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Epoch-making IP gas pipeline project set in motion Iran-Pak Presidents perform ground breaking It is lifeline of Pakistan: Zardari Regional cooperation will strengthen: Ahmadinejad PPP makes it a big show US watches the event with hawkish eyes tory-making Iran-Pakistan gas President Asif Ali Zardari and ternational pressures, jointly per- struction of the pipeline. been emanating from Washing- as top party leaders were present LIAQAT TOOR pipeline project was launched on President Mahmoud formed the ground breaking cerIran has almost completed its ton for imposition of sanctions, in the ceremony including Amin GABD ZERO POINT—A his- Monday afternoon here when Ahmadinejad, after shunning in- emony to commence the con- section of the pipeline while Pa- if Pakistan continues with the Fahim, Hina Rabbani Khar, kistan will take now 15 months project. Iran is already facing Naveed Qamar, Dr Asim to complete its 785 kms pipeline such situation. The PPP has made Hussain, Sherry Rehman, from border to Nawabshah. The this achievement as a big show Continued on Page 7 long-awaited project will rekindle hopes of Governments and people of the both the countries in future as President Zardari described the project as life-line of Pakistan while Ahmadinejad said it was a great act to strengthen regional cooperation. The ceremony was attended by leadership of both the countries, senior officials, representatives of some regional countries T EHRAN —Alluding to the Ahmadinejad said in a transincluding UAE, Oman, Kuwait, United States, Iranian Presi- lated address broadcast live on Qatar and Afghanistan, a large dent Mahmood Ahmadinejad state television that followed number of mediamen of both the accused “foreign elements” of the ground-breaking ceremony. countries and technicians and seeking to undermine Iran’s re“With natural gas you canNEW DELHI—In the last three workers of the project. lations with Pakistan and to not make atomic bombs. That’s years, the Indian Air Force has Under the project, initially, thwart the Islamic Republic’s why they should have no exlost 29 fighter planes including 21.5 million cubic metres of gas progress by using its nuclear cuse to oppose this pipeline.” 12 MiG-21s in crashes in which will be supplied which will help programme as a pretext. He described it as peace six pilots lost their lives, the to produce 4,000 MW electric“I want to tell those indi- pipeline project that would Lok Sabha was informed on ity, urgently needed to energise viduals that the gas pipeline has bring the 2 countries still closer. Monday. homes and industries in the coun- no connection whatsoever with He said the project reflected deThe aircraft lost in the CHAHBAHAR: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad raising hands with President Asif Ali Zardari during a cer- try. The US watched the event the nuclear case,” Continued on Page 7 crashes were 12 MiG-21s, 8 with hawkish eyes as threats have emony marking start of work on 780-km pipeline from Iran to Pakistan on Monday. MiG-27s, 4 Su-30MKis, 2 Jaguars, 2 Mirage-2000s and 1 MiG-29, defence minister AK Antony said in reply to a written question. “In these accidents, a total of six pilots and six civilians have lost their lives. Answering another query, the minister said the IAF was short of 515 pilots but the Monday, UK has “called on Pa- neighbours.” “However,” he AFZAL BAJWA available strength was kistan to ensure that it meets its rushed to add, “the UK could not sufficient to meet its operaISLAMABAD—Unlike US bully- international obligations in this support any measures which were tional requirements. in breach of international sancing Pakistan over the gas pipeline regard.” “The strength of pilots as Asked for the official stance tions and we could call on Pakifrom Iran, UK has politely Continued on Page 7 alarmed that it would not support on 1931-kilometer gas pipeline stan to ensure that it meets its inany measure of energy pursuit in from Iran to Pakistan, a relevant ternational obligations in this rebreach of international sanctions. official in British High Commis- gard,” he concluded. Meanwhile the independent Without naming the sion in Islamabad requesting not transnational Iran-Pakistan (IP) to be named said “the UK fully media in UK has appeared to be Gas Pipeline Project that President supports Pakistan’s efforts to in- focusing on the economic plausiAsif Ali Zardari and his Iranian crease economic development, bility of the project and gravity of counterpart Mehmood which is much needed, and rec- Pakistan’s urgent need for affordAhmedinejad together inaugu- ognizes the need to have construc- able sources of energy for the Continued on Page 7 rated at the Gabd Zero Point on tive relations with all its ISLAMABAD—Additional Secretary Election Commission Afzal Khan has said that only those people would win the next elections, which are truly popular among people and have character. Talking to media men outside Election Commission building on Monday, the Additional Secretary noted that the Election Commission would not accept any outside ing protection to the people. phemy. During the Jumma disSTAFF REPORTER pressure in any case. Different stories are being told course, people were incited and The Election Commission ISLAMABAD—Supreme Court to the court that election was they resorted to rioting. has canceled more than 40 Justice Azmat Saeed rehas rejected Punjab government being held in Loha market and million fake votes, the report in Badami Baghi arson a Christian committed blas- marked “ you had told pridefully Additional Secretary mainincident and again sought report phemy during the elections. It is that people were pulled out and tained. from provincial government on beyond comprehension of the no loss to life had occurred. He further added that the court that how can the inmates Where the people were kept afdelay in approval of nomination March, 13. A 3-member bench of SC of Joseph colony be linked to ter they were evacuated from the documents is not a big issue, area. You have said in the report and would be finalised after the presided over by the Chief Jus- Loha market. Acting IG Punjab Police, that some people had left the comeback of President Zardari tice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry issued an advocate general Punjab and area on their own and the refrom Iran. —Online interim order here Monday in other senior officers appeared in maining were evacuated by posuo moto notice case of Badami the court. The court was told that lice. CJP remarked “ nothing is Bagh arson incident. The in- election was going on in Loha terim order said “prima facie IG market when the incident took said about the reasons and proPunjab police, CCPO and city place and a member of Chris- ceedings in your report. Court’s police officer failed in provid- tian community committed blasContinued on Page 7

Foreign elements undermining Iran’s ties with Pakistan: Nejad

IAF lost 29 fighter planes in past 3 years: Antony

UK supports Pakistan energy quest sans IP

Only men of character will win in elections: ECP

SC spurns Punjab Govt report

Court decision to extent of Pervez Ashraf final: CJP

Captain, 2 soldiers martyred in landmine blast

BARA—An Army Captain and two security forces personnel were killed and two others injured in landmine blast in Kurram Agency area on Monday. According to security sources, the incident occurred in Dogar area of Kurram Agency when a military vehicle struck with a landmine, killing three soldiers on the spot while two others sustained injuries. The deceased and injured soldiers were shifted to nearby hospital. Sources said that no one has still claimed responsibility of the incident. The officials said that the forces had also conducted search operation in the area following the blast.—INP

‘ECP decides printing of nomination forms sans President approval’ EC proposals need to be approved by President: Naek STAFF REPORTER ISLAMABAD—Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has decided to order printing of the new nomination papers proposed by it, a member of the commission Justice (retd) Kayani said on Monday. According to the ECP member, the proposed draft was sent to the president only to fulfill the formality, however, he

added there is no need to wait for the president’s approval. Kayani said that only those nomination forms would be printed to which the ECP had granted approval. Meanwhile, legal experts are of the view that the ECP has a right to order the president or any government official to get any work done and it also reserved a right to take action if the orders were not implemented.

Justice (retd) Wajihuddin Ahmed said that the ECP could direct or order any official to help the commission in holding free and fair elections. He further said that if the orders of the commission were refused then it could also take action against the official. Two members of the ECP are also of the view that free and fair elections are not possible

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Japan provides $2.62m anti-polio aid to Pakistan

Women’s participation for country’s progress must G UJAR

K HAN —Begum Nusrat Pervez Ashraf, the wife of the Prime Minister on Monday said active participation of women at national level was must for the country’s development and progress. Addressing a gathering of women in Gujar Khan’s Bhadana town, Begum Ashraf said the government was following Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto’s vision of women emancipation. Begum Nusrat Ashraf urged the women to play their role in refining the society as they had greater responsibility over their shoulders for upbringing the next generations. She said the present parliament had passed unprecedented legislation relating to uplift of women in the country. Later, Begum Ashraf distributed sewing machines among the deserving women to help them earn livelihood with honour. She also visited the shrine of Syed Agha Pir Zaman Shah Badshah and laid a ‘chaadar’ over it. Begum Ashraf visited another town ISLAMABAD: Akira Kono, Charge d’Affaires of Japan to Pakistan and Ms Karen Allen, UNICEF Deputy Represen- of Jhanda and interacted with tative in Pakistan singing documents during ceremony at the Minister Inter Provincial Coordination.—PO Photo by the local women.—APP Sultan Bashir I SLAMABAD —The Govern- Pakistan and Ms. Karen Allen, in 2011, Japan renewed its Pakistan for support to Japan ment of Japan decided to ex- UNICEF Deputy Representa- commitment to this endeavor after the Great East Japan tend a grant of 226 million tive in Pakistan. Mr. Faridullah by providing a soft loan of Earthquake and subsequent Japanese Yen (approximately Khan, Secretary, Ministry of approximately US$ 65 million tsunami which took place on $ 2.62 million) to Pakistan Inter Provincial Coordination in order to make Pakistan a March 11, 2011, exactly two years ago. through UNICEF to support was also present to witness “polio-fee” country. In his remarks at the signToday’s signing, accord- I S L A M A B A D — A l - K h a i r the polio eradication pro- the signing. The Government of Japan ing ceremony, Mr. Kono said ing to Mr. Kono, showed Foundation has installed gram in Pakistan. Roughly $ 2 million out of the total grant has focused on polio eradi- “Japan’s commitment and how Japan has continued its over 2000 hand pumps in rewill cover the procurement of cation as a global challenge strong partnership with po- commitment to socio-eco- mote villages to provide clean approximately 13 million on public health of the hu- lio infected countries as well nomic well-being in the drinking water to masses. doses of oral polio vaccine man race. Since 1996, Japan as development partners will world despite the challeng- AKF has been working on (OPV), and the rest will meet has provided grant assis- continue until the day of ing situation in Japan. Fur- Millennium Development the cost of social mobiliza- tance for polio eradication complete eradication of po- ther, he expressed his hope Goals (MDGs) announced by every year through UNICEF lio from the world.” Mr. Kono that this grant assistance will the United Nations in 2000, tion activities. The notes to this effect and these efforts have accu- took the opportunity of the contribute to strengthen the this was said by Tahir Beeg a were signed and exchanged mulated to approximately US$ signing to renew Japan’s sin- existing friendly relation be- trustee of UK based Al- Khair between Mr. Akira Kono, 91 million including today’s cere gratitude to the interna- tween the people of Japan Foundation while talking to Chargé d’Affaires of Japan to signing. In addition to that, tional community including and Pakistan.—NNI Media here. He said to achieve these goals, AKF has given particular importance to the role of women. This includes giving priority to the widows and orphans, in handing over newly built houses after the devastating floods of July I SLAMABAD —Pakistan Post 2010 in Pakistan, so that is holding 42nd International women and families can live letter writing competition for in secure surroundings. students under 15 years of AKF has also established age to join move of the Unipurpose built adult training versal Postal Union (UPU). centers for women. Women Last date for receipt of the are being taught technical composition is March 20. The skills such as sewing, emtheme for the competition is broidery and dress making “Write a letter about why with aim to improve their water is precious”, said a family economic condipress release issued here on tions.—APP Monday. In addition to Pakistan Postage Album and certificate of merit; following three cash prizes will be awarded to those winning first three positions in this competiI SLAMABAD —The World tion, first prize Rs. 20,000, Consumers Rights Day is to HYDERABAD: Relatives of late Ghulam Mohammad protesting against his killing at second Rs. 10,000 and third be commemorated across Rs. 5000. The best letter (En- Pathan Colony. Pakistan on March 15, like glish Version only) will be other parts of the globe, to sent to the UPU, where a jury highlight the importance of set up by United Nations the day. The theme for World Educational, Scientific and Consumer Rights Day Cultural Organization (WCRD) 2013 is “Consumer (UNESCO) will select winjustice now”.In Pakistan, ners to be awarded gold, silthere is a sound regulatory ver and bronze medals bearMaulana Attaur Rahman, Qazi “The centre does not allow mechanism of international M. H ALEEM A SAD ing relevant inscription and Ayazud Din and other lead- Maulana Fazlur Rahman to go standards including The their names as well as albums of the UPU official T IMERGARA —Former chief ers also addressed the con- ahead,” he said. The JUI lead- Competition Commission of minister of Khyber ference. Akram Khan Durrani ers said that the ruling PPP Pakistan (CCP) which is efpostage stamps. In addition, the next four Pakhtunkhwa Akram Khan said that lives, properties and and ANP had failed to fulfill fectively working for the proor five winners will be Durrani has said that election human dignity in the region their slogans of ‘roti, kapra tection of consumers right, awarded certificates and con- boycott by the Jamaat-i- had not been secured during aur makan’ and ‘khapala and promoting fair business solation prizes by the UPU. Islami in 2008 had been the last five years. “Lawless- khawra khapal ikhtiar’. He practices and healthy comThe envelopes must be proved wrong as it had badly ness has been destroying said both the parties had been petition among the market clearly marked as “42nd In- affected Pukhtuns in the re- state integrity and no one is voted by masses for solution players. Various civil societies ternational Letter Writing gion. Addressing an ‘Islam feeling security in the coun- to their problems but the natry,” he said, adding that tion was pushed more to conand consumers rights orgaZindabad conference’ at Competition (2013). The parnization will arrange ticipants must send his en- Khaima Balambat he said the present rulers had failed to front new problems. satisfy people of the province. On the occasion dozens programmes, seminars, and political scenario would have try either in English or Urdu He said the people of of party activists belonging talk shows to highlight the to the Assistant Director (In- different if the JI had taken Balochistan were fed up with to Talash, Lajbok, Maidan importance of the day. The ternational Post) Pakistan part in previous election. this government and were and Timergara announced to Consumer Rights Day was The JUI-F central vice Post Directorate General G8/4, Islamabad-44080, by Ur- chief and former senator planning to get freedom. He join the JUI-F. The new com- first observed in 1983 which gent Mail Service (UMS) or Maulana Gul Naseeb Khan, said the JUI-F leadership ers were greeted by the JUI- aimed at creating awareness senator Rahat paved the way of talks with F leaders and said that the about the rights of the conthrough Registered Post. former amongst the Sending of entries in bulk is Hussain, Dir Lower amir Qazi Taliban but the central gov- party would be strengthened sumers ernment was still hesitating. with their entries. masses.—APP Fazlullah, provincial vice chief not allowed.—APP

AKF installs 2000 hand pumps in rural areas

Pak Post holding Letter Writing Competition

Consumer Rights Day on March 15

JI polls boycott in 2008 ditched Pakhtuns: Durrani

End of human trafficking Pakistan focus: Raja I SLAMABAD —Prime Minis- Houston the Prime Minis- to relations with Australia. Air ter Raja Pervez Ashraf has said that Pakistan was committed to the Bali Process and eliminating sufferings caused due to human trafficking. The Prime Minister was talking to Air Chief Marshal (R) Angus Houston, Australian Prime Minister’s Special Envoy at Prime Minister House on Monday and discussed issues relating to human trafficking. Australia is concerned about human trafficking including from Pakistan and the visit of the envoy is part of the effort to bring an end to this trend. Welcoming Mr. Angus

ter said that Australia and Pakistan enjoy good relations and have remarkable cooperation in various areas. Appreciating the keen interest and full support of the Australian government, the Prime Minister said that people of Pakistan appreciate the assistance provided by the government of Australia, especially for establishing facilitation centres. Air Chief Marshal (R) Angus Houston thanked the Prime Minister for finding time to meet him which reflected the close relationship and the importance attached

Dry weather to continue I SLAMABAD —Pakistan Me- Balochistan teorological Department on Monday forecasts mainly dry weather in most parts of the country during next 24 hours. According to Met Office, Synoptic, Situation/Outlook: A fresh western disturbance is likely to affect western parts of Balochistan tonight and likely to grip upper parts of the country on Tuesday. Mainly dry weather with partly cloudy conditions is expected in most parts of Punjab and Sindh during next 24 hours. In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, mainly dry weather with partly cloudy conditions is expected in most parts of the province, however light rain-thunderstorm is expected at isolated places of Malakand division during next 24 hours. Met Office anticipates mainly dry weather in most parts of the Balochistan, Kashmir and GilgitBaltistan.However light rainthunderstorm is expected at isolated places of Quetta division during next 24 hours. A fair/ partly cloudy weather has forecast for Tuesday in the metropolis, said weather report on Monday. According to a weather report, the minimum temperature is expected to remain in the range of 16 to 18 degree celsius. It said rain/ thunderstorm is likely to occur at isolated places in Quetta, Kalat and Zhob divisions of

while the weather will be dry elsewhere in the region. The local Met office has forecast party cloudy weather for Multan and its suburbs during the next 24 hours. On Sunday, the maximum and minimum temperature was recorded as 29.3 degrees celsius and 16.5 degrees centigrade, respectively. Humidity was recorded as 80 per cent at

8 am and 30 per cent at 5 pm. According to the Met office‚ temperature recorded early morning in Islamabad was 16 °C ‚ Lahore 14 °C ‚ Karachi 20 °C ‚ Peshawar 17 °C ‚ Quetta and Murree 10 °C ‚ Gilgit 6 °C and Muzaffarabad 15 °C. Weather in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa twirled cold when sudden showers lashed Peshawar, Mardan, Kohat, Hazara Division, Ghazar, Malakand, Chitral and most parts of the Khyber Agency early Saturday morning. According to local Meteorological Office the late night rain hit almost the entire area of Khyber Agency while in some parts hailstorm was also recorded causing improvement in chilly condition—APP

Chief Marshal (R) Angus Houston briefed the Prime Minister about the policies and efforts being made by the Australian government to check human trafficking and reiterated that Australia will work closely with Pakistan to reduce human trafficking. The Envoy suggested that Pakistan raise its representation in the Bali Process to the Ministerial level, which was accepted by the Prime Minister. The meeting was also attended by senior officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Interior.—INP

ECP asks admin to remove oversize billboards STAFF REPORTER PESHAWAR—Provincial Election Commissioner Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has taken serious notice of non implementation of their directives regarding removal of oversize billboards and signboards. The ECP had given five days time to the candidates to remove their oversize advertisement tools which expired on March 10. The Election Commission directed the concerned authorities to take action against all such oversize banners and the signboards which were in violation of the code of ethics of the election commission. The Election Commission has also sought a report by the administration in this regard. The Provincial Election Commission has also issued a letter few days back, to Chief Secretary KP, Home Secretary, Additional Chief Secretary FATA, Inspector General of Police, Commissioners, Deputy Commissioners, Political Agents, District Police Officers, wherein the administrative officials have been asked to remove all such signboards and banners, which were more in size then the one prescribed the code of ethics. It merits mentioned here that Election Commission of Pakistan in its code of conducts.

IP gas project to revolutionise Pakistan economic scenerio BASHIR AHMAD RAHMANI tough time to their rivals in the People’s Party since 1997. general elections and pre- He, however, congratulated

HAFIZABAD—Ground-break- dicted that Sharif Brothers Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz ing of historic Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline jointly undertaken on Monday by President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari and President of Iran Ahmedinejad was widely hailed by common people here. They said that despite warnings by US, the President of Pakistan has taken a bold and courageous decision in the supreme interest of Pakistan. They further said that though the decision of laying the I-P gasline was belated and it should have been taken four years back yet this historic decision would go a long way in overcoming the energy crises which would ultimately pave the way for bettering socio-economic conditions in the country and also further cementing ageold brotherly relations between Pakistan and Iran. **** Pakistan People’s Party alongwith its allies would give

would never come to power in the country, declared Raja Riaz Ahmad, Opposition leader in Punjab Assembly on Monday. He alongwith Dr. Hasnat Ahmad Shah, Deputy General Secretary PPP, Punjab, and Rai Mehdi Khan Kharal, President All Pakistan Kharal Biradari, visited Hafizabad on the invitation of Kharal Biradari. Rai Fayyaz Ahmad Kharal, nephew of late Rai Muhammad Shafi Kharal who participated in the general elections from 1962 to 1997 announced his decision to join the PPP. Raja Riaz Ahmad and Dr. Hasnat Ahmad Shah have welcomed Fiaz Ahmad Kharal for joining People’s Party and said that Malik Fayyaz Ahmad Awan MPA and President District PPP, who was always honoured by the PPP has become ‘lota’ and joined PML-N which was unbecoming for him because his family remained associated with

Sharif for “making” lotas and added that the PPP would bury lotacracy in the country. They further said that the recent lota of Hafizabad would be broken by Rai Fayyaz Ahmad Kharal in the elections. On the demand of Kharal Biradari they said that they could not promise party ticket to Fayyaz Kharal from PP-105 and said that it would be decided by the party high command. Replying to a question, he said that Opposition Leader in NA is “agent of Agencies”. Replying to yet another question, he said that the ruling party has not yet nominated the names for caretaker PM. Raja Riaz Ahmad lauded the inauguration of laying of IP gas pipeline. Rai Mehdi Hassan Kharal, President of Kharal Biradari, has declared that Kharal Biradari in the country would support PPP Candidates in the country.

Retired PIA employees demand pension raise SALIM AHMED LAHORE—The general body of PIA’s retired employees demanded immediate increase in the pension of retired employees of the airline as only once in a decade the increase was given to them. President Pakistan International Airlines’ Retired Employees Association (Piarea) Syed Tahir Hassan presided over the general body meeting of the association which was well attended by huge number of retired employees along with foreign and outstation representatives. The meeting welcomed the suggestion of increasing the salaries of PIA em-

ployees recently by PIA management, and demanded that now increase pension of all retired employees as promised by the chairman during a meeting recently because retired employees are finding it hard to survive in this recessionary period with such meager amount of pension. PIAREA also demanded that the payment of commuted amount and Matured Group Insurance should also be given to the retired employees. He said the pension of the retired employees of the national airline is very low as compare to the pensions of the employees

of other government departments, therefore this discrimination should be ended and a due raise in the pensions be made. ‘This policy of denying the lawful rights of the retired employees of PIA should be changed, and they should be given their legal rights while making their pensions respectable from current 32 percent to 50 percent, as per government rules,’ the general body meeting demanded. Also, he adds, the pension should be increased every year in line with the salary increase of the regular employees according to the Admin Order 21/2003 of the airlines that

stated that the ex-staff pension will be raised along with the salaries of its in-service staff. Currently, the national airline gives its employees 32 percent of their total salary as pension but the formula it applies in the end makes the pension calculated on their basic pays. So the airline should either give them 50 percent pension on the basic pay or make the 32 percent pension to be given on their total salaries. ‘According to the rules, the PIA Pension Trust Fund should have Rs 25 billion to Rs 35 billion earmarked for the retired employees of the national airline. So any in-

crease in the pensions will not affect the PIA’s budget,’ he reasoned. The president of the association said that in the midst of current inflationary period the retired employees of the airline are facing hardships, therefore, it is the need of the time to give them their due raise in their pensions. In the end, president PIAREA said that Chairman PIA should also consider the valuable services of the retired employees and must give them their due right in terms of pension. He also offered the services of the retired employees in the best interest HARIPUR: KP Minister for Higher Education Qazi Muhammad Asad unveiling the plaque to inaugurate Government Girls Degree College at Sarai Saleh. of the national airline.

