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Saudi king appoints son as Emir of Riyadh R IYADH —Saudi Arabia´s King Abdullah promoted one of his sons as governor of the Riyadh region Wednesday, according to the Saudi Press Agency, an important post in which he will oversee the country´s capital and be in direct contact with the world´s top visiting officials and dignitaries. The Saudi Press Continued on Page 7

Afghan polls results delayed over fraud probe K ABUL —Afghanistan´s presidential election result was delayed on Wednesday as authorities said they had not completed fraud investigations after the first-round vote last month to find a successor to Hamid Karzai. “The final result has been delayed for an unknown number of days,” Independent Election Commission spokesman Noor Mohammad Noor said.—AP

Military, political leadership to supervise Karachi operation: PM Nawaz: Army morale not to be let down We stand beside civilian govt for peace: Gen Raheel Zardari offers support to govt IRFAN ALIGI K ARACHI —Prime Minister Mian Muhammad

powers and Iran launched a decisive phase of diplomacy on Wednesday to draft a lasting accord that would curb Tehran’s contested nuclear activity in exchange for a phased end to sanctions that have hobbled the Iranian economy. After three months of discussing expectations rather than negotiating possible compromises, the sides are to set about devising a package meant to end years of antagonism and curtail the risk of a wider Middle East war

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Calls from D-Chowk activate ECP

................................................ CJP widens blasphemy law ................................................ Saudi Arabia’s major shift on Iran

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President Asif Ali Zardari, Sindh Governor Dr Ishrat ul Ebad Khan, Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah Jilani, Sindh Chief Secretary Sajjad

Nawaz Sharif said on Wednesday that the morale of Pakistan Army would never be allowed to let down and the intelligence agencies should expand their intelligence sharing network so that peace and tranquility in the country in general and in Karachi in particular be maintained. Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, presiding over a high level meeting at Sindh Governor House expressed his resolve with firm determination that peace in Karachi was precious than anything else and the federal government would not hesitate taking any action of any scale for complete restoration of peace and tranquility in Karachi. Karachi was the economic hub of the country and hence this city would not be left alone at the mercy of criminals. KARACHI: Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif presiding over a meeting on law and order at Governor House On the occasion, the on Wednesday. Former president Asif Ali Zardari, Sindh Governor Dr Ishrat ul Ebad, Sindh Chief Minister Syed Chief of Army Staff General Qaim Ali Shah and Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif are also present.—APP photo Raheel Sharif told the meeting that Pakistan Army was standing beside the eral Sajjad Ghani, Federal Interior Minister Saleem Hotyana, Acting Inspector General of civilian government for the cause of restoration Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, Intelligence Bureau Police, Sindh Ghulam Haider Jamali, Muttahida Director General, Pakistan Rangers, Sindh, Di- Qaumi Movement’s Coordination Committee of peace in the metropolis. Continued on Page 7 It was the highest meeting ever held with the rector General Maj. Gen. Rizwan Akhtar, former

Six powers, Iran start work Hamid Mir attack probe on drafting runs into snags nuclear deal VIENNA—Six world

Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif, InterServices Intelligence chief General Zaheer ul Islam, Karachi Corps Commander Lieutenant Gen-

AAMIR MAJEED K ARACHI —Further investigation into the attack on senior journalist and anchorman Hamid Mir has revealed that law enforcers have been helpless in tracing the attackers as the Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras and the police helpline were dysfunctional at the time of the attack, the Pakistan Observer has reliably learnt. The security agencies are just working on visuals which were prepared with the help of eye-witnesses on the next day of the attack. There are no traces of the attackers as CCTV cameras that were installed at Main Sharae Faisal were dysfunctional. The police helpline which was launched to help residents to inform law enforcers in case of any suspicious activity was also not working at the time of attack due to a technical fault. As per initial reports, the attackers chased the four-wheeler of senior anchorman even after firing multiple bullets on his car

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Musharraf case: FIA report handed over to prosecutor Recommends to take into account role of facilitators STAFF REPORTER I SLAMABAD —On Wednesday the interior ministry, in view of Supreme Court’s order in the high treason case against former President General (Rtd) Pervez Musharraf, submitted the Federal Investigation agency’s (FIA) inquiry report which recommended that the competent authority may also take into account the role of various facilitators in the unconstitutional promulgation of emergency on November 3, 2007. The FIA team, headed by Additional Director General FIA Muhammad Khalid Quraishi and comprising two Directors

Maqsoodul Hassan and Hussain Asghar, had submitted 237- page report on November 11, 2013 along with the list of 24 witnesses. The copy of the report is available to The Express Tribune. Musharraf ’s legal team strongly objected over the government’s effort to file compliant against only Musharraf under High Treason (Punishment) Act 1973, while concealing the recommendations made by the FIA inquiry team. Musharraf ’s lawyer Chaudhry Faisal Hussain said that government’s malafide intention is evident from the fact that


AKISTAN has suffered enor mous damage during the last six years. The democracy that we have managed to create in this country is nothing but a farce —— a dirty business where persons of shady character “invest” millions to get elected and then later loot and plunder billions. The rampant corruption, particularly by those who governed us during the period 2008-2013, had brought this country to the brink of disaster with billions of dollars of public money being stolen and stashed in foreign bank accounts. The estimated quantum of corruption, based on calculations by Amnesty International, was about Rs.

I SLAMABAD —The government on Wednesday passed a resolution in the National Assembly to extend the Pakistan Protection Ordinance (PPO) for further 120 days whereas opposition party members and members of the Jamiat Ulema-i-IslamFazl (JUI-F) protested the government’s move and staged a walk-out from the Lower House of Parliament. Opposition leader Khurshid Shah, belonging to the Pakistan People Party (PPP) also protested the reso-

Drone kills ten militants on Pak-Afghan border STAFF REPORTER P ESHAWAR —At least ten suspected militants were reportedly killed and 14 others were injured on Wednesday during a US drone strike at the Pak-Afghan border, official sources claimed. According to sources, some vehicles of the mili-


KANDHKOT—Two Rangers

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tants were also destroyed in the attack. Sources further said, US drones fired three missiles on a militant’s compound and on some vehicles of the militant group. Media persons and journalists, having been barred, have no access to the area

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PML-Q, PTI join hands for electoral reforms

Two Rangers men killed in attack personnel were killed in a firing incident in Kandhkot town of Sindh, bordering Balochistan on Wednesday. Police said some unknown miscreants riding motorbikes opened fire on Rangers checkpost, killing

lution. Pakistan Tehreek-iInsaf’s (PTIs) Shah Mehmood Qureshi terming the bill as a ‘black law’ said that it had been rejected by the nation. MNA Abdul Rashid Godil, belonging to the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) said that the government could not be supported in killing the country’s citizens. Moreover, MNAs belonging to the JUI-F also staged a walk-out saying that the instead of extending the PPO the bill should have been jointly legislated.

STAFF REPORTER Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and Pakistan Muslim League Quaide-Azam (PML-Q) have agreed

on reconstitution of Election Commission of Pakistan. A delegation of PTI comprising Vice President Shah Mahmood Qureshi, PTI President Javed Hashmi and its General Secretary Jehangir Tareen called on

PML-Q chief Chudhry Shujaat Hussain at his residence in Islama-bad on Wednesday. During the meeting leadership of both the parties agreed that 2013 elections were not fair and transparent, present Election Commission has failed to hold free and transparent elections as such both the parties’ demand that members of the present Election Commission should themselves resign forthwith.

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BJP promises to be tough on Pakistan NEW DELHI—While the Narendra Modiled government, if it assumes power as indicated by exit polls, will ensure some amount of continuity in India’s foreign relations, it will have no constructive engagement with Islamabad if the neighbouring country doesn’t address India’s concerns over terrorism. Senior BJP leader Ravi Shankar Prasad, who has helped formulate the party’s policies on crucial foreign policy issues, told Times of India that India could look forward to a more robust foreign policy under Modi with its “core as promotion of national interest”.

“We want healthier relations with Pakistan but any constructive engagement may be difficult if India’s concerns over crossborder terrorism are not addressed,” Prasad said, adding that the January 2004 agreement between the two countries would be the essence of India’s relations with Pakistan under Modi. The January 2004 agreement had underlined a public commitment by Islamabad that any territory under its control would not be allowed to be used for committing “terrorism against India”. Prasad said final nuances of India’s foreign policy would be determined by Modi himself after he assumes power. He said the

For a Presidential Democracy Atta-ur-Rahman, FRS, NI, HI, SI, TI


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NA extends PPO for 120 days amid JUI-F walk out

8,500 billion in the first 4 years of the last regime during 2008-2011, (estimated at Rs. 11,000 billion over the 5 year period) bringing the nation to its knees. The rupee collapsed from Rs. 62 to Rs.100. Massive corruption in the rental powers project cleared the way for the collapse of our industry. Poverty has increased in an alarming manner and the suffering masses are being forced into lives of crime to survive while some prefer to commit suicides. The dream of Quaid-e -Azam has turned into a nightmare. The Provincial and Federal Parliaments in Pakistan are controlled by feudal landlords who have turned elections into a dirty business. Most of these corrupt and incompetent parliamentarians are too busy lining their pockets to think of the nation. Pakistan is the only country in the world where 249 of our Parliamentarians, including Members of the National and Provincial Assemblies and

Senators, shamelessly forged their degrees to get elected. Indeed it is a shameful reality that even the Federal Minister of Education in the previous government had forged school certificates and degrees. He was in PML-Q but then switched camps and is now seen defending colleagues in PML-N on national television! Mr. Nawaz Sharif should have more sense than to allow such shady characters in his party, as it casts a dark shadow on the PML-N honesty standards. The British Parliamentary system of democracy has failed repeatedly. Indeed the bitter truth is that there was far more development and GDP growth under martial laws and military dictatorships than in this so called “feudocracy” that we have so stupidly nurtured in Pakistan. Looking at GDP growth figures over the last 66 years it is clear that the worst dictatorship was far better than the

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BEIJING: Chairman Senate, Syed Nayyar Hussain Bokhari shaking hands with Xi Jinping, President of China at Great Hall of the People, on Wednesday.

Shahbaz lauds Navy valor in safeguarding national interests tial for achieving the goal of national developSTAFF REPORTER ment. Shahbaz Sharif said that government is making sincere efforts for overcoming shortage LAHORE—Punjab Chief Minof electricity and China, ister Muhammad Shahbaz which is a trustworthy and Sharif has said that Pakistan reliable friend of Pakistan, is Navy is playing an important extending full support for role for the protection of maricoping with energy crisis. He time interests of the country said that Pak-China friendas well as in education and ship is higher than health sectors within its limHimalayas, deeper than ited resources. He said that oceans, stronger than steel Pakistan Navy has always disand sweeter than honey. He played courage and valor in said that China has always safeguarding national intersupported Pakistan in the ests which is a matter of pride hour of need and Pak-China for the whole nation. He said friendship will live forever. that officers and Jawans of The Chief Minister said that armed forces including Navy, unfortunately full benefit has Army and Air Force are rennot been taken from the dering commendable services friendship and technology of towards safeguarding the China in the past, however, country and they are brave present government has sons of Pakistan. He said that taken expeditious measures maritime security is of vital imfor resolving energy problem portance and there is a need with the cooperation of for promoting research and China. He said that the voldevelopment in this sector. ume of trade between China He was addressing the and India is 85 billion dollars inaugural session of the first while it is only six billion dol2-day International Maritime lars between China and PakiSymposium arranged by Pakistan Navy War College at LAHORE: Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral Muhammad Asif Sandila is presenting stan. He said that China has Naval War Complex Walton Souvenir to Chief Minister of Punjab Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif during first Interna- set up coal-based power projects of 20 thousand Road, here today. Chief of tional Maritime Symposium at Pakistan Navy War College Lahore, on Wednesday. megawatts in India during Navel Staff Admiral the last few years. Shahbaz Muhammad Asif Sandila, Advisor on Health Kh. Salman Rafique, Secretary Information as well mineral and human resources, however, full ben- Sharif said that China has announced a historic as retired and in-service officers of Pakistan Navy efit has not been taken from them during the last investment package of 32 billion dollars for Pawere present. The Chief Minister said that the 67 years. He said that economy of the country kistan and has proved to be a true friend of Pakisymposium was of vital importance with regard can be strengthened by utilizing mineral wealth. stani and now there is need to work hard and to maritime security and useful proposals and He said that solution of energy crisis is essen- fully benefit from this package. recommendations have been put forward in the session which will be helpful in promotion of maritime sector. He said that Pakistan is rich in

Obituary OBSERVER REPORT GUJRANWALA—The funeral prayers of sister of senior journalist Abdul Qayyum Malik, correspondent of Pakistan Observer, Shahzad Malik, of BBC Urdu, Islamabad, and Ejaz Malik, correspondent of Pakistan Observer, who passed away in London on Tuesday will be held today here at 2.00 PM. Abdul Qayyum Malik and Ejaz Malik may be contacted on phone numbers 0300-8740717 and 03006422756. The Editor-in-Chief, Mr Zahid Malik, Executive Editor Gauhar Zahid Malik and all s taff members have sympathised with the grieved family and condoled the death of sister of Abdul Qayyum Malik.

CERN team visiting Pakistan to expand scientific coop ISLAMABAD—A six-member Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) experiment delegation, led by Tiziano Camporesi, CMS Coordinator, from the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) based in Geneva, Switzerland is visiting Pakistan. The purpose of the visit is to explore the ways and means to increase Pakistan’s scientific contribution to the CMS experiment, established at CERN. The delegation will visit universities, R & D institutes, scientific organizations and industrial units in the country.—APP

Exploration activities accelerated to meet gas shortage

No ban on domestic gas connections: NA told I S L A M A B A D —The National Assembly was informed Wednesday that the government has accelerated the exploration of indigenous gas in the country to bridge the demand and supply gap. Parliamentary Secretary for Petroleum and Natural Resources Shahzadi Umarzadi Tiwana told the House during Question Hour that licenses have been issued for exploration of oil and gas at 43 blocks during the last three months. She said there is no ban on domestic gas connections. The ban has only been imposed on the new industrial and commercial gas connections in view of the huge gap between demand and supply of natural gas. About the gas bills outstanding against the private and public sector entities, the Parliamentary Secretary said the gas companies are taking steps to control gas theft. An amount of Rs 173 million has been recovered from the defaulters. Parliamentary Secretary for Petroleum said there is no impediment in the import of LNG from Qatar. She said the LNG is expected to be included in transmission line of the country in early next year. She clarified

that the price of the LNG has not yet been finalized. Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Shaikh Aftab Ahmad told the House that it is utmost effort of the government to provide timely funding to the National Highway Authority for the completion of its ongoing road projects. Minister for Science and Technology Zahid Hamid told the House that Pakistan Council of Renewable Energy Technologies has prepared Green Public Buildings Project Islamabad with a cost of over Rs 613 million. Under this project 16 buildings on the constitution avenue of Islamabad will be partially converted on solar energy. Zahid Hamid said Pakistan Halal Authority Act 2014 has been prepared in consultation with stakeholders for the promotion of import and export of Halal food. He said a Halal authentication laboratory has been established in Lahore to support local industries and regulatory authorities for export and import Halal items. Similar, Halal food laboratories are also being established in Karachi Peshawar.

Swiss interest revived in Pakistan STAFF REPORTER KARACHI—Karachi will always have a special meaning for me as my daughter was born here and I spent a wonderful four years in this city. This was said by Swiss Consul General Mr Didier Boschung who hosted a dinner reception to bid farewell to Ambassador of Switzerland to Pakistan Mr Christoph Bubb who completes his tenure and leaves in summer. Mr Boschung who has also completed his tenure, said Karachi was a vibrant city that possessed vast potential waiting to be tapped. He said he is leaving Karachi after

having made countless friends in this thriving metropolis. On the occasion he introduced his successor, Mr Emil Wyss who is currently posted in Tehran. Swiss Ambassador Christoph Bubb in his short address, paid tributes to Mr Boschung for his tenure in Karachi and said the Swiss Consul General had worked tirelessly over the years to put Pakistan back on the business map of Switzerland. He wished Mr Boschung well in his future endeavours. The reception was attended by Senior Sindh Minister Nisar Khuhro, politicians, high government officials, diplomats and elite of the city.

KARACHI: The out-going Consul General of Switzerland Mr. Didier Boschung, hosted a farewell dinner to the Ambassador Mr. Christoph Bubb and Mrs. Regula Bubb, and to introduce new Consul General Mr. Emil Wyss at a local hotel. Picture shows host and chief guest with Senior Minister of Sindh Mr. Nisar Ahmed Khuhro, with their spouses.

KP police launches Dispute Resolution Council PESHAWAR—The KP police city division formally launched the Dispute Resolution Council for cantt Division to bring about a positive change in the Thana culture and ensuring prompt settlement of petty disputes. The council for cantt Division, which will be functioning in P.S Gulberg was launched in a formal ceremony wherein the members of the newly established council were administered oath by the former Honourable Chief Justice of the Peshawar High Court, Mr Fasih Ul Mulk. Speaking on the occasion, the IGP Nasir Khan Durrani said that the prevalent archaic and absurd criminal justice system has failed to establish the welfare state based on cardinal principal of justice and peace as envisioned by Islam and promised by Quaid-e-Azam. Today, when a poor laborer, upon nonpayment of his wage from the employer, approaches the police station, he or she,

owing to the civil nature of offence and applicable law, is typically advised to approach the civil courts. Once he makes it to the civil court, he finds himself engulfed in another rigmarole of exorbitant legal fees and lengthy meaningless processes, which in turn causes frustration, desperation and a feeling of in-justice. In fact, these petty issues (predominantly of civil nature), if left unsolved, often lead to more heinous offense like murder and attempted murder, IGP said. The Dispute Resolution Councils will be responsible for the following Amicable resolution of disputes, fact finding enquiries and acting as jury in the conduct of contested investigations. Henceforth, all complaints and applications submitted before police shall, upon concurrence of the plaintiff, be forwarded to these councils.—APP

Gang of dacoit-cum-swindlers smashed, four arrested BASHIR AHMAD REHMANI HAFIZABAD—The city police have smashed an inter-district gang of dacoit-cum-swindlers and have so far arrested four of its members which had committed hundreds of robberies in Hafizabad, Gujranwala, Chakwal, Rawalpindi, Talagong, Jehlum, Mirpur (AK), Kharian, Lala Musa, Dina, Gujrat, Sialkot, Faisalabad, Daska and other districts in the Punjab during the past ten years. According to Investigation Officer Sikandar Ali, Ghulam Mustafa and Muhammad Shabbir came outside the bank after encashing Rs. 80,000/- from a local bank when the accused Riasat Ali and his son Ansar Ali, Aurangzaib and Meraj Din gave him lift in their vehicle and later snatched away the cash and cell phones

from them. The victims immediately reported the incident to the city police which chased the accused and arrested one of them (Aurangzaib). On his pointation, the police raided Gujranwala and arrested Meraj Din, Riasat Ali and his son Ansar Ali and have looted cash and cell phones. During interrogation, the accused told the police that their gang consists of 25 to 30 accused which have committed hundreds of robbery and dacoity cases during the past ten years. They further told the police that they had committed ten cases in Hafizabad during the past two months. The police have constituted special teams to round up the remaining members of the gang.

PESHAWAR: A grand Jirga of MPAs of Malakand and Hazara regions forests areas, called on Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Pervez Khattak on Wednesday.

Mother-Child week launched in FATA P ESHAWA R —A motherchild week has been launched in Fata focusing on provision of better health service delivery to a target population of 2,58,416 in seven tribal agencies and two frontier regions. The launching of week (May 12-17) was decided during a meeting presided over by Secretary Social Sector Abid Majeed, Director Health Services FATA Dr Pervez Kamal Khan, Deputy Programme Coordinator Dr Muhammad Hayat Sahibzada and other official of the concerned department. The National Programme for Family Planning and Primary Health Care (LHW’s Programme) has launched Mother-Child Week (May 12 -17) as part of its nationwide awareness campaign with prime focus on better service delivery on maternal, new born and child health care in all the agencies of FATA and Frontier Regions of Peshawar and Kohat this year, says a press release here on Wednesday. As many as 1400 lady health workers and 34 lady health supervisors would be involved in the activity besides vaccinators and health care providers from 80 health facilities to cover 2,58,416 individuals. The week long campaign provided a model for improving health and nutrition and consequently child survival and development in the country. The series of activities during the week includes public awareness activities at village /Area and tehsil level, supplemented by immunization and deworming for children, tetanus toxoid vaccination for pregnant mothers, refresher trainings for health workers, and strengthened public health systems to ensure that Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS) and other essential supplies are available and correctly used.—APP

UAE Red Crescent distribute sewing machines, clothes among disabled P ESHAWAR —United Arab Emirates Red hub of physical disability where the poCrescent Wednesday distributed wheel chairs, sewing machines and clothes distributed among the disabled and need people in a function held at Habib Physiotherapy Complex Hayatabad here. The Emirates Relief Coordinator Dr. Khalid Latif Qurashi was chief guest on this occasion who distributed 12 Wheel Chairs, 5 Sewing Machines and 500 pair clothes among the physical disabled, children and women. Chairman Mahboob School of Physiotherapy and Habib Physiotherapy Complex, people from different walk of life were also present on the occasion. The function was arranged by UAE Red Crescent where the organization aims to provide skill to the physical disabled and by provision of tools bring skilled workers to the society. Wheel chairs were distributed among the severely paralyzed patients and the clothes distribution was made to help the poor community in Peshawar. In present scenario, the province is a

lio and victims of war in terror are in quite high number. This facilitation could not be managed itself unless the national and international organizations help in relief and rehabilitation. The Chairman HPC Dr. Mahboob ur Rahman has been always ahead in such relief activities. He thanked the UAE Red Crescent for initiating such program in order to help out the needy people of the society. Helping the community and poor disabled through vocational rehabilitation and self employment would go a long way as far as bringing the physically handicap to earn their livelihood in a dignified way. He disclosed that Habib Physiotherapy Complex offers free physiotherapy services and believes in provision of skill development for these neglected patients. “We are here to establish a mechanism that how these patients could be brought to normal stream,” Dr. Mehboob ur Rehman concluded.—APP

Scrutiny of blocked NICs continues Q UETTA —The process of scrutiny of the blocked National Identity Cards (NIC) was in progress under the supervision of a committee headed by the Deputy Commissioner Quetta. Balochistan government had constituted the committee following the allegations of issuance of NIC to the Afghan nationals by the NADRA.Deputy Commissioner Quetta Abdul Latif Kakar is leading the committee. “Some 600 NIC have been so far cleared and sent to the NADRA office after the process of the checking and scrutiny,” DC office sources said. He added that due to insufficient proof and other relevant documents as many as 400 NIC have been blocked. Some 20 thousands NIC would be scrutinized during the process initiated on the order of the provincial government.—APP

12-day drive against measles in Kohat P E S H AWA R —The Khyber

HYDERABAD: Residents of Hussainabad burning tyres on the road during a demonstration against shortage of water in their area.

Pakhtunkhwa Govt Health Department has decided to launch a 12-day special campaign against measles disease from May 19 in Kohat district to protect children from this fatal aliment. This was decided during a high level meeting with District Health Officer Kohat, Dr Habib Khan Khattak in chair in Kohat on Wednesday. Additional Deputy C o m m i s s i o n e r , Fakhruddin, DSM Dr Abdul Khaliq, ADO Dr Samin Shah, Coordinator Public Health Dr Arif, Coordinator EPI Dr Haroon Khattak, Public Health Specialist Dr Abid Gul and other senior officials attended.—APP

No medicines for poor patients at DHQ Hospital despite grant of Rs20m by govt GUL HAMAAD FAROOQI CHITRAL—No medicines available for poor admit patient at district headquarters (DHQ) hospital Chitral despite the fact that the provincial Government of Khyber Pahtonkhwa have granted more than 20 million rupees for this purpose. Besides a number of complaints received from patients that most of its staff not perform their duty at night time in the hospital. Akbar Hussain said that he admits his wife in cardiac case who fell down in front of female ward at night time when she came out of ward to call me for inviting a Doctor because of server pain. Because no male person is allow inside the female ward at night time but there was not ward Ardali (attendant) during night duty. He said when condition of his wife was most worsen he called a Doctor from emergency block but doctor was sleeping and came there after a long time. Furthermore he added that the doctor returned immediately to his room to sleep terming the patient stable but unfortunately the patient was dying after a few hours but doctor and some other staff

were absent. And she expired just after go back of the doctor. Akbar Hussain complained that after the death of his wife he call to driver of ambulance to shift dead body of his wife to his house but he was also not present and reached there after two hours. Tariq Ali shah of Danin said that he rushed a lady patient along with his other colleagues whose ladies patients were admit in hospital and were shifted to Labor Room for delivery. They complained that no medicine is being providing to patients and they purchase everything from market even a syringe. They said that there was not female doctor on duty at labor room and only a midwife and a Nurse were busy in delivery cases at Labor room. They said that provincial government have released more than 20 million rupees for this purpose but they strange that where this huge amount goes? Patients also complained that Ward Ardali and other staff not perform their duty and some of them are busy in private shops. As well as mot of toilets especially toilet of duty room for

doctor at night duty also damaged and blocked. There is heap of garbage existing there for the last 1 month in hospital premises causing for spreading infectious diseases and stink. In this connection when this scribe contacted Dr. Noorul Islam Medical Superintendent of DHQ Hospital he said that 16 post of Women Medical Officer are lying vacant and that is why WMO cannot perform duty at night time in labor room due to shortage of lady doctors. He confirmed that provincial government have released more than 20 million rupees for purchasing medicines to be provided admit patients but at present we face shortage of medicines in store. As well as these free medicines should to distribute to admit patients at Labor room and emergency block but presently no medicines is available. He said that Tehsil Municipal Administration is responsible for proper dispose off of garbage but they not sent their vehicle for the last one month despite that sending them letters frequently. Hence he assured that if a complainant submits me his complaint in written shape he will conduct inquiry.

Power shutdown for Peshawar, adjoining areas

Fakhar for active polio eradication

P ESHAWA R —PESCO authorities Wednesday issued power shutdown schedule for various areas including city’s suburban areas due to necessary maintenance and repair works. According to details, power supply would be remain suspended from 132 KV Sakhi Chasma Grid Station on May 15 and 20 from 8 am to 2 pm resultantly consumers of 11 KV NSR feeders would face inconvenience. Similarly, power supply would be remain suspended from 132 KV Peshawar City Grid Station on May 15 and 17 from 7 am to 1 pm resultantly consumers of 11 KV Nishtarabad, Chamkani and Jaghara feeders would face inconvenience.Power supply would remain suspended from 132 KV Shahi Bagh on May 15 and 19 from 8 am to 1 pm resultantly consumers of 11 KV Latifabad and Edigah feeders would face inconvenience.—APP

M U LTA N —Underlining the importance of anti- polio campaign, former Speaker National Assembly, Syed Fakhar Imam, said it was incumbent upon all citizens of the country to actively participate in campaigns geared to eradicate polio. Talking to APP on Wednesday Fakhar Imam suggested that immunization campaign against polio should be actively carried out on sustained basis so that we enter the status of a polio-free country. He hailed the adoption of a unanimous resolution by National Assembly the other day regarding participation of political leaders for polio eradication campaign. “Polio has almost been eradicated from all over the world except a few countries including Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria.” Poliomyelitis (polio) is a highly infectious viral disease, which mainly affects young children. The virus is transmitted through contaminated food and water, and multiplies in the intestine, from where it can invade the nervous system. Many infected people have no symptoms, but do excrete the virus in their faeces, hence transmitting infection to others, says World Health Organization (WHO) report. Initial symptoms of polio include fever,fatigue,headache, vomiting,stiffness in the neck, and pain in the limbs. In a small proportion of cases, the disease causes paralysis, which is often permanent but polio can be prevented through immunization.—APP

Rain with gusty winds

Development work reviewed

I SLAMABAD —Dust-thunderstorm rain associated with gusty winds is expected at scattered places of Kalat, Makran, Sukkar and Larkana divisions while at isolated places of Quetta, Zhob, Islamabad / Rawalpindi, Bahawalpur, Malakand, Hazara divisions, lower Sindh (Karachi, Hyderabad divisions), Kashmir and GB. A well marked low lies over north Balochistan & adjoining area, and its trough extended southeastwards. A trough of westerly wave is also prevailing over Kashmir and adjoining areas. Meanwhile, Director Met Dr. Muhammad Hanif has said that recent snow fall in Northern areas occurred after 16 years in the month of May. Talking to PTV news he said, upper areas of the country including Hazara division were experiencing unexpected weather conditions which happened in 1998. To a question he said that there was no further chance of snow fall in Northern areas or Kashmir during next week but they will receive rain fall on Wednesday evening and during next week as well.—APP

NAUSHAHRO FEROZE— Commissioner Sukkur Division, Muhammad Abbas Baloch has directed the Deputy Commissioner and Assistant Commissioner to monitor work on on-going development schemes. Addressing the meeting Commissioner Sukkur Division said that plans should be made for the welfare of masses instead of long terms schemes and urged that filtration plants and solar system should be included in the schemes. He informed the meeting that besides ADP, Rs 300 million have been sought for new schemes and Rs 500 million for construction of roads in the district.—APP

Hazara has attraction for tourists: Commissioner ABBOTTABAD —Commissioner Hazara Di- the area. vision Abid Ali Wednesday said that there are so many attractions for local and international tourists in Hazara division. He said this while addressing a ground breaking ceremony of Regional Tourism Office Abbottabad. Abid Ali said that Hazara division has a diversity of attraction and a suitable place for the tourists and the office will furnish the requirements of the tourists as they always need information about different places, services and facilities in

He also advised the officials of Tourism Department to go into the field and provide assistance to the visitors rather than sitting in the offices. General Manager, Regional Tourism Office (RTO) KPK Muhammad Ali said that the project will be completed within stipulated time. A tourist information center is already working in Donga Gali and soon tourist information offices will be setup in Balakot and Naran.—Agencies

Scientist unveils modern method for cultivation on saline land M ULTAN —Agriculture scientists have introduced some modern and cost effective methods of Saline agriculture to successfully get agriculture production from salinity hit areas of the country. Experts said according to a survey around 175,000 acre area in Pakistan was salinity affected and saline agriculture enables farmers to effectively utilize saline land and saline water to grow crops. A release issued by media liaison unit of the Punjab agriculture department says that very small portion of saline area in Pakistan had been made cultivable, a situation that needs immediate attention of farmers to take initiative of converting saline areas into agriculture producing areas. Expert said growers must have information about the kind of salinity, soil characteristics, weather conditions and availability of water and other implements. Soil analysis was a prerequisite to know about the soil characteristics. First step to utilize saline land is to level

the field after removal of two inch upper layer of the land so that seed should germinate without any difficulty. Seed should be sown when the field is wet. It should either be sown on the surface or while maintaining a lower depth as increasing depth would affect seed germination. Application of green fertilizers would pay dividends as not only it balances the presence of organic material but also improves Nitrogenous fertilizers in the soil. Different crops and vegetables should be sown on ridges or beds because it gives better production in case of cultivation of paddy, cotton, maize, sunflower, wheat and vegetables.Application of green fertilizers, press mud, poultry fertilizers and animal waste fertilizers was essential for saline crop fields and application of fertilizers containing Sulphur like single super phosphate, BSP and ammonium sulphate not only improve production but also keep the soil healthy, the release concluded.—APP

CHAMAN: Hospital staff giving treatment to one Khalil Ahmad after unknown men shot him in front of District Courts on Wednesday.

