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SC orders presentation of 35 missing persons on Dec 2 FC running parallel government in Balochistan IRFAN ALIGI K ARACHI —The Supreme Court of Pakistan on Thursday directed defence minister to produce 35 missing persons before it on December 2 who were allegedly detained by federal law enforcement agencies. A five-judge bench headed by Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and other members includ-ing Justice Jawad S Khuwaja Justice Khiliji Arif Hussain and

Stop praising Tendulkar, TTP warns media MIRANSHAH—Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan warned country’s media to stop praising Indian cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar, who retired this month after a glittering 24-year career. A TTP spokesman said Pakistanis should get behind their embattled captain Misbah-ul-Haq, even though he was a “substandard and low-level player”. Newspapers and TV stations across South Asia have been plastered with tributes to master batsman Tendulkar, who bowed out on November 16 as the world’s leading run-scorer in both Test and one-day cricket. Pakistan and India share one of the fiercest rivalries in world sport and the near-universal outpouring of praise for Tendulkar, the only man to score 100 international centuries, was a rare moment of agreement.—Online

SBP suspends Gohar Exchange Company license AMANULLAH KHAN KARACHI—The State Bank of Pakistan in order to ensure stability of Pakistan rupee has taken a stern view of those foreign exchange companies violating the forex rules. In this respect State Bank of Pakistan has suspended with immediate effect the license of M/s Gohar Exchange Company-B (Pvt) Limited till further orders on account of violations of State Bank’s rules and regulations. The said Exchange Company, its Head Office and branches have been debarred from undertaking any kind of business activity during the suspension period. At the moment, the depressed forex reserves with

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30,000 medicines prices up by 15 pc ISLAMABAD—Ministry of Health has raised prices of at least 30,000 medicines saying prices of life saving drugs will remain unchanged. However, it did not mention that the prices of life saving drugs were raised last year on the pressure of pharmaceutical firms. The price was surged after the recommendations from the National Drug Authority of the country. All pharma firms and ministry officials have been consulted before the soaring of the prices of medicines, which the ministry claimed had not see surge since 2001. Up to 15 percent increase has to be paid to the pharma industry, which is already enjoying an unparalleled profit rate, by people now to medicate their loved ones.—Online

Justice Amir Hani Muslim issued direction while hearing different cases related to missing persons at the apex court’s Karachi registry. Defence secretary told the court that information regarding Yaseen Shah, a missing person of Mardan was un-known to them. The bench took exception to his statement and observed that there was evidence to establish that Yassen was picked up by agencies. The bench directed him to give written undertaking

that they don’t have information regarding Yassen Shah. Defence minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif appeared before the court and assured that it would soon resolve the missing persons issue. He submitted that important development had been made in the case relating to missing persons while legislation in this regard was also in the process. Asif said 738 missing persons have been found. Expressing extreme displeasure against federal authorities

PM sets up Business Advisory Council Reforms package to promote investment, tax payment culture announced SHARAFAT KAZMI ISLAMABAD— Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif on Thursday announced a package of incentives to attract investment and promote tax payment culture. He unfolded its salient features during his address to members of the business community in Islamabad. Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif proposed to set up Prime Minister’s advisory council on business and agriculture to debate and formulate vi-

able policies for these sectors. The Prime Minister said ministers and officials as well as representatives of the business and agriculture community should sit together at least once in three months through these forums for consultations and effective coordination. He said Pakistan has huge potential in terms of resources and manpower and there is no reason it should not grow expeditiously provided prudent policies are formulated and imple-mented.

Mian Nawaz Sharif recalled that nationalization of 1972 was a serious setback to the industrial development of the country. He said had that momentum not broken‚ the exports would have touched hundreds of billions of dollars as against the figure of 25 billion dollars today. During his address he said that the government would forego the requisite requirement of asking for the source of investment, if they are

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Startling exposure of CIA Station Chief ‘Craig Osth’ AKHTAR JAMAL ISLAMABAD—The name of the alleged CIA Station Chief Islamabad revealed as “Craig Osth” by Pakistan Tehreek-eInsaf on November 27th 2013 is said to be an American official who had been earlier identified as Craig Peters Osth, who worked as the CIA Station Chief in Brazil back in 1999. The name of CIA Station Chief was first leaked by a Bra-

zilian magazine “Carta Capital” which put out a story related to uncovering involvement of CIA officials bugging the telephones of the then Brazilian President Fernando Enrique Cardoso. Accordingly to U.S. Congressional Record of the 110th Congress (2007-08) listed Craig Peters Osth as “Consular Officers and Secretaries in the Diplomatic Service of the United States of America”. At the time it was then reported that Craig

Peters Osth hailed from Virginia, United States. An internet search result showed there is only one individual named ‘Craig P. Osth’ who was the resident of 11641 Charter Oak Ct, Apartment 30, Reston,VA-20190. A report dated 4th October 1974 said that an American official named as “Craig Peters Osth” worked with the then U.S. Secretary of State Henry

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7 gunned down Bhagwandas appointment as new CEC in Karachi KARACHI—Seven more people including a former MQM worker were killed here in different incidents on Thursday. According to details, a hotel owner Abdullah was gunned down on resisting a robbery attempt in Kashmir Colony in jurisdiction of Mehmoodabad police station. Forty year old Rafaqat Hassan was gunned down while he was sitting along the road side near foot ball ground at Chanaser Goth Railway cross-

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Govt, opposition to amend FPSC laws I SLAMABAD —Both

government and Opposition have agreed to introduce amendments in laws of Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) paving a way for appointment of Justice (Retd.) Rana Bhagwandas as new Chief Election Commissioner (CEC). Well placed sources told INP on Thursday in a meeting between Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly

Khursheed Ahmed Shah and Finance Minister Ishaq Dar, both finally agreed on the name of Rana Bhagwandas for coveted CEC slot. Sources said that directives have been issued to the law ministry for scraping of the legal impediments to facilitate appointment of new CEC. It should be mentioned that after amendment in FPSC Act 2000, ban was imposed on an

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and FC over non-recovery of missing persons, the bench observed that FC force was running parallel to the provincial government and was doing whatever they want. Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry Thursday said that the Frontier Corps had established a parallel government in Balochistan. Balochistan Chief Minister also sated on one occasion that the Frontier Corps was not

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Sindh govt cancels licences of 46 arms dealers KARACHI—Sindh’s home department on Thursday cancelled licenses of as many as 46 arms dealers in Karachi. According to a private TV channel, the provincial home department had sought details and record about arms and ammunition that was sold by around 120 dealers operating in Karachi. Out of those, 46 dealers failed to provide details and record of selling various types of arms and bullets. Sindh home department subsequently cancelled licenses of those 46 dealers with immediate effect.—Online

ISLAMABAD: Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani paid a farewell call on Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif at Prime Minister’s Office on Thursday.

Kayani hands over Pak Army command to new chief today Gen Rashad takes charge as CJCSC R AWALPINDI —Outgoing Ashfaq Parvez Kayani ends his general of Pakistani politics,’

Army chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani would hand over the command of Pakistan Army to the new Army today. Army Chief General Raheel Sharif today. In this connection, a change of command ceremony would be held at General Headquarters in Rawalpindi. Outgoing Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani would hand over the OBSERVER REPORT command of Pakistan Army to DUBAI—Former Prime Minis- the new Army Chief. General ter of Pakistan Shaukat Aziz was awarded the Global Islamic Finance Leadership Award 2013 at an impressive ISLAMABAD—The outgoing ceremony in Dubai hosted Chief of Army Staff General by Global Islamic Finance Ashfaq Parvez Kayani paid a Awards in collaboration with farewell call on President World Islamic Retail Banking Mamnoon Hassain and Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Conference. Sharif separately here on Speaking at the largely attended event Shaukat Aziz said Thursday. The Prime Minister lauded the Muslim Ummah is blessed the services rendered by Genwith many assets which include human, financial, natural and in- eral Kayani for defence of the frastructure resources which country and strengthening of democracy. provide a strong base for growth Continued on Page 7 if accompanied by good governance, structural reforms and effective policies. Islamic banking is growing rapidly and its assets are expected to reach two trillion dollars in the near future. This is an impressive record with further potential for Shariah compliant ISLAMABAD—Election Comproducts in and outside the Mus- mission of Pakistan (ECP) has lim world. Islamic Banking deferred Local Bodies (LB) products include Banking, polls schedule for Punjab being Funds, Sukuk, Takaful which the delimitation process of conoffer substantial potential for stituencies incomplete. growth and development within As per media reports ECP and outside the Muslim world. was to issue election schedule in respect of Punjab and Sindh on November, 29 but no formalities including issuance of notification on delimitation were met by government of Punjab.

Shaukat Aziz gets Global Islamic Finance Leadership award



HE Awami National Party that is yet to absorb number of blows it has been receiving in the past, was confronted with an extremely awkward situation when the former provincial president of the party and widow of ANP Rehber and veteran politician Khan Abdul Wali Khan (late) also revolted against the party leadership casting serious apprehensions on the integrity, honesty and the political acu-

men of the incumbents. She has also announced to stage a comeback in the active politics to save the party which is at the “verge of destruction at the hands of incompetent and corrupt leaders” The political observers believe this new development was destined to cause serious dent to the ANP that is already fighting for its survival. The Awami National Party, that ruled the province for five years in the previous government, received major blow in the May 11 general elections when it was literally reduced to a regional Party after it

could bag only three seats in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and a lone National Assembly seat. While cracks had started appearing in the Party and the Wali Khan family, the ANP received yet another blow when the senior ANP leader and former federal Minister for communication and Begum Nasim’s brother Azam Khan Hoti came up with a barrage of accusations and disclosures in the last week of October charging the ANP president Asfandyar Wali and provincial president Afrasiyab Khattak of receiving billions of

has been given much credit for resisting the temptation to meddle in politics despite Pakistan’s frequent security, economic, power and political crises. Kayani was appointed army chief by former military ruler Pervez Musharraf in 2007 and received an unprecedented three-year extension from premier Yousuf Raza Gilani in 2010. During his six years tenure

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Lt General President, PM Gen Kayani’s Haroon laud services tenure as ‘most powerful Aslam resigns of ex-COAS man’ ends

ISLAMABAD—General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani ends his tenure today after six years of serving as head of the powerful military. When Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani retires from military service on Friday, it would not just be the end of the career of a high-profile general ranked last year by Forbes as

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Punjab LB polls schedule deferred

Is ANP at the verge of collapse? Tariq Saeed

tenure today after six years of serving as head of the powerful military. When Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani retires from military service on Friday, it would not just be the end of the career of a high-profile general ranked last year by Forbes as the world’s 28th most powerful man. The day will also mark the first change in command of the army since the country returned to democracy in 2008. Kayani, known as the ‘quiet

rupees from America for serving latters interest and striking a secret deal. He also accused the incumbent ANP leaders of causing irreparable loss to the party saying she was left with no option but jump into active politics to rejuvenate the Bacha khan and Wali Khan Party. And last but not the least was the revolt of Begum Nasim Wali Khan against the party led by non else but her son. Holding the ANP leadership responsible for all the evils including crushing defeat in May 11 gen-

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Election schedule will be issued on completion of delimitation of constituencies process in Punjab and no LB polls schedule will now be issued on November 29 for this province. ECP sources said Sindh has held out assurance in connection with completion of all preparations till the evening and schedule in respect of Sindh will be issued to day if preparations are completed in the province.—Online

US Gen warns Karzai on Afghanistan’s future K ABUL —The

Afghan president’s push to delay a security pact with the U.S. has undermined confidence in Afghanistan’s future, testing international support for the country at a crucial moment, the U.S.-led coalition’s top commander said. U.S. Marine Corps Gen. Joseph Dunford warned that President Hamid Karzai’s failure to

quickly sign the agreement could weaken the Afghan economy, embolden the country’s powerful neighbors and ultimately lead to the collapse of the country’s security forces. “I don’t know if he fully realizes the risks,” Gen. Dunford said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. “He certainly understands it from an Afghan perspective.—INP

STAFF REPORTER I SLAMABAD —The senior most general, Lt General Haroon Aslam tendered his resignation Thursday and sent the letter to the Defence Ministry from GHQ. Lt Gen Haroon Aslam registered his silent protest by not attending the prime minister’s dinner on Wednesday night. Sources claim that the corridors Continued on Page 7

MQM slams Sindh govt for manipulating Local Body polls STAFF REPORTER KARACHI —Members of the Central Coordination Committee of the Muttahidda Quami Movement (MQM) Dr Farooq Sattar, Ahmed Saleem Siddiqi and Khalid Sultan said that the illegal and cheap resorts adopted by the Sindh government regarding local body elections were against the spirit of democracy and Sindh government had even violated the constitution in order to maintain their monopoly in the upcoming local bodies elections. They expressed these views during their mass contact campaign at Shah Faisal colony, Orangi town and New Karachi yesterday while addressing different gathering and talking to the area’s members from business community. On this occasion, Parliamentarians Mehboob Alam, Saifuddin Khalid, Mohammed Hussain, Nishat Zia, Irtiza Farooqi and members of KTC were present. Continued on Page 7

UNESCO assures approval Fazl urges govt to stop drone attacks of Biosphere reserves SHARAFAT KAZMI ISLAMABAD—Qunli HAN ,Director Division of Ecological and Earth Sciences , Man and Biosphere Programme(MAB) of UNESCO called on Science &Technology Minister Mr. Zahid Hamid here in Islamabad and discussed the UN global development network’s programmers in Pakistan, especially the ongoing Man and Biosphere (MAB) programme led by Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) through Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF). Mr. Kamran ali Qureshi ,Secretary Ministry for Science and Technology, Dr.K.k Nagata,Director UNESCO

Islamabad, Dr, Khalil Ahmad ,Chairman Pakistan science foundation were also present in the meeting. They discussed the UN global development network’s programmers in Pakistan, especially the ongoing Man and Biosphere (MAB) programme led by Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) through Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF). Pakistan has only two Biosphere Reserves 1) The Lal Sohanra National Park located in Cholistan Desert which was approved by UNESCO in 1977 and 2) the Juniper forest of Ziarat, believed to be the second largest juniper Forest of its kind in the world, which was

approved in May, 2013. The Minister appraised the delegation that Pakistan had prepared requisite documents, including a Management Plan, for approval of the Karakoram Pamir Biosphere Reserve in Gilgit Baltistan which would be the third Biosphere Reserve in Pakistan.and working for the Khirthar in Sindh province which would be the fourth Biosphere Reserves in the country. The UNESCO delegation assured their support for getting the approval of the Karakoram Pamir Biosphere Reserve in Gilgit Baltistan which would be signed during the scheduled visit of the Director General of UNESCO to Pakistan in June 2014.

P ESHAWAR —Chief of his area. own faction of Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam, Maulana Fazlur Rehman Thursday urged the government to take concrete step for ending drone strikes in country’s tribal areas. Speaking to media persons after grand Jirga, Maulana said that drone attacks have been affecting lives of tribal people since many years added that the Jirga has recorded its protest against drone strikes in FATA

KKH reopened for traffic I S L A M A B A D —Karakoram

Highway was reopened for general traffic Thursday on the directives of Chaudhry Muhammad Barjees Tahir, Federal Minister for Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit-Baltistan. Ch Muhammad Barjees Tahir had directed Gilgit-Baltistan government to make coordinated mechanism for the security of commuters on this highway. Special endeavours on the part of the Ministry and the provincial governments have ultimately brought about reopening of the strategically important road. The KKH had been closed for general traffic due to security reasons after Rawalpindi incident on Ashura. Ch. Muhammad Barjees Tahir has appealed the people of Gilgit-Baltistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhawa to observe interfaith harmony to foil the nefariHYDERABAD: Bomb disposal squad personnel swiping after a huge gas explosion in a ous designs of miscreants and to help the government fighting such Bungalow of Latifabad in which 3 people were injured. elements. He said that Federal Government, by the help of provincial governments, was trying to ensure fool-proof security of the region by raising a specialized company of Gilgit-Baltistan Scouts. —APP He said that all evidence for Prof Arif M. Siddiqui, PresiSALIM AHMED the spread of hepatitis C virus dent Pakistan Society of GastroLAHORE—Till the use, reuse (HCV) points to the use of non- enterology and professor of medicine at Allama Iqbal Mediand misuse of syringes contin- sterile syringes in Pakistan. “Annually, an estimated 16 cal College, Lahore, said that ues, health experts do not see the government winning the battle billion therapeutic injections are coupled with poverty and illit- ISLAMABAD—State Minister for against the spread of hepatitis C administered the world over out eracy, other reasons for the spread Interior, Education, Training and of which 800 to 900 million are of what is known as a silent epi- Standard in Higher Education, virus in Pakistan. In a public awareness semi- administered in Pakistan only”, demic (as the symptoms do not Engineer Baleegh-ur-Rehman said nar on hepatitis C, held here at Prof Aftab said adding that nine show until 15 to 20 years later), the federation has proposed the the University of Health Sciences out of 10 injections administered are use of non-sterilized razors constitution of a National Commis(UHS) on Thursday, Pakistan’s’ in the country are unnecessary. and dental instruments by road- sion for Curriculum to ensure uniHe said that doctors particu- side barbers and dentists and con- form syllabus in the country. Adleading liver and gastroenteroldressing the Vice Chancellors of ogy physician and Principal larly those practising in small taminated blood transfusions. He added that the risk of in- Universities, he said the proposed Gujranwala Medical College towns and rural areas do oblige Gujranwala, Prof Aftab Moshin patients when they demand in- fection could be reduced by tak- commission would give represening precautionary measures and tation to all the provinces and the said that out of country’s 200 fusion drips and injections. “It’s not just quacks, I hold creating awareness among federation. The commission would million, an estimated 16 to 148 million are infected with various qualified dentists and medical masses. UHS acting vice chancel- be headed by all the provinces and practitioners responsible for un- lor Prof Mohammad Tahir said the federal government by turn. forms of hepatitis viruses. The education budget would “Pakistan has the highest safe practices of administering that around 66 per cent population number of patients with chronic unnecessary injections, and us- of Pakistan is living in rural areas be enhanced upto 4 percent of liver disease in the world”, said ing non-sterile syringes or and they are ignorant about the GDP from 2 percent. A minitransmission of viral infections. mum standard of syllabus for Prof Aftab Mohsin who is also needles”, said Mohsin. Prof Aftab Mohsin further UHS Director of Centre for private schools is also imperathe former national programme manager of the Prime Minister’s said that unfortunately there is Innovation in Learning and Teach- tive. Government would enProgramme for Prevention and no legislation in place to ban ing and noted liver surgeon Dr Arif hance the budget of Higher EduControl of Hepatitis (which has reuse and misuse of syringes as Rashid Khawaja stressed the need cation Commission despite difnow been devolved to the prov- there is no law to date that pro- of combine efforts to combat the ficult economic conditions as hibits quacks from practising. menace of hepatitis C. per manifesto of PML-N.—APP inces).

when and where to hold talks He demanded the govern- with the militants. ment to take solid steps to convince United States for not carrying out drone strikes inside Pakistan’s territory added that these attacks are open violation of country’s sovereignty. Maulana said grand Jirga could play its positive role to restore peace in FATA and rest of the country. Maulana Fazlur Rehman said that the Jirga members was sit to deliberate upon chalking out line of action as to how, He said Jirga wants a per-

manent solution of terrorism in the country and for this purpose immediate actions are need of the hour. Maulana said both civilian and military leadership should come on a same page to make a common policy to tackle terrorism problem in the country. Fazlur Rehman said the national leadership has given unanimous mandate to the tribal Jirga for holding talks with the Pakistani Taliban leadership.

Housing policy 2013 ready for approval ISLAMABAD—The State Minister for Housing and Works Barrister Usman Ibrahim on Thursday informed the committee that housing policy 2013 was finalized to present it to the cabinet for approval. He said government will construct 0.5 million houses for low income people in the country so that they have their own houses to live. The committee met under the chairmanship of Seedul Hassan Mandoukhail. The Minister said that government was giving priority to solving the housing problem in the country by ensuring affordable and cost-effective housing units to the ordinary citizens.

The Senate Standing Committee on Housing and Works expressed serious reservations over the illegal occupation of government owned houses asked for a strict action as per rules and report to committee in next meeting. The Joint Secretary of Housing and Works Ministry informed that action was taken against the illegal occupants of government owned houses and 262 house were vacated and the remaining houses will be vacated as soon as possible. He said 474 houses are sublet and 1066 illegal occupants were issued notices. The committee was also informed that around one thirds of

allottees were residing in government houses illegally in the federal capital. The committee was informed that 154 government flats had been illegally occupied by Islamabad Police officials and in so many cases there were stay orders against the vacation of these flats. The committee directed the officials to review the status of illegal occupants in government owned houses. The committee appreciated the steps taken by the State Minister Barrister Usman Ibharim for improvement in the Ministry of Housing and works and his efforts for resolving housing issues of the people.—APP

9 out of 10 injections administered in Pakistan are unnecessary

National Commission on Curriculum soon

He thanked the Tehrik-iTaliban Pakistan (TTP) leadership for giving positive response to the peace efforts and said that the Taliban leaders demonstrated sagacity by welcoming formation of the grand tribal Jirga. He said banned Taliban outfit TTP had also accepted recommendations made by the tribal grand Jirga added that the government should consult the Jirga to move forward in wake of dialogue process with Taliban.—Online

Cold, dry weather to prevail ISLAMABAD—Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) on Thursday forecast cold and dry weather for most parts of the country during the next few days. According to the synoptic situation, continental air was prevailing over most parts of the country. The weather would re-

main cold and dry in most parts of Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh, Balochistan, Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan during the next 24 hours. The lowest minimum temperatures recorded during the last 24 hours were Skardu - 6 C, Parachinar -4 C, Gupis, Kalat 3 C, Gilgit, Kalam -2 C, and Chitral -1 C.—APP

37 power pilferers held FAISALABAD—The FESCO intelligence team has claimed to arrest 37 consumers red-handed while stealing electricity direct from Wapda main lines through different modes. Deputy Director Intelligence FESCO Maj.(R) Akhtar Awan told here on Thursday that the power pilferers were nabbed from Khurarianwala subdivision, Gattwala Subdivision, Jaranwala Road subdivision, Jaranwala City subdivision, Garden Colony subdivision and FESCO City subdivision. The FESCO teams also removed the electricity supply meters of these pilferers and heavy fines are being imposed on them besides forwarding complaints against them in the respective police staQUETTA: Relatives of a woman patient shifting her to private hospital as doctors of govern- tions for registration of cases, he ment-run hospital on strike against non-recovery of abducted Dr Munaf Tareen. added.—APP

Chief Justice retirement a worth watching development SALAHUDDIN HAIDER


HILE a debate is al ready on as to the timing of General Pervez Musharraf’s trial for treason, yet another interesting phenomenon is about to unfold which may have deep impact on the Pakistan’s political life. The retirement of chief justice Iftikhar Chaudhury on December 12, is being awaited with considerable keenness. He has been a lone warrior to rid the society of corruption and enforce rule of law, but the success has only been partial. The common man was generally happy but influential segments—the army, politicians and the bureaucrat were clearly unnerved. The Zardari government tried its best to ignore judgements from his court, but the Nawaz Sharif administration , as his successor too, has not been very enthusiastic either. A constitution amendment bill to extend his term in office for two years beyond the age of 65, was seen as an eye wash. The ruling party never really tried to save the intended legislation from being thrown out

of the parliament. Born in 1948 in the southwestern backward province of Balochistan, Chaudhury had had his failings, the biggest being endorsing Pervez Musharraf’s military rule of October 1999. Yet another blot on his career was taking oath as supreme court judge on a constitution defaced by the former strongman, when five of his colleagues, including the then chief justice, Saeeduzzaman Siddiqi, had refused to do so. A Musharraf mistake, suggested by his hand-picked prime minister Shaukat Aziz, to forcibly remove him from the coveted office in March 2007, was resisted by him. He knew that, as head of the country’s highest judicial forum, he enjoyed constitutional protection. He and his family were house arrested, and completely disconnected with the outside world. That brought about lawyers agitation which soon developed into a mass movement, and was recorded in history books as the biggest lawyers movement of Pakistan. Gaining strength from the tremendous public support and his own legal fraternity, Chaudhury when restored because of a long march by Nawaz Sharif, changed himself completely. Months of incarceration and humiliation by the army had taught him a lesson that the job of a judge was to provide relief to the people, and not be seen as an ineffective wing of the admin-

istration. Within a few days of reinstatement, he launched a crusade to clean the administration of the maladies destroying it. His efforts brought back quite a huge amount of stolen money back to the treasury. A number of senior civil servants, and even those in the army were changed, retired, or jailed. Some of them were brought back from self exiles under his orders to face the consequences of the kind they had not even dreamt of in life before. The army and its elite intelligence wing, the ISI, treating themselves as unchallenged masters of the country, too had to face music, when snubbed in his courtroom for picking up persons and keeping them in illegal custody. A three-star General, serving as defence secretary after retirement, was ordered to appear before him, and served contempt notice for disobeying the court to produce these “missing” persons. The army’s plea that their personnel were governed by special army act, and can not be tried in civilian court, stood rejected. Chaudhury was furious earier this week and ordered the army to produce a group of 35 persons, taken from jail to unknown places by the military. “If you don’t do that within 48 hours, I will summon the Prime Minister to answer as to what kind of administration was he running?” his warning was clear, reminding the people that he had already re-

moved Yusuf Reza Gilani from premiership for refusing to bring back some 60 million US dollars, stacked in Swiss Banks by former president, Asif Zardari. Critism from a handful but reputed figures like Aitzaz Ahsan, and Asma Jehangir, both former supreme court Bar Presidents, and known human right activists, that Chaudhury was running a parallel administration at the cost of the litigant public, was shrugged off. He persevered with his mission, warning that courts in Pakistan knew their responsibilities, and will continue with the task he had set for them, even after his retirement in two weeks time. Whether this will really happen remains to be seen. Most lawyers doubt that the role played by Iftikhar Chaudhury, may not be fully followed, and the judges taking his seat, will perhaps prefer to go by the book. That feeling in itself, has been a matter of immense relief for the military, high government officials, and politicians, generally considered to be masters of the people, instead of being their servants as employees paid from tax payers money. Since a number of corruption cases, involving fabulous sums of money, remain uninvestigated perhaps will be shelved. Coming weeks, and next four to five months, therefore, will be worth watching.

