabzada Malik Amad Khan addressing launching ceremony of a book “Pakistan and the New Nuclear Taboo” by Dr Rizwana Abbasi at Islamabad Club. Dr Pervaiz Iqbal Cheema, Chairman HEC, Javaid Laghari, Ambassador Tariq Usman Hayder and Dr Riffat Hussain Syed are also on the stage.—PO photo

book that Zulfikar Ali Bhutto should be given all credit for launching of nuclear programme in Pakistan for strategic reasons. Laghari stressed the need for Pakistan to build several nuclear power plants to meet a good part of its energy demand. He quoted Father of the Nation Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah who stressed importance of education especially science and technology for Pakistan’s progress. Prof. Dr. Pervaiz Iqbal Cheema in his opening remarks mentioned various phases pf Pakistan’s nuclear programme saying that the country had no other choice but to take the nuclear option after its efforts for achieving a nuclear free zone in South Asia failed. Ambassador Tariq osman Hayder in his speech traced history of nuclearisation starting with U.S moves during the World WarII. He said, in the first place it was US who should be held respon-

sible for helping other western countries in their nuclearisation. He criticised discriminatory stance of the Western powers in the realm of peaceful uses of nuclear technology. Prof. Dr. Riffat Hussain Syed commented on contents of the book in academic vein. He agreed with the author that Pakistan should be allowed full partnership in international efforts for non-proliferation and disarmament. The author of the book ‘ Pakistan and the New Nuclear Taboo’, Dr. Rizwana Abbasi in her brief remarks said she was motivated to write the book in view of Pakistan’s unique strategic location , its security concerns and the country’s potential to play a positive role in promoting peace in the region and world. A large number of scholars, intellectuals, politicians, eminent journalists and students participated in the book launching ceremony.

members of Youth Parliament which visited Parliament House was briefed by Secretary Senate, Iftikharullah Babar about working and performance of both the Houses of Parliament including their role in oversight of the executive and their contribution in informed policy-making. Babar said that Parliament can debate any issue for legislation, accountability and policy guidance. He also responded to various questions and gave a detailed overview of the importance of Parliamentary system in nationbuilding and the role of Upper House in promoting national cohesion and harmony among the federating units. Iftikharullah Babar comprehensively answered questions asked by the participants regarding overall working of the Parliament, its composition, electoral process and other important aspects. At the end, the delegation of the Youth Parliament thanked the Secretary Senate for cordial and warm welcome extended to them during their visit to the Senate of Pakistan.—APP

Religious tolerance


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August 29 NATIONAL Language Authority (NLA) would launch a book ‘Sufi Shah Anayat’ on Thursday at its auditorium on 5.30 p.m. The book is authored by Khadim Hussain Somroo. August 30 UNIVERSITY Staff Welfare Association (USWA) of the International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI) will hold an Eid Millan get-together. The get together will be arranged at Auditorium of Faculty Block-II of the University.Ch Muhammad Nazir, President USWA and Sardar Hussain Khan, Secretary General, USWA and other staff members of the university will participate in the event. ***** SEMINAR on ‘Corporate Reporting-New challenges, organized by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan, at ICAP, Mauve Area, Sector G-10/4, Islamabad, 5 p.m.-9 p.m. September 4 CONFERENCE on ‘Pakistan’s Internal Challenges and Response’ organized by the Islamabad Policy Research Institute’ (IPRI), at House No 6, Street 63, Ismail Zabeeh Road, Sector F-8/4, Islamabad, 10 a.m.-12:25 p.m.

Scholar, intellectuals urge joint efforts to promote harmony CITY REPORTER

They urged the government gious minorities and other Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. Dr. Syed Mohammad Najfi, as well as religious scholars weaker segments of society The speakers in the sec- Sahibzada Mahmood Qasmi I SLAMABAD—The religious to come forward to end the in the light of the guiding ond session including and social activist Aniq Zafar leaders have a very instru- discrimination towards reli- principles given by Quaid-e- Moulana Noor uL Haq Qadri, informed the audience about mental role in eliminating all sort of discrimination against the religious minorities as well as to promote religious harmony and tolerance in the country. Today, as a nation we are facing numerous challenges including hatred and prejudices spread by a myopic mindset. Therefore, it is our collective responsibility to defeat such retrogressive forces while standing together irrespective of our religious, ethnic and sectarian identities. This was the crux of the ideas shared by various speakers at seminar “The issues of class based, religious, ethnic as well as gender discrimination in Pakistan and the solutions’ held here by Pak Institute of Peace Studies (PIPs) Tuesday. Besides others, Moulana Tahir Ashrafi, Moulana Abdul Qadeer Khamosh, Dr. Hamayun Abbas, Amarnaath Randhawa and Roma basher expressed their views on the topic in length. The speakers stressed upon the urgent need of pro- ISLAMABAD: Director Christian Study Centre Romana Bashir speaks during a seminar organised by Pakistan moting the ideals of peace Institute for Peace Studies, at a local hotel. Maulana Tahir Ashrafi, Maulana Abdul Qadeer Khamosh and Dr Humayun and tolerance in the society. Abbas are also seen in the picture.—PO photo Sultan Bashir

Rimsha’s medical report presented in court ISLAMABAD—A bail applica- Sessions Judge Raja Jawad tered a case against her on tion of Christian Girl Rimsha was submitted in the court of Sessions Judge Islamabad in the blasphemy case after the six-member medical board of Polyclinic Hospital presented its medical report of the girl in the court. The girl was produced before court of the

Hassan Abbasi on Tuesday and the Counsels for the accused Parvez Khan and Tahir Naveed Chaudhry in their arguments took the plea that under Juvenile Justice Ordinance Section 7, the accused is just 14 years of age and not adult and Ramna police regis-

16th August. They requested the court for release of their client on bail. The judge rejected the bail the application on the ground that it was not filed on the proper form and directed him to file a fresh application. —INP

Interviews for selection of Hajj Muavineen to begin today I SLAMABAD —A meeting of the Selection Committee for Muavineen-e-Hujjaj will be held today( Wednesday) for interview and selection of volunteer Muavineen for Hajj -2012. Official sources said that due to large number of applications received in the Ministry of Religious Affairs, it ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Overseas Pakistanis Dr Farooq Sattar speaks durhas been decided that in the ing “Road to Election” citizens’ discussion on Supreme Court’s verdict on election camfirst phase of selection only paign expenses and regulations, organized by Centre for Civic Education.—PO photo those applicants who have already performed two or COURT NOTICE COURT NOTICE more Hajj in previous years COURT NOTICE and fall in the age group of In the Court of Mr. In the Court of Mr. In the Court of Mr. 30-50 years or have perSaukat Iqbal Ahmed, Saukat Iqbal Ahmed, Saukat Iqbal Ahmed, formed duty as Volunteer Judge Banking CourtJudge Banking CourtJudge Banking Court-III, during Hajj 2011 will be interIII, Multan 12.B.Allah III, Multan 12.B.Allah Multan 12.B.Allah Shafi viewed on Wednesday, Shafi Chowk Pul Shafi Chowk Pul Chowk Pul Bararan Road Thursday or Friday at 1000 Bararan Road Multan Bararan Road Multan Multan (Camp Court hours. —INP (Camp Court Sahiwal) (Camp Court Sahiwal) Sahiwal) Suit No.329/2012 Suit No.327/2012 Suit No.328/2012 Z.T.B.L Branch Farid Town Z.T.B.L Branch Farid Town Z.T.B.L Branch Farid Town Sahiwal —Plaintiff Sahiwal —Plaintiff Sahiwal —Plaintiff Versus Versus Versus Mst. Bismillah Bibi D/O Ahmed Khan S/O Gahra (1) Muhammad Sarfaraz (2) Muhammad Hussain Shah Caste Balooch R/O Chak Zafar Iqbal (3) Fakhar R/O Mouza Khair Shah No-66/4-R Tehsil & Distt, Abbas (4) Umer Daraz S/O Tehsil & Distt, Sahiwal — Sahiwal —Defendant Bahadur Ali Caste Rajput CITY REPORTER Defendant Proclamation U/S 9 (5) FiKhatia R/O Mir Dar Mafi U/S 9 (5) FiTehsil & Distt, Sahiwal — I SLAMABAD —The Capital nancial Institution Recov- Proclamation nancial Institution Recovery of Finances Ordinance Defendant Development Authority ery of Finances Ordinance Proclamation U/S 9 (5) Fi(CDA) Chairman Engineer 46 of 2001 46 of 2001 nancial Institution RecovFarkhand Iqbal has ordered WHEREAS the aforesaid WHEREAS the aforesaid ery of Finances Ordinance inquiry into the expansion of plaintiff has instituted a plaintiff has instituted a 46 of 2001 10X10 ‘Kokah’ into a restau- suit against you and othsuit against you and othWHEREAS the aforesaid rant covering two acres land ers for recovery of Rsers for recovery of Rsplaintiff has instituted a suit located opposite to Monal 438012/-alongwith mark 1169087/-alongwith mark up/interest and costs etc against you and others for Restaurant at Pir Sohawa. up/interest and costs etc claimed to be payable by recovery of Rs-365447/Moreover, detailed report claimed to be payable by alongwith mark up/interest explaining issuance of licence you Proclamation u/s 9(5) you Proclamation u/s 9(5) and costs etc claimed to be at low fee, permanent con- Ordinance 46 of 2001 to Ordinance 46 of 2001 to payable by you Proclamastruction besides approval of the above is hereby isthe above is hereby istion u/s 9(5) Ordinance 46 building plan has been sued requiring you to make sued requiring you to make within 30 days of this procof 2001 to the above is sought. within 30 days of this prochereby issued requiring It may be recalled that an lamation, an application lamation, an application you to make within 30 days influential political figure has for leave to defend the for leave to defend the suit. of this proclamation, an turned the Kokah into a ressuit. Taken notice that on application for leave to detaurant and making millions of Taken notice that on fend the suit. rupees on daily basis but the your failure to file such apyour failure to file such Taken notice that on civic body was being paid a plication within time application within time specified above the Bankyour failure to file such apnominal fee. specified above the Bankplication within time speciSources said that a new ing Court shall pass a deing Court shall pass a decree as prayed for in the fied above the Banking Pandora’s Box has opened cree as prayed for in the Court shall pass a decree and all Kokah owners of the plaint. Next date for further plaint. Next date for further proceedings, in the case as prayed for in the plaint. federal capital would acquire proceedings, in the case Next date for further propermission from the CDA for has been fixed on has been fixed on 30.08.2012. ceedings, in the case has developing restaurant. 30.08.2012. been fixed on 31.08.2012. Despite ban on the comGiven under my hand Given under my hand Given under my hand mercial activities in National and the seal of the court, and the seal of the court, and the seal of the court, Park Area of Margalla Hills, this 17th day of July, 2012 this 19th day of July, 2012 this 19th day of July, 2012 Kokahs could be seen at variSeal of the Court Seal of the Court Seal of the Court ous sites allegedly allotted to Judge Banking Court III Judge Banking Court III Judge Banking Court III influentials under political Multan Multan Multan pressure.—INP

CDA orders inquiry into ‘Khokha’ restaurant

Replacement of 2-stroke rickshaws RAWALPINDI—The transport department has issued orders to replace the two-stroke rickshaws with four-stroke ones or to convert the two-stroke into four-stroke and set October 15 as deadline. The transport department is of the view that two-stroke rickshaws are causing environmental pollution, which could be hazardous. Thus order has been issued to rickshaw owners to convert their 2-stroke rickshaws into 4stroke ones by October 15 otherwise action would be taken against them.—Online

I SLAMABAD —A MoU has been signed between Skill Development Council of Pakistan (SDC) and Helping Hand for Relief and Development (HHRD) Pakistan. During the ceremony of signing of MoU Country Director HHRD Fazal-ur-Rahman and Mian Akram Farid Chairman SDC Islamabad were also present. Signing of MoU has brought the HHRD in limelight from professional point of view particularly in the area of Imparting the Training, Organizing Artisans, Specializing Products, Improving Quality, Marketing Handicrafts. During the MoU thou-

I SLAMABAD —The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has approved standardized fee refund policy at higher education institutions of Pakistan during 27th meeting of its Commission held here Tuesday. This national level policy was devised in compliance to the direction of the Islamabad High Court which directed HEC to restructure standardized fee-refund policy at national level. In this regard, a committee, comprising of vice chancellors both from public and private higher education institutions, was constituted. The committee was headed by Engr. Syed Imtiaz Hussain Gilani Vice-Chancellor, KPK University of Engineering & Technology Peshawar and other members included Prof. Dr. A. Q. Mughal Vice-Chancellor, Sindh Agriculture University, Tandojam, Engr. Ahmed Farooq Bazai ViceChancellor Balochistan University of Information Technology Engineering & Management Quetta, Prof. Dr. Masoom Yasinzai Vice-Chancellor Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad , Prof. Dr. Qibla Ayaz Vice-Chancellor University of Peshawar , Dr. Capt. U.A.G. Isani Vice Chancellor, Iqra University Karachi and Dr. Anis Ahmed Vice-Chancellor Riphah International University Islamabad. —INP

IRS Roundtable

Afghanistan problem needs regional solution I SLAMABAD —“A stable Afghanistan is in the interest of all its neighbouring countries. This is why I have long advocated a regional consensus on Afghanistan,” said Prof Amin Saikal at a roundtable organized by the Institute of Regional Studies (IRS) here on Tuesday. Prof Saikal, Director at the Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies at the Australian Na-

MoU signed for providing skill & training STAFF REPORTER

the various facets and forms of discrimination that are prevailing in the Pakistani society. The speakers underlined the need to go to masses with a message of peaceful co-existence and respect for diverse viewpoints in the society. The third and final session of the seminar was dedicated to gender based discrimination and the role of religious scholar to redress the issue. The speakers on the occasion including Prof. Dr. Zia Ul Haq, Allama Zamir Ahmad Sajid, Moulana Tanvir Alivi, Dr. Sameeha Raheel Qazi and Marvi Sirmad highlighted various religious as well cultural dimensions of the issues and emphasized that anti women social customs and laws need to be examined thoroughly. The speakers said that the social behavior towards the women in general also needs to be improved through awareness and education. Earlier, Muhammad Amir Rana, Director PIPs welcomed the participants and presented a brief outlook of the seminar while stressing upon the need of a broader interaction among various segments of society to reach on a better understanding of the issues and hence, their sustainable solutions.