Calls from D-Chowk activate ECP


Quit playing games with Benghazi


MPACT of loud and clear call made from famous D-Chowk by Chair man Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan for electoral reforms to obviate any chances of rigging in future elections is now visible as within twenty-four hours different political parties including the ruling one gave their reaction which is both positive and encouraging. It is hoped that the growing momentum would lead to some concrete outcome in weeks and months to come. The highlighting of the issue has also activated the ECP, which has directed Election Tribunals to dispose of the pending petitions expeditiously. Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly Syed Khursheed Shah, who had previously lambasted Imran Khan for indulging in politics of agitation, has now invited all opposition parties for a meeting to discuss electoral reforms and the move is understandably aimed at putting more pressure on the Government to cooperate in bringing about much-needed reforms in the system. The Government has still four year mandate and it would definitely gain if it shows its willingness for comprehensive and effective electoral reforms that could guarantee sanctity of next polls. However, one wonders as to how Khurshid Shah has demanded resignation of members of the Election Commission just because leader of a political party has levelled allegations against fairness of the electoral exercise. The Commission was nominated through a proper process and no one can doubt integrity of its members. It is not question of integrity of the individual members but empowerment of the Commission, which enjoys many powers in theory but practically is lameduck because of various reasons and factors. There are, of course, some issues that require legislative, financial and administrative actions by the Government but the Commission seems to be not willing to exercise even those powers that it already enjoyed. Election Tribunals are regrettably taking more time than envisaged in the law and the Commission should have monitored their progress and performance and taken up the issue at relevant levels and forum. The question arises as to why the ECP could not issue directions before and waited for calls and protests by the Opposition.

CJP widens blasphemy law C

HIEF Justice of Pakistan Justice Tassaduq Hussain Jillani interpreted the much-talked-about blasphemy law in a timely and appropriate manner. Hearing a suo motu case relating to the September 22, 2013 bomb attack on a church in Peshawar, he hinted at framing guidelines for law enforcement agencies for protection of minorities’ rights, observing that desecration of places of worship of any faith attracted blasphemy laws under Section 295 of the Pakistan Penal Code. Blasphemy law was never intended to protect sanctity and honour of only Islam but it was painted as such through the force of sustained propaganda campaign by some NGOs and a section of local and foreign media. Section 295 referred to by the CJP prohibits “Injuring or defiling place of worship, with intent to insult the religion of any class”. All revealed religions are in fact one and the same as there is no fundamental difference in their teachings or approach. Muslims, in particular, cannot claim to be faithful if they do not profess prophethood of other Messengers of Almighty Allah. Similarly, the Holy Quran says “Don’t use abusive language against their false gods lest they should use same language against yours in retaliation.” It is, therefore, obvious that blasphemy law is equally applicable to Muslims and non-Muslims and there is no discrimination in this regard. No one can get a licence to desecrate holy places of any religion or indulge in blasphemy. It is, however, to be ensured that the blasphemy law is not used to settle personal score or vendetta. There should be thorough and impartial investigations into complaints of blasphemy so that no innocent is embroiled in litigation and gets punishment. The Chief Justice of Pakistan has done well by clarifying legal position but mere declaration and explanation are not enough. We hope he would issue necessary directions to law enforcement agencies in this regard besides ensuring that the judiciary takes up all such issues in right earnest.

Saudi Arabia’s major shift on Iran S

OON after the successful visit of Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif in which he had held productive meetings with Iranian leadership, another important development surfaced in the region with Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al Faisal extending an invitation to Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif to visit Saudi Arabia, expressing Kingdom’s readiness for negotiations with Tehran. Addressing a press conference after the Arab Economic and Cooperation Forum with Central Asia and Azerbaijan, Prince Saud pointed out that ongoing political crises in the Middle East have given major superpowers the opportunity to meddle in the internal affairs of other countries, which increases the phenomenon of terrorism. In our opinion, the Saudi invitation is a major development and reflects Kingdom’s serious concerns about developments in the Muslim Ummah. Saudi Arabia enjoys vast influence in the Islamic world and its voice is given due consideration. We expect that Iran would respond positively to the offer as it is of utmost importance for the stability of the region that the two countries negotiate on all issues and if there are any differences, they be settled to their satisfaction. The Muslim Ummah must realize that the international situation has changed a lot and the super powers are no longer concerned about the sovereignty and independence of less powerful states and all their acts and policies are self-serving. As rightly pointed out by Prince Saud, the new approach in the international arena seeks to alter the status quo of countries from the inside. This is being witnessed in several Islamic countries today, which are facing internal fighting while the international players are weakening them for the attainment of their longer objectives. It goes without saying that issues of concern to the Muslim countries can only be resolved through negotiations, ensuring solidarity and respect to each other’s sovereignty. The Ummah has suffered a lot because of foreign inspired wars including the Iran-Iraq conflict and tensions between other States. We strongly believe that all the Islamic countries will give serious thinking to the ongoing developments in the Middle East and hope that the major and positive initiative of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will take a logical course, lead to resolution of irritants and bring much needed stability in the region.

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Plight of Kashmir’s forgotten refugees Muzaffarabad. Those Kashmiris mostly arrived Kupwara and Laura Schuurmans from Baramulla district and they fled in fears of persecution by Indian security forces after allegedly being accused of sidN January 1948, the then Indian ing with the “militants.” Premier Jawahar Lal Nehru Kashmiri families were often left brought the Kashmir question to with no choice but to abandon their the United Nations Security Coun- farmhouses, livestock and to leave cil. The resolution by the Security behind close relatives in search for Counci l bound both India and Pa- safety and survival. Many of the refukistan to grant the people of Jammu gees including women and children and Kashmir a plebiscite for deter- became the subject of beatings, tormining the future of their disputed ture and even sexual assault by Interritory. dian occupying forces. A month later, UN proclaimed In the midst of the night, famithe Universal Declaration of Hu- lies fled bare feet through dense forman Rights stating that all citizens ests, over land mine fields crossing of the world uphold the inalienable the Line of Control towards Pakiright to freedom, justice and peace. stan. Some escapes only lasted a More than sixty years later and in few hours but others took days to spite of UN resolutions, Kashmiris reaching Pakistan. There have been in the Indian occupied territory accounts of some young women have not been granted the right to who left their family homes at night vote in a referendum. alone, to be reunited with their husIronically, international band who had earlier escaped percommunity’s commitment to the secution. Although some families people of Kashmir has also waned have settled down and have fully over the decades. The dispute be- integrated into mainstream society, tween India and Pakistan over Kash- the majority continues to live unmir has not only jeopardized re- der harsh conditions in refugee gional peace and security, the camps. Many of the refugees inKashmiris per se have become the cluding a new generation of chilcore victim of the conflict and they dren have been dealing with serihave mostly been forgotten. ous psychological disorders, trauFew people around the world mas and also physical disability. are aware of the suffering of While the local government has Kashmiri refugees who fled from made efforts to alleviate some of the Indian Occupied Kashmir around suffering of the Kashmiri refugees, the globe during late 1980s and financial restraints have caused some early 1990s. To date, Pakistan is has obstacles in achieving their objecbeen offering refuge to more than tives. Today, many of the refugees 7,000 families roughly comprising are yearning to go home to the other 35,000persons in and around side of the Line of Control for re-unit-


ing with relatives whom they have not seen for decades. Others are looking for improved living conditions. Unanimously all Kashmiri refugees are still waiting for the UN sponsored plebiscite. The international community has not hesitated to condemn the plight of the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, or to point a finger at the occupying forces that have forced the Palestinians out of their ancestral homeland. Presently, the predicament of the Syrian refugees has been the prime focus of international media attention. These are great human tragedies but these pale in comparison to the loss of humanity in Kashmir at the hands of proclaimed largest democracy on earth. Having said this, be it politicians, international aid organizations, or U.N. sponsored agencies, hardly anyone has taken serious interest into the plight of the Kashmiris to alleviate some of their suffering and to improve the overall living conditions of the Kashmiri refugees in and around Muzaffarabad. While the international community has not only turned a blind eye to Indian human rights abuses in the occupied territories of the disputed Kashmir region, it has entirely disregarded the implementation of the basic UN Resolutions for a referendum in Kashmir. Moreover, if the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states “everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country” why the Kashmiri refugees cannot go home? Indian authorities even blocked the telephone lines from Azad Jammu and Kashmir to the Indian side of

the Line of Control. The people of Kashmir evidently need help, and they need large scale assistance be it on the humanitarian front, to receive political and diplomatic support, or be it financial assistance to building schools, health centers, housing and basic infrastructure. There is a long road towards Azadi (liberation) in Kashmir, and that ultimately road of Kashmiri freedom cannot be accomplished alone without support of the international community. As long as the West continues to neglect the plight of the Kashmiri refugees including all Kashmiri citizens and those scattered elsewhere in this world, their long road to Azadi will continue to be faced with numerous of hurdles that will prevent their dreams from coming true. Kashmir’s plight could have been avoided if the international community had been committed in taking serious interest in the disputed Jammu and Kashmir region just like they did in East Timor, Sudan and other conflict ridden regions.After all, it was the UN that approved both the resolutions on Kashmir and also the Universal Declaration on Human Rights to make this world a more peaceful place. Regretfully, those who have been advocating freedom, justice and peace are also the ones who have silently closed their eyes, who have looked the other way, and who shamelessly have distanced themselves from the beautiful people of Kashmir. —The writer, a Jakarta-based research analyst, writes exclusively for Pakistan Observer.

Any hope for ordinary Pakistanis? General Raheel Sharif’s visit to the ISI HQ and his that ISI is a Dr Khalil Ahmad statement “strategic institution” and its role is crucial in national security. This side of the picture HE cities and suburbs of Pa presents a state mired in its own inkistan are bursting with mil ternal fights with various institutions lions of teeming citizens, old at each other’s throats. The same Paand young, men and women and kistan Muslim League (Nawaz) children alike. They earn their live- which supported the cause of the lihood by small selling of goods or restoration of the deposed judges is services which unimaginably in- trying to rein in the Supreme Court volves hard labor with meager in- by trimming the powers of the jucome. Or they are employed by pri- dicial commission which has an vate entrepreneurs who have to in- edge in the appointment of judges cessantly struggle against the va- of the apex and high courts. Then garies of state’s regulators and tax there is Pakistan Army and the ISI officials. They form the larger which claim to be the uncontested chunk of a population of 18 mil- savior of Pakistan. Though, India lion plus. It is they who cast vote is no more number one enemy, and to send a political party in Parlia- has been replaced by Taliban; howment, but cherish no hope this will ever, it seems the security instituameliorate their life conditions they tions are more occupied with the know from their past experience. anti-Pakistan elements which in their perception abundantly popuThis is one side of the picture. The other side reveals itself in late media and civil society, two the headlines of the daily newspa- bastion of public opinion. It may be pers and news channels. One mentioned that not lately an Urdu newspaper’s headline reads as: feature film, Waar (War) was shot army chief pays morale boosting and released with the collaboration visit to ISI HQ (Inter-Services In- of the ISPR, public relations wing telligence Headqarters). Another of the Army. Also, there is talk of headline says: defense ministry an exclusive television channel for seeks cancellation of Geo’s license. the use of Army to counter the InIt’s in the wake of a murderous at- dian propaganda. tack on a prominent journalist and In this picture where do the poliGeo News’ popular talk show host, ticians stand, whom the citizens Hamid Mir. He has survived despite bring into power? Pertinently this six bullets injured him seriously picture lacks the lines and shades and is under treatment in a hospi- of governance, and is blank so far tal. His brother, Amir Mir, a known as public provision of justice and journalist, allegedly put the blame basic social services is concerned. on the ISI and its head Lieutenant Hungry of energy, not only the enGeneral Zaheer-ul-Islam saying trepreneurship is desperate, ordiMir told him he feared they would nary life is disturbed. Electricity kill him. One breaking headline availability has somewhat imnews tells ‘Pakistan successfully proved under this government as test fires Hatf-III, a short range bal- compared to the previous one; but listic missile.’ Another newspaper the core issues such as circular debt, highlights Chief of Army Staff, a stifled market and state’s mo-


nopoly over the distribution of electricity are not going to be addressed soon. The scarce natural gas proves to be an apple of discord for which textile, fertilizer and other lobbies vie fiercely. The present forecasted growth rate is lurking in the range of 3 to 4 %; but IMF puts it at 3.1 %. The average rate of inflation is hovering between 8.5 and 9.5 %. And the budget deficit for the current fiscal year is in the range of 6 to 7 %. As for the infrastructural priorities, the present government is hitting the wrong notes, and its urban sensibility is questionable; the cities are getting huge amounts of money being spent on un-needed projects, such as flyovers in Lahore. The roads in cities and their peripheries and especially in rural areas are in quite bad shape, or there is none at all. Potable water is a dream for most of the people. Healthcare is almost nonexistent or do not match the number of patients it targets. Another area of the picture represents the dismal state of the public transport, which has over the years deteriorated steeply. Not only can be seen crowds of commuters waiting at the bus-stops and buses tightly packed, there are as many traffic jams which consume sufficient number of hours of their life daily. To this must be added the statistics of road accidents killing countless citizens for which ultimate responsibility rests with the government, since rules and laws regulating driving license and traffic on the roads, though written in the books, are never implemented. According to Rescue 1122 service, just within one day 572 accidents were reported from 36 districts of Punjab last year. In this regard, the death statistics is too horrible to see: this April 20, in Sukkur district a collision between a bus carrying about 60 passengers and a trailer took 42 lives, and out

of 27 dead 14 were children and 13 women, with 17 others injured. Additionally, there is terror of the Taliban and other violent groups which on their own contribute to the disfiguration of the state of Pakistan. The government’s recent talks with the Thereek-e-Taliban brought a relief to the ordinary citizens; the frequency of the suicide blasts and indiscriminate killings saw a substantial reduction. But the issue stands unresolved and there is a long war ahead to fight the brunt of which is for the ordinary citizens to bear. Constitutionally a civilian political government is in driving seat which came to power last year after the first elected civilian set-up completed its five-year stint. However, it appears that the state of Pakistan is not being run by the civil rulers; other encroachers of their constitutional powers, such as security institutions and agencies, are obstructing the way they may want to govern and it is with them that the citizens pin hopes. But the state of Pakistan is entangled in its own fights and this cancer is eating up the resources which may otherwise be utilized to provide the ordinary citizens with protection of life and property, justice and basic social services. That’s the story of the last 67 years. The story is going to be retold if the politicians do not take heart to challenge the actors be they state, i.e. security establishment, or nonstate, i.e. Taliban and other violent groups. And if the ruling politicians let the security establishment do what it like, and do not subdue it to play its constitutional duty, they will once again betray the millions of teeming citizens who are living a hopeless life in Pakistan. —The writer is Lahore-based political analyst and author of several books.

HE deaths of four Americans — including Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens — in Benghazi, Libya, in September 2012 was a tragic (though sadly not unprecedented) loss of life as well as an indictment of security measures at the US mission there. But Benghazi isn’t a mystery that needs to be plumbed by yet another congressional investigation. Benghazi has already been investigated by the independent Accountability Review Board and several congressional committees, including four House panels and the Senate Intelligence Committee. Reams of documents have been produced. The evolution of the “talking points” used by thenAmbassador to the United Nations Susan Rice in television appearances a few days after the attacks has been meticulously documented and deconstructed. Yet many Republicans can’t let go of conspiracy theories about Benghazi, and on Friday the House authorized the creation of a select committee to investigate the issue yet again. House Republicans are especially transfixed by the idea that President Obama and his political aides, knowing that the attack was an Al Qaeda operation, nevertheless concocted a story that the siege was inspired by outrage over an anti-Islamic video that had sparked violent protests in Egypt. In this GOP theory, the Obama administration blamed the video to divert criticism that the president’s foreign policy generally, and his war on Al Qaeda specifically, were failing. In fact, the idea that the Benghazi attack was inspired by the protest in Egypt over the video was mentioned in the earliest version of the talking points, which were prepared by the CIA, not by Obama’s political advisors. The new committee is unlikely to add much to that record. Its origins lie not, as Republicans maintain, in “lingering questions” about what happened before, during and after the attack, but in partisan politics. Benghazi was to have been the issue that would ignite Mitt Romney’s challenge to Obama in 2012. In a televised debate, the Republican nominee claimed that “it took the president 14 days before he called the attack an act of terror,” only to have Obama and the moderator direct his attention to a statement by Obama in the Rose Garden the day after the attack in which the president said, “No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation.” (Republicans then complained that the statement fell short of labelling the attack “an act of terrorism.”) The 2012 election is history, but as Washington measures time, the 2016 election is just around the corner, and the presumptive Democratic nominee is Hillary Rodham Clinton, who was secretary of State on the day of the Benghazi attack. The select committee offers Republicans another opportunity to bloody Clinton. Election politics aside, the creation of this committee reflects Republicans’ resentment over what they see as executive branch arrogance — especially the administration’s recent release of an email from a White House aide that Republicans say proves their contention that the administration deliberately misled the nation about the origins of the attack. The administration should have released the Sept. 14, 2012, email from deputy national security advisor Ben Rhodes long ago. That said, it’s anything but a smoking gun. Referring to protests over the video throughout the Muslim world, Rhodes suggested that Rice stress that “these protests were rooted in an Internet video and not a broader failure of policy.” At most the Rhodes email is a footnote in the history of the administration’s public relations response to Benghazi. It proves nothing. The revelation that Rhodes urged Rice to deny that there was a broader failure of administration policy does not lend credence to, much less prove, that the video explanation was concocted. But the committee is going forward anyway, even as the fundraising National Republican Congressional Committee is capitalizing on its creation by asking visitors to its website to sign up as “Benghazi Watchdogs.” It’s a sign of the Republicans’ credibility problem that House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) felt obliged to promise that the committee would not be a “sideshow” or a “circus.” Somehow we’re not reassured. — Los Angeles Times

A nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse. —Proverb

Substitute for democracy! and Jamaat-e-Islami had also incorporated in their manifesto for change in system by adopting Ali Ashraf Khan a“Proportional representation system” in general elections. The world is ruled by Corporate Mafia, and the major deOR as long as there have been cisions are made by international ecoelections in Pakistan they have nomic and financial institutions like been rigged more or less. This G-7 and IMF. That is the case not only type of democracy that we are trying for Pakistan but everywhere. At the to run was a creation of Western Eu- end even Western ‘democracies’ are rope and the French revolution and bound by the decisions of those orat that time it had its merits in Eu- ganizations –weather they like it or rope. But to run democracy meaning- not. Western political parties have to fully it needs democratically minded streamline their programs and ideolopeople who accept the ethics of de- gies along the goals set by the G-7 or mocracy, and people who are edu- IMF which leads to a situation where cated to have their say in the affairs there is hardly any distinction beof government and not treated like tween the programs of conservatives and social democrats. slaves or herds of cattle. Furthermore, western democraAll situations, where the pirs, the local zamindar or the tribal Jirga tells cies have now openly taken up the the people whom to vote for is against practice which they used to pursue in this spirit. In rural areas the voters secret before – that is to topple elected also vote under pressure from governments if they don’t like them. Tehsildar, Thanedar and Patwari, a There are plenty examples like the practice which is undemocratic and Taliban government in Afghanistan, do not bring satisfactory results ac- the ongoing attempts to topple the cording to the spirit of democracy and Syrian government, the Egyptian no politician has ever voiced or staged government of President Mursi, and any dharna to reform our system, other African & Middle East counwhich Tahirul Qadri wants single tries. Opposition groups and governhandedly now. The Muslim League ments are supported and pushed into Khairuddin group, Tehrik-e-Istaqlal power toppling elected governments


like in Ukrainian, Bahrain, Maynmar and Afghanistan. Instead they manage to put governments into place that are friendly towards the West and western interests like in Georgia, Ukraine, Egypt, Afghanistan. In India the new Aam Aadmi Party under a retired bureaucrat turned politician Arvind Kejriwal, that had stormed the electoral scene in Delhi’s state elections last December is now making headway for the national political stage. The party spoke out against vote-buying and hidden election expenditures, made transparent political donations irrespective of size, and vowed to adhere to the Election Commission’s strict expenditure limits. But the ongoing corporate cultures’ domination has not spared India, where situation is drifting downward, people who are the fountain of power have been made slaves of rupee shining in darkening India, where the demon of corruption is ruling the roost. Congress & BJP had joined hand in Delhi against the AAP government not to pass new laws against corruption that led to enbloc resignation of Mr. Kejriwal’s party who are now emerging as perhaps second to none. That means, internationally also, democracy is on the decline and on the way out. The so-called democ-

racy today is serving western interest rather than the interest of their own country as can be seen from the examples in Pakistan and elsewhere. We in Pakistan have been experimenting with this type of political system for the last 67 years and it has been breaking down again and again and when it was running it returned the same fraudsters again and again into the seats of power. The last pawn in the chess board was fixed when PPP & PML (N) joined hands under so-called charter of democracy to pass 18, 19 & 20th amendments in our constitution to create two supermos the Prime Minister & the Leader of Opposition to control the future of democracy in Pakistan. With the economic and security situation in and around our country so dangerous that the very survival of Pakistan is under threat there is no time left for further trials and errors. Instead of trying to correct what is incorrigible we should finally think about alternatives. But may be Imran Khan and Mr. Qadri are lacking the substance for that. That is why their dharna or rallies will not change anything and they will keep fooling the people. God bless Pakistan. —The writer is Karachi-based senior columnist.

Ibn-e-Azhar Email:


F permitted by Gen Zaheerul Is lam; Pakistan’s top spy master, all his boys deserve fantastic Cuban cigars over a cup of coffee. People showing support to their militaries home and abroad is a common sight; however, masses expressing solidarity for an intelligence agency is something unheard. Keeping in view the current trends in Pakistan, had ISI been a political party it would have swept elections, had it been a media organization it would have got record ratings, had it been a book it would have become a best seller and if there had been an annual Nobel prize for an organization’s popularity, ISI would have been victorious by all tests and standards. By default, intelligence agencies are bound to be notoriously famous or famously notorious depending upon which side of the line you stand. Thus hatred for ISI in India, RAW’s bashing in Pakistan,

Same recognition applies to the achievements and accomplishments of intelligence people. Thus when US President in 2003 boasted “Mission Accomplished” aboard a US naval ship, he was surrounded by combat soldiers and intelligence people, but they hardly got any mention. It is an irony, that the worldover, the soldiers who serve their countries, proudly put their names on chest while the first recognition that the intelligence people receive is that they are ripped off their original names. Coming back to the recent standoff, which is now no more an affair between a particular state institution and a media organization, it is practically between the people of Pakistan and a media outfit and there are many lessons to infer. Despite of enormous popularity of media and its penetration among masses with an unprecedented acceptability, the people of Pakistan are very sensitive about some of their state institutions. The negative perception about media has been further strengthened by the dubious fundings, foreign influence and various scandals. If ac-

cepted as a case of editorial or journalistic misjudgment, it’s even more intriguing that how a media group with an experience of about a quarter century could do that. Hawkishly reporting about corrupt factory owners and covering incidents is one thing but campaigning against a state institution is something different and even a common viewer or a reader feels the heat of it. The freedom of speech is a value that needs to be respected but no state could allow this freedom to be misused against itself. It’s a task left to the enemies. For the world at large, this episode is a clear message that ISI is a popular agency within its own country. This is a feat hardly any other intelligence agency could claim. So if it is claimed or ‘blamed’ that ISI is one of the best Agency in the world, a major reason is that it is highly popular among its own people for its uncompromising commitment for the motherland Pakistan. (The writer is an ordinary Pakistani and is not on the pay role of any media organization or intelligence agency)

Views From Abroad

US-Turkey ties in danger Ilan Berman


EMEMBER the US-Turkish alliance? Not long ago, Presi dent Obama was proclaiming that Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan was his favourite Middle Eastern statesman, and one of very few foreign leaders with whom he had forged a “bond of trust.” Yet today, ties between Washington and Ankara are unmistakably on the downswing. First, there is America’s receding strategic footprint in the Middle East. Last Fall, in an interview with the New York Times, National Security Advisor Susan Rice laid out a new, “more modest” vision of US policy toward the region, consisting of just three strategic priorities: brokering peace between Israel and the Palestinians; dismantling Syria’s chemical weapons arsenal, and; attaining a diplomatic solution to the long-standing crisis over Iran’s nuclear ambitions. Other regional issues — from the continued turmoil of the “Arab Spring” to security problems in North Africa and the Middle East — were no longer primary American con-

cerns, Rice made clear. At first blush, you might expect this dynamic to be beneficial for Turkey. After all, the Turkish government has articulated an ambitious foreign policy vision in recent years, and actively attempted to style itself as a “model” for the Arab Spring nations to follow. America, meanwhile, has made clear that it needs reliable deputies to promote its interests in the region — a role that, not long ago, Turkey would have been a natural candidate to fill. No longer. The increasingly authoritarian bent of Erdogan’s government has given American policymakers — once enthusiastic about the prospects for strategic partnership with the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) — serious pause. So has the domestic “civil war” now taking place between the AKP and the cemaat, a shadowy yet influential socio-religious movement led by controversial cleric Fethullah Gulen. America has studiously tried to stay out of the fray, describing it as a purely domestic affair. But Erdogan’s recent insistence that he will seek an extradition request for Gulen (who resides in Pennsylvania) has put official Washington in an untenable position. Acquiescence to

Erdogan’s demands is well-nigh unthinkable, on both legal and political grounds. But a refusal will virtually guarantee that bilateral ties take a further hit, with the AKP concluding that Washington chose the cemaat over them. (Indeed, there are some in Turkey who believe that Erdogan is banking on just such an outcome, which he will then use to burnish his nationalist and antiAmerican credentials.) Washington and Ankara likewise remain fundamentally at odds over Syria. Turkey has long urged the US to follow its lead and take a more active role in support of the Syrian opposition. It has done so for good reason; with the number of Syrian refugees in Turkey now approaching one million, the conflict taking place next door is rapidly becoming an overriding strategic issue for Ankara. But policymakers in Washington, worried over the increasingly Islamist bent of Syria’s fractured opposition forces, have hung back — garnering lasting Turkish ire in the process. Finally, there is Turkey’s uncertain role in NATO. Western nations have long harboured hopes that Turkey — a Cold War stalwart of the Alliance — could become NATO’s

emissary to the contemporary Middle East. But the collapse of Turkey’s strategic partnership with Israel, its support of opposition (including jihadist) forces in Syria, and its persistent anti-Western conspiratorialism have made Ankara an increasingly weak link in the Atlantic Alliance. Most recently, Turkey’s flirtation with the acquisition of Chinese-made missile defences has raised concerns in the West that it could end up compromising the integrity of NATO communications. The state of the US-Turkish union, in other words, is deeply troubled. The current divergence between Washington and Ankara can’t be smoothed over by cosmetic changes (such as the impending retirement of current US Ambassador Francis Ricciardone). Rather, it is the product of a more fundamental parting of the ways now taking place between the two countries. Turkey and America, once staunch comrades in arms, are now simply acquaintances. In the future, if current trends continue, they might become even less. The writer is vice president of the American Foreign Policy Council. — Courtesy: USA Today

The fifty-six inch chest ..!