State institutions stand strengthened


Japan and China: Collision course


HE smooth and orderly transfer of command in the Pakistan Army and appointment of the next Chief Justice of Pakistan would surely go a long way in strengthening the state institutions. There is a clearly laid down principle for appointment of the Chief Justice of Pakistan on the basis of seniority but discretion of the Prime Minister in the matter of appointment of Services’ Chiefs has always triggered speculations but Wednesday’s decision of the Prime Minister has ended rumour mongering on the subject. The appointments have generally been welcomed by almost all sections of the society and notably the Opposition as well, which augurs well for the country. The approval of the decision stems from the fact that both the new Army Chief General Raheel Sharif and Chairman Joint Chief of Staff Committee General Rashid Mahmood are thorough professional with varied and rich experience that made them eligible to command one of the most shining force of the world. Both the General Officers come from families having proud military background and the new COAS is younger brother of war hero Shabbir Sharif, recipient of highest gallantry award Nishan-e-Haider. Similarly, appointment of the new CJP is based on pure merit and as per Constitutional requirements. As the state institutions now stand strengthened due to smooth change of command, it is hoped that the country’s march on the road to stability and progress would be accelerated. While appreciating and welcoming the new appointments, one must pay rich tribute to outgoing Army Chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani who played a key role during most critical phase of the country’s history. He successfully commanded the Pakistan Army during peak of war on terror and the related security challenges and it was in recognition of his contribution that he got a full tenure extension in service. He also deserves credit for setting healthy tradition of not meddling into political arena and instead concentrating on attainment of new professional standards in Pakistan Army. We hope that his successor too would uphold these traditions.

Job quotas, murder of merit I

N a retrogressive development, Standing Committee of the National Assembly on Law and Justice, on Wednesday, approved with majority vote Constitution 23rd Amendment Bill that envisages extension of job quota for Provinces in the Federal Government for another 20 years. MQM justly opposed the amendment but others supported it on the pretext of removing the sense of deprivation of the smaller Provinces. In the first place the very concept of allocation of quotas for recruitment in the Federal Government runs contrary to the universally recognized and accepted principle of merit and therefore, should not have been included in the Constitution as a provision by its framers. However, they did it for a specified period of ten years and the timeframe expired in 1983 but since then the successive governments have been going for extension after extension just for the sake of political expediencies. The rationale offered for this murder of merit is that candidates from backward areas would not be able to compete in open merit but this also means utter failure of the governments in addressing the plight of people in such areas especially provision of educational opportunities even after 67 years of independence, which is nothing but sheer shameful. Continuation of the quota is also serving as a disincentive for students of the backward regions to work hard or excel as they get offers of recruitment even if they are placed at the bottom of the merit list and at the cost of those who are at the top but hail from other regions. Apart from other flaws in recruitment procedure, it is also because of the unjust provision of quota that is blamed for steep fall in standards of superior services. Reins of a nuclear country of the size and potential of Pakistan should not be handed over to mediocre and therefore, there is need to reconsider the proposed Constitutional amendment.

Poverty alleviation needs new approach T

HE Asian Development Bank (ADB) has signed an agreement to pro vide $ 430 million to strengthen Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) to help reduce poverty among most vulnerable groups especially women. It is a welcome support of the Bank, which shows its commitment to alleviate poverty in Pakistan. Over the past several years, more people have gone below the poverty line due to economic slow down, unemployment and inflation. Moving a person from a position of poverty, and in many cases hopelessness, to a position of economic self-sufficiency and self-worth is one of the hardest challenges we face as a society. The ability to positively impact not just one person’s situation, but that of the whole family and ultimately the entire community, should be the ultimate goal. Over the past five years, hundreds of billions of rupees have been distributed among deserving people, majority of them were women to help them survive but the situation has not improved that they are standing at the same place and wait for the next release of their monthly stipends. These institutions have been extending a helping hand but the money is used for meeting the immediate needs of the poor. In order to address the problem, time has come that institutions like BISP, Zakat and Baitul Mall should be revisited and run in a way that they contribute for the permanent empowerment of those below the poverty line. The support through the BISP and other institutions is like a few drops of rain over a vast thirsty plain. It would be appropriate if allocations made for these programmes are channelized in a way to provide jobs including self employment to the majority of the needy through skill development programmes to promote the interests of the poor through income generation schemes. We are confident that the new Chairman of BISP Mr Anwar Baig, having vast experience and rightly perceived as a doer would transform the institution into a dynamic one. His voice is heard in the corridors of power and through a visionary approach he can ensure that poverty alleviation is accorded high priority, which is need of the time.

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Needed: A China-Japan hotline France and subsequently the US in Vietnam or the US and the UK in Iraq. After 1945,two countries which had a long history of tension and conflict have M D Nalapat ever once taken up arms against each other, despite Email: being heavily-armed neighbours. Japan and China have in fact become single spark can light a significant economic partners of prarie fire”, was the lesson each other. After Taipei, Tokyo is the taught by Mao Zedong, the largest external investor in China, creator of the Peoples Republic of with Japanese companies providing China. History provides numerous jobs to more than twenty million examples of the way in which a Chinese across the gamut of the single incident creates a chain of roduction, distribution and service consequences that may ultimately lines of these enterprises. lead to disaster. An example is the China has also by far been the 1914-19 WW-I, which began after biggest recipient of cash aid from Archduke Francis Ferdinand of Japan,a s well as being given sevAustria was killed by Gavrilo eral technologies. Both economies Princip in Sarajevo in 1914. have formed a symbiotic relationThe cost of war has become in- ship with each other, and any breaktolerably high, such that the most down of commercial ties would lead effective way to destroy the econo- to immense economic pain for both. mies of Europe or the US would be This is especially important for to lure them into a conflict involv- China, for if growth falls below the ing ground forces. At an average 6% level, there would almost cercost of $600,000 per soldier de- tainly be widespread unrest in that ployed on the field, NATO is finan- country. The people of China are cially unable to bear the costs of seeing the lavish manner in which battle even against ragtag groups the elite live their lives, and they such as the Taliban. Only against want a share of such dazzling prosmuch weaker - and conventional - perity. In the past, the people of forces such as those of Saddamite China were content to toil away at a Iraq or Kaddafy-ruled Libya can the primitive standard of living but since alliance prevail, and that only as the 1990s their concept of minimum long as the conflict remains con- acceptable needs has changed, and ventional. they expect the Chinese Communist Once irregulars enter the field, Party (CCP) to deliver such a stanNATO is doomed to face attrition. dard of life in exchange for popular Unlike in the case of Europe in the support. If Chairman (of the CCP) previous century or Africa now, Mao was the creator of the PRC, it relatively few modern wars have was Deng Xiaoping who was the artaken place in Asia between two chitect of the immense prosperity countries from the world’s largest that the country has witnessed durcontinent. Rather, outside powers ing the previous three decades. have sought to impose their will on Deng de-emphasized the miliAsian countries,as for exmple tary and made it explicit that the use

Geopolitical notes from India


of force or even the threat of force was off the table, save in extraordinary circumstances. The last war fought by China against any other country was in 1979,with Vietnam, and this when Deng had yet to establish his supremacy over the Communist Party. Since then, there has not been a single war fought by China. A frontier (that numerous NATO-funded or influenced think tanks across the globe characterise as “extremely tense” - the Sino-Indian border) has in fact seen exactly zero bullets fired across either side during the past five decades. Contrast such an absence of conflict with NATO, especially after that military alliance’s post- 9/11 avatar of saving the (rest of) the world. The first response of major NATO powers, especially France in theatres in Asia and Africa, where it boasted significant colonial possessions during the previous century ,is first the threat of force, followed by the use of force. Had it not been made clear by President Vladimir Putin that Moscow would not confine itself to words during the planned NATO campaign against Syria in early 2013 as took place in Libya two years before, but that Russia would provide armed assistance to Bashar Assad, by now Damascus would have followed Tripoli and Benghazi by being under the effective control of groups that are ideological cousins of Al Qaeda. Deng’s insistence on peaceful means to resolve conflicts created immense goodwill for China. Although Jiang Zemin used a flurry of missiles in the mid-1990s to make the point that Beijing had more projectiles than Taipei, all that such a show of force did was to ensure that Chen Sui-bian of the Democratic Progressive Party, a trenchant critic of China, won the presidential election in Taiwan. It was Jiang whose

tactics ensured Chen’s victory. Hu Jintao, who succeeded the Shanghai tycoon as CCP supremo, changed course and used soft power and business carrots to woo the Taiwanese, a softening of stance which helped the pro-China Kuomintang (KMT) to win the last two presidential elections. While Hu Jintao was in office until a year ago, the situation between China and its neighbours was tranquil overall. However, during his final months in power, tensions began to rise on the South China seas issue, and these have reached a dangerous flashpoint, with Beijing’s implied threat of force against any military aircraft that does not identify itself to Chinese authorities before entering the vast airspace over the South China seas. The US has responded by sending two B-52 bombers sans any notice, and Japan may follow suit. Should a Japanese airctaftbe brought down by an over-zealous Chinese pilot, the consequences may be grave, with the possibility that the incident may ignite a broader war, which would involve many of China’s neighbours What is needed is for tensions to be rolled back. There is too much at stake for Asia to allow its two most advanced countries to exchange bullets or missiles against each other. What is needed are two hotlines, one connecting the Prime Minister of China with his Japanese counterpart, and the other the military leadership of both countries. The time for such instant emergency communication is now, before a tragedy occurs because of an error of judgement in either Beijing or Tokyo. —The writer is Vice-Chair, Manipal Advanced Research Group, UNESCO Peace Chair & Professor of Geopolitics, Manipal University, Haryana State, India.

Awami League’s anti-ISI propaganda Awami League is likely to be routed and rejected by the votBangladeshi citizens, even Sultan M Hali ers. if they lack in prosperity, they Email: possess political maturity and have the acumen to see through the political manipulations of WAMI League’s incompe the Awami League. Recent events tence and petty politics and polling pundits’ observations inhave caused the current dicate that Bangladeshis have lost murky political scenario in hope in Awami League bringing Bangladesh. The League, which is about any positive change in their infamous not only for its Indian poverty ridden socio-economic leanings but also for blindly taking standing and status of deprivation. dictations from India, has failed to The political awareness of the address the problems of the impov- fiercely independent and patriotic erished masses of Bangladesh. Bangladeshis has caused them to lose Awami League’s subservience to faith and respect for Awami League, India is so dominant that the party which has made their country into an leadership feels obliged to kowtow Indian protégé and a subservient coldutifully to the Indians even when laborator of Hindu extremists. On the other hand, Awami the Hindu extremists in Indian government demand that Bangladesh League’s rival party, Begum Khaleda foul mouth both Pakistan and its Zia’s Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) is likely to challenge the curprime security agency, the ISI. Indian interference in the foreign rent incumbents in power Awami relations of Bangladesh and med- League in the forthcoming elections. dling in its internal affairs has resulted Fearing the impending loss in the in political turmoil and sullied the polls and feeling the pinch of the likesocial milieu that it is having far lihood of losing to BNP, the Awami reaching effects. Myopic vision of the League has launched a venomous Awami League led government, cor- propaganda campaign to malign ruption of the political cadre, ineffi- BNP. The Awami League is insinuciency and self aggrandizement of the ating that BNP leadership has links government has blind sighted its lead- with ISI. In this malicious campaign ership to an extent that they have be- of mudslinging, Awami League is come oblivious to the real issues and being guided by its Indian mentors. problems of the Bangladeshi citizens. The aim of their nervous slander opThe negative aspect of this attitude eration is Pakistan bashing and of the Awami League, currently rul- smearing ISI in the same style that ing Bangladesh is that its masses re- RAW, BJP and extremist Hindus tarmain stuck in morass of ineptitude get and torment Pakistan. The elecof the leaders while the people have tion campaign of Awami League has lost their trust over their rulers. As little to show to its voters in terms of Bangladesh heads for fresh polls, it progress so perhaps at the bidding of is quite predictable that owing to its its Indian tutors; it has adopted the poor performance, incompetence and negative route of inculcating hate and selfish approach to governance, falsely tarnishing the image of its


opponents: the BNP.Even a cursory glance of the contents of the propaganda campaign carried by Bangladeshi print media depicts slur and libellous allegations against Begum Khaleda Zia and her family members. One such story claims that Mr. Tarique Rehman son of the BNP Chairperson, Begum Khalida Zia to be linked with ISI and receiving financial support from the Pakistani security agency. The apparently malevolent slander is quoted to be sourced from Bangladeshi Intelligence agency. The strategy is double edged; firstly to instil doubts in the minds of Bangladeshi voters against BNP leadership especially since Mr. Tarique Rehman is likely to take over the leadership of BNP from his mother (Begum Khalida Zia) and is a strong contestant to win elections in Bangladesh and secondly to appease Awami League’s Indian masters, whose sworn aim is to bring Pakistan down by hook or by crook. In the bargain, the Awami League expects to win the elections despite its poor performance while in the seat of government. From Pakistan’s point of view, internal affairs of Bangladesh are its own problem. Pakistan remains its well wisher but deplores the aspersions being cast on it and one of its prestigious organizations the ISI. Bangladeshi media including columnists and academia should maintain a balance in their writings when they criticize Pakistan for its alleged meddling in its electoral process. The people of Bangladesh reign supreme in the final verdict as to who should rule them. It is neither for India nor Pakistan to play their favourites. It is true that Bangladesh liberated itself from Pakistan with the help of India and as such Awami League may be feeling obliged to lis-

ten to it. During the civil war that raged in 1971, madness gripped both sides i.e. the people of erstwhile East Pakistan and the Pakistan Army. Atrocities were committed by both protagonists and Bangladeshi politicians rake them up, whenever Awami League is in power. However, the people of Bangladesh and Pakistan enjoy a special camaraderie which cannot be breached through propaganda. It has been observed during Pakistan-India cricket matches played on Bangladeshi grounds that the entire stadium supports Pakistani players. The Indian team management and political leadership has complained to Bangladeshi authorities time and again but the love and respect for each other is so spontaneous that no amount of political intervention can change it. Under these circumstances, the current wave of anti Pakistan propaganda by a desperate and beleaguered Awami League is not only in bad taste but is likely to backfire as majority of the Bangladeshis will see through the ploy and reject the League in the elections. If some gullible persons do swallow the bait, that would be unfortunate. On Pakistan’s part, its Foreign Office should take cognizance of this naked aggression on the part of Awami League to besmirch the reputation of Pakistan. Simultaneously, Pakistani media must take up the cudgels for its country and ISI to protect its good name. Unfortunately, some members of Pakistani media are so dazzled by Indian propaganda that they are willing to swallow hook line and sinker any smear against Pakistan. They need to see the reality. —The writer is retired PAF Group Captain and a TV talk show host.

S it Europe before the first world war or the second? Ana lysts disagree, but all see the escalation of military threats between the two industrial giants China and Japan over disputed islands in the East China Sea with growing alarm. The latest crisis was caused by China’s decision to extend its “air defence identification zone” (ADIZ) over a group of uninhabited islands which Japan calls the Senkakus and China knows as the Diaoyutai. Several overflights later, not least by a pair of US B-52 bombers, and nothing much has changed, except that a hairtrigger that originally was to be measured in hours and governed by the speed of boats, has now become a matter of seconds. Few can say what prompted the latest Chinese move. This is a time when the Chinese leader, Xi Jinping, is attempting to drive major economic reform and the announcement may be a sop to the military, when its voice in the national debate could be weakening. It is hard to avoid the conclusion, though, that the declaration was a way of testing the waters for a reaction – which they duly got. The state-run China Daily accused Japan and the US of overreacting, saying that if the world’s sole superpower needed multiple ADIZs to fend off perceived threats, China should be allowed theirs. Besides, they claimed the measure was not targeted at any particular country. This is not how it is seen in Japan, which has witnessed a growing number of confrontations, or “incidents”, over islands in which Beijing showed little interest for much of the last decade. For Japan, the dispute over the islands is part of a major naval push to extend China’s maritime influence beyond the first island chain of the Pacific. China claims the status quo was changed by Japan’s decision to nationalise the islands. What they don’t want to admit is that this was done to stop the islands being used by Japanese nationalists on madcap flag waving stunts. The land to which the islands are closest is neither Japan nor China, but Taiwan – with which Tokyo has few problems. Last year Taiwan showed the way out of these disputes by signing an agreement with Tokyo which sidestepped the issue of sovereignty and divided the fisheries to mutual benefit. This model, first applied in the North Sea, is the only rational way out of these disputes – although it is not one that Britain is particularly keen on applying to the Falklands. China and Japan agreed in 2008 to co-operate on the joint development of the East China Sea. Further talks have never been pursued and, to date, not even a hotline exists between the two powers to avert another incident in the sea or in the air. It is time for people in China and Japan to turn down the volume of simplistic nationalist rhetoric and to pursue pragmatic dialogue. — The Guardian


Protests in Thailand


OR the past three years, poli tics in Thailand has been dominated by a man who hasn’t been in power for almost a decade yet who casts a long shadow over swathes of the electorate. Thaksin Shinawatra was the prime minister but has since been convicted — the voracity of the evidence against him is at least questionable — of corruption. His sister is now the prime minister and has been fighting to clear his name through passage of an amnesty bill — a law that has been rejected by Thailand’s senate. But protests still continue from those opposed to passage of the law, with demonstrations targeting government buildings on a rotating basis. Life in Bangkok is stalled by these demonstrations while the nation’s economy is suffering because of the government’s preoccupation with the political unrest. All sides in this dispute need to bear in mind that there is a long history of Thailand’s military intervening to end political crises, with democracy being suspended for years at a time. If this impasse continues for much longer, the troops may very well be mobilised once more. — Gulf News Ninety per cent of inspiration is perspiration. —Proverb

Importance of Zakat A

CCORDING to the Islamic Shariah, an Islamic State can not impose any taxes upon its Muslim citizens, besides Zakat. As far as the non-Muslims living in an Islamic state are concerned, they become citizens of an Islamic state through an agreement between themselves and the Islamic state. Taxes upon these non-Muslims shall be governed by the agreement that was mutually agreed upon between them and the Islamic state. The taxes proposed on the non-Muslim citizens in the agreement may or may not be equal to or related with the rates specified for Zakat. In view of the above explanation, imposition of Income tax, Wealth tax and all other direct or indirect taxes, by an Islamic state upon its Muslim citizens, is not in accordance with the directives of the Islamic Shariah. The word ‘tax’ first appeared in the English language only in the 14th century. It derives from the Latin taxare which means ‘to assess’. Before that, English used the related word ‘task’, derived from Old French. For a while, ‘task’ and ‘tax’ were both in common use, the first requiring labour, the second money. ‘Tax’ then developed its

meaning to imply something weari- and Taxation. Zakat is the only tax some or challenging. So words like an Islamic government can impose ‘duty’ were used to suggest a more upon its Muslim citizens. It is not appealing purpose. merely a charity Political spin has The Spirit Of Islam fund but can be just as long a hisspent on the coltory as taxation, and lective needs of the neither has been depeople as well: tained unduly by The Zakat money the meaning of can be used to pay words. the salaries of all The history of government offiZakat is the same as cials including that that of Salat. It is of the head of state, evident from the to build all works Holy Qur’an that of public interest, like Salat its directo cater for defence tive always existed requirements and Atif Noor Khan to establish an Isin the Shariah of the previous Prophets. lamic system of InWhen the Almighty asked the Mus- surance. In short, the system of Zakat lims to pay it, it was not something envisaged by the Holy Qur’ân and unknown to them. All the followers Sunnah totally meets the requireof the religion of Ibrahim (AS) were ments of running a welfare state. fully aware of it. For this very reason Elimination of interest in the Surah Al-Ma’arij (70:25) describes it economy and the imposition of the as “A specified right.” true concept of Zakat will not only Thus it was a pre-existing Sunnah generate enough money to meet the which the Holy Prophet (PBUH), running expenses of the state but a with necessary reformations, upheld considerable amount for developat the behest of the Almighty. There ment as well. However, a major part is a clear difference between Zakat of the revenue for development

would be obtained by means of all state owned enterprises whose management would be transferred to the private sector through either or both of the two modes: (i) selling a certain quantity of shares to the private sector, (ii) imposing kharaaj (tribute) on the party of the private sector which is entrusted with the job of management. One of the major objectives of Zakat is poverty alleviation. The issue is can Zakat be spent on NonMuslims for this purpose. Though a number of Jurists have viewed that Zakat can be spent on non-Muslims, the majurity view is that for poverty alleviation of Non-Muslims nonZakat resources should be spent. There is no disagreement on the point that poverty alleviation and welfare of non-Muslims is an important concern for an Islamic state. Zakat and tax are not same. Zakat is very small part of yearly income while tax is a huge share of monthly income one earns. Zakat eradicates poverty while tax increases in many folds. Hence, people pay taxes happily but they avoid paying Zakat which is lesser than taxes and better in use than the taxes.

Dilemma of entrance examination Dr Jamil Ahmad


VERY summer hundreds of thousands of students around the country get engaged in contemplating a smooth, steady, and rewarding transformation from college to university. They apply for admission at various seats of higher learning within the country and overseas. This dreary process involves not only the applicants but also their parents. Both the students and their parents go through an unnecessary monetary, emotional, and occasional ordeal in the process of reaching the right path to the academic destination and professional options of the youth. Entrance examination can be used by any educational institution to select best quality students for its academic programs at any level of higher learning—from primary to higher. It is more common at higher levels, though. No doubt, this is an effective mechanism to standardize the selection of students by any educational institution. Entrance test system is

available in many countries around the globe, for example in China – National Higher Education Entrance Examination, in Japan - National Center for University Entrance Examinations, and in most of the USA Universities the popular test of SAT is used for admission to undergraduate studies. Pakistan, however, is amongst those few countries which have no standardized test system available; instead, every university takes its own entrance test for admission. Some of the universities feel pride in the number of students appearing in their test despite the level of difficulty of the test. NTS could be one of the best options available, but unfortunately NTS could not gain popularity because of reasons unknown. Absence of accessibility and availability of test in remote cities may be one of the major hurdles in its popularity. The quality and aptness of the tests administered by NTS might be another probable reason of its inefficacy. The major issue for students and parents regarding this tedious task of going through university admission process is that universities are taking

entrance test on different dates and timings. Appearing in test of each university requires a lot of finance which may not be affordable for some students. Universities with modest ranking and humble standards take entrance tests only for psychological satisfaction because they carry on with the admission process even after the test date. Students who come after the entrance test find it easier to get admission as compared to those who appear in entrance test of these universities. We have made our education system so complex and difficult for students and parents to choose the right university. It would be in the interest of our education system if all universities make a unified test system across the country. The unified test should also be available to students in the remote areas so they do not need to travel. Some of the outstanding students in the rural areas of the country do not even know how and where to submit an application form. Some assistance in this regard is required too. None of the universities has made a statistical comparison to show how many brilliant students

could not qualify their test; hence, there is no quality check of these tests. My intent is not to criticize here the quality or authenticity of the entrance tests but to advocate an easy and cost-effective system where every eligible student could take part and show his/her talent. It would be in the interest of the country if all universities in a particular town or region make a generic university admission system where students make a single application indicating the order of preference for universities and academic programs. Students submit score of the unified test directly to the universities of their choice and/or send the same with the admission application forms. Universities will gauge the adequacy of students as per their requirement and capacities. In this way the universities will continue exercising their right to set different levels/ standards of scores to select students for the academic programs without compromising either on the interests of the students or their own quality parameters. —The writer is VC, Abasyn University, Peshawar.

Views From Abroad

A most dangerous deal Yaakov Amidror


UST after the signing ceremony in Geneva on Sunday, President Hassan Rouhani of Iran declared that the world had recognized his country’s “nuclear rights.” He was right. The agreement Iran reached with the so-called P5+1 — the United States, Britain, China, France and Russia, plus Germany — does not significantly roll back Iran’s nuclear capabilities. Iran made only cosmetic concessions to preserve its primary goal, which is to continue enriching uranium. The agreement represents a failure, not a triumph, of diplomacy. With North Korea, too, there were talks and ceremonies and agreements — but then there was the bomb. This is not an outcome Israel could accept with Iran. Harsh sanctions led Iran to the negotiating table. The easing of those sanctions will now send companies from around the world racing into Iran to do business, which will lead to the eventual collapse of the sanctions that supposedly remain. Might economic relief, reduced isolation and new goodwill lead to greater pressure on the Iranian regime to reach a fuller agreement later? I doubt

it: As recently as last week, Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, denounced Israel as a “rabid dog,” a jab that Western leaders failed to condemn. The deal will only lead Iran to be more stubborn. Anyone who has conducted business or diplomatic negotiations knows that you don’t reduce the pressure on your opponent on the eve of negotiations. Yet that is essentially what happened in Geneva. Iran will not only get to keep its existing 18,000 centrifuges; it will also be allowed to continue developing the next generation of centrifuges, provided it does not install them in uranium-enrichment facilities. Which is to say: Its uranium-enrichment capability is no weaker. Under the deal Iran is supposed to convert its nearly 200 kilograms of uranium enriched to 20 percent purity — a short step away from bomb-grade material — into material that cannot be used for a weapon. In practice, this concession is almost completely meaningless. The agreement does not require Iran to reduce its stockpile of uranium enriched to 3.5 percent, not even by one gram. Transforming unprocessed uranium into 3.5 percentenriched uranium accounts for more than two-thirds of the time needed to transform unprocessed uranium

into weapons-grade material. And given the thousands of centrifuges Iran has, the regime can enrich its stock of low-level uranium to weapons-grade quality in a matter of months. Iran already has enough of this material to make four bombs. The Geneva deal, in short, did not address the nuclear threat at all. This was Iran’s great accomplishment. No wonder Mr. Rouhani boasted that the world had recognized Iran’s nuclear rights. The United States, at the direction of President Obama, has developed sophisticated weaponry specifically in order to deter Iran from going nuclear. But heaven forbid those should have to be used is the dominant feeling in Western capitals. As a result, greater US military capabilities may have given the P5+1 more reason, rather than less, to strike a deal in Geneva. And while the Obama administration maintains that the military option is still on the table in case Iran does not comply with the new agreement, that threat is becoming less and less credible. Supporters of the agreement emphasize that future inspections in Iran will be frequent and strict. But people familiar with the history of past inspections are sceptical, to say the least. If the Iranians decide to deceive the inspectors, they will succeed; they

have in the past. Proponents of the deal also say that it is only a preliminary agreement and that the real fight will take place down the road. The experience of the past several weeks does not inspire optimism. The six powers — the United States, Britain, China, France, Germany and Russia — have shown that they wanted an agreement more than Iran did. The party that was targeted by the sanctions has achieved more than the parties that imposed them. There is no reason to think that the six powers will have more leverage in the future than they had before the Geneva agreement. On the contrary, they just gave that leverage away. After years of disingenuous negotiations, Iran is now just a few months away from a bomb. The West has surrendered its most effective diplomatic tool in exchange for baseless promises of goodwill. I pray its gamble pays off, for if it does not there will be only one tool left to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. The Geneva agreement has made the world a more dangerous place. It did not have to be this way. The writer was the head of the Israeli National Security Council from March 2011 until earlier this month. — Courtesy: The New York Times

Race and colour..!