HEC approves standardised fee refund policy

sand of people across Pakistan will be benefitted and able to earn then livelihood in a dignified way. Country Director Helping Hand for Relief and Development said that HHRD is providing skill development trainings to poor community especially women in all the provinces of Pakistan and Kashmir region. 21 Skill Development Centres, 05 Industrial Homes and 05 Institutes of Technical Education are serving the community especially women. “These institutes of technical education and industrial homes were established in flood and earthquake affected areas of Pakistan and Pakistan administered Kashmir.”

tional University, elucidated upon the interests of regional countries like Central Asian Republics, China, India, Iran, Pakistan, and Russia in the long-term stability of Afghanistan ranging from trade and energy corridors and exploration of natural resources to concerns about drug production and smuggling from Afghanistan. Prof Saikal stressed the utilization of Afghanistan’s

potential to integrate with its neighbours through regional arrangements like South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC), Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO), and Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). Prof Saikal concurred that there was some negativity between the governments of Afghanistan and Pakistan. —APP

Make our participation in talks mandatory: APHC to Pakistan, India SRINAGAR—The All Parties in particular.”

MUZAFFARABAD: Secretary Red Crescent Gulfaraz Fatima with Secretary General Central Press Club Sohail Mughal during a visit to rain-hit area of Shah Sultan.

Interlocutors APHC agent: BJP N EW D ELHI —The BJP alleged the New Delhi’s interlocutors were acting as agents of Hurriyet leaders and demanded rejection of their report on Jammu and Kashmir. “We demand rejection of Interlocutors’ report on Jammu and Kashmir. They have been acting as agents of separatists in the state,” Jugal Kishore Sharma, Leader of the BJP in the state assembly, said. He asked Union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde to reject the report. “Otherwise, the BJP will take to the streets and launch a massive agitation in the state,” Sharma said.—INP

Kashmir issue threat to global peace: Malik SRINAGAR—The chairman of lution of Kashmir issue. This is- pending dispute and our only

Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front Muhammad Yasin Malik said the Kashmir issue was posing a continued threat not only to the peace, stability, progress and prosperity of the subcontinent but the whole world as well. “The resolution of Kashmir issue is therefore of enormous importance,” said Malik while addressing a public gathering at Tulmula, Ganderbal. Malik was accompanied by Front leaders including Muhammad Yasin Butt, Sheikh Abdul Rashid, Zahoor Ahmad Bhat, Sheikh Nazir Ahmad, Bashir Ahmad Kashmiri, Bashir Ahmad Rather (Boya), Muhammad Latif and Giyas- ud -Din. In the backdrop of proposed meetings between Indian and Pakistani leadership in Tehran and visit of Indian foreign minister to Pakistan, Yasin Malik said: “Taking small steps or short S RINAGAR —In occupied term measures can never underKashmir, APHC leader and the mine the importance of the resoChairman of Jammu and Kashmir National Front, Nayeem Ahmad Khan has called upon his party workers and the Kashmiri youth to keep their eyes open to foil anti-movement policies of India and its puppet regime in the territory. Nayeem Ahmed Khan made these remarks while addressing party activists at the end of his two-day visit to SRINAGAR—Days after a top Baramulla district. A statement issued from his official of paramilitary Central party office quoted the APHC Reserve Police Force (CRPF) releader as saying, “At a time jected the impression that by parwhen leaders are facing curbs ticipating in elections Kashmiris every now and then, pro-free- have been identifying themselves dom activists and masses have with the Indian system and there a greater responsibility”. He was ‘a strong anti-India sentiment maintained that the curbs on persists,’ the forum led by the leadership could never weaken veteran Kashmiri Hurriyet leader, Syed Ali Gilani Monday called the ongoing movement. Nayeem Ahmad Khan had upon India to heed to his four meetings with the district advice.Inspector General CRPF, workers during his visit. He met NC Asthana in a media interview many delegations and held de- had said, “Our contention is that tailed discussions on the current elections don’t prove that people situation vis-à-vis Kashmir and are reposing their trust in the Inthe freedom movement. He as- dian system.” The Hurriyat said: sured the people that the ongo- “If India paid heed to such honing liberation struggle would est and truthful officers Kashmir continue against all odds.—NNI issue can be solved easily.”

Curbs on Hurriyet leaders can’t weaken movement: Nayeem

sue is continuous threat to the global peace, prosperity, and stability and without addressing it no one can ever achieve peace in South Asia and the world.” Malik said India and Pakistan must recognize the owner status of the Kashmiris and with the active participation of Kashmiris they should sit together and resolve this issue. He said Kashmiris welcome the friendship between India and Pakistan because the friendship or enmity of these countries has direct bearing on Kashmir. “We welcome this friendship and steps taken for it but the fact remains that no positive outcome is possible without addressing the core issue of Jammu and Kashmir. It should be accepted and acknowledge by the leadership of both India and Pakistan,” said Malik, adding that “Kashmiris have seen the destruction of their four generations because of this long

demand and wish is that this issue should be resolved on priority basis involving the principal party of Kashmiris in the resolution process. This is the only way to stabilize this whole region and ensure peace, stability and progress of millions of humans living in it.” Appealing to the Muslims of Jammu and Kashmir to maintain mutual harmony and brotherhood, Malik said the differences that created conflict and division in the Muslin society was not acceptable. He said, “Our Mimber-u-Mehrab should not promote the mutual hostility and conflict. These should rather be used to promote unity among the Ummah.” Malik on the occasion read out the recent resolution passed unanimously in a seminar by the Ulema of all Maslaks about the unity of Ummah which was endorsed by the people present in meeting.—NNI

India asked to heed top CRPF official

NC Asthana admits strong anti-India sentiment persists in Kashmir Asthana and his wife Anjali Nirmal, who holds a doctorate in police administration, have taken an objective to look at India’s security establishments in their upcoming book. To be launched towards the end of this month, ‘India’s Internal Security: The Actual Concerns’ is a critique of various issues, including intelligence failure, the media’s role and the victimisation of Muslims. “The 2009 election saw a reasonable voter turnout. But 14 days after the elections, the Shopian incident happened. Bodies of two young women were recovered from the Rambiara river. … Kashmir burnt for 47 days,” Asthana had said. When asked if the Indian es-

tablishment is not addressing actual concerns, Asthana said, “…Whether it’s Kashmir, Maoist-affected areas or the Northeast, the returns are dismal. In Kashmir, we have 70 battalions of the CRPF, an equal number of BSF forces, three corps of the army, and yet insurgency has been on for 23 years. Northeast insurgencies have been on for 58 years. Naxalism has been around for the past 45 years. Our purpose is to point out that there is a serious problem. Kashmir and the Northeast are fringe areas … .” About anti-India sentiment persisting in Kashmir, he says Kashmiris come out on roads to protest the death of even non-local militants.—Online

Dileep, Radha to get response on Kashmir report SRINAGAR—Two of the three local news agency KNS over political leaders in the state dur- during their visit. former interlocutors on Jammu and Kashmir are arriving in Srinagar on Wednesday to receive feedback on the recommendations made by them in their report. “Myself and Radha Kumar will be arriving day after in Srinagar to get feedback on specific recommendations made by us in the report prepared by us earlier,” head of the three-member panel, Dileep Padgaonkar told a

phone from New Delhi adding that earlier the discussions with different sections were general and broad based. However, Padgaonkar said the visit will be in their individual capacity and not as interlocutors. Padgaonkar said the third interlocutor M M Ansari was busy with some other appointments in Hyderabad and won’t be able to accompany them. The interlocutors will meet different

ing its six-day scheduled visit to the state. “This time we will try to restrict our meetings with political leadership and will spend three days in Srinagar and the next three days in Jammu,” Padgaonkar said. The former chief interlocutor said Home Minister, Sushil Kumar Shinde has asked them to prepare a report on the feedback received by them in the state

“After going through the report, future course of action will be decided by Government of India,” he said. When asked why Government of India was delaying implementation of recommendations made in their report, Padgaonkar said, “I can’t comment on this. Government has many other things on table. It is for them to decide how they are going to go about it.—Online

expressed concern over the recent statement of Home Secretary whereby he unveiled the Government of India’s plans to fence the Line of Control. The participants termed it as a negative process. They said on one hand talks are on to make the LOC irrelevant while as on the other plans are being formulated to make the barrier dividing Kashmir a solid permanent structure,” the spokesman said. Terming the fencing of LOC “unacceptable”, the members said: “At a time when boundaries are considered as mere lines on the map, such steps are meaningless

and impracticable.” “The days are over when issues used to get solved by use of force. The political problems in particular would get solved only through peaceful negotiations,” the members said, adding that “Kashmiris are the owners of Kashmir and whatsoever process would be initiated to decide their destiny they are to be involved as main party in it. Hence we believe that both India and Pakistan should make the participation of Hurriyat mandatory in any dialogue process aimed to solve Kashmir tangle to make it meaningful and result oriented.”—Online

Hurriyet Conference Hurriyet Conference (M) asked Pakistan and India to make its participation in any process of talks on Kashmir issue mandatory. A Hurriyat spokesman said this was stated at a meeting of Hurriyat executive members held here today with its chairman Mirwaiz Muhammad Umar Farooq in chair. During the meeting, the participants discussed the future challenges faced by Kashmiris in the context of the “new emerging political, economic and international scenarios around the globe in general and the sub-continent

The meeting, according to the Hurriyat spokesman, hailed the efforts aimed at breaking the deadlock and improving the ties between the two nuclear neighbours. “The participants observed that such steps would prove immensely helpful to solve the contending issues between the two nations,” the spokesman said. The participants, however, expressed caution that any act that “would negatively impact the process of improving ties between the two South-Asian countries should be avoided.” The Hurriyat executive

Court slams police over producing under-trials handcuffed

Indian home minister seeks feedback on interlocutors’ report


a strong note of under-trials being produced before courts handcuffed, a local court here directed the police to desist from presenting the accused handcuffed until there is a direction from the court or a magistrate for the same. The Court of Chief Judicial Magistrate Srinagar, Rajeev Gupta, expressed displeasure after a murder accused Ropinder Singh of Ludhiana Punjab was produced before the court handcuffed without prior permission from the court. Expressing displeasure and concern over the oft-repeated ‘defiant approach’ of the police to produce the accused before the court with hands cuffed, the court said time and again directions were passed for removing the handcuffs of the accused but the orders are flouted. “Despite repeated directions, it is not understandable as to why such directions have been flouted” the court said. The court said the Supreme Court has time and again deprecated practice of handcuffing the accused under trials without proper permission from the concerned or any judicial magistrate but despite the apex court directions compliance is not observed. The court remanded the accused to judicial custody and directed the in-charge Central Jail Srinagar to produce him before the Principal Sessions Judge Srinagar on August 28.—NNI

IHK JI demands Kashmir settlement as per UN resolutions SRINAGAR —The Jamaat-eIslami of occupied Kashmir has called for settlement of the Kashmir dispute through exercise of Kashmiris’ right to selfdetermination as pledged by the United Nations. The Jamaat-e-Islami made the demand during its one-day congregation of its Badgam chapter, which was held at Narabal in the district. The JI General Secretary, Nazeer Ahmad Rana, addressing the session called upon Pakistan and India to take concrete measures for just resolution of the humanitarian and political dispute for ensuring durable peace in the region. The congregation was also addressed by the JI Ameer, Sheikh Muhammad Hassan and renowned Islamic scholar from India, Maulana Saeedi Falahi.—NNI

NEW DELHI—Indian Home and Jammu later this week to re- tended to the state after the 1952 Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde has asked former interlocutors to communicate the feedback on the recommendations of their report on Kashmir. This was stated by Dileep Padgaonkar, who headed the three-member team of interlocutors here Monday after meeting the home minister yesterday. Padgaonkar and fellow interlocutor, Radha Kumar briefed Shinde about their yearlong exercise of interaction with a cross-section of people in the state. Emerging after the hourlong meeting, Padgaonkar said they informed the minister about their plans to conduct workshops being conducted in Srinagar and Jammu later this week. This was the first time the interlocutors met Shinde after he took over charge of the ministry earlier this month. “We told him that we are going to conduct workshops in Srinagar

ceive a structured feedback on the recommendations of the report,” Padgaonkar said, adding Shinde asked them to communicate their feedback at the earliest opportunity. Padgaonkar, who was accompanied by Radha Kumar, were told by the minister that he would go into the details of the report once the current session of Parliament was over. Shinde said he would meet the two and again discuss the structured feedback with them. The report of the interlocutors which was submitted last year on October 12 and made public on May 24 has recommended setting up of a Constitutional Committee to review all Acts and Articles of the Constitution extended to Jammu and Kashmir and upholding of Article 370. The 176-page report also calls for a review of all Central Acts and all Articles of the Constitution of India ex-

Delhi agreement which also gave special status to the state under Article 370. Under the political component, the report deals with Centre-State relations and internal devolution of powers and suggests a road map listing confidence-building measures that includes review of Disturbed Areas Act and re-appraisal of application of controversial AFSPA. The report was dismissed by many state and national political parties while separatist groups from the Valley had never joined the discussions with the interlocutors. Official sources told the media men that new Union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde had given nod to former Interlocutors Dileep Padgaonkar, a veteran journalist and Prof Radha Kumar, an academician to hold meetings in Jammu and Srinagar and elicit public opinion on the report.—Online

ISLAMABAD: Former AJK Prime Minister Barrister Sultan Mehmood Chaudhry with Australian Ambassador.