US scholarships to rural students fufil their academic dreams PPP fulfilled all promises

ISLAMABAD—The Merit and a press release issued by the versity of Arid Agriculture, versity, but I had no clue tion at Quaid-e-Azam Univer- ing to the press release, Need-Based US Scholarship US Embassy here on Mon- Rawalpindi. The press release highships for university study to versities are: Quaid-i-Azam, lighted the success-story of academically talented, finan- Islamabad, Lahore Univer- a Pakistani student who cially needy Pakistani stu- sity of Management Sci- benefitted from the scholardents. The programme tar- ences, Lahore, Institute of ship programme: It is a fagets students going to gov- Business Administration, miliar concern heard from ernment schools in rural or Karachi, Institute of Busi- students all over the world: Administration, “I’m smart and I know I can remote areas, especially in ness northern Sindh, Balochistan, Sukkur, Institute of Manage- do great things, but how will southern Punjab, Khyber ment Science, Peshawar, I ever pay for university?” Karachi, Wali Sultan from Daska in Pakhtunkhwa, and the Fed- SZABIST, erally Administered Tribal BUITEMS, Quetta, Khyber Punjab asked himself that Pakhtunkhwa Agriculture question in 2010. Tragically, Areas. Students can pursue University, Peshawar, Uni- his father had passed away, study in agriculture versity of Agriculture, and he worried he would not (Master’s or Bachelor’s de- Faisalabad, Sindh Agricul- be able to stay in school. “I grees) or Management at a ture University, Tandojam, had always dreamed of partner Pakistani university, and Pir Mehr Ali Shah Uni- studying in a renowned uni-

S IALKOT —Federal Minister for Na- Programme awards scholar- day said. The 11 partner unitional Regulation and Services Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan has said the PPP government has fulfilled all its promises by providing all basic facilities to people at their door steps. Addressing a public gathering after inaugurating a gas supply project in Bajwat, she said the PPP had promoted positive politics after ending politics of revenge in the area. She said: “The PPP government firmly believes in fair politics and is serving people without any discrimination.” “The PPP government has completed a record development projects in Bajwat villages due to which a new vista of socio-economic and human development has begun in this region,” she added. The minister said that political orphans are afraid of their expected defeat in this area in general elections because of these development projects .” PPP to file candidate from South Waziristan Agency: Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) for the first time in history of the country will file its candidate from South Waziristan Agency after extension of Political Parties Act 2002 to FATA areas. President Peoples Lawyer Forum FATA chapter, Shah Fahad Ansari while talking to APP on Monday said like all parts of the country, PPP is a popular party in South Waziristan agency. He said that PPP has strong roots in FATA and will contest election from there. He said PPP leadership always raised voice for the rights of FATA , adding all mega development projects including first cadet college in Razmak was built in PPP government on the direction of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. He said PPP government has fulfilled its commitment of bringing people of FATA into mainstream politics by extending Political Parties Act 2002 to the FATA areas.—APP

about how I would be able to complete a Master ’s degree and help support my family,” said Wali. Then Wali heard about the Merit and Need Based Scholarships offered by the United States through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and in cooperation with the Higher Education Commission (HEC). “I heard about USAID’s scholarship programme, so, keeping hope, I applied,” said Wali. Wali was accepted and received a full scholarship to study business administra-

sity in Islamabad. He completed his studies and now works at Mobilink, a leading telecommunications company in Pakistan, as a Procurement Associate. “USAID truly came as a blessing in disguise and - with the grace of beloved Allah, my determination, prayers of my kind mother and financial support of USAID - I am now a Management graduate and lived and completed my dream,” said Wali. “Because of this scholarship, I have security for myself and for my family.” Accord-

more than 1,800 smart but economically disadvantaged Pakistani students have received Merit and Needs Based Scholarships under this program. Scholarships fund not only tuition, but also books, transportation, and other expenses associated with fulltime study. More than 850 scholarship recipients have earned undergraduate and graduate degrees thus far. Most USAID Merit and Needs-Based Scholarship recipients have found a job within six months of completing their degrees.—APP

Faryal Talpur versus APML candidate to contest Larkana polls NAZIR SIYAL L ARKANA —All

Elements trying to hinder polls to fail T HATTA —Secretary General PML-Q Mushahid Hussain Sayed has called for identifying elements trying to hindert the general elections. He said it is necessary to strengthen the Election Commission and empower it to conduct free, fare and transparent general elections. Addressing a party gathering at Chilya town on National Highway, some 12 kilometres from Thatta city the PML (Q) leader contended that the people of Pakistan have sustained enormous ups and downs in the political history of the country and that the stability and vitality of the institutions was hidden in regular, fair and impartial elections within the time schedule. He further said it is vital to make the future of Pakistan prosperous keeping in view its potential and literate and politically con- QUETTA: People stand in long queue to get their passports as there is acute shortage of staff at Passport Office. scious masses. He said the country is bound to progress further if true representatives of masses are brought into the assemblies from the middle class. He said that his party has encouraged the middle class cadre by bringing them into the mainstream of the political arena in contrast to the past when feudal class dominated the politics. He also said that the country can prosper when the due rights and privileges are accorded to the provinces. PML(Q) leader said that the conventional politics id nearing its end and in future the people will use their right of franchise for a cause instead of the chair. He said that Thatta is a historical city towards Pakistan ing royalty of the poor of of his constituency and now area STAFF REPORTER its people have become politically conscious and mature. Warsak Dam effectees on de- forced all of them to pay the People’s Party in forthcomMushahid said that his party cadre is vibrant with very P ESHAWAR —After disap- velopment works of the said bills to Wapda. None of them ing general elections but on active workers, specially women leaders and workers. He pointment from Speaker of constituency while the people is in position to pay the bills other hand they were to face said that former dictator Pervez Musharraf was no longer Khyber Pakhtunkhwa As- of the area could not pay elec- from Rs1 to 1.5million each starvation and waiting for the an Army General and can take part in politics.—APP family since 2001. said royalty. sembly, Elders of Khidmatgar tricity bills for 12 years. The demands, he preAccompanied by large We have been demandQaumi Jarga (KQJ) has decided to contest upcoming number of white bearded ing of the government par- sented including increase Alliances cannot harm PPP HYDERABAD —Federal Defence Minis- general elections on MNA men of the area, he said that ticularly the speaker to waive royalty from 10 to 30 percent, ter Syed Naveed Qamar has said that and MPA seats in order to the concerned Speaker had off all the bills of electricity waiving off bills of electricthe opposition parties’ alliance in resolve issues being faced by formed the KQJ when he had or adjust it in lieu of royalty ity, provision of 10 megawatt Sindh will cause no electoral harm to people of PK-7 constituency. lost the election by saying of the people of PK-7, but free electricity, 10 percent Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) since Speaking at a press confer- that masses of PK-7 had the unfortunately neither the quota to descendent of the similar groups failed to do the same in ence here at Press Club on right to use electricity free of government nor the speaker effectees in Warsak Cadet the past as well. “Their alliance is like Monday, Pattern in Chief of cost as they were all effectees considered their request. He College, developments as per zero plus zero,” he commented while KQJ Haji Arbad Shehr Yar of Warsak dam. The Speaker, said now all royalty of the consultation of the elders of talking to the media during the inau- Khan alleged that the KP as- he alleged that when came poor was being spent on so- the area, provision of gas to guration of a bypass in Mula Katiar sembly Speaker Kiramatullah into power forgot all his called developments aimed at every house and end of corarea in Tando Muhammad Khan. Qamar Khan Chagharmatti was us- pledges made with the people attracting the people of the rupt people. said the PPP had fought such alliances in the past as well, adding that while such groups faded away the PPP and its popularity sustained. While responding to a question, the Minister rejected the possibility of any delay in the holding of elections. “In the past the elections were held in a similar law and order situation,” he said. The STAFF REPORTER Defence Minister announced that the PPP’s election campaign will start from March 17, a day after the elected assemblies complete their constitutional tenure. Later, F AISALABAD —A man shot lage here on Monday. Ac- C-Peshawar) coming from P ESHAWAR —Prominent powhile addressing the foundation- stone laying ceremony dead his two uncles over a cording to details, Shoukat the opposite side hit him near litical activists of ANP, PMLof Citizen’s Foundation School, Naveed Qamar said pro- property dispute in the area Ali’s family were sleeping in Purana Bhalwal. Muhammad N and PTI of Union Council, viding quality education in the rural areas was essential of police staton Rodala the house when all of a sud- Suleman, died on the spot. Gulbahar, Peshawar city to bring the quality of life there at par with the urban Road. According to the po- den its dilapidated roof The body was shifted to Monday announced quitting areas. “The children of poor people, farmers and labourers lice, Abid Sharif resident of caved-in in the wee hours of THQ Hospital Bhalwal for their respective parties and have the right to get the same education which the chil- Chak No.282-GB had an old Monday, killing his two chil- autopsy. Police investigat- joining PPP here on Monday. dren of rich people get,” he commented. Earlier Federal property dispute with his dren on the spot and injur- ing the incident. Those who joined PPP Quetta: A man was killed on the occasion included Minister Anwar Ali Cheema Monday said that no single uncles Abdul Lateef and ing seven others. The departy would be in a position to form government after the Abdul Haneef. Over this is- ceased were identified as and two others sustained in- Malik Arif-ur-Rehman (PMLnext general elections. Addressing the oath-taking cer- sue, Abid along with his ac- Amjad,12, and eight years juries in an armed clash be- N), Sajjad Haider, Gul emony of newly-elected members of Press Club complices opened fire and old Usman. The rescue team tween two groups over an old Mohammad and Khan Haider Baghtanwala Tehsil, Cheema said that the Pakistan Mus- killed Abdul Lateef and reached the scene and enmity in Jaffarabad district (ANP) and Rasool Marwat, lim League-Quaid, would play an important role in form- Abdul Haneef on the spot. shifted the injured to a nearby on Monday. According to po- Habib, Fayyaz, Shehzad and lice, the two sub-clans used Haji Allauddin of PTI. ing the coalition government by securing a large number Police took the bodies into hospital. Sargodha: A man was automatic weapons near Goth custody and started invesof seats. Clarifying the news of leaving the party, he said Former provincial presihe would not quit the PML as it was the real Muslim tigation after arresting the killed in a road accident in Muhammad Sharif Bugti area. dent, PPP and Khyber accused along with weapon. Bhalwal police limits on Mon- As a result, Muhammad Sidiq Pakhtunkhwa Minister for League.—APP Police said that died on the spot while Health, Syed Zahir Ali Shah, Nankana Sahib: Two real day. brothers were killed and Muhammad Suleman s/o Mehboob and Sajo were in- who was present on the ocSALU, UK Varsity sign education MoU Khan, resident jured. On information, the po- casion congratulated and KHAIRPUR—A Memorandum of Under- seven other persons sus- Muhammad of village 18/NB was riding lice reached the site, shifted standing (MoU) between University of tained injuries when dilapi- his motorcycle (MI/9345) the dead and the injured to a welcomed them into the party fold. Lancashire (UK) and Shah Abdul Latif dated roof of a house col- when a speeding truck (3224/ nearby hospital.—APP University (SALU), Khairpur was signed lapsed in Nabipur Peera vilon Monday. The MoU is aimed at developing and understanding educational collaboration and professional building by promoting educational and professional activities. Besides, the staff development and teaching of the staff of both the parties will be carried out as part of MoU. Staff/students from the SALU will apply and ASMA NOUREEN enroll for undergraduate or post-graduate programme at the University of Lancashire for academic year 2013. They F AISALABAD—Punjab Agriwill be charged a discounted tuition fees of 8500 pounds, cultural Minister Ahmad Ali which will become payable at the time of enrolment. The Aulakh on Monday called MoU was signed on behalf of University of Lancashire’s for stepping up efforts to Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) Dr. Graham Baldwin persuade farming community and on behalf of Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur’s about adopting modern pracVice Chancellor Prof Dr. Parveen Shah. Four BZU stutices to ensure food security. dents injured in clash: Four students of Bahauddin Zakariya He chaired a session of UniUniversity (BZU) were injured in a clash between two versity of Agriculture groups on Monday. According to in charge of the univerFaisalabad 37th Senate Meetsity police picket, Sub-inspector Tahir Maqsood, a quarrel ing. UAF Vice Chancellor Prof between two student groups after an exchange of harsh Dr Iqrar Ahmad Khan also words. During the clash, firing also started from the roof of spoke. Registrar Muhammad Usman Hall (Boys Hostel) in which Javed was injured as a Hussain presented the bullet hit into his leg. Three other students of both groups agenda before the House and were also injured, he added. The injured Javed was shifted Treasure Muhammad Ashraf to Nishtar Hospital. Later, police and BZU administration Mumtaz tabled the budget reached the scene to control law and order. The university before the House. was sealed for investigation and arrest the accused. The The minister said that law and order situation was bad in the university over the CHITRAL: A large number of vehicles stuck in front of Lawari Tunnel due to ditches in thirty three million acre of middle of road and land sliding. last few days.—APP

KP Speaker accused of misusing Warsak Dam affectees royalty

Pakistan Muslim League (APML) will contest elections throughout country as well in Larkana constituencies against the MNA Faryal Talpur on NA207, which will be announced after return of the former President of Pakistan Pervez Musharaf before May 2013. Speaking to newsmen a young and veteran politician Nawab Gaibi Sultan Ahmed Chandio’s son Gaibi Waheed Khan Chandio said this, who also announced to join with hundreds of Chandio community people to APML public meeting held Larkana city a day before. On the occasion, a large number of different communities among Manzoor Ahmed Gorar, Divisional President APML Larkana, Muslim Bhutto Vice President APML also announced to join publicly in the presence of central leader Brig (R) Rashid Qureshi during election campaign started in Larkana at Jinnah Bagh. Central leader Rashid Qureshi said that the era of Pervez Musharaf was a historical in country, so that the prices were not high of all commodities, as economy of country was stable and dollar rate less than 60 rupees, which now has reached 100 and it is a complete failure of PPP government.

He said Pervez Musharraf will start his political struggle to participate in general election before May, to prove his participation and take out the country of the crises. He said the present rulers have increased poverty, unemployment, energy crises and other innumerable problems and put the sovereignty and security of country in danger, poor people have been deprived of two square meal, but PPP and PML-N elected representatives are paying foreign trips, he criticized. Local leaders also said that slogans of ‘Go Musharraf Go’ have now been turned into ‘Come Musharaf Come’ and masses are recalling the era of Musharraf. There was rule of law and no violation of merit took place’ adding that now a job of sanitary worker is being sold for millions, they said. They criticized the Present PPP government and its rulers for selling the jobs. They could not fulfill the promises, how could they change the system and bring the prosperity and development programmes and masses should make accountability of corrupt politicians and not to elect them in upcoming general elections, they said. On the occasion Nawab Gaibi Waheed Khan Chandio and Manzoor Gorar told that Pervez Musharraf will announce the candidates for general elections after his return.

PML-N, PTI 2 brothers killed in roof collapse, ANP, activists join PPP property dispute claims 2 lives

QUETTA: Acting President Balochistan National Party Dr Jahanzeb Jamaldini addressing a Press conference.

Punjab govt provides Rs10b scholarships under PEEF agricultural land in Punjab out of 50 million acre is being cultivated. He said that a lack of communication between experts and farmers was hampering the process of increasing per acre. He said that the Punjab government was taking all-out efforts to increase the per acre production that was the need of the hour. Talking about agricultural reforms, he said that the government had distributed 30,000 tractors among the farming community with the subsidy of six billion rupees. He said that as a result of Punjab Wheat Competition, per acre wheat productivity has jacked up. The contest was meant to

motivate the farming community to apply the latest practices at their field in the competitive atmosphere. The winner of the contest has produced 80 mounds of wheat from an acre that is a hallmark. He said that provincial government has made heavy investment to improve the Supply Change management and storage capacity to face up the challenges of modern world and reduce the post harvest losses. Talking about educational reforms, he said that the Punjab Government has provided scholarship worth 10 billion under the Punjab Educational Endowment Fund to support the talented and needy students.

Pakistan’s leap forward after decades


The drone future


T long last, Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline dream has become a reality with leaders of the two countries performing ground breaking of the historic project. The two countries are reported to have completed the necessary formalities including financial and technical aspects and it is expected that the pipeline would be there on ground even before the deadline of December, 2014 as the Iranian company assigned with the task plans to accomplish it with the required speed. The project would, no doubt, benefit the two countries immensely and that is why they have decided to pursue it despite pressure from the United States. They have rightly brushed aside apprehensions and objections of other countries by telling them that it is motivated by their desire to provide economic benefits to their people and is not directed against any other state. That Pakistan is an energy deficient country is no exaggeration as it has suffered hugely during the last six years due to electricity and gas crises and the situation is unlikely to improve if steps like import of gas were not taken to ensure energy security. In view of its economic benefits to the country, the project can legitimately be described as a major leap forward in decades. We believe that, in fact, this should have been finalized much earlier because of its economic and commercial benefits and the expected contribution to the economic growth and development of the country. Any how, now that formal ground-breaking ceremony has been held, it is hoped that the two countries would, at any stage and at any cost, not succumb to the outside pressure as did India, which left the project several years back. Apart from rapid implementation of the IP project, we would also recommend that talks should be held with all stakeholders to finalize plans for import of gas from Turkmenistan as well. Pakistan’s energy requirements are growing at a fast pace and even these two projects would not fulfil the entire demand and that is why prudence demands we should also expedite domestic exploration activities.

Malik Riaz’s offer to rebuild Joseph Colony T

HE entire country has plunged into grief and shock over what hap pened to the residents of Joseph Colony in Lahore at the hands of some lunatic elements. As members of the Christian community staged protest demonstrations in different parts of the country, different segments of the society including the Government, the opposition, Ulema, media and members of the civil society expressed complete solidarity with the victims, demanding justice for them and exemplary punishment for those who indulged in the extremist act. In view of the fact that the entire nation has solidly stood behind the victims, violence by some people especially in Lahore where largescale damage was done to public property especially terminals of Metro Bus was regrettable. It seems that some circles are giving political twist to the tragedy to settle their own political scores and agenda and this is evident from the reaction of the PPP and the accusations hurled by Interior Minister Rehman Malik. The proper response is announcement by both the provincial and federal governments to provide substantial financial assistances to the affected families to ensure their early rehabilitation. It is also encouraging that other segments of the society are providing moral and other support to the affected people at the hour of grief. The offer made by real estate tycoon Malik Riaz is all the more significant and appreciable as he volunteered to rebuild the Joseph Colony free of cost. It is understood that Malik Riaz, who is known for his philanthropic pursuits, has the capability and expertise to fulfil this pledge and we hope that the Punjab Government would provide him necessary permission and approval as requested by him. We believe that Malik has excelled once again and showed the way to others to follow especially to those who do nothing but indulge in mere point scoring.

US weapons to fuel war in Syria A

S the US is drawing down its troops from Afghanistan, it is sending the spared artilleries, armoured vehicles and different weapons systems to fighter groups in Syria. The large scale supply of weapons will cause further havoc in Syria and plunge it into more disaster and killings. According to reports these weapons and arms systems include anti armour and missile systems, rocket launchers and tens of armoured Humvees. These war machines were used first to destroy Afghanistan and now the war threatre is being shifted to Syria. The civil war has already resulted in the deaths of more than 90,000 people and forced an estimated three million to flee their homes. The entire country is in chaos and dead bodies are being found all over. The other day Syrian opposition campaigners said at least 20 bodies of young men shot by security forces were found in a small waterway running through the contested city of Aleppo. Sunday’s discovery was the largest in a single day of number of bodies lifted from what became known as “the river of martyrs”. In fact the situation in Syria is a replay of what happened in Libya and the victims are the common people who have been made helpless with no jobs, no food and no shelter. We wish a way out could have been found with sincerity of purpose through the collective efforts of the United Nations and the Arab League instead of further fuelling the war with dumping of arms of mass destruction. It is still time that the international community must take notice of the destruction and sufferings of the people and the major powers with political inputs from the neighbouring countries reach a consensus to bring an end to bloodshed and devastation.

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Distortion of Subcontinent history Muslims since 1916, and sought guarantees from the Hindu leadership and British Raj that Muslims should be given their due Mohammad Jamil rights. Anyhow, Pakistan came into being on 14th Email: August 1947, and no questions should be raised as to how and why n a recent story published in the subcontinent was partitioned. ‘Christian Science Monitor’, it But Hindus are not willing to forwas narrated: “In a suburban give Quaid-i-Azam for creating Pahigh school of Islamabad, students kistan, and continue with their sheof 9th class are taught Pakistan his- nanigans and propaganda to malign tory by giving an oblique angle vi- Pakistan in one way or another. Any sion”. It meant that facts are twisted effort to create doubts about the to brainwash people of Pakistan to two-nation theory or ideology of spread hatred against India, which Pakistan means striking at the roots is travesty of the truth. As regards of Pakistan. killings of Muslims by Hindus and As a matter of fact, the foundaSikhs at the time of partition, the tion of two-nation theory was laid report quoted Pakistani historian Dr down the day separate constituenMubarak Ali’s assertion that “it was cies for the Muslims were accepted a one sided story and that actually in Lucknow Pact of 1916. Quaid-iit was an Indian reaction to Paki- Azam was once named as an ambasstani attacks on Hindu/Sikh cara- sador of Hindu-Muslim unity, and vans”. The aim of such stories is to had tried his best to have constitucreate doubts about our history and tional guarantees for the Muslims. stimulate skepticism about ideol- But after Gandhi’s assertion that the ogy of Pakistan. Dr Mubarak Ali Congress alone represented India, has called for the rewriting of the Quaid-i-Azam was convinced that subcontinent’s history and correc- Muslims would not get a fair deal in tion of what he called “historical the united India. He, therefore, deaberrations”, so that the hatred and cided that at an opportune moment, misunderstanding prevailing be- he would accept nothing short of a tween the people of India and Pa- separate homeland for the Muslims. kistan could come to an end. Since August 1947 to 1971, India It is too well known that ma- and Pakistan had two wars over the jority of Muslims in the undivided Kashmir dispute, and despite soIndia were backward, poverty-rid- called dialogue, both nations are in den and did not have adequate rep- a way ‘warring nations’. The resentation in assemblies and ad- learned historian should understand ministration. In schools, Muslim that in case of warring nations, hestudents were forced to join in cho- roes of one nation are the villains rus to sing Vanday Matram, and of the other nation. For the Muslims were not provided opportunity to of the undivided India and now of get education in their mother Pakistan, Quaid-i-Azam was and is tongue. Quaid-i-Azam had been their hero, whereas Hindu leaders trying to secure the rights of the and the general public considered

News & Views


him a person who divided their sacred homeland. In fact they are not willing to reconcile with the reality of Pakistan. There are many books written by neutral historians of the West who have given true account of brutal attacks by Indian armed gangs against armless migrating Muslim caravans trying to reach Pakistan. In Punjab, there were organized killings, although migration had taken place whereby Hindus and Sikhs migrated from Pakistan to India, and Muslims migrated from India to Pakistan under the protection of military, but the force was not enough. Nowadays, there is much talk of peace between the two countries. Of course, people of India and Pakistan want peace, but India has to resolve the disputes of Sir Creek, Siachen, and of course the core issue of Kashmir to normalize the relations. But Indian propaganda continues under the garb of peace process, and there are exchanges of cultural delegations of artists and educationists. When academics visit Pakistani educational institutions, they criticize Pakistani schools’ curriculum for, what they say, containing hate-spreading material against India. In fact, many facts were concealed by the Indian authors, who highlighted just one side of the picture, as many of them wrongly blamed Mohammad Ali Jinnah for the partition, and they conveniently glossed over the harsh realties that forced Mohammad Ali Jinnah and millions of Muslims all over India to take this path. First and foremost, Jinnah formally entered politics in 1905 from the platform of the Indian National Congress and not the Muslim League. A year later, he served as secretary to Dadabhai Noaroji (1825-1917) the then president of the Congress. Gopal Krishna

Gokhale called Jinnah the “ambassador of Hindu-Muslim unity” because of his untiring initiatives for the unity of the two communities. A similar great effort of Jinnah has been mentioned by Jaswant Singh in his recent book. surprisingly though, the Nehru Report (1928) which represented the Congresssponsored proposals for the future constitution of India negated the minimum Muslim demands embodied in the Delhi Muslim proposals. In the Constituent Assembly elections of 1946, the All India Muslim League under the leadership of Jinnah won 425 out of 496 seats reserved for Muslims all over India, with about 89.2 percent of Muslim votes, on the issue of creating an independent state of Pakistan. So Pakistan emerged on the world map after a democratically fought and massively won elections. Many historians have narrated that the Sikhs, their leading political organization, the Akali Dal, and its leaders, particularly Master Tara Singh and Giani Kartar Singh had a greater share of the blame for the mass migrations and violence that occurred in the Punjab. The Sikh started systematic attacks on Muslims in various parts of Punjab. In Eastern Punjab and the adjoining Sikh princely states (particularly Patiala) the violence was marked by the prominent role of Sikh jathas (bands of 20 to 600 men); the police and the army remained rather passive. The rulers of some states of Punjab (Patiala, Kapurthala and others) not only allowed the marauding Sikh bands to use their territories as sanctuaries but also beefed up their strength by encouraging their own state troops to join in the killing sprees. —The writer is Lahore-based senior journalist.

Governance by gut feelings actually to the fore. So the new FM will be under scruand each action of his Dr Zafar Altaf tiny will be subjected to cynical appreciation. Logic will not play a part. How does one evaluate public reason and he only person that I have personal gut feeling? Can the two known that wrote letters to ever coincide? Can emotive decihimself was Thomas sions be in the public realm? Will Jefferson. He wrote letters from the they serve the purpose of the few? heart to his head and from the head Can then Pakistan be governed by to his heart. These are unique let- the rule of illogic or has one gone ters in the sense that the heart let- to far in subjecting public benefit ters were full of emotive content in this realm? Yet one has known and the head letters were full of people that have taken decisions reason and logic. The heart may that would be better than that based have its reasons but reason never on logic. The state of society has could know what was in the mind much to do with this. It is pluralisof Thomas Jefferson. We normally tic and its cultural context changes associate intelligence as a normal with areas and the kinds of social deliberate, conscious activity organizations that it has developed. guided by laws of logic. Yet much So decisions are and cannot be of our mental life is unconscious, based on rational thinking. That is based on programs and processes far cry and that is what one has been that are in conflict with logic, gut telling the policy makers in over feelings or intuitions. three decades of public service. Pakistan is in one of those What moves a nation? What makes times where the nature of work and for a better decision? Is logic and effort required is now beyond logic reason to be always at best? How and considerations of the mind of is meritorious decision making to any kind. We are I a way in a kind be furthered? How are motives to of administration black hole-a hole be ascribed? Is the Psychological that seems to be bottomless. One framework of the west the same as had thought that this hole had a that of this country? What does look bottom after the East Pakistan de- before you leap and analyze before bacle. But that was not to be. The you take any action mean in the power of reason, it seems, is context of our country. Having been roughed up by the emotive content privy to cabinet meetings where all in our work. Since everything is shades of decision makers were amiss we have then to look t our present one was pleasantly surdecision makers to understand prised at the decision makers gut what is going on in the context of feelings. One had attributed this at our political; system. Will emo- that time to abundant common tions hold sway or will reason and sense. Some of the best decisions logic come to the fore. The change in economics came from those unin the finance minister at this stage initiated in economics. It was surmeans that the reasons given were prising that such a thing did hapdifferent from the ones that were pen. The outcome was always there


over a period of time. Where this gut feeling was not properly [?] employed matters went from bad to worse. When we are subjected to decisions based on the logic of the west matters do not seem to go right. The USA is helping us through interventions in the KerryLugar [K-L] bill. The intentions must be right. Yet the interventions leave much to be desired. Take particular instances. Recently the policy makers decided to provide the Livestock artificial inseminators with Motor Cycles-120 of them. Was the movement to the animal at the right time the only aspect that was required to be corrected? An analysis would show that the artificial inseminations [AI] have a poor record as there were a number of requirements that had to be met. The AI intervention requires that the vial when opened should be used immediately and should be kept under Nitrogen in a flask where a temperature of -10degrees is required for the semen to be viable. The previous record shows that the success rate has never gone into double figures. We in Pakistan have been singularly unsuccessful in deploying this technology to handle pour non-descript livestock. There are other options but no one chose to determine till one day some people made a visit to my office to determine what could be done. The experience that the cooperative of which I was the chair was totally different as in thirty years of successful interventions in the dairy sector the inseminators were able to go to a success rate of nearly 80%; yet when we shifted our efforts where the ambient temperatures were different with the same interventions we failed miserably.