T was four months after the In dian general elections. The man with the Fifty Six inch chest who had been elected prime minister, huffed and puffed as he thrust and pushed and shoved to no avail. He looked round with desperation in his eyes, then with eyes bloodshot with rage and indignation he thrust and pushed and shoved again. “What are you doing sir?” asked his PA. “Shut up and help me push!” said the Fifty-six incher. The

PA and the Fifty-Six Incher thrust and pushed and shoved and it was to no avail. “What are you doing?” asked a cabinet minister. “We are… “ said the Man with the Fifty-Six Chest. “We are trying to push the country ahead,” said the PA wiping the perspiration from his forehead. “Yes,” gasped the Man with the Fifty Six Inch chest, who the nation had elected as Prime Minister, “That is what I am trying to do, push the nation ahead!” “And you better do it fast, because the nation is waiting, your honeymoon period is slowly getting over and there’s nothing to show for it, especially since you don’t have many friends!” “There’s nothing to show for it, because it’s nearly impossible to push this nation forward even with

my huge fifty six inches of chest.” The PA , the cabinet minister and the Fifty-Six Incher thrust and pushed and shoved and it was to no avail. The country just wouldn’t budge. “What are you doing?” asked his police chief, who had strayed over from Gujarat and now had made Delhi his permanent home, “What are you all doing?” “Push with us policeman!” said the Fifty-Six Incher. “What are you doing?” asked the army chief, followed by the Navy and the Air Force chiefs, “What are you all doing?” “We are adding to his fifty six inches,” said the PA, “We are trying to push the nation ahead. “ The nation stood still, and didn’t budge as the might of Fifty-Six Inches and the might of the muscle of the

Cultural invasion on Pakistan PONUM HUMZA


he cultural invasion is the invasion of the enemy on any nation with various means and methods, in order to destroy its internal strength and its morals. The difference between cultural invasion and military invasion is that military invasion takes place in order to conquer, capture territory and achieve military objectives against the will of people, whereas the purpose of cultural invasion is to brain wash the people so that they would become followers of the invader. In Pakistan the media is growing tremendously. Pakistan is one of the developing countries and the concept of cable is penetrating all over the country. Youngsters, who are the future of Pakistan are wasting their energy sitting in front of the television. As they don’t have other outlets for entertainment or leisure facilities. It was claimed by one of the Indian rulers that they needed not to invade Pakistan any more, they would conquer Pakistan through media. Indian drama and films have acquired won tremendous viewership in Pakistan, in the absence of any seriousness on the pat of the government and the concerned regulatory authority. Similarly the media invaders were facilitated by some of the private TV channels through the projection of Indian films, Turkish dramas and display of foreign advertisements. Foreign media is creating a sense of suspicion among our youth who are passing through a formative stage of development and are at initial phase of understanding their religious beliefs, cultural norms and core values. Indian dramas are putting a great influence on language, dressing and marriage ceremonies. People like to use Hindi words in their conversation and like to use Indian dresses as they observe in Indian dramas. The females are the real affectees of Indian and Turkish dramas and this is rather more dangerous because the women are the real trend setters and more relevant to the future of the younger generation. Due to Indian and Turkish dramas, Indian and Turkish culture is gaining ground in Pakistan and people are forgetting their norms, culture and values. People use Hindi and English in their conversation rather than using Urdu language, which is our national language. In wedding ceremonies people follow Indian culture like Mehndi, invest a lot of money on wedding ceremonies in contrast to our Islamic culture and values, thus creating more difficulties for poor people. —Islamabad

PM’s productive visit to Iran MUKHTAR AHMED

People’s Agency German’s apprehensions about NSA, American grudges against KGB, France’s interest in MI-6, Mossad’s suspicions about CIA and CIA’s draconian image due to drone strikes is something neither surprising nor secret. Internationally, in the backdrop of NSA fame Edwared Sonwden, Julian Assenage, wiki leaks and increasing public concerns over privacy, current environment is neither very conducive, nor supportive for the intelligence community. ISI has changed the scenario dramatically. There is an intelligence community dilemma, throughout the world. In an era, dominated by showmanship where everyone strives day in and day out for acknowledgment and recognition, spy communities and outfits choose to remain anonymous. Understandably, to act under cover is a professional requirement; however, just the way they live in shadows, intelligence people are expected to die silently. This is why at CIA’s headquarters in Virginia, an inscription wall is there dedicated to honour some of agency’s best people, without mentioning their names.

Voice of the People

army, navy and air-force, also the brute strength of the police chief who had strayed away from Gujarat all tried to push the nation forward. But the nation did not move. Not a single inch. “Maybe what you need is me!” said the frail voice from a frail woman. “Who are you?” asked all of them together except the man with the fifty-six inch chest. “His wife!” said the frail woman. “If he will allow me to push alongside him, if love will replace brute strength, compassion, cruelty, then the nation will move. May I push with you dear husband?” But man with the fiftysix inch chest shook his head and continued to push, but the nation did not budge, nary a single inch..! —Email:

Your editorial ‘Premier’s productive visit to Iran’(May 13) has rightly highlighted the out come of the visit as a very positive step in wake of the tense atmosphere that had created tension between the two neighbouring countries. Relations between Pakistan and Iran took ugly turn when on 6th February 2014, five Iranian guards were kidnapped by Jaishul Adl militants. This was very crucial moment when Iran threatened to send its troops in Pakistani territory to free the hostages. Four of the kidnapped were recovered while the fifth was killed. In this backdrop Iranian Interior Minister visited Pakistan on 6th May and drew fresh lines of protocol between the two countries. Another sour point was the Pak Iran gas pipeline project that also needed accommodating gestures from both sides to remove the misperceptions. Another area of conflict was the Saudi position on Syria vis-a-vis our growing relations with Saudi Arabia and receiving $1.5 billion as gift for Pakistan. Prime Minister’s visit has been a great success as Iran has waived off the penalty and both countries have also agreed to enter into more commercial and trade activities. Iran is our next door neighbour and both countries enjoyed brotherly relations and their timely help in 1965 and 1971 wars with India, can not be forgotten. Since US and Iran relations have improved therefore Pakistan needs to bridge the gap between Iran and Pakistan and ensure the project of gas pipeline is undertaken without further delay. It is obviously in the interest of both the countries. As suggested in the editorial Pakistan needs to raise the frequency of interaction with Iran and pursue the goals vigorously for the sake of the friendly relations between the brotherly countries —Karachi

Middle class man AHWAZ SIDDIQUI In this age of hard work, a man belonging to middle class earns money which can hardly meet requirement of basic needs, and struggles hard to save something to deal with the untoward circumstances. Although a middle class man earns for himself and his family, there are number of agents like street criminals, corrupt officials, extortionists, pick pockets, mobile snatchers and high branded stores to fleece him and snatch a big portion of his meagre savings. This is the reason why most of the middle class families are coming below the poverty line due to these extortionists who illegally share their hard earned money. It is a request to my elected government to reduce the number of sharers and help middle class earners to save for their families and future untoward circumstances. —Karachi

Effects of mercury on environment HARIS MALIK, G SHAHAB Mercury (element), a metallic element with symbol Hg and atomic no: 80. Mercury is naturally present in air, water and soil, in several forms like elemental or metallic mercury, inorganic and organic mercury compounds. Basically Mercury is present in earth’s crust found in many rocks including coal. When coal is combusted, mercury is released into the environment and coal burning power plants are the major sources of mercury emissions. Mercury can affect water quality by set-

tling into water bodies. Airborne mercury falls to the ground in raindrops or due to gravity, soon after falling it enters the streams, lakes or estuaries where it is transformed into Methyl mercury through microbial activity. Mercury deposition in a given area depends upon the mercury emitted from local, regional, national and international sources. The amount of methyl mercury found in fish is an indicator to its concentration in air, soil, and water. Birds and mammals that eat fish are more susceptible to methyl mercury exposures. It is mostly found in eagles, otters and endangered Florida panthers. Exposure of methyl mercury to wildlife can cause mortality, infertility, slower growth and development and abnormal behaviour depending on level of exposure. With regard to humans, high-level mercury exposure can harm nervous system, brain, heart, kidneys, lungs and immune system of people of all ages —Via email

widely recognized that the sectarian terrorism in Pakistan is an extension of the rivalries and the sectarian networks are funded from abroad. A report in a national daily on Monday quoting sources in FIA tells that the terrorist groups in FATA and Balochistan have been receiving billions of rupees each month through banking channels and money exchange companies. While it is for the FIA to conduct the probe thoroughly and take measures to block the funds, this strengthens the popular perception that the some foreign countries are fighting a proxy war in Pakistan to destabilize it. The declaration issued at the end of the moot expressed resolve to oppose foreign interference in Pakistan’s internal affairs. The perception of the foreign money fuelling terrorist activities, particularly those of LeJ and its sister organizations, has changed the traditional perceptions. Presumably the funding for the terrorist networks comes from individuals and charities rather than the governments. The least that is expected from these governments is to take effective measures to block these funds and Pakistan should take up the TARIQ FARUQI matter seriously to tackle the pourTehrik e Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has ing in of such funding from abroad. been in armed struggle against the —Karachi state of Pakistan for almost a decade. It has influenced the government by attacking military forces, law enforcement agencies and even innocent people. Government has engaged in the negotiation process with QURATULAIN AIJAZ the TTP to end the decade long conflict. Here I would like to give some Pakistani society is poisoned by the recommendations to the government. discrimination and divisions not only Government should immediately on the basis of religions, sects, lantake steps to stop drone attacks. Spe- guages but also by the so called cial commando force should be pre- classes and education systems. This pared in order to deal with the terror- creates great gape in communication ists. Intelligence services of the coun- especially when you are in an educatry should be enhanced in order to keep tional institution like Karachi Univertrack of militant activities. Adminis- sity, where students related to almost ter speedy and affordable justice. every class and walk of life are studyJudges, lawyers and eyewitnesses ing. I am totally in favour of only one should be provided proper security. system of education in Pakistan inLast but not least, educate the people stead of Sindh, Federal, Cambridge, of FATA and tribal areas and improve Agha Khan boards and Government their financially grave condition. schooling systems. All of these are —Karachi limited only to 12th grade in general but after that all have to join the institutes of single system where it creates discrimination even among the class of 50 to 60 students. You must have confidence to be MAHA SHAKEEL a part of them just because their behaviour towards other. These sysActs of sectarian terrorism taking place tems have made students so confused all over Pakistan reached a new peak even about themselves and their vallast year, as revealed by the ‘Pakistan ues. Some of students consider themSecurity Report 2013’ launched by selves as if they are the icons of high Pakistan Institute for Peace Studies quality in education market because (PIPS). According to the report, there of being product of some “Burger had been 208 incidents of sectarianBoard” and behave arrogantly and related terrorist attacks in the counrudely in front of others for making try in which 658 people were killed their so called hype which actually and 1,195 injured. The year 2014 makes them look unethical and destarted ominously with a ghastly tervoid of manners. rorist attack on the New Year day. My question is then why do they An explosives-laden vehicle targeted come in a Govt sector University for a passenger bus carrying Shia pildegree programmes? No education grims in Balochistan. The attack was teaches to degrade others but now this owned by Jaish al Islam. On Suneducation system does. To me these day a suicide bomber blew himself things do not matter but what matup outside a school in a Shia domiters is your attitude, your talent and nated town in Hangu district, killyour nature towards other people. ing a schoolboy and another man. Where we are fighting against disThe attack was owned by LeJ. crimination on bases of languages, Even if it is the LeJ and Jaish al religions, sects etc, I congratulate the Islam, they are the affiliates of the concerned education system authoriTTP which has killed thousands of ties of Pakistan for creating another civilian and security personnel over discrimination among us. Don’t the last few years. Many prominent worry we are and we will try to fight ulema belonging to the Sunni deagainst it as well; sit back and enjoy. nomination have condemned terror—Karachi ism. Some, like Dr Sarfaraz Naeemi, were killed by terrorists for holding moderate and anti-terrorist views. On ISCLAIMER Sunday, a multi-sect peace convention in Islamabad condemned the THE articles, columns and government’s policy of appeasement letters are published on these towards the TTP and its affiliates. pages in good faith. However, Speakers belonging to moderate Sunni the contents of these writings and Shia organizations stressed that the issue of terrorism could not be remay not necessarily match the solved through talks and demanded views of the newspaper. that the terrorists be dealt with an iron hand as they were the enemies of Pa—Editor kistan and Islam. The participants in the convention agreed to celebrate the Eid Milad un Nabi together. It is

Talks with TTP

Discrimination in education

Block foreign funding for terrorists


Indonesian Ulema group condemns Boko Haram

Report highlights child labour on US tobacco farms

WELLINGTON: People protest against the abduction of Nigerian schoolgirls as they march to Parliament grounds on May 14, 2014 in Wellington, New Zealand. Islamist militant group Boko Haram abducted around 200 schoolgirls last month as they sat for an exam near Cameroon in Nigeria. The Nigerian girls are currently being held hostage with reports suggesting the group will sell the girls.

Tehran-Islamabad-Riyadh: Axis of peace TEHRAN—Since the present government Seyyed Ali Khamenei when Pakistani visit his country. took office, Iran has witnessed a sea change in its domestic and foreign policies. President Hassan Rouhani has announced on many occasions the priority accorded to close ties with neighbors, said the editorial in the English-language newspaper “Iran Daily” published Wednesday. The president’s gestures have been also welcomed by many regional countries, including Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, the paper noted. Pakistan is a brotherly neighbor of Iran and despite all ups and downs in Bilateral relations, specifically during the rule of Taliban in Afghanistan, both countries have maintained close ties. There are many reasons for the eagerness of Tehran and Islamabad to preserve these close ties, the editorial believed, adding that some reasons were mentioned by the Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif visited him recently. Pakistan considers Iran as its strategic ally and this alliance is a time-tested one. Change of governments in both countries have not undermined the urgency of reinforcing their traditionally strong ties. The victory of the Muslim League, headed by Nawaz Sahrif, has had positive impacts not only on bilateral ties, but also on cooperation among Iran, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Sharif’s ties with Saudi Arabia and Iran are very close. Hence, so long as he is at the helm of power in Islamabad, the prospects of trilateral cooperation are expected to brighten, the daily said. In a break from the past, a wave of change has emerged in Riyadh’s policy towards Tehran. Saudi Foreign Minister Saud alFaisal extended an invitation to his Iranian counterpart, Mohammad Javad Zarif, to

The three countries have many common problems to resolve and several platforms to pursue for the sake of regional peace, security and development, the newspaper said. At a time when our region is bleeding and the extremists are killing innocent people in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq and Syria, a meaningful cooperation among Tehran, Islamabad and Riyadh can play a key role in reining in extremism. In the next step, endeavors must be made to boost regional collaboration to form a regional Axis of Peace. Nawaz Sharif has announced his readiness to boost economic ties with Tehran. He also spoke of reviving the peace pipeline project.The economic impetus can later be transformed to trilateral and multilateral cooperation to serve the peoples of the region who are sick of extremism and violence.—INP

Wars displace 33.3 million Ukraine set to launch people worldwide: UN OSCE dialogue plan GENEVA—A record 33.3 million people worldwide were displaced by conflict and violence inside their own nations in 2013, U.N. and Norwegian officials said Wednesday. The increase of 4.5 million above the 2012 total was driven largely by Syria’s civil war, now in its fourth year, which activists estimate has killed 150,000 people. The heads of the U.N. refugee agency and Norwegian Refugee Council reported that 8.2 million fled their homes in the last year, including about 3.5 million in Syria alone. The other two-thirds of the 33.3 million displaced by war worldwide had fled in previous years. Every 60 seconds another family within Syria flees the civil war, according to the figures. “Syria is the epicenter of violent, forced displacement,” Jan Egeland, secretary general of the Norwegian agency, told reporters in Geneva. He said the figures are the worst since the genocides in Rwanda and Bosnia in the 1990s, when the figures spiked

at 28 million, but that many of the displaced people are struggling to survive crises that are decades old but still in need of “durable solutions.” The figures compiled by Geneva-based Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre, part of the Norwegian agency, only cover 58 countries. But they show that 63 percent of those internally displaced worldwide are struggling to live in five countries: Syria, 6.5 million; Colombia, 5.7 million; Nigeria, 3.3 million; Democratic Republic of the Congo, 2.9 million, and Sudan, 2.4 million “These are people in absolute crisis,” said Egeland, who was the U.N.’s top humanitarian official from 2003 to 2006. “They are the most vulnerable of humankind.” U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres said the disturbing upward trend in the figures shows that “what we are witnessing in today’s world is a multiplication of conflicts, and at the same time it looks like old conflicts never die.”—AP

KIEV (Ukraine)—A reluctant Ukrainian government agreed to launch discussions Wednesday on giving more powers to the regions under a peace plan brokered by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, but it remains wary of engaging with pro-Russian insurgents who have declared independence in two eastern regions. Ukraine’s prime minister, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, was to chair the first in a series of round tables set to include national lawmakers, government figures and regional officials in line with proposals drafted by the OSCE, a top trans-Atlantic security and rights group that includes Russia and the United States. Russia has strongly backed the Swiss-drafted road map, but Ukraine has remained cool to the plan and U.S. officials view its prospects for success skeptically. Ukraine and the West have accused Moscow of fomenting the unrest in eastern Ukraine, where pro-Russian insurgents seized administrative build-

ings, fought government forces and declared independence for the Donetsk and Luhansk regions after a controversial weekend referendum. The Ukrainian government and Western powers have rejected the referendum as a sham. Speaking in Brussels Tuesday, Yatsenyuk thanked the OSCE for its plan but said Ukraine has its own plan for ending the crisis and said the people of his country should settle the issue themselves. He disclosed no details of that plan. Ukrainian forces have mounted an offensive against the armed insurgents, and dozens have died in the fighting across the east. On Tuesday, the Defense Ministry said six soldiers were killed by insurgents who ambushed a convoy near the city of Kramatorsk in the Donetsk region. On Wednesday morning, AP journalists saw charred carcasses of a Ukrainian armored personnel carrier and a truck at the site of the clash.—AP

may have to be at least 18 to buy cigarettes in the U.S., but children as young as 7 are working long hours in fields harvesting nicotine- and pesticide-laced tobacco leaves under sometimes hazardous and sweltering conditions, according to a report released Wednesday by an international rights group. The Human Rights Watch report details findings from interviews with more than 140 children working on farms in North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia, where a majority of the country’s tobacco is grown. The group acknowledges that most of what it documented is legal under U.S. law but aims to highlight the practice and urge both governments and tobacco companies to take further steps to protect children from the hazardous harvesting of the cash crop that has built businesses, funded cities and influenced cultures. “The U.S. has failed America’s families by not meaningfully protecting child farmworkers from dangers to their health and safety, including on tobacco farms,” said Margaret Wurth, children’s rights researcher and co-author of the report. “Farming is hard work anyway, but children working on tobacco farms get so sick that they throw up, get covered by pesticides and have no real protective gear.” Children interviewed by the group in 2012 and 2013 reported vomiting, nausea and headaches while working on tobacco farms.—AP

Crocodile eats boy SYDNEY—The limbs of an 11year-old boy have been found inside a huge crocodile and his head discovered nearby after he was attacked in Papua New Guinea (PNG), a report said Wednesday. The four-metre (13-foot) croc grabbed the boy, Melas Mero, as he was fishing with his parents on Thursday at the Siloura River in Gulf Province in the south of the Pacific nation, police commander Lincoln Gerari told PNG’s National newspaper. “The crocodile swept the boy with its tail and then attacked the defenceless child,” Gerari said. The provincial commander said police found two hands, two legs and a hipbone inside the crocodile after they tracked it down and killed it. The head was found later and taken to a morgue. The attack is the second to take place in PNG this year, according to a global database managed by researchers at Australia’s Charles Darwin University. The CrocBITE database said a man, whose age was not given, was killed on January 1 by a saltwater crocodile at Rawa Bay in North Bougainville. A total of 75 crocodile attacks, of which 65 were fatal, have been recorded in PNG by the database since 1958.—AFP

ENDY M. BAYUNI S THE official count of the April 9 leg islative election winds up, Indonesians will soon learn who will represent them at the House of Representatives. Some big names will return, new ones will enter, but some big incumbents will lose their seats. That is what democratic elections are all about, at least partially. The result of the legislative election also determines which parties have the right to nominate candidates for the July 9 presidential election. More than seats and power, the legislative election should surely be about the representation of the people. As has been the case with the three previous polls since Indonesia introduced democratic elections in 1999, the representation aspect of our democracy seems to have been completely forgotten or ignored. Most elected politicians will forget about their constituents soon after they hear the good news. The few sore losers will remember, but only because they want their money back from those voters who failed to deliver on their promises of support. When the new House members take their

oath in October, they will formally become the representatives of the political party that nominated them and not so much the representatives of the people that sent them there. This is because under the current laws, political parties, and the oligarchies that control them, have so much power over House members. The party bosses have the right to replace these democratically elected representatives at their whim. And when it comes to voting in the House, no one dares to rebel against party instructions, lest they risk losing their seat. House members owe their nominations to the generosity of party bosses, and inevitably their loyalty to the party cannot be anything but absolute. The party mechanism is mandated by the Constitution. Only political parties have the power to nominate candidates for the House election and for the presidential race. This is representative democracy at its worst. Despite being “representatives of the people”, these elected politicians are anything but. Voters and their representatives are never more disconnected than they are during the fiveyear mandate of the latter. The South Jakarta electoral district, where

I live and vote, sends seven representatives to Senayan. Like most voters, I had no clue on the performance of the outgoing seven House members. I did not even know their names or what they had done for me. I recognized only one name — Okky Asokawati — but more as the young beauty catwalk model of the 1980s, not as the older but still beautiful politician she is today. She and three other South Jakarta incumbents contested the race in April. I heard she was reelected. Good luck to Okky. My case is likely to be typical of most voters. We feel no connection with the politicians who are supposed to represent us. We cast our votes in April as confused voters. Politicians probably do not feel obliged to build bridges with their constituents. Most do not even reside in the district they represent. They just need our votes every five years. Even when they make TV appearances, in the majority of cases, we do not know if they represent our district or not. This is because the media identify them by political party and the House commission they are assigned to. Never are they identified by the district or province they represent. The floating mass concept that underpinned


NDIAN Lok Sabha elections came to an end on 12 May, 2014. From the different opinions and hype in the Indian media it appears that the BJP-led NDA will dethrone the Congressled UPA and form the next government in Delhi. Interestingly, the election campaign has sharply divided the Indian polity into two camps – the secularists and the followers of “Hindutva”. Hindutva has several connotations, but is generally understood as Hinduism mixed with ultra nationalism. Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is led by the controversial Narendra Modi, the Chief Minister of Gujarat. Modi was accused for his complicity in the Gujarat riots in 2002, in which more than 2000 people were killed, mostly Muslims. Rise of Modi as BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate has alarmed many within and outside of India. Modi has relentlessly played the communal card to polarize the Hindu vote and isolate the Muslim communities. His diatribe against the so-called “Bangladeshi immigrants” was a rude jolt for Bangladesh. On 27 April 2014, Modi in his election speech at Srirampur (West Bengal) threatened to deport “Bangladeshi immigrants” if NDA came to power. He accused West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee for pursuing vote bank politics. He however made a distinction when he said that Hindu migrants from Bangladesh must be accommodated in India. Clearly, Modi too was playing vote bank politics. Earlier on 30 March in Karimgonj (Assam), BJP president Rajnath Singh warned “illegal Bangladeshi migrants” will not be tolerated and action will be taken against them. People who came from Bangladesh after 1971 should be treated as “illegal migrants”, he said. On 18 April BJP leader Subramaniam Swamy said in Guhawati that Bangladesh should compensate India with land if it did not agree to take back the so-called immigrants. “According to my estimate, one-third of Bangladesh’s population lives in India”, he added. Thus according to his theory one-third of Bangladesh territory should go to India. Evidently such statements coming from Modi and top BJP leaders have caused concerns in Bangladesh. Bangladesh civil societies have been discussing this over the past weeks. Some have expressed dismay, some have rejected the threat and some described it as ominous. Let us see what the BJP manifestos say about the so-called “Bangladeshi immigrants”. In its 1998 manifesto BJP claimed “The total number of illegal infiltrators from Bangladesh is officially ascertained at over 1.7 crore” and “unabated illegal infiltration from Bangladesh” was the reason for destabilization of North East India. The 2004 document vowed, “Putting an end to infiltration from Bangladesh and vigorously pursuing the 3-D formula – Detect, Delete and Deport”. In its 2009 manifesto BJP said, “We will systematically detect, detain and deport illegal immigrants who have emerged as a major source of homegrown terror”. The 2014 document does not mention Bangladesh but talks about, “illegal immigration across the eastern border” and threatens “punitive measures will be introduced to check illegal immigration”. The terminologies used by BJP are indeed very confusing. Modi used the term “Bangladeshi immigrants”. He did not say “illegal”. People naturalized as citizens in a foreign country are known as immigrants. Rajnath Singh used the term “illegal migrant”. BJP manifestos have used the terms “infiltrators” and “illegal immigration”. Each of these terms has different legal meanings. Several questions can be raised here. How did BJP arrive at the figure of 1.7 crore in 1998? Sixteen years later what is the figure now in 2014? Is it on the basis of any census? Has the enumeration been done by checking any identification document? When did India introduce citizen identification cards? Does this figure include only Muslims or Hindus too? Why are Hindus, who left Bangladesh, not considered as “illegal immigrants”? Where are these people living in India? Even if we accept this figure for the sake of argument – the question is why did these people migrate to insecure India – where communal riots are a frequent phenomenon? Is India better than Middle East – a natural destination for Bangladeshi workers? Are all these 1.7 crore beggars and rickshaw pullers? Could not a single immigrant rise to be recognized in the Indian society as an educated professional during the past four decades – taking 1971 as the cut off date? Haven’t the Bangladeshi Diasporas in Europe, America and elsewhere produced highly qualified professionals? — Courtesy: Daily Star

The perils of foreign policy weakness JOHN CORNYN


the six quasi-elections under Soeharto remains after the four democratic elections since 1999. Voter participation in democracy is virtually limited only to the election period every five years. The political decision-making process is fully controlled by the political parties and their representatives in the House. The people have no or little control over them. In the absence of any change in the rules and system, the next five years is not likely to be any better. If anything, with oligarchies further consolidating their grip on political parties, it is probably going to get worse. How can we fix this? One way is to introduce single-seat electoral districts in 2019, in place of the current system where a district contains between three and 10 seats. This means that if there are 560 House seats, Indonesia should be carved into 560 electoral districts, instead of 77. This system could make voters more connected with the sole representative of their district. Instead of trying to remember all the representatives from their district, they only have one name to contend with. This makes it easier to monitor, communicate with and even to demand better accountability.

ITH each passing day, President Obama’s foreign policy looks more like a case study in the perils of weakness, naivete and indecision. From the Middle East to the Far East, from South America to the South China Sea, the current administration has alarmed our friends, emboldened our adversaries and seriously weakened U.S. credibility. Faced with the crisis in Ukraine, it is imperative that the administration not make any more unforced errors. Unfortunately, its record doesn’t inspire confidence. Take Syria, for example. President Obama has rightfully called for regime change in that country since August 2011. His muscular rhetoric, though, has repeatedly been contradicted by his inaction. In the summer of 2012, he rejected a plan to arm the more moderate Syrian rebels that had been endorsed by the Pentagon, State Department and CIA. A year later, Bashar Assad launched a chemical attack on a Damascus suburb, which, according to the White House’s own estimate, claimed more than 1,400 lives — most of them civilians. In response, the president announced a retaliatory plan that was so poorly conceived, so foolishly telegraphed and so sure to fail that it was met with bipartisan rejection. Such misguided passivity has helped the jihadists and their Iranian backers, thereby making the Syrian war even more dangerous to U.S. interests. Speaking of Iran, the Obama administration’s attempts at rapprochement with that country, along with its mishandling of the Syrian war, have only served to raise doubts about American dependability among the leaders and people of Israel, our only true ally in the region. It’s hard to blame them when we see our president rushing to cut deals with a country whose leaders would like to see Israel wiped off the map. All of this has weakened the stature and credibility of America on the world stage, and our adversaries have taken note. It’s a fair question to ask: Would Vladimir Putin’s calculus on Ukraine have been different just a few years ago? Similarly, it’s important to keep in mind America’s standing commitments to Ukraine. Under the 1994 Budapest Memorandum, Ukraine gave up its nuclear arsenal in exchange for pledges from the United States, Russia and the United Kingdom to respect its territorial sovereignty. With Russia now in open defiance of the memorandum, the question becomes: What will the United States do about it? We’re not off to a good start. The sanctions enacted by the president have been hesitant and anemic. Moreover, they ignore a convenient fact: The United States actually has more leverage over Moscow today than it did a decade ago, owing largely to Russia’s stagnating economy and America’s ongoing oil and gas boom. Before the shale-gas revolution in this country, there was very little America could do to crack the Russian energy monopoly in Eastern Europe. Today, that’s no longer the case.