Bereaved families file response in IHK court SRINAGAR—At least 40 fami- fresh publication. lies of the 125 people killed in 2010 agitation in Kashmir turned up in the High Court to file response in a PIL by JKLF chairman Yasin Malik. However, only one among them filed affidavit while others marked their attendance before the registry of the court. A division bench of the High Court headed by Chief Justice M M Kumar had directed for re-issuance of public notice to the heirs of the persons who were killed between January 1 to December 31, 2010. The direction followed submission by the counsel for the petitioner and senior lawyer Zaffar Shah who pointed out that lack of response to notice issued earlier necessitates a

Accordingly, the bench directed Registrar Judicial to issue another public notice, giving liberty to heirs, kith or kin of the families to file their response. The PIL is likely to come for hearing next week. The government is expected to file an affidavit, clarifying if any ex-gratia grant has been paid to the heirs, kith and kin of the deceased family with the amount paid. In the PIL, Yasin Malik says that out of 125 persons killed by police and CRPF, FIR has been lodged and cases registered only in 37 deaths. “Challan has been produced in the court of law in respect of only seven cases,” the petitioner said on the basis of enquiries into the matter.—NNI

Dr Faktoo’s case hearing adjourned SRINAGAR —The J&K High Court adjourned the case of Muslim League Chairman Dr Muhammad Qasim Faktoo listing it at serial number one on September 3 in view of paucity of time. As soon as the case came up for hearing, Senior Counsel Mian Abdul Qayoom, counsel for Dr Faktoo, submitted before the court that the detention of Faktoo is illegal saying he has already served the detention of 20 years. The counsel pleaded that Faktoo on May 31, 2012 completed 20 years in prison which, he contends, as per Jail Manual and Prison’s Act, amounts to life imprisonment. The division bench said the case be considered only after the imprisonment of 20 years.—NNI

‘Road to Amarnath would be mother of all ecological disasters’ SRINAGAR—The interim rul- hoteliers here are dubbing the ous hill resorts of the Kashmir who are bitterly opposed to any gets green signal and road is businesses, particularly those of low ing of Indian Supreme Court (SC) to construct a permanent macadamised road on the route to Amarnath cave in the picturesque Pahalgam valley, has drawn flak from business community of this south Kashmir resort. On August 13, the Indian apex court directed the government to complete the construction of road and infrastructure before the onset of winter. The decision, however, was played down by the puppet administration of occupied Kashmir, saying “there are no plans for constructing any road.” Local businessman and

whole project as a disaster. “It will be the mother of all ecological disasters if the government goes ahead with this plan,” Arif Ahmed, manager of a three-star hotel at Pahalgam, said. “How can they think of a road to Amarnath without taking into account the ecological fragility of the resort?” “Just take a look around, and you will see that landslides and massive soil erosion has already taken place due to roads that government has constructed at various spots here,” Arif told local daily. Arif, whose hotel owns a chain of huts and hotels in vari-

Valley, says, “The main attraction of this place is its natural beauty, and tourists from India and outside come to savour that. They do not pay come to see roads that will destroy this beauty.” If yatris die while undertaking the Amarnath pilgrimage, Arif said, it not the fault of this place, it’s the government that has to be blamed for not cutting down the number of pilgrims at the first place or regulating the massive rush by putting adequate measures into place. Arif’s views are echoed by scores of other businessmen

road constructions that may disturb the ecology of the place. “The Amarnath cave is situated at the height of 13, 500 feet, and passes through a difficult mountainous terrain, fragile glaciers and other precious water sources at Chandanwari, Pissu Top, Sheshnag, and Panchtarni. So any plan of a constructing a permanent macadamised road means that you will have to destroy all these glaciers and threaten precious water resources,” Abdul Gaffer Reshi, a handicraft deader, told Kashmir Reader. “Now imagine if the plan

constructed at the cost of ecology, the number of Amarnath pilgrims will automatically increase in no time. The ecology of the place, which has already taken a severe battering due to unchecked rush of yatris (more than six lakh yatris visited the cave shrine this year), will be plundered to oblivion,” Reshi added. Another businessman, Nisar Ahmed Mir, said that constructing a road here is a “loselose situation for everyone.” “Building roads and infrastructure will deface the natural setting of the place. Tourist numbers will come down; local

pony wallas, will get affected as everything from food to transport will be-come available to them on yatra route,” Mir said. “So no one will be benefited from this and the decision also has the potential to boomerang politically.” A group of pony wallas at Aru-Lolipura, while talking to Kashmir Reader, said they will resist the construction of macadamised roads on the yatra route. “Our livelihoods will hit if they construct the road. Our families will starve because our 70 percent income is generated through yatra. We will not al-

this to happen,” Mohammed Iqbal Khan, a pony walla, said. The SC decision has also already attracted scathing criticism by many political leaders and civil society members who appealed to the court to keep the ecological balance of the area in mind. A Kashmir-based civil society group Sunday said it would file a representation before the High Powered Committee appointed by the SC to look into the cause of the death of yatris. The Kashmir Center for Social and Development Studies (KCSDS) members unani-

mously pitched for having a ‘threshold limit’ on the number of yatris visiting the cave shrine annually “to safeguard the highly fragile ecosystem of the area.” A recent satellite survey by European scientists has already warned that glaciers in Jammu and Kashmir are melting at a faster rate—by more than half a meter every year— than other neighbouring glaciers of the Himalayas. Barring Jammu and Kashmir, they said, there is no immediate threat to glaciers from other parts of the HindukushKarakoram-Himalayas region.—NNI

Asian trade T OKYO —The euro slipped in Asian trade Tuesday amid gloomy sentiment over the eurozone debt crisis and few fresh trading cues, while markets looked ahead to a speech by the US central bank chief this week. The euro bought $1.2466 and 97.90 yen in Tokyo morning trade, down from $1.2535 and 98.41 yen in New York late Monday. The dollar also edged lower to 78.56 yen from 78.74 yen. Markets reacted little after the Japanese government cut its view of the economy in August for the first time in 10 months as slowing exports weighed on production and consumer spending showed few signs of picking up. The government said in its monthly economic report Tuesday that the world’s thirdlargest economy was “on the way to recovery at a moderate pace” but added that “weak movements have been seen recently”.—APP

Global growth LONDON—Britain’s top share index fell back on Tuesday as investors weighed up concerns over global growth against expectations of further stimulus measures from central banks to boost ailing economies. The FTSE 100 was down 9.19 points, or 0.2 percent, at 5,767.41 by 0711 GMT, as traders returned to their desks after the long UK bank holiday weekend, having ended last week in negative territory following three straight weeks of gains. Darkening the mood, Japan’s government cut its economic assessment, citing a deceleration in the United States and China on top of Europe’s debt crisis, and warned that further global slowdown posed risks to the world’s third-largest economy.—APP

European stock markets drop L ONDON —European equities mainly fell Tuesday amid tentative hopes that US Federal Reserve chief Ben Bernanke would this week outline steps to boost the world’s biggest economy, dealers said. In late morning trade, Frankfurt’s benchmark DAX 30 index of top companies shed 0.36 percent to 7,022.02 points and in Paris the CAC 40 slid 0.53 percent to 3,444.64 points. London’s FTSE 100 rose 0.02 percent to 5,777.88 as investors returned to their desks after a three-day holiday weekend. Spanish shares lost 0.10 percent but Italian stocks gained 0.36 percent as traders digested news of bond auctions at lower rates in both Madrid and Milan.—APP

“I cannot give you the formula for success, but I can give you the formula for failure, which is: Try to please everybody.” — Herbert B Swope

Self employment most productive initiative: Zardari STAFF REPORTER I S L A M A B A D —Expressing satisfaction over the progress of BISP, which was developing into a comprehensive social protection, poverty alleviation and women empowerment platform, President Asif Ali Zardari has said that addition of free social services like health, accident insurance, vocational training and interest free financing for self employment will make the Programme the most productive initiative of the Government. Addressing the gathering during Waseela-e-Haq draw and Cheques Distribution Ceremony under Benazir Income Support Programme here at Aiwan-e-Sadr today, the President said that BISP

was flagship programme of the Government for reducing poverty and empowering women. He said that it was a matter of pride that the BISP has progressed and was becoming a comprehensive social safety net. The President said that the Programme has attracted worldwide appreciation for its transparency, objectivity and efficiency. To reach over 7 million families, he said, in a short span of four years is indeed a major achievement. He congratulated Chairperson BISP and all those involved with the Programme for making it a success. On this occasion, the President also thanked the international community and partners for their help and support. Their support, the President said, has enabled

us to bring about a revolutionary change in the lives of the poor and dispossessed. The President said that he was personally monitoring the progress of the Poverty Scorecard Survey. He said that it is gratifying to note that the national roll out of this survey is progressing well. The countrywide program has already been completed in Balochistan, the President remarked. He said that the poverty score card is a transparent and impartial survey of the poor through an internationally recognized procedure. The President said that we will ensure that public money is transparently utilized for the welfare of the most deserving. He said that the Mobile phone banking is meant to ensure this. President Asif Ali Zardari and Chairperson Benazir Income Support Programme Farzana Raja handing over Waseelae-Haq cheque to a beneficiary during 30th to 36th draw ceremony held here at President House. Federal Minister for Finance Abdul Hafeez Sheikh also present on the occasion.

CCP issues policy note to MoIT, PTA STAFF REPORTER ISLAMABAD —The Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) has issued a Policy Note to the Ministry of Information Technology (MoIT) and Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) recommending the withdrawal of the Directive dated 13 August 2012 issued by the MOIT proposing establishment of international clearing house exchange for international incoming calls for long distance international, fixed-

line local loops, wireless local loops and mobile operators (Proposed ICH Arrangement). In its Policy Note, CCP has also advised MOIT & PTA that any such proposed arrangement/agreement if entered into, is not tenable in terms of Section 4 of the Competition Act, 2010. The Proposed ICH Arrangement has been supported by MOIT through its directive for amicable settlement of the pending cases relating to Access Promotion Charges (APC) and to curtail

and eliminate the grey traffic, in line with the existing Deregulation Policy 2003, and the existing regulatory regime. CCP has observed in its Policy Note that while it may be within the domain of MOIT to issue policy directives in relation to the subject industry, it needs to be appreciated that any such policy decision/directive/circulars are in fact subject to the substantive provisions of the statute in force.

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LSE delists 16 companies STAFF REPORTER

been suspended by the Exchange and the objections, if any, were invited from the concerned companies/managements against proposed action of delisting of these companies vide Notice No. 3161 dated May 15, 2012. In response to above-referred Notice, no objections were received by the Exchange within the stipulated deadline from these companies. Therefore, in pursuance of the above and after due consideration of facts and circumstances, the Exchange in exercise of its powers under Section 9(4) of the Securities & Exchange Ordinance, 1969 and Regulation No. 30 of the Listing Regulations of Exchange has decided to

Exchange old Rs 500 banknote AMANULLAH KHAN K ARACHI—The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has reminded the general public to exchange old design and bigger size banknote of Rs 500 from the field offices of SBP Banking Services Corporation (SBP BSC) and over 10,000 branches of banks throughout the country till the close of banking hours on October 01, 2012. The State Bank of Pakistan/SBP Banking Services Corporation (SBP BSC) will neither exchange nor be liable to pay any value of such banknote to any person or a bank after the above mentioned deadline. It may be recalled that Rs 500 old design and bigger size banknote had already been demonetized by the Federal Government and, hence, cannot be used as a legal tender. However, it can be exchanged from the field offices of SBP BSC and branches of banks till October 01, 2012.

delist below mentioned sixteen companies from the Exchange from August 29, LAHORE—The Lahore Stock 2012. Exchange has delisted 16 The companies which have companies on account of been delisted include; Accord non-compliance of various Textiles Limited, Amin Spinning provisions of Listing ReguMills Limited, Crescent lation of the Exchange. Knitwear Limited, Dadabhoy The companies were not Insurance Company Ltd., complying with the proviFawad Textile Mills Limited, sions Listing Regulations like Harum Textile Mills Ltd, Indus 30 (1)(b) i.e. non holding of Fruit Products Limited, Ittefaq Annual General Meetings for General Insurance Company two or more years, 30(1) (c) Ltd., Kashmir Polytex Ltd., i.e. initiating winding up proMacdonald Layton & Comceedings against the Company Ltd., Mian Muhammad pany, 30(1)(e) i.e. failed to Sugar Mills Ltd., Mubarik Dairpay annual listing fee for two ies Limited, Sahrish Textile Mills or more years and 30(1)(g) i.e. STAFF REPORTER Ltd., Shahpur Textile Mills Limfailed to induct their ordinary ited, Union Insurance Com- K ARACHI —NIT has estabshares into CDS. pany of Pakistan Ltd. and Zahur lished a new, state of the art Trading in the shares of Textile Mills Ltd. these companies has already Investors’ Facilitation Centre (IFC) at Karachi. The centre will cater matters relating to investments in NIT and day to day inquiries / issues of NIT’s unit holders regarding NIT Funds from a centralized and easy to access place (Lakson Square Sadar, (opposite Karachi Press Club) located in the heart of the city. All 22 NIT’s nationwide branches are ONLINE with IFC to help NIT customers in all kind of inquiries and profit redemptions. The centre has also a toll free telephone no. 080000648 to bring NIT services on a telephone call distance KARACHI: Consul General of USA Michael Dodman snapped delivering welcome re- for perspective investors / marks at daylong Roundtable on Expanding & Diversifying Pakistan’s Exports to the unit holders. This modern United States hosted by the US Consulate here on Tuesday.—PO photo Javed Iqbal Continued on Page 14

NIT establishes investors’ facilitation centre

US markets open to Pak exporters: CG M M ALAM K ARACHI —Consul General of USA Michael Dodman maintaining that US markets were open to Pakistani exporters, pointed out that by far US was Pakistan’s single biggest export market, taking 16% of its total exports worth over $3 billion. He was speaking as host of the daylong Roundtable on Expanding & Diversifying Pakistan’s Exports to the United States held here on Tuesday. Answering to a Pakistan Observer query, newly

arrived Consul General Michael Dodman (who is a career member of the Senior Foreign Service with 25 years of experience focused largely on economies in transition,) has stated that he would endeavor to strengthen Pak-US economic ties (leading to growth that would benefit the populace here) & promote ties with the people of Sindh & Baluchistan through Outreach, Professional Exchanges & Social Media during his two-year tenure at Karachi post that he would like to be increased. Noting that some 90% of Pakistani exports were in the textiles &

apparel sector, Dodman said that high percentage suggested an opportunity to expand & diversify under the existing programs like Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) & the Roundtable was an opportunity for Senior Pakistani Officials & Local Business Leaders to discuss rules & regulations with US Department of Commerce & US Trade Representatives, in order to increase access to US market. Dodman maintained: “The US representatives are promoting greater Pak-US trade relations by explaining how customs regulations &

the GSP (etc.) can expand trade between our countries. Our goal for this Roundtable is to provide concrete, practical information that will directly support your ability to increase Pakistani exports to the United States”. In 2011, US businesses imported $131 million worth of products from Pakistan under the GSP program that promotes economic growth in the developing world by providing duty-free entry to the US market for goods imported from designated beneficiary developing countries. Informing that over 3,400 different products from Paki-

stan were eligible to enter the United States duty-free under that GSP program, Dodman told that in the last five years Pakistan for instance had increased its exports of dates to US by 150% & spices by over 350%. Dodman also quoted the example of USAID that provided vide range of assistance to Pakistani companies, industries & individuals through several economic growth programs. In her keynote address Robina Ahmed Joint Secretary Ministry of Commerce, noting that GSP was not used

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NIB Bank shows positive H1 results STAFF REPORTER KARACHI—Financial results announced by NIB Bank for H1 2012 indicate improving performance at operating level through growth in revenues & disciplined cost management. Notably, there has been a significant reduction of Rs. 3.7 billion in pretax losses when compared with the same period a year ago. NIB Bank’s Revenue crosses Rs. 2 billion with a significant reduction in loss: Total revenue increased by 43% to Rs. 2.4 billion; Net

interest income increased by 51%; Non-interest income increased by 34%; Administrative expenses increased only by 9%; Pre-tax loss of only Rs. 154 million (down from Rs.3.7 billion a year ago). During H1 2012, there has been an increased focus on low cost deposit generation & transactional banking solutions for its growing customer base in 59 cities & towns through 179 branches. Consequently, current & low cost savings deposits have grown consistently month on month leading to an increase of Rs. 7.5 billion

in the first half of this year. At the same time the Bank was also able to shed Rs. 7.3 billion of high cost deposits during this period. The Bank also realized profit from sale of fixed income securities and equities. The ensuing capital gains aided by higher income from Fees and Commissions drove the Bank’s noninterest income higher by 34% in H1 2012 over the same period last year. By revamping the organizational structure of the Remedial Group, devoting more senior resources and

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No water at 2nd largest export earning zone STAFF REPORTER K ARACHI —The

industry representatives have demanded of the Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB)to execute the Rs38.4 million water pipeline project for Korangi’s Tannery Zone. Patron In-Chief Korangi Association of Trade and Industry (KATI),

S M Muneer, President All Karachi Industrial Alliance Mian Zahid Hussain, Chairman Pakistan Tanners Association (SZ) M Khurshid Ahmed and Vice Chairman, Fawad Javed while appreciating the Governor Sindh Dr Ishratul Ebad Khan’s special allocation of funds for the exclusive project of water s pipeline to the Tannery Zone

for supply of five million gallons per day, asked the KWSB Managing Director to order the contractor to execute the work without further delay as the project which was approved by the Governor Sindh on urgent basis is being delayed inordinately by the KWSB staff and the contractor.