This led to a change of interventions. The gut feeling that came through was based on exponential experience of a chartered accountant!! The fact is that some persons have better cognitive ability [s] than others. The intuitive aspect is covered by unintentional observations that go towards making up exponential experiences that keep on accumulating in the brain. There are others that never get out of single interventions. The aid agencies can do tolerably better interventions when the locals are able to give their best in an interactive process. I have only given one instance of failure that will occur. The other in the dairy industry is the foot and mouth disease. The K-L people will not know till some one tells them that the virus of foot and mouth disease has mutated and now there are new strains in the system. In any case Islamabad is the least likely place where this should be taken care off; interventions and decision making have to be at par with the knowledge of the partners that are trying to help us in this matter of improving performance of our dairy herds. It is serious business. I have seen the sector suffer and the consumers are at odds with what is happening. So what will you have? A degreed university person holding out lollipops or a pragmatic decision maker whose exponential experience could make the difference for the future. The choice is the public policy makers and not any other persons. So decide how matters stand. The decision makers have to work out the sums. Guts or reason based on half-baked knowledge. The administrative black holes remember is with us.

hey’re small, inexpensive and capable of feats that once belonged to the realm of science fiction — and they’re here to stay. The advent of drones is one of the most significant technological advances of our time. These pilotless, remote-controlled aircraft have been a boon to the war against terrorist enemies in South Asia. They were a key to our successful intervention in Libya. With great promise for law enforcement, they also have been deployed by the Department of Homeland Security to detect people illegally crossing this nation’s southern border. But as last week’s filibuster by US Senator Rand Paul, R-Ky., dramatized, these machines also evoke serious concerns. In the realm of the war on terrorism, the fear is that, having been used on foreigners and even American citizens involved with al-Qaida, they may be used to kill Americans on US soil without a hearing or trial. “The Fifth Amendment protects you ... from a king placing you in the tower, but it should also protect you from a president that might kill you with a drone,” Paul said. Most police agencies in the US haven’t been rushing to adopt drones. The Chicago Police Department doesn’t plan to use them. But drones have been put to use by police departments in Miami, Seattle and Little Rock, Ark. Civil libertarians fear surveillance drones will become so common that even law-abiding citizens will find it impossible to escape the unblinking eye in the sky. The warnings are not baseless. The Obama administration has needlessly fuelled the worst suspicions with its secrecy about its policy in using drones against enemies. Only recently did it make public a Justice Department white paper — and then only after the document leaked to the media. And the White House has yet to fully disclose the legal basis for its actions. But the rules are not expansive — limiting targets to senior figures in al-Qaida and affiliated groups who are involved in planning attacks and cannot be captured. This last condition, Paul might have noticed, would exclude almost anyone on US soil, citizen or not, since apprehending a suspect here is far easier than in Yemen or Somalia. It was nonetheless reassuring to hear the admission that Paul finally coaxed from Attorney General Eric Holder, who said the president does not have the right to use a drone to kill an American “not engaged in combat” in this country. Only in extraordinary circumstances is it possible to imagine such use — say, a citizen working for al-Qaida who hijacks a plane and steers it toward a skyscraper. As for police drones, it’s not too early to start talking about how they may be used to enhance public safety without violating individual privacy. Because of their low cost, quiet operation and manoeuvrability, drones could be a great boon to crime fighting, letting cops monitor criminals far more intensively than they can today. But for the same reason, they could significantly impinge on privacy. The American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois wants the General Assembly to limit their use to a few purposes, such as preventing a suspect from escaping, locating missing people and averting imminent harm to life or property. Aside from those circumstances, police would need a search warrant. A drone regulation bill sponsored by state Senator Daniel Biss, D-Evanston, passed out of a Senate committee last week. It’s a good starting place for debate. But before creating law, the Legislature should take its time and get the full input of police and prosecutors. Those voices may argue that drones are technologically different — but their deployment not terribly different in principle — from helicopters, cruisers and fixed cameras that allow police officers to monitor citizens. Drones are clearly a big part of the future. Now is a good time to address what that future will be.—Chicago Tribune The difference between genuine poetry and the poetry of Dryden, Pope and all their school, is briefly this: Their poetry is conceived and composed in their wits, genuine poetry is conceived and composed in the soul. Matthew Arnold —British poet

No end to Dr Aafia’s ordeal of the US or CIA. This happened in spring 2003 after GenMusharraf had two years Ali Ashraf Khan eral. earlier pledged unqualified legiance to the US and their socalled war on terror, a decision which he took alone on receivhe case of Dr Aafia Siddiqi is ing a single telephone call from then a glaring example of the US Secretary of State General Powel troubled relationships between without consultation of anybody and the US and Pakistan and why Paki- even his army high command. As a stanis hate Americans. Aafia’s name result this young woman, a hundred came up when Khalid Sheikh times more qualified than the general, Muhammad, one of the alleged plan- was kidnapped in broad day light ners of the September 11 attacks, was while going to airport from home by interrogated by the CIA after his ar- the Pakistani intelligence may be in rest on March 1, 2003. Mohammed collusion with the Americans, handed was tortured by water boarding 183 over to them and taken out of the times and the confessions which were country to later found in the infamous pressed from him during this trig- Bagram airbase prison, another Abu gered a series of related arrests shortly Ghraib. Officially this is denied by thereafter. the Pakistani army and state until toAmong those victims was the one day. It amounts to severe human of Aafia Siddiqi who was also said to rights violation and human traffickhave married Khalid’s nephew ing sanctioned by General Musharraf Ammar al-Baloch. Aafia sought sepa- and his regime. This is not even sayration from her husband and was liv- ing anything about the crimes coming in her mothers house in Karachi mitted against the three minor chilwith her three minor children. Hav- dren of Aafia, the youngest a baby ing lived in US from her early teen boy of about six months who has been years decided to leave Karachi think- killed in the process. ing about her children education and Officially Aafia was unaccounted social security. So one morning she for from 2003 till 2008 when she left her mothers home to catch flight managed to escape or was let believe for Islamabad with children to com- to do so from Bagram prison. She was plete her US travel requirements, her caught during her flight in Ghazni in mother later in day was looking after July 2008 and taken for interrogation. the garden that she heard some body That was when she was shot and seknocking the gate, when she opened verely wounded at the police coma man ridding heavy motorcycle was pound the following day. Her Amerithere to inform her that her daughter can interrogators said she grabbed an has been flown by them and don’t cre- unattended rifle from behind a curate any fuss about it. Perhaps she was tain and began shooting at them. This arrested by or with the help of Paki- version of the US army would never stani agencies acting on the command be proven because no fingerprints or


other signs of her touching the weapon were ever found. In any case what is for sure that an American interrogator shot her from a close range and wounded her severely? She received medical attention for her wounds at Bagram Air Base and was later flown to the US to be charged in a New York City federal court with concocted charges of attempted murder, and armed assault on U.S. officers and employees. Despite her denying the charges and no prove found she was convicted to 86 years in prison by a kangaroo court trial with the only purpose to create a fear in Muslim Ummah. Amnesty International monitored the trial for fairness. Four British Parliamentarians called the trial a grave miscarriage of justice that violated the Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution as well as the United States’ obligations as a member of the United Nations, and demanded Siddiqui’s release. In a letter to Barack Obama, they stated that there was a lack of scientific and forensic evidence tying Siddiqui to the weapon she allegedly fired. Many of Siddiqui’s supporters, including some international human rights organizations, have claimed that Siddiqui was not an extremist and that she and her young children were illegally detained, interrogated and tortured by Pakistani intelligence, U.S. authorities or both during her five-year socalled disappearance. The U.S. and Pakistan governments have denied all such claims and especially the Pakistani government is denying its involvement in the abduction and torture of a Pakistani citizen and her children as they are denying the ab-

duction torture and killing of hundreds if not thousands of other politically unwanted people like Balochi nationalists, Journalists like Syed Saleem Shahzad and many others. This PPP government as the previous one both is posing as ‘democratic’ and ‘elected’ but at a closer look they are cruel dictatorial regimes. Former Pakistani ambassador to the US Hussain Haqqani, a PPP stalwart and a cozy friend of the US use to phone the family of Aafia and assured them that he would do this and that for her release and nothing was done. This information is coming directly from the family. Election doesn’t help democracy. Even Hitler came to power by elections, but that doesn’t mean he was a democrat and it doesn’t absolve him from the policy he pursued. The same is true for Zardari and Obama in their democratic dispensations they are working for Zionist led Christian agenda for clash of civilization. Elections do not absolve President Zardari and his party for the crimes against his own people that were committed including the drone attacks, Abbottabad, Salalah, Balochistan. The case of Dr Aafia Siddiqi in the light of above facts is a glaring example how the US is trampling human rights with feet if it suit their imperialist policy and how they bulldoze Pakistan’s Courts and Laws that were seen in the fleeing of Raymond Davis when his passport was in government custody under court orders. And Pakistan is happily following suit in the hope of receiving glittering dollar, which is soon going to be worth paper on which it is printed. Happy Birthday Sister Aafia. God bless you and Pakistan.

Conscientious nuclear Pakistan Urooj Raza


he possibility of nuclear ma terials falling into the wrong hands is a shared concern. Pakistan is part of global efforts to make sure that terrorists do not lay their hands on nuclear materials, knowledge and expertise. As far as the safety & security of the nuclear assets is concerned, the Pakistan military controls the nuclear weapons, and has instituted a range of measures to tighten controls over the nuclear weapons complex. Pakistan accords the highest priority to ensuring a foolproof safety and security mechanism for our nuclear programme. Pakistan has been an active member of the Nuclear Security Summit (NSS) and Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism (GICNT). Ever since 1998, Pakistan has put in place an effective and efficient regulatory regime that encompasses physical protection of materials and facilities, material control and accounting, transport security, prevention of illicit trafficking and border

controls, as well as plans to deal with possible radiological emergencies. Pakistan has also developed technical solutions, Personnel Reliability Programmes (PRP), and intelligence capabilities to deal with WMD-related terrorism. According to Strategic Planning Division (SPD), over 8000 additional professionals are being trained at Pakistan’s specialized Nuclear Security Training Academy to assume their duties proficiently in a short period of time. This brings the number of specially trained personnel to the figure of over 20,000 personnel. Besides, a Nuclear and Radiological Emergency Coordination Center (NRECC) with fully equipped mobile labs, is working on technical assistance with law enforcement agencies and the first responders. The conscientious Pakistan continue to refine and upgrade its technical and human resources and mechanisms on safety and security of nuclear weapons, materials, facilities, and assets. As Pakistan has gained considerable experience in the field of nuclear security, it has established a “Center of Excellence” ready to share nuclear experience and train-

ing facilities. Pakistan has subscribed to the IAEA Code of Conduct on the Safety and Security of Radioactive Sources, and the IAEA Illicit Trafficking Database (ITDB). The escalation of the arms race in South Asia commenced when Obama administration signed USIndia civil nuclear cooperation agreement. In order to put right the balance of power, Pakistan demanded for a similar civil-nuclear deal. But the administration deflected on it. As Pakistan lives in a tough neighbourhood, therefore, it will never be oblivious to its security needs and should have deterrent capabilities as a nuclear power. Pakistani leadership is suspicious of US aims of controlling or limiting its weapons programme while favoring India. In the backdrop of Mumbai terror attacks-2008, India’s threats of carrying out surgical operation inside Pakistan if action is not taken against the perpetuators, clearly shows that India wants to assert itself as a super power capable of conducting an unchecked forays into foreign domain. According to nuclear analysts, for India to launch Cold Start, would be

to “roll the nuclear dice”. It could trigger the world’s first use of nuclear weapons. This alarming scenario point Pakistan in the direction of a larger nuclear force that requires a greater amount of fissile material. While analyzing the nuclear threat, it was generally agreed in the London meeting-2009, that India and Pakistan view each other as enemies. Nuclear weapons are crucial to Pakistan, because Pakistani military is no match for the Indian army. Therefore, Pakistan is justified to work on producing smaller tactical nuclear weapons that can provide ‘deterrence’ against Indian nuclear might. However, Pakistan is determined to continue to follow a responsible policy of maintaining credible minimum deterrence in the nuclearized environment of South Asia. The spokesman of Pakistan Foreign Office said, “Pakistan is mindful of the need to avoid an arms race with India but would never compromise on its national security.” All States need to shoulder their shared responsibility to strengthen regulatory mechanisms and establish effective barriers against the common threat of nuclear terrorism.

Views From Abroad

Coal plants kill 120,000 people a year: Greenpeace John Vidal


ndia’s breakneck pace of industrialisation is causing a public health crisis with 80120,000 premature deaths and 20 million new asthma cases a year due to air pollution from coal power plants, a Greenpeace report warns. The first study of the health impact of India’s dash for coal, conducted by a former World Bank head of pollution, says the plants cost hospitals $3.3-$4.6bn (£2.2-£3.1bn) a year — a figure certain to rise as the coal industry struggles to keep up with demand for electricity. The Delhi and Kolkata regions were found to be the most polluted but Mumbai, western Maharashtra,

Eastern Andhra Pradesh and the Chandrapur- Nagpur region in Vidarbha were all affected. The study, which took data from 111 major power plants, says there is barely any regulation or inspection of pollution. “Hundreds of thousands of lives could be saved, and millions of asthma attacks, heart attacks, hospitalisations, lost workdays and associated costs to society could be avoided, with the use of cleaner fuels, [and] stricter emission standards and the installation and use of the technologies required to achieve substantial reductions in these pollutants,” said the report. “There is a conspicuous lack of regulations for power plant stack emissions. Enforcement of what standards [which] do exist, is nearly non-existent,” it

says. India is the world’s second largest coal burner after China, generating 210 GW of electricity a year, mostly from coal. But it is likely to become the largest if plans to generate a further 160 GW annually are approved. “Thousands of lives can be saved every year if India tightens its emissions standards, introduces limits for pollutants such as sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and mercury and institutes mandatory monitoring of emissions at plant stacks,” said the report’s author, Sarath Guttikunda, a former head of the World Bank’s pollution division. Nearly 400 million people in India have no electricity and power outages are common. The pressure to generate power has led to tens of

thousands of homes being moved to make way for mines or plants. There are complaints that the power is mostly exported to large cities and heavy industry while local people are left with pollution and toxic dumps. Vinuta Gopal of Greenpeace said: “The ongoing coal expansion is irrational and dangerous. Coal mining is destroying India’s forests, tribal communities and endangered species, and now we know the pollution it emits when burned is killing thousands. Coal has failed to deliver energy security. We need a moratorium on new coal plants and ambitious policy incentives to unlock the huge potential India has in efficiency measures, wind and solar.”— Courtesy: The Guardian

Yesterday I hit a four..!


t went right over the bowler’s head, past outstretched hands of fielders and hit the boundary line. The crowd sitting to watch the cricket match, clapped gleefully. I saw my wife giving me a thumbs up sign and the commentator telling the bowler not to get fooled by the white streaks on my beard, but I missed my two children. It would have been nice if they’d seen their father hit that four, and later another boundary and another, and at each stroke that took

the ball to the boundary line, I missed the two yells, “Come on daddy! Show them daddy!” They were always there, my two girls, not that I’ve received many awards, but when I did, they came and stood and cheered, and for those cheers I tried to win the next and the next. And when they went away across the seas, it was like there was no need to hit those boundaries anymore. But yesterday I hit a four. “Why Lord?” I asked. “Why are you renewing my strength, why are you rekindling my enthusiasm? Is there something you’re telling me?” And as the bowler came to bowl, and I with aged eyes could still see the ball, connect with it, and slam it over the fielders I knew there was a message for me. The fielders came

to me later. The bowlers too: “Uncle,” they said, “We didn’t know you played so well!” “Neither did I,” I whispered, “Neither did I!” When my children left it was like a void. I’d lived my life, encouraging them on, lifting their spirits, egging them to realize their goals. I had always thought they would achieve much, and they have, but always assumed it would be around where I was. And when they went away, a part of me, a big part crumpled. But yesterday I hit a four! It went right over the bowler’s head, past the outstretched hands of fielder behind and hit the boundary line. The crowd sitting to watch the match, clapped gleefully. I saw my wife giving me a thumbs up sign, the commentator telling the bowler

not to get fooled by the white streaks on my beard, but as I missed my two children, I realized the Lord up there was sending me a strong message, hard and fast like the bowler’s ball. “Keep playing,” the trees around the field seemed to say. “Win!” shouted my daughters across the seas. “I have renewed your strength!” whispered a voice above, and with a mighty heave I smashed the next ball to the boundary line and smiled at my wife as she gave me a thumbs up sign. It’s a message for all of us, who feel life is over when our kids grow up or go away: It’s just the end of an over, so grip your bat and hit a four, and another and another..! —Email:

Voice of the People Youth can do it SAHAR TAHER KHAN


hile stuck in a 30-minute traffic jam near Baloch Colony and feeling sorry for my countrymen and myself, I spotted a sight that reminded me that this city has not yet been beaten. Amidst the chaos, the lone traffic policeman managing the large intersection completely broke down. Defeated, he retired to the sidewalk, dodging honking cars on his way. A 20-something youth in a faded, Metallica T-shirt on a bike next to me yelled out “Chalo” (let’s go), seemingly signalling an invisible army of vagabonds. To my surprise, within a minute, in perfect Bollywood fashion, a bunch of children (that I admittedly had misjudged) got off their bikes and ran over to the policeman. The youngsters lifted him up, dusted him off and began directing traffic alongside him. Before long, passage ways were being created for ambulances to pass through, motorbikes were picking up pedestrians (there were a lot of people who had been standing on the sidewalk waiting for a bus but, unfortunately, the buses were not stopping), cars were slowly moving and, best of all, drivers were rolling down their windows to thank the brave young boys. Karachi, you are not lost — there is still much to cherish and much to save. I just wish more civilians would volunteer their time towards making a positive change (no matter how small) instead of just sitting back and cribbing about the situation. Here’s to those who continue to give us hope. The rest of you, please stay safe! —Karachi

New brand of military rule? KAMAL HUSSAIN When I was a boy, I used to browse my father’s daily newspaper’s headlines out of childish curiosity. I remember clearly that just before the 1958 Martial Law, the paper used to be full of stories of riots, pandemonium, lawlessness, and insurgencies in the country, driving the general public mad. Then Martial Law was declared and all disorder disappeared. The same pattern was repeated afterwards over the years again and again, every time followed by a military takeover. Later it used to turn out that this gimmick was pulled off by Pakistan being needed in some international strategic exigency. Nowadays terrorism has acquired the form of a powerful institution operated by the usual suspects scaring our people into a kind of hysteria. But today te possibility of direct military rule is out of question. This situation is only to manipulate the coming general elections in such a way as to bring in the next civilian regime that would be emasculated, incompetent, corrupt and entirely dependent upon the security apparatus of the country not unlike the one we have today. Direct military rule is unlikely because their sponsors are economically too weak to afford their maintenance. The result of all such skulduggery lasting throughout our history has been that the nation remains unstable, illiterate, irrational and disunited. Most importantly, it is one of the poorest countries in the world with no economic feet to stand upon. Even the most basic staple of modern economy, electricity, is out of the reach of most of our population and power blackouts in cities like Muzaffargarh are 18 hours a day while the rural population here is completely deprived of it. —Muzaffargarh

Media: Restraint needed HAFIZ MUHAMMAD NOMAN A very amusing statement was made by famous Pashto film actress Musarrat Shaheen against Maulana Fazlur Rehman two days ago. She was talking to a media person when she said she would, of course, stand against Maulana Fazlur Rehman in the upcoming elections and defeat him. She amazingly added that she needed the symbol of scissors to represent her in the elections because she wanted to cut a vital part of the maulana’s anatomy! Musarrat Shaheen used some very stinging words for Maulana Fazlur Rehman, which were indeed shameful if one understood exactly the lewd things she wanted to say. It is unfathomable why Musarrat Shaheen is the enemy of Maulana. I believe there is no competition between the actress and the maulana. There is no doubt that Maulana Fazlur Rehman himself has been a dramatic performer but he is a religious scholar who has spent years in the political arena whereas Ms Shaheen is an actress with hardly any political training. I do believe that the media should not have given encouragement to the actresse’s objectionable language, which really was not suitable for everyone to hear. —Via email

Protecting nonMuslim citizens SHARIQUE NAEEM Dozens of angry protestors in a mob on Saturday set ablaze more than 100 houses/shops belonging to Christians. This incident is yet another sad event in the long list of sufferings of non-Muslims in the country. The failure of the present system to provide security and protection to it’s citizens in general, and non-Muslims in particular is evident without an iota of doubt. Non-Muslims have faced such incidents both under Dictatorship and Democracy.

Each time there is condemnation, compensation and words of consolation. However the repeat of these incidents show that the present rulers and the secular democratic system lacks the capacity (and perhaps even intention) to safeguard the rights of non-Muslims. The Islamic Law, is crystal clear with regard to protection of non-Muslims. In one Hadith, Prophet (SAW) said: “He who hurts a dhimmi (nonMuslims) hurts me, and he who hurts me annoys Allah.” In a true Islamic State, it is the responsibility of the state to implement Islamic law that provides justice and safeguards the rights of its citizens. The importance of regulation of affairs of society through an Islamic State, can be understood from a saying of Ibn Tahmiyyah (ra) “It should be noted that to regulate the affairs of people is one of the most important requirements (wajibat) of the religion (al-din). Really speaking, al-din cannot be established without it. The wellbeing of the sons of Adam cannot be accomplished except through a well-organized society (ijtima’) because they are in need of one another; and for such a society a ruler is indispensable.” —Via email

**** ADEEL NAEEM NAQI Thousands of angry protesters on Saturday had set ablaze more than 160 houses & shops belonging to Christians over a blasphemy issue. This behaviou stands in stark contradiction to the beliefs taught to us by our religion. Our Prophet SAWS said: “He who hurts a dhimmi (nonmuslims) hurts me, and he who hurts me annoys Allah.” So, what has gone so wrong with us today, that the system (democracy) we are governed with have left the masses to resolve it’s issues on it’s own by taking law in to their own hand - resulting in utterh malfuntion of basic security apparatus of the entire nation? The fact is an Islamic State, not governed by the whims of the majority or the ruling elite, but by the dictates of Shariah. It is the responsibility of the state to enforce justice in the society. The secular democracies have failed world-wide to provide sustainable systems of governance to citizens, be they in the east or in the west, and have only resulted in shear mayhem and exploitation of resources of both the natives, and those outside. Imaam Ghazzali pinned it correctly by saying that “Know ye that the shari’ah is the foundation, and the government is the sentinel. If the government has no foundation, it is bound to fall into ruins, and if the Shari’ah has no sentinel, it will be lost and destroyed.” We as Muslims residing in Pakistan need to decipher that in order to regulate the affairs of our state with justice, we need to put aside our rage, turn away from the the time-failed systems of the west, and look back to our past glory, where not only Muslims, Christians, and Jews lived peacefuly together, but even fought wars together to maintain the justice of an Islamic State. Reference: Imaam Ghazzali, Banna 1961 —Lahore

**** MASOOD KHAN A few kilometres from the place in Lahore where, in 1940, the Muslim League demanded the partition of British India to create a homeland for minority Muslims, a charged mob of thousands chased out local Christians from their homes. They later looted and burned their homes to ashes. Is history repeating itself? Should the minorities of today’s Pakistan demand a separate homeland for themselves? Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif took immediate notice of the incident and set up a fivemember committee to look into the matter. He also announced that no one would be permitted to destroy religious harmony in Punjab. While appreciating the CM’s noble statement, may I ask Mr Sharif whether the miscreants will require his permission to harm the minorities in his province? We understand that the CM was forced to issue such a statement as

we are now in an election year, otherwise what happened in Lahore on March 9, 2013 is in no way different from the ugly events that took place in Gojra in 2009. Dear CM, how many miscreants, as you like to call them, were charged and put behind bars for looting and murdering Christians in Gojra? Where was the CM when another mob of fanatics, in November last year, attacked and burned down a girls’ school in Lahore? The school’s 77-year-old principal was booked in a blasphemy row over a piece of homework issued by a teacher. Has the CM taken any action against the mob who lynched and burnt alive a deranged person for alleged blasphemy? What about action against the killers of 80-year-old Iqbal Butt who was acquitted by the courts after being proved innocent in a blasphemy case? The killers of Shahbaz Bhatti vanished without a trace. The convicted murderer of Punjab Governor Salmaan Taseer could not be punished, thanks to the superior courts while Aasia Bibi’s appeal against her conviction has been pending for the last two years. Who will trust CM Sharif while his people are working overtime to purify the country — to make it literally a land of the pure? How come we Pakistanis criticise Narinder Modi of Gujrat? —Jubail, Saudi Arabia

Manifesto-oriented elections ABUBAKAR BHEEL The manifesto oriented politics is the essential prerequisite of true democracy. It discourages the personality based elections and shows that these are the plans the parties are about to pursue in their next tenure if come into power. It denies the blind faith in personalities and parties and encourages the electorates to cast their votes by keeping in view the manifesto of the given Party. But the problem regarding manifesto is twofold. Firstly there is a colossal gap between theory and practice. Parties put forth their plans before elections but wining horses do no regard them bound even by their own pledges. The Pakistan People Party after presenting its original manifesto came into power for five times , however short stint were , but they did not care to follow it once in its real essence. Secondly Pakistan has been surrounded by a number of crises and it is very troublesome but necessary to cover all the different problems. There are some impediments in the course of forming a comprehensive manifesto. The parties not holding the treasury benches and a large number of regional parties have no access to correct governmental record. Consequently in the absence of concerned information and data it becomes difficult to present a manifesto capable to address the complicated problems with all technical formalities. Also it needs protracted and troublesome efforts. Our political parties lack time because they always present it on the eve of elections as an election campaign tactic. As the recently issued manifesto of PML (N) does not touch some austere issues like Education, terrorism, Energy and foreign relations. For working of democracy in progressive way, the political parties are bound to render the due respect to the sanctity of manifesto and to comprehend the fact that it is far more important than an ordinary piece of paper and election slogans. And it is incumbent on the part of public, during the upcoming elections, to ask the candidates as well as parties that to what extent they had achieved their past manifestos. —Lahore

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Time waves overturn

N the heels of Pearl Harbor, Allied forces were handed a crushing defeat by the Japanese. The battle has lessons for today’s military planners. On December 8, 1941, an Allied naval officer might reasonably have thought to himself “It’s not that bad.Really, could be worse.” The United States Navy (USN) could still pack a punch, and it could rely on assistance from the Royal Navy, the Royal Dutch Navy, and the Commonwealth navies. Over the next three months the Japanese would take advantage of Allied confusion at every level to win a series of devastating victories over Allied naval forces. The Battle of Java Sea, fought on February 27, 1942, marked the high tide of Japanese naval power in the Pacific. Poor organization, strategic confusion, inter-service competition, and national infighting doomed an Allied task force to destruction at the hands of the Imperial Japanese Navy, opening the door to the conquest of Java and the rest of Southeast Asia. Indeed, the Battle of Java Sea is the nightmare that American naval planners have when they hear terms like “offshore balancing.” The World of December 8, 1941: The United States Navy remained potent. At Oahu, five American battleships lay sunk or aground, but the port facilities at Pearl Harbor remained in good condition, and the aircraft carriers of the Pacific Fleet had avoided damage. Three battleships escaped with only light damage, with a fourth undergoing regular maintenance in the Puget Sound. Three fast carriers, twelve heavy cruisers, eight light cruisers, and fifty destroyers remained ready for action, a force which could potentially cause huge problems for the Japanese. Reinforcements were on the way; USS Yorktown would join the Pacific Fleet in late December, with USS Hornet arriving in March. Other ships were forward deployed; the Asiatic Fleet included one heavy cruiser, two light cruisers, and thirteen destroyers. From its bases in Singapore and Colombo, the Royal Navy also remained in fighting shape. The most powerful surface unit in the Pacific was HMS Prince of Wales, the fast battleship that six months earlier had inflicted the mission-killing blow on the German Bismarck. Support for Prince of Wales included the old battlecruiser Repulse, four light cruisers and five destroyers. Much more help was on the way. Two

History Lesson: The Battle of Java Sea


Eastern Fleet would include four Revenge class battleships, seven cruisers, and sixteen destroyers. The loss of Prince of Wales and Repulse on an ill-

ers, twenty light cruisers, and 126 destroyers. The Japanese had certain advantages; while their ships weren’t necessarily any newer, the IJN had a more

sive into Southeast Asia became clear, the Allies established an administrative unit to manage the collective war effort. ABDA, or American-British-

Finally, at the tactical level the officers of the ABDA force had trouble communicating with one another during battle. The damage to Exeter threw the entire force into confusion, especially because Exeter was supposed to operate as the primary translator of Dutch orders for the English-speaking ships. The American destroyers had a confused sense of the role they were supposed to play, and Allied air forces were not well integrated into the battle plan. The loss of Jupiter to a Dutch mine was one of the results of poor tactical communication, but throughout the battle American sailors often had little sense of Doorman’s intentions or expectations. conceived mission to intercept Japanese forces invading Malaya severely dented, but did not destroy, British naval power in the Far East. The local navies also contributed. The Royal Australian Navy possessed two heavy cruisers, three

casual attitude towards treaty compliance than either the United States or the United Kingdom. The Japanese also trained rigorously at night warfare, and displayed excellent gunnery skills at all times. Finally, the Japanese Type 93 (“Long Lance”) tor-

History Lesson: The Battle of Java Sea……. light cruisers, and five old destroyers, and New Zealand could contribute another light cruiser. Finally, the Dutch defended their vast possessions with

pedo could strike targets at longer range and with greater punch than Allied torpedoes. The biggest Japanese advantage, however, came