NE of the most absurd things that we carry are the prejudices we have for another’s race or colour. “He is a Punjabi,” somebody shouts with disdain. “A Muslim,” another shouts with anger. “A Pakistani or Chinese,” and the refrain goes on. I doubt we have any choice over the colour of the skin we are born with, the caste or religion we are born into or the country we are born in........ and this choice was also not given

to the people we ridicule or the people we treat with contempt. There is a lovely little verse which I read and would like to share with you, by Elizabeth Hart. It goes like this: She spoke of heaven And an angelic host She spoke and God And the Holy Ghost She spoke of the Lords teachings Of man’s brotherhood, Yet when she had to sit beside a Negro once – She stood. Just like many of us, isn’t it?. I was shocked the other day when a good friend of mine, looked at me and pointing to another man said, “don’t trust him, he’s a Manglorean”. And yet we can fight about our religious beliefs and we can speak about God’s love, till it comes to loving another brother or sister, whom God also cre-

ated. Did we ever realise that the same God we believe in, created not only us but all the others on the earth....? Yet our prejudices becomes stronger and stronger. There is a legand in the Talmud of a traveller coming at twilight to a camping place. As he looked off into the distance he saw a strange object. Through the gathering dusk it seemed to take the shape of a terrible monster, and he resolved to go closer to see, if possible what it was. Drawing nearer, he saw that it was a man. Much of his fear than vanished. Thereupon he ventured closer and found that not only was the object a man like himself but... that it was his own brother! .......... yes my dear readers what a monster prejudice is.

The great Voltaire called “Prejudice as the reasoning of the stupid”. In our country, where we of many diverse faiths and different colours live side by side, let us look beyond this so called monster, and find a brother instead. Let us stop being stupid.....! If you do not like me because I am ignorant, I can be sent to school and educated. If you do not like me because I am dirty, I can be taught to wash and be clean. If you do not like me because of my un-social habits, I can be taught how to live in society. But if you do not like me because of the colour of my skin, I can only refer you to the God who made me..! —

Voice of the People The morning shows HINA HUSSAIN


hat makes a morning more relaxing is when you see your favorite celebrity in morning show discussing their professional life experiences and answering to phone calls. Pakistani media has tremendously polished the content of morning shows. Different channels broadcast different shows, which has made it more colorful and interesting for an individual who hates violence and crime. I remember when I was a kid the only activity I enjoyed was to watch morning show with a bowl of cereal. But nowadays, the trends of morning shows have taken a new phase. The pioneer theme is to conduct wedding ceremonies, match making, crime issues, divided and disturbed family issues and more alarming is, the adult conversation which sometimes makes the show depressing and vulgar. Wearing all that fancy dresses and dancing is not what the audience demand for, especially in the morning shows. Keeping aside the point of ratings, the idea of a morning show is badly spoiled and disfigured. There should be something that deals with the main interest of housewives, like guide lines for educated girls about their online career, tips to remain fit and healthy, interviews with doctors regarding the health issues (pregnant ladies), interviews of female professionals, which would educate the housewives in prudent house keeping and encourage the young ones towards a better sense of direction. It has been observed that morning shows are the best way to communicate and to stay update. But still a large number of the women lack behind the updates and they don’t usually love to watch, just because of the costumes and the conversation is so cheap and hopeless and even devoid of decency. There should be a proper content scheme for these shows so that it is worth watching and according to the values and traditions of our society. It should be sanner, simple, educative and moral presented in a fascinating manner. —Via email

Hope dies last TAYYABA PARACHA Often called underprivileged people of a poor terrorists-hit county, Pakistanis do not seem to have a good reputation in international world. It certainly has become a place where no one cares people live or die and where people themselves feel no hesitation in putting their lives on stakes for money, passion and faith. Though it sounds miserable but it has a positive aspect too. Who else in the world is so fearless than us? A true strength of a person or a nation comes to exposure when they have nothing to lose. We certainly come in that category. When everything turns you in despair, you try a different perspective to think on. Today, I see my country through a different eye. The eye of hope and faith. Where you see my country burnt down by sectarian violence and invaded by terrorists local and foreign, I see our brave and fearless forces sacrificing the lives for us. Those brave army men leaving their families behind willing to die just so that the weak can sleep fearlessly. Where you see corrupt politicians and greedy landlords doing horrible things for greed, I take a look on that honest farmer who teaches his little boy honesty and truth lessons. Where the TV ‘Talk Shows’ make us think the future is dark for us, I see in the eyes of people, optimism, passion and courage to pass through the bad phase. The people volunteering for good causes and arranging events for awareness all on their own, just on the belief that they can bring a little change and the enthusiastic youth striving to built a good international image ; they are the real face of Pakistan. The general stereotype impression about us for being terrorists can be removed by media showing the efforts of these people to the viewers. The real spirit of patriotism can be restored when people put on a little faith in what they have. As hope dies the last, we will struggle until the end to see a peaceful and prosperous Pakistan. —Via email

Improving indoor air naturally KIRAN FAUZIA If you were to ask people what they thought the highest risk from polluted air was – most people would answer that it would be by a busy road, or near a smoke-belching factory, or some other urban environment. Most would not answer “in the home”. Now the home might not necessarily contain the most polluted air of all – but part of the problem is that people spend a great deal of time indoors, meaning greater exposure to whatever might be in the air. Also, in the modern age of energy saving, advanced insulation has become a major goal – and many modern homes are quite well sealed; meaning that if there are pollutants in the air, they stay around for longer. Did you know that indoor air is 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air? We are typically surrounded by manufactured synthetic products, many of which are known to “off gas” – gradually exuding toxic volatile chemicals such as benzene or formaldehyde. The EPA has stated that indoor air quality is one of the top 5 risks to public health. Our home environment has been destroyed due to cleaners, airfreshners and other chemical products. The three main household toxins of concern are: Benzene, Formaldehyde, and Trichloroethylene. Household products such as detergent, floor and furniture polish, paints, and various cleaning products for glass, wood, metal, ovens, toilets, and drains may contain hazardous chemicals such as ammonia, sulfuric and phosphoric acids, dye, chlorine, formaldehyde and phenol. Air fresheners can also contain

chemicals that are harmful to health. Art supplies, such as markers, paint and glue, also contain hazardous materials. When not properly handled, these products can make the home environment a dangerous place, especially for kids. Home furnishings, such as carpets, curtains, wall decorations and some furniture, may be treated with chemicals and are potentially unsafe. It is important to note that a few days after installation, new carpets emit volatile organic compounds, which are chemicals associated with carpet manufacturing that can be harmful to humans and the environment. Gas and wood stoves and kerosene heaters also liberate hazardous chemicals. Building materials such as particle board, insulation, asbestos and treated wood (used for decks and outdoor furniture), can also pose health threats. Some play-sets and toys, as well as outdoor swing sets and play grounds, may also be treated with toxic chemicals, made from toxic plastics or include hazardous materials. Here are some beneficial plants. Aloe Vera, not only can it be used for burns on the skin, it is also known to remove formaldehyde from the air. It needs well-drained soil with slight drying between waterings, full sun is best with protection from high heats general air purifier, especially as it grows larger. It’s known for one of the best performers in purifying the air. Moderately drought tolerant and prefers partial sun and well-drained soil. Baby Rubber Plant is also useful. These houseplants clean the air by emitting high oxygen content, and purify indoor air by removing chemicals, such as formaldehyde or other toxins. Bamboo Palm is another or Reed Palm also removes formaldehyde and is also said to act as a natural humidifier. Common name Boston Fern, said to act as a natural air humidifier, removes formaldehyde and is a general air purifier. Bright light and damp soil is good for that plant but can be tolerant of drought or partial light. Chinese Evergreen, emits high oxygen content and purifies indoor air by removing chemicals, such as formaldehyde, benzene or other toxins. Does well with full shade and good draining; variegated plants need more sunlight. The sap of this plant is considered poisonous and is an irritant. List of some plants which are toxic to be kept in-door. Flower Garden Plants, Autumn Crocus, Bleeding heart, Chrysanthemum, Daffodils, Four-o’clocks, Foxglove, Hyacinth, Hydrangea, Iris, Jonquil, Lily of the valley, Morning glory Narcissus, Snow on the mountain, Trees and Shrubs, Black locust, Boxwood, Chokecherry, Elderberry, English yew, Ground ivy, Horse chestnut, buckeye, Juniper, Oak tree, Water hemlock, Yew, Vegetable Garden Plants, Asparagus Sprouts and green parts of potato, Rhubarb leaves, Green parts of tomato, House Plants, Bird of paradise etc. —Faisalabad

Just a girl! HINA ANJUM I was just a girl living in of my selfcreated world. I played with dolls and had small dreams. Lost in my own imagination, I was the girl too busy daydreaming and waiting for my Prince Charming to come. I knew that my dreams can’t be wrong and that he’ll come one day. He’ll be there without any trumpets or any drums but I knew that I’ll still recognize him the moment he’ll come. Then the moment I was waiting for was here! The entire wait, all the time, all the worry was behind me now because the one who was meant for me was here. Everything turned pale and all I could see was him. He became the wings for my flight and vision to my sight. Then one day he left me with heartbroken! I was wronged by the best and was left by the one whom I loved the most. I had the dreams left so broken and there was no chance they’d ever come true! My hopes were shattered. I was betting on a dream that I never knew had the po-

tential to divest me of common sense, personal financial resourcefulness, and self-fulfillment directed from within. But today I believe that I am much better off quitting the fantasizing and sizing up my life’s plans with boldness and sagacity instead. Prince Charming is the idealized male who most of us girls dream about. It isn’t fair to hold every potential future mate to the high standard of being so perfect, handsome, and so clued into your every wish and need. And think about where that leaves you – do you still expect to be independent, financially resourceful, able to make your own decisions, and happy to pursue your chosen life goals? Remember that Prince Charming comes after everything else. Life goes on regardless of whether or not you’ve found Prince Charming, or lost Prince Charming. Understanding as soon as possible that life is more than the sum of your Prince Charming dream will liberate you to expect a lot more from life and a lot less from Prince Charming. So, what are you waiting for? Stop looking, start living!Girls whose perceptions of love and romance have been seriously distorted by a culture intent on breaking their hearts need to grasp these convictions. And just not be the girl who can easily become a doll in anyone’s hand. Love yourself through maintaining high self-esteem. That way you will always respect yourself and not get yourself into untenable scrapes with guys who aren’t worth your time. Know yourself, be strong and you can conquer the world! —Rawalpindi

First check the credibility KHURRAM SHAHZAD AWAN People of the present age only want to earn more and more money to enhance their bank balance through any means of earning - may be wrong or illegal. Students want success without any effort and hardwork so they become the hunt of such corrupt people of the society. Now a days many people have opened the overseas educational consistency offices to trap the students in their net by giving them the wrongful examples of the luxurious life abroad. These people have neither any licence or authority to open a consultancy firm nor do they have enough competence to guide the educated youth; however, the business is booming to trap the youngsters as no governmental permission is required to open this business. Some fake consultants are openly dealing with the students as they will provide the visa in lieu of millions of rupees. Students are not aware of the true and legal consultants who are registered with the government taxation department and have better reputation in the market. So they are paying millions of rupees to these fake consultants and for paying that huge money the poor parents often sell even their homes for the future of their children. Parents of the students should get the details of the consultant to whom they are going to hire the services from the National Tax department and also from the Federal Investigation Agency; if they find the satisfactory results then they should hire the services of that educational consistency firm. Government should impose strict rules and regulation on the overseas educational consultant firms to stop the illegal activities of corrupt people in this business. —Islamabad

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EU leaders set for tough table-talk with Ukraine

Arabs, let’s go nuclear

V ILNIUS — The European see are the costs of inaction alUnion told Ukraine on Thursday its rejection of a free-trade deal in favor of closer ties with Russia would risk its economic future, as EU leaders prepared for what is likely to be a fraught meeting with President Viktor Yanukovich. Yanukovich was due to fly into the Lithuanian capital Vilnius in time for a dinner in honor of the Eastern Partnership, the EU’s four-year-old program of outreach to former Soviet states Including Ukraine. He had been expected to sign a far-reaching free-trade and political association deal with the EU at the Vilnius summit, the result of years of negotiation. But last week, following intense pressure from Moscow and growing concerns about Ukraine’s dire economic situation, Yanukovich announced he was not ready to sign the EU deal yet and would instead focus on reviving economic dialogue with Russia. Speaking a few hours before Yanukovich was due to arrive, EU enlargement commissioner Stefan Fuele warned Ukraine that its decision to walk away from the agreement could imperil its future. Disputing Ukraine’s figures for the cost of upgrading its economic base to European standards, Fuele said: “The Ukrainian economy needs huge investments but these are not costs. They represent future income, more growth, more jobs and more wealth.” “The only costs that I can

lowing more stagnation of the economy and risking the economic future and health of the country,” he told a business forum in Vilnius, adding that the EU offer remained on the table. Yanukovich himself set the scene for a frosty encounter by dismissing the EU’s trade offer as “humiliating”. The 600 million euros ($800 million), or so, of support on offer was “candy in a pretty wrapper”, he said. But his presence at the EU gathering - without signing the agreement - indicates he does not want to burn his bridges with the EU and leave his country’s economic future solely to Russia. His government says the suspension of the deal with the EU marks only a “pause” in moves to integrate Ukraine into the European mainstream. He has accepted short-term support from Moscow, which supplies Ukraine half of its gas needs, without committing to Russia’s Customs Union with Kazakhstan and Belarus, and all the while keeping the EU within reach. Defending Kiev’s decision, First Deputy Prime Minister Serhiy Arbuzov told the Vilnius forum: “The country cannot be ready for such serious decision (to sign) if the social-economic situation is not balanced.” “No about-face has taken place. We are confidently moving towards an aim which we have set. Ukrainians need Europe and the European path is the only one for us,” he said.—Reuters

Turkey’s envoy to Cairo returns home amid spat ISTANBUL—Turkey’s ambassador to Cairo has returned home after being expelled in a diplomatic spat over Ankara’s support for Egypt’s ousted Islamist president, the foreign ministry said Thursday. The row erupted at the weekend after Turkish Prime Minister Prime Recep Tayyip Erdogan again criticised the military “coup” in Egypt that ousted president Mohamed Morsi in July. Egypt kicked out the Turkish ambassador, prompting Ankara to declare the Egyptian envoy “persona non grata” and downgrading diplomatic relations. The Turkish envoy Huseyin Avni Botsali landed in Istanbul and left the airport without making any comments, the foreign ministry said. Turkish President Abdullah

Gul has voiced hope that relations would be put on a better footing soon, saying after Egypt’s decision on Saturday that the situation was “temporary”. “We will not stop saying what is right and standing by the Egyptian people just because the coup-installed government in Egypt is disturbed,” he said on Tuesday. Erdogan’s Islamic-rooted government had forged an alliance with Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood after the Islamist leader won Egypt’s first free presidential election in June last year. Turkey, a predominantly Sunni Muslim country, has found itself increasingly isolated in the Middle East and now has no ambassadors in Egypt, Israel and Syria.—AFP

Army and demonstrators clash in northern Mali B AMAKO —Malian soldiers and a man were wounded,” said opened fire on demonstrators in the troubled northern city of Kidal on Thursday, residents said, injuring five people in an altercation that highlighted tensions over the country’s new government. The demonstrators had gathered at Kidal airfield to protest the arrival of Prime Minister Oumar Tatam Ly on an official visit one day after the government announced provisional results from the first round of legislative elections Sunday. After refusing requests from United Nations peacekeepers and the Malian military to leave, demonstrators began throwing rocks at Malian soldiers, who responded with live ammunition, witnesses said. “It was when they began throwing stones at the military that the military retaliated and shot at the crowd. Four women

Kidal resident Moussa Maiga. However, Mamary Camara, zone commander for the Malian army in Kidal, disputed the witnesses’ account, saying stonethrowing protesters had used the women as shields to block them from the Malian soldiers, and that Malian soldiers only fired into the air. “We began to shoot in the air to clear the protesters and then we returned to camp,” Camara said. “The women who were injured were certainly injured by the protesters, not by us.” At Kidal hospital, two women were in critical condition, and a team from the French-led mission known as Serval came to evacuate the seriously injured by air, said Mohamed Ag Abdoulhamid, a local journalist who went to the hospital.—AP



People dressed in outfits of various popular professions in Ukraine carry a coffin symbolising Ukraine’s Euro-association during an anti-Europe rally in Kiev

Sri Lanka starts counting the civil war dead COLOMBO—Sri Lanka’s gov- over its delay to implement the session next March. recommendations of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission which includes a local inquiry into allegations of war abuse against government soldiers and the now-defeated Tamil Tiger rebels. Countries like the United States and Britain have warned that Sri Lanka could face an international war crimes investigation if it fails to conduct its own inquiry. The U.N. Human Rights Council has passed two successive resolutions calling for an inquiry. U.N human rights chief Navi Pillay is expected to submit her findings from a visit to Sri Lanka at the council’s next

Central African Republic needs peacekeepers: EU

IAEA to visit nuclear-linked Iran site under new accord

A BIDJAN — Central African Republic needs up to four times more peacekeepers than are currently deployed to quell the worsening sectarian conflict and provide security for aid workers, the European Union’s top humanitarian official said. The country has descended into chaos since the Seleka coalition of rebels, many of them from neighboring Chad and Sudan, ousted President Francois Bozize in March. France is preparing to boost its force in its anarchic former colony to at least 1,000 soldiers once a U.N. resolution is passed next week to improve security until a 3,600strong African Union force is operational. Paris already has around 400 troops based at the airport in the capital Bangui. Around 2,500 regional peacekeepers deployed in the country are to be brought into the AU force. “Clearly what needs to be done is beefing up of peacekeeping forces. Tripling or quadrupling what is there,” EU aid chief Kristalina Georgieva said, warning they face a twin risk of a Somalia-like state collapse and potential genocide.—Reuters

Sri Lankan troops in May 2009 defeated Tamil Tiger rebels who had fought since 1983 to create an independent state for the country’s ethnic minority Tamils. The government expelled international aid workers and U.N. staff from the war zone in the last stages of the fighting and blocked independent journalists from covering the war, making it impossible for outsiders to know the extent of civilian deaths. According to a U.N. report, as many as 40,000 Tamil civilians may have died in the last few months of the fighting, which the government disputes.

For two years after the war, Sri Lanka’s government had insisted that not a single civilian was killed. But later in 2011 it acknowledged some civilian deaths and announced a census of the war dead but its results were vague. Government troops were accused of deliberately shelling civilians, hospitals and blocking food and medical aid to hundreds of thousands of people boxed inside a tiny strip of land as the rebels mounted their last stand. The rebels were accused of holding civilians as human shields, killing those escaped their control and recruiting child soldiers.—AP

ernment started counting the dead, wounded and missing in its quarter-century civil war amid international pressure to conduct a credible investigation into war crimes allegations. It comes two years after a local war commission recommended a census to determine the number of civilian deaths in the civil war which ended in 2009. Tens of thousands are said to have perished in just the last few months of the fighting. Government census official A.J. Satharasinghe said the countrywide count by some 15,000 workers will be completed on Dec. 20. Sri Lanka is under pressure

V IENNA — Iran has invited concerned that the reactor, million) budget for inspections U.N. inspectors to visit its Arak heavy-water production plant on December 8, the first concrete step under a new cooperation pact aimed at clarifying concerns about the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program. U.N. nuclear agency chief Yukiya Amano also said it would take some time to look into how Sunday’s separate, landmark agreement between Iran and six world powers on curbing Tehran’s disputed nuclear activity could be “put into practice” with respect to his inspectors’ role in verifying compliance. Amano, addressing the 35nation board of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), suggested that additional financial resources and staff may be needed. Both agreements indicate how Iran is acting quickly to address fears about its nuclear program after the election in June of a relative moderate, Hassan Rouhani, as new president on a platform to smooth its troubled relations with the world. The Arak facility produces heavy water intended for use in a nearby research reactor that is under construction. The West is

which Iran has said could start up next year, could yield plutonium as fuel for atomic bombs once operational. Iran says it will make medical isotopes only. As part of its agreement with the powers, Iran is to halt installation work at the reactor and stop making fuel for it. The IAEA will be able to significantly expand monitoring of Iran’s uranium enrichment plants and other sites under the November 24 interim accord reached after marathon talks between Iran and the United States, Russia, China, France, Germany and Britain. “This will include the implications for funding and staffing,” Amano said, according to a copy of his speech. “This analysis will take some time. I will consult the board as soon as possible when it has been completed.” Western diplomats say the U.N. watchdog, which regularly visits Iranian nuclear sites to ensure that no nuclear material there is diverted for military purpose, will require extra resources to cope with an increased workload. About 10 percent of its annual 121-million-euro ($164

is already devoted to Iran. The agency has about 1-2 staff on the ground every day of the year, with about 20 staff dedicated to inspector activity in Iran. “There is significant extra work and they will require extra resources to do it,” a Western envoy said, with “the extremely complex and difficult implementation” of Sunday’s interim accord expected to start in January. The agreement between Iran and the powers is designed to halt any further advances in Iran’s nuclear campaign and buy time for talks on a final settlement of the decade-old dispute. After years of confrontation, it underlined a thaw in relations between Iran and the West after the June election of Rouhani on a platform to end Tehran’s isolation and win relief from sanctions that have battered the oil producer’s economy. But Western officials and experts caution that finding a permanent solution to the Iranian nuclear issue will likely be an uphill struggle, with the two sides still far apart on the final scope and capacity of the Iranian nuclear program.—Reuters

HE least that should be learnt from the recently reached deal between the P5+1 and Iran is that Arabs, now more geopolitically rivaled, should push for securing a membership in the world’s still-exclusive nuclear club. The explicit and implicit intentions behind the nuclear deal the P5+1 goup reached with Iran and its ultimate goal should not be a big concern for Arab countries, particularly those allied under the so-called “axis of moderation” comprising Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the UAE and most Gulf states. For these countries, the agreement with Iran – nowadays-promoted as “historic” – and its undeniable political implications should mean one thing – the Arab world is now geopolitically rivaled by the two internationally-recognized nuclear powers – Israel from the west and now Iran from the east. For the oil-rich Arab states and their allies, Jordan and Egypt, the simplest way to alleviate such an “internationally-accredited” challenge and consequently keep balanced within the Middle East’s political and military rivalry is to invest in large-scale, covert nuclear programs for peaceful or even military purposes. This might be interpreted by many as pure deviation or tendency to “madness” – the term always attached to nuclear weapons – but with regard to the unprecedented geopolitical pressure resulting from the deal with Iran, “going nuclear” might be the best mechanism for the massively-rivaled Arabs. Helpless and dismayed Arabs, who have long urged for obliging Israel to sign the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons to reach the ultimate goal of a Middle East free of weapons of mass destruction and have always had their call unheard are now required to adapt to a new political situation – Iran as a regional power as accredited by their longtime ally the U.S. One would argue against such a rationale, saying that the U.S.’s ultimate goal in the breakthrough agreement is to eliminate Iran’s nuclear weapons before they are built when stipulating in the deal the limitation of uranium enrichment – the main point of contention over Tehran’s alleged nuclear weapons drive to low levels that can only be used for civilian energy purposes. The whole oil-rich Arab region knows that while nuclear energy is expensive and environmentally risky, obtaining nuclear technology even for exclusively peaceful purposes has long been a state’s source of power and influence Scientifically and totally not politically, such an argument is valid to a greater extent. Despite President Barack Obama’s and Secretary of State John Kerry’s forceful defence of the “historic” accord, Iran succeeded in gaining international recognition for its controversial nuclear program and, more importantly, as a regional power. While getting such recognition from world powers of its right of nuclear technology is for many observers the major aspect of Iran’s victory in the recently-announced deal in Geneva, Tehran’s success in preserving its regime is the major triumph and the primary goal of the deal for many others, including George Friedman of the Texas-based Stratfor Global Intelligence think tank. In a recently published report, Friedman argued that the lessening of Western sanctions on Iran in exchange of limited uranium enrichment would result in reducing Iranian economic hardships and alleviating their hidden anger over their rulers. For Ari Shavit of The New York Times, with the Americans and their allies loosening the economic siege on Iran, they “allow Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the economic oxygen needed to sustain his autocratic regime.” Shavit has gone further as arguing that the accord would help slow down Iran’s race to the nuclear bomb but it would also guarantee that Tehran would eventually cross the finish line. If the deal were accompanied by a U.S.’s decisive stance on Syria with a clear roadmap, Arab longtime allies’ frustration, dismay and perplexity over the deal would have been a lot lower. Once more, let us not be too bothered and annoyed by the repercussions of the six-month interim agreement and focus more on how to remain influential in the region’s neverended state of rivalry again through entering the nuclear race. In fact, Arab states trying to obtain nuclear technologies in a bid to be balanced with the intensively-backed Israel is not something new, beginning from the time of Gamal Abdel Nasser’s Egypt through Iraq, Algeria and Libya. What is so remarkable is that, right after the announcement of the deal with Iran, Jordanian officials began taking with ease about uranium to be enriched locally in the kingdom’s projected nuclear plants instead of nuclear fuel, certainly having seen the United States’ softening stance with Iran. The whole oil-rich Arab region knows that while nuclear energy is expensive and environmentally risky, obtaining nuclear technology even for exclusively peaceful purposes has long been a state’s source of power and influence. This is one of the driving factors behind Iran’s determination on obtaining nuclear technologies. The angry Israelis are aware of that already. Taking into account such an aspect, along with the new geopolitical challenges the nuclear deal has brought with it, Arab states are requested to think of embarking on largescale nuclear programs with no fear whatsoever of being suspected or sanctioned as nuclear bomb seekers. Israel, which struck Iraq’s and Syria’s covert nuclear facilities in 1981 and 2007 respectively, is less expected to attack any of the moderate Arab states’ future nuclear facilities even if operating overtly on a large scale - due to the high price of such a unilateral move that is difficult to be approved by the U.S. which opposed any military action by Israel against its nemesis, Iran. To the extent that the P5+1 deal has given Iran legitimacy for nuclear activities, it will and should give other Middle Eastern states the right to also go nuclear. —Courtesy Alarabiya

Honour killings: India’s crying shame NUPUR BASU


CCORDING to statis tics from the United Nations, one in five cases of honour killing internationally every year comes from India. Of the 5000 cases reported internationally, 1000 are from India. Non-governmental organisations put the number at four times this figure. They claim it is around 20,000 cases globally every year. While traditionally occuring in villages and smaller towns in India, the cases of ‘honour killing’ have been on the rise and are reported sporadically in the media. The double murder of a 14year-old school girl and a 50year-old domestic help in a New Delhi suburb with its

‘honour killing’ sub text has received unprecedented attention, and is perhaps urban India’s most hyped alleged ‘honour killing’. Although the Talwars, the parents of the girl, were charged with the murders of their daughter, Aarushi and their domestic help, Hemraj, the ‘motive’ for the murders has always been attributed to ‘honour killing’. Special CBI Judge Shyam Lal, while convicting the parents earlier this week, said that the dentist couple had found their daughter and the help in an “objectionable position”. The judgement, based on circumstantial evidence, has however left many unconvinced. But irrespective of what the truth is, the Aarushi case has shone the spotlight on honour killings. “The social moorings of this case and its ramifications on

India’s middle class could not have been lost on anyone,” observed Anubha Bhonsle, an anchor for CNN-IBN, in one of her programmes. However, if the judiciary, through this verdict, is trying to drive home the message that there will be zero tolerance for ‘honour killing’ regardless of how powerful the perpetrators are, the question that will come up is whether the judiciary will apply the same rigour in some of the most gruesome cases of ‘honour killings’ taking place in rural India, far from the gaze of television cameras. Some gruesome cases that have been reported in the media in recent times from different regions in the country include that of 23 year old Dharmender Barak and 18 year old Nidhi Barak, who paid a heavy price for defying

their families and falling in love. The couple, from a village in Rohtak district in Harayana, were tortured, mutilated and killed by the girl’s father and their relatives when they tried to run away and marry. A friend whom the couple had confided in, leaked their plans to the girl’s parents, who lured them back with assurances, only to allegedly kill them in the most cruel manner. The police is treating the ‘double murder’ as a ‘honour crime’. The accused surrendered, then fled bail and was finally rearrested in 2011. The court convicted him for murdering his daughter this year. The court said ‘honour’ was the motive behind the murder. On November 1, 2013, in Bhopal, a lower court announced a life term for 10 men in a case of ‘honour killing’. The men

were accused of killing Amar Singh, the elder brother of Sawar Singh who had allegedly eloped with Hema, the wife of Balbir Singh, one of the accused men. The men went to Amar Singh’s house, questioned him about the whereabouts of the couple and then poured kerosene on him and set him on fire. Amar Singh died of the burns. All these cases have led to a new discourse on legislation. Does India acutely need a separate legislation on ‘honour killing’? A proposal to that effect has been made by a study done for UNFPA on gender laws. Voices have also been raised to reign in the ‘khap panchayats’, self-elected village councils comprising male village elders who perpetuate values that, in turn, covertly endorse these killings in the name of saving the ‘family’s

honour’. In rural India and middle class urban India, the onus for upholding the family morality falls on the women in the family - the daughter, daughter-inlaw, wife and mother. By daring to choose a life partner, other than the one chosen for her by her family or by committing adultery, she violates the family’s honour. Both she and her lover face death as a consequence. Recently, a group of khap panchayats filed a document before the country’s highest court saying they had been wrongly charged for encouraging honour killings in rural India. Earlier, a women’s rights group, Shakti Vahini, had petitioned the Supreme Court seeking a direction to the government to be more proactive when

‘honour killings’ are carried out. They blamed the khap panchayats for endorsing patriarchy, which reinforced the subjugation of women in society and the resultant ‘honour killings’. The court summoned 67 representatives of the khap panchayats to explain their role in ‘honour killings’. They did that in a written reply, saying it is not they who are responsible for such killings but the families who fail to prevent their daughters and sisters and wives from interacting with men, which results in shame and ostracisation by the community. They argued that women who feared their male relatives never committed such acts and therefore never had to face such consequences. In short, the khap panchayat representatives overtly defended ‘honour killings’.