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Export oriented sector deserves support as in other countries AMANULLAH KHAN K ARACHI —Mian Abrar Ahmad president Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry has said that Government needs to differentiate between the export oriented sector and must understand the competition in the world market where even one American cent matters. The Government has to understand that this is a number game and if Bangladesh our arch rival in textile is providing gas to its industry at more than 50 percent difference and with zero rated custom regime in European Union would only support the Bangladesh and its industry. They are already gone to 19 billion dollars tex-

Reckitt Benckiser Pakistan striving for a healthier, happy world OBSERVER REPORT KARACHI—Reckitt Benckiser, a global force in Health, Hygiene & Home is also one of the few companies strongly committed to sustainable development. In the year 2000, RB set itself the milestone to reduce carbon emissions by 20% by the year 2020. Remarkably, the company managed to accomplish this goal by 2011 - eight years ahead of time. RB Pakistan is also geared towards enhancing employee safety with General Manager RB Pakistan, Tahir Malik declaring Pakistan as a global success story on employee safety by completing 4 million labor hours without a lost time accident at their Mauripur factory.

Big banks pushed to outsource mortgages L O N D O N —In the wake of the financial crisis and still in the midst of the foreclosure mess, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced new rules for mortgage servicers designed to protect borrowers and get them faster, more effective and informative service. The proposed changes by the CFPB would require servicers to consider applications for help from troubled borrowers within 30 days of receiving them. Meanwhile, servicers would not be allowed to proceed with a foreclosure until the decision on a potential modification has been made. The new rules would apply to all mortgage servicers, not just the nation’s five largest banks that earlier this year agreed to a $25 billion settlement in the wake of the “robo-signing” paperwork scandal.—Newswire

NIB Bank shows positive From Page-13 instituting rigorous follow up procedures the Bank has proactively managed its Non Performing Loans (NPLs) resulting in the Bank booking only Rs. 170 million of net credit provisioning in H1 2012 compared to Rs. 3.1 billion in the same period last year. To ensure it builds sustainable revenue streams in the future, the Bank in the last six months has also been working on building a sustainable growth model for each of its key Businesses. Commenting on the results Badar Kazmi, President & Chief Executive Officer, NIB Bank, said, “These results indicate that the fundamentals of the business are showing a healthy trend with revenue growth far stronger than the growth in expenses. Key drivers behind this performance are building the Bank’s liquidity by mobilizing low cost deposits, controlling delinquencies from existing portfolio through proactive risk management and accelerated bad debt recovery efforts. We are confident that with continued focus and discipline, the Bank’s recovery will be sustainable”.

tile exports and planned to achieve 25 billion target the year 2015. He cautioned that our textile exports which are rowing around 11 to 12 billion and have gone down further in year 2011 and 2012 would further reduce. The KCCI chief expressed deep concern over the news report that the recent cess levied on gas supply at the rate of Rs.87 has been lashed by 50 percent. He is surprised over this decision and that also taken by taking only few businessmen while ignoring the entire business community of Pakistan. Commenting on this decision President KCCI said that government has to understand that consumer going into the court of law is

not very common and this is rather unusual. He elaborated the reason behind this move and said by giving an example of major sector which is textile which contributes 62 percent in total exports of Pakistan and 42 percent of the urban employment is generated through this sector that Government has to understand that every sector cannot pass on the burden of enhancement to the buyer. He said, “Yes, CNG sector can might do it as sale price and price of gas is predetermined by Government. It might be possible in case of fertilizers but in case of export oriented industry it is not possible. As export oriented industry in the end has to go in the world open mar-

ket for sale of its produce and Pakistan is not the only player and with this kind of increase exports which are already reducing would have a very drastic impact. He stated that it should be very well understood that any further increase in gas price cannot be observed in the table of costing and government has to segregate even if it is very necessary for enhancement. He also requested the government to appoint an Tariq Sayeed, former president FPCCI and Saarc CCI presenting shield to Chairman FBR Ali Arshad Hakeem. international auditor/ cost accountant to find out the absorption capacity of export oriented sector. He requested the President of Pakistan, Prime Minister and the Minister of Petroleum & Natural ReSTAFF REPORTER sources to reconsider the decision and withdraw the cess. K ARACHI —Giving a good boost bilateral trade. They Govt of Pakistan. SALIM AHMED interview is an additive skill said that the promotion of He said India and Pakistan which leads to good job and LAHORE—The LCCI delega- trade is the only way to mini- share the same tryst with dessuccess in career. On this tion, that is on a 6-day visit mize the political tension in tiny, History and Culture. Toemerging subject, to India, had a number of the region. gether accounts for roughly COMMECS Institute of Busi- fruitful meetings with their The two neighboring 80% of the GDP of South ness and Emerging Sciences Indian counterparts and vis- countries should not mix Asian association for regional (CIBES) organized a free ited various industrial units trade with politics and busi- Cooperation (SAARC )counworkshop to deliver the ba- including Khanna Paper ness community should be tries. Associated Chambers of sic knowledge of interviews Mill. allowed to carry on trade Commerce and Industry of and specially emphasized the The LCCI former Senior without hurdles. “If we India estimates that Indo-Pak fears that a candidate Vice President Engr. Sohail would have strong trade re- bilateral Trade Potential is harbours when approaching Lashari is leading the delega- lations the political relations worth US$ 10 billion. He said an interview. The workshop tion while Khamis Saeed Butt would get better automati- that trade between Pakistan was conducted by a well is the deputy leader of the cally”, they said. They and India is 4.5 % where as known Human Resources delegation. Engr. Sohail stressed the need for pro- with in northern American specialist in Karachi, Saqib Lashari and Khamis Saeed moting border trade particu- border countries their trade Mansor, who is currently Butt during their meetings larly through land routes amongst themselves is 63% working in the capacity of with Indian counterparts, ex- which is in favour of both and with in ASEAN countries Manager Human Resources pressed his dismay over the the countries. Speaking on it is 31%. There is a huge Gap, in “TPS” a multinational com- low volume of trade between the occasion, Mr Suneet where in both the countries pany. India and Pakistan. They said Kochhar, Director, Khanna are losing on opportunities of Saqib Mansoor explained that India and Pakistan Paper Mills Ltd said that better trade. He said that both the Interview techniques and should promote regional LCCI has been quite active countries should ease visa the basics of an interview to trade on the pattern of in taking up matters of restriction to take the bilateral the audience. The session ASEAN, EU, NAFTA, etc. to Trade and Industry with the trade to the new heights. KARACHI: Secretary General Pakistan Japan Business Forum Kalim Farooqui hosted was highly interactive and a farewell reception in honour of outgoing Consul General of Japan and patron PJBF generated a lot of interest in Masaharu Sato.—PO Photo Javed Iqbal the aspirants. He also corrected some common misconceptions among students and others. As a practical exercise, some live interviews were conducted during the workshop as a teaching preview to interview scenarios whereby weaknesses in general interview exercises were the tender ranged from $ dination Committee (ECC) corrected and explained. STAFF REPORTER 399.38 to $ 419.63 PMT of the Cabinet, TCP invited other bidders to match the KARACHI —Trading Corpo- (C&F). All bids were found re- lowest bid. ration of Pakistan (TCP) has They agreed to match the awarded contract for import sponsive in terms of preof 300,000 metric tons (MT) scribed evaluation criteria. lowest bid price of $ 399.38 urea at $ 399.38 per metric M/s. Key Trade AG Switzer- per MT C&F. Hence the import of conton (PMT) C&F, to four bid- land offered the lowest price of $ 399.38 PMT C&F for tracts for balance quantity Chairman Memon Khidmat Forum Haji Masood Parekh presenting a souvenir to the STAFF REPORTER ders. Director General Hajj, Syed Abu Ahmed Aqib. Also present on the occasion are ChairAccording to TCP here 100,000 MT, conforming to were awarded to three other namely M/s L A H O R E — T e c h n o l o g y man Travel Agents Association of Pakistan Yahya Polani, Farooq Faria, Shakil Sharif, A Tuesday, the tender was technical specifications and bidders floated on August 9, 2012 terms & conditions of the Dreymoor Fertilizer Over- Upgradation and Skill De- K Memon, Iqbal Thama and others. seas (Pte) Ltd, Singapore for velopment Company and opened on August 27, tender. To complete the pro- 100,000 MT, M/s CHS Eu- (TUSDEC) has partnered 2012 in the presence of bidders or their representa- curement of total targeted rope, Switzerland for 50,000 with ACTED (Agency for quantity of 300,000 MT MT and M/s Transamonia Technical Cooperation and tives. In all 12 bids were re- tons with the prior ap- AG Switzerland for 50,000 Development) to pursue From Page-13 with a project of TVET ceived. The prices quoted in proval of Economic Coor- MT. (Technical Vocational Edu- effectively further lamented very beneficial for Pakistan. portant tool for Pakistani excation and Training) support that GSP expired twelve times She also highlighted a range porters who could do a lot in Pakistan. since 1976. She informed that of vital issues like transpar- better & increase the volume The project is funded by due to confusion & igno- ent laws & dispute resolving of trade. Peter Quinter Attorthe European Union which rance, Pakistani exporters of- mechanism etc. enabling the ney at Law Gray Robinson would be implemented in the ten overpaid duties. Mara M. entrepreneurs of two coun- spoke in detail on US CusFrom Page-13 areas of Upper Dir, Burr Deputy Assistant United tries work together. toms & Standards RegulaRegarding the amicable honor. further growth. Jacobabad, Muzaffarabad, William Jackson Deputy tions. Consul General settlement aspect, it has been With respect to the curAs far as the De-regula- Lower Dir, Kashmore, Swat States Trade Representative South & Central, speaking on Assistant US Trade Repre- Michael Dodman reiterating noted that the pre-ICH out- tailment and elimination the tion Policy, 2003 is concerned, and Shikarpur. the occasion pointed towards sentative for the GSP in the that he was not new to workstanding liabilities on ac- grey traffic, CCP has observed it has been observed by the The three years program count of regulatory and GoP that under the Proposed ICH Commission that the said is aimed at the socioeco- mutual Pak-American desire Office of the US Trade Rep- ing on economic developdues will continue to be indi- Arrangement the termination policy apart from other objec- nomic elation of the vulner- to increase relationship & said resentative informed that ment termed the Roundtable vidual responsibility of each rate for Pakistan is expected tives provides for increase able communities residing in that American investors were GSP was a 36-year old pro- as the initial advancement LDI operator i.e. ‘to be dis- to go up to 8.8 cents from cur- service choice for customers the target geographical prox- very interested in Pakistan gram designed to promote towards setting the tenthat she termed as a very at- economic growth in the de- dency & assured that the US charged as final settlement rently lower rates. This may of telecommunication ser- imity. tractive market. Referring to veloping world by providing Consulate would be a through legal process’. provide further incentive for vices at competitive and afThrough the provision of Therefore, CCP has observed Grey market players to in- fordable rates, liberalize the expedient access to quality the women entrepreneurs’ ac- preferential duty-free access source of information for lothat it is thus not clear how crease their traffic. Also, in telecommunication sector by technical and vocational complishments in SME back to the US market for a wide cal entrepreneurs & he the matter stands resolved future if an arbitrage oppor- encouraging fair competition education in various trades, in USA, Mara said that quick range of products from de- would make certain that volwhen the settlement is sub- tunity exists the players op- amongst service providers the action will stipulate the progress could be made in this veloping world. He main- ume of Pak exports to US ject to judicial review i.e. ‘fi- erating in the Grey traffic will and maintain an effective and improved livelihood oppor- domain here & that would be tained that GSP was an im- augmented during his term. nal settlement through legal likely exploit that, thus ICH well defined regulatory regime tunities for target beneficiaprocess’ which in any event, move is unlikely to curb the that is consistent with the in- ries. the parties are bound to Grey traffic and may kindle its ternational best practices. TUSDEC will be acting as the program facilitator by providing TOT (Training of the Trainers), Curricula Development, Selection Services of TVET institutes alongside the downright From Page-13 smiles of the children re- cares for the future of the STAFF REPORTER program monitoring and minded us that they are full nation’s children especially They said that a delega- evaluation. ones that are I SLAMABAD —Ufone re- of life and that they have full the tion led by S M Muneer along The project is worth of with PTA Chief Khurshid 3.046 Million EUR and will cently hosted Iftar and Eid faith in their bright future marginalized”, he added. Gift packs were distribat SOS under the supervision of an Ahmed met with Governor be adopting an integrative, celebrations villages in organized and professional uted amongst the children to Sindh a couple of months ago demand-driven and compre- children’s for release of funds and the hensive approach in its ex- Islamabad and Quetta to SOS village management and mark the Eid celebrations folGovernor has very kindly re- ecution vouching the mar- help make the under-privi- staff”. “Ufone will stand lowed by dinner for the chilleased the funds required for ket relevance of the leged children part of the cel- shoulder to shoulder with dren and staff of the villages the project and the KWSB trainings as well as the pro- ebrations associated with SOS to provide full support both in Islamabad and as a corporate entity that Quetta. has already received the full gram sustainability over the Ramazan and Eid ul Fitar. The event was attended amount for the project for years. by the Ufone management over two months. who were welcomed by Ms. They however said that Shama Khan, Director at SOS KWSB is yet to start the layVillage Islamabad. These acMs.Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, ing of pipeline whereas the STAFF REPORTER From Page-13 tivities are a part of wide rangboth being great supporters export oriented leather indusK ARACHI —The 20th of female sports in Pakistan, try is suffering badly due to centre is an initiative of Mr. ing CSR activities carried out Palmolive Sindh Women’s and applauded the efforts of drought like situation in Tan- Wazir Ali Khoja, Chairman/ by Ufone for the under-priviKWSA (Karachi nery Zone. They said that MD NIT. The purpose of leged segments of society. Swimming Championship the The whole ambience Swimming water supply has remained this ONE WINDOW FACILcame to a close today at the Women’s Karachi Gymkhana. This Association)for their hard suspended for the last few ITY is to make best use of wore a festive look as chilcompetition was organized work through the years. years and now the sub soil modern technology for the dren enjoyed the special arby Karachi Women’s Swim- Mr.Zulfiqar Lakhani, MD of water too is not available in benefit of NIT’s unit hold- rangements for them. The colorful gala also provided ming Association (KWSA) Colgate Palmolive Pakistan the area. ers. Munir said that the sec& sponsored by Colgate- Ltd. also graced the occasion Business circles and them with surprise gift bags with his presence. ond largest foreign exchange leading investors are consid- containing items which Palmolive (Pak) Ltd. 18 Institutions & 226 chil- earning export industry is ering this initiative as a great would be off use to the chilThe award ceremony in the morning was graced by dren participated in this two suffering badly due to the leap forward by NIT in the dren through the year ahead. Ufone recently celebrated Eid with the children of SOS Abdul Aziz, President village. Picture shows Abdul Aziz, CEO Ufone giving away MsGulbano Bhamji and the day exciting, competitive non-supply of water by field of customer care serfinal prize distribution cer- event, breaking numerous KWSB despite the fact that vices being the first & larg- and CEO of Ufone while ex- Eid gift to a girl student along with Salman Wassay, Chief emony was graced by re- records and exceeding over- waters is the lifeline of tan- est asset management orga- pressing his thoughts on the Commercial Officer Ufone and Akbar Khan, Chief Maroccasion said, “The innocent keting Officer Ufone. ning and leather industry. nowned Oscar winner all expectations. nization of Pakistan.