Dutch-Australian Command, consisted of the air and naval assets available to the Allies in the Southeast Asian region. Formally under the command of General Archibald Wavell, the central task of ABDA was to resist Japanese conquest of the Dutch East Indies. Battle and Aftermath: The Japanese took swift advantage of Allied disorder. After neutralizing American forces in the Philippines, the IJN launched a series of high risk, high reward invasions of Dutch and British possessions, relying on air support and ship-to-ship superiority to defeat Allied forces. The Japanese began advancing into the Dutch East Indies (DEI) in strength in early February, driving disparate Allied naval forces back and harrying their bases with unceasing air attacks. The Allies assembled a task force in mid-February in hopes of slowing or repelling the Japanese advance. Because the IJN concentrated its battleship, cruiser, and carrier strength on other tasks, this force could match many of the squadrons assigned to support the invasions. On February 27, 1942 a combined task force of Dutch, American, British, and Australian warships intercepted a Japanese transport convoy poised to invade eastern Java. Dutch Admiral Karel Doorman commanded the task force from his flagship, the light cruiser De Ruyter. The Allied force also included the Dutch light cruiser Java, the British heavy cruiser Exeter, the American heavy cruiser Houston, and the Australian light cruiser Perth, in addition to two Dutch, two British, and four American destroyers. Countering this force, the Imperial Japanese Navy had two heavy cruisers, two light cruisers,

The USN received some intelligence as to the existence of the Type 93 as early as 1940, but did not work out the full implications of the weapon until 1943. America is in the throes of yet another debate about grand strategy, with terms like “deep engagement” and “offshore balancing” coming to characterize complex sets of policies towards allies and antagonists alike. fast and one slow carriers would arrive in Ceylon in the months after Pearl Harbor. Jutland veteran HMS Warspite was working up in the Puget Sound at the time of the Japanese strike. By March, the

three light cruisers, seven destroyers, and a number of smaller warships. Against this, the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) could marshal six fleet and four light carriers, ten battleships, eighteen heavy cruis-

in Allied disorder. Despite the growing threat of war with Japan, the Pacific Allies never engaged in much more than arms length interaction before Pearl Harbor. Shortly after the scale of the Japanese offen-

Ban Ki-moon is wrong about Israeli settlements bigger Middle East problems including the Syrian civil war and Iran’s race to nuclear weapons is quite mistaken on the legality HERE he goes again. U.N. Sec of Jewish settlements. The San Remo Treaty retary-General Ban Ki-Moon er of 1920, in which the victorious World War roneously has asserted, for the I allies dealt with the remnants of the defourth time in two years, that “all feated Ottoman Turkish Empire, created an [Israeli] settlement activity in the occupied entity called Palestine along both sides of Palestinian territory, including east Jerusathe Jordan River. The powers intended it as lem, is illegal under international law.” The the land on which Great Britain would turn its 1917 Balfour Declaration from aspiration to reality, assisting the Zionist movement in re-establishing the Jewish national home. The Franco-British Boundary Convention of 1920 demarcated the French mandate for what would become Syria and Lebanon from that of the British in Palestine. This was in part to prepare for the Jewish state. Article 6 of the League of Nations’ 1922 Palestine Mandate encouraged “close Jewish settlement” on the land west of the Jordan River. The mandate encouraged settlement only west of the river because Great Britain in the same year unilaterally severed Transjordan (today’s Jordan) from Palestine, creating a new Arab country. The Anglo-American Convention of 1924 saw the United States endorse British administration of the remaining Palestine Mandate lands, so long as London United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon addresses the 67th session of the helped bring a Jewish state into being. The 1945 U.N. Charter, Chapter XII, United Nations General Assembly at U.N. headquarters Article 80, continues Jewish rights recogWashington Post headlined its Feb. 1 As- Jerusalem. Let us be clear: all settlement nized under the Mandate. It protects “the sociated Press dispatch “U.N. panel criti- activity is illegal anywhere in occupied ter- rights whatsoever of any states or any peoples or the terms of existing international cizes Israel on settlements; Report says ritory and must stop.” The BBC relayed this sweeping dec- instruments” and is sometimes known as ‘creeping annexation’ violates rights of Pal“the Palestine article.” So regardless of Mr. The convention prohibits forced transfer of people out Ban’s invocation of “world condemnation” or political debates about settlements and of or into occupied territory. It was adopted to prevent the peace process, Jews building commucrimes like the Nazi deportations of European Jews from nities west of the Jordan River do so in accord with relevant international laws. Nor conquered countries to death camps. In the West Bank, does Mr. Ban apply a consistent legal yardhowever, Israel is the legal military occupational authority, stick to Arab municipalities in the Jewish state, which he does not denounce as illepending a negotiated settlement. gal. By insisting on settlements’ illegality, estinians.” AP noted that Mr. Ban was “re- laration by the secretary-general in a dis- Mr. Ban says in effect there is nothing for patch that, like most news media coverage Palestinian Arabs and Israelis to negotiate iterating his often-stated view.” He sure was. Visiting Lebanon last year, Mr. Ban of such claims, lacked context. Yet context on this score. —Courtesy Washington Times alleged that “settlements, new and old, are would show that Mr. Ban ineffectual in



illegal. They work against the emergence of a viable Palestinian state.” Speaking to a U.N. committee in 2011, the secretary-general charged that “settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories are illegal under international law.” On a trip to Israel and the West Bank in 2010, Mr. Ban asserted that “the world has condemned Israel’s expansion plans in East

and fourteen destroyers. However, the Japanese forces were fresh, while several Allied ships had suffered damage from air attacks, and all Allied crews were exhausted from air attacks and continu-

To cut nuclear attack risks, take warheads off high alert RAMESH THAKUR


new report by my organiza tion, “Nuclear Weapons: The State of Play,” shows that pockets of progress on nuclear security, nonproliferation and disarmament are overshadowed by the drag of historical inertia on nuclear weapons programs, arsenals, doctrines and deployments. In their fifth joint article in the Wall Street Journal (March 6), Henry Kissinger, Sam Nunn, William Perry and George Shultz focus on four issues: nuclear security, followup actions after the new Russia-U.S. START accord, a new verification and transparency initiative, and taking nuclear warheads off high alert levels. The security environment of the 21st century is starkly different, but U.S. and Russian nuclear force postures are still trapped in the old Cold War paradigm. Immobilized by historical inertia, they maintain nearly 2,000 nuclear warheads ready to launch within minutes. A new study published by a U.N. institute concludes that current nuclear alert levels “are deeply rooted in Cold War thinking, vastly exceed current and foreseeable security needs, and undercut efforts to reduce” the role of nuclear weapons. Amen. The haste in which the decision to use nuclear weapons on high alert must be made in response to a suspected incoming attack carries enormous risks. Maintaining nuclear arsenals on high alert undermines efforts to hold the line on proliferation, is hugely expensive and increases the risk of accidental, unauthorized, misinformed or premature use of nuclear weapons. In a March 29, 2012, conversation, the national security adviser during the Carter administration, Zbiegniew Brzezinski, recalled being woken up by a call at 3 a.m. from his military assistant. The general told him the United States was “under nuclear attack” and that 200 Soviet missiles fired “30 seconds ago” would hit in 30 minutes. He had three minutes to no-

tify the president, who would have four minutes to decide how to respond. With two minutes left, the alarm was shown to

be false and Brzezinski did not have to wake the president. What if the false alarm

armed rivals will not attack each other regardless of any rise in tension between

Ending the nuclear weapons age…. confirmation had come after (a) the initial three minutes, (b) seven minutes and the president had ordered the launch of U.S. missiles, or (c) 30 minutes as the U.S. missiles were about to hit Soviet targets? In the middle of a crisis, if decisions on using nuclear weapons must be made very quickly, the possibility grows of miscalculation or a decision based on the wrong

them. There is no plausible scenario under which either Russian or U.S. secondstrike retaliatory capability could be decapitated even if they had all nuclear weapons off alert. Nuclear weapons not on alert would remain survivable so that they don’t lose their deterrent function and there is no incentive to engage in a re-alerting race. —Courtesy: Japan Times

CCURATELY analyzing and predicting China’s economic development has earned me a living, and opened innumer able doors, for more than 20 years. It also brought the satisfaction of seeing individual interest and skills linked to the world’s biggest story the growth of China’s economy and its “national revival.” My relationship with China started unusually as I analyzed its economy for more than 20 years before I could make a visit. The interest started in the 1980s when, for theoretical economic reasons, I concluded its economic reforms, launched by Deng Xiaoping, should achieve great economic success. Nevertheless, for a long time China remained unfashionable not today’s front page news. Soon after I began following the country, the most widely held international theory was that it would be a relative economic failure while real economic progress would be in Eastern Europe and Russia where Gorbachev introduced reforms and rapid privatization began. As these economic analyses were inaccurate in 1992, I wrote an article that changed my life. Its title, Why the Economic Reform Succeeded in China and Will Fail in Russia and Eastern Europe, explains itself—it analyzed why China’s economic path would

China Opens Innumerable Doors nally able to visit China—a country whose economy I had been analyzing for decades! When London’s mayor changed in 2008 I knew China’s economic success would continue, so I wanted to continue relations with it. I became a visiting professor at Shanghai Jiao Tong University combining a minimum six months a year living in China with continuing visits to India and Russia and a London base. Living in China naturally gave me far more knowledge of the country, but as the analysis formed two decades earlier had stood the test of time this deepened, but did not fundamentally change my analysis of the country’s economy. The most significant problem is that my wife has to remain in the UK most of the time as one of my daughters is a world ranked dressage rider and my wife helps with the practical side of this. So we compensate by taking incredible China holidays ranging from classic tourist sites (Great Wall, Terracotta Warriors) to a “swimming pool” rest holiday in the island resort of Hainan,

information. Taking nuclear warheads and systems off high alert can deepen the stability of nuclear deterrence so that nuclear

Indefinite reliance on nuclear weapons through doctrines and deployment postures of high operational readiness can legitimize the nuclear ambitions of others who cannot otherwise be convinced that nuclear weapons are playing a reduced role in postCold War national security strategies.

Economic aperture

produce great success, and Russia and Eastern Europe would fail in comparison. Publication of this in Russia created a sensation. I predicted inflation in thousands of percent, accompanied by industrial collapse, but China’s economy growing rapidly. This led to public debates with Russia’s Vice President, the President’s Chief Economic Adviser, meetings with Russia’s Foreign Minister, TV appearances, contracts with multinational companies, etc. At the beginning of 1992 this analysis was received with widespread skepticism, and by year-end its predictions were already confirmed for both China and Russia. Nevertheless, despite publishing analysis based on China’s economy, I had no direct contact with the country at all the work was written from the point of view of theoretical economics. Nor was I able to visit China for a prolonged period. In 2000 a client, Ken Livingstone, was elected London’s mayor. He invited me to take charge of London’s economic policy. Only in 2005 was I fi-

tion, circled Exeter. Five minutes later the first Japanese Type 93 torpedoes approached the Allied line, sinking the Dutch destroyer Kortenaer in less than two minutes. Doorman reasserted enough control to see that Exeter could withdraw safely (with two destroyers in escort), losing the British destroyer Electra to gunfire in the process, then turned his remaining force back toward the transports. The ABDA force brushed up against Japanese escorts again around 7pm, without effect. Doorman persisted, even as his force drifted apart; four American destroyers were forced to depart because of lack of fuel and torpedoes around 9pm, and the British Jupiter struck a Dutch mine around 10pm. Nevertheless, the ABDA force made one last try at the transports shortly before midnight. At this point Japanese torpedoes and night-fighting expertise made the difference; torpedoes struck and sank both Dutch cruisers before the force could approach the transports. Doorman went down with De Ruyter. The surviving two cruisers (the USS Houston and the HMAS Perth) retired to avoid destruction. Altogether the Allies lost two cruisers and three destroyers, plus one cruiser badly damaged, while inflicting no meaningful Japanese losses. Aftermath: The destruction of the core of the ABDA force at Java Sea opened the floodgates. Houston, Perth, and an accompanying destroyer were sunk two days later as they tried to escape through Sunda Strait. Exeter and her escorts were caught and sunk south of Borneo. Japanese battleships and cruisers hunted down other refugees. Organized resistance in the DEI ended in early March 1942. With Java secure, the IJN launched a devastating raid into the Indian Ocean in April 1942, sinking the carrier Hermes and a pair of heavy cruisers. The Allies were on the run. Java Sea was a disaster on every level we use to evaluate military operations. —Courtesy Diplomat

Thoughtful Gist



ous operations. The two task forces sighted each other and began to exchange fire at around 4pm on February 27th. The Allies had an initial advantage in long range gunnery, although neither side inflicted significant damage until just after 5pm, when a shell hit HMS Exeter’s boiler room. This incident, called decisive by Vincent O’Hara, knocked Exeter out of line and threw the Allied force into confusion. Doorman and his flagship steamed ahead alone as the rest of the cruisers, out of communica-

which was so comfortable that I am slightly embarrassed to say we never left the hotel complex for 10 days! As we adore good food China’s inexhaustible cuisine is integrated in these plans my wife saying I raved about fish I ate at Yichang on the Yangtze for two years before I could take her there (after sampling she deemed it worth waiting). I love poetry and have long read in translation classic Chinese poets my personal favorite being Li Bai, perhaps because he was famous for his liking of wine. My Chinese friends vastly improved my literary knowledge. In another cultural direction I worked with and came to like the Chinese pop star Li Yuchun/ Chris Lee winner of a Chinese equivalent of Pop Idol. I teach about her in courses on branding and some Chinese readers of Lee Weekly were doubtless bemused to find a foreign economics professor rated as one of her top 10 fans in 2012! Last year’s great discovery was that computer translation technology has improved to a point that makes possible not only read-

ing Chinese media, but participating in Weibo the Chinese microblogging parallel of Twitter. Via Weibo I can communicate not only with colleagues and friends, but enormous numbers of Chinese netizens in 10 months I received 66,000 Weibo comments. Netizens turned from virtual into physical friends in several cities. Are there difficulties to being in China from a foreigner’s perspective? From a practical point of view there are very few. Culturally the most difficult thing to adjust to is the Chinese unwillingness to say “no” in a direct fashion. It wastes a lot of time I prefer American directness. But all this is secondary to the main facts. China has the fastest growing major economy in world history. By being in China today you are participating in history in a way not possible in any other country. For an individual, what is important in that could be business opportunities, to be at the cutting edge of economic trends, to see hundreds of millions of people achieve a decent living standard, and to see the evolution of a country that is simultaneously the oldest and most modern in the world. But at this point in history China is where the world’s action is it is the place to be. It is also “win-win.” Provided a foreigner remembers they are a guest in China’s house, they do not own it, the hospitality of its people is tremendous. —Courtesy: Beijing Review

UK supports From Page 1 struggling economy more than its consequences. The transnational gas pipeline project from Iran through Pakistan to India was conceived in early nineties. And India remained active partner of the then named Iran-Pakistan-India (IPI) Gas Pipeline Project until it had a nuclear lollypop from Iran’s archrival US. Energy experts believe that Indians, in wake of ever increasing demand for natural gas, were still looking at the prospects of IP gas pipeline’s extension up to India. They believe that the pipeline project has the potential to become truly a peace pipeline as once termed by the Iranian leadership by tapping possibility of its extension up to China onward from India, though appears utopian as of now. The Iran-Pakistan project targets a flow of 750mmcf gas per day by December 31, 2014. President Ahmedinejad had also renewed this deadline while addressing a press conference in Islamabad a few months back irrespective of the American opposition to it. As per the chronology of the events between Pakistan and Iran regarding this project Inter-Governmental Framework Declaration was singed by the two Presidents on May 24, 2009. On June 5, the same year, the two countries signed the Gas Sales and Purchase Agreement (GSPA) that became effective on June 13, 2010. On Monday March 11, 2013, the two Presidents graced a ceremony to mark the groundbreaking of the IP gas pipeline project. According to a senior official, Pakistan has adopted a multipronged strategy to meet the challenges of project financing that includes government to government (financial assistance) agreement, gas infrastructure development cess, and commitments from public sector entities. The project that would support around 4000MW power generation capacity is anticipated to subside if not end the deepening energy crisis in Pakistan. The project’s positive externalities would also benefit poverty-hit remote areas of Balochistan and Sindh. In case of future extension to India and China the project has the potential to earn substantial transit fee for Pakistan. The successful completion of IP and allied energy projects along an optimally operational Gwardar Port could change the destiny of Pakistan, said an ambitious bureaucrat in one of the two energy ministries.

IAF lost From Page 1 on 1st March, 2013 is 3410 against the sanctioned strength of 3925. Based on the planned induction of new aircraft and weapon systems in the 12th Plan, about 440 pilots are required to be inducted into the IAF per annum,” Antony said. —INP

SC spurns Punjab Govt report on Badami Bagh arson From Page 1 time was wasted on your report. Police has not even conducted investigation to ascertain what was the real matter. Is there no honest officer left in Punjab police. Punjab government has again talked about formation of commission. If this has to meet the same end what Gojra commission met then it be left. In the mean time court summoned report on Gojra incident and the court expressed regret on non availability of report. CJP remarked “ nothing is above the sanctity of last prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Blasphemy law is in place. Action be taken as per law. Earlier the entire Ramsha case proved false. Whenever any minorities’ related incident happens, Punjab government stays unmoved. Such police officer is appointed about whom the court restrains government to appoint and courts orders are blown into the air”. He further observed “ the court be told who staged riots after 36 hours. Under whose orders the area was got vacated. IG should inform to whom he was affording benefit. Now the small things can not remain concealed and this is a major incident. No one will be allowed to violate law. When the culprit was arrested then why the riots occurred”. He remarked there is mode for voicing the protest. Effective mode of protest was pursued in Quetta. Protest took place but not a single glass was smashed. Report on Gojra incident has not been made public so far. Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed remarked “it seems the land was commercial and the entire thing was engineered to get evacuate the land. Value of respective land be told to the court. Justice Gulzar Ahmad remarked “rioting continued and police played the role of spectator. Police is equally responsible for this incident. Advocate General told the court that the decision to evacuate the area was not taken by the senior officers and it was decision of an SHO. The court while issuing interim order adjourned the hearing of the case till March, 13. Meanwhile, Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry has remarked Supreme Court (SC) decision to the extent of Raja Pervez Ashraf is final in rental power case. He gave these remarks while presiding over a 3member bench of SC during the course of hearing of Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf letter addressed to him seeking formation of commission to investigate rental power case Monday. The court issued notices to

Faisal Saleh Hayat, Khawaja Asif and chairman NAB and sought replies from them. Waseem Sajjad advocate appeared in the court on behalf of Prime Minister (PM) Raja Pervez Ashraf. Waseem Sajjad told the court “ PM wants that investigation into rental power case be assigned to the commission. CJP remarked “ court decision to the extent of Raja Pervez Ashraf is final. You will raise questions on NAB then what will happen about other people”. CJP inquired as to why “you have addressed the letter to me. Constitution of commission after court’s decision is tantamount to reviewing the decision. Your review petition has been rejected for withdrawal of the same by you”. Waseem Sajjad said “law does not debar government from constituting commission. We want investigation is made with reference to allegations. CJP remarked “ you could file review petition too. Now the problem is that federal minister and member of assembly has raised the matter and how can we decide it without issuing notice to him. Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed observed “ I have been disappointed personally after hearing the decision in Arsalan Iftikhar case. Waseem Sajjad said “we have not expressed mistrust on NAB, we want transparent investigations. CJP remarked “you already know it that former prime minister had to quit his office too. Now the matters have gone to extreme end and nothing can be done without issuing notices to the concerned parties. The court while issuing notices to Faisal Saleh Hayat, Khawaja Asif and chairman NAB adjourned hearing of the case till March, 18. Meanwhile, The Supreme Court on Monday rejected the petition praying for granting exemption to Husain Huqqani, former Pakistan ambassador to US, from appearing in the court. However, the court allowed last chance for his appearance within three weeks, otherwise, punitive action as cancellation of his Pakistani passport might be taken against him. The apex court larger bench headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry was hearing the controversial Memogate case. During the hearing, the chief justice remarked that Husain Haqqani had promised the court that he would return within four weeks. “Husain Haqqani should respect his testimony before the court,” the CJ said. The bench said there

was democracy in the country and steps taken by the government to provide security to the former ambassador were appreciable. The court said it had several options including the cancellation of Haqqani’s passport if he did not return. Moreover, the bench also ordered to send the copy of the court’s order to the country’s embassy in US. Earlier, Husain Huqqani’s lawyer Asma Jahangir had submitted a petition praying for the grant of exemption to her client due to security concerns, which the court rejected and ordered him to make his presence within three weeks in the court, otherwise his passport might be cancelled. Asma Jahangir, informed the court that her client was unwilling to return to Pakistan and did not trust the security assurances given by the government. On the court’s probing, Attorney General Irfan Qadir informed the bench on details of the safety measures to be adopted for Haqqani’s security. The Attorney General informed the court that foolproof security would be provided to Husain Haqqani during his stay in Pakistan. On Feb 12 during the last hearing, the SC had directed Secretary Khawaja Siddiq Akbar to provide fool-proof security to Husain Haqqani. The case was brought to light by Mansoor Ijaz, a US citizen of Pakistani origin, when he accused Haqqani of writing a memo to Admiral Mike Mullen seeking the country’s help against a possible military coup in Pakistan. Meanwhile, Supreme Court has called Director General NAB in person and sought the report regarding filing of reference against the officials responsible for sending Tauqir Sadiq, former DG OGRA, abroad. The court resumed the hearing of the case regarding implementation of court decision in OGRA embezzlement case on Monday. The DG Middle East, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Nasar Ullah presented report of the case in the court. He told the court that some developments regarding bringing back Tauqeer Sadiq to the country had been made on previous day. He said that the case should be taken up at Foreign Office level On which Justice Jawad S. Khawaja asked him that FO has not mentioned this point in its report. The step should be taken on state level and report be submitted in the court within 10 days. The investigation officer NAB Waqas told the court that co accused and the front man of Tauqir Sadiq, Salim Shahzad was acquitted in the case on surety bond . He said that out of 36 witnesses of the case , six gave applications for providing them protection. The case was referred to DG NAB but so far he did not take any action on it. The court also demeaned the name of witnesses who requested for protection and directed DG NAB to appear before the court personally on next date of proceedings. Another witness of the case Syed Amir Hussain told the court that at the time of arrest of Salim Shahzad , there were evidence of the transaction of Rs 20.27 million . He said that he had been threatened for detaching himself from the case. Justice Jawad S Khawaja said that the report of the Foreign Ministry indicates that Pakistani Ambassador in UAE is helping Tauqir Sadiq. The court adjourned the hearing till 25 March. Meanwhile, Supreme Court has asked prosecutor general NAB to complete his arguments by today (Tuesday) in NRO case and tell court if the matter does not come under its jurisdiction , then it should adopt what way. On Monday three-member bench of the SC resumed the hearing regarding the implementation of the court decision in the notorious National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) case. Justice Nasir-ul-Mulk presided over the bench. Prosecutor General of NAB K.K. Agha said that National Accountability Bureau is an independent investigation department and according to the law court can not intervene in its affairs. On which Justice Nasir-ulMulk asked him to present his arguments on jurisdiction of the court today(Tuesday). He said in his remarks that the court is not satisfied with the investigations made by NAB so far in the case.

Foreign elements From Page 1 termination of the 2 countries for mutual cooperation for the benefit of their people. He said gas pipeline project is beginning of the work and the pipeline can be extended to the North and East of Pakistan. Earlier President Asif Ali Zardari and his Iranian counterpart Mahmoud Ahmadinejad jointly inaugurated the final construction phase at a ceremony held in the Iranian city of Chah Bahar near Pak-Iran border. The 2 presidents together unveiled the plaque of the mega project. The ceremony was attended by a large number of foreign dignitaries, ministers, members of parliament and political leaders from both the countries. The 1600 kilometer long 42 inch diameter pipeline will enable the import of 21.5 million cubic meters of Iranian natural gas to Pakistan on a daily basis. Iran has already completed the 900 kilometer pipeline in its territory.—Online

FATA, RYK, Miran Shah hubs of Punjabi Taliban: Malik ISLAMABAD—Interior Minister Rehman Malik Monday said that FATA, Rahim Yar Khan and Miran Shah are the bubs of Punjabi Taliban. Talking to newsmen in Islamabad on Monday afternoon, he said that Lashkar-eJhangvi is spoiling law and order situation in Karachi. The Minister said that banned militant outfits TTP, LeJ and others do not want holding of elections in the country. He said Rangers and Police have taken action in Karachi and hopefully the situation would improve there. The Minister, however, regretted that the Punjab Government was not taking any action against Lashkar-e-Jhangvi. He said that if elections would delay or postponed in the country then Punjab government would be responsible. Rehman Malik addressed to CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif by demanding of him to take stringent action banned outfits including LeJ in Punjab. He said Badami Bagh tragedy is the worst example of bad governance. —Online

PAF committed to maintain combat readiness: Air Chief ISLAMABAD —PAF is committed to maintain combat readiness in pursuit of the assigned mission while maintaining focus on judicious use of resources and preservation of assets”, said the Air Chief, while addressing the audience of Annual Operational Review held at Air Headquarters, Islamabad on Monday. PAF Annual Operational Review for the year 2012 was presided over by Air Chief Marshal Tahir Rafique Butt, Chief of the Air Staff, Pakistan Air Force and was attended by Principal Staff Officers, Regional Commanders and the supervisors from all PAF Bases. The Annual Operation Review is a routine activity during which review of operational activities is carried out. The forum is also used to carry out an in depth study of the standards of flight and ground safety in PAF.—INP

‘ECP decides printing of nomination forms sans President approval’ under the existing laws and nomination forms. The legal experts further said the commission could move Supreme Court for holding independent and transparent elections. Meanwhile, Federal Law Minister Farooq H. Naek has said that recommendations of the Election Commission about proposed nomination papers of the candidates have been for-

From Page 1 warded to the President and it is prerogative of the President to approve or disapprove them. Talking to newsmen outside Parliament House on Monday‚ he said the Government respects the independent Election Commission. He acknowledged that scrutiny of nomination papers should be held as per Articles-62 and 63

of the Constitution. The Law Minister said the Election Commission has shared a tentative election schedule but it is prerogative of the President to announce date of the polls. Replying to a question‚ he said till appointment of the Caretaker Prime Minister‚ Raja Pervez Ashraf would remain the chief executive of the country.