—Courtesy: JP

—Courtesy: Washington Times

Disconnection with voters undermines participatory democracy A



JAKARTA —The Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) has condemned the kidnapping of more than 200 schoolgirls in Nigeria by Boko Haram and demanded the group release them. “[Boko Haram] is not on the right path and contradicts Islamic values,” the chairman of MUI Din Syamsuddin said in Jakarta as quoted by He said that the kidnapping could not be justified as Islam is against any form of violence toward women and those who are innocent. The MUI statement was expressed in collaboration with other Islamic organizations including Muhammadiyah, Syarikat Islam, Al-Washliyah and the Islam Defenders Front (FPI), a group notorious for hate crimes and violent raids in the name of Islam. The Human Rights Working Group (HRWG) has also condemned the brutality. “They have clearly violated human rights and international humanitarian law where children and women should be protected,” HRWG’s executive director Rafendi Djamin said. According to international humanitarian law, women and children are granted preferential treatment, respect and protection. Women must be protected from rape and from any form of indecent assault. Children under the age of eighteen must not be caught up in hostility. HRWG’s program manager for the United Nations and Organization of Islamic Cooperation, Muhammad Hafiz, added that education for males as well as females was guaranteed in Islam. “Any effort to halt their education violates Islamic values,” he said. AFP reported that Nigeria on Monday rejected conditions set out by Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau for the release of schoolgirls held hostage by the group. Asked if the government would reject the suggestion by Shekau in a new video that the girls may be released once Nigeria frees all militant prisoners, Interior Minister Abba Moro told AFP: “Of course.” The issue in question is not about Boko Haram [...] giving conditions,” he said. Shekau made the statement in a video obtained by AFP on Monday claiming to show about 130 of the 276 girls abducted from their school in the remote northeastern town of Chibok, in Borno state, on April 14. “We will never release them [the girls] until after you release our brethren,” he said. The militant leader, who has made prisoner exchange demands before, said that some of the teenagers had converted from Christianity to Islam. The International Crisis Group said in a report published last month that Boko Haram had written an open letter in 2011 to the governor of northern Kano state, demanding the release of detainees. Shekau repeated the demand in a video released last week claiming responsibility for the mass kidnapping that has sparked global condemnation and calls for action. Nigeria’s military has been accused of rounding up thousands of Boko Haram suspects, including women and children, and holding them in atrocious conditions that have been criticized by rights groups.—AP

Modi’s Bangladesh bashing

Two Rangers From Page 1 two officials on the spot. The assailants fired on the Rangers’ checkpost deployed for the protection of gas pipeline. The victims, identified as Abbas and Farooq, died on the spot. The assailants managed to get away after shooting the personnel dead. Police besieging the area started hunting for the accused persons.—INP

BJP promises From Page 1

ISLAMABAD: Minister of State for Information Technology & Telecommunication, Anusha Rahman addressing at a e-office Forum on Wednesday. (Story on Page 14)

Military, political leadership to supervise member Haider Abbas Rizvi, Awami National Party Sindh chapter President and Senator Shahi Sayed, Jamaat-e Islami Karachi Ameer Hafiz Naeem ur Rehman and others. Nawaz Sharif asked Sindh Chief Minister that being the captain of ongoing targeted operation in Karachi; he should not make the operation a test cricket match but treat it like it was a T20 cricket match. He questioned as why the process of blocking all illegal and unregistered mobile SIMs was not completed as yet and ordered that it should be completed now without fail to ensure elimination of network of criminals and terrorists operating within the country and from abroad. He enquired about reasons for delay in issuance of red warrant for arresting the criminals and terrorists, who had escaped from Pakistan to neighbouring countries. The Premier told the meeting that top civil and military leadership would now monitor the ongoing targeted operation against terrorists and criminals in Karachi. He lauded Pakistan Rangers Sindh for their effective operation and major achievements in Lyari re-

From Page 1 garding busting gangs of militants. In this regard, the meeting decided to make the blockage of all such illegal and unregistered mobile SIMs as mandatory within the specified duration and the law enforcement agencies should be given complete free hand. The meeting updated the Prime Minister about measures being initiated for arresting of criminals and terrorists, who had fled to foreign countries through the Interpol. Pakistan Rangers Director General informed the meeting that the land mafia, drug mafia and banned religious organisations were behind wreaking havoc in the city and they were sabotaging the efforts of the government for restoring peace and tranquility in the metropolis. The meeting made lengthy deliberations over reservations of MQM on kidnappings of its workers and extra-judicial murders. The meeting reviewed the pace and strategy of the targeted operation in Karachi, details of arrested suspects, recovery of illegal weapons and issuance of red warrants for arresting the hardened crimi-

nals and terrorists. The meeting briefed the Premier about shifting of the anti-terrorist courts to district Malir, installation of scanners on all routes of entry and exit in Karachi, progress on construction of a high security prison, operation against illegal occupation of land and encroachments and establishment of new Police stations in sensitive areas of the city. The meeting also briefed the Prime Minister about effective implementation of Protection of Pakistan Ordinance and transparent appointments in Police Department. INP adds: Former President and PPP Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari Wednesday pledged that Sindh government was ready to extend its support to Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali regarding maintenance of law and order in Karachi. “We are ready to help the interior minister in every possible way,” Zardari said. The former president stressed the need to demonstrate patience and said that there was need to help everyone. More than 2,000 army jawans have been recruited in police force, he said, adding that police needed to be equipped with facilities.

Hamid Mir attack probe but they could not be captured as CCTV cameras at Sharae Faisal were out-oforder. The visuals which were prepared by the law

From Page 1 enforcers with the help of eye-witnesses have revealed that the attackers chased the four-wheeler. The eye-witnesses also told police that they saw the attackers engaged on his cell-phone but he could also not be identified as the CCTV camera which was installed at the turning of

Sharae Faisal from Jinnah International Airport Karachi was also dysfunctional since construction of newly-built Airport Flyover. It was said that the attackers chased the vehicle of Hamid Mir near Karsaz Flyover and a large number of CCTV cameras were installed in between Airport Flyover and Karsaz Flyover but they could not be grabbed during the chase. Moreover, 38 lines are available with 15 Madadgar but all of them were closed for repair work. Few days before the attack on Hamid Mir, Inspector General Sindh paid a surprise visit to Madadgar 15 office and directed officials concerned to take immediate steps for improvement in the system.

Six powers From Page 1 with global repercussions. A Western official close to the talks said on Wednesday that “progress is being made but all pieces have to fit together”. “Nothing is agreed yet,” the official told Reuters on condition of anonymity. Washington’s decadeslong estrangement from Iran could ease, improving international stability, if a deal were done but U.S. and other Western officials warned against unwarranted optimism given persisting, critical differences between the sides. “We’ve spent the last couple of rounds putting all of the issues on the table, seeing where there may be points of agreement, where there may be gaps. There are some very significant gaps,” a senior U.S. official said on Tuesday. “It’s not that there aren’t solutions to those gaps; there are. But getting to them is another matter.”—Reuters

party was confident that NDA was going to win over 300 seats. Prasad, who headed a party committee to look into relations with neighbouring countries, said while economic engagement with China will remain an important facet of relations with Beijing, the BJP government would insist on China “suitably ad-dressing” India’s concerns over the border dispute and Arunachal Pradesh. While many believe that Modi may be inclined to take India closer to countries like Japan, China and South Korea, which never threw a fit about his alleged sectarian past, ignoring in the process ties with the US, Prasad said it was actually time to set right the relationship with the US. He welcomed the statement by President Barack Obama on Monday, even as the exit poll results rolled out, that he was looking forward to working with the new Indian government. Talking about the recent setbacks in ties, including the Khobragade crisis, he said the way things were allowed to come to such a pass was “avoidable”.—INP

Saudi king From Page 1 Agency carried the royal decree that said Prince Turki is the new Emir of the Riyadh region. The position was once held for more than 50 years by the current next-in-line to the throne, Crown Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz. King Abdullah recently appointed another son, Prince Mishaal, as Emir of Makkah. The moves reflect how the aging king has carefully promoted his sons to top positions since his ascension to the throne in 2005. Wednesday´s royal decree also said that Riyadh Gov. Khalid bin Bandar was appointed as deputy defense minister, taking the post that had been held by Prince Salman bin Sultan, whose father is the late crown prince.—Agencies

Drone kills From Page 1 and the death-toll could not be independently verified. Government sources could not ascertain the exact location of the attack. The last drone attack occurred in the last week of December, 2013, killing three suspected insurgents. Reports in the US media have suggested the drone strikes had been temporarily halted since then to provide the Pakistani government a chance to have talks with Taliban aimed at ending their seven-year insurgency.

PML-Q, PTI From Page 1 It was decided that electoral reforms were essential and inevitable for sustainability of democracy in the country and brighter future of Pakistan and in this regard, a committee comprising political leaders would examine and review rigging and irregularities committed during elections 2013 and in the light of these, formulate proposals and suggestions for the electoral reforms. Both the parties agreed on reformation of Election Commission of Pakistan. They also agreed on working jointly regarding legislation. Talking to media after the meeting, Shah Mahmood Qureshi said the PTI has briefed the PML-Q on its stance over the issue of rigging during May 11, 2013 general elections. He said that new records of rigging were made during the general elections while the present body of the ECP failed to fulfill its responsibility.—NNI

For a Presidential Democracy From Page 1 best democracy that we had. Those who would like to perpetuate the present system would argue that this was because democracy was never given a chance to flourish. This is pure nonsense. If those who had plundered national wealth in the last government were given exemplary punishments by the present government, then there may have been a glimmer of hope. Alas over a year has passed and none of the corrupt past leaders have been convicted or sent to jail for their crimes against the nation. The “friendly opposition” serves only the interests of the crooks, and is contributing to the destruction of this country. So what is the way forward? I advocate basic changes in the system of democracy. (1) What must be done is to introduce a Presidential system of democracy so that the President is elected directly by a general vote and he/she is the Chief Executive. (2) Additional provinces are created to ensure improved governance and it should be ensured that the President is elected from different provinces to ensure national integration. (3) The President should appoint his own team of Ministers, strictly on their competence and integrity. The Ministers must all be technocrats of international eminence, and each Ministry should be backed by a powerful think tank composed of the best experts in the respective fields. (4) The role of Parliament should be confined to law making and oversight of national affairs, and Parliamentarians should not be eligible to be appointed as Ministers of Federal or provincial governments. This will, in one shot, remove such corrupt power hungry persons who enter politics to steal public money rather than to serve the nation. (5) The credentials of Presidential candidates, Ministers, Governors and other important government officials must be first approved by a judicial screening committee and experts in the respective fields to ensure integrity and competence. (6) The members of Parliament must have at least a first class Masters in their respective fields, as in our neighbouring country, the Islamic Republic of Iran, so they can properly discharge their primary function: law making. How can uneducated persons make laws, as is the case presently? It is preposterous! (7) There must be deep seated electoral reforms. The members of the Election Commission should not be nominated by the major political parties as is the case presently. It is astonishing that out of the four members of the Election Commission, two are nominated by one party and another two by another party. How can you have fair and neutral elections under this situation? The members of the Election Commission should be appointed by the Chief Justices of the Supreme and High Courts from persons of unquestionable integrity and those that do not have any political affiliations. (8) The Election Commission should appoint the Returning Officers who should work directly under it. (9) The elections must be done by electronic voting as done by India. (10) Army personnel should be posted INSIDE each election camp to oversee that the process is fair and that there is no stuffing of ballot boxes with fake votes, as was the case in the last elections. (11) The finances and powers to use them should be transferred to the grass roots as so eloquently sug-

gested by Allama Dr. Tahirul Qadri in his speech of 11th May. (12) A major factor responsible for the failure of democracy in Pakistan is illiteracy among the masses and low level of education. About half the people of Pakistan are illiterate. Of the remaining half, a major portion can barely sign their names. In this situation, elections are not fought on the basis of party manifestoes but on the basis of feudal strangle holds. It is not in the interests of those in power to invest in education as they would like their serfs to remain as slaves. It is a shameful reality that Pakistan spends only 1.8% of its GDP on education, ranking us among the bottom 7 countries of the world. A national education emergency should be declared and education given at least 5% of GDP rising to 8% over 5 years. Primary and secondary education should be declared compulsory and parents who don’t send their children to school should be sent to jail. The mosques can be used to provide additional space for schools while retired army personnel can be mobilised to provide school teachers. A National Education Service requiring 2 years mandatory service for all graduating students needs to be introduced. Degrees should only be awarded after completion f this service period. (13) A major hurdle to democracy is quick and efficient dispensation of justice. This suits the corrupt ruling classes us as they can get away scot free without punishment. Terrorists belonging to various political parties roam at will in Karachi and a dozen or so political murders occur each day without any action against the persons responsible. The justice system needs to undergo deep surgery to ensure that all cases are decided in 3-6 months and all back log cleared in 12 months. Military courts need to be set up in cases of terrorism as civil judges cannot cope with the threats to their safety. A large number of new judges will need to be appointed on contract, and those that fail to decide cases quickly should be removed. (14) Genuine land reforms should be carried out and agriculture tax introduced to increase tax collection. (15) FBR should be completely reformed as according to our former Finance Minister Shaukat Tareen, some Rs. 500 billion are lost because of corruption by FBR officials annually (16) A comprehensive road map for transitioning to a knowledge economy was prepared under my supervision after consultation with thousands of experts in public and private sector as well as with Ministry officials. This 320 page document was approved by the Cabinet on 30th August 2007. It needs to be urgently implemented so that science, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship can help us to emerge from the pile of debt, and stand with dignity in the comity of nations. How can all this be done? The present Parliamentarians would certainly not want this. The army will need to use its muscle to make it happen. Indeed the army should have a formal role in the new democratic system, as in Turkey, to prevent any future Martial Laws. The author is the former Federal Minister for Science & Technology, former founding Chairman of Higher Education Commission and presently President Pakistan Academy of Sciences.

Musharraf case: FIA report the prosecution team did not attach the evidence along with complaint against their client. He alleged that the federal government was giving clean chit to co-accused in contradiction to the FIA inquiry. The FIA had attached the documents including the Supreme Court’s July 31, 2009 judgment, speech of Musharraf regarding promulgation of emergency broadcast by PTV on November 3, 2007 and secretary cabinet division’s notification about November 3, 2007 emergency. The report also stated that the FIA team had treated the SC, July 31, 2009 judgment as a guiding beacon. “The inquiry team made a number of attempts to obtain summary, notes & proposals etc concerning promulgation of emergency issued by General Pervez Musharraf on 3rd November 2007 as Chief of Army Staff. However despite the appointment of Focal Officer Anzar Rizvi by ministry of defence, no such document or relevant record was provided or shown to the inquiry team”, the report says. The FIA report further read, “The team has concluded a vigorous inquiry and investigation in order to record the statement of concerned witnesses and officials and has obtained/ seized number of important documents and record relevant to promulgation

From Page 1 of 3rd November 2007. In this regard, the team has also recorded statements of more than 25 important officials/ persons including then Attorney General for Pakistan Malik Qayyum, then Principal secretary law & justice division Justice (retired) Mian Muhammad Ajmal, then Cabinet Secretary Syed Masud Alam Rizvi, then secretary to president Mohsin Hafeez, then principal secretary to Prime Minister Khalid Saeed, former secretary interior Kamal Shah and others .” It also noted that then

Governor Punjab General (retired) Khalid Maqbool in his written statement has stated that the claim of Musharraf that promulgation of emergency was issued after deliberation with prime minister and governors’ etc is incorrect. Commenting on the conduct of former president, the report states that when team summoned Musharraf to joint investigation on November 12, 2013 to record his statement, his staff replied that he had suddenly fallen ill with a “low grade fever “ and would not be able to join the investigation.

245 dead, 200 missing in Turkish mine fire S OMA — Hopes faded of ers pumped oxygen into the in the mine along with the

Mr. Zahid Malik, Editor-in-Chief, Pakistan Observer, called on Dr. Ishrat Ul Ebad Khan, Governor Sindh at Governor House, Karachi on Monday. Mr. Faisal Zahid Malik, Editor of Pakistan Observer, was also present on the occasion.

Three NHA workers kidnapped D ERA I SMAIL K HAN — Three workers of National Highway Authority (NHA) were kidnapped from toll plaza in Dera Ismail Khan late on Tuesday night. According to police, the incident took place around 1 am in Daraban area where unknown culprits abducted three workers of NHA from the toll plaza of Darazanda National Highway Authority. Police have initiated efforts to recover the victims.—INP

Thanvi replaces Mustafa in Senate I S L A M A B A D —Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s (MQM) Maulana Tanveer-ul-Haq Thanvi has been elected Senator on Mustafa Kamal’s Upper House seat on Wednesday. Earlier, Mustafa Kamal of MQM had resigned from the Senate due to personal reasons. Thanvi has been elected unopposed in the Senate.—INP

Education emergency in Punjab LAHORE—The Punjab government on Wednesday imposed the Education Emergency Ordinance in the province with an immediate effect. Under the Ordinance, it is mandatory for parents to ensure that children between the ages of 5-16 receive an education. If the name of a student is removed from the school re-cord, the head of that school can be imprisoned for six months or fined Rs50,000. Modern schools in the province will also have to admit 10 per cent poor and needy children. —NNI

PEMRA body to hear public complaints K ARACHI —The monthly

NA recommends national survey for street children STAFF REPORTER I SLAMABAD —National

Assembly on Wednesday adopted a unanimous resolution recommending the federal and provincial governments to conduct a national survey for children living and working on streets. The resolution, moved by Minister for Inter-Provincial Coordination Riaz Hussain Pirzada, commended the Pakistani street children football team on winning a Bronze medal in Street Child Football World Cup 2014 in Brazil against all odds. It said that “the House recognizes and expresses its appreciation for the 9 young champions who brought a ray of hope for us all and won our hearts when they raised our National Flag in the famous football grounds of Brazil”. The House admired their efforts and passion for their country and expressed concern on their demand that street children in Pakistan should be taken care and be provided with opportunities. It was established that children living and working on streets are a hidden treasure of this nation which needs protection and grooming. ‘They have come to

us bearing the gift for revived national pride in football and asking this House to give rights and protect children living and working on streets in return,’ the resolution said. The House is deeply convinced of their demands as these children have re-minded us once again of their existence through positive means and urges the federal and provincial governments to fulfill their demands. The House reaffirmed commitments to uphold the rights of children living and working on streets in accordance with the United Nation’s Convention on Right of the Child. It is also showed concern about the situation of children living and working on streets and call upon the federal and provincial governments to do all that is necessary for improving the situation. The House recommended to the federal and provincial governments to develop and implement a social protection policy for street children of Pakistan in consultation with the civil society as a frame work document and also recommends developing and implementing a plan of action with clear defined goals to take concrete actions to create a protective environment for street children.

Dar lauds ADB’s support to Pakistan I SLAMABAD —Executive Director Asian Development Bank (ADB) Mr. Sami Saeed accompanied by Mr. Werner Leipach, Country Director called on Finance Minister, Senator Ishaq Dar here on Wednesday. The ADB Executive Director informed the Finance Minister that there was total support for Pakistan in the band and his participation in the ADB board of Governors’ meeting held at Astana was of great value to the board. He said that ADB would like to continue working with Pakistan on energy and infrastructure development programmes. He hoped that with the help of international institutions and the reforms introduced by the government, the country would be able to overcome the chronic energy crisis. Senator Ishaq Dar appreciated the ADB’s support to Pakistan and said that the forthcoming visit of the President of the bank will provide an opportunity for enhancing cooperation with the ADB for development projects. He said that as the interest in Pakistan of the international financial market is fairly good, therefore, we are hoping to complete UBL and OGDCL capital market transactions by mid July this year. The Finance

meeting of the Council of Complaints PEMRA Sindh Region will be held here on May 20 to take up various complaints, lodged by general public and organisations against violations of PEMRA rules. Sheema Krmani will chair the meeting, said a press release issued here on Wednesday. The Council of Complaints is a forum for people of Sindh to get addressed their complaints with regards to electronic media for qualitative service with regards Satellite TV, FM Radio and Cable TV Operation to ensure free flow inSTAFF REPORTER formation education and PESHAWAR—Pakistani troops on Wednesentertainment.—APP day foiled an attack on a Nato supply terin the northwest, killing one attacker No compromise on minal and forcing others to flee, officials said. The attack was mounted in the Jamrud repair of canals area of the Khyber tribal region that borObserver Report LAHORE—Provincial Minis- ders Afghanistan, said government official ter for Irrigation & Chairman Ali Sher. “The militants started firing on the terPIDA Mian Yawar Zaman minal and tried to enter it,” Sher said, addhas said that no compromise will be made in the repair and ing that the attack involved up to 12 people rehabilitation work of canals armed with automatic weapons and morand stern departmental ac- tars. “The Frontier Corps retaliated and tion will be taken against the forced the militants to flee, leaving one officials showing negligence dead body behind.”An intelligence official in Jamrud confirmed the attack. in this regard.

Minister also informed the officials of ADB that Islamic paper will be offered soon. He added that the economic policies are for the betterment of Pakistan and its peoples. The meeting was also attended by Ms. Nargis Sethi Secretary Economic Affairs Division, Mr. Shahid Mahmood Special Assistant to Finance Minister and senior officials of the Finance Ministry. Meanwhile, Finance Minister briefed the Economic Advisory Council on recently completed 3rd successful review by the IMF and on the latest economic indicators. He said that the economy of Pakistan is taking off and we are now in a comfort zone as far as our foreign exchange reserves are concerned. The meeting was held at the fiancé ministry Wednesday. He said that with the over subscription of Euro Bond, successful auction of 3G/4G Spectrum and improved economic indicators, the international confidence in Pakistan has increased to a level where we can build stronger economic base. The Finance Minister added that each and every proposal of the EAC will be considered seriously and where possible their valuable contributions will be implemented.—NNI

Three die in south India after religious riots HYDERABAD—Police killed

finding more survivors in a coal mine in western Turkey on Wednesday, where 245 workers were confirmed killed and around 120 still feared to be trapped in what is likely to prove the nation’s worst ever industrial disaster. Anger over the deadly fire at the mine about 480 km (300 miles) southwest of Istanbul echoed across a country that has seen a decade of rapid economic growth. “We as a nation of 77 million are experiencing a very great pain,” Erdogan told a news conference after visiting the site. But he appeared to turn defensive when asked whether sufficient precautions had been in place at the mine. “Explosions like this in these mines happen all the time. It’s not like these don’t happen elsewhere in the world,” he said, reeling off a list of global mining accidents since 1862. Fire knocked out power and shut down ventilation shafts and elevators shortly after 3 pm (1200 GMT) on Tuesday. Emergency work-

mine to try to keep those trapped alive during a rescue effort that lasted through the night. Thousands of family members and co-workers gathered outside the town’s hospital searching for information on their loved ones. “We haven’t heard anything from any of them, not among the injured, not among the list of dead,” said one elderly woman, Sengul, whose two nephews worked

sons of two of her neighbors. “It’s what people do here, risking their lives for two cents ... They say one gallery in the mine has not been reached, but it’s almost been a day,” she said. A mechanical digger opened a row of fresh graves at Soma’s main cemetery. An imam presided over the funeral of six miners as a few hundred mourners wept in silence.—Reuters

three people after opening fire to break up religious clashes in southern India Wednesday, officers and reports said. The violence broke out in the old quarters of Hyderabad, the capital city of Andhra Pradesh, which has a sizeable Muslim population. Trouble erupted after some people attacked houses and shops of a religious minority following rumours that a religious flag had been burnt. Security forces clamped a curfew on the area and the situation was under control, said police commissioner C.V. Anand. Police initially tried to OUR CORRESPONDENT STAFF REPORTER break up the mob using sticks but then had to “open fire to disperse the ISLAMABAD—Director Met Dr. Muhammad Hanif has said M ANSEHRA—People threw clashing groups”, Anand that recent snow fall in northern areas occurred after 16 stones on the three accused when they were presented years in the month of May. said.—Agencies Talking to media he said, upper areas of the country before the judicial magistrate including Hazara division were ex-periencing unexpected court in the case of assaulting a female student here on weather conditions which happened in 1998. To a question he said that there was no further chance Wednesday. The accused of snow fall in Northern areas or Kashmir during next week were handed over to police but they will receive rain fall on Wednesday evening and on physical remand. The suspects, Qari during next week as well. He said that upper and middle areas of Sindh like Sukkur, Sehwan Shareef, Dadu and Naseer, Hussain and Faizan G ENEVA —Pakistan on Hyderabad were expected to receive rain and duststorm Khan, were arrested ThursWednesday called for an im- during next 2 days. day, who subjected the girl to mediate ban on the use and To a question he said that due to these weather condi- sexual assault in a running production of Lethal Autono- tions average temperature has de-creased 3-5 degrees in vehicle and then threw her mous Weapons Systems or Sindh and Baluchistan while in KP and upper areas average body by a road-side after she Killer Robots. tem-perature decrease was around 5-7 degrees. He said that fell unconscious. The call has been made this unexpected situation is going to continue around 1-2 The accused were helped by Pakistan’s permanent rep- week across the country. He said that light rainfall was by none other than the girl’s resentative, Ambassador expected in big cities of KPK during next 2-3 days. class fellow, Anam. Zamir Akram while speaking at a meeting of experts on the subject in Geneva. He said the ban should come through a dedicated Late on Tuesday night, Snehesh Alex protocol under the framework ISLAMABAD—Pakistan has told both Indian of UN Convention on Certain journalists stationed in Islamabad that they Philip of The Press Trust of India and Meena Conventional Weapons. must leave within a week, the journalists told Menon of The Hindu received letters telling The Pakistan envoy Reuters on Wednesday, saying they had them that their visas would not be renewed. said several developing and been informed that their visas would not be No reason was given. Both had been in Panon-aligned countries are renewed.The move came amid simmering kistan for less than a year. Pakistan has become an increasingly pleading for an immediate tensions between Pakistan’s powerful milimoratorium on production tary and a civilian government that appears dangerous place for journalists to operate, and use of such lethal weap- dovish towards archrival India, where Hindu but restrictions put on Indian reporters’ ons till the time such a ban nationalist opposition leader Narendra Modi movements are stricter than for other foreign journalists.—Reuters is imposed.—NNI appears set to win a general election.

Northern areas receive unusual snowfall

Mansehra assault: 3 accused handed over to police

Pakistan calls for ban on use of killer robots

2 Indian journalists asked to leave within week

Army foil militant attack on NATO supply terminal Pakistan is a key supply route for the US-led mission in landlocked Afghanistan, particularly as Nato forces prepare to withdraw troops and equipment by the end of this year. Nato supply trucks, which carry everything from fuel to munitions and food, often come under attack on their journey between the Pakistani port city of Karachi and border crossing points. Pakistani supply lines have been disrupted in the past because of tensions between the US and Pakistan. They were closed for nine months between November 2011 and July 2012 following a “friendly fire” incident in which coalition forces killed 24 Pakistani soldiers in an air strike.

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Makhdoom Javed Hashmi talking to media persons after a meeting with PML-Q leaders in Islamabad.

Pregnancy linked to car crash risk: study


OMEN are at increased risk of being seriously injured during a motor ve hicle accident during the second trimester of pregnancy, according to a new study from Canada. Pregnant women were 42 percent more likely to be involved in a motor vehicle accident that sent them to an emergency room, compared to when they weren’t carrying a child, researchers found. “A normal pregnancy is usually accompanied by a lot of fatigue, nausea, mood fluctuations, anxieties and distractions which may all contribute to distracted driving,” Dr. Donald Redelmeier, the study’s lead author from the University of Toronto, told Reuters Health. Redelmeier, who is also an internist at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto, said he got curious about the risk of vehicle crashes during pregnancy, because pregnant women would ask about the danger in other activities, such as riding a rollercoaster. “Never once was I asked about road safety despite it being a larger risk to mother and child,” he said. For the new study, he and his colleagues analyzed data on all adult women who gave birth in the Canadian province of Ontario between April 2006 and March 2011. They compared the women’s crash rates before and after pregnancy to see if there was a difference. Over half a million women gave birth and accounted for about 8,000 crashes as drivers

during that time. The researchers found that the rate of accidents was about 4.6 crashes per 1,000 women before pregnancy, compared to 7.7 crashes per 1,000 women during their second trimester. The increased risk was present regardless of a woman’s background and demographics. It also didn’t seem to matter whether the woman already had children. The crash rate fell before delivery and continued to fall after birth, the researchers report in the Canadian medical journal CMAJ. While the study can’t say why the women’s risk of car crashes increased during the middle of their pregnancies, Redelmeier said it may have something to do with the symptoms that result from wide fluctuations in hormones. “That’s what the factor is for the neurological changes, which are usually minor, but these minor changes can catch up to you when you’re operating a motor vehicle,” he said. Despite the increased risk, Redelmeier added that women shouldn’t stop driving, because the crashes could be avoided by following standard safety advice. That includes obeying speed limits, stop and yield signs. He added that doctors should remind pregnant women during routine visits to be especially cautious when driving. “If there is nothing more pressing that’s the time to take a moment and mention the importance of road safety advice,” Redelmeier said. “You don’t want any pregnant women ending up in my emergency department.”