COMMECS organizes workshop on ‘Interview Preparation’

Trade delegation meets Indian businessmen

TCP tenders for import of 300,000 MT urea

TUSDEC to promote vocational education, training

US markets

CCP issues policy

20h Palmolive Sindh women’s swimming c’ship

Ufone celebrates Eid with children of SOS villages

No water at 2nd largest

NIT’s established

33 Egyptians survive shipwreck

‘Blackmailing BJP’s bread’ NEW

DELHI—Congress President Sonia Gandhi on Tuesday led from the front to counter the allegations levelled by the opposition on the coal blocks allocation issue, and hit out at the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) alleging that blackmailing had become the ‘bread and butter’ of the main opposition party. Addressing the general body meeting of the Congress Parliamentary Party on coal blocks allocation here, Gandhi said that the BJP was mocking the people of India. Stating that the opposition party had scant respect for Parliament, Sonia Gandhi said that the government was ready for discussion over the issue. “We need to fight the intemperate criticism and negative politics of BJP. They are holding Parliament to ransom,” she added. Gandhi, while interacting with a group of party leaders last week, had signalled to party men to be on the offensive against BJP, which has been sticking to its demand for the resignation of the Prime Minister. Meanwhile, Finance Minister P. Chidambaram and Coal Minister Sri Prakash Jaiswal last evening held a special briefing for party MPs and union ministers on the issue, as part of Congress plans to counter the Opposition on the issue Chidambaram said the government never talked about “zero loss” in allocation of coal blocks and complained of “incorrect reporting” by the media of his remarks on the issue. “None of us used the phrase ‘zero loss’. Nevertheless, a section of the press has incorrectly reported that Government claimed that there was ‘zero loss’ in the allocation of coal blocks,” he said.—ANI

Clinton to visit China WASHINGTON—US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will visit Beijing next week, China’s official Xinhua news agency reported Tuesday, amid growing tensions over regional territorial disputes. Clinton will hold talks with her counterpart Yang Jiechi and other Chinese leaders during the September 4-5 visit, Xinhua said, citing a foreign ministry spokesman. Her visit comes as tensions rise between China and other Asian countries over territory in the resource-rich South China Sea, much of which China claims as its own. Beijing is also locked in a dispute with Tokyo, a key US ally, over a disputed East China Sea island chain known in China as Diaoyu and in Japan as Senkaku. The United States is eager to boost diplomatic and military resources in the Asia-Pacific, which it recognises as a key driver in the global economy, as its engagement in Iraq and Afghanistan winds down. However, some aspects— such as US plans to deploy 2,500 Marines to northern Australia and boost its naval presence in the Pacific—have rankled China, which has increased its military spending in recent years. The visit will be Clinton’s first to China since she attended a strategic and economic dialogue in Beijing in May that was largely overshadowed by the flight of the blind rights activist Chen Guangcheng into the US embassy. Beijing eventually allowed Chen to leave China for the United States, defusing what could have become a nasty diplomatic row.—Reuters

Killed politician buried P HILIPPINE — Philippine

President Benigno Aquino led a state funeral on Tuesday for one of the country’s most respected politicians, who died in a lightplane crash. Thousands of people lined the streets as Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo’s funeral cortege made its way from a Catholic basilica to a nearby crematorium in his home town of Naga in the far east of the Philippines. In his eulogy, Aquino paid tribute to Robredo as a leader who got things done while rising above the corruption that infests Philippine politics. “He was a trail blazer. He showed you can succeed in politics without becoming a traditional politician,” Aquino said during the funeral that was broadcast live on national television. “All of Naga feel like they have lost a father,” he said, wearing a black arm band as a sign of mourning. Aquino’s entire cabinet attended the funeral of a colleague whom they had hailed as perhaps the most hard working among them. They stood beside Robredo’s grieving widow and three daughters—aged 12, 18 and 24,—some of them teary eyed as police and military honour guards in crisp blue and green uniforms carried the coffin. As the mournful bugle music “Taps” played, Aquino handed the Philippine flag that draped Robredo’s coffin to his widow. A three-volley salute by 21 military riflemen followed, before the coffin was wheeled inside the crematorium for a private ceremony reserved for family members.—AFP

Japan to mend ties with China TOKYO—Japan’s foreign minister Tuesday said it was time to address relations with China which have soured over a territorial dispute as an incident targeting the Japanese ambassador added to tensions. Monday’s incident in which the national flag was ripped off a car carrying the Japanese ambassador in Beijing came amid widespread anti-Japan demonstrations over a disputed East China Sea island chain known in China as Diaoyu and in Japan as Senkaku. Describing the incident as “very regrettable”, Foreign Minister Koichiro Gemba said he would send an envoy to deliver a letter to Chinese President Hu Jintao. He declined to elaborate on the contents, but said it was a good opportunity to address ties that have soured over the island dispute. “I believe that we must exchange opinions now on the situation of Japan-China relations, on the situation of the region as a whole, including the Korean peninsula, as well as the global situation,” Gemba said. Chief Cabinet Secretary Osamu Fujimura, the government’s top spokesman, hinted at the wider diplomatic issues at play, saying the letter to Hu was about “developing stable Japan-China relations based on a broad view”. —AFP

Indian PM fights back N EW D ELHI —Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh rejected a report by the official auditor that accused his government of missing out on billions of dollars of revenue by giving away coal rights. Singh, who has been damaged by corruption scandals and policy paralysis during his second term in office, was shouted down in both houses of parliament as opposition lawmakers demanded he resign over the auditor’s report. “Any allegations of impropriety are without basis and unsupported by the facts,” Singh said in a released text of the speech, which was his first reaction to the accusations made 10 days ago. “The observations of the CAG (comptroller and auditor general) are clearly disputable,” he said, adding that he took “full responsibility” for the coal policy developed while he was acting coal minister from 2004-2009. Opposition parties in parliament have vowed to continue protests that have forced constant adjournments of business, with the government unable to pass any legislation. On Monday, Singh’s attempt to address parliament was met with a wall of noise drowning out his speech. He later spoke outside the building, issuing an appeal to opposition parties to end their protests and to debate the report.—Reuters

HOMS: A Syrian woman gestures as she sits on her wheelchair near her damaged house, after an air raid by the Syrian Army forces.

Iran not to stop uranium enrichment TEHRAN—Iran “will never cease its uranium enrichment statement stop” its controversial uranium enrichment, the country’s envoy to the IAEA said on Tuesday, on the sidelines of a NonAligned Movement ministerial meeting in Tehran. “Our enrichment activities will never stop and we are justified in carrying them out, and we will continue to do so under IAEA supervision,” Ali Asghar Soltanieh told reporters. “We will not give up our inalienable right to enrichment,” he said. The defiant reaffirmation of Iran’s position underscored a showdown between the Islamic republic and the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency, and the UN Security Council. The Security Council has repeatedly demanded Iran

and has imposed four sets of sanctions on the country, which have been greatly reinforced by separate US and EU sanctions. The five permanent members of the Security Council, plus Germany, also this year engaged in three rounds of face-to-face negotiations with Iran on the issue, but they ended in an impasse, with contact downgraded to telephone calls between Iranian and EU officials. Iran’s enrichment is to again be raised this week, when the IAEA is expected to release its latest report based on its ongoing inspections of Iran’s nuclear facilities. Some of the report’s findings have already been leaked to Israeli and US media, mainly those confirming a July 25

by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that hundreds more uranium enrichment centrifuges had been installed. Iran’s refusal to allow inspectors into a military base outside Tehran, Parchin, could also form part of the report. Western diplomats last week told AFP that months of clean-up work detected at Parchin suggested the site had been “sanitized” to such an extent that a nuclear inspection would now be pointless. Soltanieh responded by saying that Parchin “has been blown out of proportion” and said claims of nuclear warhead design tests there were “fabricated by foreign intelligence.” He said Iran was demanding to see the documents the IAEA was using to pursue its suspicions about

Typhoon hits 2 China ships, 5 dead, 10 missing S EOUL —A powerful ty- from approaching the Chi- keep them from shattering. phoon pounded South Korea with strong winds and heavy rain Tuesday as it churned up rough seas that smashed two fishing ships into rocks, killing at least five fishermen and forcing the coast guard to perform a daring rescue for the survivors. Rescuers saved 12 fishermen and were still searching for 10 missing from the Chinese ships that hit rocks off South Korea’s southern Jeju island. Separately, at least three other people died as Typhoon Bolaven knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of South Koreans, canceled flights and temporarily halted joint war games by U.S. and South Korean military forces. North Korea, which is still struggling to rebuild from massive floods and a devastating drought before that, was next in the typhoon’s path. State media reported the country was being lashed by heavy rain and strong wind Tuesday. Off Jeju island, dangerous waves kept rescue vessels

nese fishing ships. The coast guard used a special gun to shoot rope to one ship so officers could pull themselves over and bring the fishermen back to shore, coast guard spokesman Ko Chang-keon said. Eighteen fishermen survived. Twelve were rescued by the coast guard and the others swam or were washed ashore. South Korea issued a storm warning for the capital, Seoul, as Bolaven battered the country’s south and west, knocking over street lights and church spires and ripping signs from stores. A large container box crushed an apartment janitor to death, a woman fell to her death from a rooftop where she kept dried red peppers and a third person died after bricks hit a house, according to disaster and fire officials. Strong wind gusts left Seoul streets covered with leaves, garbage and branches. More than 15,000 schools cancelled classes, and businesses and homes taped windows or pasted the glass with wet newspapers to

18 Bangladesh parties to launch fresh protests

Fighters bulldoze central Tripoli Sufi mosque

DHAKA—BNP-led 18-party alliance on Tuesday declared anti-government agitation programme from September 7 to October 20 to gather support mainly for its demand for restoring the caretaker government system. As part of the demonstration, the BNP-led 18party alliance leaders will hold public relation, mass rally and meeting from September 7 to 30 across the country. BNP acting Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir announced the agitation programme at a press briefing at the party central office in Naya Paltan of the capital. BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia will also hold a month long meeting from September 20 at all divisional cities and district headquarters in the country. The alliance will also hold demonstration on five dates across the country on different issues.—Star

T RIPOLI —Attackers bulldozed a mosque containing Sufi Muslim graves in the center of Tripoli in broad daylight, in what appeared to be Libya’s most blatant sectarian attack since the overthrow of Muammar Gadd afi.Gover nment officials condemned the demolition of the large Sha’ab mosque and blamed an armed group who, they said, considered its graves and shrines to Sufi figures un-Islamic. It was the second razing of a Sufi site in two days. Ultra-conservative Islamists wrecked Sufi shrines with bombs and another bulldozer and set fire to a mosque library in the city of Zlitan in the early hours of Friday, an official said. Libya’s rulers have struggled to control armed groups who are competing for power in the north African country a year after Gaddafi’s fall. The president of Libya’s newly elected National Congress, Mohamed al-Magariaf, called the prime minister to an emergency meeting on Sunday.

More than 330,000 South Korean households lost power, the government said, and more than 70 were left homeless because of floods or storm damage. Nearly 200 flights were canceled. In North Korea, Pyongyang’s official Korean Central News Agency reported gale force winds and heavy rain in many parts of the country. Big rainstorms often mean catastrophe in the North because of poor drainage, deforestation and decrepit infrastructure. North Korea is still trying to help people with food, shelter, health care and clean water after heavy flooding in July, according to a recent United Nations situation report. More than 170 died nationwide, and tens of thousands of homes were destroyed in the floods, according to official North Korean accounts. Many flood victims still live in tents with limited access to water and other basic facilities, the U.N. report said, and there is worry about increased malnutrition in coming weeks.—AP

“What is truly regrettable and suspicious is that some of those who took part in these destruction activities are supposed to be of the security forces and from the revolutionaries,” Magariaf told reporters on Saturday night. He did not elaborate on how security forces took part. A Reuters reporter saw the bulldozer level the Sha’ab mosque as police surrounded the site and prevented people from approaching and did not stop the demolition. Inside the mosque, empty graves lay gaping in the rubble. “A large number of armed militias carrying medium and heavy weapons arrived at the al-Sha’ab mosque with the intention to destroy the mosque because of their belief graves are anti-Islamic,” said a government official who declined to be named. He told Reuters that authorities tried to stop them but, after a small clash, decided to seal off the area while the demolition took place to prevent any violence spreading.—Reuters

Parchin and urged the agency to “close this chapter.” He also said Iran has complained to the IAEA about the leaks. On Iran’s intent to continue enriching uranium, Soltanieh noted that the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and the IAEA’s statutes made no explicit mention of levels of enrichment. “The level of enrichment and how much to enrich has not been fixed in either of those. There is no limitation,” he said. “Everything we do is under the supervision of the agency,” he stressed. The United States and its Western allies, and Israel, suspect that Iran is intent on developing nuclear weapons “break-out” capability. Iran denies that, saying its nuclear programme is purely for civilian use.—AFP

21 executed on single day B AGHDAD —Iraq has executed 21 people convicted of terror-related charges, including three women, on the same day, a justice ministry spokesman said on Tuesday. “The justice ministry carried out 21 executions against those condemned of terrorist charges, including three women terrorists,” Haidar alSaadi said in a text message. He did not give any further details. A justice ministry official said the executions were carried out on Monday morning. Amnesty International in June condemned the “alarming” increase in executions in Iraq, which had at that point put at least 70 people to death this year, more than all of 2011.—AFP