Epoch-making IP gas pipeline project set in motion From Page 1 Qamar Zaman Kaira, Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan, Farhatullah Baber and other PPP leaders. The ceremony, which the president’s office described as a ‘big event’, was held in the Iranian border city of Chabahar. Both presidents were accompanied at the ground-breaking by delegations comprising ministers, top officials as well as representatives of several Arab states. Iranian state television showed footage of Ahmadinejad and Zardari shaking hands and offering prayers after unveiling a plaque to mark Pakistan’s involvement. “The completion of the pipeline is in the interests of peace, security and progress of the two countries … it will also consolidate the economic, political and security ties of the two nations,” the two presidents said in a joint statement. President Zardari, in his address at the ceremony, regarded the pipeline project as “very important” for Pakistan. He said world peace was correlated with peace in Pakistan, which, he stressed, was not opposed to or against any other state. He said the prosperity of Pakistan and Iran was interlinked and that the former was striving to become self-reliant. He added that the international community was unaware of the

AKF provides emergency relief to victims STAFF REPORTER LAHORE—UK based charity organization Al-Khair Foundation (AKF) having its head office in Lahore, has started providing emergency relief to the Christian Community of Joseph Town, Badami Bagh area. This was stated by Mr. Tahir Begg, a trustee of AKF in a statement issued from Lahore. Mr. Begg said that AKF stands with the Christian’s brothers and sister in their sorrow and grief. It has started providing cooked meals, shelter, beds and clean drinking water to the homeless people in the area. It is also providing cordoned milk and biscuits to the children. AKF team has rushed to the area to take care of the immediate needs of the victims and is ready and equipped to put the community in the area back on its feet.He thanked the donors of AKF and reiterated that under the guidance of AKF’s founder and CEO Imam Qasim, it will keep working for all the communities around the world.

problems of the regional countries. Ahmadinejad hailed the fact that work on the new section of the pipeline was going ahead despite US sanctions against Iran’s oil and gas sector imposed over its controversial nuclear programme. “This gas pipeline is a sign of show of resistance against domination,” Ahmadinejad said. “This pipeline has nothing to do with the nuclear issue, you cannot build a nuclear bomb with natural gas,” he said, speaking alongside President Zardari in comments broadcast live on Iranian state television. Dubbed the “peace pipeline”, the project has faced repeated delays since it was conceived in the 1990s to connect Iran’s giant South Pars gas field to India via Pakistan. It has also prompted several warnings from the United States of the possible imposition of economic sanctions on Pakistan. “The government is going to initiate this important project in view of the energy requirements. The project will bring economic prosperity, provide better opportunities to the people and help defeat militancy,” he said. Fears of possible US sanctions over the deal took their toll on the Karachi Stock Exchange, Pakistan’s main stock market, as it plummeted almost 2.5 per cent, or 441 points, on Monday. Analysts said a statement from the US

State Department was expected later Monday, which could determine the future course of the stock market. Iran has completed 900 km of pipeline on its side of the border and Iranian contractors will also construct the pipeline in Pakistan, Iran’s national broadcasting network IRIB reported. Tehran-based Tadbir Energy Development Group will undertake all engineering procurement and construction work for the first segment of the project, which starts from the Iran-Pakistan border. The Iranian firm will also carry out the second segment of the project, while the remaining amount is expected to be generated by Pakistan through Gas Infrastructure Development Cess (GIDC). Tehran has agreed to lend Islamabad $500 million, or a third of the estimated $1.5 billion cost of the 750 km Pakistani section of the pipeline, Fars news agency reported. The two sides hope the pipeline will be complete in time to start delivery of 21.5 million cubic metres of gas per day to Pakistan by December 2014. Monday’s ceremony came just days before the five-year term of the ruling Pakistan People’s party government is set to expire, with elections scheduled to be held in mid-May.

Insider attack kills 2 US troops, 2 Afghans KABUL—A police officer opened

Power pylon blown up KOHLU—Unknown miscreants have blow up an electricity tower in Rakhni area on Monday. According to reports, mis- ISLAMABAD: Students of Wafaq-ul- Madaris hold a sit-in demonstration at D Chowk. creants blew up a power transmission tower which was supplying electricity to Kohlu and Barkhan Areas. Due to the destruction electricity was suspended in Kohlu, Barkhan and Rakhi areas. Local administration has started repair work on the tower.—Online NEW DELHI —The driver of die anyway because we had and 16. The woman was repeatedly the bus in which a young Indian still have such a strong case raped and tortured with a metal him,” the bar. The couple were also sewas gang-raped and fa- against Anti-polio drive in woman tally injured three months ago physiotherapist’s 20-year-old verely beaten before being thrown onto a road. hanged himself in New Delhi’s brother told Reuters. tribal belt “I’m not very thrilled with The woman died of internal Tihar jail on Monday, police PESHAWAR —Anti-polio drive said. Ram Singh was the main the news that he killed himself injuries in a Singapore hospital will be launched on March 23 accused of five men and a juve- because I wanted him to be two weeks later.Singh was a bus in tribal areas, media reports nile put on trial for the attack on hanged ... publicly. Him dying driver, despite an accident in said. However, the children in the 23-year-old trainee physio- on his own terms seems unfair. 2009 that fractured his right arm South and North Waziristan therapist in the Indian capital. But, oh well, one is down. Hope- so badly that doctors had to inagencies would be deprived The assault triggered nationwide fully the rest will wait for their sert a rod to support it. He apfrom the immunization against protests and an intense debate death sentence.” peared on a reality television the crippling disease due to se- about rampant crime against The trial of the five adult show in a compensation dispute curity concerns. Political au- women in India. men began in a special fast-track with a bus owner, who in turn thorities said during the threeA senior police official said court last month while the accused Singh of “drunken, negday campaign almost 700,000 Singh had committed suicide in juvenile’s trial began last week. ligent and rash driving”. children would be administered his cell early on Monday. “It is Ram Singh’s brother Mukesh In the show, the anti-polio vaccine. —Online true, he’s dead,” said the offi- Singh, gym assistant Vinay moustachioed, slightly-built cial, who spoke on condition of Sharma, bus cleaner Akshay man was seen walking stiffly Kumar Singh and fruit vendor and holding his right arm at an anonymity. UVAS spring The CNN-IBN news chan- Pawan Kumar are the other men awkward angle. Singh’s neighbours in the said Singh hanged himself on trial. The five men have festival kicks off nel pleaded not guilty to rape and south Delhi slum where he lived with his own clothes. Staff Reporter described him as a heavy drinker Tihar jail is India’s highest murder. LAHORE—University of Veteri- security prison and officials Police allege the six at- with a temper. One young nary and Animal Sciences there are likely to face tough tacked the woman and her male woman said he used to get em(UVAS) Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr questions about how such an companion on the bus as the broiled in violent rows and a relaTalat Naseer Pasha inaugurated incident could have occurred. couple returned home after tive recalled a physical altercaspring festival 2013 at the City “He knew he was going to watching a movie on December tion with her husband.—Online Campus on Monday. The colourful event started with Qiraat and Naat Competitions in which students from various departments participated. Declamation and drama contests, a pet show and floral competitions. body of the ill-fated girl falling to HUMAIRA HUSSAIN LAHORE—Anti-Terrorist Court inhuman seriel rapist as well killer JI election on Monday sent 14 of the riots ISLAMABAD—Forensic agency was burnt beyound recognition suspect to jail on Judicial re- conducting DNA tests in the which impeded detailed medical campaign from mand. Police on Monday pre- Shahzadi Bibi case has requested examination. March 23 sented 35 suspects in Badami excavation of her grave to collect Investigation officer Sub-InPESHAWAR—Jamaat-e-Islami Bagh incident before an Anti- evidences for further tests as po- spector Mansoor Ahmed, while will launch election campaign Terrorist Court (ATC) amid high lice failed to provide sufficient admitting police’s failure in colfrom Peshawar and in this con- security. proofs. lecting sufficient evidence in the nection a big meeting will be The agency forwarded its re- first place, said that the agency’s According to media reports, held on March 23 on Motorway the suspects were presented be- quest to the ICT police in the bru- request has been received and has Chowk of Ring Road. The pub- fore ATC No.3 as heavy contin- tal rape-cum-murder case which been forwarded to legal branch. lic meeting will also be ad- gents of police commandoes in turn has sought opinion of its Onward procedure would be cardressed by central amir JIP, Syed were deployed outside the court. legal branch on the matter. ried out with the consent of Manawar Hassan. This was an- Officials said out of 35 accused, Meanwhile, the heirs of the deceased’s parents. He added that nounced by general secretary, 14 were nominated while 21 victum, the poor helpless family, a request has been made for a tooth JIP, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, were unknown. have pledged every support re- of the child for DNA testing as the Shabir Ahmad Khan while adA large number of relatives quired in the case. “I don’t know body was completely burnt. dressing a press conference here of the accused also gathered out- anything and I can only say someIn tone of despair Shehzadi’s at Press Club on Monday. — side the court, alleging that the thing after consulting my family father said his brother-in-law is APP suspects were arrested by police member is better aware than me authorised on his behalf to coopof these matters,” said bereaved erate with police and medical during overnight raids. of the innocent child who team. ‘Tolerance Day’ on Earlier, Supreme Court re- father jected a report filed by the had yet to enter her teenage. Police has completed its inFriday The request was made after vestigation in the case and will file Punjab police in Badami Bagh LAHORE—Ulema of various suo motu case, and expressed the evidences provided by the the case in sessions court for forsects have decided to observe a displeasure over authorities police proved insufficent for DNA mal hearing after receiving deday of tolerance on Friday as to for their failure to cope with testing. According to sources tailed medical reports and opinprivy to the investigations, the ion of Legal Branch. express solidarity with the the violence. —Online Christian community. Religious scholars have strongly condemned the tragic incident happened with the Christian community. According to media reports, this was decided during a meeting between a delegation of Ulema belonging to different schools of thought and all the bishops in Lahore on Monday. —INP

NAB probes Delhi rape accused driver Metro Bus, Ring Road projects hangs himself

Badami Bagh: 14 suspects sent to jail

Excavation of Shahzadi’s grave sought for evidence

MQM seeks kite electoral symbol K ARACHI —As expected, Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) on Monday submitted an application before the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), seeking allotment of kite as its election symbol for the upcoming general elections. Sources privy to the ECP say so far 35 political parties have applied for election symbols. It is mentioned here that the ECP has sought applications for the allotment of ISLAMABAD: Air Chief Marshal Tahir Rafique Butt, Chief of the Air Staff, Pakistan Air election signs till March 15.— Force, awarding Inter-Base Flight Safety Trophy to Air Commodore Asim Zaheer, Base Commander PAF Base Shahbaz, at the Annual Operation Review held at Air Headquarters. NNI

ISLAMABAD—Taking cognizance of various reports relating to major violations of Punjab Government on the mega projects of Metro Bus Lahore and Ring Road contract’s award to various parties including NLC, without processing the case as per rules, National Accountability Bureau has decided to investigate these cases at NAB HQs. In this context all documents have been sought from Government of Punjab alongwith names of functionaries responsible for the award of these contracts. Chairman NAB has instructed that these investigations must be expeditiously formalized and accountability across the board in all provinces be ensured without discrimination.—Online

fire on U.S. and Afghan forces at a police headquarters in eastern Afghanistan on Monday, sparking a firefight that killed two U.S. troops and two other Afghan policemen. The attacker was also killed in the shootout, officials said. In a second incident, outside Kabul, U.S. troops fired on a truck approaching their military convoy, killing two Afghan men inside. The shooting in the eastern Wardak province was the latest in a series of insider attacks against coalition and Afghan forces that have threatened to undermine their alliance at a time when cooperation would aid the planned handover of security responsibility to local forces next year. The attack also comes a day after the expiration of the Afghan president’s deadline for U.S. special forces to withdraw from the province. U.S. officials have said that they are working with Afghan counterparts to answer President Hamid Karzai’s concerns and maintain security in Wardak. Most of the U.S. troops in Wardak are special operations forces. In Monday’s attack, an Afghan police officer stood up in the back of a police pickup truck, grabbed a machine gun and started firing at the U.S. special operations forces and Afghan policemen in the police compound in Jalrez district, said the province’s Deputy Police Chief Abdul Razaq Koraishi. The assailant killed two Afghan policemen and wounded four, including the district police chief, before he was gunned down, Koraishi said.

Qaim presents 5-year progress report in SA IRFAN ALIGI

11 killed in Iraq attacks BAGHDAD—A suicide attacker drove his explosives-laden car on Monday into a police station in northern Iraq, killing five people, while attacks elsewhere in the country killed six more Iraqis, officials said. The deputy police chief in the northern city of Kirkuk, Maj. Gen. Torhan AbdulRahman Youssef, said the dead in the suicide attack in the town of Dibis included two policemen and three civilians. Thirty-six others, including some students from a nearby school, were wounded in the blast, Youssef said. The town is located near Kirkuk, which is 180 miles (290 kilometers) north of Baghdad.—AP

The U.S. military said in a statement that two American service members were killed in the shooting. U.S. forces were holding five Afghan police officers for questioning, Koraishi said. Karzai ordered U.S. special operations forces to leave Wardak province, just outside the Afghan capital, because of allegations that Afghans working with the U.S. commandos were involved in abusive behavior. Karzai gave them two weeks to leave, and the deadline expired Sunday. On Sunday, Karzai accused U.S. forces of working with the Taliban to stage two suicide bombings over the weekend during the visit of U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel. In a speech, Karzai said the Americans want to scare Afghans into allowing them to stay. That brought a sharp rebuke from the U.S. ambassador Tuesday, as news of the insider

KARACHI—Sindh Chief Minis-

ter Syed Qaim Ali Shah presented 5-year progress report in the Sindh Provincial Assembly on Monday. The CM criticised statements given by the Election Commission of Pakistan and Supreme Court of Pakistan wherein the two institutions had imposed ban on the employments and transfers and postings in Police department. The CM asked how the government could run its businesses amid such bans and how it would control the law and order in the province. The CM regretfully said that all were silent over citizens’ killings which were higher in Punjab, which totaled 19000 in Punjab in 2012 as compared to 4000 killings in Sindh. The CM asked the illegal immigrants to go back to their countries be-

cause they had created havoc in the province of Sindh. There were 4 million illegal immigrants in Sindh. He said that the government had provided jobs to165000 youth and trained 200000 under skill development schemes. Established new hospitals and upgraded hospitals and spent Rs4.79 billion on development projects. They people would judge the performance of the government and decide about the future of the elected representatives. The CM refuted ideas about terrorism and lawlessness in the port city and said that it was a part of plans by the enemies to destabilize the country. The establishment had also accepted that such plans had existed in the country. The crime rate had declined by 23 percent in Karachi while it had declined by 30-40 percent all over the province.

attack in Wardak emerged. “The thought that we would collude with the Taliban flies in the face of everything we have done here and is absolutely without foundation,” Ambassador James Cunningham said in a statement. “It is inconceivable that we would spend the lives of America’s sons, daughters, and our treasure, in helping Afghans to secure and rebuild their country, and at the same time be engaged in endangering Afghanistan or its citizens.”The Wardak shooting is the third insider attack this year. Afghan soldiers opened fire on U.S. forces at a joint base in eastern Afghanistan last Friday, killing one U.S. contractor and injuring four U.S. troops. A U.S. military official confirmed Tuesday that the attackers were Afghan soldiers. —AP

PM approves promotions of 103 officers of different service groups ISLAMABAD—Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf, on the recommendations of Central Selection Board, has approved the promotions of 103 officers belonging to different services and groups According to state media, this include among others promotion of 6 officers of Foreign Service from BS-19 to 20; 4 officers of Information Group from BS-20 to BS-21; 4 from BS-20 to 21 and another 5 from BS-19 to 20 in Intelligence Bureau; 2 officers from BS-20 to 21 and 1 from BS-19 to 20 in Military Land and Cantonment Group; 21 officers of Pakistan Audit and Accounts Service from BS19 to 20; 23 officers of Inland Revenue Service from BS-19 to 20; 12 officers of Pakistan Audit and Accounts Service from BS-20 to 21; and 5 officers of Foreign Service from BS-20 to 21.—Online

B vitamins might help some with schizophrenia


OSSESSING one or another version of a gene key to metabolizing the B vitamin folate may make a big difference in who responds to vitamin supplements intended to treat negative symptoms of schizophrenia, according to a new study. Researchers tracked 140 people with schizophrenia for 16 weeks and found that those with the so-called high-functioning FOLH1 gene variant had a greater response to folic acid and B12 supplements, compared to those with the low-functioning FOLH1 variant. “That’s a gene that actually controls the digestion of folate (or folic acid) into the bloodstream,” said Dr. Joshua Roffman, the study’s lead author from Massachusetts General Hospital in Charlestown. Folate, one of the B vitamins, is used in the manufacturing of neurotransmitters, which send signals throughout the brain and body, and it’s found in leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, beans and fortified grain products. Since the 1960s, Roffman told Reuters Health, folate deficiencies have been tied to the development of schizophrenia, and researchers have observed spikes in cases of the mental disorder after famines in China and the Netherlands, for example. But this new study, he said, is the first to look at the effects of folate supplements in a large population of people with the

condition - at several medical centers in Massachusetts, New York and Michigan. The researchers, who published their findings in JAMA Psychiatry, were targeting so-called negative symptoms in schizophrenia patients, which include apathy, withdrawal and an inability to display emotion. Those are less severe than the more well-know symptoms of schizophrenia - including hallucinations, delusions and paranoia - but still lead to significant impairment, because they are unaffected by traditional antipsychotic drugs, experts said. “There’s nothing that’s widely accepted that’s demonstrated to help. So there is a big need for this kind of work,” said Dr. Scott Stroup, a professor of psychiatry at New York’s Columbia University who was not involved with the research. For the new study, the researchers recruited 140 schizophrenia patients and randomly assigned them into two groups. One group received 2 milligrams of folic acid and 400 micrograms of vitamin B12, which increases folic acid’s effect, per day for 16 weeks. The other group took placebo pills for comparison, but all patients also continued their normal medications. At the beginning, each group scored in the mid-30s on a scale that measures the severity of their negative symptoms from 0 to 100 - with higher scores being more severe.

ISLAMABAD: A beautiful view of the capital seen from the road leading to Pir Sohawa.

Habib Jalib 20th death anniversary today STAFF REPORTER ISLAMABAD—Revolutionary

Urdu poet Habib Jalib’s 20th death anniversary is being observed today. Habib Jalib was born on March 24, 1928 as Habib Ahmad in a village near Hoshiarpur, India. He migrated to Pakistan after the partition and worked as a proof reader for Daily Imroze Karachi. Habib Jalib was a progressive writer and soon started to grab the audience with his enthusiastic recitation of poetry. He wrote in plain language, adopted a simple style and addressed common people and issues. His famous collections include Sir-e-Maqtal, Zikr Behte Khoon Ka, Gumbad-eBedar and Kulyaat-e-Habib ISLAMABAD: H.E. Mr. Volodymyr Lakomov, Ambassador of Ukraine, called on Mr. Jalib. Zahid Malik, Editor-in-Chief, Pakistan Observer, on Monday. Mr. Oleh Shevchenko, On March 23, 2009, PresiDeputy Head of Mission of Ukraine Embassay was also present. They discussed matters dent of Pakistan gave the of mutual interest.—PO photo by Sultan Bashir highest civil award (posthumously) to the legendary poet, which was received by his daughter. Habib Jalib died on March 12, 1993.

Knowledge of Forensic Science essential to fight terrorism: Justice Hani

ISLAMABAD—Judge Supreme taken so far in this regard, Judge lack of proper infrastructure. Court of Pakistan, Justice Amir Hani Muslim has said that the Investigation Officers (IO) are required to equip themselves with Forensic Science, other related skills and tools to fight terrorism in the country. He expressed these views in the inaugural ceremony of a one -week colloquium on “Modern Investigation and Evidence Gathering Techniques in a Changing Criminal Justice and Counter Terrorism World” held in the Federal Judicial Academy (FJA), here on Monday. Enumerating the initiatives

of the Apex Court said that the separation of anti-terrorism courts from the ordinary courts, amendments in the Evidence Act, capacity building of the Special Judges for Anti-terrorism courts, were a few prominent steps which had been taken for speedy disposal of terrorism -related cases in the country. Judge also lamented about the procedural and infrastructural problems which were being faced by the Judges of Anti-terrorism courts, prosecutors and mainly by the investigating agencies such as

“A witness Protection Program may also be made a part of these techniques, among others, for an effective performance of the anti-terrorism courts because when the witnesses are threatened or eliminated, then, the judges of the anti-terrorism courts will not be in a position to convict the culprits,” he maintained. Hashim Abro, spokesman of the Academy said that thirteen Special Judges of Anti-terrorism courts, eight prosecutors and two Investigator officers including AIG, Crimes and CPO, Quetta.—APP

Factories in twin cities causing air pollution STAFF REPORTER ISLAMABAD—A large number of marble and steel factories, set up in twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad especially in industrial sectors, I-9 and I-10 are one of the major contributors to air pollution. The residents frequently complain of diseases like chest congestion and asthma, which are directly linked to air pollution according to doctors. They said that the concerned departments have failed to check increasing air pollution which is mainly caused by the steel and marble factories set up in the nearby industrial areas. The marble factories are not only cause of air pollution but they also cause noise pollution. These factories throw their waste into the nearby natural streams. None of these factories follow

CDA to plant 5,00,000 trees ISLAMABAD—Capital Development Authority is planing to plant around 5,00,000 trees during current spring in urban, regional areas and Margallah hills. An official of CDA talking to APP said that CDA Chairman Syed Tahir Shahbaz would inaugurate spring tree plantation campaign on Tuesday. He said CDA has also organized a walk from sector F11/3 Margallah Road to E-11/ 4 tree plantation site to create awareness among masses regarding trees plantation. General public, students, traders and welfare societies will participated in the walk.—APP

Paintings exhibition by Nabeela, Madiha opens at RAC STAFF REPORTER R AWALPINDI —A group painting exhibition titled ‘Psychedelic Spring’ by Nabeela Rashid and Madiha Saeed opened at the Art Gallery of the Rawalpindi Art Council (RAC) on Monday. Senator Najma Hameed and MNA Tahira Orangzeb flanked by Naheed Manzoor inaugurated the exhibition. Feminine experience and expression of the spring season is clearly visible in every painting shown in the exhibition and the color scheme used in them. Soft images of nature and human figures, and bright colors are distinctive features of paintings by Nabeela Rashid and Madiha Saeed who have used medium of watercolor,

pencil work, charcoal and oil. attracted a large gathering, RAC. Speaking on the occa- said the RAC has become The paintings exhibition besides art students of the sion, Senator Najma Hameed the hub of art and cultural activities in the region and that she always takes pride in arriving here to attend the functions. She said colors in paintings displayed here depict spring season that has already set in and spread around. MNA Tahira Orangzeb said tolerance can be promoted in the society by holding art activities related functions. Naheed Manzoor, addressing the gathering, said the RAC equally encourages new talent and experienced artists, and the group exhibition by Nabeela Rashid and Madiha Saeed, both students of RAC art classes, is an effort towards this effect. She said major focus of the paintings disRAWALPINDI: Ladies keenly viewing the paintings of Nabeela Rashid and Madiha played at the exhibition is Saeed during group paintings exhibition at RAC. bright colors of spring.

any environmental or labour laws, says Salman Ahmad, a worker. He said most of the workers developed chest diseases due to inhaling dust frequently and that the factory owners adopted no safety precautions. According to environmentalists at the Pakistan Environment Protection Agency (PEPA), the steel industry is a big source of pollution because it uses lowquality scrap as raw material and releases a huge number of harmful particulate in the air. A medical physician said that smaller particles, when inhaled, can cause a lot of trouble. “We are living in worst environmental conditions, but the CDA, despite growing concerns among inhabitants of this area over the air pollution, has remained in-

different”, Mr Akram said, resident of I-9 sector while talking to this agency. When contacted, an official of the concerned department of CDA said the authority was pursuing industrialists, with a special focus on steel and marble factories, to use treatment plants to filter hazardous smoke emissions. The official agreed that the residents of the sectors close to the industrial area were suffering from air pollution, and, as a result, were more prone to respiratory diseases. “If the industrialists do not follow CDA directives to control air pollution in near future, the authority will file a complaint with the Pakistan Environment Protection Agency (PEPA),” he said. He said the authority had devised a plan to check air pollution in the federal capital territory.

Women commuters facing problems due to non-completion of routes I S L A M A B A D — Wo r k i n g women travelling between the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi have been facing problems due to noncompletion of routes by transporters or either due to less number of seats reserved for female commuters. A working woman, Kashaf Rehman said she had to wait at bus stops for hours to travel to Islamabad from Rawalpindi because two seats reserved for women are always occupied. Another commuter Bushra Irum while talking to APP said the struggle to get a seat in public transport was very tiring. Several other female commuters lamented that they faced hardships in reaching their offices due nonavailability of seats. They demanded an increase in the number of seat for women in public transports.—APP

05:50 01:30 05:00 08:00

March 14 THE Japanese Embassy and the Rawalpindi Arts Council have arranged an exhibition of photo panels titled “Contemporary Japan caught by Lens” at 3pm on Thursday at Rawalpindi Arts Council, Stadium, Road, Rawalpindi. The exhibition will remain open till March 29 from 9am to 4pm daily except holidays.

Senate body directs merit-based promotions

Election information portal for citizens launched SANA JAMAL I SLAMABAD —As Pakistan prepares for momentous general elections, with extended media hype, there are high hopes for the young voter turnout in upcoming elections that will witness country’s first transfer of power between civilian governments. At this decisive time, a unique learning and advocacy campaign on democracy, constitution and general elections has been launched by a local NGO here on Monday. Citizens Wire is an online information portal for public and media that offers explanatory information about the constitution, election laws, party manifestos, and constitutional reports. Launched by Centre for Civic Education Pakistan, Citizens Wire aims to create a body of knowledge and information on issues related to the Constitution, laws, elections, de-

mocracy and best practices in governance. Zafarullah Khan, Editor of the Citizens Wire, vows to make modest contribution to strength the democracy. “Realizing that access to accurate and timely information is essential to the health of democracy and to facilitate the citizens to make informed electoral choices besides keeping a check on the functioning of their elected representatives and the government” he said, speaking at the launching ceremony of information portal. Hafiz Tahir Khalil, a senior journalist, noted that in highly charged political atmosphere, media was ignoring key issues. He suggested that preelection reporting should focus on issues of health, education and infrastructure in different constituencies rather political issues. Adnan Rehmat of Internews observed there was

a big gap to deal with constitutional issues in a manner to be understood by the common readers. “Article 19(a) of the Constitution guarantees right of access to information and the initiatives like Citizens Wire can help realize that constitutional provision,’ he said. Aga Nasir, veteran journalist, shared his experience of covering 1970 elections while appreciating the launch of an innovative web portal for citizens. Azhar Malik of the United Nations recommended that social issues must also be discussed on Citizens Wire in the backdrop of promises and pledges by different political parties. Citizens Wire that can be accessed at ISLAMABAD: Chairman Press Council of Pakistan Shafqat Abbasi speaks during the launching ceremony of is Citizens’ “Wire Information for Democracy” organized by Centre for Civic Education Pakistan at a local hotel.—PO aimed at raising the aware- photo by Sultan Bashir ness level of the electorates so that they can exercise the power of their vote in choosing the best available candidates.