The problem, however, is that in the majority of the countries, there is confusion about the definition of what constitutes an ‘honour killing’. This confusion often results in the victims not getting justice. Many families report these killings as ‘suicide’ and escape punishment under the law, according to international rights and women’s groups. According to UN statistics, the United Kingdom has 12 cases of honour killings every year, the majority of them from the Asian and west Asian diaspora. Will countries abroad have to also legislate on ‘honour killing’ if South Asian men and those from west Asia carry their patriarchy to foreign shores and murder women who break the so-called ‘cultural norms’? —Courtesy Aljazeera

Kayani hands over From Page 1 he came across formidable challenges. Meanwhile, some roads in Rawalpindi Saddr and its vicinity would remained closed from 1020 hours to 1230 hours on Friday for all kinds of traffic. These include Mall Road from PTCL crossing to Shalimar crossing; Kashmir Road from PTCL crossing to Chungi No. 22; Tamizuddin Road from Pearl Continental turn to CSD crossing and Iftikhar Janjua Road EME Mess crossing to GHQ. General Rashad Mahmood, Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee assumed the charge of his office on Thursday. A simple but impressive ceremony was held at the Joint Staff Headquarters to formally welcome the newly appointed Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, General Rashad Mahmood on assumption of the appointment. On arrival at the Joint Staff Headquarters he was received by the Director General Joint Staff, Lieutenant General Muhammad Asif. A smartly turned out contingent of the Three-Services presented the guard of honour to the Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, who reviewed the parade. Later, Director Generals of the Joint Staff Headquarters were introduced to the new Chairman. General Mahmood was appointed as the CJCSC on Wednesday while General Raheel Sharif was appointed as Army Chief. With the outgoing Army Chief General Kayani spending his last day in command, his successor General Sharif will assume charge on Friday.—INP

7 gunned down From Page 1

Gen Kayani’s tenure From Page 1 the world’s 28th most powerful man. The day will also mark the first change in command of the army since the country returned to democracy in 2008. Kayani, known as the ‘quiet general of Pakistani politics,’ has been given much credit for resisting the temptation to meddle in politics despite Pakistan’s frequent security, economic, power and political crises. Kayani was appointed army chief by former military ruler Pervez Musharraf in 2007 and received an unprecedented three-year extension from premier Yousuf Raza Gilani in 2010. During his six years tenure he came across formidable challenges. One of the major legacies of Gen Kayani, as he exits the powerful GHQ, is his consistent support for democracy though the military establishment kept stringent checks on the political leaders during his tenure. This is a legacy that the retired general was well aware of. Just recently in October while addressing the passing out parade at Kakul, he had hoped that his successor could carry on his legacy and help establish democracy on firmer footings. But Kayani may also be remembered as the longest serving COAS under a civilian set up. Though he was appointed by his

predecessor and a military dictator, Pervez Musharraf in 2007, Kayani ended up getting another three years thanks to the PPP government in power in 2010. When he was elevated to the office of army chief in 2007 by Musharraf, the expectation was that he would be the dictator’s man. But he dashed these hopes when he played neutral in the then developing tensions between the newly elected PPP government and Musharraf, which led to the latter’s exit. But perhaps even earlier than the Musharraf-PPP-PMLN showdown in the summer of 2008, Kayani showed the first hints of his independence when he began reducing the army’s direct involvement in governance by calling back the officers who had been seconded to government departments. He did this soon after taking over. This is not to say however that Kayani was able to achieve a complete separation of the civil-military affairs in a country, which had a history of military involvement in politics. Issues therefore continued to crop up between the civilian and the military leaders beginning with the controversy over the KerryLugar Aid legislation that, to the army’s chagrin, included clauses for strengthening civilian oversight over the military. The public and private ex-

pression of reservations by the military led to an impression of confrontation, but in retrospect it was a managed affair in which the army had its way without rocking the democracy boat. It was after this that Kayani got an extension from the PPP government in 2010. The next year proved to be the most challenging not only for country’s foreign relations, but also for civilmilitary relations. From the Raymond Davis episode to the killing of Osama bin Laden to Memogate Scandal and Salala incident - they all tested the resilience of the nascent democracy. The security situation in Balochistan and Karachi also remained sore points in the civil-military balance. In fact, if there was one province where Kayani was seen to continue with Musharraf’s policy it was in Balochistan. But despite all the difficulties, the PPP government completed its tenure and for the first time in the country’s history, one civilian government transferred power to a second one - under Gen Kayani’s watch. The other highlight of Gen Kayani’s tenure was the fight against terrorism. He had inherited a highly demoralised force, some of whose men surrendered to the Taliban months before he assumed the command.—Online

Is ANP at the verge of collapse? eral elections , she also said the ANP government during its tenure mercilessly failed to deliver as its leaders were only interested in loot and plunder. Hence, she announced to reactivate the ideological leaders and workers of Awami National Party and a campaign for the removal of the present top leadership of the party from their positions. Though quite aged and fragile, yet appeared determined to save the party, Begum Nasim Wali, serious political circles believe, has all the political acumen to pull out the ideological leadership of the ANP to form new party. “Though she may be fragile and confront health problems obstructing her from the active politics, she has all the charisma to attract large number of party workers if she wants to take in her hands the party affairs, remarked a senior party leader. As a matter of fact Begum Nasim Wali Khan called as Moar Bibi (respected mother) by the party workers out of reverence, has been active in the party affairs for over 35 years (1970

ing. According to the police the deceased was a resident of Soldier Bazaar. It is suspected that he was killed over a brawl. In Saranjani town unknown motorcycle riders sprayed bullets on Madina Tea House as a result of which 35 year old Abdul Jabbar was killed and Alauddin was injured. The deceased was said to be a former member of MQM and father of three. He was an owner of an Estate Agency. According to police he was probably killed over some money matters A dead body was found from North Karachi, while another bullet riddled body was found from Gadap city. Another dead body was recovered from KBR Society of Buffer Zone. Police said, the deceased identified as Saleem was an employee of ‘Sensitive Agency’. A 30 year old man committed suicide in Aagra Taj Colony of Lyari, while a child plunged into a Malir river near Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Khokhrapar area and his body Sharif paid glowing tributes to the was taken out by rescue work- outgoing Chief of Army Staff ers.—Online (COAS) General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani for the latter’s professional services for the nation. Nawaz Sharif said the whole nation is proud of the sacrifices rendered by From Page 1 Pakistan Army. “General Kayani the State Bank of Pakistan are played a commendable role toat worrisome stage of $3,463 wards strengthening the country’s million while the total foreign defence and stability of the demoreserves including of commer- cratic set-up,” Nawaz Sharif added. cial banks stood at $8,796.0 Recounting General Ashfaq million. Parvez Kayani experience spanThe declining rupee against ning well over four decades in unidollar has a potential risk of fur- form and six years as chief of army ther decline in rupee value which staff, he will formally retire on Frimay be detrimental to investment day (today). President lauded the climate on one hand besides add- services rendered by General ing to inflationary pressure and Kayani for defence of the country eroding the purchasing power of and strengthening of democracy. the common man due to rising He said that General Kayani price inflation in the country. played a commendable role towards strengthening the country’s

From Page 1 to 2007) and had been a moving spirit behind the party affairs specially after the demise of her husband late Khan Abdul Wali Khan some seven years back till the time she was sidelined by the incumbent party leadership headed by Asfandyar Wali Khan. During this period, Begum Nasim Wali, considered as Iron Lady, also survived an attempt on her life. As a matter of fact quite unhappy with the affairs of the party, a large number of senior and ideological party workers besides those who were sidelined by the ANP leadership, it is believed, will find no difficulty in enthusiastically responding to the call of their former leader and spouse of late Wali Khan who declared to reorganize the party on modern lines and regain its lost glory and repute. Political circles believe the nerves center of the Awami National Party continues to be the Wali Bagh, the home of Red-Shirt leader Bacha Khan and Abdul Wali Khan where Begum Nasim

Wali is still residing. “She still has vast following and the major chunk of ANP leaders and diehard supporters would not hesitate to accumulate under the leadership of the party”, remarked a former ANP stalwart who has gone to even to the extent to say that Begum Nasim was in a position to muster support of more than 80% party workers if she jumps to the active Party politics. On the other hand a sizeable leadership of the ANP still insists that all the major revolts against the present leadership were the internal affairs of the Party as well as the Wali Khan family and would be resolved amicably yet the political observers believe this time the things are not easy to be handled. The fast emerging cracks in the ANP both on party and family basis and then the most revered Party leader openly revolting against what she termed the most corrupt and incompetent party leadership , it appears, are destined to change the very face of ANP.

President, PM laud services

SBP suspends

MQM slams Sindh From Page 1

They termed the delimitation work as an act to discriminate between rural and urban areas by the Sindh government to manipulate the results of upcoming local body’s elections, which is quite deplorable and shows the feudalistic mentality of the Sindh government to usurp the powers and resources of the people They said that the country was passing through the most crucial juncture of the history but few political and religious parties instead of learning from their past mistakes were still busy in yielding their vested interests without taking into account the interest of the nation. They said that on the one hand people are being killed by the terrorists in the suicidal bomb attacks and on the other hand fake protest demonstration were being held against the drone attacks to mislead the nation, and instead of uniting the nation to develop unanimous approach against terrorism they are following ant state policy to destabilize & disintegrate the country.

From Page 1 defence and stability of the democratic set-up. Earlier Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani held a farewell meeting with the corps commanders Thursday at the Army General Headquarters (GHQ) in Rawalpindi. The conference at the GHQ, under the leadership of Kayani, discussed the country’s internal security situation along with professional matters pertaining to the armed forces. During the meeting, the corps commanders paid glowing tributes to the services rendered by Gen Kayani, who will step down on Friday from his office, after six years at the helm. On the occasion, Gen Kayani also lauded the cooperation and professional services delivered by the corps commanders. The army chief said the military was capable and equipped to deal with any challenge, adding

that the troops had been trained to modernise from a professional point of view. Sources said the meeting of the corps commanders also welcomed the appointment of Lt General Raheel Sharif as the new COAS. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif appointed Sharif the new COAS on Nov 27, while Lt General Rashad Mahmood was appointed the Chairman Joint Chief of Staff Committee. Both generals would take up their new posts from Friday, the day the incumbent Chief of Army Staff retires. Gen Kayani has also been holding the charge of acting CJCSC after his predecessor Gen Khalid Shameem Wynne retired on Oct 7. Raheel’s selection as army chief implies that frontrunner and the senior most military officer Lt Gen Haroon Aslam, who was serving as Chief of Logistic Staff, was ignored for the elevation.

PM sets up Business Advisory Council From Page 1 made in the govern-ment’s green field projects or expansion projects in certain sectors after January 2014. Standard regulations under Narcotics Act of 1977, Anti-Terrorism Act of 1977 and the AntiMoney Laundering Law will still be applicable to curb inflow of black money. He told the business community that he “hopes to make it possible that the coun-try’s policies are approved by [businessmen and traders].” The incentive scheme is being extended to the investment starved Thar coal pro-ject, and low cost housing schemes – a manifesto promise of the incumbent government. A negative list of industries, to which these incentives will remain inac-cessible, include ammunition, weapons, fertiliser, sugar, cigarettes, beverages, textile spinning units, ghee, flourmills, cement and edible oil mills. “We are far behind other countries… so far behind that we are mentioned amongst the lowest countries in the world,” said Prime Minister Nawaz. “I hope that the spirit of

nationalism will rise in all of you and that you will pay your taxes,” he added. He said there would be a negative list of industries to which this incentive would not be applicable. These are weapons‚ ammunition‚ fertilizer‚ sugar‚ cigarettes‚ beverages‚ cement‚ textile spinning units‚ flour mills and ghee and edible oil mills. The Prime Minister‚ however‚ made it clear that the sources of income that are hit by Narcot-ics Act of 1977; Anti-Terrorism Act of 1977 and Anti-Money Laundering Law would not be protected under the new incentive. He said in order to encourage tax payers; Privileged Tax Payers Cards would be issued to four hundred people paying more tax in different categories including chief executive officers; association of persons; salaried and non-salaried. Holders of the card would be able to use VIP lounges at airports; their immigration would be done on fast track‚ passports would be issued gratis and their existing baggage allowance would be increased from 500

to 5000 dollars from March next year. The Prime Minister said excellence awards would also be given to ten top most tax payers in each category and he himself would be hosting annual dinner in their honour. Mian Nawaz Sharif announced tax returns of all those who have paid at least 25% more tax than last year would be exempt from total audit. For this purpose‚ the last date for filing of tax returns is being extended to 15th of next month. Those who have already filed their returns can also avail this facility by revising their returns. He said tax returns of those who have been filing for the last five years would also be exempt from audit pro-vided they pay at least twenty thousand rupee of tax. He said those acquiring NTN for the first time would be exempt from penalty and default surcharge provided they pay at least 25000 rupees tax. Special incentives would also be available to ten top most tax payers from among the new tax payers.

Startling exposure From Page 1 Kissinger in American Embassy in Madrid, Spain. At that time Craig Peters Osth was stationed in Spain. According to a de-classified communication known as ‘Electronic Telegram Document’ No. 1974MADRID06305 from American Embassy in Madrid, dated 7 October 1974, the official Craig Peters Osth at that time lived at this address: Calle M Valdes, 63-3, Madrid 15. The Brazilian publication “Carta Capital” on March 31 2004, in an exclusive report named Craig Peters Osth as the CIA Station Chief posted at the United States Embassy in Brasilia. The magazine then published a long list of what it called “covert agents of the CIA who have developed their malicious activities in Brazil.” According to the report in the decade of 90, Vicente Chelotti was Chief of the Federal Police to the service of the Chief of the CIA Bramson Brian, followed by Craig Peters Osth. According to the report of ‘Carta Capital’ about 30 U.S. diplomatic ‘counselors’, analysts and other ‘diplomatic’ officials develop their clandestine activities under the diplomatic coverage, with the mission of spying the politicians of the government (of Lula da Silva), entrepreneurs, managers of foreign companies, and government officials.

SC orders presentation of From Page 1

complying orders of the Ba- Frontier Corps. The affected lochistan provincial govern- people had solid evidences ment. Whenever the apex judi- against the Frontier Corps reciary talked about reforms in the garding atrocities inflicted onto government, doors of criticism them. The representative of the were abruptly opened against Baloch missing persons the judiciary. Nasarullah Baloch apprised the The Larger bench expressed apex court that beside failing to its severe anguish over the ab- comply to the orders of the SCP sence of Frontier Corps officials for safe recovery of the kidduring the hearing on the miss- napped persons, the relatives of ing persons in Ba-lochistan. the miss-ing persons were conThe apex court summoned tinuously intimidated of dire the Frontier Corps Inspector consequences and the recovery General today (Friday) and said of dead bodies with smashed that if he would fail to appear in faces so as to hide their identity the apex court, the court would were still being continued in pass orders for his arrest and Balochistan. registration of a case against him Meanwhile, Karachi police and the apex court would also Chief, additional Inspector Gensee who would refuse to arrest eral of Police, Shahid Hayat aphim. The CJP asked the Advo- prised the SCP that police had cate General of Balochistan to taken a machine in its custody, let the apex court know if he was which was used for activating against the supremacy of the the dead SIMs and around 3000 law. It was against the Baloch dead SIMs had so far been actitradition that women come on vated through that machine of streets but they had done so be- Chi-nese make. cause they were disappointed as Hayat further apprised the their relatives had not yet been apex court that the perpetrators recov-ered. had obtained SIMs through The CJP paid tribute to the computerized national identity relatives of those kidnapped and cards numbers from voters’ lists were yet missing for reaching and used them for kidnappings Karachi on foot from Quetta, for ransom. Blocking thus actiwhich was at a dis-tance of 70 vated SIMs would result in curbkilometers. People of Karachi ing the rate of kidnappings for are known for their hospitality ransom and ex-tortion upto 50 and the missing persons’ rela- percent, he added. tives would not leave for anyPakistan Telecommunicawhere and would stay in tion Authority (PTA) Chairman Karachi. Their bare feet march Dr Ismail Shah apprised the SCP from Quetta to Karachi had that the PTA would be applying brought a bad name to the coun- the bio-metric system for regisFrom Page 1 try while there was a democratic tration of SIMs and that as yet appointment of any member of govern-ment in the country. Re- there were 10.25 million SIMs the commission in any consti- covery of any missing person were in use by the consumers. Dr Shah also apprised the tutional or government was from the cus-tody of the organisation. The reliable sources added that after meeting between opposition leader and Finance From Back Page Minister, special advisor to PM Sindh was the land of poets Khwaja Zaheer was consulted Muttahidda Qaumi Movement and later secretary law Justice (MQM) had always been a and mystics so the provincial (Retd.) Raza Khan was asked to friendly Party to the Pakistan government would continue to prepare a legal draft to remove People’s party Parliamentarian strive for making the province a land of tolerance, peace and harlegal obstacle and paving a way (PPPP). Talks with MQM was in mony. leading to appointment of any The poets and writers were member of FPSC eligible to progress and there were strong hold government or constitu- indications that the reservations the crow=n of the society and would be addressed and disputes the power of pen was greater tional office. than the sword. Sources further said that af- would be resolved soon. ter introducing amendment in the FPSC Act 2000, Syed COURT NOTICE Khurshid Shah will propose three names for the CEC includBefore: Mr. Khalid ing name of Rana Bhagwandas. Mahmood Malik Judge It should be mentioned that JusBanking Court# I, P-92 tice Tasadduq Hussain Jilani is Malik Road, Gujjar serving as acting CEC and govBasti Faisalabad ernment wanted permanent appointment on the slot soon after NBP Adda Dijkot retirement of Chief Justice Vs Iftikhar Muhammad Mohammad Bashir Chaudhry.—INP SUMMONS U/s 9(5) of the Financial Institutions (Recovery of Finances) Ordinance (2001) From Page 1 of power were already abuzz with NOTICE TO: M. Bashir S/ o Din Mohammad R/o Chak the information that General No. 262/RB Faisalabad Haroon had played a key role as Whereas the aforesaid plainDirector of Military Operations on October 12, 1999 along with the- tiff has instituted a suit then DGMO Major General against you and others for the Shahid Aziz to oust Nawaz Sharif recovery of Rs- 123263/along with markup / interest from power. Then, Brigadier and cost etc claimed to be Haroon led the team to arrest all payable by you. A summon the cabinet members, including the then Nawaz. Yes, Haroon was U/s 9(5) of ordinance no. one of the two directors at the MO XLVI of 2001 referred above Directorate, under my command, is hereby issued requiring you to make within 30 days from who did whatever I ordered him the service of this summon, to do on October 12, 1999, Lt Gen an application for leave to (retd) Shahid Aziz told on July 7, 2013. Aziz was then a major gen- defend the suit U/S 10(1). Take notice that on your eral and DGMO who has openly confessed to his role in the last failure to file such application within time specified military coup in his recently-pub- above, the Banking Court lished autobiography Yah shall pass a decree as prayed Khamoshi Kahan Tak . However, Shahid had added for in the plaint, in favor of in the same breath that all the se- in the plaintiff Banking nior generals, including Haroon Company. Next date of the further proceedings in this Aslam, were fit for the slot of the case has been fixed on 20chief of army staff. On the other 01-2014. hand, Lt Gen Haroon had his side Given under my hand and of the story that he used to tell his confidants. What he did was not seal of this court on 25-11on his own. He was following the 2013. Judge orders of his chain of command. Banking Court-1 Another possible reason Lt Gen Faisalabad Haroon Aslam could not win any slot, according to the sources, is that he was a Special Services Group commando and Nawaz Sharif does not like commandos, particularly after his experience with Gen Pervez Musharraf.

Govt, opposition

CM declares MQM

Lt General

Shinawatra From Back Page Speaking outside the Parliament, PM Yingluck Shinawatra urged the protesters to calm down offering a negotiation. “We must not regard this as a win-or-lose situation...Today no one is winning or losing, only the country is hurting,” she told reporters. UN leader Ban Kimoon “is concerned by the rising political tensions in Bangkok,” said his spokesman Martin Nesirky yesterday as protests spread beyond the Thai capital. “The secretary-general calls on all sides to exercise the utmost restraint, refrain from the use of violence and to show full respect for the rule of law and human rights.”—Online

apex court that the PTA had taken action against 61 illegal gateway exchanges from 2009 to 2012 while further 224 were eliminated in 2013. Ramzan Bhatti, who had appeared in the SCP on a summon issued on Wednesday following objections raised by the Federal Bureau of revenue (FBR), requested the apex court to write off sections 31, 32 and 36 from his Ramzan Bhatti Commission Report. The FBR had objected on those sections while claiming that Ramzan Bhatti had made attempts to save the Customs clearing and forwarding Agents. The SCP had ordered for re-moving those sections. FBR Chairman Tariq Bajwah apprised the SCP that Pakistan Customs had identified some vulnerable areas in the metropolis that were strong dens for weapons and narcotics including Sohrab Goth, Yousuf Goth, Ali Goth, Al-Asif Square where Customs could not conduct any action alone and hence had approached the Sindh provincial government and law enforcement agencies for assistance. He said that Pakistan Customs was taking steps for upgrading the Cus-toms system for the prevention of tax evasion and pilferage and that the new system would ensure prevention of tax evasion by 100 percent. The CJP assigned the members Customs, Judicial and finance to con-duct surprise raids at Customs venues to check the tax evasion and other financial irregularities that inflictyed colossal loss to the national excheq-uer. Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) Regional Directorate Sindh Force Com-mander Brig. Muhammad Abu zar apprised the apex court that the ANF had identified some 20 spots in the city where giant size warehouse for storing the narcotics were present. However, the CJP in his remarks said that it was of no use to arrest petty addicts. The ANF was a part of Pakistatan Army, which was led by a General; hence the ANF should show some progress.

Shinawatra survives no-trust vote, protests continue

Doctors allowed to carry guns P ESHAWAR —In an interesting development, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has allowed doctors to carry guns and has decided to give arms licenses to doctors in the wake of rising incidents of extortion and kidnapping. Doctors had requested the government to allow them to carry weapons. Provincial Health Minister Shaukat Yousafzai said that the police will decide about what types of weapons doctors would be allowed. But some doctors have also criticized the move.—Online

Altaf felicitates Rashad, Raheel

BANGKOK —As attempts by Thailand’s opposition to bring down the government through worsening street protests continues, Education Minister Chaturon Chaiseng has told the BBC that there are no chances of coup as the Army is still not backing the protesters. The Education Minister told the BBC that the government needed to “regain the trust and faith of people”. However, Chaiseng also said that if some people don’t believe in the incumbent government that doesn’t mean that the protesters can topple it. Meanwhile, Thailand’s embattled Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra on Thai opposition protesters cut the power to the national police headquarters on Thursday, ignoring a plea by the prime Thursday easily survived a parliamentary no-confidence minister to end their rallies after she survived a no-confidence vote in parliament. vote against her, the House Speaker said. “Prime Minister Yingluck won the vote of confidence,” said Somsak Kiatsuranont,

NA body rejects granting MFN status to India

US political counsellor meets Qureshi

ISLAMABAD—Rick Waters, the I S L A M A B A D — N a t i o n a l house under the supervision moned over clear-cut de- Political Counselor at the US of Chairman Committee crease in cotton price.