Crew unhurt in Nato copter crash KABUL—NATO says one of its helicopters has crashed in eastern Afghanistan. It says no one was killed. Lt. j.g. Amy Hession says the helicopter made a hard landing in the eastern province of Logar late Monday night. She says there were no initial reports of insurgent activity nearby. The Taliban claimed in a statement Tuesday that its fighters shot down the helicopter and killed all those aboard. The insurgents often exaggerate success of attacks or claim accidents as victories. The Taliban also has claimed to have shot down another helicopter that crashed this month in Kandahar province, killing seven American service members and four Afghans. U.S. —AP

Policeman, civilian killed in Mombasa grenade attack M OMBASA ,

KENYA —A Kenyan police officer and a civilian were killed on Tuesday when rioters hurled a grenade at officers who were trying to quell protests in the port city of Mombasa, police said. The riots broke out on Monday after the killing of a Muslim cleric accused by the United States of helping Islamist militants in Somalia. “They have attacked our officers with a grenade.—AP

CAIRO —Fishermen rescued 33 Egyptian would-be migrants after their boat sunk in the Mediterranean sea near the maritime border with Libya, the Egyptian foreign ministry said on Tuesday. Seven passengers remain missing following Saturday night’s disaster, a statement said. “Libyan authorities informed Egypt’s consul general in Benghazi that 33 Egyptians survived the shipwreck and that seven others are still missing,” the statement said, adding that fishermen had rescued the survivors. The ministry denied initial reports suggesting that three bodies had been plucked out of the water. According to the foreign ministry, the 40 Egyptians were trying to sneak into Libya in a bid to make their way illegally into Europe in search of jobs and a better life. The Libyan state news agency Lana reported on Monday that the boat was carrying around 40 illegal migrants and capsized off Libya’s east coast near the border with Egypt, with only one passenger surviving the

tragedy. “All the migrants who were on board died, except for one person who survived and was able to alert local authorities and inform them of the tragedy,” Lana said, quoting a local official. Lana said the boat sunk some three kilometres (almost two miles) off the Libyan coast. Libya has been traditionally a launchpad for African refugees and migrants seeking to make an illegal run across the sea to Europe, with many landing in Italy. Around 1,700 migrants have landed in Malta so far this summer and most said they left from Libya, while thousands more have arrived on the nearby Italian island of Lampedusa. Migrants and refugees often travel in rickety and overcrowded wooden fishing boats and there have been several accidents at sea. The latest disaster comes as a group of 46 Maltese navy officers were in Libya to help train the navy to patrol its border following a recent increase in boat crossings by migrants from Libya, a spokesman for the Maltese navy said.—AFP

Syrian opposition raps US remarks B EIRUT —The head of the the Syrian opposition Monmain Syrian opposition group is criticizing U.S. officials for saying it was premature to speak about a provisional Syrian government. Abdelbaset Sieda of the Syrian National Council says the opposition is making “serious” preparations and consultations to announce a transitional government but admits it is not imminent. French President Francoise Hollande called on

day to quickly form a provisional government, saying France would recognize it. U.S. officials called it premature because the opposition is too fragmented. In a telephone interview with The Associated Press, Sieda said Tuesday the U.S. comments show the international community “is not ready” to take decisive decisions when it comes to Syria.—AFP

Taiwan minister teaches urination ethics to his fellows HONG KONG—Taiwan’s en- men are encouraged to first vironmental minister is calling on the island’s men to sit down when they urinate in order to keep toilets clean, drawing a mixed reaction from the public. Stephen Shen, head of the Environmental Protection Administration, said Monday he himself had adopted the habit, and suggested other men follow suit so toilet seats will be ready for the next user. An environmental official contacted by AFP Tuesday acknowledged the advice would be hard to follow in public restrooms, where urinals constitute the main facilities. Therefore, she said,

try to develop the new habit at home. Reactions to the proposal on the Internet forums and chatrooms were mixed, with some calling it a good idea that should have been brought up sooner while others were more critical. “Brain-damaged politician, why doesn’t the environmental bureaucrat start to wear a skirt,” said a message posted by a user on the United Daily News forum.“I’d love to see Stephen Shen and (President) Ma Ying-jeou demonstrate on TV how to sit down to pee,” said another message left on the forum. —AFP

Burma sentences two UN staffers to prison YANGON—Two UN local workers in Burma have been sentenced to prison after being charged with crimes during the community unrest in Rakhine State. A court in Maungdaw sentenced Maung Khin Maung, who worked for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), to three years in jail and his brother Maung Khin Shwe, who worked with the World Food Program (WFP), to two years imprisonment, according to an article on the Radio Free Asia (RFA) website. A third unidentified staffer for an organization paired with the UN is believed to have been sentenced to six years in prison for arson, said the RFA. Aye Win, the UN spokesperson in Rangoon, said the UN was not informed of the trial in advance and the accused

were refused lawyers, according to a report by Voice of America (VOA). He said the UN asked for access and “we’ve asked for clarification on the sentences.” Hla Thein, chairman of the government’s Rakhine Riot Information Committee, denied the three men were refused lawyers. He told the VOA Burmese Service one UN staff member was found guilty of arson and given six years in prison. Others were found guilty of inciting violence and promoting hatred between Buddhists and Muslims and were given between two and three years. All three were found guilty of having illegal amounts of foreign currency, he said, and all of them worked for the UN’s refugee agency, the UNHCR.—MIZZIMA

‘New asylum policy to take time’ CANBERRA —Australia said Tuesday its new policy to deter asylum-seekers by shipping them to small Pacific islands would take time to work, after figures showed more than 1,000 boatpeople had arrived since it was adopted. Canberra announced its intention to transfer asylum-seekers to tiny Nauru and Papua New Guinea on August 13 and since then 18 boats carrying 1,072 people have arrived, according to releases from Home Affairs Minister Jason Clare. Immigration Minister Chris

Bowen rejected the idea that the new approach designed to crack down on people-smugglers and deter refugees from making the dangerous boat journey was not working. “It’s not having an effect yet, but it does take time to work,” Bowen told radio station 2SM. “It will become more effective when we actually have planes going to Nauru and PNG.” Australia has said that people now arriving by boat without a visa run the risk of transfer to a regional processing country.—AFP

Sharapova eases into 2nd round at US Open N EW Y ORK —Maria Sharapova’s stomach ache turned out to be nothing more than that. That lopsided loss she suffered at the Olympics — well, that may have only been a false alarm, as well. Playing her first match since a blowout loss to Serena Williams in London and a stomach virus forced her out of two tuneup tournaments, Sharapova returned to tennis in fine fashion Monday at the U.S. Open. The third-seeded Russian came back from a three-week break and defeated Melinda Czink of Hungary 6-2, 6-2 in a stress-free, 67-minute firstround match at blustery Arthur Ashe Stadium. Later, top-seeded Roger Federer took center stage and beat American Donald Young 6-3, 6-2, 6-4 to begin the chase for his 18th major title. Sharapova completed the career Grand Slam earlier this year by winning the French Open. Monday’s victory, in front of the half-filled stadium, was her first match since a 60, 6-1 loss to Williams at the London Games in a goldmedal showdown that looked more like one of these firstround wipeouts Sharapova usually inflicts. Turns out, Sharapova was dealing with some stomach pain then, which only got worse a few weeks later. She went to the doctor for a series of tests, including an ultrasound to see if she was pregnant. The test turned up negative. “Just because of the pain I was having, it was really

PCB chief felicitates Hafeez, Ajmal SPORTS REPORTER L AHORE —Pakistan Cricket Board Chairman Chaudhry Zaka Ashraf has felicitates Mohammad Hafeez on becoming No 1 ranked bowler in the Reliance ICC Player Rankings for ODI bowlers. He also congratulated Saeed Ajmal on retaining number three spot. In his congratulatory message to Hafeez and Saeed, Zaka Ashraf said: “Hafeez is a good bowler and all-rounder as well and he really worked hard to gain this position while Saeed Ajmal also endeavoring to improve his ranking which is appreciable. I hope he will continue performing well and help the team winning important and crucial matches and bringing laurels to the country.”

weird,” said Sharapova, who is engaged to basketball player Sasha Vujacic. “They told me I was fine, not pregnant. Then, I’m like, ‘Can I get my money back?’” It has been an eventful summer for one of tennis’ biggest stars. After serving as the flagbearer for Russia, then finishing as the silver medalist at the Olympics at Wimbledon, Sharapova’s original plan was to come to North America and play in tuneups in Montreal and Cincinnati to acclimate

herself to the hard courts. But the Olympics took a lot out of Sharapova, and when she arrived in Canada, she got knocked down by a stomach ache so bad that she went to the doctor. It turned out to be a virus — her body’s way of telling her to take it easy, she said, so she withdrew from the events and took a few weeks off. “It was a nice break in a way, but after so many weeks of practicing, you’re just eager to get back on the court,”

she said. She looked eager to get off the court, as well, showing very few signs of rust against her 88th-ranked opponent. Wearing a soft-pink dress with a touch of mauve — more subdued than what she usually wears for, say, a nighttime appearance — Sharapova served five aces and maxed out at 115 mph. It took her 31 minutes to finish the first set and she was up 3-0 in the second before Czink got her only break.—AP

Australian team thanked Sharjah Cricket Council BIPIN DANI OBSERVER CORRESPONDENT S HARJH —Paul Marsh, the Australian Cricketers’ Association (ACA) did have reservation over his team playing in the summer heat of UAE (and that too at odd hours), but the letter written by the team manager, Gavin Dovey is certain to please the organisers at the Sharjah International Stadium. “Just a short note to say a big thank you for the manner in which you and SCC (Sharjah Cricket Council) accomodated us yesterday for our training session”, the team manager has said in a personal letter written to Mazhar Khan (the chief

administrator at the Sharjah Stadium) and copy also marked to Usman Wahla, the PCB official. “”We had a good session and it was in part thanks to you and your teams fine efforts”, the letter further says. “I look forward to seeing you again”. The players are being adjusted to the summer heat here. The umpires have been kind enough to allow them to have drinks at regular intervals. Cricket Australia (CA) consulted their Ambassador to United Arab Emirates, Mr. Pablo Kang before coming over. “|Ýes, we did have several discussions with their officials prior to this tour”, he said exclusively. The humidity is not as high as it was a

week ago. It is cooling climate in the evening and the players are doing everything possible to adjust themselves”, he further added. The team has more support staff to look after the players. The physio, trainer and their assistants are monitoring the players’ fitness round the clock. Interestingly, Sharjah is not only the home ground for the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) but it is also the home ground for Salman Khan, according to Mazhar Khan. “”Salman brings Bollywood to Sharjah cricket. His brother, Sohail Khan has picked Sharjah as Mumbai Heroes home ground”, he said.

Women team announced for ICC World T20 SPORTS REPORTER L AHORE —Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Women Wing on Tuesday announced a 14member team for the ICC World Twenty 20 tournament to be held in Sri Lanka from September 26 to October 7. Sana Mir will lead the team in the mega event, while Syeda Nain Fatima Abidi will be her deputy, according to a release issued by the PCB. Pakistan has been placed in Group A along with India, England and Australia. The ICC has already announced the schedule of women’s warm-up matches to be held on September 22 and 23 in Colombo. Squad: Sana Mir (Captain), Syeda Nain Fatima Abidi (Vice Captain), Bismah Maroof, Javeria Wadood, Nida Dar, Marina Iqbal, Syeda Batool Fatima Naqvi (Wicketkeeper), Qanita Jalil, Asmavia Iqbal Khokar, Sumaiya Siddiqi, Elizabath Barkat, Sadia Yusaf, Nahida Bibi, Javeria Rauf.

Pak Day Cycle Race on Sept 6

3rd day of Sports Festival

Over 218 blocks of 16 UCs take part in 30 events LAHORE—The Punjab Youth and sports Festival continued at different venues of the province for the third day running as planned in accordance with the registrations made at different Union Councils for Neighbourhood and Village level on Tuesday. The competitions were held among Sports and Youth Development Councils established for the purpose. In Lahore alone, 2146 youngsters participated in badminton, cricket, billiard and arm wrestling competitions and 1069 were adjudged winners. Around 218 blocks of 16 union councils took part in 30 events. At UC 134, Mohammad Mukhtar, Mohammad Qasim. Sarfraz were the winners of singles matches of badminton. They beat Mohammad Shoaib and Ramzan. In team event at UC 95, Ali Zain and Mohammad Ali beat Arslan Mustafa and Mohammad Faisal Javed. At UC 18 badminton competitions were held between block 5 and 3. Irfan of Block 5 beat Idrees of block 3 2-0 with a score of 13-11, 17-11. In the same UC, block 3 beat 1 with 2-0 pull while in

volleyball block 3 beat block 6 2-0 with a score of 25-8, 2512. Meanwhile, more than 420 events of the Festival were conducted among the 3691 blocks of 772 union councils in 36 districts of the province. The festival conducted at neighbourhood and village level is being held among the UCs that forms the Sports and Youth Development Councils. The events were a bit murky at the beginning due to the conditions but now as it entered into its third day, the interest of the general public is developing rapidly throughout the province. At Rawalpindi alone 26 UCs of seven tehsils saw their 108 block competing in various sports and other events. Out of the 47 1 participants who took part in 14 events 59 were declared the winners. Likewise, four tehsils of Chakwal district had competitions among 284 blocks of 51 UCs with participation in seven events and from among a total of 1330 participants 394 were the winners. Similarly in four tehsils of Bhakkar district

1572 people participated in 14 events from eight UCs where 65 block had contests and 311 were the winners. Another area of mass participation was Khushab where alone 1080 youngsters participated in five events and out of those 140 were declared winners. Here 32 UCs 40 blocks took part in the competitions. In Mianwali there were 670 participants from 22 UCs and 335 were the winners after competitions were held among 28 localities. At Gujranwala, 57 UCs of five tehsils got involved in fierce competitions in which 555 neighbourhoods players took part. Here 11 events were held with a participation of 4852 players and in the end there were 282 winners while at Mandi Bahauddin there were 178 winners from among 714 participants of 103 blocks of 43 UCs. In Sheikhupura, there were 18 winners out of 345 participants from 64 areas of 18 councils and Nankana Sahib had 227 winners from among 602 participants of 19 councils.—APP

P ESHAWA R —A 35-km All Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan Day Cycle Race will paddle off from Nowshera Cantt and culminate at Institute of Computer and Management Sciences (ICMS) Ring Road Peshawar on September 6, 2012 at 9.00 a.m. This was stated by Secretary Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Cycling Association Nisar Ahmad while talking to APP here on Sunday. He said the decision in this connection was taken in a meeting of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Cycling Association with President Syed Azhar Ali Shah in the chair. He said only cyclists holding sports cycles would be eligible to participate in the race. The competition, he said, is also carrying attractive cash prizes. He said the winner will be awarded a crystal trophy and cash prize of Rs. 10,000/- while the runners-up and third position holders will be awarded Rs. 5000 and Rs. 3000 as cash prizes. He said, the three position holders cyclists would also represent Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in the Tour of Himalayas’ Race in Narran, Khagan valley where more than 30 international cyclists would take part. The dates of the international cycling event will be finalized in due course of time, Nisar added.—APP

LAHORE: Trials for different sports events for admission in Punjab University on Sports quota.