Metro bus service for twin cities demanded



I S L A M A B A D — S e n a t e ’s Standing Committee for Water and Power has directed the officials concerned to ensure return of those NADRA employees who had joined WAPDA on deputation. The Committee has also stressed upon realising all the promotion in NTDC on merit. At this, Secretary WAPDA said that he would present details on promotions to the committee. The Committee has issued directions for compensating the bereaved family members of those labourers who got injured or were killed during the Jene Power Plant accident. Meeting of the Senate’s Standing Committee for Water and Power was held Monday in the chairmanship of Senator Zahid Khan in the Parliament House. Besides, members of the Committee, WAPDA officials also attended the meeting. On the occasion, Secretary WAPDA, Sikander Ahmed Roy briefed the Committee that USAID issued $ 31 million for Kurram Tangi Dam such that work on the dam will be completed by March 2014. —Online

ISLAMABAD —Citizens have demanded introduction of metro bus system on routes between the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi to overcome transport problem. Underlining their transport related woes, the citizens said that acute shortage of public transport and highhandedness of drivers and owners of wagons have compounded their miseries. The drivers allow those commuters to sit in the wagons

who agree to travel to the wagon stops under the choice of the drivers and not their real destinations and they don’t complete the routes. The commuters have to suffer in terms of time and money to reach their destinations, as they have to change three wagons on the same route to reach their homes or offices or working places. Due to non completion of routes by the public transport drivers, the government and private sector employees

are unable to arrive in their offices in time. The Capital Development Authority (CDA) had announced to run 100 CNG buses besides providing quality transport to the citizens but all these announcements have proved empty slogans and a lip service. Bus service on the pattern of metro bus service introduced by the chief minister Punjab in Lahore be launched on the routes between Islamabad and Rawalpindi, citizens stressed.

Motorists are stuck in a massive traffic jam at Fawwara Chowk near Youth commits RAWALPINDI: Parking Plaza. suicide Adiala road littered 14 outlaws arrested,


Noor Muhammad, 36 has committed suicide for unknown reasons in the areas of Ali Pur here. As per Koral Police, Mubarak Ali father of the deceased while recording his statement had said that his son Noor Muhammad who was 36 years old had shot him dead and he did not want to have any postmortem proceedings in respect of dead body of his son. The police in the wake of statement of father of the deceased have registered report declaring the death a suicide incident. —Online

SOCA conducts anti-kidnapping seminar I SLAMABAD —Members of

with garbage

RAWALPINDI—The residents of Adiala road and the nearby colony’s have decried the apathy of the Potohar Town Administration and Chaklala Cantonment Board (CCB) to ever worsening sanitary situation along the over loaded road. The area shopkeepers and those who transit to the emerging new colony’s said that no one is carrying out sweeping along the road and heaps of garbage and dust adorn the road, creating problems for them. Manzoor Ahmed a resident Gulshan-e Abad said a fifty feet portion of the road along Ali Town is covered by mud creating difficulty in the smooth flow of traffic and creating problems for the pedestrians who have to walk down the road. Another resident said the indifferent attitude of the Town administration can be gauged from the fact.—APP

narcotics recovered STAFF REPORTER ISLAMABAD—Islamabad Police have arrested 14 outlaws from various areas of the city and recovered weapons, hashish, wine and looted valuables from their possession, a police spokesman said on Monday. According to details, Assistant Sub-Inspector Sarfraz Ahmad from Anti car lifting cell of Islamabad police arrested an accused Usman Khan and recovered chassis plate and tempering tools from him. ASIs Fayyaz Akbar, Muhammad Ashiq and Muhammad Saeed from Sabzi mandi police arrested five accused Sher Pawoo, Habibur-Rehman, Tayyab, Farooq and Yousaf besides recovering three three mobile phones, snatched cash and looted valuables amounting to Rs. 1,50,000 and two 30

bore pistols from them. Sub Inspector Muhammad Abbas from Sihala police station arrested an accused wajid Hussain and recovered 250 gram hashish from him. ASI Amir Sajjid from Bhara Kau police arrested a bootlegger for having seven wine bottles. Sub-Inspector Jehangir and ASI Tanver Ahmad from Kohsar police station arrested three accused Saqib, Zafran and Bilal and recovered pistols from them. ASI Umer Hayyat from Nilore police station arrested two thieves Warasst,Shahzad Waheed and recovered stolen property worth Rs. 1,50,000 from them. ASI Qasim Zia from Industrial area police arrested SirTaj involved in selling of porn CDs. Cases have been registered against these nabbed persons and further investigation is underway from them.

the UK Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) Anti Kidnap and Extortion Unit (AKEU) visited Islamabad from March 04 to Mar 08 to conduct a seminar on the subject of kidnapping with Pakistani police officers and prosecutors. The seminar was held at the National Police Academy in Islamabad and formally opened by Helena I Saeed (PSP), the Deputy Inspector General of National Police Bureau, and Head of the SOCA AKEU, Rob Ormsby. Pakistani officers were invited from all provinces of the country to participate in the seminar. AKEU expressed their gratitude that 22 Pakistani officials, including one female ASP participated and that these police officers were so willing to share their experiences with the United Kingdom.—NNI RAWALPINDI: A view of damaged overhead bridge for pedestrians.

Sale of substandard food goes unchecked

Christian community security increased

Rescue 1122 gets 14 state of the art ambulances

have learned a lesson as R AWALPINDI —Due to the R AWALPINDI —After the in- lice the poor security arrange- R AWALPINDI —The Punjab cident of Badami Bagh in slackness of Pakistan Standard and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA), the sale of substandard food items and beverages is on the rise, particularly in rural areas of the city, which poses serious health hazards. According to a survey conducted by INP, the substandard and adulterated beverages and other food items are being openly sold as most of the vendors have put up their stalls near crowded areas especially parks, colleges and bus stations in order to allure maximum costumers while concerned authorities have turned a blind eye towards the open sale of food items and beverages which may cause diseases like typhoid, hepatitis, diarrhoea, and different kinds of infections. Moreover, sale of unhygienic food and drinks at higher rates is also on the rise at Railway Station and Pirwadhai and Faizabad Bus Stand, besides there is no quality control system from Pakistan Railways at Rawalpindi Railway Station, leaving passengers at the mercy of vendors. Citizens demanded strict action against those involved in the business of substandard and adulterated food commodities and beverages.—INP

Lahore, the security of the churches and Christian community has been increased to avoid any untoward incident in Rawalpindi. Punjab Home Department has directed the district administration and police to beef up security of the Christian community and their worship places. A senior police officer said additionqal police personnel have been deployed at churches and Christian community areas to ensure foolproof security to minorities in the garrison city. He said after the gory incident of Badami Bagh, po-

ments could result in untoward incidents. It may be noted that the Christian communities across the country took out rallies against torching of over 100 houses of the Christians at Joseph Colony, Lahore after alleged blasphemous remarks. On the other hand, Christian community talking to INP said that the prevailing law and order situation has made the Christian community further vulnerable to terrorist activities and crowded localities could be easily targeted by the miscreants if foolproof security arrangements are not made.—INP

Emergency Service Rescue 1122 Rawalpindi has been provided 14 state of the art new ambulances which are fully equipped with life saving equipments. The new ambulances contained ventillator, automated external defibrillator (AED), cardiac monitor, oxygen delivery system, B.P apparatus, nebulizer, gluco meter and suction unit and medicines. The District Emergency Officer Rawalpindi, Dr. Abdur Rehman thanked the Director General, Dr. Rizwan Naseer for his untiring efforts for purchase of new ambulances. —APP

Monthly Shura Hamdard meeting Power shut down

Foreigners living illegally be expelled immediately STAFF REPORTER R AWALPINDI —Addressing

was “Aman-o-amaan ki surat-e-hal, islah keliye ehale-fikar danish ki rahnmai ki zrurat”. Others who address the meeting were Brig. Amir Gulistan Janjua, Mian Siddique Akbar, Prof. Niaz Irfan, Zahid Abbasi, Prof. Riaz Ahmad, Naeem Akram Qureshi, G. H. Anjum Qureshi, Aurangzaib Awan, Mansoor Aqil, Israr Ahmad, Prof. Iqbal Bakhat, Qazi Arif Hussain Advocate and Dr. Maqsooda Hussain. Sadia Rashid said that country’s situation is very critical therefore guidance of scholars is needed. Scholars at the meeting said federal government should run education system but it is handed over to provinces, which is totally erroneous.

ISLAMABAD—Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO), Monday issued power suspension programme for various areas of its region due to necessary maintenance and routine development work. According to IESCO Spokesman, the power supply of the following Feeders / Grid Stations would remain suspended as under:March 11 (Tuesday) From 09:00am to 12:00pm, Mankiala, Cap: AWSS feeders, W.No.19, Hayat Sir Road, W.No.11 G/Khan, Sohawa, Khali Parri etc, Industrial, Hamlet, Cap:Nisar, Hasnote feeders, SIE Rathian Jhelum, Hamlet, Pindori, Hadala, Kota, Village Hasnote Padhri etc, Cantt, Machine Mohallah, Bolani, S.A.Gir feeders, Cantt area, Rohtas Road, Machine Mohalla, Floor Mills.—APP

the monthly meeting of Shura Hamdard, former Naval Chief Admiral Iftekhar Ahmad Serohi and former I.S.I. Chief Gen. Hamid Gul said that operation against terrorist on equal basis is necessary for peace in the country as USA and other anti-Islam and antiPakistan powers are involved in it. They said foreigners living illegally should be sent back promptly adding that government has failed to protect citizens. How can peace and prosperity be brought to the counISLAMABAD—Al-Khair Foun- try if thieves become the dation has installed over 2000 guards, they questioned. hand pumps in remote villages The topic of the meeting to provide clean drinking water to masses. AKF has been working on Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) announced by the United Nations in 2000, this was said by Tahir Beeg a trustee of UK based Al- Khair Foundation while talking to Media here. He said to achieve these goals, AKF has given particular importance to the role of women. This includes giving priority to the widows and orphans, in handing over newly built houses after the devastating floods of July 2010 in Pakistan, so that women and families can live in secure surroundings. AKF has also established purpose built adult training centers for women. Women are being taught technical skills such as sewing, embroidery and dress making with aim to improve their family economic RAWALPINDI: Members of Employees Action Committee staged a protest demonstraconditions. The centers are tion after an attendant of a patient tortured an employee of Holy Family Hospital. also used for basic education on health, hygiene, cleanliness and protection of the environment.—APP

AKF installs 2000 hand pumps in remote villages

Teachers’ association protest school land occupation RAWALPINDI—Teachers’ associations would stage protest at Fowara Chowk on Tuesday (today) against illegal occupation of vast tract of land of Government Christian Higher Secondary School (GCHSS) located in Raja Bazaar. Muttahida Mahaz Asatiza (MMA) vice chairman Imtiaz Abbasi presided a meeting held the other regarding illegal occupation of land of GCHSS and alleged threats to principal of the institution by land mafia. —INP

Residents decry supply of muddy drinking water

RAWALPINDI—The residents of College Road and surrounding areas have been receiving murky and sewage mixed water causing spread of waterborne diseases. The residents talking to INP complained that they were forced to consume contaminated water for last few weeks which is not fit for consumption besides causing spread of various diseases. Dr Hamid Saleem and other residents said that water and sewerage lines got mixed at some points which polluted water being provided to them. They complained that Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) has failed to identify leakage and

ensure provision of clean drinking water. Ironic is the fact that the affected localities are located at walking distance from central office of WASA and residency of PML-N MNA Shakeel Awan, they lamented. Yasir Ali, a resident of College Road, taking to INP said, “WASA has failed to replace the leaking water pipelines passing through nullahs which consequently contaminate the drinking water.” Kamran Ahmed, a resident of Arjunpura said, “The water supply pipelines should be kept away from drains or nullahs.”—INP

Traffic problems resolution priority

RAWALPINDI —Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Syed Ishtiaq Hussain Shah said here on Sunday that traffic problems being faced by the residents of the city would be resolved on priority. He said that the people were facing problems due ongoing work on Mureer Chowk tunnel on Benazir Bhutto Road and Chur Chowk flyover on Peshawar Road, which would be eased out after completion of the projects. Talking to APP, the CTO urged the citizens to strictly observe traffic rules and cooperate with traffic wardens in performing their duty.—APP

India can’t suppress movement through arrests, atrocities Youth being subjected to worst persecution SRINAGAR—The Chairman of against the illegal arrest of nity to play its role for securing crackdown on his party activAll Parties Hurriyet Conference, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq has said that India cannot suppress the Kashmiris’ movement for freedom through arrests and harassment of Hurriyet leaders and activists in frequent raids on their houses by police. The APHC Chairman, who is himself under house arrest at his residence in Srinagar, in a media interview expressed concern over the use of brute force by the Indian troops in Srinagar, Baramulla, Pulwama, Kulgam and other areas of the Valley. Complete strike was observed at Beerwah in Badgam SRINAGAR—Continued protests in occupied Kashmir against the Indian state terrorism.

Kashmiri youth subjected to brutal torture

Tourism gets poor response at ITB-Berlin

SRINAGAR—The Chairman of B ERLIN — Kashmir tourism separate stalls, one within the “Absence of the tourism minisJammu and Kashmir Liberation Front, Muhammad Yasin Malik has warned of ‘more ferocious armed’ struggle than the one witnessed during early 90’s if people of Kashmir, especially youth, were continued denial of political space. The JKLF Chairman, who was put under house arrest at his Maisuma residence in Srinagar soon after he landed at the Srinagar Airport from New Delhi in a media interview said that the Kashmiri youth were being subjected to the worst ever persecution in the territory. Malik said that a simmering discontent was brewing in Kashmir against the “worst ever atrocities” being committed by the forces on the youth. “People, especially youth, are being subjected to worst ever torture. The space for the transition to peaceful struggle here seems to be choking,” he said. In 1987, New Delhi had claimed that they were unaware of Kashmir situation. But this time around, Government of India is fully aware of the happenings and the sentiment. If the treatment meted out to the youth continues, I am afraid, the generation next won’t listen to anybody and we may witness the most dangerous armed resistance.”He said that the people of Kashmir should follow the programmes announced by the Muttahida Majlis-eMushawarat —Online

MMM calls for social media campaign SRINAGAR—Mutahida Majlise-Mashawrat (MMM), a joint council of various separatist bodies, reiterated its call for launching a campaign on social media sites for demanding return of mortal remains of Afzal Guru and Maqbool Bhat. In a statement issued today, the Majlis asked all Kashmiris and other justice loving people to upload photographs of Bhat and Guru as their profile pages of the social media sites. According to the programme, people will use pro-resistance slogans as their status on various social media websites. “By way of such a protest, it will convey that even after being murdered, the bodies of Maqbool Bhat and Guru have been kept under detention and that their bodies were not handed over to their kin”, the spokesman of MMM said in a statement issued here.—NNI

has evoked little response at the ITB-Berlin. Eight members from travel trade of Kashmir and Ladakh are participating in the ITB - Berlin presently. Chairman JKTA, Nasir Shah, in an email to Greater Kashmir said that they were not satisfied with the response from the European travel trade. Shah who is heading the delegation attributed low response mainly to the “present unfortunate incidents in the Valley.” “The second reason for little response,” he said, “is that J&K Tourism has set up two

India pavilion and other outside the pavilion” which he alleged had exclusively been handed over to some individual persons who have no affiliation with any organization. He alleged that the stall outside the pavilion had been provided with all the promotional facilities by the Tourism Department, while “at the main stall of Jammu and Kashmir there is only the material of private players.”He alleged that no promotional material of Jammu and Kashmir tourism had been put on display in the main pavilion.

ter and the officials of the department have also adversely affected the profile of J&K Tourism Stall,” he said. Shah alleged that in the exhibiters’ directory of ITB, the address of the main stall was not mentioned while it reflected the address of other stall allotted to the private persons. “The members of JKTA, TASK, TAAI and ALTOA Ladakh have been put to inconvenience in terms of accommodation, etc. The members are aghast why there have been two J&K stalls,” he said.—NNI

Hospitals become hub of illegal, inhuman activities SRINAGAR—Under the nose of state government’s tall clams of improving the health sector a number of Govt.Hospitals in Kashmir valley have become hubs of illegal and inhuman activities. Doctors who have a place only next to God are exploiting this sacred profession for their petty interests. Reportedly the doctors in these hospitals including Mertinity and child care hospital,Afzal Beigh Memorial Hospital, Motton Hospital, kokernagh Hospital,Douru Houspital, Qazigund Hospital,Achabal Hospital,Bijbehara Hospital of District Anantnag are prescribing the medicine of substandard companies whose lone motive is to amass the wealth from the

poor and innocent patients. The Doctors in these hospitals are said to have a many years tie up with these companies in which they earn a commission in lacs. Sources also revealed that the spurious medicine of these companies have already put life of many patients in a number of dangerous diseases. Even the transferring process has also proved to be a useless activity as only on the power of money they return to the same hospitals to saccade their greed, official sources said. Most of the Medical Shops outside these Hospitals allegedly sell the drugs of same companies. Sources believe a medicine called Green vela Powder which one of the accused Com-

pany produce just at RS 30 is being sold at 160 Rupees from which a share of 60 Rs goes into the pocket of involved doctors. Wishing anonymity one of the senior doctor from SMHS Hospital admitted that, “such things do prevail in a number of places and we really want the authorities to take stern action against every erring person”. The story does not end here Sources told KNS that they believe a number of big fishes are also involved. When enquired, the Director health Kashmir Dr. saleemur-Rehman admitted, “ we have also received a number of complaints particularly from Anantnag District and soon erring Doctors will be delt severely”.—NNI

Docs concerned over use of pepper gas by cops It causes temporary blindness, irritation, breathlessness, leading to fatalities SRINAGAR —The doctors in the Valley have expressed serious concern over the use of pepper gas by police and paramilitary personnel saying if complications caused by the inhalation of pepper gas are not treated on time, it may cause death in some cases. “Pepper gas mainly contains capsaicin and other ingredients that have unhealthy properties. Its most immediate effect is temporary blindness and irritation in eyes,” said Dr Nisar Ul Hassan, senior Consultant Medicine at SMHS hospital and President Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK).

He said if patient suffering from severe asthma and respiratory problems inhales pepper gas and is not given timely treatment, the patient can die. “The pepper gas causes skin allergies and infections. Breathlessness is another side effect of the gas besides chocking and coughing,” added Nisar. While cautioning against ill effects of the pepper gas, physician Dr M A Kamili said, “Pepper gas causes severe respiratory problems and irritation. Those suffering from respiratory disease must be extra careful. The gas causes linings inside the nose and throat to swell

immediately, making breathing difficult as air flow is reduced.” The police and paramilitary personnel have been using pepper spray in different parts of the valley to disperse the protestors. So far, two people have died allegedly due to inhalation of the lethal gas. A 60 year old woman from Aali Kadal died yesterday after allegedly inhaling pepper gas. In February, a 60 year old man from old city died due to excessive exposure to pepper spray. Pulmonologist Dr Parvaiz Kaul said vomiting, nausea, chest pain and headache can be the immediate reactions to inhalation of pepper gas.—NNI

Women on forefront to get dear ones released S RINAGAR — Groups

of women, mostly mothers and sisters of the arrested youth, can be seen waiting outside police stations to get their sons and brothers released from the lockups. With tears in her eyes, a Kashmiri woman, Afroza Banoo told local news agency, “My son has been lodged in police station Saddar and the policemen on the gate are not allowing me to meet my son.” Her daughter, Rumisa (name changed) expressed the same views with tearful eyes. She said that her brother who was arrested by police during nocturnal raid had been lodged in the police station Saddar and the cops were not allowing them to see him. Station House Officer (SHO) police station Saddar told the news agency that he was not authorized to divulge the information about the arrested youth.Scores of women were seen, in similar circumstances, outside Karan Nagar, Maharaj Gunj, Batamaloo, Parimpora, Nowhatta, Safakadal and Khanyar police stations. “We have arrested 22 boys .. We are still in search of others who are a threat to peace,” a police officer said In north Kashmir’s Baramulla, Bandipora and Handwara areas also women were seen waiting outside police stations. “Policemen on the gate are not allowing us to enter into the police station and we are waiting here like beggars for past many hours,” Sumira Akhtar said adding she wants to know about her brother who has been arrested by police.—Online

BJP admits J&K is disputed place JAMMU—Supporting Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP), the Independent MLA Langate Engineer Rashid said the national party has admitted that Jammu and Kashmir is a disputed place, when they demanded to fill up of the vacant seats of State Assembly. Er Rashid said that the BJP had demanded that 11 vacant seats of Azad Kashmir should be filled up in State Assembly. He said, in other words the BJP has admitted that the Kashmir has a dispute and I would support them because they have maintained that the other State is disputed land. He further said that the Central government has invested huge amount in Jammu and Kashmir since last six decades but the National Conference and Congress party has failed to gather support for India.—NNI

people by Indian police in the area. The Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front, Muhammad Yasin Malik, who is under house arrest in Srinagar, in a media interview said that the Kashmiri youth were being subjected to the worst persecution in the territory. He warned of a renewed armed struggle if political space was denied to the people, especially the youth. Senior APHC leader, Agha Syed Hassan Al-Moosvi AlSafvi addressing party workers urged the international commu-

the Kashmiris’ right to self-determination. The forum led by veteran Kashmiri Hurriyet leader, Syed Ali Gilani said that the pro-India National Conference had let loose its traditional policy of oppression in occupied Kashmir. The Jamaat-e-Islami of occupied Kashmir, Peoples Freedom League, Peoples Movement and Mahaz-e-Azadi in their statements condemned the use of pepper gas and other lethal weapons by Indian forces against the protesters. Jammu and Kashmir Muslim League leader, Abdul Ahad Para expressed serious concern over the

ists by Indian authorities. An APHC delegation led by Zafar Akbar Butt visited Baramulla town and expressed condolence over the killing of a university student by Indian troops in unprovoked firing. Indian paramilitary forces beat up a journalist, Anzar Mehjoor at Cement Kadal in Baramulla town without any reason. A civil society group, Centre for Social and Development Studies, in a statement demanded withdrawal of Indian forces and revocation of draconian Armed Forces Special Powers Act from the territory.—KMS

J&K heading towards severe energy crisis JAMMU— Ineffective power reforms pushing the Transmission and Distribution losses to a whopping 62 percent and having been able to tap just 760 .46 MW hydel power potential (state owned projects) out of 16480 MW identified capacity, the Jammu and Kashmir is heading to severe energy crisis in the coming years. Dubbing it as perpetually energy deficient state, the Economic Survey, 2012-13 points out that the base load requirement of the state is about 716 MW and peak demand is currently pegged at about 2600 MW, while the total generation capacity of its own projects is just 760 MW which goes far down during the winter with fall in the water discharge in the riv-

ers. It also mentions that while the state is entitled to just 12 percent out of 1680 MW generated in the hydel projects constructed in central sector, as per pre- conditions imposed by the rendering institutions, the state is bound to sell about fifty percent of the energy of its own 450 MW Baglihar Power Project to the outside buyers, leaving its own customers striving for the energy. Quoting the sixteenth All India Power Survey on the increasing demand of power in the state, it says that Jammu and Kashmir would require about 4000MWs by 2020 -21, while out of total the estimated 16480 hydel power potential, the state has been able to tap just fifteen percent (2457.96 MW) with

major part of 1680 MW being generated in the central sector of which it gets only 12 percent. The survey also puts the power losses in the state (gap between receipts and expenditure) to Rs 1993 crore during the year 2011-12, showing an increase of 33.94 percent against the previous year. Calling for major structural reforms and tightening of controls, the survey has noted huge T&D loses as major area of concern and attributes the lapse to technical reasons including outdated system. It suggests establishment of regulatory mechanism , metering of feeders and consumers and time bound distribution reforms , besides upgradation of system to over come this problem.—NNI

Don’t push Kashmir back into gory days of 90s: Karra to Omar SRINAGAR—Accusing Omar Abdullah-led NC-Congress coalition Government of again pushing Kashmir into ‘ruinous circumstances’ that led to eruption of turmoil in early 1990’s, senior PDP leader and former Finance Minister Tariq Hameed Karra has said the State Government must immediately put an end to the reign of repression let loose by the law enforcing agencies. In a statement, Karra said

Kashmir has already seen thousands of deaths and its hapless populace has undergone untold miseries. “We can’t afford to lose another generation to another vicious circle of violence,” he said and called for urgent measures to be taken to rein in the government forces to restore people’s confidence. “The irony is that the inhabitants of Srinagar city, who were instrumental in installing the present regime with lot of fanfare,

have become the worst victims of its atrocities and rampant misgovernance,” Karra said and added that he is pained to see the despondency, helplessness and despair among the people all around. Karra said while public outrage is justified in present atrocious and appalling scenario, “I appeal people to maintain calm as it is we hapless inhabitants of this fateful place who are ultimately at the receiving end of the abominable situation.”—NNI

Police, CRPF continue to ‘violate’ SOP Cops deal with protesters in absence of magistrates SRINAGAR—In spite of a Standard Operating Procedure in place for forces to deal with law and order problems, police and paramilitary CRPF continue to work in absence of magistrates while dealing with protesters in Kashmir. The violation of SOP has often resulted in excessive use of force by the police and paramilitary forces, triggering widespread resentment among the people. On February 10, when 92-battalion of paramilitary CRPF opened fire on a protest rally in Watrgam area of north Kashmir’s Baramulla district, killing 15-year-old Ubair Mushtaq and injuring four others, no magistrate was present on the scene. In a Unified Command meeting in 2009, Chief Minister Omar Abdullah had asked the law enforcing agencies to ensure presence of a magistrate when dealing with law and order situations. “No law and or-

der situation or protest should be dealt without the presence of a magistrate,” he had said. Omar had also called for formation of citizens’ advisory committees in every district “to develop constant rapport between citizens and administration to avoid misunderstandings.” However, nothing has changed on ground with police and paramilitary CRPF being accused of using excessive force during the past few weeks. “If a magistrate is not present at the situation, police and parliamentary CRPF have no right to open fire on protesters. Killing a boy at Watrgam is gross violation of SOP by the forces,” senior High Court lawyer Syed Riyaz Khawar said. Khawar said under law police and paramilitary CRPF have no right to shoot at protesters. “Not even powers devised to forces under AFSPA empower them to shoot at innocent protest-

ors. The act of CRPF firing on unarmed civilians is tantamount to violation of Constitution and a case may be registered against it,” he opined. Talking to Greater Kashmir, former Secretary, Supreme Court Bar Association, Ashok Arora said the paramilitary CRPF cannot afford to take law into its own hands. “There is a proper mechanism to deal with a situation. It is extremely unheard of that bullets are showered on people who register protest,” he said. Divisional Commissioner Kashmir, Asgar Hassan Samoon, has also slammed CRPF for ‘excesses’, saying “how could the paramilitary forces act independently without consultation with civil administration.” “Strict action will be taken against the erring CRPF personnel. I fail to understand how they act independently when SOP has been set for them,” Samoon told a local news gathering agency recently.—NNI

A month on, no word on Afzal’s body; Family awaits mortal remains Separatists angry; Tihar officials say ‘no decision’ SRINAGAR—A month after the secret execution and burial of Muhammad Afzal Guru in New Delhi’s Tihar Jail, there is no official word on the demand of return of his body for performance of last rites back home. This is notwithstanding the fact that the demand has assumed center stage in the Valley with Mutahida Majlis-e-Mushawarat, an amalgam of separatist organizations, spearheading an agitation to press for the return of Guru’s mortal remains. While Afzal’s family maintains that their “resolve for getting back his body has been strengthened by the overwhelming support of Kashmiris,” political parties in the State, including the mainstream ones, have urged the Government of India to concede to the humanitarian demand “in the interest of peace in Kashmir.” Guru’s family accused New Delhi and State Government of buying time on their demand for body. “A month has passed since we wrote to the

State Government on the issue. But so far there is no official response to our communiqué,” said Muhammad Yasin Guru, cousin of Afzal Guru. He said both Centre and State are silent on the matter. “Where would my nephew (Ghalib) offer Fateha of his father? They made him an orphan, ruined his childhood; they did not allow him to meet Afzal for one last time before his hanging. And now they are even denying him the body of his father,” Yasin said, asserting that “there is no question of giving up the demand for body as Afzal loved his motherland and has the right to be buried here.” He said: “We are not begging for something. It is our moral and religious right to give him decent burial. We are not alone in this struggle. The entire Kashmir is wholeheartedly supporting us.” The Guru family, however, is unimpressed by the demand of mainstream parties seeking

Afzal’s body, arguing “they are playing vote- bank politics.” “If Chief Ministers of Punjab and Tamil Nadu saved convicts whose mercy petitions were rejected by the President, why wasn’t the JK government able to follow the suit?” Yasin asked. Pertinently, Chief Minister Omar Abdullah and Peoples Democratic Party patron Mufti Muhammad Sayeed had written letters, separately, to the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh seeking return of Afzal’s body. Meanwhile, political parties cutting across the party lines slammed the Centre for “being arrogant towards the humanitarian demand.” Veteran separatist leader and Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani said the “obstinate approach of New Delhi over the human issue clearly demonstrates its arrogance towards Kashmiris.” He sought intervention of international rights organizations in the matter.