Assembly’s (NA) standing committee for Food Security & Research while severely criticizing granting of Most Favoured Nation (MFN) status to India urged the government to consider the decision. The committee said that granting MFN to India would ultimately exploit Pakistani farmers and destroy agriculture sector of Pakistan. The meeting of committee held here in Parliament

LONDON—Muttahida Qaumi Movement chief Altaf Hussain felicitated new Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif and Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee General Rashad Mahmood. In a statement, Altaf Hussain expressed his best wishes and expressed hope that the armed forces of Pakistan would perform their duties in a professional manner and with full dedication under the leadership of new COAS and ISLAMABAD—Prime Minister CJCSC.—Online Nawaz Sharif will embark on an important visit to Afghanistan on Saturday (tomorrow). Man kills 4 According to reports, relative women during his stay in AfghaniC HARSADDA —Four women stan, PM Sharif will discuss were killed and four others host of issues with Afghan injured when a mentally President Hamid Karzai with handicapped man opened special focus on construcfire in his house on Thurs- tion of Peshawar Kabul day. According to police, a motorway besides demandmentally challenged man ing immediate halt to infiltraopened indiscriminate firing tion from Afghanistan to Pain his house in Charsadda kistan. that killed two women on the The discussions will be spot, while two others suc- focused on efforts for the cumbed to injuries later. Four promotion of peace and recother persons sustained in- onciliation process in Afjuries as a result of firing who ghanistan while the visit is were shifted to District Head- part of Pakistan’s continuing quarter Hospital for treat- engagement with HPC for the ment, police added.—Online facilitation of peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan.” Prime Minister Nawaz Box packed dead Sharif will further discuss on Afghan peace and reconcilibody recovered process with leadership P ESHAWAR —The police on ation of Afghanistan.—Online Thursday recovered dead body of a man packed in box from Ring Road here. According to details, dwellers of the area spotted presence of a suspected box in Akhondabad area after which police reached the scene along with bomb disposal squad.—INP

PM to visit Afghanistan tomorrow

Shakir Bashir Awan on Thursday. The committee has summoned chairman APTMA (All Pakistan Textile Mills Association) and secretary Textile and all provincial food secretaries in the next meeting. Food secretaries summoned over not announcing support price of wheat while secretary textile and chairman APTMA has been sum-

The committee while expressing reservations over not paying attention towards water reserves noted that if attention will not be given to increase water reserves immediately then province would fight with each other instead of India in future. Minister for Food Security, Sikandar Bosan said that prices of potatoes would be lessen after 15 days as new

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PTI sit-in against NATO supply continued on 6th day P E S H A W A R — P a k i s t a n goods for US-led Nato Tehreek-e-Insaaf and its allied parties continue their sitin in various areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to block Nato supply on sixth consecutive day on Thursday. In Peshawar, PTI and Jamaat-e-Islami workers setup protest camp at Ring Road near Hayatabad toll plaza. PTI chief Imran Khan announced that his party government in KP would officially block the NATO supply line in the province from Wednesday. On the other hand, the PTI and JI workers carried on their protests by setting up camps at major highways of the province where they stopped vehicles carrying

troops in Afghanistan. Protest camps have been set up since Saturday at five major highways in KP, including Ring Road in Peshawar’s Hayatabad, Khairabad Bride in Noushera, Indus Highway Chowk in Bannu, Charsadda Interchange and Kohat’s Indus Highway. Supporters of PTI and Jamaat-e-Islami are present at the protest camps and checking identification documents to distinguish Nato trucks from regular cargo carriers. “We have not forgotten our promises as elimination of corruption and restoration of peace is our top priority,” Khan spoke to media in Lahore.—Online

Embassy in Islamabad held a meeting with senior Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf (PTI) leader Shah Mehmood Qureshi during which issues related to PTI-led protests against drone strikes and blockade of Nato supplies were discussed. According to media reports topic discussed during the meeting, which was held at the Parliament Lodges in the federal capital city, included the overall political issues of the country, PTI protests against drone strikes in Pakistan and the blockade of Nato supplies via Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.—Online

J HANIAN —A enraged man threw acid at his wife for not bearing a male child for him here on Thursday. According to details, the accused hailing from Jinnah Colony of Jhanian, threw acid at his wife after she gave birth to a baby girl. As a result of acid attack the woman was burnt and rushed to Tehsil Headquarters Hospital where according to hospital sources her condition was serious.—INP

N EW D ELHI—The managing editor of Indian investigative magazine Tehelka resigned Thursday after coming under fire over her handling of allegations that the publication’s founder sexually assaulted a young reporter. In an email to staff, Shoma Chaudhury denied being part of a “cover-up” to protect Tehelka’s founder and editor Tarun Tejpal who is under investigation over claims he sexually assaulted the woman in a hotel in the holiday state of Goa.

However Chaudhury, who announced last week that Tejpal was standing aside for six months over what he has described as “a bad lapse of judgement”, acknowledged that “she could have done many things differently”. The alleged victim, who has since resigned from the magazine, first made the allegations against Tejpal in a detailed email to Chaudhury. “As a result of what’s transpired over the past few days my integrity has repeatedly been questioned by

people from our fraternity and, in fact, by the public at large,” Chaudhury wrote in her mail which has been seen by AFP. “I do not want questions raised about my integrity to tarnish the image of Tehelka, which it has done in the past week. Therefore, I resign as Managing Editor with immediate effect,” she added. Chaudhury’s resignation comes three days after the alleged victim also quit the magazine, saying she had come under pressure from Tejpal’s family to drop her al-

tion. Thaksin Shinawatra was ousted in a military coup in 2006 for alleged corruption. The protests began on Sunday when more than 150,000 demonstrators took to streets in Bangkok, shouting slogans against the so-called “Thaksin regime”. The protesters then targeted the Finance, Foreign and the Interior Ministry in last two days. Reacting to the rallies, the PM invoked a tough security law namely, Internal Security Act which allows the officials to block roads, impose curfews and ban the use of electronic devices. However, the demonstrators have been defying the law and going on with their protests. Speaking outside the Parliament, PM Yingluck Shinawatra urged the protesters to calm down offering a negotiation.

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US looks forward to working with new COAS WASHINGTON —The United closely with General Kayani sure of the name of CIA staStates say Washington looks forward to working with the new Pakistan Army Chief General Raheel Sharif. Replying to questions, State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki said on Wednesday the US worked

on a range of issues over the course of his time as COAS. She said as General Kayani is leaving the position, they look forward to working with his replacement. She refused to comment on reports about the disclo-

tion chief in Islamabad. She however said the US have a range of security dialogues with the Pakistanis on different issues and as a standard process, they don’t speak on them.— INP

CM declares MQM a friend of PPPP IRFAN ALIGI K ARACHI —Sindh Chief Minister (CM) Syed Qaim Ali Shah said that Sindh Local Government Act-2013 was passed by the elected Sindh Asembly with majority of votes and it was in contrast to norms and values of democracy to reject or refuse to accept any Act thus passed KARACHI: Khwaja Asif, Defence Minister, talking to media after hearing of the missfrom the assembly. It was very much in accor- ing persons’ case in Supreme Court Karachi Registry. dance to law to contest the local body elections in form of a group or panel of 9 contestants as it was in favour of the contestants and would also facilitates the voters in general while providing them more liberty to elect the canLONDON—Malala Yousafzai, ficking. No terrorist threats didates of their choice. ISLAMABAD—Federal Minis- the Pakistani teenager shot can deter us and we will carry Continued on Page 7 ter for Petroleum and Natural in the head by the Taliban for on with our campaign for the Resources Shahid Khaqan campaigning for girls’ educa- right to education for girls.” Abbasi said Pakistan would tion, has been named as The publication noted: find an opportunity to com- Britain’s most influential “Malala, who was unknown plete the proposed Iran gas Asian by a weekly publica- over a year ago, has become pipeline project within a year. tion in London. synonymous with a type of While talking to a private At the ‘GG2 (Garavi girl power that should be celnews channel, the minister Gujarat2) Leadership Awards ebrated and applauded evsaid, “I think trade restric- 2013’ on Wednesday night, erywhere. Today, presidents, tions against Iran would be Malala, along Kainat Riaz prime ministers, people of inlifted, following an agreement and Shazia Ramzan, who fluence and power listen to between Iran and world pow- were shot and wounded by this remarkable 16-year-old. legations. Tejpal, 50, is due ers.” “The GG2 Hammer Award the Taliban in Swat Valley last to be questioned by Goa poHe said Pakistan had in- year, were chosen for the GG2 winner of 2013 transcends lice later Thursday. tensified its efforts to every boundary and appeals Tehelka has garnered a materialise the Iran-Pakistan Hammer Award, for their brav- to the very core of our huery. reputation for hard-hitting gas pipeline project. British Deputy Premier manity.” Labour Member of investigations on corruption Khaqan said that the Nick Clegg was the chief Parliament Keith Vaz, chairas well as sexual violence present situation seemed apman of the home affairs comagainst women and gender propriate for carrying out the guest on the occasion where mittee, who headed the she was ranked Number 1 in inequality, and was hailed for proposed Iran-Pakistan gas power list last year, has been its reporting of a deadly pipeline project, following a the latest edition of ‘GG2 ranked as Number 2. Power 101’ list. gang-rape in New Delhi last deal on Tehran’s nuclear Once Britain’s richest Though Malala was not December. programme between Iran and present to receive the award, man, steel tycoon Lakshmi The Tehelka scandal has world powers. she said in a recorded mes- Mittal has slipped “almost dominated the Indian news The minister added that sage: “We must recognise unnoticed into the ranks of agenda for the last week, with he is scheduled to hold a the country’s mere billionrivals accusing the magazine meeting with his Iranian coun- the children’s struggle for aires”, the list noted, putting their right and help children of hypocrisy.—AP terpart next month.—Online who are victims of child traf- him on Number 3.

Tehelka’s managing editor resigns over sexual assault case handling

Man throws acid on wife

with 297 lawmakers voting in her favour and 134 against. The vote follows mass street protests in Bangkok by opposition protesters seeking to topple Yingluck’s elected government. Thai crowds numbering tens of thousands continued protesting for the fifth day in a bid to topple the Yingluck Shinawatra government. The protesters are being spearheaded by former opposition Democrat Party lawmaker Suthep Thaugsuban, and they have resorted to a method of shutting down the government ministries in order to topple the present government which they claim is being run by the PM’s brother Thaksin Shinawatra. At the centre of the protests is a controversial political amnesty bill that people say will enable the ousted ex-PM Thaksin Shinawatra to come back to Thailand without serving a jail sentence for corrup-

IP gas pipeline to be completed in a year: Khaqan

Malala declared Britain’s most influential Asian

Accountability Court awards imprisonment to Ex-DG

Police arrest 34 criminals


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Brothers in Islam establish regular prayers and charity

November 30 International Conference on ‘Sufism and Peace” Peaceful Individual, Peaceful Nation’, organised by the Azeemia Foundation, UK, at the Marriott, Aga Khan Road, Islamabad, 2 p.m. December 1 Exhibition of winter dresses with variety of hand embroidery from Bahawalpur and Multan, block-prints, screen prints and other items, at Flashman’s The Mall, Rawalpindi, 11 a.m.-8 p.m., continuing up to December 3

18 cops of Islamabad Police promoted ISLAMABAD—Islamabad Police have promoted three SubInspectors, four Assistantsub-Inspectors and 11 Head Constables to next ranks after approval from the departmental promotion committee. These promotions were given on the recommendations of departmental promotion committee presided by DIG Headquarters Muhammad Khalid Khattak and also attended by other members AIG (Establishment) Ashraf Zubair Siddiqui, SSP (Headquarters) Sajid Kiyani, SP (Traffic) Asmat Ullah Junejo and Office Superintendent Central Police Office Ch. Muhammad Ashraf. Three Sub-Inspectors who have been promoted to the rank of Inspector in BPS-16 are Muhammad Ilyas, Asjad Mehmud and Hameed ul Haq. Likewise, four AssistantSub Inspectors Babar Shah, Muhammad Javed, Muhammad Arif and Azhar Mehmud have been promoted to the rank of Sub-Inspector (BPS-14), while 11Head constables Fiaz Ahmed, Basharat Ali, Naveed Sabir, Raza Hussain, Muhammad Arshad, Iftikhar Ahmed, Naeem ullah, Sher Ali, Liaqat Ali, Muhammad Sher and Muhammad Shafique have been promoted to the rank of Assistant-sub Inspector (BPS-09).—NNI

Special traffic plan R AWALPINDI —City Traffic Police (CTP) has devised a special traffic plan for the Change of Command ceremony scheduled to be held at the General Headquarters here on Friday, said CTO Syed Ishtiaq Hussain Shah. According to the plan, Mall road from Shalimar Chowk to T&T Chowk, Kashmir road from PTCL Crossing to Chungi No.22, Tamiz-udDin road from PC Hotel turn to CSD Chowk and Iftikhar Janjua road from EME Mess Chowk to GHQ will remain closed for all kinds of traffic from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. He said traffic would be diverted to alternate routes including Sarwar road and Haider road where CTP officers would be deployed to avoid any traffic jam on the designated-routes.—APP

R AWALPINDI —Police in its drive against anti-social elements on Thursday arrested 34 accused from different loI SLAMABAD —The Judge calities and recovered illegal Accountability Court on arms and drugs from their Thursday convicted Ex-Dipossession. rector General (Finance) PaPolice seized 780 grams kistan Telecommunication charas, 77 bottles of liquor, Authority (PTA), Imran six 30-bore pistols, a 12-bore Ahmed Zubairi for a term of gun, a dagger and an ironseven years rigorous imprisfist from the arrested aconment and imposed a fine cused. of Rs 70 million. According to details, The National AccountWaris Khan, Airport, Gujjar ability Bureau (NAB) Khan, Mandra and Saddar Rawalpindi had filed a referBairooni Police apprehended ence against Imran Ahmed Yousaf Masih, Shafiq, Zubairi S/o Sultan Ahmed Waqas, Irfan and Faisal reZubairi, Ex-DG (Finance) Paspectively and recovered kistan Telecommunication charas from them. Authority (PTA), Islamabad Ratta Amral, Waris Khan, and Muhammad Riaz S/o Cantt., Gujjar Khan, Kahuta, Muhammad Din, Ex-Manager Pirwadhai, Banni and Civil NBP, Blue Area Branch, Lines Police arrested 16 acIslamabad on February 12, cused for carrying liquor. 2010 before Accountability While, 10 accused were arCourt No. 1, Rawalpindi/ rested from different localities Islamabad. including Banni, CantonThe accused Imran ment, Gujjar Khan, Saddar and Ahmed Zubairi, in collusion Murree with illegal arms. Bewith accused Muhammad sides, Waris Khan Police held Riaz, opened a fake bank acNisar for carrying a dagger. count where he channelized Kahuta Police caught Mehran Government Revenues for with an iron-fist and Airport Inspector General National Highways and Motorway Police Zulfiqar Ahmad Cheema is offering dua after stone laying ceremony of Zonal Office of subsequent embezzling the Police nabbed Sohrab.—APP Motorway Police. DIG Wasal Fakhar Sultan, DIG Zubair Hashmi and other officers are also present. same.—APP

Students exhibit oratorical skills

Incidents of stray dog attacks R AWA L P I N D I —Owing to

abundance of stray dogs in the garrison city, incidents of dog attacks have gone rampant. ISLAMABAD—Students from According to reports, various schools and colleges during last one week, 38 showed their talents and persons bitten by dogs unique oratorical skills in the have come to the allied final session of ‘All Pakistan hospitals of Rawalpindi, Bilingual Declamation Concreating panic among the test’ held at Fazaia Inter Colresidents. lege on Thursday. The citizens told The contest was arINPthat that the stray dogs ranged by Directorate of in the streets and on roads Schools and Colleges, Trainof the city are a danger for ing Branch, Air Headquarthem as they are the carriters, Peshawar. ers of viruses. The twelve finalists, seThey said that the dogs lected among the 43 particikeep wandering everypants from 21 prestigious inwhere and the city adminstitutions, presented their istration does not take any speeches on various topics. notice of the situation unPresident Pakistan Air less many people are afForce Women Association fected. (PAFWA), Begum Shehla They said the dogs beTahir was the chief guest on come aggressive particuthe occasion. larly during night time Vice Chancellor, Fatima when people come or go Jinnah Women University out of their homes in emer(FJWU), Professor Doctor gency. Saeeda Asadullah, ChairperThe residents demanded of the TMA authorities to start a drive against the stray dogs in the city on priority basis.— I SLAMABAD —Despite pas- informed that the concerned teachers. On the other hand, INP sage of many months, large authorities have failed to Director Schools FDE, number of students studying provide free educational Ghulam Hussain Saho said in government schools of the course books to the stu- that around 90 percent books have been sent to the federal capital could not get dents. They said that they have schools. free course books. He said they were facing This situation has spread written letters to the Federal panic among the students Directorate of Education some issues regarding printand their parents, who are (FDE) regarding the shortage ing and bills with National worried about the fast ap- of course books but got no Book Foundation and AGPR. ISLAMABAD—Housing founproaching annual examina- positive response from the He said a committee has dation of federal capital folbeen formed to resolve the lowing the decision of the tions. Principals and teach- directorate. They said that shortage problem and provision of court has decided to demolers of some government schools in the Capital city, on of books was affecting the books will be ensured ish the build up property of the condition of anonymity, progress of students and soon.—INP sector G-14 declaring the property claim illegal. Details said, more than 2 million square feet build up property has been declared illegal by court, while Director General (DG) housing has sent the letter to administration to demolish the houses constructed there. Due to property claim housing foundation was unable occupy or to initiate any development work on this place, after that district and session judge conducted the inquiry of matter and finally declared the claim of property illegal. DG housing Malik Zafar Abbas has sent the letter to ICT administration in regard to demolish the build up property and stated that after this decision of court new ways of development will open in this sector.— An open manhole in the middle of BB Road may cause any severe accident. Online


son Engineering Department, Abdul Wali Khan University, Professor Naveed Khattak and Director Pakistan National Council of the Arts, Hassan Abbas Raza were the judges of the contest. In the English Debate, Faruzan Anwar Butt from Beacon House (Girls) F-10/3, Islamabad clinched first position while Nimra Khurshid secured second prize. The consolation prize was given to Amna Afzal from Bahria College, E-8 Islamabad. In the Urdu Debate, Fasih ur Rehman of Bahria College, E-8 bagged first position and Mubeen ur Rehman from Fazaia Model Inter College, Mushaf obtained second position. The consolation prize was given to Farhan Sajid from Fazaia Degree College, Faisal. The over all trophy for the best performance was

given to Bahria College, E-8, Islamabad. The topics for the English Debate were ‘Tolerance breeds tolerance’, Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional’,‘Buttering is key to success’, ‘Yes Sir, Right Sir, Wonderful Sir’ and ‘Better to be untaught than to be ill-taught”. While the topics for Urdu debate were ‘Baat jo Chali Hey Ghar Ki tu Hum Btatey Hain’,‘Lahu Mujh Ko Rulati Hey Jawanun Ki Tan Asani’, ‘Hirs Ney Kar Deya Hy Tukrey Tukrey Noey Insani ko’, ‘Fitrat Kabhi Karti Nahi Millat Ki Khataun Ko Maaf’, ‘Yeh Ghar Tera Bhi Hey Mera Bhi Hey’ and ‘Zindagi Kaya Hey Kitabun Ko Hata Kart Dekho’. Students from 24 Fazaia, 13 FG Fazaia and 14 institutions from Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Peshawar areas participated in the contest.

Students deprived of course books

Illegal build up property in G-14

NH&MP arranges debate contest CITY REPORTER I SLAMABAD —Debate competition amongst the officers of Motorway Police North Zone held on the topic of “Rizqe Hallal Police Muhafiz Ki Shan”. The debate was organized on the directives of IG NH&MP Zulfiqar Cheema, DIG NH&MP Muhammad Zubair Hashmi. As many as 9 officers qualified for the final competition from entire force zone from Peshawar to Lahore. DIG Muhammad Zubair

Hashmi was the chief guest on the occasion.Inspector Sageer of Gujranwala sector got first position, Inspector Said Ahmad of Kamra Sector second wherease Constable Muhammad Atiq of Gujranwala secured third position. While talking to the participants, DIG said that due to the activity, sense of responsibility may be established in true spirit. He also stressed that Officers have to perform their duty with devotion, zeal and zest.

Construction of regional campuses by AIOU CITY REPORTER I SLAMABAD —Allama Iqbal Open University(AIOU) is expanding its infrastructure by setting up Regional Campuses across the country, ensuring equal access to quality education in order to achieve the desired targets. This was expressed by the Vice-Chancellor, AIOU Prof. Dr. Nazir Ahmed Sangi while addressing to the pre-qualification meeting of the construction companies held here at AIOU for the construction work of the 2nd phase of AIOU’s campuses.The increasing in infrastructure, the Vice-Chancellor said is being made with the ratio by 70% in rural and farflung areas and 30% in the settled parts of the country aimed at ensuring equal access

to quality education. The construction of Mandi Bahuddin Campus will be started next month, necessary fund of Rs. 350 million have been allocated for the civil work of the construction of Regional Campuses while Rs.400 million have been approved for providing the mostmodern IT based facilities in these regional campuses. In the 2nd phase, the regional buildings will be constructed in Hunza, Gilgit, Skardu, Turbat, Qallat, Loralai, Uthal, Qila Saifullah, Gwadar, Kohat, Batagram and Moro (Sindh).The Most-Modern facilities like, Computer labs, Science labs, Video-conferencing system, exams hall will be provided in all the regional campuses to facilities the students, Dr. Sangi added.

DIG further added that North Zone has started road safety campaigns to familiarize road users with the importance of Safety Seat Belt and Safety Helmets while riding Motorcycle. He further added that Motorcycle riders will not allowed to ride motorcycle without wearing safety helmet. At the end of the competition DIG distributed Rs 10,000 to first prize holder,Rs 7,000 to second whearase Rs 5,000 to third position holder.

3 cases against Nawaz Sharif, family adjourned R AWALPINDI —Accountability Court judge Mian Altaf Hussain has adjourned the hearing of three references against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his family members till December 18. Three references (Hudabya Papers mill, Ittefaq Foundaries and Raiwind palace) against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif and their family members were filed in NAB during Musharraf regime. It is pertinent to mention here that earlier high court had issued stay order against Sharif families’ petition.— Online

Minister of State for Interior, Education and Training, Baligh ur Rehman addressing vice Chancellors committee meeting.

Effective governance & community development must for peace ISLAMABAD—Japanese Ambassador to Pakistan Hiroshi Inomata has maintained that effective governance and community development is essential for peace and, based on this recognition, Japan has been collaborating with the UN agencies to promote socio-economic development in the region near the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Addressing the concluding ceremony of a three-day training workshop on Decentralised Governance and Peace Building here on Wednesday, H.E. Inomata said that the Japanese assistance to the Social Cohesion and Peace Building Programme for the Refugee Affected and Hosting Areas was aimed at improving livelihoods of the community and building the capacity

of local government entities. It also worked towards improvement of public service delivery mechanisms for communities. The training workshop concluded with the participants preparing plans of actions with strategies that promoted localized rule of law solutions and participatory budgeting involving communities. The participants

analysed some of the root causes of conflict and discussed factors that would contribute towards diffusing conflict and enabling a more peaceful environment amongst various groups. The participants were working in areas that are currently facing a deteriorating security situation. The trainers shared experiences of Nepal and Bolivia which illustrated the link between decentralized

governance and peace building. The Japanese ambassador informed participants that the two-year programme included interventions ranging from improvement of community infrastructure and livelihoods, and provision of basic social services, to social mobilization. “The programme also gives priority to capacity development of provincial

and local government personnel, as can be seen from this training,” he said. H.E. Inomata distributed certificates among the participants, comprising senior officials of provincial government departments and agencies working for disaster management and rehabilitation. UNDP Deputy Country Director Tracy Vienings, speaking on the occasion, said that the workshop was

significant in the context of Pakistan, especially considering that the country was grappling with the implementation of the 18th constitutional amendment under which many subjects on the federal and concurrent lists had been devolved to the provincial list. Aspects of decentralization could be used as an opportunity to bring the government closer to the

people; and empower them in participatory decision making in aspects of service delivery which affects their lives directly. The three-day training workshop was facilitated by a team of trainers from the United Nations System Staff College. It will be followed by a two-day workshop on Conflict Analysis Tools starting Thursday, 28th November.—INP