1896 Olympics Marathon trophy goes on display A THENS —The trophy won tall, has been described as one Stavros Niarchos Foundation by the marathon winner at the 1896 Olympics has gone on display for the first time in Greece, and the new owners and prime minister said they hoped it would help inspire Greeks to overcome economic crisis. The Breal’s Silver Cup, which stands just six inches

of the most important pieces of memorabilia associated with the Games. When it was sold in April by the grandson of the victor, Greek athlete Spyros Louis, it smashed the previous auction record for an Olympic artifact. The Athens-based

paid more than 650,000 euros ($814,000)to acquire the cup. It said it wanted to keep it in Greece, which won it 116 years ago and is now in its deepest recession since World War Two. “We must work hard, this time not to win a cup but to stand, proud, on our feet again.”—Agencies

Paralympic torch to be lit at ‘spiritual home’

BAHAWALPUR: Players of Multan and Gujranwala struggle for the ball during a tie of 8th All Pakistan Flood Light Hockey Tournament.

L ONDON —The London 2012 Paralympic flame will be created at the spiritual home of disabled sport, signifying the start of a 24-hour torch relay before the start of this year’s Games. The head of the International Paralympic Committee, Philip Craven, London organising committee chief Sebastian Coe and other dignitaries will be at Stoke Mandeville Stadium in southern England for the ceremony at 1830 GMT. Joining them will be Eva Loeffler, whose father Ludwig Guttmann organised the first recognised sporting event for disabled athletes in 1948, giving birth to the Paralympic movement and the creation of the first Games 12 years later. The London 2012 Paralympic Flame will be created out of four “national flames” that have been kindled by scouts on the four highest peaks in En-

gland, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It will then be carried overnight from the world-famous centre for spinal injuries 92 miles (148 kilometres) to the British capital and past major landmarks such as the Houses of Parliament and the Tower of London.

Queen Elizabeth II is due to open the Games at a ceremony on Wednesday evening, signalling the start of 10 days of competition involving some 4,200 athletes. The 1948 Stoke Mandeville Games were

organised by Guttmann, a German Jewish neurologist who fled the Nazis, and involved just 16 competitors in wheelchairs, all of them World War II veterans with spinal injuries. They were timed to coincide with the first post-war Olympics in London the same year and became so popular they were repeated annually, with the first international event in 1952, when a team of Dutch veterans came to compete. Guttmann managed to convince organisers of the 1960 Rome Olympics to allow 400 wheelchair athletes from 23 countries to compete in a “parallel” event and the Paralympics were born The doctor died in 1980 and his daughter, now 79, said he would have been proud of how disabled sport had developed, with the London Olympics even seeing its first double-amputee competitor in South Africa’s Oscar Pistorius.—AFP

How a tick bite made me allergic to meat


HE last time I ate a hamburger, I spent the night in the emergency room. There wasn’t anything wrong with the hamburger itself—aside from being a bit overdone—but it sent me into anaphylactic shock. It wasn’t always this way. Before last July’s “Hamburger Incident,” as I’ve come to think of it, meat and I had a long and happy history together. I grew up in a steak-and-potatoes sort of family, and one of my proudest achievements is chowing down on llama meat when I was on a college trip in South America. At the time of the Hamburger Incident, I had just returned to my native North Carolina after three years’ exile in the West, and I was looking forward to eating proper pulled pork barbecue again almost as much as I was looking forward to seeing my family. Unbeknownst to me, a recent bug bite had squelched my dreams of greasy, vinegar-sauced deliciousness. It turned out, I eventually learned, that thanks to a single nip from Amblyomma americanum, the lone star tick, I was now violently allergic to meat. The fact that tick bites can cause a meat allergy is still relatively unknown. For that matter, the fact that people can develop allergies as adults, rather than having them since childhood, is still relatively unknown, though it’s not unheard of to become allergic to shellfish or walnuts later in life. As a long-time sufferer of dust-mite allergies myself, I always believed allergies were something I’d grow out

of, not into. Unfortunately, I’m not alone in developing a meat allergy. A pile of evidence has amassed over the past several years proving that there are many others. I was hoping for some reassurance when I spoke with Dr. Scott Commins at the University of Virginia about the allergy. “We believe this is becoming an epidemic in the South,” he told me instead. There aren’t any published estimates yet of the prevalence of the allergy, but anecdotal evidence makes it clear that there are a whole lot of us missing out on our barbecue. Commins is one of a few scientists who are starting to tease out some of the details of the allergy. So far, they’ve proven that lone star ticks, a common species in the Southeast, can trigger the allergy, but they suspect other species of ticks can as well. The same allergy has been observed in Australia, for instance, where there are no lone star ticks to spread it. Not every bite from a lone star tick necessarily causes the allergy. The bite I blame for my allergy wasn’t my first tick bite—not by a long shot—or even my first that summer. Having grown up in the woods, I’m so used to tick bites that I don’t even notice them half the time. But I remember this particular bite because it left an itchy welt behind that lasted for weeks after I’d tweezed out the tick itself. Long-lasting, itchy welts, I now know, are one of the hallmarks of an allergy-causing tick bite.

CM slams murder of local PPP leader and worker KARACHI— Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah has strongly condemned the murder of PPP City Area PS-95’s General Secretary Shahid Bahari, and party worker Shakir. He has directed the IG Police Sindh to ensure immediate arrest of culprits involved in the incident, said a press release issued from the CM House here on the other day. He expressed his heartfelt condolences with the families of the martyred party workers. He prayed Almighty Allah to rest the departed souls in eternal peace and grant fortitude to the bereaved families to bear this irreparable loss with fortitude.—APP

Former US KARACHI: Shops are closed in Baldia Town in protest against target killing of an MQM worker. attorney general calls on Dr Sattar STAFF REPORTER KARACHI—Former attorney

general of the United States Mr Ramsey Clark called upon Deputy Convener of the Co-ordination Committee of the MQM Dr Farooq Sattar at Khursheed Begum Secretariat situated in the vicinity of Nine Zero. He was accompanied by a scholar of the Texas University Ms Laura Castro and Dr Fauzia Siddiqui, the sister of Dr Afia Siddiqui who is languishing in a jail in the United States. The current situation in the country and other issues of mutual interests were discussed in the meeting. Member of the Co-ordination Committee Dr Sagheer Ahmed, Advisor to the Chief Minister Sindh Khawaja Izharul Hassan and In-charge of the Muttahida Lawyers Forum Mr Zameer Siddiqui was also present in the meeting. Mr Clark expressed concern on the sentence passed on Dr Afia by the US court. He said that he would raise voice for her release in Pakistan and the United States. Dr Sattar extended sympathies to Dr Fauzia and said that the MQM had been KARACHI: A policeman frisking visitors on entrance gate of city courts in the wake of threats. speaking about the release of Dr Afia at every forum. He said that he would appeal to President Asif Zardari and Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf to lend their support on this issue.

JI to take opposition parties on board for free, fair elections

ensuring free and fair general elections. He expressed these views, while talking to journalists at the Idara Noor-e-Haq, here on Tuesday. Speaking on the occasion, he said that general elections were the only solution of the ongoing situations and free and fair elections were impossible without constitution of interim government with national consensus and an autonomous election commission. He said that this is what on which JI wants to take all opposition parties onboard. Talking about the law and order situation in Karachi, he said that the metropolis has been the

Technical education must for development: Minister

called reconciliation policy of President Asif Ali Zardari. He said that owing to provision of synthetic oxygen to his shaking government, Zardari had provide all coalition parties with freehand for terrorism and usage of might to rule in their respective dominated areas. Relating Arab spring with the domestic situations of the country, he said that a revolution, on the design of Egypt and Tunis, was ahead to be surfaced with full swing in Pakistan. He said that ideological movements usually used to take time for achievements, but one day become fruitful. He said that Islamic move-

the scenario across the world has been changed. Baloch said that the game of establishment to divide political powers had been unveiled, he added that democratic powers, those seeking change in society and media would have to play their due role for betterment in Karachi and across the country. To a question, he said that JI was in touch with various political and relegiopolitical parties including Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf and Pakistan Muslim League for a grand alliance against the present ruling regime and negotiations were undergoing in this regard.—Online

Body formed to look into Hindus’ woes: Chawla

KARACHI—Sindh Minister for KARACHI—President Asif Ali rights to them to practice their Youth Affairs, Syed Faisal Sabzwari on Tuesday said that advancement in technical education is imperative for development and the nations. He was addressing as a chief guest at a certificate distribution ceremony among the students of 9th batch of Memon Industrial and Technical Institute (MITI) at Korangi No 5 here. He called upon the younger generation to acquire technical education and get their skills acknowledged. Secretary Sindh, Youth Affairs, Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqi and Vice President World Memon Organization Shoaib Ismail and other notables were also present.—APP

Zardari, taking serious notice of the news that Hindus are fleeing from Sindh, has constituted a committee to look into the issue and grievances of Hindu community. This was stated by Sindh Excise and Taxation Minister Mukesh Kumar Chawla in a statement here on Tues-day. He said that a cell has also been established in the FIA where members of minorities can lodge their complaints about in-justice if they have any. He further said that present government was fully committed to protect the rights of minorities at any cost. “No one will be allowed to violate the Constitution which guarantee full

religious rites”, he added. The minister refuted the news reports about the migration of Hindus to India and said it was baseless. It is a part of propaganda campaign, launched by anti-state and anti-democratic forces, he noted. He said it was a fact that Hindus are success-fully and effectively contributing to the development of local business. The valuable and loyal efforts to the development of diversely rich civilization are praise worthy, he observed. Chawla noted that Sindh is the land of sufis and mystics who always preached harmony, peace, love and brotherhood. —APP

K ARACHI —A delegation headed by Mehmood-ul-Hassan, President and the elected Body of the Karachi Bar Association called on Chief Justice of Pakistan, Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry here on Tuesday. Talking to the delegation, the Chief Justice said that Bench and Bar are the integral parts of the same system and both of them have to work hard to provide justice to litigants at their doorsteps. He appreciated the role of

the lawyers in the quick dispensation of justice. He also cautioned them to be more vigilant in the discharge of their professional commitments as after their unprecedented success in the lawyers movement for the restoration of judiciary and supremacy of the Constitutionalism litigant public is expecting that their cases will also be decided expeditiously. During the course of the meeting, the Members complained about insufficient secu-

rity arrangements in the City Court premises. They stated that a considerable number of people including Judges, Advocates, litigant public, prisoners etc. visit the Court premises and they also feel insecure owing to the ever-deteriorating law and order in the city, due to which they cannot perform their duties with due diligence. They lauded the efforts made by the Chief Justice of Pakistan for the rule of law and Constitutionalism in the

country. The same will be remembered for all times to come and the coming generation will get inspiration there from. They also expressed the hope that the administration of justice will continue to improve under his dynamic leadership and motivation to deliver justice to the public at large. They said that the public has reposed great confidence in the independent judiciary headed by the Chief Justice of Pakistan.—NNI

I do not seek PM or president office: Altaf Wants just and equitable system STAFF REPORTER

K ARACHI —Founder and Leader of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) Altaf Hussain has said that he does not seek the office of the president or the prime minister. “I do not need anything for myself. I want to change the system of the country and I want to save the country.” He said this while talking to the zonal committee of the Lahore Zone and office-bearers of Lahore and Kasur districts on the telephone. Mr Hussain said that his political struggle was not aimed at securing perks and privileges for himself and his family. STAFF REPORTER “I started my struggle for the KARACHI—Dr Panjwani Center rights of the disadvantaged and for Molecular Medicine and Drug underprivileged as a whole. The Research (PCMD), International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS), University of Karachi, will to organize a public awareness seminar on Health beneficial properties of honey in KARACHI—At least six persons relation to diseases prevalent in sustained injuries when unidentified assailants attacked the ofPakistan on August 30. An announcement on Tues- fice of a political party in Kemari day said that Dr. M. Kamran area here on Tuesday. According to private TV Azim, Assistant Professor at PCMD will deliver the lecture channel, the attackers hurled a at the moot jointly organiszd by hand grenade at the office, injurPCMD and Virtual Education ing six people. Another news channel reported that the people Project Pakistan (VEPP). An official of the ICCBS were injured as a result of gunsaid that the management of shot wounds as the attackers PCMD and VEPP would hold a series of popular lectures for public awareness on common diseases of Pakistan, while various lectures on different health issues have already been organized in this regard. He said that PCMD is providing world class scientific training to the graduate students in the areas of molecular medicine and drug discovery by focusing on the development of new and effective diagnostic and treatment techniques against prevailing diseases. The center is also fostering scientific collaboration by providing forum for information exchange and joint studies between health related academic disciplines. Raising general awareness about the diseases and their prevention, cure and treatment is also an important activity of the KARACHI: Children playing untoward incident. PCMD, he said.—APP

Seminar on K —Jamaat-e-Islami city of opposition. The formula ments were being welcomed across health beneficial Pakistan General Secretary and philosophy of resolving is- the world particularly in Islamic Liaquat Baloch has said that sues on the basis of power has block of Middle East. Few years properties of apart from political alliance, been absolutely failed in Karachi. ago none could imagine that idols opposition parties should be He said, however, the city of dictators would be knocked honey tomorrow gathered on one point agenda of was bleeding due to the so- down in Egypt in Tunis but now ARACHI

CJP hails lawyers’ role in quick dispensation of justice

establishment tried to bribe me on several occasions during the course of my struggle. I was offered money, bungalows, and properties, but I did not trade my conscience and values. Those who are true to their ideology do not allow themselves to be bought.” Mr Hussain said, “When I refused to bow down, they tried to eliminate me, and the MQM was subjected to fierce state repression. Simple people of the Punjab were turned away from me by unleashing vitriolic propaganda. Had I accepted the deals offered to me, I would not have been living the painful life in exile. I would have been living a life of pleasure and luxury in Pakistan.” Mr Hussain said, “I was blamed for many things, but they could not accuse me of cor-

ruption. My hands were clear in the past as well and there is nothing against me even today. I do not own any property worth the name throughout Pakistan.” Mr Hussain said, “I am neither communist nor socialist. My philosophy is the philosophy of Real-ism and Practicalism, and I want to reform the prevailing system. I want a just and equitable system in which every citizen has equal rights irrespective of his religious followings and beliefs. I want a sys-tem where no one is subjected to discrimination because of any reason.” In the end, Mr Hussain praised the workers of the Punjab, including the Lahore Zone, for continuing their work with perseverance in spite of all the difficulties.