Chairman of Hurriyat Conference (M) Mirwaiz Umar Farooq echoed the same view. “This shows the non-seriousness and arrogance of New Delhi towards the legitimate demand of Kashmiris and it indicates that they are dealing with overall problem of Kashmir militarily rather than politically,” he said. Mirwaiz said the conglomerate fully supports and endorses the program of MMM over the issue. Senior National Conference leader and cabinet minister Ali Muhammad Sagar said that New Delhi should keep in view the sentiments and aspirations of Kashmiris and return the body of Guru. “If the Chief Minister is making the same demand, I think New Delhi should have any objection to it,” Sagar said, adding that acceptance of the demand by New Delhi is in the interests of peace in the Valley which is threatened after

Guru’s hanging. Chief spokesman of opposition Peoples Democratic Party Naeeem Akther said return of the body would relieve the pain of Kashmiris to some extent. “The return of Afzal’s body in present circumstances looks bleak but as long as it is not returned, it seems nothing else can be done to relieve the family and people at large of some pain and humiliation,” Akther told Greater Kashmir. Terming the demand as a serious issue, Akther said, “Expecting anything or any effective intervention by the state government is futile given that Omar Abdullah has thrown his hands up.” Meanwhile, authorities at Tihar Jail this evening said the government has not conveyed to them any decision with regard to return of Afzal’s body. “It is for the Government to decide over the matter,” spokesman of Tihar Jail Sunil Gupta told Greater Kashmir over phone.—NNI

NHA super highway Staff Reporter ISLAMABAD—National Highway Authority will convert four-lane Super Highway into six-lane motorway (M-9) as it possesses extra-ordinary significance in relation to regional trade activity. The 136 km project contract has been awarded to the Frontier Works Organization (FWO) is expected to be completed in 30 months time frame and cost of its PC-1 is Rs 13.1 billion. Since existing KarachiHyderabad Super Highway is linked up with Karachi Port & Port Qasim, therefore volume of traffic on it has increased manifold and its up-gradation as motorway has become an imperative. The federal cabinet gave approval for conversion of Super Highway into six-lane Motorway last month. Seven interchanges will also be built all along the motorway while the length of service road will be 142 km. The NESPAK (The National Engineering Services Pakistan) would be the consultant for the project. The Super Highway begins north of Karachi at the end of Mohammad Ali Jinnah Road, near junction of Karachi Northern Bypass.It is connected with the Karachi Northern Bypass with a trumpet interchange.

Oil down in Asia SINGAPORE—Oil prices were down in Asia on Monday as Chinese industrial production showed signs of a slowdown, with the strong US dollar also putting pressure on prices, analysts said. New York’s main contract, light sweet crude for delivery in April eased 26 cents to $91.69 a barrel and Brent North Sea crude for April dipped 41 cents to $110.42 in late morning Asian trade. Official data released Saturday showed inflation in China hitting a 10month high in February. Industrial output, which reflects production at China’s factories, workshops and mines, rose 9.9 percent yearon-year over the first two months of 2013, compared with 11.4 percent in the same period of 2012. “Chinese data showing industrial production slowing has taken a toll on oil prices,” said Jason Hughes, head of premium client management at IG Markets Singapore. Chinese energy demand has a major impact on oil futures prices.—APP

Rates for conversion KARACHI—The following rates will be applicable for conversion into rupees of Foreign Currency Deposits, Dollar Bearer Certificates, Foreign Currency Bearer Certificates, Special U.S. Dollar Bonds and profits thereon by all banks and for providing Forward Cover on Foreign Currency Deposits (excluding F.E. 25 deposits) by the State Bank on March 12, 2013. The rates are U.S. Dollar Rs 97.8801, Japanese Yen Rs 1.0183, Pound Sterling Rs 146.0274 and Euro 127.2735.—APP

Overseas Pakistanis remit $9.23b in eight months AMANULLAH KHAN KARACHI—Pakistanis working abroad proved more supportive than the donor agencies including IMF, World Bank etc by up keeping the remittances more than $9 billion in last 8 months and expected to take the inflows beyond $15 billion at the end of the fiscal year in June this year. The unconditional financial inflows certainly makes them more eligible for incentives at home for their unconditional commitment to the national economy and the financial support to the country. According to detail, Pakistani workers remitted an amount of $9,234.72 million in the first eight months (July – February) of the current fiscal year 2012-13 (Financial Year 13), showing a growth of 7.47 percent or $641.93 million when compared with $8,592.79 million received during the same period of last

fiscal year (July- February 2012). The inflow of remittances in July- February, 2013 from Saudi Arabia, UAE, USA, UK, GCC countries (including Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman), and EU countries amounted to $2,627.78 million, $1,865.73 million, $1,461.13 million, $1,284.75 million, $1,067.50 million and $242.61 million respectively as compared with the inflow of $2,325.98 million, $1,903.89 million, $1,525.45 million, $991.20 million, $968.91 million and $244.91 million respectively in July- February 2012. Remittances received from Norway, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, Japan and other countries during the first eight months of current fiscal year (July- February Financial Year 13) amounted to $685.17 million as against $632.45 million received in the first eight months of last fiscal year (July- February Financial Year

12). The monthly average remittances for July-February 2013 period comes out to $1,154.34 million as compared to $1,074.10 million during the corresponding period of the last fiscal year. An amount of $1,028.33 million was remitted by overseas Pakistanis in February 2013 as against $ 1,156.81 million in the same month of the last fiscal year (February 2012). In February 2013, the inflow of remittances from Saudi Arabia, UAE, USA, UK, GCC countries (including Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman), and EU countries amounted to $335.76 million, $196.37 million, $137.13 mil- Thomas Kramer and CEO Bahria Town Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik signed a US$20 billion agreement for Pakistan’s first ever lion, $129.40 million, Island City, Bundal & Buddo Islands, Karachi. Consultant of Bahria Town, Malik Riaz Hussain is also present. $125.67 million and $24.72 million respectively as compared with the inflow of $317.51 million, $259.55 million, $197.14 million, $137.73 million, $123.50 mil

LSE down by 144.16 points

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Pakistan needs $150b fresh investment by 2020 STAFF REPORTER ISLAMABAD—Pakistan High Commissioner to Singapore, Syed Hasan Javed invited the Singapore investors to invest in Pakistan saying that Pakistan needs an investment of US$ 150 billion until 2020 in real estate and Construction sector, Energy, Logistics and Infrastructure sector, as well as Hotel and Tourism facilities. Addressing a Conference on Financing and Securing of Overseas Projects organized by the Building Control Authority of Singapore here on Monday, he said that tremendous opportunities exist for foreign investors in upcom-

ing high rise and skyscrapers projects, Infrastructure, IT Parks, Dazzle Jewellery Park, Mass-transit projects, Hotel industry, tourism facilities, Hydropower projects, Solar & Wind Energy projects, Cold Storages, Clean Water reservoirs, etc. Javed stated that Pakistan will be able to mobilize onethird of the needed investment, through its own resources. An equal amount is being offered for investment by the companies from China, Turkey, Gulf States, Korea and Japan while for the remaining 3rd of requirements, Pakistan will be seeking assistance from the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Islamic Devel-

LAHORE—Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority (Smeda) held an Information Technology conference today at Smeda head office to obtain proposals from the key stakeholders of the industry for development of the IT based SMEs in the country. A large number of the CEOs and senior professionals of the local IT companies attended the conference held in chair with Sardar Ahmad Nawaz Sukhera, CEO Smeda. Smeda Chief, welcoming the participants, gave a presentation on Smeda’s services

to be rendered for development of SME sector in the country. He informed that Smeda was actively busy to formulate a five year business plan to spur rapid growth of new SMEs aiming at creation of new jobs and investment opportunities. In this regard about 22 potential sectors have been chosen across the country giving equal significance to each region including Gilgit Baltistan and AJK, he added. The Public sector interventions for support have been prioritized on the bases of SMEs existence, economic viability, employment poten-

Software piracy costs billions in time, money for consumers, businesses TARIQ KHATTAK ISLAMABAD—According to a

study conducted by International Data Corporation (IDC) the HONG KONG—Asian chances of infection by unexmarkets were mixed Monday pected malware are one in three after another record-breaking for consumers and three in 10 for performance on Wall Street businesses. Because of these inwhile Shanghai dipped as fections, the research shows that disappointing economic data consumers will spend 1.5 billion fuelled concerns about China’s hours and $22 billion identifying, economy. The dollar got a repairing and recovering from the boost from better-than-forecast impact of malware, while global US jobs figures, hitting multi- enterprises will spend $114 bilyear highs against the yen. lion to deal with the impact of a Tokyo rose 0.53 percent, or 65.43 points, to 12,349.05, while Sydney added 0.46 percent, or 23.5 points, to 5,146.9—its highest close since September 2008.—APP

Asian markets mixed

malware-induced cyber-attack. The IDC study, titled “The Dangerous World of Counterfeit and Pirated Software was released today as part of Microsoft’s “Play It Safe” campaign, a global initiative to bring awareness to issues related to software piracy. The global study analyzed 270 websites and peer-to-peer (P2P) networks, 108 software downloads, and 155 CDs or DVDs, and it interviewed 2,077 consumers and 258 IT managers or chief information officers in Brazil, China, Germany, India, Mexico, Poland, Rus-

sia, Thailand, the United Kingdom and the United States. Researchers found that of counterfeit software that does not come with the computer, 45 percent comes from the Internet, and 78 percent of this software downloaded from websites or P2P networks included some type of spyware, while 36 percent contained Trojans and adware. “The cybercrime reality is that counterfeiters are tampering with the software code and lacing it with malware, “said Salman Siddiqui, country channel lead, Microsoft Pakistan.

Call for raising awareness about intellectual property rights

STAFF REPORTER LAHORE—Secretary Industries, “No matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time for reading, or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance.” — Atwood H Townsend

Commerce and Investment Punjab Dr. Shujaat Ali has said that the economy of the country can be further strengthened by creating awareness among public and private sectors about intellectual property rights and institutional and legal arrangements for their enforcement for creating job opportunities, investment in the country and promotion of innovation in Pakistan.

He expressed these views while addressing a training workshop on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights, in Lahore today. The workshop was organized in collaboration with Pakistan Institute of Trade and Development (PITAD), Industries, Commerce and Investment, Government of the Punjab and World Trade Institute. Dr. Shujaat Ali said that there is a need of modern reforms related to trade and creating new opportunities of investment for local and for-

LAHORE—Bearish trend pre-

vailed in Lahore Stock Exchange on Monday as it shed 144.16 points, following the LSE-25 index opened with 4263.99 and closed at 4119.83 points. The market’s overall situaopment Bank, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Bilateral Do- tion, however, corresponded to nors and Commercial Institu- an upward trend as it remained at 3.688 million shares to close tions. Singapore investors are against previous turnover of welcome to harness the po- 2.036 million shares, showing tential projects, with the most an upward move of 1.652 milpromising rate of return. Mr. lion shares. While out of the toJaved said adding Pakistan tal 91 active scrips 7 moved up, has been identified as among 36 shed values and 48 remined the Next-11 Rising Emerging equal. Akzo Nobel Pakistan Limited, United Bank Limited Economies. It is however the most and Mian Textile Industries promising emerging market were major gainers of the day with the annual rate of return by recording increase in their per of 40% in US dollar terms, share value by Rs 3.06, Rs 1.00 and Rs 1.00 respectively. the highest in the world. Engro Corporation Limited, Pakistan allows for 100% repatriation of equity, divi- Fauji Fertilizer Company and dend and profit and foreign Adamjee Insurance Company investment is fully protected lost their per share value by Rs 6.20, Rs 3.70 and Rs 2.97 reContinued on Page 14 spectively. The Volume Leader of the day included Fauji Cement Company Limited with 448,500 shares, Lafarge Pakitial and export possibilities, stan Cement with 431,000 CEO Smeda said adding that shares and Silk Bank Limited with annual exports estimated (Saudi) with 411,500 shares. at a billion USD and a work force of more than 110,000 skilled resources, IT sector is emerging as one of the promising sectors of Pakistan which merits enquiry into its potential for development. CEO Smeda told that the proposals and feed back of IT industry will help evolve a progressive strategy for development of IT based SMEs in the country. The strategy making process will evaluate the value chain as well as the market trends both domestic and global level, he said.

Smeda holds IT moot SALIM AHMED


eign investors for bringing Pakistan at par with the developed countries. He also threw light on the steps taken in private sector for creating awareness about intellectual property rights and GI registration. Director General PITAD, Tahir Maqsood thanked International Trade Centre for its services particularly laws relating to trade, intellectual property rights and cooperation in training and research on other issues.

Bahria Town, US group sign $20b MoU STAFF REPORTER

ISLAMABAD—US Real Estate tycoon Thomas Kramer and CEO Bahria Town Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik signed a US$20 billion agreement for Pakistan’s first ever Island City, Bundal & Buddo Islands, Karachi. A joint consortium of international investors will join hands to develop this project and the deal with Thomas Kramer is the first level of this agreement. Announcement of other global investors from Middle East and around the globe will be made soon. Covering 12,000 acres of land, this project will be developed in a span of 5-10 years but the residential communities will start being handed over to the people in 2016. The global attractions of the project comprise of world’s tallest building, world’s largest shopping mall, Sports city, Educational & Medical city, International city and a Media city, all having the most modern facilities & amenities and the most advanced infrastructure. Island City will be connected to DHA Karachi via a six-lane modern bridge. The entire city will be a “high security zone”, having its own drinking water (convert-

ing sea-water into drinking water) and power generation plants to enable it to be self sufficient for power. Moreover the project will have mosques, cinemas, spas, golf clubs, school, hospital and other global standard amenities to furnish a modern lifestyle. Thomas Kramer at the occasion said “I have full confidence in the people and economy of Pakistan. In 1970 when I started my project in Germany it was a worst era of their history. Likewise when Miami Beach project was started, the area was in full control of Cuban criminals, different mafias and gangsters. Dead bodies used to be scattered on the beaches. I completed my projects successfully. Today they are the world’s most secure and advanced regions. Current situation in Pakistan is much better than those areas. Further I am confident that this project along with boasting the economy will also eradicate terrorism from Pakistan. This is a once in a lifetime chance to bring Pakistan back on the map to the leading nations in the world.” Speaking at the occasion, current consultant & the former chairman of Bahria Town; Mr. Malik Riaz Hussain said that our slogan

is “Bahria Town Commits – Bahria Town Delivers and Alhamdulillah we have fulfilled all our promises made with Pakistan & Pakistanis. We know that the construction sector has played a key role in transforming the USA, Malaysia, Japan, Turkey and Germany into developed nations. In the same manner, Insha Allah, Pakistan will also become a developed nation, which is our vision. This project will not only provide 2.5 million jobs but will help revive 55 national industries and provide housing to 1 million Pakistanis. It will also help eliminate terrorism and crimes.” Thomas Kramer is a visionary businessman commonly known as TK. He surveyed an island hideout of Cuban pirates in 1991-92 and later on developed it into the present day Miami Beach, which is one of the biggest international tourist destinations of today. He is specialist and well known for building skyscrapers in coastal areas. His company has successfully constructed several projects around the globe. Bahria Town’s spokesman expressed that it’s an honor to join hands with such a visionary developer of Kramer’s caliber.


































Omani Riyal



Saudi Arabia



Hong Kong
























Gold Tezab Silver Tezabi

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Gold Tezabi (24-Ct) Gold 22 Ct SilverTezabi Silver Thobi

51000.00 50000.00 900.00 910.00

New US-sponsored project to help modernize Pakistan’s agriculture STAFF REPORTER I SLAMABAD —The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT), and the Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) launched a new project to expand the use of modern technologies in Pakistan’s agriculture sector. “Boosting Pakistan’s economy is one of our top assistance priorities. That’s why this project will work to modernize agricultural practices to increase the production and quality of livestock and horticultural goods. This in turn will enhance economic development in the country,” said USAID Country Director Jonathan M. Conly at the launch of the project in Islamabad on March 8. Innovative technologies, introduced in Pakistan with support from the U.S. Government, spurred the Green Revolution in the 1960s and 1970s. The adoption of improved rice and wheat varieties, combined with strategic policies and investments, led to a doubling of yields and output in those two decades. With investment in research, Pakistan transformed its agricultural sector into a driver for economic growth. Currently, Pakistan’s agricultural sector is growing at a much slower pace than other sectors. “Pakistan’s agricultural productivity has fallen behind comparable countries with similar agroecologies,” said Thomas Lumpkin, Director General of CIMMYT. “There is a tremendous potential for growth, but we must act now.” Through its new fouryear, $30 million project, USAID will sponsor research to encourage adoption of new technologies in agriculture, such as laser land leveling, zero tillage, residue management, introducing short duration legumes into rice-wheat cropping systems, and custom service systems for machinery. The project will also offer short and long-term training. The U.S.-funded project will be implemented by CIMMYT and PARC in cooperation with the International Livestock Research Institute, the World Vegetable Center, the International Rice Research Institute, and the University of California, Davis. Promoting economic growth is one of the many ways that the United States is helping to create a brighter future for the people of Pakistan. The United States funds largescale energy projects that will provide electricity to two million households by the end of 2013. The U.S. has rebuilt and renovated 800 schools and has provided scholarships to 12,000 students to attend universities in Pakistan.

Fahim recounts govt’s 5-year trade gains AMANULLAH KHAN KARACHI—Makhdoom Amin Fahim, Federation Minister for Commerce has said that Pakistan signed SAFTA and FTAs with China, Srilanka and Malaysia and also concluded many regional tariff concessionary agreements during its five year tenure. He was recounting the performance of the PPP government during its five year tenure at the foundation stone laying ceremony of Dazzle Park Project in Karachi. Highlighting the economic miles stones of the government the federal Minister highlighted major thrust on trade and commerce during 5 years tenure particularly successful presentation of respective Trade policies of 2009-12 and 2012-15. The minister attributed the sustained development, real GDP growth, macroeconomic

stability and significant improvement in exports to the effective economic policies. He also mentioned other achievements of meaningful conclusion of bilateral trade negotiations with trade blocks and potential trade partners with the valuable initiatives of the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP). It may be noted that the Dazzle Park project was formally launched with foundation stone foundation laying ceremony at the prime location close to Jinnah International Airport. Amin Fahim received thunderous applause when announced to regularize the services of contract employees in TDAP. Abid Javed Akbar, Chief Executive of TDAP pointed out that the Dazzle Park has its strength on four pillars of Prime Location, Prime Advantage,

Prime Facilites And Excellent Infrastructure. Being located in Karachi, the biggest commercial and industrial center of Pakistan, its connectivity with the industrial and social infrastructure would be a big plus. Its location adjacent to Airport would ensure that import & export logistics & transportation cost are at minimal. An integrated e Supply Chain would be established from warehousing of gems till logistics, Finance, Banking, Consultancy, Insurance and Trainings. Business prospects would be open for upstream, midstream and downstream industries. Abdul Kabir Kazi , Secretary’ TDAP threw light on gems &jewelry potentials of the country and told that the dazzle Park is being set up to exploit the potential & worth of Gems & Jewelry sector of Pakistan. The Pakistani precious/semi-precious stones are known world-

PTCL holds HR Conclave 2013 STAFF REPORTER ISLAMABAD—Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has organized a one-day HR Conference entitled HR Conclave 2013. The Talent Management & Learning function of HR at PTCL, in lieu of the strategic transformation of HR, joined hands to “Unleash HR Potential”. The conference served as a shared platform for representatives of the HR Community at PTCL to recap the achievements of the past year while projecting towards the future of HR.

The conference was led by Syed Mazhar Hussain, PTCL Senior Executive Vice President (SEVP) HR, accompanied by Muhammad Nehmatullah, PTCL Senior Executive Vice President (SEVP) Finance; Jamal Hussain Al Suwaidi, PTCL Senior Executive Vice President (SEVP) Procurement & Supply Chain Management; Mateen Malik, PTCL Executive Vice President (EVP) Operations and Maintenance; Abdul Sattar Naeem, PTCL Executive Vice President (EVP) HR Services; Shahzad Safdar Khan Executive Vice President (EVP)

Talent Management & Learning and Naushad H Javaid, PTCL Executive Vice President (EVP), Leadership and Organizational Development. During the course of the conference, HR officials representing the headquarter and regional offices of PTCL identified areas of focus for the year 2013 to strategically align the goals and objectives of the HR Department with the organization’s vision and mission. Interactive team based activities were conducted to instill values of motivation and teamwork.

ISLAMABAD: Syed Mazhar Hussain, SEVP, HR along with officials and participants of the HR Conclave 2013.

Wateen Telecom delivers fibre optic network in Sindh STAFF REPORTER L AHORE —Wateen Telecom has been awarded a PKR 449 million project to develop an extensive optical fibre network in Sindh. The USF Sindh project entails the laying of over (1,037) km of an optical fibre network in Southern Telecom Region. An amount of PKR 449 Million will be provided by USF in the form of a subsidy; the rest of the cost will be borne by Wateen. The new optical fibre network will connect 17 unserved cities and towns.. Wateen has joined hands with the Universal Service Fund Company (USF Co.) to undertake this project of national importance, which will go a long way in bridging the digital divide in the country. The

project, funded through a USF subsidy, will provide state of the art digital infrastructure in remote areas of Sindh, and could be further exploited to build IT, telecom, education, health and business services in these areas. This protect has been inaugurated by Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf on 23 February 2013, in Sanghar – Chak # 11 along with a number of telecommunications and health and education projects. This new project is in line with Wateen Telecom’s commitment to lead the digital revolution in Pakistan. Wateen is already working with USF on four optical fibre projects in underserved areas of Balochistan and Sindh, with subsidies worth a total of PKR

3.7 billion. These existing projects entail optical fibre networks spanning over 4,563 km (in Sindh and Balochistan) Commenting on the project, Mr Zamindar said, “Wateen’s vision is to take Pakistan into the digital revolution of the 21st Century by offering complete communications and media solutions, including telephony, internet, data and TV/multimedia to the public at large, and to make Pakistan a regional communications hub, inter-connecting the East with the West and Central Asia with the Middle East, participation in USF regions aligns with Wateen’s vision of taking Pakistan into the digital broadband revolution of the 21st century while promoting education and literacy through these means.”