Visit Malaysia Year

Joint ventures to be launched to promote Pak-Malaysia tourism Malaysia has proved to be attractive destination for Pakistanis LIAQAT TOOR ISLAMABAD—Declaring to launch joint ventures to promote tourism between Pakistan and Malaysia, Dato’ Dr. Hasrul Sani Mujtabar, High Commissioner of Malaysia said on We d n e s d a y great potential is waiting in this important sector to be explored for the benefit of both the countries. Speaking at a function to introduce Malaysia to Travel agencies and media persons in connection with ‘Visit Malaysia Year, 2014’ the HC said Malaysia has become very attractive destination for Pakistanis as 81ooo per-sons visit Malaysia last year. He said his country is earning $ 20 billion from flourishing tourism sector every year

as 25 million tourists visit his country which has 28 million population. The envoy said he is working on some projects to make Pakistani artists, performers and singers as partner to promote tourism. In this connection he has visited Lahore and other cities. Food festivals and single country exhibition in Malaysia in cultural field are some of the ideas he has conceived. Pakistani sportsmen including golfers have great opportunities in his country. Joint performance by artists of both the countries in each other’s country and exchange of TV dramas can prove to be great boosters. He is also trying to introduce Pakistan in his country as Pakistan has more beautiful places and delicious food stuff including tasteful fruit. Malaysian universities are also keen to open their campuses in Pakistan. Listing the positive points of his country which made it an attractive tourist destination, he said Malaysia is cheaper, beautiful, full of events, sandy and clean water beaches, easy access and connectivity, shopping paradise, especially for ladies and top of all it is a safe and secure country. On political and diplomatic fronts, he said both the countries enjoy excel-lent relations and there is no irritant. The envoy said dates for exchange of visits of high profile leaders are being worked out as several agreements have already been signed.

Bahria University arranges Open House 2014 ISLAMABAD—Bahria University Wednesday arranged an Open House 2014, giving opportunity to final year students from Departments of Engineering, Computer Sciences and Management Sciences to display their final year projects. The Open House showcased some of the brilliant projects from Bahria University and captured the attention of the visitors. The event was organized at the premises of Bahria University Islamabad. Rector of Bahria University Vice Admiral (r) Shahid Iqbal HI (M) was the

Chief Guest. Director General/Pro-Rector, Registrar, and other management of the university were also present. There were in total 114 projects from diverse engineering branches including software engineering, control systems, communication systems, embedded systems, robotics, radio communications and wireless communication. The ceremony concluded with the Awards presentation for the top three projects in each department. —APP

President urges students to serve country; help eradicate corruption STAFF REPORTER ISLAMABAD—President Mamnoon Hussain Wednesday urged the youth to selflessly serve the country with honesty and sincerity and help it fight corruption that was robbing the country of its rich potential. He was addressing a convocation of the Foundation University Islamabad (FUI) here at the Jinnah Convention Centre attended by a large number of students their parents and faculty members. The President said Pakistan was passing through a difficult phase and it was the obligation of the youth to positively utilise their education in helping it resolve the numerous problems it faces. He termed corruption as one of the major ills that was eating away country’s resources and needed concerted efforts by the young educated lot to help eradicate the corrupt practices that have taken roots in all sections of the society. President Mamnoon Hussain addressing the Foundation University Convocation 2014 at Jinnah Convention Centre. The President said Pakistan was confronting three major problems - economic is- by the PML-N government had started yielding posi- larly in the area of modern science and technology. At sues, law and order and education - and stressed con- tive results. In this regard he mentioned the successful the same time he stressed importance of character buildcerted efforts by all sections of society to surmount floating of the Euro Bond that fetched the country US ing and said it was the key to success in building a these challenges. two billion dollars. He said only an economically strong strong nation. The President said history was testament He said working in unison while respecting each nation could help the country succeed in a modern world to the fact that only those nations succeeded that made other will help the country overcome many of the prob- and that required quality education. He also mentioned rapid progress in areas of science and technology. He lems it was facing. the ongoing talks process with the Taliban and hoped said apart from the natural resources that a country may The President recalled that the country’s debt had the talks succeed as peace was vital for the progress have, its rich human resource was a vital factor that swollen from Rs 6,700 billion in 2008 to Rs 14,800 in and development of the country. can take a nation forward. He said the country had 54 2013 at a time when the new government came into The President said only those nations succeed per cent youth and were all poised to play their posipower. He however was optimist that the efforts made whose youth work with zeal and commitment, particu- tive role in building a strong nation.

Cherishing Pak-Japan bilateral relations LIAQAT TOOR ISLAMABAD—To cherish Pak-Japan bilateral relations, Members of National Assembly belonging to Pak-Japan Parliamentary Friendship Group led by Speaker Sardar Ayaz Sadiq was with Japanese Ambassador Hiroshi Ino-mata on Tuesday evening to have open, frank, informal exchange of views at a dinner hosted by the envoy at his residence. Syed Tariq Fatemi, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister also graced the occasion. Welcoming the Speaker and members of the Friendship Group, Hiroshi Inomata said that Japan considered Pakistan as one of its close friends and desired to further strengthen bilateral relations. He said that Embassy of Japan in Pakistan would continue to play its role to improving the ties and cooperation between the two countries. He assured that Japanese Mission would extend full support in promoting interaction between Speaker National Assembly Sardar Ayaz Sadiq, Hiroshi Inomata, Ambassador of Japan parliamentarians of Japan and Pakistan. and members of Pak-Japan Parliamentary Friendship Group in National Assembly on Addressing the gathering, Sardar Ayaz Sadiq said that Pa- the occasion of a reception hosted by Japan Embassy. kistan attached immense importance to its decades’ old friendship with Japan and wished to reinforce it through enhanced people-to-people periences. Syed Tariq Fatemi said Japan was one of the countries which stepped in and parliamentary contacts. He informed that Pakistan-Japan Parliamentary Friend-ship Group had to become a partner in development of Pakistan in its early days. The Govbeen reconstituted after the institution of present National Assembly in June, ernment is keen to forge further bilateral relations with Tokyo. Japan and Pakistan established the diplomatic relation in April 28, 1952. Since then, 2013 by appointing Ms. Ayesha Raza Farooq, MNA as its convener. He said that since then the Group had carried out intensive activities. He Japan and Pakistan have been enjoying cordial and friendly bilateral relaexpressed the hope that this occasion would help further to strengthen the tions in a wide range of areas. Japan also started its economic cooperation bilateral relationship between Pakistan and Japan as well as encouraging leg- for Pakistan in 1954 and has built good bilateral relations stretching over islators’ contacts between the two countries for ex-change of views and ex- decades.

Justice Riaz Ahmed Khan retires today

A distinguished judicial career comes to an end ZUBAIR QURESHI ISLAMABAD—Most senior judge of Islamabad High Court, Justice Riaz Ahmed Khan, is retiring today (Thursday) after performing his duties as the judge of IHC for four years. Justice Riaz will reach superannuation (62 years) today. General perception about Justice Riaz Ahmed Khan is that of a kind, accommodating and respected member of judiciary, a man of few words but a judge of great competence. Justice Riaz was born on May 15, 1952 in Nowshera. After doing Matric, he got admission to the Edwards College, Peshawar. In 1975, he did Masters in Political Science from Peshawar University. After doing MSc in Political Science he studied law from Punjab University. Justice Riaz not only passed PCS judicial (provincial

civil service) exam but earlier he had also passed CSS exam. However he preferred to be judicial officer and performed services in Kohat, Haripur and Peshawar as civil judge. He was also appointed Senior Civil Judge in Dera Ismael Khan (DI Khan). However, later he started practicing law. In 1997, he was appointed Assistant Advocate General in NWFP (today’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa). He also worked as Additional Deputy Prosecutor General NAB (National Accountability Bureau). Justice Riaz was elected member of the provincial bar council and in December 2010, he was recommended and made judge of the Islamabad High Court. Justice Anwar Khan Kasi, Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui and Justice Noor-ul-Haq N Qureshi have also spoken high of him during a dinner hosted in his honour a few days ago.

Mother’s day celebrated at Roots Millennium Schools STAFF REPORTER I S L A M A B A D —Mother ’s Day is a perfect time to celebrate your mother and all her wonderful qualities. It is a celebration honoring mothers and motherhood, the unconditional love of mothers and their influence in society. Mothers are our guiding force and are responsible for making us who we are. To generate this special feeling in Millennials, Root Millennium Schools celebrated Mother ’s Day across all branches in

Islamabad and nationwide last day. Through different activities, the students reminded their mother’s contribution to their lives and though they may not show it every day, they were happy to get an opportunity to express their love and admiration to their mother on the special day. The celebrations started in the morning assembly in which special skits were organized by the students. Through different faces of motherhood in every religion and sweet dialogues, they stressed the greatness of

mothers of the world. Poems were also recited by the students, showing the sentiments of a child for his mother. After the assembly, the students were engaged in making handmade gifts for their mothers which included handmade cards, flowers, etc. Overall the day was full of fun and excitement for the students and would definitely be a memorable day in their life. This was not the end even lower secondary students engaged themselves in various activities. Moreover students wrote essays for their mothers. This day

celebrates motherhood and it is a time to appreciate mothers and mother figures. The school invited mothers of Montessori students for celebrations. Various competitions like singing, dancing and ramp walk were organized for the mothers. In keeping with the theme, the mothers came to the school dressed in different colorful attires. It was a day of joy at Millennium Schools as children showcased their talents to entertain their mothers and express gratitude towards them. The pre-primary wing of

the school presented cultural performances. Students expressed their love for the mothers as they welcomed them to celebrate Mother’s Day. Some made the day special for their moms by giving them beautiful surprise gifts. Mother of fiveyear-old son, Ms. Imran said, “My son gave me handmade card. This was his first gift to me. I will keep it with me all my life.” Millennium students across the system left no stone unturned to express their love for their moms on the occasion of Mother’s Day.

Planting of fruit and flowers in wild lands of capital Fajar Zohr Asr

04:30 01:30 05:30

Meghrab at Sunset Isha 09:00 Brothers in Islam establish regular prayers & charity

May 28 A seminar on “The Changing Nature of the Nuclear Non Proliferation Debate”, is to be held at Pakistan Institute for Parliamentary Services (PIPS) Attaturk Avenue (Service Road), F-5/2, on Wednesday, May 28, 2014 from 3:00-5:00 p.m.

PIEAS ranks top among Pakistani Universities in Asia STAFF REPORTER ISLAMABAD—Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences (PIEAS), a university run under the auspices of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC), has been ranked 106 among Asian Universities in the Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) ranking of 2014. QS ranking is an established authority on global provider of specialist higher education and careers information and solutions since 1990. It is the first time that any Pakistani University has reached this position. PIEAS, competing for the first time in the QS Asian Rankings, scored highest points amongst all the Pakistani participating universities. The PIEAS has already been ranked No. 1 in Engineering and Technology universities by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan, in all the three rankings (2006, 2010, 2013) conducted so far. PIEAS has around 136 highly qualified full-time faculty members in the diverse fields of physical sciences, engineering and medicine. Eighty (80) faculty members have PhD degrees from the world’s reputed institutions. PIEAS faculty members have published more than 800 papers in international journals and have been decorated with many laurels like Sitara-eImtiaz, Tamgha-i-Imtiaz, President’s Pride of Performance, President’s Medal for Technology, Aizaaz-e-Kamal and Aizaaz-e-Fazeelat.

Workshop on ‘Issues of Publication’ STAFFS REPORTER RAWALPINDI—Gender Studies Department of Fatima Jinnah Women University (FJWU) arranged one day workshop on “Issues of Publication” to enhance the understanding of research and its techniques among the academic community, which is crucial for the socio economic development of country. Resource Persons of the workshop were Dr. Linda Pritchard, Professor of History and Member of Women and Gender Studies, Eastern Michigan University, USA and Dr. Adele Marie Barker, Prof. Russian and Slavic, University of Arizona. In her welcome address, Ms. Tehmina Yaqoob, Incharge Gender Studies Department, regarded the conduct of workshop a step forward towards promoting research culture. Dr. Linda highlighted the fundamentals of research in details and answers the question related to publication of research papers in national and International journals. She said that before sending any research paper, researcher needs to read it lot and write an impressive introduction, so it catch the audiences attention. She also highlighted the fundamentals and tips of research with the participants and advised them to think as a whole and then break into small pieces. Resource persons also appreciated the research input of the university in recent years with special mention of research publications in the research journals of International journals.

STAFF R EPORTER ISLAMABAD —Federal Minister for Ministry of National Food Security & Research (MNFSR) Sikandar Hayat Khan Bosan said that efforts were afoot to convert wild lands of Islamabad into fruit plantations of various kinds which would not only improve the quality of environment but also add to the beauty of the city. The minister also said that environment of Islamabad was conducive for plantation of different fruit and flower plants and the goal was to turn Islamabad into a horticulture city. The Federal Minister said this while attending an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) signing ceremony between Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) and Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) for turning a wide stretch of PSB land from wild plants to fruit plantation. Federal Minister Inter-Provincial Coordination (IPC) Riaz Hussain Pirzada also graced the occasion. Federal Minister for MNFSR Sikandar Hayat Khan Bosan also said that PARC, besides providing technical support and guidance to PSB in planting different species of fruit plants, was also collaborating with PSB to clean the polluted water of Nullah passing through latter’s land. The detoxification of polluted water of Nullah will be done through bio-remediation

Director General NARC Dr M Azeem Khan and Director General PSB Dr M Akhtar Nawaz Ganjera signing MoU. Federal Minister for National Food Security Sikandar Hayat Bosan, Federal Minister for Inter Provincial Coordination Riaz Hussain Pirzada and Chairman PARC Dr Iftikhar Ahmad are also present on the occasion.

Japan hands over equipment to PIMS worth Rs 103m

Globalisation and future of Urdu language STAFF REPORTER

Hiroshi Inomata, Ambassador of Japan handing over the medical equipment procured under its Non-Project Grant Aid to the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences to officials of PIMS at Children Hospital. continued commitment to partnership with PIMS. STAFF REPORTER Inomata also announced that another set of medical ISLAMABAD—Ambassador of Japan to Pakistan, equipment procurement to PIMS is now being preHiroshi Inomata on Wednesday handed over equip- pared under another batch of NPGA. All these equipment were produced in the arment to the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences eas affected by the devastating earthquake and tsu(PIMS) of worth Rs. 103 million. The set of equipment included two units of nami that hit east Japan on March 11, 2011. At the endoscopes, 10 units of diagnostic ultrasound sys- handing-over ceremony, Inomata said, “One of the tems, one unit of computed radiography, two units most significant aspects of today’s assistance to PIMS is to show that the people in the disaster afof autoclaves and one unit of forklift. Total cost for the provision of equipment is around fected areas in east Japan are ready to help Paki106 million Japanese Yen, an equivalent of Rs. 103 stan, by overcoming damages, which represents the million. Addressing the handing-over ceremony held resilience of the Japanese economy.” Inomata thanked the Government and people here at PIMS, Inomata mentioned growing healthcare needs in Pakistan and said that the latest of Pakistan who generously and quickly had sent and more efficient equipment which was made in emergency supplies to Japan and offered genuine Japan was carefully chosen in order to improve ca- sympathy during its difficult time. After the disaster, the Government of Japan depacity and quality of medical services provided by signed this NPGA scheme in order to show Japan’s PIMS. The Government of Japan has been a long- appreciation to Pakistan by utilizing products manustanding partner of the PIMS since 1982 through factured by companies based in east Japan. Ambasconstruction of its buildings, the provision of equip- sador Inomata quoted as saying “A friend in need is ment and technical assistance. The Japanese Am- a friend indeed” and said, “Today’s contribution to bassador called it “a successful example of Japan’s PIMS by Japanese people symbolizes the strong partnership between our countries in times of diffiassistance to Pakistan in the medical field.” Today’s provision of equipment under the Non- culties. I strongly believe that this grant aid will ceProject Grant Aid (NPGA) scheme was a part of ment our bond of friendship further.”

Khursheed for special committee on Metro Bus project ISLAMABAD—Opposition Leader in National As- of basic necessities to the people and added that it sembly, Syed Khursheed Shah Wednesday suggested that a special committee be constituted to monitor and evaluate Metro Bus Project of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The mandate of the Committee should be to prepare a detailed report on the project and present it to the House. On a point of order in the House, the Opposition Leader said that government ensure provision

RAWALPINDI—Police in its drive against antisocial elements on Wednesday arrested 46 accused including 16 Proclaimed Offenders (POs) from different localities and recovered illegal arms and drugs from their possession. Police arrested the POs in a search operation launched in various areas of Banni, Kahuta, Gujjar Khan, Sadiqabad, Saddar Wah, Jatli, RA Bazar, Airport, Murree, Wah Cantt and Rawat. The operation was conducted to arrest absconders involved in heinous crimes. Police seized 6120 gram charas, 650 gram heroin, 1007 bottles of liquor, five 30-bore pistols with 84 rounds and illegal gas decanting equipment from the accused. According to details, Naseerabad, Jatli, Kallar Syedan Police apprehended Bakht Munir Khan, Shakir, Changez Khan and Faisal

ISLAMABAD—A one-day National Urdu Conference on the topic of “Globalisation and Future of Urdu Language” held at National University of Modern Language (NUML) on Wednesday. The conference was arranged by the Department of Urdu Language and Literature in which renowned scholars and veteran academicians from the different universities presented their scholastic views on the topic. Renowned playwright, Dr Asghar Nadeem Syed was the chief guest while Dr Anwaar Ahmed was the guest of honour in the opening ceremony of the conference. The conference was also attended by Rector NUML Maj Gen (R) Masood Hasan, Director General (DG) Brig Azam Jamal, Dr Roubina Shahnaz, Head of Urdu Department, Urdu scholars, academicians, Heads, Deans and students of the different department of the University. Speaking on the occasion, Dr Ashgar Nadeem Syed said there were number of myths and misconceptions regarding globalization and its impact on the languages, cultures and societies of the world. Our intelligentsia and scholars had painted a doomsday scenario with regards to its ef-

fects on Urdu language. He said globalisation was a centuries old process of labour migration, academic exchanges, technology transfer, trade and sharing of systems and philosophies. The same threats and impact were there for Chinese, Japanese, German and Malaysians but they were still growing and developing since they had learnt how to employ and mould benefits of Globalisation in the interest of their languages, he added. Quoting the findings of a study, Dr Syed said we were the nation which was least exposed to globalization due to certain reasons. He said that there was no threat to Urdu language from Globalisation rather we ourselves were responsible for decline of Urdu in the country. He said today parents wanted to send their children in a school where medium of instruction was English. Our writers didn’t want to write in Urdu and prefer to write in English as it earned them handsome amount of money. Lastly, our sensibility was not being developed in Urdu which was another reason that taking us away from our national language, he added. Director General University of Gujrat (Sialkot Campus), Dr Anwaar

Ahmed, said there was nothing to be afraid of technology and modern changes rather adopt themselves to these changes to keep one abreast with the world. He said the Urdu speakers should not be apologetic rather had an attitude and ability to learn and share the pleasure of learning and it would guard the language you cherish to speak and write. Director General, Brig (Retd) Azam Jamal in his welcome address said that holding and continuing an academic dialogue was a proof of a vigilant and alert mind. The number of scholars, academicians and guests attending today’s Conference was a proof of concerns and endeavors for the promotion of national language and identity. Dean Faculty of Distance Learning Islamia University Bahawalpur, Dr Najeeb Jamal, in his keynote paper, said that Urdu would continue to exist till the time it was language of a lay man, literature and culture. What was required was to translate books and knowledge of other languages into Urdu so that we could understand other societies, languages and culture for our own learning. Other thing require for the promotion of Urdu language was the self accountability, he added.

Rector NUML Maj General (Retd) Masood Hasan and Dr Asghar Nadeem Syed with the participants during the inaugural session of National Urdu Conference on Globalisation and Future of Urdu Language at NUML.

Youth are building blocks of a nation: IG NH&MP

was desire of every Pakistani to see the country developed and prosperous. Responding to a point of order, Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs, Sheikh Aftab said thousand of people were getting benefit from Motorway on daily basis. He said Motorway from Karachi to Lahore would be started during the next fiscal year STAFF REPORTER and added the government had launched many energy projects to meet the growing demand.—APP ISLAMABAD —Youth are the building blocks of a nation. It is a fact that the more stronger the youth, the more developed the nation is. The role of the youth in the nation-building occupies the Mehboob for carrying charas respectively. central place. These views were exWhile, Saddar Bairooni Police recovered 650 pressed by Inspector General, National grams heroin from Gulshan Bibi. Highways & Motorway Police, Zulfiqar Saddar Wah, Rawat and Kallar Syedan Po- Ahmad Cheema while addressing large lice held three accused Asim, Anees Imran and number of students and faculty members Azhar with 5, 2 and 1000 bottles of liquor re- at National University of Science & spectively. While, five accused were arrested Technology (NUST), Islamabad. from different localities of Pirwadhai, Gujjar The I.G. told the students “that many Khan, Mandra and Chauntra for carrying ille- countries of the world have been facing gal arms and ammunition. issues of fragile economy and terrorism In a crackdown on illegal business of gas but they successfully dealt these chaldecanting, Sadiqbad police held accused Baroze lenges with maturity and courage. We Khan, Sarfaraz and Niaz for their involvement in would also overcome these challenges”. illegal sale of gas and diesel. Airport Police held He mentioned many countries which eight male and female accused from Shaheen were destroyed in world wars but with Town for their alleged involvement in immoral their resolve and determination they activities. Police have registered cases under rel- again became leading nations of the evant sections against the arrested.—APP world. The I.G. told the students that “we

Police arrest 46 outlaws

process. Under this process, special aquatic plants will be planted for extracting toxic materials from waste water. The treated water will then be utilized for irrigating the plants in the Complex. Mr. Bosan further said that in addition to providing fresh fruits and clean environment, fruit plantation drive will also help in lessening pollen allergy in Islamabad. Speaking on the occasion, Riaz Hussain Pirzada Federal Minister for IPC expressed desire to turn Pakistan Sports Board Complex into a Green Complex with the assistance of PARC. The Federal Minister also expressed hope that this joint venture between PARC and PSB would result not only in portraying a scenic and beautiful image of Pakistan but also provide healthy atmosphere to visiting national and international sports athletes on the occasions of sports events respectively. Later, the two Federal Ministers witnessed the signing of MoU between Dr. Muhammad Azeem Khan Director General of National Agricultural Research Center (NARC) and Dr. Akhtar Ganjera Director General of Pakistan Sports Board (PSB). Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed, Chairman PARC and high officials of ministries of IPC and NFS&R were also present on the occasion.

have many things to be proud of. We have a huge reservoir of human resource – of which most of the countries deprived of”. He further told that “Pakistan is blessed with beautiful planes, fertile land, rivers, forests, mountains, beautiful four weather, beautiful places, huge mineral resources, best quality of rice, cotton, mangos and oranges. Our doctors and engineers have established their brilliance in Europe and America and our teenagers are making world record. In the field of charity we are amongst the top three nations of the world and our army is the sixth most powerful in the world. Democracy is flourishing in Pakistan. Our media is independent and judiciary is very powerful. All these indicators reflect that we are moving in the right direction and we would soon achieve the destination of peace, stability and prosperity”. On this occasion the Inspector General said that NH&MP would start issuing driving license in the very near future which

would have a strict passing criterion of international standard. He said “NH&MP is launching Traffic Management System and under this system driving license will be suspended for six months if driver commits 03 major traffic violations In the first half of his speech he educated the students on different aspects of road safety and sought a commitment from them that ‘they would never cross speed limit and would never use mobile phone while driving a vehicle’. He by narrating some incidents inculcated feeling of patriotism amongst the students. PRO-Rector of the University Major General(R) Muhammad Shahid appreciated and thanked the Chief Guest. Officers of National Highways & Motorway Police, DIG/Commandant Ihsan Sadiq, and AIG Hasan Alvi were also present there. At the end of session different questions related to road safety were asked and the students who replied correctly were given prizes.

Indian army brutalises Kashmiri youth

Garlic water forced down student’s throat SOPORE— The residents in Pazlipora area of North Kashmir’s Sopore town have alleged that an army Major of 22 RR summoning youth to the camp where they are subjected to third degree torture. People in Nazwari Shiva area of Sopore staged a protest against Major Abhishek after he allegedly summoned to his camp a college student Mudasir Hassan Reshi and later tortured him physically. The youth according to reports was later on admitted in Sub-District Hospital Sopore under D number 34413. “Army personnel from 22 RR came to our house and directed us to send Mudasir Hassan Reshi to the camp located at Pazlipora. I along with my other family members accompanied Mudasir and reported at the camp where Mudasir was detained and we all were directed to return to the home

4-year old kid missing: Nowpora protests

with an assurance that after brief questioning he will be released,” the brother of Mudasir, Imatiyaz Ahmed Reshi who works in Jammu and Kashmir police department said. He said that after an hour, “we received a phone call from Major Abhishiekh who asked us to take Mudasir back to his home. We were relieved after receiving the call but we found Mudasir in a pool of blood. He was lying on the ground of the camp, unable to walk and talk, blood was oozing out from his nose and ears and there were torture marks on his body,” Imtiyaz said. “We shifted Mudasir to sub-district hospital Sopore where he narrated to the doctors that Army personnel severely thrashed him, hit him with gun butts and he was forced to take garlic water,” his brother said adding that Army interrogated his brother on the

charges of stone pelting. The uncle of Mudasir Reshi said that it is the job of police to detain any stone pelter. “We fail to understand why Army is meddling into the administrative and police affairs and which law permits them to direct youth to report at their camps and interrogate them physically and mentally,” he questioned. The locals alleged that it has become a routine for Major Abhishiekh to force youth to report at his Pazlipora camp where he interrogates them at will. “We request top Army brass to get this officer shifted from the camp or put a curb on his ‘unlawful’ activities,” they said. When contacted, Defence spokesperson N.N.Joshi said that it is baseless and all the story is concocted. “No Army officer of ours called any youth to the camp and there is no truth in the story,” he said.—KO

Farooq, Omar pitch for resuming talks on Kashmir solution

SRINAGAR —The father-son duo of Chief New Delhi should not waste any time and S RINAGAR —The residents Minister Omar Abdullah and Dr Farooq should restart the dialogue initiated by of Nowpora here held a protest demonstration in support of their demand for early tracing of a missing fouryear-old boy. The protestors mostly women also blocked the road. The boy, Faheem Asgar, is missing since May 6 evening. Police continued to use motorboats today also in neighbouring nallah to trace Faheem fearing that boy the may have slipped into it. The nallah is adjacent to the house of the missing kid. Hamida, mother of the missing boy said, said during evening hours on May 6, when she was busy at home, she found Faheem missing. “We moved in all directions to locate him but could not trace him,” she said. The family lodged a missing report with the police. Police said they are trying their level best to help the affected family.—KT

On Geelani call IHK observes hartal today S INAGAR —Beginning his stated agitation against the crackdown on youth, Syed Ali Geelani, Chairman of a faction of Hurriyat Conference, Tuesday called for shutdown on May 15. The call for shutdown came three days after the octogenarian leader had threatened the government by saying “if raids, arrests and atrocities doesn’t stop till May 13, we will issue a disciplined program”. The Hurriyat chairman said in the statement, “We had already issued a deadline to government till May 13 to free the youth who been jailed but the government has not accepted our demand of freeing youth from detentions and only few have been released. That is why Hurriyat Conference is calling for valleywide shutdown on Thursday, May 15, against arrests, raids, violence and searches.” The octogenarian leader has appealed people including transporters and traders to adhere to his call.—KO

Abdullah today expressed the hope that the new government in New Delhi would not allow the dialogue process to die down and would initiate a meaningful dialogue with Pakistan government to resolve the unresolved Kashmir issue. Participating in a discussion organised by Kashmir University, on the topic, “Discussion between India and Pakistan on Jammu and Kashmir, a historical perspective, which was attended by Chief Minister Omar Abdullah, New and Renewable Energy minister Dr Farooq Abdullah, Ambassador Satinder K Lamba, who is working under back channel dialogue with Pakistan and vice chancellor Kashmir University Prof Talat Ahmad. Chief Minister, while addressing the discussion, said that Kashmir issue has a political problem and it can only be resolved through political initiatives from New Delhi and Islamabad. He also said that new government at

Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh and Pakistani government in resolving the Kashmir issue. “It is most important that the new government taking office in New Delhi carries forward the process of dialogue with Pakistan and takes ahead the progress made by Ambassador Lamba in this regard,” he said. Omar Abdullah said that transitions in the administration in Pakistan have impacted the forward movement in the back channel dialogue more than those in India. He said the forward movement which we had seen during the time of President Musharraf was not at the same pace in President Zardari’s period. Chief Minister said that India looked forward towards the dialogue process with Pakistan both during the period of Attal Bihari Vajpayee and Dr. Manmohan Singh. He expressed the hope that the new government in New Delhi would not allow the dialogue process to die.—KT

Norwegian Parliamentary Group on Kashmir to be reconstituted soon OSLO—Norwegian Parliamentary group on toring the situation in disputed Kashmir for Kashmir is to be reconstituted soon that would continue to raise the issue of long- standing dispute in parliament. Chairman of Kashmir group in Norwegian Parliament Knut Arild Hareide stated this while talking to Executive Director of Kashmiri Scandinavian Council Norway, Sardar Ali Shahnawaz Khan. Knut Arild Hareide who heads the Kashmir Group since 2011 is also the Member of Norwegian Parliament and Chairman of Christian Democratic Party (KrF). According to the reports, the meeting was held at Norwegian Parliament. Traditionally, after every national election, the Parliament of Nowray reconstitutes all groups and committees on several issues and also re-elect their heads. The Norwegian Parliament’s Kashmir Group has been actively engaged in moni-

more than a decade with the efforts and lobbying of Executive Director of KashmiriScandinavian Council, Sardar Ali Shahnawaz Khan who is settled in Norway, originally from Rawlakote, Azad Kashmir. Ali Shahnawaz Khan briefed the Kashmir Group Chairman about the latest situation in Kashmir on the backdrop of successful boycott of the elections held by India in disputed state recently. Ali S Khan appreciated Mr Knut for holding a longest record debate on Kashmir issue in Norwegian Parliament in 2012 and urged Norwegian government to play its role in resolving the Kashmir issue. Mr Knut said that Kashmir is the matter of 13 million people. He said that nonresolution of Kashmir conflict has kept the whole region as hostage.—NNI

MUZAFFARABAD: Alleged police violence on a citizen, Altaf Malik.