Hand grenade attack injures six opened fire at the office. The injured were shifted to Civil Hospital. Meanwhile tension griped Orangi Town area of the city on Tuesday after killing of a political activist. Shahid, local activist of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), was shot dead by unidentified gunmen on Monday when he was taking tea outside his house situated at Bangla Bazar of the

Workshop on Self Assessment Report KARACHI—The Quality Enhancement Cell of the University of Karachi, is organizing a workshop on Self Assessment Report. An announcement on Tuesday said that the inaugural session will be held on September 3. The ViceChancellor of Karachi University, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Qaiser, will preside over the event.—APP

area. Shops and all other business activities are closed today in the area while the saddened family mourns his death. Daughter of the deceased activist demanded immediate action against her father’s killers. It is to be mentioned here that at least nine people were reported killed in different areas of the city since Monday late KARACHI—The University of night.—INP Karachi has announced that the freshly registered students of BA and B.Com (Private) can submit their examination forms till September 17. Forms can be obtained and submitted from the Bank Counter at UK.—APP

Date announced for submission of BA, B.Com exam forms

Workshop on multiculturalism in Europe KARACHI—The Area Study Center for Europe, University of Karachi in collaboration with the Hanns Seidal Foundation, Islamabad is organising a workshop on Multiculturalism in Europe in the light of International Development after Sep 11, on Aug 30, at 10:30 am in the ASCE Library. Prof. Dr. Moonis Ahmer, Dr. Rashid Ahmed Khan and Hans on a railway track near Sultanabad which may cause any Juergen Pasehke will address the workshop, said a statement.—APP

Chocolate doesn‘t have to derail a diet


OR chocolate lovers trying to drop a few pounds, new research suggests that it‘s still possible to lose weight while indulging your sweet tooth every day. Overweight and obese women who added a bit of chocolate or other sweets on top of a healthy diet plan lost about 11 pounds over four months, on average. The study was funded by Hershey‘s, which provided its own candy for snacks, and two of the study authors are company employees. “Women think about going on a diet and think they have to deprive themselves of their favorite foods, but really that`s not the case if you incorporate them in a portion-controlled way,” said Kathryn Piehowski, who conducted the research while at Pennsylvania State University in University Park. An outside researcher cautioned that the study had no “control” group of women who didn`t eat a sweet snack, so it`s impossible to know how much weight those who abstained from sweets, or ate other snacks, would have lost.“Chocolate ... is a highly-desired food,” said Debra Keast, from Food & Nutrition Database Research, Inc in Okemos, Michigan. But, she added, “I really don`t think that it would be as effective as some other type of snack” for weight loss. Snacks that also pack some fiber and protein, she said, would probably help women stay full until their next meal better than

candy. For the new study, Piehowski and her colleagues tracked the weight loss of 33 overweight and obese women on a reduced-calorie diet. Overweight is defined by having a body mass index (BMI) — a measure of weight in relation to height — between 25 and 29.9; obese is a BMI above 30. A BMI between 18.5 and 24.9 is considered normal. All of the women in the study were premenopausal, with BMIs between 25 and 43. All attended weekly nutrition sessions and were taught a diet plan based on food exchanges and portion size that aimed for 1,500 to 1,800 calories per day. Half of them were also given small dark chocolate snacks to eat twice a day (totaling 90 calories each day) and sugarfree cocoa for breakfast. The other women ate fruit-flavored licorice snacks and had a sugar-free non-cocoa drink in the morning. Twenty-six women completed the study, 13 in each group. After just over four months, women in both groups had lost an average of 11 pounds. The researchers said that shows that women don‘t have to totally remove chocolate and other sweet snacks from their diets to see weight-loss success. And the small snacks may reduce cravings for more sweets, they add cravings that have been the downfall of many strict diets. “As soon as someone tells you you can‘t have something, what do you want? You want that thing,” Piehowski, now at Nestle Health Science said.

PRA extends returns filing date STAFF REPORTER L AHORE —The spokesperson of Finance Department Punjab has said that in order to further facilitate the taxpayers, the Punjab Revenue Authority (PRA) has again extended the due dates of tax payment and filing of returns for the tax period of July, 2012 under the Punjab Sales Tax on Services Act, 2012 and rules made thereunder. The new date for payment and e-filing of returns is 31st August, 2012. This extension has been granted in view of the fact that PRA has started collection of Punjab Sales Tax with effect from July, 2012 and there are several taxpayers who are still obtaining their e-enrolments on PRA web-portal. They are re-arranging their tax records to work out the tax liabilities of Punjab sales tax. The spokesperson further stated that PRA’s help line 042-37111632 and e-mail f a c i l i t y shall remain open and available round the clock. The taxpayers may immediately obtain their e-enrolments. PRA has also requested the National Bank of Pakistan to keep its designated branches open till evening of 31st August so that taxpayers may make payments of tax even in the evening.

Anti-Dengue Day on Sept 2

LAHORE: Acting US Ambassador Richard Hoagland, Principal Officer US Consulate Nina Maria Fite looking at the books during their visit to Quaid-e-Azam Library.

Punjab Assembly rumpus over new provinces issue STAFF REPORTER LAHORE—Treasury and opposition benches members in Punjab Assembly Tuesday exchanged harsh words during the session which was chaired by Speaker Rana Mohammad Iqbal. Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) lawmaker Shaukat Basra demanded that the assembly speaker nominate a list of legislators for a commission to carve out southern Punjab as a separate province. He also threatened to disrupt the session if his demands remained unmet. Opposition lawmakers chanted slogans advocating the creation of a southern Punjab province. “The southern Punjab province will be created,” they chanted during the session. During the session, Rana

Iqbal said that the issue of establishing the commission for new provinces should be taken up in Punjab as it has been in other regions. Basra said Tuesday was a private members day so other members should not try to dictate him. Raja Riaz, the leader of the opposition in Punjab Assembly, dubbed the chief minister of Punjab a mental patient. He was retorted by Rana Sanaullah vehemently. Punjab law minister, Rana Sanaullah said that PML-N supports establishment of new provinces in South Punjab and Bahawalpur. Talking to media-persons after the session of Punjab Assembly on Tuesday, he said the party is also in favor of restoration of Bahawalpur as a separate province as it

was in 1950. He said PML-N wants such a national commission for new provinces with the representation of all the political parties in and outside the parliament. Such a commission must decide about constituting new provinces on merit including South Punjab, Bahawalpur and Hazara, he added. Answering a question about Raja Riaz’s application to the Speaker Punjab Assembly asking for the psychiatric check up of the Chief Minister of Punjab, the provincial law minister said it is on record that President Asif Ali Zardari is a psychiatric patient, so instead of Mian Shahbaz Sharif, the opposition leader, Raja Riaz should go for his own medical examination and that of Asif Ali Zardari.

L AHORE —Chief Secretary Punjab, Nasir Mahmood Khosa has directed heads of all government departments to ensure implementation of the working plan formulated for anti-dengue day on September 2 throughout the province. He issued these instructions while presiding over a meeting with regard to reviewing results of special cleanliness campaign launched and the working plan formulated by government departments regarding anti-dengue day on September 2. He said that an awareness campaign should be launched vigorously for ensuring full participation of the people in anti-dengue activities. Special Assistant to Chief Minister on Health, Khawaja Salman Rafique, secretaries of all government departments, additional secretaries and other senior officers attended the meeting. Heads of the departments informed about the working plan formulated by their respective departments for making anti-dengue day a success.—APP

Gems, jewellery Expo on Sept 14 L AHORE —Gems & Gold Goods Council is organising the third international gems and jewellery exhibition at Pearl Continental Hotel from September 14-16. According to organisers, the exhibition will showcase the best of Pakistan’s gems and jewellery products highlighting both traditional and contemporary class.—APP

LAHORE: Motorists are stuck in a massive traffic jam on Mall Road.

4000 ex-servicemen to be recruited to improve Punjab law & order SALIM AHMED L AHORE —Punjab Chief Minister, Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that Punjab government has decided to recruit four thousand ex-servicemen, on contract, to further improve law and order situation in Lahore, and provide a peaceful atmosphere to the citizens. He said that these retired army Jawans would perform their duties in coordination with the police to control street crime in the provincial metropolis. He directed Home Secretary to immediately initiate the process of recruitment of retired army men and all necessary steps should be taken on emergent basis in this regard. The Chief Minister was presiding over a high-level meeting held to review law and order situation, here today. Advisor Jehanzeb Khan Burki, Member Assembly Pervaiz Malik, Mian Marghoob Ahmad, Hafiz Muhammad Nauman, Shuja Khanzada, Secretaries of Home, Finance, Prosecution and Information departments, IG Police Punjab and other concerned officers were present. Giving ap-

proval to recruitment of exservicemen on contract basis, the Chief Minister told the meeting that effective control of street crime is of utmost importance, for which the government would benefit from the services of retired army Jawans, who will help in controlling street crime in different localities of the city in an effective manner. He further directed establishment of Anti-Crime Helpline for immediate redressal of public complaints against crimes, and directed that a report be submitted to him about the helpline model, within seven days in consultation with Chairman Punjab Information Technology Board. The Chief Minister said that prosecution process of arrested criminals involved in various cases be further expedited and cases be submitted to the relevant courts so that the culprits could be awarded timely punishment. Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif also asked for weekly report of various cases from the Secretary Prosecution. He directed police to chalk out a comprehensive strategy to deal with the old cases, and ordered IG Police

LAHORE—Provincial Minister for Law, Rana Sanaullah has said that those who have ruined the country through loot and corruption should not criticize others. He said that every child of the country is aware of black deeds of PPP and corrupt federal government gave nothing to the people except unemployment, corruption, lawlessness and loadshedding. Commenting upon the statement of Sharjeel Memon,

Rana Sanaullah said that it does not behove those ridiculing the decisions of judiciary to criticize those who talk about independence of judiciary. He said that the transparency and merit policy of Punjab government is not only being appreciated in the country but all over the world as well and present Punjab government, due to its transparent policies has converted the projects which had become graveyards of corruption in the past into a masterpiece of construction. He asked Sharjeel Memon to ad-

The Chief Minister said that all possible steps are being taken to improve law and order situation in the province. He said that police will have to play its vigorous and active role to provide succor to the masses. He said protection of life and property of the citizens is his foremost priority, and he will fulfill his responsibility at all costs. He said that police have been provided all kinds of resources, therefore, it must produce results. He said that betterment at the lower level in police is need of the hour to bring about a positive change in Thana culture. He said that only registration of cases is not enough and effective follow-up in courts should also be ensured, in order to award exemplary punishment to the culprits. Members Provincial Assembly Shuja Khanzada informed the Chief Minister that the process of imparting training to the officers of Punjab police, in cooperation with brotherly Islamic country Turkey, is continuing, and more police officers are visiting Turkey for necessary training during the next month.

Rs2b scholarships awarded by PEEF

Son kills mother

meeting of Divisional Directors of Directorate General Public Relations Punjab held in connection with implementation of media policy regarding publicity of Punjab Educational Endowment Fund programme. DGPR Athar Ali Khan, Chief Executive Officer Educational Endowment Fund Dr. Kamran Shamas and other concerned officers were present during the meeting. Mohy-ud-Din Wani said that Punjab Educational Endowment Fund is reflective of grand vision of Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif and, due to implementation of this revolutionary programme, boy and girl students from lessprivileged segment of the

L AHORE —A 30-year-old

STAFF REPORTER L AHORE —Secretary Information and Culture Punjab Mohy-ud-Din Ahmad Wani has said that 40 thousand scholarships, worth Rs.2 billion, have been distributed, so far, among the brilliant and deserving boy and girl students under the auspices of Punjab Educational Endowment Fund (PEEF). He said, for the first time in the history of the country, thousands of such brilliant students are benefiting from Punjab Educational Endowment Fund, who otherwise, could not continue their academic activities due to financial constraints. He was addressing a

Rana raps PPP leader STAFF REPORTER

and CCPO Lahore to submit detailed progress report, on action taken on old cases within seven days. He further directed that a report regarding headway made on old cases be submitted to him in future, during every law and order meeting. Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif also directed police authorities to make comprehensive planning to effectively control the incidents of extortion, throughout the province, including Lahore. He said that the dream of a peaceful society cannot be realized, without eradication of extremism, for which the police ought to play its vigorous role. He directed Members Assembly to review the performance of police stations, established in their respective constituencies, and submit a report to him in this regard, during the next law and order meeting. The Chief Minister also directed police authorities to ensure prompt registration of FIRs of all cases, along with informing the complainants regarding progress made on their FIRs. The Chief Minister also issued instructions for activating the Citizen Police Liaison Committee.

vise President Zardari to bring back the money of corruption so that it could be spent on the public welfare projects. Rana Sanaullah further said that we reject the commission constituted for South Punjab and PML-N had demanded constitution of a national commission. He said that after the murder of Benazir Bhutto, a corrupt gang has come into power. He said that the days of the rulers have been numbered and if they were given free hand, they will loot the entire wealth of the country. LAHORE: Motorcyclists racing on the road after rain in the Provincial Capital.

society are now able to acquire education. He said that Punjab Educational Endowment Fund is the biggest educational scholarship programme in the world, under which patronage is being provided to brilliant but less-privileged students. He said that Punjab government is committed to provide assistance to the younger generation through the Punjab Educational Endowment Fund and is taking vigorous steps to increase the number of scholarships being offered by the Punjab Educational Endowment Fund. He said that Directorate General Public Relations is playing a dynamic role in effective publicity of Punjab Educational Endowment Fund programme at divisional and district levels, by ensuring prominent coverage of academic activities of Punjab Educational Endowment Fund in electronic and print media. He directed that more effective steps should be taken for creating greater awareness about the programme, at tehsil and markaz levels, so that a positive sense of competition is created among brilliant and deserving girl and boy students. Coverage strategy of programmes chalked out by the Punjab Educational Endowment Fund, beginning at divisional, district and tehsil levels from September 12, was also finalized on the occasion.

man killed his mother for not giving money in the jurisdiction of Ghaziabad police station here. According to Police, deceased Shamim Akhtar of Ghaziabad had been living alongwith his sons Javed Rashid (accused) and Pervez Akhtar. Javed was involved in bad activities and also used to steal money from the home besides snatching cash from mother and brother. Pervez had to go outstation for some urgent work and in his absence, Javed demanded money from mother and on refusal he created quarrel and killed her by club beating. The accused hide the dead body in a big iron trunk placed in store of the house. When Pervez returned home and asked about mother, Javed infuriated and told that she was dead.—APP

E-Paper August 29, 2012  
E-Paper August 29, 2012  

E-Paper August 29, 2012