Kashmiris living under suppression since 1947: Shah Lashing out at Omar SRINAGAR—Senior pro-free- Shopian continue to roam free. He said that, “In order to Abdullah government for not dom Kashmiri leader and chairman Democratic Freedom Party cover such injustices that are allowing him to visit the affected Shabir Ahmad Shah has termed perpetrated on Kashmiri people; and bereaved families of Gool, Jammu and Kashmir as the it is again the people of the same Ramban, the senior separatist ‘most unfortunate territory’ say- soil who are used to cover up leader said that to express solidarity with the bereaved famiing that people here (Kashmir) such heinous crimes.” They (India) are staging lies is crime here. “I was prehave been living under suppresdramas of appointing the vented to visit the said place sion since 1947. “Not a life of single person elected representatives to de- thrice,” he said. Shah added that the refusis safe and secure here. We can- ceive the world community that not find a single day when the there is no ‘police or army rule’ ing to participate in Omar hands of forces do not get red but a democratic government Abdullah’s rally in Tral by proby the blood of innocent running the show in the State, Hurriyat people should be an eye-opener for him. Kashmiris. Every nook and cor- he said. Targeting Chief Minister “I applaud the courage of the ner of the valley is painted with Omar Abdullah, Shah said if people of Tral by setting a worthe blood of more than 5 lakh Indian Army personnel with satanic smile on their faces unorthodoxly arresting a woman in Srinagar. people who preferred death with there are elected representa- thy example for others. We are honor rather than living under tives ruling the State or if they extremely delighted over their slavery,” said Shah in a state- really believe in democratic courage,” he said. norms, then, “Where is the Expressing satisfaction over ment here. Shabir Shah added that a need to put the separatist lead- the release of Kashmiri Amerilarge number of widows and or- ers behind bars or under house can Council Chairman Dr phans are living a life of desti- arrest? Why are separatist Ghulam Nabi Fai, Shah extute in valley and the ‘forces’ leaders kept away from the pressed hope that Fai will coninvolved in unfortunate inci- political arena?” Shah ques- tinue to work for the future of Detailing out the venues of dents like Kunan Poshpora and tioned. Kashmiris.—NNI I SLAMABAD —All Parties region,” said a statement. “Keeping in view of the the proposed programme, the SRINAGAR—The Kashmir Bar Hurriyet Conference has said Association has released a report that the disputed status of constructive thinking of interna- APHC spokesman said first detailing the conditions of pris- Jammu and Kashmir cannot be tional community regarding the seminar would be held in oners lodged at Kishtwar jail in changed by India- sponsored dispute, the members said time Kupwara on December 5, sechas come to get rid of stubborn- ond on December 6 in Jammu division. elections. “All the under-trials lodged This was stated at a meet- ness and undertake the policy Islamabad, on December 8 at in district Jail, Kishtwar, have ing of the APHC executive based on reality and resolve the Hurriyat headquarters Rajbagh complaints against the courts council at its Rajbagh headquar- Kashmir issue according to the in Srinagar. On December 9 the Hurriyet and all of them have been sub- ters in Srinagar with its Chair- wishes and aspirations of people jected to the tyranny of the le- man Mirwaiz Muhammad Umar either by implementing pending would conduct photo exhibition UN resolution or through mean- and films featuring HR violations gal process which is going on Farooq in the chair. endlessly without any fault of “Taking a stock of the ingful result oriented tripartite in Kashmir, and on December10, theirs. In some cases, judges present political situation in the talks between the stakeholders the Hurriyet leadership would stage a peaceful sit-in in Srinagar have heard arguments but have Valley, the participants said se- of the dispute,” it added. During the meeting, the par- to apprise the world about right not passed judgments for years rious efforts needed to be undertogether. In other cases wit- taken to work towards creating ticipants finalized the arrange- violations in Kashmir. The meeting was attended nesses are called but they are not a conducive atmosphere for ini- ments for observing human turning up and the court is not tiating a meaningful dialogue to rights week from December 5 to by Prof. Abdul Ghani Butt, Bilal taking any action against them,” resolve the Kashmir issue and December 10, in connection Ghani Lone, Musaddiq Adil, a team of KBA comprised of thereby securing the future of with international human rights Maulana Abbas Ansari and Mukhtar Ahmad Waza.—APP Mian Abdul Qayoom, Mufti millions of people living in the day. Mehraj-ud-din, Manzoor Ahmad Dar and Advocate Sajad Bashir which visited the jail a week ago said in its report. Muzaffarabad: AJK Finance Minister Chaudhry Lateef Akbar, Minister of Information The Bar team has claimed on Syed Bazil Naqvi and others cutting cake on Yom-e-Tasees. the eve of Eid, this year, police arrested a number of youth in the district and were still languishing in the jail. They said that all of JAMMU—In a significant state- National Security seminar “Pakistan’s aggression in them are innocent and have been ment with political and diplo- organised here by Indian Insti- Kashmir continues and the falsely implicated in the case. matic over-tunes, J&K’s police tute of Public Administration policy of talks has not yielded According to Bar Team all chief Ashok Prasad has said (IIPA) on, ‘Terror and Tres- any positive response. There SRINAGAR—Advising Vishal politicians. Our students are not the arrested youth said they had there was a need to have a re- passes in India’s Northern Bor- is a need to rethink how to seSRINAGAR—Lambasting like mute lambs that they can be filed bail applications but the view of the dialogue policy with ders’. cure the national interest and armed forces for “committing Bardwaj the bollywood film taken forgranted so it is advismaker to portray the situation in judge is not passing any order Pakistan over Kashmir as it has In his valedictory address, safety of people”, Indian medespite the fact that more than not proved fruitful on the Director General of Police said dia quoted Prasad as saying. human rights violations” in Kashmir in its right perspective, able that before organizing acJammu and Kashmir, the Presitivity within the educational intwo months have passed. The ground. that despite India’s efforts to He said India’s internal se- dent of the Awami Ittehad Party Syed Ali Geelani, the chairman stitutions our students should be Hurriyat Conference (G) has report says among the arrested “The civilized strategy, promote dialogue process, curity was extremely determined youth one is a store keeper, and which we have adopted against “Pakistan continues to support from outside threats including (AIP) and Member of Legisla- said filmmaking in Kashmir can informed prior to that activity.” tive Assembly from Langate, Er neither minimize the ‘war Geelani in the issued stateanother a junior engineer. Pakistani aggression particularly secessionism, cross-border the strategic national security “Another accused said that he in Kashmir, has not yielded the infiltration and whip-up anti- threat, organized crime and eco- Abdur Rashid has said “dogs crimes’ nor can it reduce the suf- ment stated that the education institutes in Kashmir are being is working in Vodafone as an En- desired results as we expected,” national sentiment in Kash- nomic offences like circulation have more rights than humans ferings of people. in Kashmir.” made the hubs of cultural and In a statement Geelani said gineer in Jammu and he had come Prasad said while speaking at mir.” of fake currency.—NNI “It is difficult to kill a dog that so far no film made on Kash- political activities and the vitalto Kishtwar to celebrate Eid with than a human being in Kashmir. mir has portrayed the ground situ- ity of spreading education and his family, but he was arrested by Dogs have more rights than hu- ation in its right perspective and knowledge is being continuthe police and is now in jail. He mans here,” Rashid said while the sufferings of people. “All the ously ignored on ground. “The said that because of his arrest, he posing a query to panelists at the films made on Kashmir so far students at the university must has lost his job and his future is book launch event. have advocated Indian stand on be appreciated for their belief in also ruined,” the report said. Rashid said Kashmiris have Kashmir and have portrayed the the freedom movement and The Bar alleged that the to make their stand harder to political aspirations of Kashmiris these students have always jail authorities are also not benefits in Kashmir, MTI stateGhulam Mohammad Bhat, Dr “force New Delhi to resolve the in a negative manner.” S RINAGAR —Majlis-e-Tahafuzplayed the important role in the producing these accused perYousuf Alumar of Islamic dispute as it takes us for granted Hurriyat (G) also strongly ongoing freedom movement.” sons regularly before the Iman (MTI) held a meeting to dis- ment said. The participants expressed Study Circle, Molana Showkat when we soften our stand.” Geelani said that the film condemned police action against courts on the dates of hearing cuss various religious issues at concern over the ‘recent judg- Keng , Molana Khursheed “The stubborn approach the students in Kashmir Univer- makers must understand that the Mirwaiz Manzil Srinagar. and as a result the trial drags The meeting was convened ment’ of High Court which it said ahmed Qanoongo of Anjuman adopted by New Delhi vis-à-vis sity asking the authorities to re- reaction of the students at Kashon. “Out of 126 prisoner lodged 85 were ordinary and chaired by MTI Patron was contrary to the basic teach- Himayatul Islam, Molana Kashmir issue is pushing us to spect the sensitivities and reser- mir University at the time when undertrials and 41 were de- Mirwaiz Umar Farooq. The rep- ings of Islam and would bear far Akhzar Hussain of Anjuman the wall,” this stubborness has vations shown by the student the tri-color was hoisted in the Ulamaye Ahnaf, Mufti Abdul once jeopardized the fate of the community. campus was not any film or the tained on militancy related resentatives of various Islamic reaching consequences. Asking the judge to clear his Rashid of Darululoom South Asian not only once but parties, institutions, and heads of “The fresh resentment drama scene but the reality of activities.” The team while quoting jail noted Islamic seminaries partici- position over the subject, the par- Bilaliya, Molana Ghulam thrice in a row, India should now shown by the students in the Kashmir and the aspirations of ticipants agreed that a MTI sub- Mohammad Qasmi of realize that the Kashmir dispute varsity has vindicated the fact its people.—NNI superintendent, Muneer pated in the meet. committee representing jurists of A h l i s u n n a t w a l J a m a t , should be resolved according to that the youth at present have The meeting took stock of the Hussain Khan in its report said that committee appointed by conversion issue in Kashmir dur- various sects would analyze the Molana Abdul Lateef Bukhari UN resolution which India itself become conscious about their the High Court has not visited ing which the role of Christian judgment and would bring its gist of Ahjuman Mazharul Haq, led it to UN court, on the other principles and political aspirathe jail though the court had missionary NGOs was discussed before the people in the light of Mufti Ghulam Rasool of hand Pakistan trying its level tions,” Geelani said while laudAnjuman Nusratul Islam, best not to get involve in any sort ing the university students for directed such committees com- threadbare among the participants. Islam and Sharia. Those who participated in Molana Ali Akbar of Tableegul of confilict with India because registering their protest. They also debated the recent verprised of district and sessions “It is pitiable that our edujudge, district magistrate, se- dict of a Muslim judge in the J&K the meeting included Chair- Islam, Molvi Manzoor Ahmed now both countries posses man MTI Molana Rahmatullah of Karwane Islami, Mufti Sul- Nuclear Arsonals , furthermore cational centers are being used nior superintendent of police High Court. During the meeting, the mem- Qasmi of Darululoom tan Qasmi, Molana Syed he said, adding that New Delhi for politicking rather than disand chief medical officer of each district to visit the jails bers decided to expose some of Rahimiya, Advocate Zahid Ali Rehman Shams and represen- has thrown the resolution of au- seminating knowledge. The edulocated in their jurisdiction af- the local elements, actively pro- of Jama’at -e-Islami, President tative of J&K High Court Ad- tonomy passed by the State leg- cational institutions are being made launching pad for young ter every two months.—NNI moting Christianity for monetary Jamiat Ahlihadees Molana vocate Arshad Andrabi.—NNI islature into dustbin.—NNI

Kashmir Bar report raises plight of Kishtwar jail inmates

Sponsored polls can’t change Kashmir’s disputed status

Review of the dialogue policy with Pakistan needed

Dogs have more rights than humans: Rashid

Ali Geelani for portraying Kashmir situation rightly

Awakening of religious consciousness among masses stressed

Five Indian Muslim students arrested ISLAMABAD—Indian troops arrested five Indian students of Maharashtra who reportedly had arrived in Pattan town in occupied Kashmir along with their Kashmiri friends. The Muslim students from Indian state of Maharashtra were enjoying the scenic beauty at Zangam Pattan along with their Kashmiri friends when they were busted and lodged at Police Station Pattan. Confirming their arrest, Deputy Inspector General of Police, North Kashmir J P Singh told media men that they were in touch with Maharashtra police to ascertain the background of the detained students. Singh further claimed that the troops arrested these youth as they were taking videos and pictures of Zangam Army camp and the even shot a video of moving Army Convoy.—APP

AJK PM condemns construction of wall along LoC KOTLI—The Prime Minister AJK Chaudhry Abdul Majeed said that the Kashmiris are fully vigilant about the nefarious designs of India to construct slavery wall along the Line of Control (LoC) and appealed the global community to prevent Delhi to stop this futile effort, otherwise Kashmiris will launch a global protest movement. While addressing a public gathering at Dolaya Jattan, AJK premier has said that the Kashmiris will not allow India to build this wall over the chest of their mother land. Majeed further said that AJK government have established three Medical College and five Universities in different districts of liberated state. He also announce to construct an international airport and cadet college in Mirpur and Dadyal respectively. Prime also inaugurated the establishment of a new Tehsil Dolaya Jattan and also announce various uplifts projects for the area.—APP

Intermediate exams to start from Dec 10 MIRPUR—Annual Intermediate Practical Examination (Supplementary-2013) will begin across Azad Jammu Kashmir from December, 10 this year under the auspices of Intermediate & Secondary Education (BISE) Mirpur. The role number slips of the candidates have been dispatched through the concerned superintendents of the examination centers, said Controller Examination (Colleges). The candidates have been advised to collect their role number slips from the concerned superintendents of the examination centers by December, 5 or contact the Controller Examination (Colleges) branch at the BISE, AJK, Mirpur, he added.—APP

Indian aggression persists in IHK W

HENEVER there is discussion on IndoPak ties, attention is automatically drawn towards Kashmir that has, at times, been declared nuclear flashpoint by some global powers. And whenever there is discussion on nuclearisation of the two neighbours, the first-use or second-use options also come under consideration. It is strange why the world fraternity or other leading powers don’t give serious thought to the first-use of force in the Kashmir context? It is a historical fact proven with concrete evidence that India was the first to use (brute) force and aggression to launch an attack on Jammu and Kashmir 66 years ago on 27th October. If the world adheres to true principles of justice and fair play,

the one who initiates the aggression is to be treated as an aggressor having no entitlement to leniency (either of opinion or action). And, apart from the laid down principles of justice that ought to be obeyed worldwide, the rules of natural justice also don’t allow for treating an aggressor on equal footing with the wronged party (or the innocent party). The distinction must be drawn for the sake of regional and global peace and in the interest of the fundamental right of freedom to live. It is this right to live freely and independently whose implementation Kashmiris and their Pakistani brethren have been demanding for the last 66 years in keeping with the resolutions of the United Nations Security Council. Quite interestingly, these resolutions had, for quite some time, been enjoying ownership by one

of the most popular prime ministers of India, Jawaharlal Nehru, but unfortunately, somersaults on Kashmir resolutions have remained the hallmark of Indian leaders and governments, notwithstanding, the solemn pledge by one of their most popular elected leaders to implement the UN Security Council resolutions on Kashmir. The fact is that New Delhi has been toeing the line of obduracy quite brazenly with the sole objective of perpetuating its imperialist, forced accession/subjugation of Kashmir. It is now a very wellknown fact that all sorts of atrocities have been committed against innocent Kashmiris whose voice for freedom would be suppressed (and is suppressed even now) with brute force and through the enforcement of black laws like TADA, POTA and Armed Forces

Special Powers Act. These laws empower the Indian troops and other security setups to detain Kashmiri ‘suspects (freedom movement activists)’ for inhumanly lengthy period of time. The Kashmiris have also been subjected to intolerable mental torture, humiliation and third degree methods. Mass killings, mass graves and rape of Kashmiri womenfolk have been reported time and again in international fora and reports. According to these reports, Indian troops’ deployment in occupied Kashmir (IHK) is about half (even more) of the total personnel strength of the Indian armed forces. So far, they have killed around one hundred thousand Kashmiris who were innocent, their only ‘crime’ being demanding the right of self-determination. Paradoxically, even this right of self-determination of Kashmiris

is not acceptable to Indian establishment and political cadre although it is something short of total independence. As is evident from its title ‘self-determination’, it is the basic, inalienable right of any fraternity or community to decide its own fate. In the case of Kashmiris, had they been given the opportunity to exercise their right of self-determination, they could have been able to decide their fate. Instead, India has remained stuck to its stubborn standpoint on Kashmir declaring it as its integral part. Even the forced accession of Kashmir by Indian troops in 1947 was carried out on the basis of a dubious/fake letter purportedly issued by former Maharaja of Kashmir. It is, however, very saddening to note that the world conscience has most of the time remained

apathetic towards the sad plight and predicament of Kashmiris and because of this apathy and acquiescence, India has continued to pursue its policy of blatant subjugation and oppression in Kashmir to date with no signs of repentance, let alone reformation. Good news is that Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Mian Nawaz Sharif, has undertaken serious endeavours to highlight the cause of Kashmir which have been highly appreciated by Kashmiri leaders. In a recently held joint news conference, former PM of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Barrister Sultan Mehmood, and other Kashmiri leaders appreciated Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for taking a clear stand on the Kashmir issue during his address to the UN General Assembly. —KMS

Baby girl visits grave of his uncle Shariq Ahmad Bakshi in Srinagar.

Govt to remove all business irritants Selling




































Saudi Arabia



Hong Kong
























Bullion Rates KARACHI—Following were the bullion rates in major cities yesterday. RS PER 10 GRAMS KARACHI: Gold Tezabi Silver Tezabi

44,485.00 702.85

MULTAN: Gold Tezabi (24-Ct) 44580.00 Gold 22 Ct 40750.00 SilverTezabi s695.00 Silver Thobi 635.00

Improving urban environmental conditions underlined STAFF REPORTER ISLAMABAD —A workshop to discuss the draft of an upcoming awareness-raising strategy under a sustainable transportation project was held with the objective of firming up the draft strategy through stakeholder and partner inputs. The awareness raising strategy will assist the Pakistan Sustainable Transport Project (PAKSTRAN) – being implemented by the Government of Pakistan with IUCN as a partner – in addressing transport related issues in the country, reducing emissions and improving urban environmental conditions. PAKSTRAN is supported by Global Environment Facility (GEF) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The strategy will guide in boosting awareness of sustainability concepts in the transport sector and help bring about a subsequent behavioral shift towards alternative and sustainable means of urban transport. The consultative workshop was attended by representatives from federal and provincial governments, experts, the civil society and academia. Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Arif Alauddin, Managing Director, National Energy Conservation Centre (ENERCON, Ministry of Water & Power) who is also the National Project Director, PAKSTRAN, highlighted the importance of sustainable transport linking it to sustainable development. “Access to safe and sound transportation is a must to promote social equity and ensure health of urban dwellers,” he added.

MoU signed to promote student faculty exchange STAFF REPORTER ISLAMABAD—Ghulam Ishaq Khan (GIK) Institute has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Karabuk University Turkey on Thursday, to promote student and faculty exchange, between the partner institutions. In addition, “The Mevlana Exchange Programme Protocol” was also signed between the two universities. Students exchange ranging from 3-36 months and faculty exchange ranging from 2 weeks to three months are possible under the signed agreement. The MoU and Mevlana Exchange Programme Protocol was the result of a recent visit of Dean FES, Prof. Dr. Jameel-Un Nabi to Karabuk University, in order to foster international research linkages between the two universities.


Iqbal, Federal Minister for Planning, Development and Reforms and Deputy Chairman Planning Commission has said that the government is determine to remove all the business irritant with a view to streamline foreign invetment inflow in the country. He also emphasized the need for close working relations between various Ministries and Overseas Investors Chamber of Commerce & Industry (OICCI) for facilitating a business friendly climate and create a soft image of Pakisan which has great potential and an encouraging environment for Foreign Direct Investment in various sectors He expressed these views during his visit to Overseas Investors Chamber of Com-

Pakistan urban forum on Jan 9 OBSERVER REPORT

merce & Industry (OICCI). backbone of national The Minister was welcomed economy and providing maximum facilities to create conducive business environment for local and foreign investors is Government’s top priority. He also mentioned that Pakistan has great potential and an encouraging environment for Foreign Direct Investment in various sectors. Mr Kimihide introduced all participants to the Minister and also informed him that important organistations like the IMF, China Investment Company, by the OICCI President Mr Business delegations from Kimihide Ando, Vice Presi- various countries always indent Asad S. Jafar, Manag- teract with OICCI and rouing Committee Members Mr. tinely consult the Chamber Saad Amanullah, Mr Faisal to get their opinion on the Sabzwari and the OICCI CE/ business climate in PakiSecretary General, Mr. M. stan. Mr M. Abdul Aleem in Abdul Aleem. He said that his presentation informed trade and commerce is the the Minister about the pro-

file and contribution of the OICCI to the Pakistan economy, including its’ role in facilitating FDI, OICCI members Perception & Investment Survey 2011, Business Confidence Index survey done in August 2013 covering 80% of the economy, FDI inflow in Pakistan and the Regional countries in the last five years, Investors issues hampering FDI growth, overview of recent recommendations made to the government and OICCI view and suggestions on the Government’s Vision 2025 initiative being driven by the Minister, which inter-alia included a request for participation of all major political parties who should all take ownership to ensure continuity and sustainability of the program beyond the tenure of the present government.

License of chamber of small traders challenged in IHC

Pakistani products attract Indian delegation


K A R A C H I —The Planning

and Development Depart- I SLAMABAD —Mian Khalid ment of the Government of Sindh, the South Asia Institute of Harvard University, Urban Unit, Government of Punjab and the Institute of Architects, Pakistan are partnering to hold the Pakistan Urban Forum -South Asian Cities Conference in January, 2014. Major Universities in Pakistan are collaborating at this Forum of discourse, deliberation and seeking innovative solutions to common challenges of urbanity in Pakistan and the region. This unique event is expected to get participation from Pakistan, South Asian countries and other parts of the world.

Mahmood, nominated President for ICT Chamber of Small Traders & Small Industry has challenged the license issued to Islamabad Chamber of Smaller Traders in Islamabad High Court. Hearing the writ petition, Chief Justice IHC has issued notices to the parties in dispute and adjourned the case till the first week of December 2013. The President of Islamabad Chamber of Small Traders, Secretary Ministry of Commerce and FPCCI has been made parties to the dispute in the writ petition. The petitioner has pleaded that ICT Chamber of Small Traders and Small Industry had deposited appli-

cation in Directorate General of Trade Organizations for license on 26th July 2013 after completing all formalities and we approached many times to the Regulator of Trade Organizations, but we were kept in the dark and we came to know through press reports about the issuance of license to Islamabad Chamber of Small Traders (ICST). Later on, the RTO said that the license is issued on first come first served basis and as ICST had applied in 2008 for license, therefore, it has been issued the license. Mian Khalid Mahmood claimed that Trades Organization Act was notified on 30th March 2013 containing the provisions for creation of Small Traders Chambers.

Warid becomes the most socially dedicated brand STAFF REPORTER KARACHI—Warid Telecom has been ranked as number one socially devoted brand on Facebook during October 2013, said a report published by Social Bakers. With it’s around 635K fans and growing, Warid has retained its top slot for socially devoted brands on Facebook since July 2013. Average response rate for queries posted on Warid’s Facebook page remained 83 percent during

October, which once touched 91 percent mark in July 2013. The average response rate is calculated by number of questions brands answered minus question that went unanswered on its Facebook wall. Moreover, response time for responding queries posted by Warid customers on its Facebook page stood incredibly well at 267 minutes during the month of October 2013. Not surprisingly, telecom brands have scored better

LAHORE—Punjab Skills development Fund (PSDF) organized its second workshop to design industry-led intervention for skills needs for the construction sector. PSDF arranged the workshop - Skills Need Assessment for the Construction Sector - in partnership with Constructors Association of Pakistan (CAP) here at a local hotel. The workshop brought together coherent forces with in the construction sector coupled with the training institutes for better understanding the skills shortages and to devise an intervention for the industry. In his opening remarks, CEO PSDF Mr. Ali Sarfraz said that the workshop will enable

Shipping activity at Port Qasim KARACHI—Two ships carrying containers and chemical were berthed at Qasim International Containers Terminal and Engro Vopak Terminal on Wednesday. Meanwhile five more ships carrying containers, steel and edible oil also arrived at outer anchorage of Port Qasim during last 24 hours. Berth occupancy was 55% at the Port on Thursday where six ships namely CGM dubbussy, CGM Rossini, Star Epsilon, Lito, As Orelia and Al Salam-II are currently occupying berths to load/ offload containers cement, sunflower seed, chemical and diesel oil respectively during last 24 hours. A cargo volume of 92458 tonnes comprising 54950 tonnes imports.—APP

K ARACHI —Pakistani products are of high quality and have comparative advantage while showcasing local products with international brands under one roof will attract local and international buyers. Indian journalists stated this during their visit to the Ocean Mall in the shadow of the country’s tallest Tower. The Indian media delegation comprised of members of Mumbai Press Club, led by its President Gurbir Singh admired the services, products and price of the goods. Indian delegation was accompanied with a group of Pakistani journalists headed by Karachi Press Club President Muhammad Imtiaz Faran and Sajid Aziz President Karachi Union of Journalists on the occasion. Meanwhile, Chief Operating Officer of The Ocean Mall & Tower, Samier Aziz also briefed the delegation and said the objective of The Ocean Mall is to spur business and commercial activities in the state-of-art safe, secure and elegant world class environment.

amongst all sectors. Facebook, lately, has become a hub for customers to raise voice over general and individual issues. Brands, at the same time, are taking such platforms more seriously in order to make sure that customers are reached and satisfied in person. These new channels are allowing comSTAFF REPORTER panies to interact with masses on personal level. Lahore And this is exactly where L A H O R E —The Warid has topped the charts Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) on Thursin local brands. day appreciated Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for taking the business community in confidence over ongoing economic policies and sharing his economic agenda with the stakeholders. The LCCI Acting President Mian Tariq Misbah and Vice PresiPSDF to design a scheme that of manpower through various dent Kashif Anwar said that directly addresses the needs interventions especially by this is great initiative on the of the Construction Industry. PSDF. He said that by utiliz- part of the government as it He said that the Fund has al- ing PSDF’s expertise in skills has removed lot many misbesides ready launched a specialized development, the construc- conceptions scheme – Skills for Garments tion industry will get a much strengthening public-pri_ for provision of better needed boast as trained vate sector liaison. They skilled manpower to the Gar- labour will be better equipped said that the practice should ments Sector. PSDF in its past with all essential skill set to be made a regular feature for and current schemes - Skills take on the future challenges. the sake of continuity in for Employability & Skills for The workshop for con- policies. “It is a great confidence Job - introduced trades that struction industry was secfocus on producing skilled ond in series of workshops building measure that would labour such as masons, shut- planned by PSDF for poten- definitely help increase the tering carpenters, steel fixers, tial growth sectors. The first volume of local investment in plumbers etc. workshop was dedicated to the country.” The LCCI ofAddressing the partici- garments sector and led to fice-bearers said that the pants, Chairman Construc- the launch of PSDF scheme Prime Minister’s decision to tion Association Pakistan for garments sector – Skills include private sector repre(CAP) Mr. Afzal-Ur-Rahman for Garments. Other work- sentatives in Business and appreciated PSDF efforts for shops planned will target Agriculture Advisory comwould help the construction sector. He light engineering, footwear, mittees also lauded Government’s ef- food processing and furni- strengthen the country’s economy. They said that the forts to improve productivity ture sectors. decision to facilitate Chambers of Commerce and industry for the establishment of new economic zones would help promote local investment in the country besides bringing down the fast galloping graph of unemployment. They said that issuance of honor cards to tax payers and excellence awards to top tax payers would help promote taxation culture in the country and encourage more and more people to join tax net. Removal of procedural hitches for the businessmen intend to put up power plants would go a long way in overcoming the shortage of energy in the country, the LCCI office-bearers added. They said that the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry would extend every possible help to the government aimed at putting the Ufone recently conducted a blood donation drive in collabo- country on road to progress ration with PRCS for thalassaemia patients. and prosperity.

PSDF holds workshop for construction sector SALIM AHMED


PM economic agenda lauded

SECP extends filing date of annual returns

PTCL extends partnership with DHA Karachi

STAFF REPORTER ISLAMABAD—The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) has extended the date of filing of Form-A/B up to Monday, December 2, for other than listed companies and to Monday, December 16, for listed companies. The extensions have been granted due to weekly holidays falling on November 30, and December 15—being filing dates for other than listed and for listed companies respectively—which held their annual general meetings (AGMs) on October 31. The filing date for annual audited accounts has also been extended up to December 2, for all companies, which held their AGMs on October 31, and are required by the law to file annual audited accounts with the SECP. In order to extend maximum facilitation, the Company Registration Offices of the SECP shall also remain open until 8 p.m. to collect returns/accounts of the companies on December 2. It may be noted that it is mandatory for companies to file Form-A/B with the SECP within 30 days, in case of other than listed companies and within 45 days, in case of listed companies, from the date of holding of their AGMs. Furthermore, it is mandatory for certain categories of companies to file annual audited accounts within 30 days of holding of their AGMs. These categories include, private companies having paid-up capital of Rs7.5 million or above, listed/ unlisted public companies, non-profit associations.