Protesters shout slogans in Pampore, on the outskirts of Srinagar, on Wednesday. Kashmir’s latest unrest needs to be seen in context, wherein the politics of New Delhi and Srinagar has lost favour with the Kashmiris.

A man crushed by speedy train WANGUND (IHK)—An unknown man, while crossing the railway track at Wangund in South Kashmir’s Anantnag district, was hit by a speedy train killing him on the spot. The victim could not be identified as the police did not find any identity proof with him. According to the police, the incident took place last evening. The deceased is about 40 year old with a beard and is wearing a black jacket and black and white sweater, an official said. “Any body having any information about the deceased person may contact on 9419029604, 9906701042, 01942315230 or Police Control Room, Srinagar on Dial 100,” he said.—KD

Women protest youth arrests in Varmul V ARMAL (I HK )— Several women, whose kin are under detention for allegedly hurling stones at government forces in Varmul district of Jammu and Kashmir, Wednesday came on roads and protested outside the police station in the town. Witnesses told Kashmir Dispatch a number of women gathered outside the Varmul police station were demanding the release of their sons. A picture from a citizen journalist showed one of the protesting women in an unconscious condition. The protesters didn’t allow the vehicles to pass through the highway in the town. There was also a partial shutdown in the town. Several youths were taken into custody during the elections for the Indian parliament and are still under detention. Police said they have released the youth who managed to secure bail from the court. A woman protester is unconscious on the ground as others raise slogans against police in Varmul. All Parties Hurriyat Conference chief Syed Ali Geelani has called for a shutdown in Kashmir on Thursday to protest against the arrest spree. Geelani had earlier said that if the government in Jammu and Kashmir doesn’t release youth and resistance leaders, he would launch a protest programme after May 13.—KDNN

Zanskar Muslims face ‘revenge attacks’ from Buddhist monks KARGIL—Muslims in the Buddhist dominated Islam and became Muslims,” Muhammad Shafi harassed by the goons.” The Muslim have Ladakh region have flagged an SoS and sought government intervention to end ‘social boycott’ being reportedly enforced on the Muslim community. Demanding an end to the social boycott, which is being sponsored against them by the majority Buddhist community in mountainous Zanskar region of Jammu and Kashmir, the Muslims in the region alleged that they are being ruled by ‘hooligans’. The Muslims of Padam in Zanskar said over phone that the tensions have been brewing since last September when some Buddhist families converted to Islam. “We appeal government that they should ask the majority community why we are being punished. What is our fault?” The Padam area of Zanskar has witnessed communal clashes since August 2012 when four low-caste Buddhist families comprising 22 members converted to Islam. “Though we told them to reconsider decision of embracing Islam and sent them back but they came again and then accepted Islam,” said some Muslim residents from Padam. “In September 2012 they finally professed

Wani, a teacher, said adding that the conversion angered majority community and clashes between the two groups ensued in which dozens including a senior officer were injured. The Muslim minority alleges harassment at the hands of Buddhists. “Ever since the episode of conversion, our lives have become hell. They (four families) became Muslims at their own. We didn’t force them and they are happy as Muslims,” Shafi said. The latest spate of attacks against Minority started on May 9 when some people were attacked by a Buddhist mob. “They were washing clothes on river and a mob led by Lamas attacked them,” another local said over phone. Amanullah, 25, from Ufty village where seven Muslim households live, was injured and he was airlifted to Leh for treatment. Muslims have urged the government that it should take steps to end the ‘social boycott’ that the Buddhists have enforced on Muslims. Muhammad Shafi further said, “We have been barred from catching fish from the river or wash clothes there. When sometimes our children go to wash clothes on the river, they are

alleged that the government was deliberately ignoring their plight. He alleged that even policemen are afraid of taking action against hooligans led by Lamas. “The Armed Police saved us from further attacks but the life has become difficult for us and the government will have to move beyond deployments,” he said. “Few Buddhist families live with Muslims and if we wish we could attack them easily like we are being attacked, but we are not hooligans and don’t preach violence,” he added. The Deputy Commissioner of Kargil, Sadiq Shiekh said that minority community is ‘not facing any social boycott’ from majority community. “No such thing has been brought into my notice so far. There was some clash but the things are okay now as both the communities have compromised,” he said. He also dismissed the allegations leveled by minority community that they are insecure in the area. “We have beefed up the security in the area. There is adequate number of police personnel deployed to thwart any violence,” Sheikh added.—KO

NIA accused of incriminating Kashmiri youths BUDGAM (IHK)—A Kashmiri family blamed case. “Dar is in lock up from past five years India’s National Investigation Agency for illegally detaining their son, who was already under arrest. The family members of Kashmir youth Muzaffar Ahmad Dar, who was shifted from Central Jail here to the custody of NIA, Tuesday expressed concern over his ‘illegal detention’. The family members of Dar from Chechloor in Budgam said police arrested him in 2009 when he was the Chief Operational Commander of Hizb-ul-Mujhadeen. “Since 2009, Dar was languishing in Srinagar Central Jail. He is still an under trail,” the family members said, adding: they were shocked when state authorities informed them that Dar would be shifted to New Delhi as NIA wants to produce him in their special court in connection with a case that also involves Hizb Supreme Commander Syed Salah-u-Din and others. Raising finger over the intentions of the NIA, the family members said that the agency wants to implicate Dar in a false

and now it has shocked us that after five years NIA has sought his custody. There is something fishy and we are sure that they will implicate him in a false case and will lodge him in Tihar,” the family members said. They said the state police had informed Dar in June that there are only three cases against him in different courts. However, despite having been informed he has been now shifted to Delhi on the directions of NIA. “The letter shot by NIA to Srinagar Central Jail authorities clearly mentions that Dar needs to appear before the District and Sessions Judge Special Court NIA, New Delhi on May 9, 2014 and after that he would be sent back to Srinagar Central Jail safely,” the family members said, adding that Dar is still in NIA custody even after the expiry of the hearing that was due on May 9. They appealed to the state authorities to look into the matter and impress upon NIA to shift Dar back to the Srinagar Central Jail.—KDNN

Inefficiency drives IHK to utter fiscal crisis: Mufti JAMMU (I HK )—Jammu Patron of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Mufti Muhammad Sayeed, has said the incompetence of political leadership and mis-governance are responsible for prevailing financial crunch in Held Jammu and Kashmir. He said that inefficiency of the present leadership has thrown the state into unprecedented financial crisis and gravity of the prevailing mess can be gauged from the fact that the state government has failed to even arrange matching grants for various central sponsored welfare schemes. Addressing a meeting of the SC-OBC wing of the party here today, Mufti pointed out that central sponsored welfare schemes are defunct in the state because the state government has failed to provide matching grants for these schemes. “Instead of arranging matching grants to make such welfare schemes functional, the state government is more concerned about disbursing funds to its blue-eyed boys in irrational manner”, he said. He said that prevailing financial bankruptcy in the state is depriving weaker sections of the society of the benefits of various schemes especially formulated for their uplift. “Others states are taking benefits of the revolutionary central sponsored schemes meant for the socio-economic growth of the weaker and marginalized sections of the society but in J&K these schemes are defunct because state government has failed to arrange even matching grants”, he said and regretted that ruling elites of the state are more concerned about their own luxuries instead of addressing problems of the deserving lot of the society. Mufti said that unemployed educated youth are the worst victim of the prevailing financial bankruptcy in the state because government does not have funds to create job avenues for the unemployed youth. “Whopping amount spent to provide luxu-

ries to ruling elites and mis-used on unproductive sectors could have been utilized properly to provide jobs to the unemployed youth”, he argued. “It is result of the prevailing financial anarchy in J&K that state government has even failed to secure normal plan funds from the Centre”, he said and pointed out that during the previous financial year also the centre had forfeited Rs 1300 crores out of plan allocations for state government’s inability to spend funds in time and properly. PDP patron pointed out that this government has failed to even get routine funding from the Planning Commission of India and other organizations due to financial mis-management and lack of accountability and transparency. “The previous PDP-Congress government had got huge financial support from the successive governments at the Centre due to its performance and proper utilization of funds”, he said and mentioned that during the tenure of previous government two Prime Ministers had announced special economic packages for the State. Pointing towards financial position in the State, he regretted that government does not have funds to release pensions for widows, aged old and handicapped. “Where the money approved in the Assembly during last budget session for these pension schemes has gone?”, he asked and maintained the amount for these welfare schemes has been diverted to provide luxuries to the ruling elites. He further said that bills worth hundreds of crores had remained unpaid for months together due to financial crunch. “On the one hand government has huge resources for the luxuries of its leaders but when it comes to making genuine expenditure it cites lack of resources as a reason”, he mentioned and added that thousands of people engaged in different departments as casual, daily wagers or seasonal employees do not receive remuneration for months together.—GK

Rains, hail-stone batter Held Kashmir S RINAGAR —Freaky weather conditions have caused shadows on farm produce across Kashmir. The incessant rains are now being followed by strong winds and hail the size of golf balls, ruining crops and shattering the farmers’ hopes. Kashmiris, it seems, are caught up in wrong weather at the wrong time. Even as the Chief Minister remains busy dispelling fears caused by exit polls, weather-hit populations across Kashmir hardly find a trace of administration when they seek help during weather emergencies. While the weatherman has hoped a pause after Wednesday, the authorities fear the rivers may swell if the rains don’t hold in few days. “We may have to sound flood alert if the weather conditions don’t improve by the weekend,” said a senior official in the Flood Control department. Reports said heavy rains and hailstorm have wrought havoc in parts of South Kashmir causing widespread damages to crops while at scores of places electric polls were uprooted that resulted in power breakdown. Reports said that heavy rains and hailstorm damaged paddy seed crop, vegetable fields, and fruit orchards in different parts of South Kashmir ’s Kulgam district leaving the farmer community high and dry. Meanwhile rains continue to lash Kashmir

Valley for the second consecutive day bringing down temperatures. The continuous downpour resulted in flooding of lanes, bye-lanes and roads in cities and towns while in Kulgam district, hundreds of fruit-borne trees were damaged upsetting farmers and fruit growers. Reports said that the hailstorm also caused damages to various structures in Kulgam. MeT has predicted more rains at isolated places in Kashmir Valley and said that the weather may improve from Wednesday afternoon. “The frequency of Western Disturbance was more this year that resulted in cold and intermittent rainfall across Kashmir valley. Rainfall may significantly start decreasing from Wednesday afternoon, however, it may continue to lash some isolated places,” Director MeT Sonum Lotus said. The change in weather may force authorities to sound alert in Kashmir as major rivers may start to swell in case rains continue to lash Valley. Eyewitnesses said the hailstorm in different parts of Kulgam district has caused heavy damage to crops, apple trees, electric poles and some muddy structures in hamlets like Damhal Hanjipora, Noorabad, Devsar, Kulgam, Soput Tengapora, Brarigam, Gundipora, Akhal, Shahu Sachin, Bugam, Kelam, Banghal, Dardgund, Srindu, Gundipora, Zradipora, Mankanpora, Dhanaiv, Haloora, Aagru.—KO

Bank AL Habib offers ‘apni’ car auto finance KARACHI—Bank AL Habib Apni Car Auto Finance offers financing for new and used/ imported vehicles through convenient payment plans. The facility features an easy procedure, fast processing, low down payment, low markup and insurance rates, partial payment options, and fixed and floating rate options for the convenience of customers.—PR

SBP to celebrate Int’l Museum Day Staff Reporter KARACHI—The State Bank of Pakistan is organising a two-day programme on May 17 and 18 to celebrate the International Museum Day. The day is celebrated globally on May 18 since 1977 to raise awareness on how important museums are in the development of society. The programme will feature many activities including Prize Bond Draw, Portrait Sketching, Display Your Old Item, Modelling, Shine Your Money and Interview Recording.

Tripartite efforts to boost fisheries exports KARACHI—Three assertive organizations have resolved to join hands in boosting the export of fish, prawns and lobsters which, in turn, will bring about significant foreign exchange revenues. As a first step in this direction, the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) has granted subsidy to Seafood exporters to participate in Seafex, a significant exhibition in seafood and fisheries industry being held in Dubai.—PR

ICCI rejects new SRO ISLAMABAD—Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) Wednesday demanded withdraw of SRO.351 (I)/ 2014, arguing that it will affect business activities. According to ICCI press statement issued here, ICCI President, Shaban Khalid said that Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) through SRO.351 has assigned powers to the officers of Director General (Intelligence & Investigation) parallel to the functions of Chief Commissioners.—APP

Dastgir builds strong case for US market access WASHINGTON—Commerce Minister Engineer Khurram Dastgir Khan wants to further enhance Pakistan-U.S. relations, he said at the At- members of key committees to advocate Pakistan’s case. lantic Council discussion attended by experts, academia and businessmen, and moderated by South Asia Director Shuja Nawaz. Minister Khurram Dastgir Khan, who accompanied by Secretary Commerce Shahzad Arbab and Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States Jalil Abbas Jilani, held extensive discussions with U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman on Tuesday, noted that the U.S. Administration is supportive of better access for Pakistani products to the American market. He said the Joint Action Plan on trade and investment cooperation unveiled Tuesday at the meeting of Pakistan-U.S. Trade and Investment Framework Agreement Council would turn a new leaf in the bilateral relationship. While emphasizing the importance of preferential trade access, Engineer Khurram Dastgir Khan cited the example of European Union’s recent award of GSP Plus scheme for Pakistan for ten years. The GSP Plus scheme is significant in a historic way, it is not a quid pro quo for—Pakistan went through a process, fulfilled the requirements, conducted economic diplomacy and the EU Parliament took the necessary action to approve the deal, he said. These trade concessions or preferences are an incentive, not a reward — these would help Pakistan improve its economic perforFederal Minister for Commerce Engr Khurram Dastgir Khan meeting with US Deputy mance and as democracy live up to expectation to National Security Advisor for International Economic Affairs Coroline Atkinson in provide better quality of life to its people through creation of new jobs and economic activity, he Washington DC. explained. “We are now looking very much to the U.S. if it can emulate the the national economy through expansion in trade instead of reliance on aid. Speaking to a gathering of American experts at a Washington EU example”, he said. In an interaction with Washington-based Pathink tank, he said Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s government is kistani journalists later, the Commerce Minister said he also dispursuing a policy of economic diplomacy and instead of aid, grants cussed the matter with U.S. Trade Representative. Since the U.S. preferential program needs Congressional approval, Pakistani diploor handouts wants to foster normal trade relations with countries. “Trade more, if I were to say in two words”, the way Islamabad mats, led by Ambassador Jilani, will work with U.S. lawmakers and made a strong case for greater trade access for Pakistani products to the large U.S. market, as he emphasized Islamabad’s policy to bolster

TeleCON 2014 concludes

Data revolution & digitized ecosystem to define telecom sector in Pak SALIM AHMED LAHORE—The 7th Pakistan TeleCON 2014 concluded with regulators and experts determining that a data revolution, connected communities and a digitized ecosystem will define the telecom sector in Pakistan. The theme of the conference was “The Changing Dynamics of Telecom and ICT Sectors in Pakistan”. Organized annually by SHAMROCK Conferences International, to highlight and debate on critical issues and opportunities concerning the telecommunication sector, including ICT trends and its impact on economy, the conference was a well-attended affair with participation from a cross-section of companies and organizations. In her message to the organizers, Minister Anusha Rehman said, “The priority of our government is to use next generation ICT services particularly mobile broadband for an accelerated digitization ecosystem to enable socio economic development expanding knowledge based economy and spur eco-

Foreign investment in property development

100-housing projects of $100m worth are in stream STAFF REPORTER KARACHI—Foreign investment worth $100

Happiness does not come from doing easy work but from the afterglow of satisfaction that comes after the achievement of a difficult task that demanded our best. —Theodore Isaac Rubin

nomic growth.” Chairman PTA Syed Ismail Shah in his keynote address reiterated the government’s resolve to support and develop the telecom sector with investor and consumer friendly policies. He said, “We expect a strong demand for 3G as operators will start rolling out services and consumers getting excited about the new enabling technologies; it will connect communities and people, the whole experience will be like a data revolution.” Mr. Mudassar Hussain, Member Telecom, Ministry of MoIT highlighted that on the policy front, the government had invited industry and public consultants to be partners in its decision making; and in this context a review of the telecom policy was also in the offing. In his opening remarks, Menin Rodrigues, Convener of TeleCON 2014 said, “The telecom sector has performed exceedingly well and while the Ministry of IT & Telecom and PTA are doing all that is right for the country and its citizens, some issues of level playing fields for stakeholders and proliferation of grey telephony persist.”

million is in the pipeline especially in property development in Karachi, a strong sign of economic rebounce in Pakistan. Accordingly some 100 housing projects would be launched in Karachi within next four months as a couple of foreign companies have expressed their interest to invest around $100 million in the housing and construction sector in the city. Chairman of the Association of Builders and Developers of Pakistan (ABAD) Mohsin Sheikhani in a media briefing said that ABAD is going to organize an international expo at Karachi Expo Centre from August 12-14this year. ‘A number of mega

projects will be rolled out during this expo as around 50 foreign companies are expected to participate. A couple of foreign companies have already expressed their intention to invest around $100 million in the housing and construction sector in Karachi which will culminate in the launching of some 100 housing projects within next four months in the city,’ added Sheikhani. ”Responding to a question of media The ABAD Chairman said “the blueprint of the low-cost housing scheme is waiting Prime Minister’s approval and likely to be launched in a couple of months, and ABAD is fully support this initiative of the Prime Minister Mr. Nawaz Sharif and offer its platform to roll out this project in the interest of the common people of the country.”

Analyst hails non-interest govt loan scheme I S L A M A B A D —Economist Ahmad Mukhtar has said that government has launched a very good noninterest loan scheme, which will enable the common man to establish his business as per Islamic ideology. Talking to Radio Pakistan, he said, government has taken a rational and wise step to save small businessman from interest and usury of banks. He said, government may increase volume of this loan because it will enable people to earn their livelihood honourably. Ahmad Mukhtar said, small business and micro credit concept was introduced by a Pakistani, Akhtar Hameed in Bangladesh, which was adopted by Bangladeshis later.— APP

Food dept achieves 75pc wheat procurement target M U LTA N —The food department Multan (division) has so far achieved 75 percent target after purchasing 425,364 metric tonne wheat from the growers. According to Food Department sources, the department had set a target of over 600,000-ton wheat procurement from the division. The Food department Multan purchased 187,789 metric tonne wheat during the ongoing campaign. Lodharan purchased 73,485 metric tonne, Vehari 121,249 metric tonne and Khanewal 142,841 metric tonne from growers. So a total of 4,25,364 metric tonne wheat have been procured from across the division.—APP

Meanwhile, Pakistan is also expecting a re-authorization of the American GSP, which ended last year. The two sides will also discuss bilateral investment treaty to encourage greater cooperation, the minister said. In his public engagements, Engineer Khurram Dastgir Khan pressed Pakistan’s case for a U.S. preferential trade program by noting that Pakistan’s exports to America are over 3 billion dollars annually but they make up a tiny 0.0016 percent fraction of the three trillion U.S. imports. “So there is a need to increase the trade”, he said, while also promising to improve competitiveness of Pakistani products. The Commerce Minister highlighted that materializing greater trade access for Pakistani products would be in line with the U.S. commitment to assist economic empowerment of Pakistani women as an overwhelming majority of workers in textile factories is women. Spelling out Islamabad’s trade policy in the regional context, Khurram Dastgir Khan said Pakistan wants to have normal trading relations with neighboring countries and said the country would hold trade talks with the next Indian government. He indicated that the government would go for a new legislation to create a new lands port authority that would oversee trade through Pakistani land crossings. Engr. Khurram Dastgir also referred to an array of projects under way to overcome energy shortage, facilitate investment and create regional connectivity as part of the overall strategy to expand trade and business activity in the country. In the evening, Ambassador Jilani hosted a dinner for the Commerce Minister and his delegation at the Pakistani embassy and spoke about the government’s priorities in strengthening Pakistan-U.S. relations, particularly through economic and trade initiatives. Commerce Minister, addressing the gathering that included American officials and Pakistani-Americans, said the historic Action Plan unveiled Tuesday would help the two countries tremendously in advancing bilateral relations. He expressed the hope that the United States would help democratic Pakistan with a robust economic relationship, arguing that economic hope is the most potent weapon against extremism and jobs generation through greater trade and investment would assist the country in a big way.—APP

New textile policy to soar exports upto $26 b: Afridi ISLAMABAD—The five-year Textile Policy of sick production units in the textile sec(2014-19), featuring a special focus on value addition to enhance textile exports upto US$ 26 billion over next five years would be finalized by June 30. This was stated by Minister for Textile Industry, Abbas Khan Afridi while briefing the media here on Wednesday. He said the proposed national textile policy also envisages offering tax incentives to import of modern and innovative technologies to promote textile industry in the country. Abbas Afridi said the government was determined to enhance textile exports up to US$ 26 billion during next five years by paying special attention to the value addition products and removing other bottlenecks in exports. He said that Pakistan was among five countries having all textile value chain from cotton production, ginning and textile manufacturing adding that despite that vast scope, textile sector could manage to export 13 items as compared to 950 value added products exports by any other country of the world. The textile sector, which is the largest contributing in local exports, was ignored during the previous regimes due to which country had to suffer huge loss in terms of exports and industrial growth, he added. The Minister said that textile sector has sufficient potential to extricate the country out of the debt net and turn around the country’s economy. He said that Textile Ministry was already deliberating revival

tor of the country, as it give boost to exports and harvesting benefits from the Generalized System of Preferences Plus (GSP+) status given by the European Union (EU). Abbas Afridi further said that despite the energy crisis in the country, textile exports from the country posted 7 percent increase during the last 10 months of current financial year. To overcome the energy issues, a committee comprising the officials of ministries of Water and Power, Petroleum, Finance and Textile Industry was formed to resolve the problem amicably, he added. Abbas Afridi said that textile exports grew by 8.03 percent during first two months (March-April) after getting the GSP+ status from EU adding that all efforts would be made to take maximum benefits of the scheme. The minister said that Textile Ministry has proposed the government to provide subsidy on technology and machinery import in federal budget 2014-15, besides it has also proposed five percent reduction in interest rate. Abbas Khan informed that Plants Breeder Right and other Bill regarding seed certification which had been pending for last many years would soon be passed from the Parliament to provide certified seed to growers. He said that currently seed trading volume stood at Rs. 60 billion per annum adding that only 700 seed companies were registered in the country. —APP

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Finance, Senator Muhammad Ishaq Dar meeting with CEOs of Telecom Companies.

Trade bodies unanimously urge govt to reduce tax rate, reform policies in budget AMANULLAH KHAN KARACHI—The reduction in tax rates and drastic reforms in the tax policy is the focal point of all the major trade bodies including Chambers of commerce and industry in their budget proposals sent to the government. All Chambers of Commerce and Industry and trade associations across the country have unanimously urged the government to reduce direct and indirect tax rates in the forthcoming budget, besides implementing drastic changes in tax policy of the country in order to bring new taxpayers into the net and narrow the budget deficit. All Chambers of Commerce and trade associations of Pakistan in their Joint Budget Proposals for Federal Budget 2014-15 asked Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) to bring in new taxpayers, which will consequently broaden the tax to GDP ratio and narrow the budget deficit so that the country no longer needs and depends on foreign and domestic borrowing. All Chambers of Commerce and trade associations in all five provinces of Pakistan united under one roof at 1st All Pakistan Chambers’ Pre-Budget Conference organized by Karachi Chamber in the month of

February 2014 in which all Chambers’ Presidents agreed to formulate a comprehensive document carrying joint budget proposals of various chambers. KCCI, under the supervision of its President Abdullah Zaki, Senior Vice President Muffasar A. Malik, Vice President, Muhammad Idrees, Chairman Budget Committee, Qamar Usman and Chairman Taxation Sub Committee KCC, Hassan Sheikh Vohra, compiled budget proposals of all Chambers of Commerce on independent and equitable basis, which were thoroughly examined and finalized by Presidents of all chambers at 2nd All Pakistan Chambers’ Presidents Pre-Budget seminar organized by Faisalabad Chamber in the month of April 2014. All Chambers’ Budget proposals have been sent to the policymakers so that a pro-business budget is unveiled this year as per aspirations of the entire business community of Pakistan. According to Joint Budget Proposals, taxpayers expect from FBR, a level of service that they receive from the very best of the private sector and multinational service industry. The taxpayer service delivery function nowadays plays a crucial role in the administration of the tax legislation in all countries. Prevailing services that are user-

friendly, in the sense of being accessible and understandable for all, helps to maintain and strengthen the taxpayers’ willingness to comply voluntarily and thereby contribute to improvement in overall levels of compliance with the laws. No amount of effort will generate or improve the tax revenue collection, until and unless all incomes above the minimum threshold of Rs400, 000 are taxed, irrespective of the source. Currently huge incomes from agriculture, professional services sector and influential remain untaxed. Firm steps are needed to recover the tax from all these areas. Agriculture income is a convenient means to conceal income generated from all other sources, for the documentation and taxation, income from every segment including agriculture should be taxed, NTN must be mandatory for all sectors and they must be asked to file income tax returns. In the last few years, Industry and Trade in the private sector has suffered setbacks because of the high cost of doing business mainly due to industrial inputs including raw materials, Gas, Electricity, Manpower and high cost of working capital, which has made life difficult for many industries to survive and run profitably.

Joint Budget Proposals document recommends revising Tariff mix for industrial undertakings. It should be reviewed and brought down and fixed at least for 1 year. At import stage the accumulative sum of all taxes (including sales tax and income tax), customs and regulatory duties and levies should not anyhow exceed 30% of the value of goods. While, the Raw materials and machinery should be in a slab of 5 percent with zero rating on raw material used in exports. Since 65% of the sales tax collection and revenue is collected at import stage, it has become a fixed tax and levy instead of value addition tax, increasing the incidence of under invoicing and smuggling by some unscrupulous elements. As total incidence of customs duty, sales tax, income tax, FED and regulatory duty could sometime go as high as 70-80% of the value of import in certain cases. Customs duty slabs should be simplified with 4 slabs of zero percent, 5 percent, 10 percent and maximum 15 percent. Rates of GST and Income Tax be brought down to a maximum of 12.5% (inclusive of Value Addition Tax) and 30% for corporate and 20% for small companies having turnover of Rs.1.0 billion respectively.





