Abdul Rehman Durwaish, PTCL EVP and Brig. Muhammad Rafiq Qaimkhani Project Director DHA City Karachi signing an MoU.

STAFF REPORTER ISLAMABAD—Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has today inked an agreement for Integrated Communication Technology (ICT) services and infrastructure development with DHA City Karachi (DCK). The partnership is aimed towards developing DHA City Karachi as the first Smart City of Pakistan. Walid Irshaid, President and CEO PTCL while speaking at the occasion said that “We are pleased to extend cooperation and partnership with Defence Housing Authority. This strategic partnership is geared towards meeting the higher bandwidth and telecommunications needs of the first smart city in Pakistan”. “PTCL will develop integrated physical and digital infrastructures for the residents of DHA City Karachi that provides optimal ICT services in a reliable and sustainable manner

and improves the overall quality of life.” added Walid Irshaid. Administrator DHA Brig Muhammad Abdullah congratulated PTCL for becoming the partner of DHA in making the first Smart City project of the country. He said that the event was yet another landmark towards developing DHA City Karachi as a planned, sustainable and futuristic city of international stature. He reiterated that DHA would contribute in every way to ensure that the vision of Smart City was transformed into a reality. Brig Abdullah said that with development of DHA City Karachi we would enter a new era of modernity where residents would enjoy their lives with international living standards. He said that the new ICT networks and technologies present a huge opportunity in terms of making DCK more sustainable through providing real-time information to the residents, stakeholders and service operators.

Zong deploys Biometric Verification System STAFF REPORTER K ARACHI —Zong has become the first mobile operator in Pakistan to implement Biometric Verification System at their customer service centers. The installation of the Biometric Verification Systems displays the commitment of Zong towards PTA directives; highlighting its compliance and contributions in the national policies implementation. SIM verification mechanisms were first introduced in Pakistan in 2007-2008. Initially, all the SIMs were verified by NADRA through an offline channel. In 2009, a new method was introduced where customers had to call 789 after inserting their SIM for the first time and verify their NADRA record to activate their SIM. From 2009 to 2012, a SMS based SIM verification process was introduced in four different phases. However, none of these measures helped PTA overcome the problem of un-

Mr Sikhand Naqi, CPO, Zong and Syed Ismail Shah, Chairman, PTA during launch of Biometric Verification System of SIMs for the first time in Pakistan. registered SIMs. Hence, PTA is now encouraging telecom operators to start offering biometric system to have a foolproof system to curtail unregistered SIM.

The new verification system introduced by Zong will require each citizen to approach retailer, franchisee or Customer Service Centers of Zong.

Intel honors teachers and schools with awards

Turkish Airlines operates its first flight to Lahore STAFF REPORTER L AHORE—Turkish Airlines

The teachers, who won awards, with Naveed Siraj, Country Manager Intel Pakistan and Alan S. Mckenzie, Director Punjab Education and English Language Initiative, British Council.

STAFF REPORTER KARACHI—Intel Pakistan today organized the Intel Education Awards Ceremony in Lahore, under the Intel Education Initiative, to recognize the impressive performance in technology integration by teachers and schools across Pakistan. Present at the occasion was the Secretary of School Education Department, Mr. Abdul Jabbar Shaheen as the chief guest. Of all the participants in the Intel Teach Program contest, 15 won awards, in recognition of their accomplishments in imple-

menting technology to promote inquiry-based learning. “Intel has made concrete, consistent efforts for recognizing the teachers and schools taking part in this initiative and rewarding them for their considerable efforts in highlighting ICT in their classrooms and in turn, facilitating a conducive environment to experience technology first-hand,” said Naveed Siraj, Country Manager, Intel Pakistan. “Intel Pakistan is working hand in hand with the government to make the dissemination of and access to technology easily.

operates its first flight to Lahore on Thursday. Provincial Minister for Education & Tourism Punjab Rana Mashhood Ahmed Khan warmly received 125 passengers reaching Lahore directly from Istanbul at Lahore Airport. The passengers included a 6-member delegation of Turk aviation experts led by the General Manager Turkish Airlines Alp Yavuzeser. Pakistan’s Ambassador in Ankara Shaukat Haroon and his wife also accompanied the delegation. The passengers of the inaugural flight of Turkish Airlines, Crew members and the delegation of Turk Aviation experts were accorded red carpet reception at Lahore Airport. Besides Rana Mashhood Ahmed Khan, the Chairman Lahore Transport Company Khawaja Ahmed Hasaan, Turk Ambassador to Islamabad Babur Girgin, President Turk Culture Forum Chaudhary Anees Iqbal, Lahore Airport Manager Syed Aamir Mehmood, Omar Abid Mirza and Turkish Airlines Incharge in Pakistan Ms. Zahra Tulin Akbulut were also present on the occasion. With this operation, Lahore becomes the 3rd destination to be served in Pakistan. Round trip flights between Istanbul and Lahore will operate 3 times per week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from Istanbul and on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from Lahore.

Pakistan victory sparks cricket phobia, celebrations across the land I S L A M A B A D — P a k i s t a n ’s maiden series win against Protease on Wednesday night gave a new breath to the dejected national side stuck in the whirlpool of consistent defeats bringing joy at the faces of cricket loving nation as well. A way of happiness sprawled across the country when Pakistan defeated South Africa in the second ODI claiming the maiden series victory in Protease’s home ground. Fans thronged roads of the major cities of the cricket-crazy Nation to express their delight at the landmark victory at Port Elizabeth (South Africa). Former stalwarts have hailed the performance of the national side, especially their fighting spirit as the match was seemingly slipping out of the hands of Pakistan when AB De Villiers

was batting. But the way national side came back in the game has forced many critics to change their views. Talking to APP, Former Pakistan captain Amir Sohail said Pakistan surprised him in their triumph over the Protease. “This is consistency what was lacking in the previous games Pakistan played,” he said. Amir said there was always a blend of youth and experience that makes a team successful. “For victory Pakistan needs to keep its batting order consistent as the more the same order plays the more their skills will develop,” he added. Speaking about the future replacement for captain Misbah ul Haq, Amir said currently he sees no other player who can replace

Misbah as captain, adding, Misbah has been performing tremendously well for the last few years and a captain like him was the dire need of the hour. Former coach and chief selector Mohsin Hasan Khan while praising the team’s performance said the team played as a unit coupled with fighting spirit. He gave credit to Junaid and Ajmal for staying calm in the latter part of the innings without getting panic. “I am glad to see that there is a healthy competition developing within our team and If all-rounders like Anwar Ali and Bilawal Bhatti kept coming in to the team then it would be great for Pakistan,” Mohsin said. He said young players had no fear in their heart MULTAN: Students participating in 100-meter race during Inter-District Schools Tournament played at Govt Girls High School, Shamsabad. which had brought the missing aggressiveness in the team.—APP

Rashid Latif’s petition vs PCB maintainable, says SHC


FAISALABAD: Naveed Yasin of KRL receiving United Bank Limited.

Sports facilities need Board’s attention

man of the match award against

Misbah terms series victory as team effort

I SLAMABAD —The Pakistan I S L A M A B A D — P a k i s t a n deep square leg going for a Sports Board (PSB) is not paying attention to the maintenance of gymnasiums and stadium here at the Pakistan Sports Complex causing problems for sportsmen. The Liaquat Gymnasium, where indoor games are played, is in a dilapidated condition. Change rooms and washrooms require upgradation, while it lacks a fitness facility. The gymnasium’s basement looks like a dumping ground. Similarly, seepage can seen be on the walls and roofs of Jinnah Stadium. Water from washrooms is pouring out in the stadium. The seats in stands have not been painted or renovated for many years. The construction of a boxing gymnasium was started in 2002 when Pakistani boxer Mehar Allah Khan won a gold medal in the Asian Games. It was to be completed in 2011. Despite lapse of around eleven years, an incomplete structure shows lethargy of authorities concerned towards the sports.—APP

captain Misbah-ul-Haq praised his team’s first win an ODI series against South Africa and termed it as collective effort. Team Pakistan pulled off a thrilling one-run win in the second one-day international at St George’s Park in Port Elizabeth ended up winning the series by 2-0 with one ODI left, reported PTV. Hashim Amla (98) and AB de Villiers (74) took South Africa to the brink of victory but South Africa could score only seven runs off the last nine balls, while losing two wickets. Set to make 263 to win, they finished on 261 for six. Misbah admitted that a win seemed unlikely with two overs to go. The good over was provided by off-spinner Saeed Ajmal, who conceded only two runs in the penultimate over and finished with the wicket of Amla, caught at

big hit. Junaid Khan had JP Duminy caught in the deep off the second ball of the final over during which he conceded only three singles before the last ball went for four leg byes. Pakistani opening batsman Ahmed Shehzad was named Man of the Match. He made 102 after Pakistan started their innings under rainy weather. South African fast bowler Dale Steyn took a career-best six for 39, including two wickets in the last over of the innings, but the other South African bowlers struggled to contain their opponents, who won the first match in Cape Town by 23 runs on Sunday. It was especially content victory for visitors because Pakistan were recently beaten 4-1 by the same opponents in the United Arab Emirates.— APP

High Court (SHC) in its verdict on the matter between Rashid Latif vs the PCB & Najam Sethi filed by him through his lawyer, Barrister Umair A. Qazi, was pleased to observe that the constitutional petitions were maintainable against the PCB in the high court of Sindh distinguishing the case of Danish Kaneria on the issue of territorial jurisdiction. According to the court also went onto observe that since the Islamabad High Court (IHC) had already decided the issue of Najam Sethi being a caretaker chairman and not an acting chairman of the PCB and since intra court appeals were still pending adjudication before the IHC, the SHC would not cause confusion by issuing conflicting judgments and hence disposed off the petition in terms of the IHC order dated July 4, 2013 Furthermore, it also observed that the petitioner i.e. Rashid Latif was at liberty to join the proceedings before the IHC in the intra court appeals if so desired.—APP

Asif, Sajjad Pakistan, England to play make sterling start in IBSF disability series in Feb World Snooker

KARACHI —The second disability cricket series between Pakistan and England would be played in Dubai (UAE) in February 2014, Pakistan Disable Cricket Association (PDCA) announced on Thursday. This was decided after the meeting of PDCA delegation headed by President Saleem Karim and Secretary Amiruddin Ansari and Head of Disability, England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) Ian Martin and Support Officer Richard Hill during their meeting in London. During the short series two T20 Internationals and three One-Day Internationals comprising of 40 overs will be played. It was discussed during the meeting that a match or

two may be staged either at Dubai Sports Stadium, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi apart from ICC Academy Ground in Dubai. A final meeting to confirm the series arrangements should be held in Dubai at a later stage may in December. During the meeting it was decided to raise the question of whether a joint proposition be put to the ICC to cover the cost of the series. However, Ian Martin stated that at the moment the ICC do not have a mandate from their members to support disability cricket in this way and at present he felt that it was the responsibility of both ECB and PDCA cover the cost of the series. ECB Disability official said that disability cricket is

now on their ICC’s radar and that ICC are seeking to agree a framework as to how to work with world bodies that control disabled cricket. PDCA Secretary Amiruddin Ansari suggested that invitations be sent out to representatives for disability cricket across the Test playing nations to the event in Dubai. Ian Martin supported the idea and said it was a possibility; however, he felt that as part of an invite, those accepting might be expected to be accommodated and that ECB did not have the available funding to facilitate this. Saleem Karim put forward the proposal that other countries such as Australia and New Zealand involved in disabled cricket.—APP

Distt govt to organise festival for special persons MULTAN—The district government has announced a festival on Dec 3 for special persons. A meeting chaired by DCO Zahid Saleem Gondal was held here on Thursday to review arrangements regarding the festival, the DCO said the festival would be held at sports ground in which special persons, special kids and their families would participate. He said it was our duty to provide maximum opportunities of happiness and entertainment to special persons. He also announced a committee led by EDO Community Asif Ali Farrukh for holding the festival.—APP

KARACHI: Students particpating in Inter-Regional Cricket O-Level Tournament.

Inter Regional Cricket Tournament STAFF REPORTER K A R A C H I —Beaconhouse

School System’s Inter Regional Cricket O’ Level Boys Tournament 2013-14 was held at Moin Khan Academy. It was inaugurated by Ian Thomas Darlington-Assistant Director Sports, BSS. Teams of O’ Level Northern, Central and Southern (under 17) regions are participating in this tournament. It’s an annual and regular feature of the school system in order to promote sports, namely cricket, on a larger scale and create room for sports and academics to exist alongside and contribute to physical development as well. The Southern Region enjoyed the privilege of being the host while everyone in the ground witnessed the sportsmanship of these young boys displaying a splendid game. Day 1 had 2 matches of 20 overs each. The chief guest of the day, Nadeem Khan, former bowler of Pakistan Cricket Team appreciated the efforts of the students as well as the organisers in contributing to the game cherished by the entire nation and was delighted to be a part of such a high profile cricket tournaHYDERABAD: Players in action in volleyball match during Inter-Collegiate Girls Volleyball Tournament 2013-14. ment.

Shehzad lauds managerial support I SLAMABAD —Man of the and have supported us. It’s Match Ahmed Shehzad appreciated the positive influence of Pakistan’s leadership and management staff, after Wedneday’s one-run win - and unassailable two-nil series lead - over South Africa in the second ODI at St George’s Park in Port Elizabeth. Inclement weather reduced the fixture to 45 overs per side, with the visitors posting a formidable total of 262 all out on the back of Shehzad’s century, which spanned 112 deliveries, eight boundaries and twin sixes. The Proteas later slipped to an insufficient 261 for six, as a commanding 98 from opener Hashim Amla and a cavalier 74 from captain AB de Villiers went in vain. Seamer Junaid Khan and leg-spinner Shahid Afridi, meanwhile, shared five key wickets. “My captain has really supported me throughout. We haven’t been clicking much the last few series. The way the management is treating us, and the way manager Moin Khan has been handling us, it has gone a long way in helping our belief after we lost series in the UAE,” said Shehzad. “Those guys are doing a tremendous job off the field

very pleasing for any opening batsman to make a ton in South Africa. Sometimes it’s really quick, sometimes it is twopaced, so it is especially pleasing to do well in these conditions.” Shehzad’s solid alliance with fellow right-hander Sohaib Maqsood, who scored a patient 42 before perishing to allrounder Ryan McLaren, was crucial. The pair added 124 runs inside 22 overs for the third wicket, ensuring a prompt recovery in the wake of opener Nasir Jamshed and the out-ofform Mohammad Hafeez’s early departures. “The pitch wasn’t easy to bat on. Ball wasn’t coming on to the bat. First few overs ball wasn’t coming, but as soon as the lights came on it got easier. I want to mention the spinners. Shahid has been bowling tremendously, along with Saeed Ajmal, while Junaid took the responsibility at the end to bowl well,” he added. “Maqsood is a free stroke player and we need his kind of talent in the pressure overs and Powerplay. I told him to take his chances but he couldn’t connect. It happens in this game.”—INP

K ARACHI —Pakistan’s ace cueists Muhammad Asif and Muhammad Sajjad got off a winning start in the International Billiards and Snooker Federation (IBSF) World championship in Latvian city Daugavpils which commenced on Thursday. Defending Champion Asif carved out the breaks of 65, 60, 58 and 71 while hammering Ahmed Al Elsyed of USA 4-1. Faisalabad-based Asif, who also hold the title of World Team Snooker title alongwith with Sajjad and won the 6-Red Asian championship, lost the penultimate frame before reaching to 107-20, 101-09, 118-14, 20-59, 122-0 victory. After making the break of 66 in the second frame, Asif compiled the break of 60 and 58 in the third frame to put his opponent under pressure. Like his team-mate Asif, highly talented Muhammad Sajjad launched his campaign in style by smashing 110 century break in the third while routing Andrej Maksimov of Lithuania 4-0. 2010 Asian championship runner-up, Sajjad from Sargodha, demonstrated impeccable potting and masterly dipping of the multicoloured ball to out-pot his opponent. Pakistan other two players Shahid Aftab and Imran Shahzad will play their matches later today.—APP

Wrestling coaches, referees course begins LAHORE—Wrestling coaches and referees course commenced here on Thursday under the aegis of Pakistan Wrestling Federation at a local hotel. “The participants will be taught latest knowledge of coaching referring with the aid of latest material”, said a spokesman of PWF. He said the coaches and referees will be updated on the revised international rules and their application in practical situations. He said all the affiliated units of PWF have confirmed their participation in the three-day beneficial activity. He said the next national wrestling championship will be held in accordance with the revised international competition rules.—APP

National table tennis from Dec 27 L AHORE —The 50th Golden Jubilee national table tennis championship will be held here from December 27-31 under the supervision of Punjab table tennis association. Men’s team event, women team event, men’s singles, men’s double, women’s doubles and mixed doubles will be played during the championship whose final will be December 31.—APP

Pakistan in South Africa 2013-14

Steyn, Kallis ruled out of final ODI P O R T E L I Z A B E T H —Dale missed the Proteas’ open- nament with a leg injury. Steyn, South Africa’s pre- ing 26-run Group B defeat mier fast bowler, and vet- by India in Cardiff with a eran allrounder Jacques side strain. Kallis have been ruled out of South Africa’s third ODI against Pakistan with injury niggles. Steyn has a mild left side strain while Kallis, who made his comeback to the 50-over format at the start of the series, has a badly sprained joint on the little finger of his right hand. South Africa’s think tank decided it was better to take the precautionary measure of leaving the pair out for the final match against Pakistan, who are aiming for 3-0 sweep, so they could be in “prime condition” for the upcoming series against India. . Steyn, widely regarded as the best fast bowler curIt is pertinent to menrently in world cricket, tion that on Sunday, South Africa captain AB de Villiers, speaking to reporters at Edgbaston , was pessimistic about Steyn’s chances of facing Pakistan. “The final decision hasn’t been made yet, but NAIROBI —Kenya’s athletics it’s not looking good,” de boss said Thursday the Villiers said. “The chances country will soon set up its are he’ll only be ready for first doping test lab amid ef- the last one (South Africa’s forts by the distance running final group match against giant to shake off allegations the West Indies in Cardiff it was failing to tackle cheats. on June 14). South Africa’s fast Officials from the World Anti-doping Agency bowling resources were (WADA) and the IAAF are further depleted when also due in Kenya next week Morne Morkel, who limped to help establish the centre, off while bowling his sevAthletics Kenya president enth over against India, was ruled out of the tourIsaiah Kiplagat told AFP. The delegation will include Gabriel Dolle, the director of the IAAF Medical and Anti-Doping Department. “We will have to liaise with the relevant authorities in the government in the building of the laboratory. Depending on the logistics, we hope it will fully opera- I S L A M A B A D —Pakistan is tional by January next year,” ranked 168 in the FIFACocaCola World Rankings Kiplagat said. He said the new centre with 102 points released on will act as a regional blood Thursday but the Pakistan and urine collection and Football Federation (PFF) seems to do nothing for the analysis point. “Nairobi has been chosen improvement of the game. The other Asian teams because it is more central. It is intended to serve not only ranked in the World Kenya but the rest of the re- Rankings are above Pakistan in the table with India gion,” Kiplagat said. Kenya has been under on 154 with 151 points, pressure to act on the issue Bangladesh on 162 with 120 of doping since a German tele- points and Sri Lanka on 166 vision investigation last year with 108 points. However, alleged that banned drugs Spain still leads the World including the blood booster Rankings while Germany EPO were readily available. and Argentina are placed Since January 2012, in- second and third respeccreased tests have netted 17 tively. The next FIFAKenyan cheats. While none of them have been big-name CocaCola World Rankings record breakers, the findings will be published on Dehave contradicted previous cember 19. Talking to APP, assertions from Athletics Former football team capKenya that its runners are tain Lt Col ® Mujahid Ullah Tareen said the national spotless.—AFP

Athletics: Kenya to set up doping test centre

seamers, who started reIndia capitalised to pile versing the ball, who really up 331 for seven but South restricted the batters and Africa gave them a scare made them look like they can’t get it off the square.” The wicketkeeper-batsman added now was the not the time for the Proteas to change tactics. On the other side, it was reported earlier that Mahela Jayawardene has been rested for the limited-overs leg of Sri Lanka’s series against Pakistan in the United Arab Emirates starting next month. Sri Lanka Cricket said in a statement on Monday that 36-year-old Jayawardene, who has played 407 ODIs and scored over 11,000 runs, had requested leave on personal grounds. Left-handed batsman Kithuruwan Vithanage, before falling short in a who has played two Tests daunting chase. but has yet to represent Sri The Proteas have Lanka in limited overs called up Chris Morris, a cricket, was named as his 26-year-old seamer who replacement. has played two Twenty20 Left-arm spinner matches for South Africa, Rangana Herath was but has yet to appear in a named in the one-day one-day international, as squad but was not considMorkel’s replacement. ered for the Twenty20 seAnd de Villiers, having ries as “he was being seen the way in which En- rested considering the exgland beat Australia by 48 cessive amount of cricket runs in a Group A encoun- he played and the available ter at Edgbaston on Sun- cricket for him up to the day, reckoned pace was 2015 World Cup.” still the way forward. Sri Lanka play Pakistan “It looked a similar kind in two T20 internationals in of wicket to the one we’ll Dubai on Dec. 11 and 13 bebe playing on. The one fore moving to Sharjah for spinner for England, the start of the five-match (James) Tredwell bowled one-day international series really well but it was the on Dec. 18.—AFP

Pakistan ranked 168 in FIFA rankings team cannot improve until and unless PFF won’t stop stuffing foreign-based players in the team. Afghanistan beat Pakistan with a 3-0 margin in a friendly match held a couple of months ago while Pakistan lost its 1st match against India by 1-0 in the SAFF Cup 2013. For the SAFF Cup, PFF called foreign-based players including Adnan Ahmed, former Fulham defender Zesh Rehman, Hassan Bashir, Yousuf Butt and Yacoob Butt. Mujahid Ullah who has also been the former PFF secretary, said the team has failed to produce many times and therefore an operation clean up is needed in the team. “I feel the team’s downfall at major events is because of the inclusion of

BRISBANE: Tim Bresnan took 4 for 31, showing he is working his way back to fitness, Queensland Second XI v England Performance Programme, 2nd day.

Vonn confident she will ski in Sochi

I will handle England myself: Nathan

NEW YORK—Reigning Winter Olympic downhill champion Lindsey Vonn said she is confident that she will be able to ski at the Sochi Games in February despite being injured in a crash last week. Vonn told US Olympic telecaster NBC’s Today show that tearing a reconstructed ligament in her surgically repaired right knee when she fell at Colorado’s Copper Mountain during a training run has not ended her hopes for a strong season and more Olympic gold. “Unfortunately, it was really bad timing for me, but I’m still confident,” Vonn said. “I still feel like I have a lot left to achieve this season. I just have to kind of take it day by day right now, but I still have time before Sochi.” Vonn, the girlfriend of 14-time major golf champion Tiger Woods, was hoping to return to competition in a World Cup event this week at Beaver Creek, Colorado, on the new Raptor course where the 2015 World Championships will be staged. Instead, the crash — which also bruised her shoulders and left her with minor facial cuts — forced her to skip the US races. She hopes to regain enough stability in her knee to race next week in World Cup events at Lake Louise, Canada.—AFP

SYDNEY—Australia’s Nathan Siddle taking the leading role to the test team the followLyon is confident he has the tools to spin England out in the second test in Adelaide and will not need much help from team mates rolling over a few part-time overs. Lyon captured key wickets in Australia’s 381-run victory over the tourists in the first test but question marks remain over whether the 26-year-old has the game to close out a victory. Some of the doubt stems from last year’s test series against South Africa when Australia needed six wickets on the last day at Adelaide Oval to win on a deteriorating pitch. Lyon took only one wicket that day, with paceman Peter

with three wickets but South Africa, led by test debutant Faf du Plessis, held on to save the game before routing Australia in Perth to win the series. “I’ve learnt a fair amount playing a few test matches down there,” Lyon told reporters on Thursday. “I’ve learnt a fair amount about my game and what I need to do and what I need to do to get better. “Fingers crossed there’s a little bit more spin down there and we’ll see how we go.” Lyon is famous for having worked as a curator at Adelaide Oval in 2010 before being spotted by local coach Darren Berry and completing a remarkable rise

ing year. The offspinner took five wickets on debut against Sri Lanka and has 89 wickets from 26 test matches at a respectable average of 32.44. He has often had a lukewarm reception from Australia’s selectors, however, who left him out of the opening two tests of the northern Ashes series in favour of an untried teenager in Ashton Agar. Lyon will head into the second test with his status as Australia’s number one spinner in little doubt, however, though may have some part-time support from Steve Smith or captain Michael Clarke.—Online

foreign-based players in the team,” he said.Mujahid who is also the Director Media of Pakistan Olympic Association, said our local players perform with their hearts out in the domestic championships and at the end the PFF awards them by calling in foreign-based players who occupy their space in the team. “Our players get disappointed with this,” he said adding that Pakistan team should have pure Pakistani players in it who perform whole year at the domestic circuit here. Mujahid Ullah further advised national team’s head coach to include as many as local players he can in the team in future as to make it a Pakistan team rather than a SHARJAH: Secretary Pakistan Cycling Federation, Syed Azhar Ali presenting the foreign-based players team (Germany)— PCF souvenir to Ruler of Sharjah, Emir Sheikh Sultan bin Mohamed Al-Qasimi. who come play and go.— M UNICH Bayern Munich captain Agencies Philipp Lahm will miss the European champions’ next two games after injuring his right hamstring, the club confirmed on Thursday. The 30-year-old limped out of Bayern’s 3-1 win at CSKA Moscow on Wednesday as they extended their winning streak in the Champroper pair of shoes when he more Pakistani players are pions League to a record 10 BIPIN DANI turned up at the PCB (Paki- out in this fashion’, he matches. A scan in Munich reOBSERVER stan Cricket Board (PCB)-run added. vealed a strained hamstring. CORRESPONDENT National Cricket Academy ‘There is no proper Lahm will sit out both Saturday’s Bundesliga clash DUBAI—’Why the hell did (NCA) in Lahore. It was coaching in schools and at home to bottom side you try to obstruct the field Aaqib Javed who took him boys play cricket on streets Eintracht Braunschweig and ?’, will be the first immedi- under his training and guided and parking areas. Unless Wednesday’s German Cup ate question Aaqib Javed him to success. ‘Yes, he came no serious thought is given, third-round match at home to is set to ask to his pupil, at a very young age to me’. no improvement is likely to ‘Pakistani players are happen’, Javed added. Augsburg. Anwar Ali, if the later comes Rameez Raza, InzamamThis will be the first to play the series against ‘passionate’ about this (getBundesliga game Lahm will Sri Lanka in UAE early next ting out under this law) and ul-Haq and Mohammad they want to be in news...’, Hafeez were the other Pakihave missed under Bayern month. coach Pep Guardiola this seaThe Pakistani tail- Aaqib Javed, now coach with stani players who were out son as Munich look to ex- ender, who turned 26 ear- the UAE team, said in jest. in this fashion. ‘If you put Pak team on In the latest incident, tend their record unbeaten lier in the week, was derun in the league to 39 clared out ‘Obstructing the one side and rest of the teams Pakistani camp has not matches. field’ in the ODI against on other side, the news sur- been happy with the umThe Bavarian giants are South Africa on Wednes- rounding Pak players are pires decision. ‘Anwar was given wrongly out. No hoping to have Lahm back day. Interestingly, all five more’, he says. ‘There is no proper where he was running out for their Bundesliga clash at are from Asia (barring Werder Bremen on Saturday India’s Mohinder coaching structure at youth side the line and he was not December 7, in time for their Amarnath, other four are level in Pakistan as compared obstructing the field intenfinal Champions League from Pakistan) who have to some other countries like tionally. His head was also game at home to Manches- been out under this law Australia, England, South downside and he should ter City three days later, but (Obstructing the field-Law Africa and New Zealand. Ig- not have been made the norance of laws and lack of victim in this fashion’, a it will depend on how the in- 37) in ODI. jury heals.—AFP SYDNEY: Adam Scott of Austalia plays a shot on the 18th fairway during the Australian Open golf tournament. Anwar Ali had no knowledge is the reason why member of the PCB said.