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Microsoft Pak launches Nokia 225 KARACHI —Microsoft Devices Pakistan bolstered its line-up of high-quality mobile phones today with the launch of the Nokia 225, a device which underlines the company’s commitment to connect the next billion to the Internet. Slim, sleek and stylish, the Nokia 225 offers affordable Internet access through the cloud-powered Nokia Xpress Browser, all on a beautifully designed 2.8” display. Nokia’s slimmest data phone to date, and featuring Nokia’s inherent bold colouring, the Nokia 225 offers style and substance to first time mobile owners, upgraders and people who like to have a secondary phone. The Nokia 225 features the cloud-powered Nokia Xpress Browser, which uses less data and delivers fast performance, even over slower networks. The preloaded Facebook and Twitter apps offer instant access to social networks direct on the homescreen, while people can explore the world from their device via Microsoft’s Bing search. “The Nokia 225 is an affordable mobile phone designed to impress,” said Arif Shafique, Country General Manager, Microsoft Devices Pakistan & Afghanistan. “We remain committed to connecting the next billion to the Internet, and this handset builds on this promise. Offering a rich media experience and simple functionality combined with Nokia trust and quality, the Nokia 225 enables us to bring the Internet to more people at a lower price point.”—PR

Project Qatar exhibition starts in Doha D OHA —An exhibition of construction and building materials began in Doha, Qatar. The exhibition ‘Project Qatar’ is the largest one in the Middle East and North African region. This year’s edition of Project Qatar is being participated by a large contingent of Pakistani exporters in marble, granite, steel/PVC pipes, heat insulation material, and safety gloves & protective’s for construction industry. Ten leading companies, mostly in marble and granite have put up stalls in the Pakistani pavilion organized by Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP). At the same time the USAID in Pakistan has arranged a pavilion separately for promoting the stone, marble and granite sector of Pakistan, where chief executives of Pakistan’s top ten marble and granite companies will be present for networking and exploring business prospects with hundreds of buyers coming from all over the world to attend Project Qatar. These promotional pavilions of USAID and TDAP are likely to bring big export business in the form of export of construction materials from Pakistan in general and the marble & granite in particular.—PR

Major milestones of E-office to be completed by December: Anusha ISLAMABAD—Minister of State for Information Technology and Telecommunications, Mrs. Anusha Rahman on Wednesday said e-office suite is being implemented in Federal Ministries and Divisions in phases and its major milestone is expected to be completed by December this year. The e-office suite, consisting of six modules, is initially being implemented in Ministry of IT, Prime Minister Office, National Assembly Secretariat, Ministry of Science and Technology, Finance Division and Planning Division, she said while addressing an e-office Forum-2014 here. Pakistan Computer Bureau (PCB) organized the Forum under a theme - E-governance for good governance - to enhance mutual cooperation and develop inter-working mechanism. Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs, Tariq Fatmi, Secretary IT and Telecom, Akhlaq Ahmad Tarar, and focal persons from different ministries and department and other dignitaries participated in the Forum. Anusha Rehman said implementation of the e-office will be a phenomenal achievement of her Ministry as this would ensure efficiency, accuracy, effectiveness and good governance. It will create a less paper environment and concept of digital governance will be promoted through it, she added. She said the focal persons from 27 ministries have completed their specialized trainings for orientation and management of e-office suite, adding that the project was conceived in seven years back but due to non-interest of previous regimes remained in limbo. The current government on assuming office, appreciating the need of an effective, efficient and transparent government for good governance, pursued e-office implementation and have set strin-

gent targets for its deployment. Anusha Rehman said it is a fact that ineffective governance not only slows down the pace of economic growth, but also has a highly negative impact on the living standards of the citizens and added to make the governance more effective and achieve the goals of government efficiency; e-Governance is being adopted as a tool. She said that recent spectrum auctioning of 3G/4G technologies reflects that the government resolves to capitalize on benefits of 3G/4G as “We are in process of developing mobile based software applications particularly e-Government applications.” The Minister emphasized that political leadership is key initiator and supporter of an e-Government vision, adding, “we must realize that e-Government is more about modernization and reform than about technology.” She said the leaders recognize the importance of using technology as a strategic tool to modernize the structures, processes, and overall culture of public administrations. The Minister said that she has undertaken the huge responsibility of bringing efficiency, transparency, effectiveness, and accountability in government processes through e-Governance, and has great confidence in her fellow Federal and State Ministers leadership capabilities and visionary approach, and dedication to serve the public. This e-Office System empowers them to have up-to-date information required for decision making in the best interests of the general public, she said and added their ownership of this system would help implement the vision of present government of PML-N to create a less paper environment.—APP

GSP Plus status: an opportunity to increase exports OBSERVER REPORT KARACHI—Pakistan could increase its export up to 1 billion dollar from the facility given under GSP Plus. This was stated by Former Vice President and Focal Person of GSP Plus FPCCI and Former Chairman KATI, Gulzar Firoz in awareness seminar on GSP Plus held at KATI. At this occasion, President KATI, Syed Farukh Mazhar, Senior Vice President Hasham A.Razzak, Masood Naqi, Immediate Past Chairman, Mohammad Zubair Chhaya, Ehtesham Uddin, Director General TDAP, Usman, Khalid Hidayat Khan, Director Abdul Kareem Memon and Shahid Jawed Qureshi were also present. Gulzar Firoz said that efforts of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Federal Minister for Commerce, Khurram Dastgir Khan are appreciable in getting status of GSP Plus. It is a promising and golden opportunity and we should avail the benefits from it. He said that there are 27 conventions in GSP Plus in which 7 are related to environment, 8 to labour rights and 8 to human rights. Government should give special attention on it and a monitoring cell should also be formed.

He further said that we should get benefit of decrease in rate of duty by 3-10 % on different items as compared to good exported from China, India, Thailand and Indonesia. Pakistan is a major supplier of leather goods and textile to European countries but keeping standard is a big challenge. If we should avail benefit from GSP Plus then we have to improve production activities and standard of quality. We are facing high cost of production, decrease in efficiency, fluctuation of prices and security issues. He said that role of TDAP is important and TDAP should form a monitoring cell for resolving the issues of exporters for GSP Plus. President KATI, Syed Farukh Mazhar demanded the government to provide all facilities to exporters so that they could produce their products according to international standard and could get benefits from GSP Plus. Former Chairman KATI, Masood Naqi, said that economic policies of the government are appreciable. If law and order situation of the country is improved and ensured supply of gas and electricity to industries then production and economic situation would also be improved and export targets would be easily met.

SMEs growth requires big impact actions AMANULLAH KHAN K ARACHI—The Union of Small and Medium Enterprises (UNISAME) invited the attention of the planning commission (PC) to the urgent requirement of big impact actions for growth of the small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and complained that the government is taking baby steps which is not stimulating the economy. Big impact actions are the need of the hour to accelerate growth of the sector. President UNISAME Zulfikar Thaver informed the Planning Commission that the SME policy was devised in 2007 and needs revision. He expressed the need to revisit the SME policy as several dimensions have been left unexplored. There is urgent need to begin work from the primary sector which is the source for raw material and exactly what the SME policy envisaged. The SME policy 2007 also outlined plans for the promotion of the manufacturing, trading and services sectors and targeted them for growth. He enumerated the big impact actions and

Pfizer announces positive top-line results of CAPiTA KARACHI—Pfizer Inc. made a global announcement that the Community-Acquired Pneumonia Immunization Trial in Adults (CAPiTA), the landmark study of approximately 85,000 subjects evaluating the efficacy of (pneumococcal polysaccharide conjugate vaccine [13-valent, adsorbed]) in adults 65 years of age and older, achieved both its primary and secondary clinical objectives. CAPiTA is the largest double-blind, randomized Placebo-controlled vaccine efficacy trial ever conducted in adults. The primary objective of the study was to demonstrate efficacy of PCV 13 vaccine against a first episode of vaccine-type community acquired pneumonia (CAP). The CAPiTA study also met both secondary objectives, which were efficacy against (i) a first episode of non-bacteremic/ non-invasive vaccine-type CAP and (ii) a first episode of vaccine-type invasive pneumococcal disease (IPD).—PR

urged the PC to install a credit guarantee scheme to make the banks comfortable in financing the SMEs. The commercial banks need to be indemnified against defaults. Secondly the sector needs an export house for marketing support for goods manufactured by the sector. The SME export house would introduce the SMEs to global buyers through SME tools such as galleries, online presence and e-commerce. It is very important to educate the SMEs to have their websites and exploring global markets. Thirdly the sector needs incentives and the PC needs to recommend the introduction of “ Pay as you earn schemes” for enabling the entrepreneurs to buy shops, offices, workshops , machinery and equipment also raw material on easy installments. UNISAME reiterated its demands for SME specific bank, technical institute, chamber of commerce of SMEs and SME ombudsman and considered these demands as big impact steps necessary for rapid growth of the sector.

Corporate excellence depends on active supply chain management STAFF REPORTER KARACHI —‘Supply

chain is the at the core of corporate success and profit maximization for concerned companies is best possible by implementing an affective supply chain management process’ – said Qayser Alam, President Supply Chain Association of Pakistan (SCAP) at a 2-days mega supply chain conference [SCC2014], exhibition and training session held in Karachi. Mr. Qayser expressed his views on the core competence of local industries in Pakistan who are achieving their goals by a continuous improvement in the supply chain process. This conference also attempted to bridge the gap between Supply Chain professionals and academia by conducting a panel discussion on this subject and at the end presenting two best case studies selected from the numerous submissions by university students from all across the country at the this prestigious forum. The panel discussion and the university project was both spearheaded by Noman Lutfi, Director Manufacturing, Unilever Pakistan. The theme of the Conference was “Supply Chain – A True Business Partner A Real Game Changer” and the event provided players of the industry the opportunity to share knowledge, gather insights and set a vision for the industry’s future, and included keynote addresses from industry stalwarts like Sarfaraz A. Rehman, CEO, Engro Foods;, Jehanzeb Khan, CEO, AkzoNobel Pakistan and Torsten Katzor, Global Director, Hellman Fashion Logistics.

A group photo of Javed Malik, Prime Minister’s Special Envoy, Wajahat Hussain President-designate of UBL and Roos Miller Canadian CG in Dubai.

PSO seeks Rs30 bln more as furnace oil stock depletes KARACHI—Pakistan State Oil, the country’s largest oil marketing company, on Wednesday sought Rs30 billion from the government on urgent basis in view of fastdepleting furnace oil stock. According to company sources, the firm has only fiveto-seven-day stock of the furnace oil, which is primarily used to generate electricity. To import furnace oil, the company has requested the government to release additional Rs30 billion for the purpose of maintaining sufficient inventory and smooth supply. But petroleum ministry sources said that the government released Rs20 billion for PSO just last week. PSO receivables have touched whopping Rs172 billion, company sources said.—INP

KARACHI: President KATI, Syed Farukh Mazhar is presenting shield to Ex.Vice President FPCCI, Focal Person of GSP Plus and Former Chairman KATI, Gulzar Firoz. Senior Vice President Hasham A.Razzak, Mohammad Zubair Chhaya, Masood Naqi and Director General Usman are also seen in picture.

Port Qasim shipping activity KARACHI—Four ships C.V Sakaka, C.V Sealand New York, M.T Karachi and M.T Norgas Invention carrying containers, furnace oil and chemicals were allotted berths at Qasim International Containers Terminal FOTCO Oil Terminal and Engro Vopak Terminal respectively of Port Qasim on Tuesday. Berth occupancy was managed at the Port at 43% on Tuesday where six ships namely C.V Safmarine Ngami, C.V Sakaka, C.V Sealand New york, M.V Sunvil-II, M.T. Karachi and M.T Norgas Invention were occupied PQA berths to load/ offload containers, cement, furnace oil and chemicals respectively during last 24 hours. Cargo throughput during last 24 hours stood at 136,721 tonnes comprises 81,457 tonnes imports and 55,264 tonnes exports inclusive containerized cargo carried in 4,257 containers (TEUs) (2,292 imports and 1,965 exports TEUs) were handled at the Port. Departures.—APP

K-Electric, PSM owe Rs 72b to SSGC IRFAN ALIGI KARACHI—Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) managing director (MD) Zohair Siddiqui had stated before the subcommittee of the Public Accounts Committee that the KElectric and Pakistan Steel Mills had accumulated a sum of more than Rs 72 billion as pending outstanding dues to be recovered by the SSGC. The SSGC MD told the sub-committee that total money recoverable from the K-Electric had reached Rs 50 billion since 2009 while the KElectric had in 2012 signed an agreement with the SSGC for the settlement of outstanding dues under which the K-Electric had assured of Rs 1 billion from the outstanding dues along with gas bill for the current month and had demanded SSGC to increase gas supply up to 226 mmcfd per day.

PESHAWAR: President Markazi Tanzeem Tajaran Rabita Committee Mujeebur Rehman administering oath to traders at cantonment plaza cantt.

Economic growth needs policy rate at 7pc STAFF REPORTER KARACHI —The trade and industry on the occasion of Monetary Policy Review on May 17 by the State Bank of Pakistan has called upon the government and the policy makers to bring the Policy Rate of the SBP to give a kick start to the national economy. President, Lasbela Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), Ismail Suttar has urged the Governor, State Bank of Pakistan to bring the discount rate to around 6 to 7 per cent in order to support the industrial investment in the current economic scenario and severe shortage of energy and high POL prices. He hoped that the Federal Finance Minister, Ishaq Dar and Governor SBP, Ashraf M. Wathra would further consider this matter to take appropriate measures to facili-

tate the industrial investment, which has slowed down due to damaging of competitiveness as compared to other countries in the region where the discount rate is much lower than that in Pakistan. Ismail has further said that the expansion of economy is imperative in order to meet the sustained economic growth and to create employment opportunities for the people. It is possible only with the availability of cheaper liquidity to the investors who are looking towards the competitiveness in the wake of appreciation of Pak Rupee against US Dollar, GSP Plus status and the high rate of inflation, besides the law and order situation. For this purpose the central bank should take lead to frame the investment friendly monetary policies keeping in view the current economic indicators.

Daily opening & closing rates PMEX Index Total Volume (Lots): Traded Value (Rs):

3,018 10,996 2,267,440,777

Commodity .......................... Price Quotation ................ Open CRUDE OIL ......................... $ Per Barrel ......................... 101.22 SILVER ................................. $ Per Ounce ........................ 19.498 GOLD ................................... $ Per Ounce ........................ 1,293.6 GOLD ................................... Rs Per 10 gms ..................... 41,372 MTOLAGOLD .................... Rs Per Tola ......................... 49,518 GOLD ................................... Rs Per Tola ......................... 49,518 RICEIRRI6 ........................... Rs Per 100 kg ...................... 3,502 PALMOLEIN ...................... Rs Per Maund .................... 4,493 SUGAR ................................ Rs Per kg ............................. 44.64 ICOTTON ............................ US Cents per pound ......... 90.84 WHEAT ............................... Rs Per 100 kg ...................... 3,358

Close 101.96 19.838 1,304.4 41,720 49,974 49,974 3,501 4,491 44.63 91.99 3,357

The total value traded was reported at PKR 2,267m. Number of lots traded were registered at 10,996 and PMEX Commodity Index closed at 3,018. Major business was contributed by gold amounting to PKR 1,166m followed by crude oil (PKR 981m) and silver (PKR 119m).

International Peace Cup Soccer

Mujahid’s hat-trick pilots PAF to stun Nangarhar team P ESHAWAR—Three goals including a hattrick in the second session by center striker Mujahid, piloted Pakistan Air Force to stun Nangarhar Province team of Afghanistan by 3-0 in the ongoing First FATA International Peace Football Cup being played here at Sumbal Khan Football ground, Qayyum Sports Complex on Wednesday. It was Mujahid’s first hat-trick of the Cup and overall he scored four goals as earlier he had a goal against FATA in the first match that won PAF by 2-0. Mujahid, the pick of the pack, moved quickly in the second session by shattering the rival defence and scored two quick succession goals in the 55th and 60th minute to make the tally 2-0 in a match remained a goal-less draw in the first-half. The clash between PAF and Nangarhar Province of Afghanistan attracted good number of football spectators, specially many Afghan refugees reside in provincial capital Peshawar turned up and witnessed the thrilling battle. Afghan team have better combination as far as their three four attacks in the first session were concerned but all such attacks went abortive because of the excellent goalkeeping by Ghazanfar of PAF. Having sharp reflection Ghazanfar succeeded in thwarting more than three attacks with his agile goal-keeping. First he intercepted the left foot attempt of Afghan team right winger Najeeb Ullah while diving to

his left while he was tested twice by another promising Afghan forward Sulaiman in the 23rd and 30th minute. Ghazanfar stood like a rock and did not allow the Afghani forwards to score any goal. PAF, a team that won the National Challenge Cup recently, managed their position accordingly and their forwards Mujahid, Sher, Alam, Aamir and Arif showed great unison in their rank. The PAF front line made one or two attacks in the first session but none of them could be productive. The two teams were locked 0-0 at the end of the first session play. It was the second session in which PAF forwards looked more combine as a result in the 55th minute Mujahid netted a fine goal on the pass of right winger Sher while did the same after a five minute break in similar fashion, thus making the tally 2-0. The two goals lead really created panic like situation in the rank of Afghan team who tried their best to reduce the margin but they were failed. It was the dying moments when Mujahid again raided on rival territory with his stunning goal from the distance and thus making the tally 3-0. He also recorded the first hat-trick of the Cup. With the second victory PAF have cementing their position for the semi-final from group-A. Amin Khan, Alluddin and M. Zahid supervised the match while Qazi Asif acted as match commissioner.—APP

DI Khan wins PCB Inter-District Cricket Championship PESHAWAR—Dera Ismail Khan clinched the dium fast bowler Amjad Khan claimed five trophy after defeating Khyber Agency in the final of the PCB FATA Region Under-19 Inter-District Cricket Championship played at Dera Ismail Khan Cricket Stadium on Wednesday. President Regional Cricket Association FATA Noor Ul Haq Baloch was the chief guest on this occasion. President South Waziristan Agency Cricket Association Haji Roshan Khan, Secretary RCA FATA Shakil Khan Dawar, officials, players and spectators were also present. Khyber Agency won the toss and elected to bat first by setting up 235 runs in their first innings in which Nisar Afridi struck an elegant knock of 80 runs, Memood Khan 51 runs, Usman (33) and Arif (26) runs were the prominent runs contributors. For Dera Ismail Khan right-arm me-

wickets, Aziz and Mustafa took two wickets each. Dera Ismail in reply of the first innings target of 235 runs, bowled out for 221 runs, 14 runs short. For Dera Ismail Khan Aziz Khan smashed an elegant knock of 50 runs, Mustafa made another cracking 33 runs and Amjad Khan scored 44 runs. For Khyber Agency Najeeb took seven wickets. Khyber Agency in their second innings scored 101 runs only while Usman and Arif claimed four wickets each. Dera Ismail Khan in their second have 115 runs target of Khyber Agency chased it for the loss of two wickets and won the match by eight wickets. Usman smashed an unbeaten knock of 66 runs, thus Dera Ismail won the final match by eight wickets.—APP

ISLAMABAD: Speaker National Assembly Sardar Ayaz Sadiq with street children football team at Parliament House.

Ayaz Sadiq appreciates spirit of Street Children football team I SLAMABAD —Speaker National Assembly Sardar Ayaz Sadiq Wednesday appreciated the spirit and efforts of Street Children football team which won third place in the recently held world Cup. The street children football team, met Speaker National Assembly at his chamber, said a press release. Sardar Ayaz Sadiq appreciated the team’s spirit and efforts to bring recognition to Pakistan at the international level and encouraged them to practice hard so that they could join the Pakistan Eleven. The Speaker also briefed the team on the working of National Assembly.—APP

Israr, Salman to clash in KP National Jr Squash C’ship final P ESHAWAR —Top seed Israr Ahmad of Sui Southern Gas Pipe Line (SNGPL) setup final showdown with Salman Hashmi of Punjab in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa National Junior Squash Championship being played here at PAF Hashim Khan Squash Complex on Wednesday. The final will be played on Thursday. In the first semi-final top seeded Israr Ahmad of SNGPL faced no hardship against his rival Ismail Rauf of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and marched into the victory in the straight set. The score was 11-7, 11-6 and 11-6. Israr had faced no difficulties by reaching to the grand final because of his excellent game. Israr has better force short against Ismail Rauf as the later did not settle down and thus lost the match. It was in the second semi-final where both Salman and Ahsan Ayaz stretched to five sets battle. The match was also witnessed by a good and supporting crowd. Salam took the first set after making great struggle which was clearly evident from the score. The score was of the first set was 16-14. Both Salam and Ayaz struggle hard for single point. The set was tied at 4-4,

5-5, 6-6, 9-9, 10-10, 11-11, 12-12, 13-13 and 14-14 before Salman took the set. After winning the first set Salman took the second set as well quit easily at 11-4 but he failed to click in the third and fourth sets won by Ahsan at 7-11 and 3-11. Ahsan got the advantage at 9-9, 10-10 and even 11-all but he made errors by hitting the tin twice. On the other hands Salman, looked tired, managed his position when the score was leveled at 11-11, he claimed two points on his excellent nick shorts and marched into victory in the last and decisive set. In the Under-11 category top seed Noor Zaman recorded easy sailing by defeating his strong rival Falak Sher in a four sets battle, the score was 12-10, 9-11, 11-8, 11-6. Noor Zaman after winning the first set against Falak Sher he failed to click in the second won by his rival but despite conceding a set, Noor did not look behind and marched into victory at 3-1 and moved to semi-finals. In the second quarter-finals Afaq Khan beat Khushal Riaz by 3-1. Both Afaq Khan and Khushal Riaz played excellently and gave each other a very tough fight. The score was 10-12, 12-

10, 11-9, 11-9. In the third quarter-final Asad Ullah beat Ali Sher by 3-1 in another thrilling match. The two players were stretched to four sets battle, the score was 4-11, 11-8, 11-9 and 1210 while it was the last quarter-final in which Ammad Khan defeated Hamza Sharif by 3-0 in a one-sided affair. The score was 11-7, 11-4 and 11-7. In the Under-13 category Rashid Daulat, Zeeshan Malik, Hamza Sharif and Uzair Shoukat took berth into the semi-finals after registering victories against their respective rivals in the quarter-finals. In the first quarter-final Rashid Daulat shocked Ahmad Hassain in straight sets, the score was 11-5, 119 and 12-10, Zeeshan Malik beat Mavia Hussain by 3-0, the score was 11-9, 11-8 and 11=5, Hamza Sharif faced tough resistance at the hands of Hammad Adil as the two were stretched to four sets battle. The score was 10-12, 13-11, 8-11, 11-9 and 12-10. Both Hamza Sharif and Hammad Adil played well and exhibited some fine nick, drops shorts and smashes while in the last quarter-final Uzair Shoukat beat Bilal Ahmad by 3-0, the score was 11-8, 11-9 and 11-6.—APP

Faheem, Hamza suffer defeat in U21 Snooker

Union Club beat Falcon in Frontier Foundation Loin Cricket Cup

P ESHAWA R —Union club KARACHI—The fourth day of IBSF World the sixth frame to wrap the match. Thus defeated Falcon club by Under-21 Snooker Championship proved a disappointing day as Faheem Ahmed and Muhammad Haris Nadeem suffered defeats against their respective opponents in Fujairah, United Arab Emirate, according to message received here on Wednesday. After winning three league matches, debutant Haris lost his first match to San Thomas of Wales 4-2 after an interesting tussle. Having out-potted in the first frame, Haris pulled the second. But his opponent won the next two to gain 3-1 advantage. Haris won the fifth frame to reduce the margin to 3-2. But Welsh cueist Thomas clinched

relegating Haris to play in the last-64 round match. Mateusz Baranowski of Poland chalked out the break of 104, and 71 while beating Muhammad Faheem 4-2 after having lost the first frame. Faheem started well but faded away as Baranowski started his break-building. Faheem now must win his last league match to remain in hunt for a place in the knock-out rounds. Following are results: San Thomas (Wales) bt Muhammad Haris Nadeem (Pak) 4-2 (69-06, 44-66, 6113, 65-31, 29-71, 77-41), Mateusz Baranowski (Poland) bt Muhammad Faheem (Pak) 4-2 (53-56, 68-47, 79-45, 7208, 27-64, 104-27).—APP

eight wickets in the Frontier Foundation Loin Cricket Cup being played here at Gymkhana ground on Wednesday. Falcon club won the toss and elected to bat first by setting up 78 runs only in which Imran made 24 runs and Naeem scored 23 runs, none of the other batsmen could cross the double figures. In reply, Union club chased the target for the loss of two wickets after playing 15.3 overs.—APP

Street Footballers to train in England

Victories for Punjab, KPK in inter-provincial basketball

I SLAMABAD —Muslim Hands, a charity nation (IPC) Minister Mian Riaz Hussain working organization will be sending a few players of the triumphant thirdranked Pakistan street children team to England for their expert training in order to groom the young boys. This was stated by Former Federal Minister Noor ul Haq Qadri, Muslim Hands Country Director Zia ul Noor and Azad Foundation Director Amjad Rasool while addressing a press conference here at National Press Club on Wednesday. They were accompanied by the Street Children Team. Pakistan’s Street footballers finished third in the Street Child World Cup held in Brazil. They said the coaches in England will train these players and if there will be need to bring the foreign coaches to Pakistan for the training of the Street Children Team we will also do that. They said the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) has kept a reception in their honour on May 20 where they will also be presented a cheque of Rs 0.5 Million. “On May 19 the Inter Provincial Coordi-

Pirzada will also honour the team with Pakistan name and with track suits,” they said. The street children team’s visit to NPC, which returned from Rio de Janeiro last month after participating in the Street Child Football World Cup, was a part of their countrywide campaign to inspire other children. At the occasion, Azad Foundation Director Amjad Rasool shared the team’s experiences. “Our children are very talented, and they need proper training and encouragement. Muslim Hands sponsored these street children to go to Brazil and take part in the international event and we are happy they made us proud,” he said. The children began their tour from the Karachi, going onto city after city Sukkur, Multan, Faisalabad, Lahore, now Islamabad and after that to Abbotabad, Azad Kashmir and other cities. The aim of the proposed tour is to create encourage other children to participate in healthier and positive activities.—APP

L AHORE —Punjab and Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa notched up victories on the opening day of the inter provincial basketball championship here on Wednesday at Government college university ground. Punjab outstroked Balochistan 69-36 before leading the first half 4028.From Punjab Umar Hayat Butt Scored 12, Kibria 10 and Usama 6 while from Baluchistan Raja Sheeraz collected 10, Ahmad Nawaz 15. In the second match, KPK made short work of Islamabad 59-41and the winners folded the first half 32-26. Matches for tomorrow, Friday, Punjab Green VS Balochistan and Sindh vs KPK.—APP

Khan club advance in Al-Fatah T20 Cricket Cup P ESHAWA R —Khan club Peshawar defeated Shakot club Mohmand Agency by six wickets in the ongoing Al-Fatah Twnety20 Cricket Tournament being played at Charssadda Cricket Stadium on Wednesday. Shakot club Mohmand Agency won the toss and elected to bat first by setting up 151 runs all out with Jalil Khan smashed 36 runs, Kamal Shah (30), Shahzeb (18) were the leading contributors. For Khan club Ijaz Khan claimed three wickets, Shafique and Hanif got two wickets each.—APP

ISLAMABAD: Deputy Speaker National Assembly Murtaza Javed Abbasi with the playhers of Pakistan Blind Cricket team at Parliament House.

Amateur golf championship SPORTS REPORTER L AHORE —The 53rd edition of national Amateur Golf Championship will tee off from here Thursday, with four foreign teams including Afghanistan, Bangladesh ,Iran and Sri Lanka taking part. The event will be contested over four days (18 holes each day and a total of 72 holes) at the par 72, Royal Palm Golf and Country Club Golf Course. This was stated by Brig (r) Nayyar Afzal, Secretary, Pakistan Golf Federation at a press conference here on Wednesday also addressed by Omer Mir, General Manager, Royal Palm, Haroon Arshed ,Vice Captain,Col (r) Jameel Khalid,Director Golf and Khawaja Pervaiz Saeed,Director Media of the Championship. Omer Mir stated that Royal Palm Golf Course enjoys international recognition and is a highly rated championship golf course. It will be swarmed with champions from all over Pakistan and to challenge them are the top ones of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iran and Sri Lanka. Participants vying for honors and glory will tee off in ‘three ball flites’ in accordance with standard procedure and draws prepared by the Tournament Director. Brig (r) Nayyar highlighted that in accordance with the eligibility criteria for this championship only players with a handicap of seven and below can participate and

one can foresee quality golf on all four days of the grand event. Of course the more established contenders are competitors who are in national reckoning and the Pakistanis who fall in this category are Wasim Rana,Ghazanfar Mehmood,Salman Jehangir,Mohsen Zafar,and M.Rehman. Mohammad Rehman and Ghazanfar Mehmood will represent Pakistan ‘A’ team,Taimur Khan and Salman Jehangir are members of Pakistan ‘B’ team and Naeem Khan and Zohaib Asif are members of the Pakistan ‘C’team..The team Manager is M.Waqar Saigol. Afghanistan team members are Noor Ahmed Fazel and Ali Ahmed Fazel.The team manager is Mahboob Shah Qazizada. BanglaDesh team comprises Mohammed Sagor and Mohammed Nazim.The team manager is Mohiuddin Siddique. Iran team members are Raza Pour Hosseini and Ebrahim Nouri.The team manager is Mostafa Shahraki. Sri Lanka is represented by Sisira Kumara and P.Hemantha.The team manager is Ana Punchihawa. Brig(r)Nayyar also said that during this four days of this championship the events at stake are Men’s National Champions title, ladies national champion title, international team Match and J. R. Jeyawardene Trophy. Another event that needs to be highlighted separately is the Inter Associations Team Match.

SGA name holders Sindh team for Pakistan Amateur golf K ARACHI —Sindh champion Mansoor Teli will spearhead the star-studded provincial team in the Pakistan Amateur Golf Championship which tee-off at Royal Palm Country and Golf Club Lahore from Thursday. Besides provincial outfits, teams from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iran and Sri Lanka taking part in the 4-day event played over 72 holes. President of Sindh Golf Association (SGA) Asad I.A.Khan while announcing the team here on Wednesday said that he will also be managing the team. Besides Mansoor Teli, team got in their fold former national champion Muhammad Ali Hai both of Karachi Golf Club and experienced Waseem Rana and fast rising golfer from Defence Authority Country and Golf club.—APP

Murray breezes past Granollers in Rome R OME —Andy Murray made light of a swirling wind to ease past Spain’s Marcel Granollers 6-2 7-5 in the second round of the Rome Masters on Wednesday. With dust whipping up off the surface and the ball playing tricks, seventh seed Murray proved far too solid for his unseeded rival as he set up a third-round clash with Austrian veteran Juergen Melzer. Murray reeled off four games in a row from 22 in the opening set and, apart from losing his opening service game in the second set, he always looked in

PCB gives raise in players contract LAHORE—Pakistan Cricket Board on Wednesday announced revision in the national team Players Central Contracts which will now see players getting a raise of 25% in their Monthly retainers of the previous year, In all categories, this increase will be in addition to a further 25% increase in Test Match Fee and 10% increase in One Day International Match Fee for the players, said a spokesman of PCB here on Wednesday. “The system of bonuses has also been revised to incentivize outstanding individual performance and series wins”, he asserted. The new Central Contracts and revision in payments will become effective from January first, 2014. The revisions have been finalized in consultations with senior players of the Pakistan team. —APP

control. While not being forced to play his best tennis, it was an impressive opening for Murray, who a year ago at the same tournament retired with a back injury against the same opponent. “All the dust and stuff was getting in your eyes. It was extremely blustery, strong conditions,” Murray, who is looking to get in some match-time for the French Open, told Sky Sports. “From one of the ends it was really tough to get any real depth on the ball. I just tried to play a smart

match.” Melzer beat Croatia’s Marin Cilic in the three sets. Following Murray, Roger Federer was back in action for the first time since the birth of his second set of twins forced him to withdraw from the Madrid Masters. Federer was up against Frenchman Jeremy Chardy before women’s top seed Serena Williams was set to take on Germany’s Andrea Petkovic. Men’s top seed Rafa Nadal was topping the evening bill at the Foro Italico with a second round clash with France’s Gilles Simon.—APP

Barca ready to seize second chance: Xavi BARCELONA—Barcelona are ready to grasp our fans and we have all in our favour to their second chance with both hands and snatch the Spanish title from Atletico Madrid in a winner-takes-all clash this weekend, midfielder Xavi said on Wednesday. B a r c a looked out of the running for top spot a few weeks ago but with the leading three sides in Spain all stuttering the title has boiled down t o S a t u r d a y ’s match in the Nou Camp. Atletico have 89 points, three more than Barca who have drawn their last two matches, but a win for the hosts would see them retain the trophy courtesy of a better head-to-head record. “We saw the situation as black and that we had lost the league but football has given us another chance,” Xavi told a news conference. “We play at home in front of

win. The crowd need to get behind us due to what we are playing for. “This is an historic chance and it will be a spectacular final. Anyone who thought that we still had chances would have been considered crazy.” With a first title since 1996 within touching distance Atletico have picked up only one point from their last two games since reaching the Champions League final. Xavi, however, believes Atletico are still the team in the driving seat. “It will be very difficult as they are the best team defensively in Europe,” he said. “They pressure a lot, work hard together and have different attacking options. “It will be a rocky ride as they are the team playing best. From five

ROME: Andy Murray of Great Britain serves against Marcel Granollers of Spain in their second round match during the Rome Masters.

Nasri left out of France World Cup squad P ARIS —France coach Didier Deschamps on Tuesday left Manchester City midfielder Samir Nasri out of a young 23-man squad for this year’s World Cup in Brazil. Neither 26-year-old Nasri, who has won 41 caps, nor Monaco captain Eric Abidal, capped 67 times, fea-

Emphatic Punjab batting chase down 200 plus again H YDERABAD —Chasing 206 for vic- for three sixes to continue with the Steyn over to make the mountain climb tory, the Punjab top-order pulled off another run feast — their second 200pus run chase in this IPL — to canter to their target in 18.4 overs at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium. Punjab batsmen struck from the word go, even after losing Virender Sehwag (4) on the second ball of the innings. Wriddhiman Saha (54 off 26 balls) and Manan Vohra (47) managed a 91run second-wicket partnership to provide a solid platform for the big chase. Saha led the assault with the duo getting 20 runs from the sixth over and taking their side to 86 after the powerplays. Saha though ran out of steam when Karn Sharma got him stumped but the leg-spinner’s joy was short-lived as Glenn Maxwell came to the crease. The current orange-cap holder belted Karn

momentum. Vohra was unlucky to to be run out while backing off at the non-striker’s end but Maxwell got a lucky repreive when he survived a catch with Amit Mishra bowling a no ball. In blistering form, Maxwell continued to hit fours and sixes as Punjab reached 150 in double quick time — 156/3 in 12 overs. Mishra finally got his revenge when Maxwell (43 off 22 balls) tried to come down the crease and hit the leggie over long-off only to find Dale Steyn’s safe pair of hands. George Bailey also got a lucky escape when David Warner’s stunning catch was not called legitimate by the third umpire. Punjab skipper probably wanted that bit of luck as the Aussie hit two sixes and two fours in the final Dale

look easy. Punjab finally won the game with eight balls to spare with Bailey fittingly hitting the winning six off Bhuvneshwar Kumar. Bailey (35 not out) and Miller 24 (not out) managed an unbeaten 52-run stand to disappoint the home crowd. Earlier wicketkeeper-batsman Naman Ojha bludgeoned his way to an unbeaten 36-ball 79 as Hyderabad posted 205 for five in 20 overs. Put into bat on a sunny afternoon, openers Shikhar Dhawan and Aaron Finch started on a cautious note but soon gained momentum at the end of the powerplays. After a slow but steady start, Dhawan let it rip against Sandeep Sharma in the fifth over, hitting the medium-pacer for 26 runs with four fours and a six.—APP

ture in the squad or on the seven-man standby list. “He is a player of great quality, but Samir’s performances for France have not been of the standard of those with his club Manchester City,” Deschamps said after revealing his squad live on French television channel TF1’s evening news programme.—AFP

PSF giving plentiful opportunities to women players: Maria I S L A M A B A D —Pakistan’s

HYDERABAD: David Warner smacks one across the line during Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Kings XI Punjab, IPL 2014.

ace women player Maria Toor on Wednesday said the Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF) is providing plentiful opportunities to the women players to come forward in the game as are granted to men with an aim to promote gender equality. She said this at a launching ceremony of a Monthly Magazine and Website where she was the chief guest. The Magazine and Website named ‘Sportsline’ was launched here at Pakistan Sports Complex by a well-known senior journalist Abdul Jabber Faisal. She said PSF has done a great job by holding training camp for female players. “PSF is giving providing women an equal opportunity to come forward in the game of squash. “I am sure the women players will not disappoint the federation, team and the country,” she said.—APP

Kramer slips in revised Germany World Cup squad B ERLIN —Borussia Moenchengladbach midfielder Christoph Kramer slipped into a revised German 27-player World Cup squad on Wednesday for a training camp in Italy next week, keeping his hopes alive of making final 23-man squad for the tournament. Coach Joachim Loew dropped Hamburg SV defender Marcell Jansen as well as Schalke 04 teenagers Leon Goretzka and Max Meyer, who were called in the provisional 30-member squad, and replaced Augsburg’s Andre Hahn with the tall 23-year-old versatile Kramer. “This has nothing to do with Hahn’s performances,” Loew said. “It has to do with the position in the central midfield where we had several players with injuries or were absent for some time.” “So we want to have a further option with us at the training camp so as to be prepared for any scenario.” He also stuck with his choice for a second striker in Kevin Volland, who made his debut on Tuesday in a goalless draw against Poland, to partner veteran 35year-old Miroslav Klose at the tournament starting next month. Loew will further trim his squad to a final 23 by June 2, following a 10-day stay in Italy from May 21. Revised squad: Goalkeepers: Manuel Neuer (Bayern Munich), Roman Weidenfeller (Borussia Dortmund), RonRobert Zieler (Hanover 96) Defenders: Jerome Boateng (Bayern Munich), Kevin Grosskreutz (Borussia Dortmund), Erik Durm (Borussia Dortmund), Benedikt Hoewedes (Schalke 04), Mats Hummels (Borussia Dortmund), Per Mertesacker (Arsenal), Shkodran Mustafi (Sampdoria), Marcel Schmelzer (Borussia Dortmund), Philipp Lahm (Bayern Munich) Midfielders:

Lars Bender (Bayer Leverkusen), Julian Draxler (Schalke 04), Matthias Ginter (Freiburg), Mario Goetze (Bayern Munich), Christoph Kramer (Borussia

Moenchengladbach), Sami Khedira (Real Madrid), Toni Kroos (Bayern Munich), Thomas Mueller (Bayern Munich), Mesut Ozil (Arsenal), Lukas Podolski (Arsenal), Marco Reus (Borussia Dortmund), Andre Schuerrle (Chelsea), Bastian Schweinsteiger (Bayern Munich) Forwards: Miroslav Klose (Lazio), Kevin Volland (Hoffenheim).—APP

Bradman’s bats have historical significance, it can’t be compared with dollar value BIPIN DANI OBSERVER CORRESPONDENT M UMBAI —Though as a newcomer Don Bradman scored only 18 and 1 runs on his début Test, the bat which will be auctioned soon, has more historical significance than the commercial value, according to Rina Hore, the Rina Hore, the Executive Director at Bradman Foundation | Bradman Museum. Speaking exclusively over telephone from Sydney on a question whether the bat used by Bradman in the last Test can fetch more values (though he scored zero in the last Test innings but secured the highest batting average and by the time Bradman had already announced his retirement and scored heavily in Tests), she says, “it is difficult to separate the value of these two bats as they both have historical significance”.

“The Bradman Museum values historical significance above commercial value, so therefore it is not appropriate that we comment on the dollar value that the bat may reach at auction”, she added. “Keen collectors would consider the personal attachment that Sir Donald Bradman had with the bat. It would be one of his most proudest moments and he held onto the bat for another 2 years before donating it to raise funds for a special cause”. “There is a well published photo of Sir Donald leaning on the bat with his first Australian blazer and baggy green cap”, she further added. “It is a very special item to come onto the market and we would be very honoured to display the bat at the Bradman Museum for the successful purchaser”, she signed off.

Pregnancy linked to car crash risk: Study


OMEN are at increased risk of being seriously injured during a motor ve hicle accident during the second trimester of pregnancy, according to a new study from Canada. Pregnant women were 42 percent more likely to be involved in a motor vehicle accident that sent them to an emergency room, compared to when they weren’t carrying a child, researchers found. “A normal pregnancy is usually accompanied by a lot of fatigue, nausea, mood fluctuations, anxieties and distractions which may all contribute to distracted driving,” Dr. Donald Redelmeier, the study’s lead author from the University of Toronto, told Reuters Health. Redelmeier, who is also an internist at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto, said he got curious about the risk of vehicle crashes during pregnancy, because pregnant women would ask about the danger in other activities, such as riding a rollercoaster. “Never once was I asked about road safety despite it being a larger risk to mother and child,” he said. For the new study, he and his colleagues analyzed data on all adult women who gave birth in the Canadian province of Ontario between April 2006 and March 2011. They compared the women’s crash rates before and after pregnancy to see if there was a difference. Over half a million women gave birth and accounted for about 8,000 crashes as

drivers during that time. The researchers found that the rate of accidents was about 4.6 crashes per 1,000 women before pregnancy, compared to 7.7 crashes per 1,000 women during their second trimester. The increased risk was present regardless of a woman’s background and demographics. It also didn’t seem to matter whether the woman already had children. The crash rate fell before delivery and continued to fall after birth, the researchers report in the Canadian medical journal CMAJ. While the study can’t say why the women’s risk of car crashes increased during the middle of their pregnancies, Redelmeier said it may have something to do with the symptoms that result from wide fluctuations in hormones. “That’s what the factor is for the neurological changes, which are usually minor, but these minor changes can catch up to you when you’re operating a motor vehicle,” he said. Despite the increased risk, Redelmeier added that women shouldn’t stop driving, because the crashes could be avoided by following standard safety advice. That includes obeying speed limits, stop and yield signs. He added that doctors should remind pregnant women during routine visits to be especially cautious when driving. “If there is nothing more pressing that’s the time to take a moment and mention the importance of road safety advice,” Redelmeier said. “You don’t want any pregnant women ending up in my emergency department.”

Kamal Mohiuddin CEO ICON Air, Azeem Qureshi General Manager Pearl Continental, Faisal Zahid Malik Editor, Pakistan Observer inaugurating Pakistani Steaks & Watermelon Festival at Jason’s Steak House.—PO photo Sultan Chaki

KMC budget to have over 100 uplift schemes K ARACHI —Administrator

Film Star Veena Malik presenting bouquet to Abdul Sattar Edhi at Edhi Home Centre Kharadar on Wednesday.—PO photo

Tribute paid to Hasrat Mohani KARACHI—Glowing tribute was paid to freedom fighter Maulana Hasrat Mohani at a seminar organised by Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology (SSUET) on Wednesday. The speakers on the occasion, including renowned poet and scholar Sehar Ansari, noted scholar Dr Waqar Ahmed Rizvi and research scholar Khawaja Razi Hyder, shed light on the life and achievements of the great poet and freedom fighter. Chancellor SSUET, Engr Mohammed Adil Usman, who chaired the seminar, said that Maulana Hasrat Mohani always led a simple life-free of wants- which re-strengthened his character and infused in him a spirit to live up to his convictions and support the cause of truthfulness. He brought awakening among Muslims of the sub-continent through sheer dint of his dynamism and steered them to achieve their cherished goal. He played a significant role along with Quaid-i-Azam and participated in the movement started by the Quaid for political

emancipation of Indian Muslims and to achieve a dignified and peaceful place for them in the socio-economic structure of India. Adil Usman observed that Maulana Hasrat is acknowledged as the founder of modern poetry who concentrated mainly on the sincerity of thought and simplicity of sentiments and diction. Highlighting the qualities of Hasrat, renowned poet and writer Professor Sehar Ansari said that Hasrat Mohani introduced the modern form of ghazal which portrayed true picture of the society and experiences of real human life. Noted scholar Prof Dr Waqar Ahmed Rizvi said Hasrat transformed ghazal on modern lines.His poetic works touched upon variety of subjects with vision and can be described meaningful and unique for reflecting the political atmosphere of that time. On the occasion, research scholar Khwaja Razi Haider shed light on the life and achievements of Hasrat Mohani with special reference to his poetic contribution.—APP

Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC), Rauf Akhtar Farooqui has said that more than 100 development schemes, worth Rs 13 billion, including 7 flyovers and 3 main arteries would be part of the next annual budget of the metropolis. He was speaking at a meeting, held here on Wednesday to review status of ongoing development projects and to envisage plans for coming financial year. The administrator urged the officials to play proactive role for completion of projects while deploring the fact that amount released for development schemes of financial year 201314 were not fully utilized. He said KMC will start work on sixth signal free corridor in next financial year under which four flyovers at Board office, KDA, Water Pump and Sakhi Hassan crossings (Chourangis) and Sher Shah Suri road would be constructed.—APP

Board formed to address issues faced by industry AMANULLAH KHAN KARACHI—Commissioner Karachi, Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui has said “We have formed a coordination board having representation from the federation, Sindh government, city administration and law enforcing agencies to effectively resolve problems being faced by business community. This board meets regularly on monthly-basis and results are very encouraging so far”. During his visit to Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) Commissioner Karachi asked the business community to keep close liaison with City Administration in order to timely resolve a number of civic issues being faced by businessmen. Shoaib Siddiqui said that challenges to authority and disobedience of laws have risen sharply amongst general public from 2001 to 2012, which has created public mess in the city. “Efforts are be-

ing to put things on the right track but it will take time”, he added. He informed that a placement bureau has been established at Commissioner’s office to receive applications from unemployed youth while a committee has also been constituted to encourage the talented sports persons. Commissioner Karachi assured that ongoing campaign launched against profiteers would continue till commodities are sold at rates fixed by the administration. Speaking on the occasion, Chairman Businessmen Group and Former President KCCI, Siraj Kassam Teli underscored the need for devising an effective system to deal with the growing traffic problems, which, if effectively resolved, would certainly help in dealing with other ills of the city. Meanwhile, Karachi Tajir Ittehad President has said Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif should either enforce serious measures for a real targeted operation in Karachi or the ongo-

ing targeted operation that was launched for protecting the citizens and the traders but was not less than a joke, should immediately be stopped. It was a worrisome situation to witness a delay in establishment of speedy trial anti-terrorist courts and legislation while despite public announcements, an impartial monitoring committee for monitoring the ongoing targeted operation was seen nowhere. Continued use of illegal and unregistered mobile SIMs were still not blocked due to which lives of citizens and traders were at the mercy of extortionists, kidnappers for ransom, extortionists and target killers. He said that government should impose curfew in sensitive areas and make serious efforts for recovery of illegal weapons used in crimes while special operation should be launched in Afghan Basti on Super Highway where more than 350, 000 Afghan nationals were residing illegally on illegally occupied land.

Sharjeel orders crackdown on illegal mineral water plants KARACHI—Sindh Minister for Information and Local Government Sharjeel Inam Memon has said that the provincial government and the Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB) are taking steps to overcome water shortage in the metropolis. Sharjeel Memon presided over a meeting of the KWSB officials on Wednesday, which was attended by MD KWSB Qutbuddin Shaikh, DMD Najam Alam and other senior officials. He directed the KWSB officials to expedite action against illegal hydrants, private pumping stations, mineral water plants and other unauthorised water connections to check water theft.

The minister said that thousands of gallons of water has been saved in a crackdown against water theft during the past one week in Manghopir, Landhi, Korangi Industrial area, Qayumabad, Lasbela, Lyari, Hub River Road and other localities. He said that the crackdown against illegal mineral water plants and other unauthorised connections should be accelerated. The minister was informed that five illegal hydrants which were stealing 2.5 million gallons water daily from the main water supply line had been demolished, which included two hydrants at Al-Asif Square.—APP

Ansar Burney Trust helps 34 Pakistanis release from Libyan jails STAFF REPORTER KARACHI—Ansar Burney Trust had with tedious efforts helped 34 Pakistanis return home after drastic efforts for their release from prisons in Libya. In this regard, eminent human rights activist and former Federal Minister for Human Rights and Chairman of Ansar Burney Trust International, Ansar Burney told Pakistan Observer that human traffickers had booked Pakistani citizens for Italy for hefty sums of money. The victims of such human trafficking had not only lost their money, which they had gathered after they had sold domestic appliances and jewellery but many had drowned in open Sea while many were caught and jailed. Some 300 passengers in large boats had drowned after 3 boats

had caught fire. They were rescued and later jailed by Libyan authorities. The release of 34 Pakistanis was the result of gigantic efforts of Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Pakistan’s Ambassador in Libya Lt Gen (R) Javed Zia and Pakistan’s former Federal Minister for Human Rights & Chairman of Ansar Burney Trust International, Ansar Burney. As yet, 14 of 246 Pakistani prisoners arrived back in Pakistan on Apr 29 while further 34 reached back home on Wednesday. Renowned human rights activist and Vice Chairman of Ansar Burney Trust International, Syed Fahad Burney thanked Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Pakistan Embassy at Tripoli for their kind assistance and support in this regard. He also thanked Libyan Governments specially Attorney General of

Libya regarding release of jailed Pakistanis from Libyan prisons and their safe return to their homes. Ansar Burney Trust was now focusing on release of remaining 198 Pakistani prisoners, who would also reach home soon. Cruel agents trafficked 246 Pakistanis, who survived in MediterraneanSea last year, later arrested and sent to Libyan Prisons, while almost 1000 other unfortunate trafficked persons drowned in the Mediterranean-Sea in between Libya-Malta-Italy, said Fahad Burney. In this connection, he said, for remaining Pakistanis, Ansar Burney Trust International could be contacted at Ansar Burney Trust International, 6 - Hassan Manzil, Arambagh Road, Karachi, Phone (021) 32623382 - 83 and email:

Memon Health and Education Foundation, Founder Chairman Peer M Diwan presents Memento to visiting President and CEO Toshiba Medical systems during the reception at Memon Medical Institute Hospital.

Pregnancy linked to car crash risk: Study


OMEN are at increased risk of being seriously injured during a motor ve hicle accident during the second trimester of pregnancy, according to a new study from Canada. Pregnant women were 42 percent more likely to be involved in a motor vehicle accident that sent them to an emergency room, compared to when they weren’t carrying a child, researchers found. “A normal pregnancy is usually accompanied by a lot of fatigue, nausea, mood fluctuations, anxieties and distractions which may all contribute to distracted driving,” Dr. Donald Redelmeier, the study’s lead author from the University of Toronto, told Reuters Health. Redelmeier, who is also an internist at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto, said he got curious about the risk of vehicle crashes during pregnancy, because pregnant women would ask about the danger in other activities, such as riding a rollercoaster. “Never once was I asked about road safety despite it being a larger risk to mother and child,” he said. For the new study, he and his colleagues analyzed data on all adult women who gave birth in the Canadian province of Ontario between April 2006 and March 2011. They compared the women’s crash rates before and after pregnancy to see if there was a difference. Over half a million women gave birth and accounted for about 8,000 crashes as

drivers during that time. The researchers found that the rate of accidents was about 4.6 crashes per 1,000 women before pregnancy, compared to 7.7 crashes per 1,000 women during their second trimester. The increased risk was present regardless of a woman’s background and demographics. It also didn’t seem to matter whether the woman already had children. The crash rate fell before delivery and continued to fall after birth, the researchers report in the Canadian medical journal CMAJ. While the study can’t say why the women’s risk of car crashes increased during the middle of their pregnancies, Redelmeier said it may have something to do with the symptoms that result from wide fluctuations in hormones. “That’s what the factor is for the neurological changes, which are usually minor, but these minor changes can catch up to you when you’re operating a motor vehicle,” he said. Despite the increased risk, Redelmeier added that women shouldn’t stop driving, because the crashes could be avoided by following standard safety advice. That includes obeying speed limits, stop and yield signs. He added that doctors should remind pregnant women during routine visits to be especially cautious when driving. “If there is nothing more pressing that’s the time to take a moment and mention the importance of road safety advice,” Redelmeier said. “You don’t want any pregnant women ending up in my emergency department.”

Paramedical workers hold a demonstration in support of their demands on Wednesday.

Shorish a beacon for today’s journalists SALIM AHMED L AHORE —Governor Punjab Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar has said that late Agha Shorish Kashmiri was a journalist with ideology who raised voice against cruel rulers and traitors and his practice of journalism is like a beacon for today’s journalists. He was addressing the book launching ceremony of “Shorish Kashmiri Bahasiat Sahafi” by Regional Director Associated Press of Pakistan Dr Waqar Chaudhry at Al Raazi Hall here on Wednesday. PU VC Dr Mujahid Kamran, Chief Reporter The Daily Jang Maqsood Butt, Executive Editor The Daily Dunya Salman Ghani, Dr Waqar Chaudhry, Incharge Director Institute of Communication Studies Dr Noshina Salim, Chief Librarian Chaudhry Muhammad Hanif, Dr Haroon Usmani, Hafeez ulllah Niazi, Mian Muhammad Saeed, Son of Shorish Kashmiri Agha Masood Shorish, faculty members and a large number of students were

present on the occasion. Addressing the ceremony, the Governor said Mr Shorish’s weekly “Chittan” was a practical example of fearless and independent journalism. He said that Mr Shorish was jailed but such punishments could not defeat his will power and he continued with his missionary journalism. He said that Maulana Zafar Ali Khan was reflected in the writings of Mr Shorish while Mr Atta ullah Shah Bukhari was reflected in his speech. He said that the history remembered only those people who served the mankind and did not remember the people who made properties. He lauded Dr Waqar Chaudhry for writing excellent book on the life and services of Agha Shorish Kashmiri. PU VC Dr Mujahid Kamran said that Agha Shorish Kashmiri was daring, patriotic and ideological journalist and poet and the best speaker of the age. He said that the journalists facing specific problems today must keep in view the character of Mr Shorish.

Additional Chief Engineer LESCO Atiq Ahmad Khan called on Governor Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar at Governor House.

No compromise on repair of canals OBSERVER REPORT LAHORE—Provincial Minister for Irrigation & Chairman PIDA Mian Yawar Zaman has said that no compromise will be made in the repair and rehabilitation work of canals and stern departmental action will be taken against the officials showing negligence in this regard. He stated this during inspection of brick lining of Shahdara distributory here Wednesday. Member Provincial Assembly & Parliamentary Secretary Ali Asghar Manda, Additional Secretary Irrigation Saleem Malik, Chief Engineer Lahore Zone Mohabbat Khan Baloch besides concerned officers of Irrigation Department and NESPAK also accompanied the Minister. Expressing dissatisfaction over the ongoing construction work on Shahdara distributory, the Minister ordered Additional Secretary (Operations) to conduct inquiry and submit report within seven days. He directed officers of Irrigation Department to supervise the repair and construction work of canals for maintaining standard. He said that payments should not be made against unsatisfactory work. He further directed that strict legal action would be taken against the concerned officers and contractors for unsatisfactory construction activities.

Potable water will be available to every citizen OBSERVER REPORT L AHORE —Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that provision of clean drinking water to the citizens is the responsibility of the government. He was presiding over a high level meeting regarding Saaf Pani Project, here Wednesday. He said that government has fixed the target of provision of potable water to every citizen of the province in the next four years. He said that a sum of Rs. 12 billion has been allocated in the first phase of Saaf Pani Project under which more than 1400 water filtration plants will be set up in various areas of Punjab. The Chief Minister said that Saaf Pani Project is of vital importance as it is directly linked with the health of the masses. He said that members of national and provincial assembly, Muslim League-N office-bearers, concerned government officers and authorities of Punjab Saaf Pani

Company should move forward with mutual consultation and spare no effort for the success of the project. He said that in the first phase such areas be given priority where underground water is substandard. He said that arrangements should be made for operating water filtration plants with solar energy and the project should be implemented expeditiously and in a transparent manner. He said that Punjab Saaf Pani Company should be run on the model of Solar Power Company. He said that community participation is of vital importance for the success of the project. The Chief Minister further directed that an effective monitoring system be e4voved for the implementation of Saaf Pani Project. He also issued instructions for finalizing the regulatory model till the next meeting and said that mutual coordination between rural water supply schemes and Saaf Pani Project is of vital importance. The Chief Minister also issued instructions for setting up of a committee

Strict accountability system in Health Dept STAFF REPORTER LAHORE—Advisor to Chief Minister Punjab on Health Kh Salman Rafique has said that strict accountability system is being introduced in the Health Department and third party evaluation of all procurements of medicines, biomedical equipments and machines would be conducted. He said that a transparent accountability system would be set up for this purpose. He said this while addressing a seminar in connection with the International Nursing Day at Shalimar Trust Hospital here Wednesday.

On this occasion, trustee of the hospital Ch. Shahid Hussain, Chief Executive Brig. (R) Anees Ahmed, CEO Prof. Ahmed Waseem Yousaf were also present. Principal of Nursing College Shalimar Trust Hospital Irshad Javed gave a presentation on the issues of gender discrimination, difficulties faced by the nurses during duty hours and other nursing related problems. She said that equal rights should be given to the nurses in health sector. She demanded that equal opportunities for promotion, higher education and conducive working environment

Pakistani scientists playing leading role in CERN SALIM AHMED LAHORE—Spokesman for Compact Muon Slenoid (CMS) Dr Tiziano Camporesi from CERN, the renowned European Organization for Nuclear Research probing fundamental structures of universe, has said that Pakistani engineers, physists, software engineers and technicians have been “major contributor” to construction of CMS and they have substantially worked to build, test, install and commission the project. He said this while he was giving a presentation during a 6-member delegation meeting of CMS, CERN with PU Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran and senior PU faculty members

at Committee Room of VC’s office here on Wednesday. CMS delegation consisted of Mr Andrzej Charkiewicz, Dr Frank Hartmann, Dr Duccio Abbaneo, Dr Paraskevas Spicas, Mr Suhail Ahmed Janjua, Dr Badar Suleman and PU Registrar Prof Dr Amin Ather, Prof Dr Khawaja Harris Rasheed, Dr Shoukat Ali and others were also present on occasion. The Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) experiment is one of two large general-purpose particle physics detectors built on the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN. The goal of CMS experiment is to investigate a wide range of physics, including the search for the Higgs boson, extra dimensions and particles that could make up dark matter. Dr

Tizano said that Pakistani scientists had developed detector control system and testing of Data Quality and Monitoring is responsibility of Pakistani team. He said that Pakistani team also built frontend electronics for CMS RE4 project and playing leading role in installing and commissioning RP4 project. He said that his organization’s future goal was to investigate into dark matter, the true nature of galaxies. He said that CERN was a global laboratory and an organization to provide tools to academicians to do research on physics and to explore nature. On this occasion, PU VC Dr Mujahid Kamran gave a briefing on Punjab University and detailed research activities.

headed by Provincial Minister for Housing and directed that it should submit recommendations regarding mutual coordination between rural water supply schemes and Saaf Pani Project. He directed Punjab Information Technology Board to prepare a digital dashboard regarding water supply schemes so that authentic data could be available. The Chief Minister also set up a commit-tee headed by Provincial Minister for Housing for fixing priorities with regard to installation of water filtration plants. Chairman Punjab Saaf Pani Company Mujtaba Jamal and Chief Executive Officer Farasat Iqbal gave a detailed briefing regarding the project. Provincial Minister for Housing Tanvir Aslam Malik, Members National and Provincial Assembly, Chaudhry Jafar Iqbal, Muhammad Wahid Gull, Muhammad Kashif, Mehmood Qadir Khan Laghari, Rana Babar Hussain, Qazi Adnan Farid, Qamar-ul-Islam, secretaries of concerned departments and officers attended the meeting.

A view of Lahore Fort model placed at Railway Station Park.

also be provided to the nurses. She said that due to overload and extra burden of the patients, some time quality of work is compromised and unpleasant incidents occurred with the attendants of the patients. She stressed that the number of nurses should be increased according to the bed strength in the hospitals. Addressing the seminar, Kh. Salman Rafique said that nursing is a very respectable profession all over the world and it is a very sacred service to the humanity. He said that provision of due respect to the nurses in the society is the join responsibility of the government as well as society.