Football: Bayern’s Lahm to miss next two games

Pak players ‘passionate’ about obstructing the field

Higher clot risk seen with Thoratec heart pump: Study


ESEARCHERS have found a higher rate of dangerous blood clots in patients who received Thoratec Corp’s HeartMate II heart pump than had been seen in clinical trials or prior experience, according to a study published on Wednesday. They also found that when blood clots do develop, they are occurring closer to the time of HeartMate implantation than had been previously observed. The findings were reported in the New England Journal of Medicine. The HeartMate II is a socalled LVAD, or left ventricular assist device, that is used to keep alive heart patients who are either ineligible for or awaiting a heart transplant. The devices have been shown to significantly improve the quality of life by assisting the heart’s pumping function, primarily in those with advanced heart failure. HeartMate is by far Thoratec’s most important product line. It reported third quarter HeartMate sales of $112.8 million out of total revenue of $126.4 million. Researchers examined the outcomes of 895 HeartMate II implants in 837 patients from 2004 through mid-2013 to try to determine if there had been an increase in incidence of pump thrombosis, or blood clots in or around the heart pump. Since March 2011, they found clot formation had occurred in 8.4 percent of HeartMate II implants compared with a rate of 2.2 percent prior to that date. They also noted that thrombosis was forming on average 2.7 months after implant since March 2011 compared with a median of 18.6 months prior to that date. “There are no changes that have been made to the de-

vice that the manufacturer has identified as potentially responsible,” Dr. Randall Starling, the study’s lead author, said in a telephone interview. “From our data set, at this point in time we do not have an explanation,” said Starling, head of heart failure and cardiac transplant management at the Cleveland Clinic. Starling said researchers planned to collect comprehensive data and work with Thoratec “and be in a position hopefully by the middle of next year to have more detailed information.” Dr. Alex Reyentovich, medical director of the LVAD program at NYU Langone Medical Center in New York, said the problem of pump thrombosis had been observed at many centers. “What’s unique to this study is their reported incidence seems to be quite a bit higher than what has been reported in the mandatory registry for LVAD. It is worrisome,” said Reyentovich, who was not involved in the study. “Unfortunately, for these patients there really are not other options. This is a therapy of last resort,” he added. Implant patients are typically treated with the blood thinners warfarin and aspirin to prevent clots. Starling said variations in anticoagulation therapy did not appear to account for the increased clot risk, but Reyentovich said anticoagulation must be carefully determined and monitored for each patient to minimize clot and serious bleeding risks. Thoratec said survival of HeartMate II patients has improved since the device’s initial clinical trial with six-month survival rates at 86 percent.

Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah addressing the participants of 6th International Urdu Conference at Arts Council.

Training workshop on dengue STAFF REPORTER KARACHI—Following the di-

rectives of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) Administrator Rauf Akhtar Farooqui, the Medical and Health Department with the coordination of Fisheries Department held a training workshop for officials working on Larva Control Program through Biological Method. The workshop was attended by officers & experts from Fisheries Department, Agriculture Department, Parks & Horticulture Department & Malaria Control Cell. The participants were provided with useful information regarding use of Guppi Fishes in controlling Larva. Experts gave training on water sampling and water testing surrounding temperature for use of Guppi fishes. Senior Director Health and Medical Services Dr Muhammad Ali Abbasi said KMC had been Governor Dr Ishratul Ebad Khan addressing National Legal Education Conference under using different methods to conthe auspices of Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto University of Law. trol spread of dengue virus including fumigation and biological method. He said such measures should be taken on preferential basis which could help control dengue in the city. The Senior Director said pond of Guppi fishes and collection points were established to make Day of the Qatar to attend cer- this campaign more effective. STAFF REPORTER emony on 18th December. SeK A R A C H I —Chairman Na- KARACHI—The Consul Gen- nior Minister accepts the invitional Database and Registra- eral of the state of Qatar Saad tation and thanked him. Meanwhile talking to jourtion Authority (NADRA), Tariq Abdulla Al-Sharif Al Mahmud nalists Senior Minister Nisar called on Sindh senior Minister Malik paid a surprise visit to NADRA Registration Centers for education Nisar Ahmed Ahmed Khuhro said still no any (NRCs) in Karachi and sus- Khuhro at his Sindh Assembly formula is finalized with MQM STAFF REPORTER regarding their joining Sindh pended four employees on ac- Office Thursday. Cabinet. They exchange views recount of their alleged unKARACHI—The literature ComHe said people’s party be- mittee of Karachi Press Club friendly customer service, neg- garding education system of ligence, incompetency and in- Qatar and Sindh and discussed lieves in reconciliation policy would host an event in comvolvement in illegal practices. the trade, economic and social and did not believe in solo flight memoration of versatile poetry of In the wake of vigilance re- situation and stressed that co-op- and the doors of people’s party Seraiki poet Shahid Aziz on Nov ports and complaints received eration will be enhanced regard- for talks with political parties are 30 at the KPC. from media, Tariq Malik has ing education and bilateral rela- open every time. Scholars and critics would Replying in a question he present their critique about the started conducting unannounced tions between Sindh and Qatar. said sittings with MQM or other On the occasion Consul visits at NRCs across the counSeraiki poet Aziz while the poet try. His visit involved inspection General of the state of Qatar in- political parties are not playing would also recite his latest poand monitoring of swift working vite Senior Minister Nisar game because politics is not etry for the amusement of the Ahmed Khuhro on the National name of any game. at centers.—NNI participants.

Chairman NADRA suspends four employees

Pak, Qatar relations to be enhanced

Evening with Seraiki poet Aziz

Qaim forms committee for amendments in University Bill STAFF REPORTER KARACHI—Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah said that legal mechanism is required to ensure access and standard education to each citizen. A committee with academic and legal experts has been constituted to propose the universities amendments bill carefully for the improvement, capacity building of the universities, teaching community and students to ensure quality of education in each public sector university. This he said while presiding over meeting to review proposed universities amendment bill held at CM House Thursday. Sindh senior Minister for education Nisar Ahmed Khuhro, Sindh Minister for Parliamentary affairs Dr Sikandar Mendhro, Dr Azra Pechuho, VC Ziauddin university Dr Asim, Secretary Law Parkash Lal Ambwani, Secretary

to CM Sindh Rai Sikandar, Secretary Universities and Boards Riaz Memon and other officers attended the meeting and participated in discussion and deliberations. The CM was of the view that govt was fully funding to the public sector universities for having qualitative education but universities have failed because of poor legal mechanism there. He said that instead of funding to the public universities the criticism about sub standard education is being made on the govt one hand and students of the province are deprived from quality of education on other hand. He said that government is paying to the teachers more as compared to private institutions but getting result below the standard. He said that quality of education in the province was the main challenge not only to the government, institutions and na-

tion as well “we all must have to undertake tri-angle approach to standarise the education” he added. He asked the members of the committee to make, universities and its academic and administrative bodies more viable with these powers and duties in such a way so that the universities could be strengthened and be made capable to deliver quality education.He said that proposed universities bill would be got approved from the cabinet before tabling it in the assembly. The CM said that he was optimistic, that by transfer of universities power to Sindh government and subsequent amendment of universities bill, the access and quality of education would be improved at large. He said that campus management system (CMS) would be introduced to monitor the performances of the universities through modern technology.

Accord for free electricity to Cancer Hospital KARACHI —Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) has signed its ninth Memorandum of Understanding under Social Investment Program with Bait-ulSukoon Cancer Hospital to provide absolutely free of cost electricity for the benefit of its patients. The Memorandum was signed by Nayyer Hussain, CEO of KESC and Zainab Ali Raza Ebrahim, Executive Trustee of the Hospital. Also representing the hospital was Syed Masoud Ali Naqvi. Bait-ul-Sukoon Foundation maintains a purpose-built premise in Karachi that stands out as the only free cancer hospital with a hospice in the country. The 50-bed benevolent insti-

tution provides complete treatment, laboratory assistance, medicines and lodging facilities to all its patients without any charges at all. This is the ninth social welfare institution in a row to receive KESC’s Empowerment aimed at assisting the under-privileged and the needy of the society. Bait-ul-Sukoon Hospital bears complete costs of cancer treatment including boarding and lodging. The institution offers diagnostic facilities of mammography, ultrasound radiography, and pathological laboratory. Its in-house pharmacy provides complete range of cancer treatment drugs. Palliative as well as curative treatment are

also provided free of cost to all patients. The hospital treats over 5,000 patients a year. While signing the memorandum on Nov 27, Nayyer Hussain said that to keep going as a responsible corporate citizen, it was essential for KESC to reach out to those who could not help themselves. “Sharing the blessings with all the citizens is the only way that a society can sustain itself,” he remarked. Ms. Zainab of Bait ul Sukoon said: ‘We really appreciate KESC’s support to the welfare sector. Our aim is to give back to the society that has given us so much. This contribution to our cause will go a long way in helping us achieve our goals.’—NNI

PML-N rejects panel of 9 contestants clause in SLGO IRFAN ALIGI KARACHI—Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz Sindh chapter while expressing reservations on sequel of amendments in the Sindh Local Government Bill2013 announced to reject the added clause for the formation of a panel of 9 contestants. In this regard, the PMLN Sindh chapter meeting was held at the residence of PMLN Sindh General Secretary Saleem Zia Awan advocate in Karachi Thursday, which was attended by member provincial assembly Irfanullah Khan Marwat, Federal Minister Abdul Hakeem Baloch,

Imdad Chandio, Shah Muhammad Shah, Ismail Rahu, Ali Akbar Gujjar, Haji Muhammad Shafi Jamot, Humayoon Khan, Dost Muhammad Faizi, Khawaja Tariq Nazeer, Nasiruddin Mehmood, Raja Abdullah, Munawwar Raza, Ghulam Mustafa advocate and Nadeem Arain. MPA Marwat briefed the meeting about the fresh ordinance for the local government system in the province. The meeting was told that the provincial government led by Pakistan People’s Party Parliamentarian (PPPP) had passed the Sindh Local Bodies Act-2012 fol-

lowed by a second version in 2013. The later was amended for the first time in form of a Bill, which the PPPP-led provincial government further amended on Nov 26, 2013. The amendments so far done were based on political bias of the provincial government. The meeting discussed about a situation that had emerged after creation of new district in the city, which called for fresh process of delimitation but were not yet carried out. However, schedule of local body polls was announced on Nov 29, which would be useless without fresh process of delimitations. The meeting decided that

since the PPPP-led provincial government had through amendments made it an obligation for the contestants to form a group of 9 contestants, which was a basic human rights violation. Therefore, the PMLN Sindh would reject that amendment. The meeting also objected on selection of union council chairman and vice chairman through show of hands as it was also against the rules. The meeting was told that a meeting of PMLN Sindh chapter office-bearers would soon be convened and future strategy would be announced after collection of recommendations.

JI Karachi Naib Ameer passes away STAFF REPORTER K ARACHI —Naib

Ameer Jamaat-e Islami (JI) Karachi Shaikh Rafeeq passed away due to cardiac arrest. His funeral prayer was performed at Jamia Masjid Muhammadi in Gulistane Jauhar, Block No.6. JI leaders including Sindh Chief Dr Mairaj-ul-Huda Siddiqui, JI Karachi Chief Hafiz Naeem-ur-Rehman, Naib Ameer Sindh Abdul Ghaffar Umer, Muhammad Deen, Naib General Secretary Nasrullah Aziz, Secretary Information Sindh Mujahid Chana, General Secretary JI Karachi Abdul Wahab, Naib Ameers JI Karachi Nasrullah Khan Shajih, Muslim Pervez, Naib general secretaries Abdur Rasheed Shaikh, Rashid Qureshi, Secretary Information JI Karachi Zahid Askari, District Ameers Younus Barai, Ishaq Khan, Abdul Wahid Shaikh, Muhammad Islam, President Al-Khidmat Foundation, Sindh Dr Tabassum Jaffery, Secretary Al-Khidmat Welfare Karachi Engr Abdul Aziz, Director Islamic Research Academy Shahid Hashmi, Naseem Siddiqui, Barjees Ahmed, Raja Arif Sultan, Syed Muhammad Iqbal, Sarfaraz Ahmed, former JI lawmakers Laeeq Khan and Hameedullah Khan Advocate attended funeral prayers of deceased JI leader.

Fire erupts at factory KARACHI—A fire that broke

Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf MNA Dr Arif Alvi and MPA Dr Seema Zia showing solidarity with relatives and well-wishers of Baloch missing persons, outside Press Club.

out at a foam factory on late Wednesday night, could not be extinguished despite eight-hour hectic efforts. 25 fire tenders were busy in dousing the fire which erupted at the factory located on the National Highway, official sources said. The Fire Brigade department declared the fire as thirddegree inferno. The authorities seem to have failed in putting in place a better system to overcome such a situation despite the killing of hundreds of people in such incidents.—Online

Higher clot risk seen with Thoratec heart pump: Study


ESEARCHERS have found a higher rate of dangerous blood clots in patients who received Thoratec Corp’s HeartMate II heart pump than had been seen in clinical trials or prior experience, according to a study published on Wednesday. They also found that when blood clots do develop, they are occurring closer to the time of HeartMate implantation than had been previously observed. The findings were reported in the New England Journal of Medicine. The HeartMate II is a socalled LVAD, or left ventricular assist device, that is used to keep alive heart patients who are either ineligible for or awaiting a heart transplant. The devices have been shown to significantly improve the quality of life by assisting the heart’s pumping function, primarily in those with advanced heart failure. HeartMate is by far Thoratec’s most important product line. It reported third quarter HeartMate sales of $112.8 million out of total revenue of $126.4 million. Researchers examined the outcomes of 895 HeartMate II implants in 837 patients from 2004 through mid-2013 to try to determine if there had been an increase in incidence of pump thrombosis, or blood clots in or around the heart pump. Since March 2011, they found clot formation had occurred in 8.4 percent of HeartMate II implants compared with a rate of 2.2 percent prior to that date. They also noted that thrombosis was forming on average 2.7 months after implant since March 2011 compared with a median of 18.6 months prior to that date. “There are no changes that have been made to the de-

vice that the manufacturer has identified as potentially responsible,” Dr. Randall Starling, the study’s lead author, said in a telephone interview. “From our data set, at this point in time we do not have an explanation,” said Starling, head of heart failure and cardiac transplant management at the Cleveland Clinic. Starling said researchers planned to collect comprehensive data and work with Thoratec “and be in a position hopefully by the middle of next year to have more detailed information.” Dr. Alex Reyentovich, medical director of the LVAD program at NYU Langone Medical Center in New York, said the problem of pump thrombosis had been observed at many centers. “What’s unique to this study is their reported incidence seems to be quite a bit higher than what has been reported in the mandatory registry for LVAD. It is worrisome,” said Reyentovich, who was not involved in the study. “Unfortunately, for these patients there really are not other options. This is a therapy of last resort,” he added. Implant patients are typically treated with the blood thinners warfarin and aspirin to prevent clots. Starling said variations in anticoagulation therapy did not appear to account for the increased clot risk, but Reyentovich said anticoagulation must be carefully determined and monitored for each patient to minimize clot and serious bleeding risks. Thoratec said survival of HeartMate II patients has improved since the device’s initial clinical trial with six-month survival rates at 86 percent.

Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif addressing the Governing Body of LDA on Thursday.

LHC CJ opens bank branch in court premises

Sanaullah lauds Ulema for tackling Rawalpindi situation

LAHORE—Lahore High Court LAHORE—Punjab Law Minis- from spreading to entire coun- lence would have gripped the Chief Justice Umar Ata Bandial Thursday inaugurated a branch of Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB) in the premises of the LHC for litigants, lawyers and court officials. LHC judges, officers, advocates and management of bank were also present. Speaking on the occasion, the chief justice said prime duty of the judiciary was to serve people and provide justice to the litigant public. Therefore, efforts are afoot to initiate measures that could help easy and inexpensive justice with an active cooperation of lawyers community. “Judiciary is cut off from the outer world but cannot remain aloof from technical advancements that play an effective role within the ambit of law for quick dispensation of justice and establishment of the bank branch will help safe transactions for lawyers, their clients and the court staff,” he said.—APP

PTI warns against postponement of LB elections Chief Justice Lahore High Court Justice Umar Ata Bandial cutting ribbon to inaugurate L AHORE —PTI Provincial President Punjab Ejaz Ch, PTI MCB Branch at LHC. Gen. Secretary Dr. Yasmin Rashid and PTI Sec. Information Punjab held a meeting of major dist. Office holders. President Ejaz Ch said that the Punjab govt. was deliberately trying to delay the process of local body elections because they were LAHORE—Ameer, Jamaat-e- Afghanistan. Syed Munawar giving any weight to Pakistan’s afraid that now that they have Islami, Syed Munawar Hasan has Hasan said that, for the last 12 sacrifices in the war, the US was being told by the high court to stressed upon the government to years, Pakistan, an Islamic state, busy in destabilizing this coun- have LB elections on party baimmediately announce stoppage had been an ally of the US in its try. The JI Ameer said, in the sis, they will be getting a bad of NATO supplies and pull out so called war on terror, which was past, Pakistan never felt the need threshing by PTI. of the US war in accordance with actually a war against Islam and for having an army on the Afghan Ejaz ch said that there was the Muslims, and had been a party border. However, our relations only one reason for the delay for the sentiments of the masses. Talking to party workers at in the killing of innocent Muslims with Afghan people had been se- these elections and that was to verely damaged because of the full prepare for all types of rigMansoora on return from a five- as also our own people. He said Pakistan had not intrigues of US and India, and our ging as PML-N feared that they day Karachi visit, he said people all over the country were protest- gained any thing in this war. On safest border was now insecure. will not get public support in The US aggression was in- these elections. ing against the NATO supplies the other hand, it had incurred fiand the rulers should not fight with nancial losses to the tune of 100 creasing day by day and NATO He criticized the govt. pertheir own people. He said the US billion dollars besides losing its troops were intruding in our north formance by saying that every arms and ammunition going to Af- image in the comity of the na- western borders every day and at- two weeks the prices of electricghanistan through our roads were tions and also put its indepen- tacking our tribal people, killing ity and petrol were increasing being used in terrorist activities in dence and sovereignty at stake. scores of innocent men, women and creating historical inflation. our tribal areas and cities besides However, he said, that instead of and children. —INP —Online

Munawar urges govt to stop NATO supplies

ter Rana Sanaullah has said that accused involved in the Rawalpindi riots would be detained soon and presented before Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) which would announce its verdict in few weeks. Addressing a press conference here on Thursday, Rana Sanaullah lauded Ulema, religious scholars, civil society and media for playing a positive role to tackle the situation after the Rawalpindi carnage and said that efforts to create harmony prevented the sectarian violence

try. He said that the government is studying the report of the fact finding committee and the culprits will be dealt according. The law minister said that Punjab government had made foolproof security arrangements for Muharram processions but the Rawalpindi occurrence took place due to slackness of police personnel. He said wisdom and farsightedness of the ulema, media and civil society helped the government to handle it in best possible way otherwise the vio-

entire country. Rana Sanaullah said that a meeting has been summoned in the Punjab Assembly to discuss law and order situation and local bodies’ elections in the province. Commenting over the case registered against CIA chief in US drone strikes, he said that those taking such steps lack wisdom that decision regarding stopping US drone strikes and halting NATO supplies could not be made while sitting in Hayatabad, Peshawar.—INP

Steps for welfare of retired employees STAFF REPORTER LAHORE—The 15th meeting of the Management Committee of Punjab Pension Fund was held in Finance Department under the Chairmanship of the Minister Finance, Excise & Taxation Mujtaba Shuja-urRehman. The meeting was attended by the Finance Secretary, Secretary Law & Parliamentary

Affairs, Secretary Services, Secretary I&C, private members and the General Manager. Mujtaba Shuja-ur-Rehman commended the efforts of the members of the Management Committee and the Fund’s management for such a commendable performance and hoped that their professional approach in managing the Fund will bring greater success. He said that Punjab Gov-

CS for achieving enrollment targets under MDGs STAFF REPORTER L AHORE —Chief Secretary Punjab, Naveed Akram Cheema has directed education authorities to ensure that enrollment targets are achieved in accordance with Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Chief Secretary further directed that missing facilities at various schools be provided at the earliest, while necessary funds allocated for the purpose, during the current financial year, are fully utilized to achieve the target. Chief Secretary Punjab, Naveed Akram Cheema was presiding over a high-level meeting regarding implementation of Millennium Development Goals, here today. Secretary School Education Department briefed the Chief Secretary in detail about the

progress and the initiatives taken by the department in this regard. Talking on the occasion, Chief Secretary said that provision of quality education is the top priority of Punjab Government’s development goals. He said that the Punjab government is comprehensively following the road map for school education reforms, focusing on 100% enrolment and retention of students of five to sixteen years old, to ensure that every child in Punjab is provided free, compulsory and quality education, compatible with international standards and relevant to market requirements. Chief Secretary said that there is a need to comprehend the close linkage between provision of quality education and achievement of socio-economic development targets, in accordance with MDGs.

ernment is taking concrete steps for the welfare of the retired civil servants/pensioners. He expressed satisfaction with the way the Punjab Pension Fund has established itself as a credible and well managed institution and expressed the resolve that fund would continue to play an important role in prudent management of the pension liabilities of the province.

Punjab Workers Empowerment Forum held STAFF REPORTER

29 more new dengue cases LAHORE—At least 29 new dengue infected cases were confirmed across Punjab within 24 hours, raising number of dengue affected patients to 2349 during current year. According to Punjab health department, as many as 29 new dengue affected patients were brought in the government run hospitals of the province. 18 patients from Lahore, 9 from Rawalpindi, one from Sheikhupura and one from Bhahwalpur were brought to hospitals. The department said that during current year, so far at least 2349 people have been affected from dengue virus across the province. Free medical treatment and other facilities are being provided to the patients in the government hospitals.—INP

LAHORE—Punjab Labour and Human Resource Department, Literacy and NFBE Departments organized first ever “Punjab Workers Empowerment Forum” in Centre for Improvement of Working Conditions and Environment (CIWC&E) in the Department of Labour today. The objective of the event was to highlight the achievements of “Empowering Vulnerable Groups through Education, Employment and Training (EET) Project” implemented by ILO. A way forward was also presented to stakeholders for their ownership. Nadeem Aslam Chaudhry, Director General Labour Department assured that the initiatives taken under the One UN funded project of the ILO, EET are being taken on by the government.

PES provides service to 508 injured LAHORE—The Punjab Emergency Service (Rescue 1122) has provided emergency service to 508 injured in 444 accidents in all districts of the province in last 24 hours. As 98 accidents were reported in Lahore with 109 victims, 49 in Faisalabad with 53 injured and 33 in Gujranwala with 33 victims. According to a data of Provincial Monitoring Cell of the Rescue 1122, the staff shifted the injured to different hospitals.— APP

142 Sasta bazaars in 36 districts SALIM AHMED LAHORE—Punjab Food Minister, Bilal Yasin has said that Punjab government has setup 142 Sasta bazaars in 36 districts of the province to ensure provision of essential everyday items at fix rates, and these inexpensive bazaars would be operationalized from tomorrow. He said, as many as eight Sasta bazaars would be setup in Lahore, which would be gradually increased in view of future needs. Minister Food Bilal Yasin was presiding over a high level meeting of Price Control Cabinet Committee at Secretariat,

here today, during which, Agriculture Minister Dr Farrukh Javed, Minister Industries Ch Shafiq, members assembly, Addl Chief Secretary, Secretary Information Moman Agha, heads of all departments and other concerned officers were present. Minister Food said that inexpensive bazaars would be setup in various districts of Punjab on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, where availability of everyday items would be ensured, in accordance with the rate fixed by the government. Minister Food Bilal Yasin said that, as a result of effective and timely steps taken by the government, a marked reduction

in the rates of potatoes, tomatoes and onions have been registered, while the rates of fruits and vegetables are fast approaching to normalcy. He said, all magistrates have been directed to further strengthen price monitoring system in their concerned bazaars. He said availability of Atta, at fixed rate would continue to be made available to the people in Sasta bazaars, while quota of those flour mills which would overcharged, would be cancelled and action would be taken against them without any discrimination. Minister Food Bilal Yasin, directed the Special Branch au-

thorities to provide their own data in this regard to Punjab Information Technology Board on daily basis, so that a comparative data report could be presented to Cabinet Committee in every meeting. Punjab Minister Food Bilal Yasin informed the meeting that, on the directive of Punjab Chief Minister, Punjab Information Technology Board has prepared a software, which would help people to access rate chart of everyday items, through their mobiles. He said people would come to know about daily prices of essential items through SMS, tollfree number and internet

website, while complaints could also be registered with DCOs in this regard, in case of overcharging, throughout the province. The meeting was informed that as many as 5624 patrol pumps have been checked in a crackdown against overcharging, while 49 patrol pumps have been sealed and a fine of Rs. 56 lac 24 thousand has been levied. The meeting was further informed that, from November till now, a fine of Rs. one crore 76 lack has been imposed against those who were indulging in profiteering of everyday items, while cases have been registered against 203 persons, Vice President Lahore Press Club Javed Farooqi presenting a shield to visiting President of in this regard. Mumbai Press Club Jattan Dasae at LPC.