APCNGA starts hunger strike against govt policies STAFF REPORTER ISLAMABAD—The All Pakistan CNG Association (APCNGA) has said that it will start hunger strike as per the schedule announced earlier from today (Tuesday) to protest anti-CNG policies of the government. The hunger strike would be established near Kulsoom Plaza, Blue Area at 12 pm while a press conference will be held at 4 pm, said an announcement. All the office bearers and members of the APCNGA will participate in the hunger strike,

it added. We are protesting antiCNG policies of the government, unjust gas distribution, 5day gas load shedding for CNG sector in Punjab and continuous discrimination by authorities, said Ghiyas Abdullah Paracha, Chairman Supreme Council APCNGA. Government has endangered millions of jobs, deprived masses of facility of economical transportation and destroying investment of around Rs 400 billion, he said. He said that all the policies are being framed to destroy

CNG sector since years, CNG operators are being harassed while Punjab has been subjected to five-day gas loadshedding which amounts to punishing 80 million masses. Paracha added said that some important officials, hand in glove with influential energy mafia, have laid siege to the CNG sector and made life of masses miserable in a bid to plunder the country. Energy crisis is being many to multiply personal fortunes which is worst exploitation masses have been made to face, he added.

wide due to unique quality /exotic colors. Abundant availability of fine gems and jewelry along with the centuries old rich heritage of cutting, engraving, and polishing of these stones, offers a unique comparative advantage to the country for processing and finishing of the highest value added hand crafted jewelry. It was also mentioned that United States, the largest consumer of gems and jewelry has offered tariff concessions to gems and jewelry import under US GSP plus program. The targets of the Dazzle park project include processing of precious and semi-precious The staff at stall of Orient Energy Systems during Textile Asia International Exhibition held stones and to enable export to at Karachi Expo Centre recently. internationally certified standards in either cut or polished form or studded in jewelry and gold jewelry making. Provisioning of infrastructure for gems cutting, polishing, jewleges of the traders and induselry manufacturing and export. S TAFF R EPORTER trialists in the Islamabad ISLAMABAD—The Islamabad Capital Territory. Bakhtawari informed the Chamber of Commerce and AMANULLAH KHAN Industry (ICCI) said on Mon- meeting that Zubair Ahmed day that the businessmen Malik, former president of KARACHI—Textile Machinery should be given due represen- ICCI is a strong candidate for giants from all over the world tation in government deci- presidency of Federation of would be showcasing the latest sion-making bodies for for- Pakistan Chamber of Com- innovation in textile industry at STAFF REPORTER mulating business friendly merce and Industry. Textile Machinery expo 2013 at He asked the business Lahore economic policies. ISLAMABAD—Shaikh A delegation of ICCI led leaders to support him as After the 10 years of conMohammad Shafiq, Zonal by its President, Zafar Mr.Malik’s efforts and vision tinuous success¸ Pegasus Chairman Pakistan Bakhtawari visited Federation for the welfare of business Consultancy launches the 11th Readymade Garments Manu- of Pakistan Chamber of Com- community and said that he edition of the International Mafacturers & Exporters Asso- merce and Industry (FPCCI) had already represented ICCI chinery Exhibition of Garment ciation has been appointed as office Karachi and having a at Federation of Pakistan & Textile Technology – the Chairman Pak-Saudi Busi- meeting with Haji Fazal Kadir Chamber of Commerce and MEGATECH Pakistan 2013. ness Council for the year Khan Shirani, President Industry. The exhibition will take 2013. He urged the Government place from 28-30 March, 2013 FPCCI. The President FPCCI, Haji Tariq Saeed, President to build the confidence of in Expo Centre, Lahore. The Fazal Kadir Khan Sherani con- Business Panel Group orga- businessmen by ensuring sup- exhibition will showcase the ingratulated Shaikh Mohammad nized a dinner in honor of ply of basic ingredients that novative machinery and techShafiq on his appointment and ICCI delegation. are required to pull the wheel nology related to Textile, Garwished that the Council would Haji Fazal Kadir Khan of economy and acceleration ment, Embroidery and Leather actively try to resolve the prob- Shirani, President FPCCI also of trade and investment in the sectors. lems being faced by Pakistani organized a luncheon meeting country. It will bring in investment business community in Saudi in honor of Zafar Bakhtawari, Tariq Sadiq, Abdul Rauf, opportunities for local and inArabia. He further said that the President of ICCI. Munawar Mughal, Zubair ternational exhibitors, brand Council should promote trade The President of Federa- Ahmed Malik, Mian Akhram owners and manufacturers. ties between the two brotherly tion of Pakistan Chamber of Farid, Khalid Javaid, Khalid Renown Companies are excountries by exchange of busi- Commerce and Industry Malik, former Presidents of pected to gather at the platform ness delegations and joint ven- lauded the role of ICCI for ICCI and Ishtiaq Qureshi and to display their products and tures. safeguarding and promoting Malik Sohail were also many international countries Shaikh Mohammad the rights, interests and privi- present on the occasion. will be participating in the Shafiq in his acceptance Exhibition. speech said that he will try his level best to shoulder this additional responsibility. In his opinion, vast number of trade opportunities are available for Pakistani businessmen in Saudi Arabia as its economy KARACHI—Three ships carry- were carried out efficiently at is growing rapidly with in- ing container and palm oil were the Port where a cargo volume creasing purchasing power. berthed at Qasim International of 120,458 tonnes, comprising STAFF REPORTER He urged the Pakistani busi- Container Terminal and Liquid 87,521 tonnes import and ness community to emphasize Cargo Terminal respectively at 32,9370 tonnes exports incluon quality and to market their Port Qasim on Sunday, port sive of containerised cargo I SLAMABAD —Peter James products according to require- sources said here Monday. carried in 3,035 containers Hoddinott, the Executive Vice ments of Saudi Arabian cusThree more ships with (1,600 imports and 1,435 ex- President of Energy and Stratomers. containers and palm oil also ar- ports TEUs) was handled at tegic Sourcing at Lafarge, visited Pakistan to review the rived at the outer anchorage of the Port. Three ships M.V country’s potential as a major Port Qasim during the last 24 Lancelot, M.T Al Salam II, exporter for raw and finished hours. From Page 13 Berth occupancy was ob- M.T Lincoln Park sailed out materials. The Executive Vice Presiunder the Constitution. served at the Port at 64% on to sea on Monday morning Pakistan’s advantages are Sunday where nine ships namely while two more ships C.V dent of Energy commended enormous in terms of Miner- C.V MSC Brainna, C.V Maersk Maersk Georgia and M.T STX Lafarge’s local team on upholdals and Agriculture resource Georgia, M.V Veruda, M.V Frote are expected to sail ing the organization’s guiding principle of sustainable developendowments, demographic Anthea, M.V Asian Express, Monday afternoon. profile, location advantages, M.V Lancelot, M.T STX Frote, M.T Maersk Mediteranean ment and making industrial opLegal and civil structures, En- M.T Al-Salam II and M.T Lin- carrying palm oil is expected to erations safer for both employglish speaking youthful popu- coln Park are currently occupy- take berth at Liquid Terminal on ees and the environment the comlation, Energy rich neighbor- ing PQA berths to load/ offload Monday. Three more ships pany operates in. This team has succeeded in hood, Maritime wealth, Tour- containers, cement, bitumen, with containers and palm oil istic landscape, Multicultural iron ore, palm oil, diesel oil and also arrived at the outer an- achieving sustainability and heritage, Soft power and social chemicals. chorage of Port Qasim during competitiveness with an impressive alternate fuels stratcapital, he added. Cargo handing operations the last 24 hours.—APP egy. Pakistan has already attracted investment from 100 new Multinational companies over the past five years, while the number keeps growing given the potential of the economy. The ambassador said the Singaporean investors would be welcomed to invest in the areas of their choice either in Special Economic Zones (SEZs), Standalone projects, Joint ventures or Multilateral undertakings. The success of Pakistan’s economy in maintaining a sustained economic growth rate,despite challenges, speaks volumes of Pakistan’s resilience and potential, he said adding Pakistan has never had ISLAMABAD: A group photo of Peter James Hoddinott, EVP of Energy and Strategic Sourcrecession and is instead a ‘Safe ing at Lafarge with the Lafarge’s local team. haven’ for Investors seeking long-term profit sustainability, Mr. Javed added. The Conference was attended by Major Multinational Building and Construction companies’ representatives of the Asian region.

MEGATECH to Tycoons be taken into showcase confidence in policy making innovative textile technology

Shafiq chairman Pak-Saudi business council

Shipping activity at PQ


ISE launches mobile trading alerts


Remit million, $123.50 million and $29.27 million respectively in February, 2012. Remittances received from Norway, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, Japan and other countries during the eighth month of the current fiscal year (February FY13) amounted to $79.28 million as against $92.11 million received in the eighth month of last fiscal year (February 2012).

From Page 13 The continued growth in gies on remittances (b) taking all workers’ remittances is the result necessary steps to implement the of the efforts made by Pakistan overall strategy (c) playing the adRemittance Initiative (PRI) in col- visory role for financial sector in laboration with other stakehold- terms of preparing a business case, ers to facilitate both Overseas Pa- relationship building with overkistanis and their families back seas correspondents, creating home. Since its inception, PRI has separate efficient remittance paytaken a number of steps to enhance ment highways and (d) becoming the flow of remittances through a national focal point for overseas formal channels which include: Pakistanis through round the clock (a) preparation of national strate- call centre (021-111-222-774)

Lafarge official visits Pakistan to review export potential

with toll free lines, separate web site etc. It may be recalled that in order to provide an ownership structure in Pakistan for remittance facilitation, the Government of Pakistan through State Bank of Pakistan, Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and the Ministry of Finance had launched a joint initiative called Pakistan Remittance Initiative (PRI) in April 2009.

ISLAMABAD—The new trading software of ISE called Islamabad Electronic Exchange trading system (IEES) has been in operation since over a month. This new state of the art software provides multi-faceted facilities to both investors trading through the brokerage houses of ISE as well as to the brokers. This advance version of the trading software also provides online, mobile and SMS trading abilities to the investors and clients of the ISE brokers. In addi-

tion ISE will also provide portfolio management facilities, back office operations, risk management operations, orders routing, data services, direct market access and many other facilities at multiple portals, which are ready and in testing phase and shall be launched in a coming month, as Mian Ayyaz Afzal MD ISE, told. The launch of mobile confirmation alerts facility on IEES is another landmark achievement of the ISE’s IT team as it will further enhance the transparency and the investors confidence on the affairs of the Exchange and

the investors will get confirmations of their trade through mobile and e-mail alerts. ISE had developed this module in early January 2013 and after successful mock tests the system has been formally launched today. He said that ISE has worked day and night for the development of this software and the management is getting a good response. The stake holders of the exchange have opt the system with the open heart and showed a good gesture on the implementation of Independent trading engine for the exchange.

Cuba lost friend in Chavez death

Nation to emerge stronger from 2011 triple disasters: Abe

HAVANA—Cuba’s Fidel Castro praised the late T OKYO —Prime Minister who took office in December the virtues of a resilient “New will live and what actions we Democratic Party’s(LDP) land- further from the plant is haphaz-

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Monday as a champion of the poor and said Cubans had lost their best friend ever, in his first comments on the death last week of his socialist ally. Castro said the news, although not unexpected, had been a hard blow. “On the 5th of March, in the afternoon hours, died the best friend the Cuban people had in their history,” Castro wrote in a column published in Communist Party newspaper Granma. “We have the honour of having shared with the Bolivarian leader the same ideals of social justice and of support for the exploited,” said the 86-year-old Castro who led Cuba’s 1959 revolution, ruled the country for 49 years and still plays a behind-the-scenes role. “The poor are the poor in any part of the world,” he said. During Chavez’ years in power, he and Castro forged a close personal and political relationship that resulted in extensive Venezuelan aid to the communist island and a shared strategy for promoting Latin American unity against U.S. influence in the region. Chavez helped rescue Cuba from desperate economic times that followed the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union, its former top ally, by providing two-thirds of its oil in a barter deal for the services of Cuban professionals, most of them doctors and nurses. He also signed a number of joint ventures aimed at integrating the two countries’ economies. Chavez, 58, was diagnosed with cancer in the pelvic region in June 2011 by Cuban doctors and underwent four surgeries on the Caribbean island, which has an extensive medical system and provides free care to its people. Except for a set of photographs, Chavez was never seen in public again following his last operation in December and he died on Tuesday in Caracas. Castro said he had received a phone call via satellite notifying him of what he called “the bitter news.” “The significance of the phrase used was unmistakable. Although we knew the critical state of his health, the news hit us hard,” wrote Castro, who resigned as Cuba’s president five years ago because of his own health problems.—Reuters

Hungary’s constitution to be changed BUDAPEST—Hungary’s ruling party is set to push through changes to the constitution on Monday that critics say will curb democratic rights, despite warnings from European leaders and a protest by thousands of people in Budapest at the weekend. Hungary’s President Janos Ader waits to address the 67th session of the United Nations General Assembly at UN headquarters in New York. The changes are seen by critics as the latest in a series of moves by centre-right Fidesz party to cement its position in public institutions via its large parliamentary majority. They scrap all decisions by the country’s top Constitutional Court made before the new constitution entered into force in 2012, discarding a body of law often used as reference. They also create room for restrictive new regulations in higher education, homelessness, electoral law and family law—the main focus of Saturday’s protest in the capital. European leaders have warned they may run counter to European Union rules and civil groups planned a further protest on Monday evening to urge President Janos Ader to veto them. The forint fell more than one percent to the euro to new 9-month lows at 303 on concerns about the vote and steps by the central bank’s new Governor Gyorgy Matolcsy to curb the powers of two of his vice governors. Gergely Gulyas, deputy leader of the Fidesz parliamentary group, told the right-wing daily Magyar Nemzet Fidesz had no reason to put off the vote despite “domestic and international kerfuffle.” “It’s natural that the governing majority uses the authorisation that it got in democratic elections,” he said. Last week the European institution responsible for defending human rights, the Council of Europe, urged Budapest to postpone the vote, fearing for Hungary’s democratic checks and balances, and the U.S. State Department and human rights organisations have also expressed concerns. Hungary’s former conservative President Laszlo Solyom, who is also a former head of the country’s top Constitutional Court, said a presidential veto was the last resort to prevent the two-thirds governing majority from overruling the Court at will.—Reuters

Hospitalised Berlusconi being guarded MILAN—Italian judges ordered checks to be made on former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi on Monday to verify his claim that health problems meant he was unable to attend his trial on charges of paying for sex with a minor. The 76-year-old media billionaire, who faces a series of court hearings in separate trials this month, has been in hospital since Friday because of an eye problem that he says has forced him to cancel a number of public appointments. Italy’s Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi looks on during a news conference at Chigi Palace in Rome . However prosecutors believe that his stay in hospital, which falls in the middle of a political crisis caused by last month’s inconclusive elections, may only be a delaying tactic. On Saturday judges rejected his argument that he was unable to attend a trial for tax fraud. Berlusconi denies any wrongdoing in the case, in which he is charged with paying for sex with former nightclub dancer Karima El Mahroug, better known under her stage name “Ruby the Heartstealer”, when she was under the legal minimum age of 18. He says he has been subject to politically motivated “judicial persecution” by what he says are left-wing judges who want to end his political career. The hearing in the Ruby trial had been expected to be held on Monday with a final ruling in the case on March 18. Three doctors, including a cardiologist and a senior eye specialist were charged with conducting the inspection at the San Raffaele hospital in Milan. Results were expected on Monday. The checks adds to an increasingly bitter political battle around Berlusconi as political parties struggle to deal with the aftermath of February’s election which left none of them able to form a government. Berlusconi’s centre-right alliance holds the second-biggest bloc in parliament but appears to be shut out of government by the hostility of both the centre-left Democratic Party and the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement of former comic Beppe Grillo.—Reuters

Chief justice pledges fair polls hearing NAIROBI—Kenya’s Supreme Court will handle any challenge to the result of last week’s presidential election in a fair and speedy manner, the chief justice said on Monday, two days after defeated candidate Raila Odinga threatened legal action over the outcome. Kenya’s Prime Minister Raila Odinga addresses a news conference after Uhuru Kenyatta was declared winner of Kenya’s presidential election in the capital Nairobi. Uhuru Kenyatta, indicted for crimes against humanity, was declared the winner on Saturday. Odinga refused to concede, although he urged his supporters to avoid any repeat of the violence that erupted after the last election in 2007. Chief justice Willy Mutunga, appointed in 2011 to reform a legal system accused of serving the interests of the elite, said politicians and political parties had confidence in the judiciary to handle all electoral disputes. A swift and transparent resolution of the dispute is seen as critical to restoring Kenya’s reputation as a stable democracy, something that was helped by last week’s largely peaceful vote. “We at the Supreme Court are prepared to hear any petition that may be filed impartially, fairly, justly and without fear, illwill, favour, prejudice or bias and in accordance with our constitution and our laws,” Mutunga said. The chief justice was speaking at a news conference held on the steps of the court after receiving a copy of the election results from electoral commission officials. Several peaceful demonstrators waving Odinga posters near the gates to the court hours after Mutunga spoke, shouted: “We want Agwambo not the suspect”, referring to Odinga, who is known as “Agwambo” or the daring one, and Kenyatta. In rejecting the result, Prime Minister Odinga said “democracy was on trial in Kenya”. His camp had raised complaints during tallying that the count was deeply flawed and called for it to be halted.—Reuters

Shinzo Abe vowed on Monday to speed up rebuilding from the huge earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis that struck Japan’s northeast two years ago, promising that the nation would emerge stronger from its worst disaster since World War Two. The 9.0 magnitude earthquake struck at 2:46 p.m., triggering tsunami waves as high as 30 metres (100 feet) that swept away residents and their homes. Nearly 19,000 people died and some 315,000 evacuees were stranded, including refugees from radiation spewed from the devastated Fukushima atomic plant. Walls of water 13 metres high smashed into Tokyo Electric Power Co’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant north of Tokyo, knocking out its main power supply and backup generators and crippling the cooling system. Three reactors melted down in the world’s worst atomic accident since Chernobyl in 1986. The triple calamities stunned a nation that had thought itself prepared for disasters and been taught to believe that nuclear power, which supplied nearly 30 percent of electricity at the time, was clean, safe and cheap. A panel of experts commissioned by parliament to probe the nuclear crisis dubbed it a man-made disaster resulting from “collusion” among the government, regulators and the plant operator. “Our ancestors have overcome many difficulties and each time emerged stronger,” Abe, 58,

vowing to revive a stagnant economy and restore national pride, told a memorial service in Tokyo also attended by Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko. “We pledge anew to learn from them and move forward, holding each other’s hands.” Abe had earlier run an adver-

Japan” two years after 3.11. Two years after the disasters, rebuilding the northeast - a region already suffering from a fast-ageing population and stagnant local industries, including farming - is patchy. Almost 300,000 people still live in temporary housing.

ard and slow and concerns remain about the impact on health from radiation. A study by the World Health Organisation said last month that people in the worst-affected area have a higher risk of developing certain cancers, although for Japan’s general population, the predicted health risks were low. Abe told a news conference that he would speed up the reconstruction of devastated areas. “Reconstruction is a battle against time,” he said. “The Abe cabinet will promote a reconstruction that people can truly feel by implementing (policies) one by by.” Abe has boosted the reconstruction budget to 25 trillion yen ($260 billion) from the 19 trillion yen over five years allocated by the previous government. Abe plans to restart offline nuclear reactors if they meet new safety standards as he pushes policies to revive the economy, the latest sign that Japan’s powerful nexus of politicians, bureaucrats and utilities known as the “nuclear village” is again dominating the corridors of power. “People and the media are starting to forget Fukushima and what happened there,” said a 32year-old mother of two marching with thousands of antinuclear protestors in Tokyo on the eve of the anniversary. All but two of Japan’s 50 nuclear reactors have been halted for A boy and his mother take part in a moment of silence at 2:46 p.m. during a rally in Tokyo March 11, 2013, to mark the safety checks to see if they could second-year anniversary of the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami that killed thousands and set off a nuclear crisis. withstand an earthquake and tsutisement in English-language “We are standing at the crossHe was referring to the share able to return. nami of similar magnitude to the newspapers on Monday extolling roads of having to decide how we price boom since Abe’s Liberal Clean-up of communities March 2011 disaster.—Reuters

Nigeria video shows foreign hostages bodies KANO—A video posted online appears to show the corpses of some of the seven foreign hostages abducted by Islamic extremists from northern Nigeria and later killed, a gruesome warning of the growing dangers in the region. The video, viewed by The Associated Press on Monday, matched still images released earlier by the Islamic extremist group Ansaru when it claimed the killings. The face of one of the corpses in the video also resembled that of one of the hostages already named by authorities. European diplomats said Sunday that the hostages had been killed, though Nigeria’s government has yet to publicly say anything about the killings. In the video, a gunman stands in sand, holding a rifle near what appears to be dead bodies. A later shot in the video shows three male corpses, one of whom appears to have been killed by a gunshot wound to the head from a high-

powered weapon. The video has no sound. An accompanying caption for the video in Arabic calls it: “The killing of seven Christian hostages in Nigeria.” Another description includes the statement Ansaru released Saturday claiming that it killed the hostages, signed by a man with the nom de guerre Abu Usamatal Ansary. Ansaru fighters kidnapped the foreigners Feb. 16 from a camp for the construction company Setraco at Jama’are, a town 200 kilometers (125 miles) north of Bauchi, the capital of Bauchi state. In the attack, gunmen first assaulted a local prison and burned police trucks, authorities said. Then the attackers blew up a back fence at the construction company’s compound and took over, killing a guard in the process, witnesses and police said. Those kidnapped included four Lebanese and one citizen each from the United Kingdom, Greece and Italy. Local officials in Nigeria initially identified one

of the hostages as a Filipino, something the Philippines government later denied. The gunmen appeared to be organized and knew who they wanted to target, leaving the Nigerian household staff at the residence unharmed, while quickly abducting the foreigners, a witness said. In an online statement Saturday in which it claimed the killings, Ansaru said it killed the hostages in part because of reports in the Nigerian press of the arrival of British military aircraft to Bauchi. However, the local news articles cited by Ansaru reported that the airplanes were spotted at the international airport in Abuja, the nation’s central capital 180 miles (290 kilometers) southwest. The British Defense Ministry said Sunday the planes it flew to Abuja ferried Nigerian troops and equipment to Bamako, Mali. Nigerian soldiers have been sent to Mali to help French forces and Malian troops battle Islamic extremists there.—AP

N Korea biz park keeps running braving tensions SEOUL—South Korean employ- tests by the North or toughened Pyongyang appears willing to pull ees working at the Kaesong Industrial Complex (KIC), arrive at the South’s CIQ (Customs, Immigration and Quarantine) office, just south of the demilitarised zone separating …more By Jumin Park: PAJU, South Korea (Reuters) - North Korea has torn up the armistice that ended its 1950s conflict and shut down a humanitarian hotline with the South, but one project keeps operating at full swing — an industrial park run with the South on its own side of the world’s most heavily militarized border. The Kaesong industrial zone, home to 123 South Korean companies making basic goods like clothes, shoes and household items and employing more than 50,000 North Koreans generated over $1 billion in exports to the South in 2012. And it appears it will remain in place no matter what — untouchable regardless of satellite launches and nuclear

U.N. sanctions against Pyongyang. It’s a vital lifeline for an impoverished country that barely has any economic linkages with the rest of the world. North Korea’s trade with China was $5.93 billion in 2012, according to South Korean government figures. “North Korean workers were joking that South Korea is not our match and now we have to fight against the United States,” said Park Heung-jin, 47, a South Korean buyer of Kaesong-made shoes on a visit to the zone. Kaesong is the sole remnant of South Korea’s “Sunshine Policy” of engagement with North Korea that saw hundreds of billions of dollars poured into the country in a failed bid to stop it proceeding with its nuclear weapons program. It is the one working symbol of a potentially unified Korea and one that neither government in Seoul or

the plug on. United Nations sanctions against North Korea that targeted its missile and nuclear programs and the bank accounts of its top leadership in retaliation for Pyongyang’s third nuclear test in February left Kaesong untouched. “Kaesong is viewed as the last resort. Shutting this down would be cutting off everything between North and South Korea,” said Park Soo-jin, a spokeswoman for the Unification Ministry in Seoul. Only South Korean workers and buyers interested in the park’s goods can secure a permit to cross the border and 842 went across on Monday on a narrow road. Rare convoys take permit holders in and ship goods back and forth, under the watchful eye of soldiers from North and South Korea. South Koreans who visited the zone on Monday said North Korean troops were wearing camouflage, but that consisted of handfuls of webbing and grass.—AP

Govt forces bombed Baba Amr to stop rebels advance B EIRUT—Syrian warplanes Human Rights, which monitors loosen a months-long military bombed the shattered Baba Amr district in the central city of Homs on Monday, a day after rebels made a surprise push into their former bastion, which had been in army hands for a year. The communally mixed city of Sunni Muslims and Alawites, the minority sect that has dominated Syria since the 1960s, has been a major battleground in a two-year-old revolt against President Bashar al-Assad that has claimed about 70,000 lives. The Syrian Observatory for

the conflict, quoted an opposition activist in Baba Amr as saying the planes had attacked the outskirts of the district, which was now partially controlled by rebel units. Homs, 140 km (88 miles) north of Damascus, lies on a road juncture linking army bases on the Mediterranean coast, home to many Alawites, and government forces in the capital Damascus. Sunni rebels punched through army lines in the north and west of Homs on Sunday to

siege on their strongholds in the centre of the Syria’s third biggest city, opposition sources said. Homs-based activists said there were “light clashes” in Baba Amr on Monday. Assad, fighting to maintain his family’s four-decade-old grip on Syria, appears to be focusing his military campaign on holding the main cities, along a highway axis running north of Homs to Hama and Aleppo and south to Damascus and Deraa.—Reuters

should take,” said Sakari Minato, 49, an auto dealer in the town of Yamada in Iwate prefecture, now living in a house damaged by the tsunami. “In Tokyo, the economy might be improving as stock prices rise, but it takes a long time for that effect to permeate to the periphery.”

Congo govt to sign peace deal with rebels

slide election to oust the Democratic Party, in charge when the disasters struck. The Fukushima Daiichi plant has been brought into a stable state, but decommissioning its damaged reactors will take decades and cost billions of dollars. Many of the 160,000 who fled will never be

4 ex-ministers held for Malawi coup plot

diplomats. KINSHASA—Democratic Re- LILONGWE—Malawian police withThe United States and other public of Congo’s government is due to sign a peace deal on March 15 with the M23 rebels who have been waging an insurgency in the east for the past year, according to a draft agreement seen by Reuters on Monday. The draft says rebel fighters will hand in their weapons ahead of a deployment of United Nations peacekeepers in their territory, and those not facing prosecution will be integrated into the army. Congo’s government will, in turn, speed up the return of ethnic Tutsi refugees from Rwanda, it added. The deal seeks to end recurrent conflicts in Congo’s mineral-rich east, where local politics, ethnic rivalries and tensions with neighboring Rwanda have simmered for nearly two decades. Talks in Uganda to end the M23 rebellion, in which rebels briefly seized the town of Goma last year in a major embarrassment to both the government and U.N. peacekeepers, had faltered. But rebel infighting in recent weeks appears to have led to a breakthrough, with fighters under Sultani Makenga sidelining those loyal to rival commander Bosco Ntaganda, who is wanted by the International Criminal Court for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Congolese government spokesman Lambert Mende said the document seen by Reuters was a “working document” and confirmed the March 15 deadline for talks to end.—Reuters

Trial of dead Russian whistleblower delayed MOSCOW—Russia attempted but failed on Monday to start the trial of dead lawyer Sergei Magnitsky - a case that critics say the Kremlin is pursuing to discredit his allegations of embezzlement by government officials. Magnitsky, who died in custody, is the first person to be tried posthumously in Russia. While his attendance was never on the cards, his defence team also failed to show up, leading to Judge Igor Alisov to postpone the trial until March 22. “The defence team...believes that they have not yet fully acquainted themselves with with the 60 volumes of case materials,” Alisov said, looking down on the barred cage usually reserved for the accused and the empty seats where Magnitsky’s lawyers should have sat. Magnitsky is charged with tax evasion and fraud - similar to accusations that he had levelled against police and tax officials. The trial is being held under a change in the law last year which critics say Putin has used to take revenge against Washington in a dispute over human rights that has been aggravated by the Magnitsky case.—Reuters

arrested four former cabinet ministers on Monday on suspicion of plotting to overthrow the government after the death of President Bingu wa Mutharika in April last year, police said. The four, who included the late Mutharika’s younger brother, Peter, were found by an official inquiry to have tried to prevent then vice-president Joyce Banda from taking power, as stipulated in the constitution. “In total, four former ministers have been arrested for questioning in connection with the investigations into the death of the President as revealed in the inquiry report,” police spokeswoman Rhoda Majolo said. Banda took charge of the impoverished southern African nation after the unexpected death of Mutharika, who spent his last years in office cracking down on opponents and battling

key western donors suspended aid in 2011 after police shot and killed at least 20 protesters demonstrating against Mutharika’s rule. Banda, who had also fallen out of favor with Mutharika by the time of his death, set up an inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the incident after conflicting reports about when he died. Its findings, revealed last week, showed Mutharika died of a heart attack on his way to hospital in Lilongwe on April 5, and not on April 7 in South Africa, as originally claimed by the government and Mutharika’s family. The report also revealed that Peter Mutharika, who was then foreign minister, and former finance minister Goodall Gondwe attempted to convince the army to take over and stop Banda from ascending to power. —Reuters

Business to have role in Myanmar peace promotion Y ANGON —While there has been much negative criticism of business’s role in the peace process, with government talks often being attended and in some cases financed by businessmen, the need for development in ethnic states should not be overshadowed by political shortsightedness and worries over the inclusion of the private sector. It is essential that ethnic armed groups, in a time of peace, should move away from their current main sources of income, which include taxing the local communities, logging and mining, to less socially and environmentally destructive forms of supporting themselves. And the private sector can facilitate this. While environmental activists will argue that the inclusion of business is detrimental to the peace process, it is essential in areas that have been underdeveloped for decades. Businesses can create economic opportuni-

ties and generate wealth, which is essential for peace-building and post-conflict reconstruction. Also, as in this case, at the conflict resolution stage, businesses can encourage parties to avoid conflict in exchange for the pursuit of economic development. In addition, they can assist the Myanmar government in carrying out peace-building and postconflict reconstruction work. Nonetheless, it must also be recognized that the root causes of conflict can only be dealt with properly if violations of economic, social and cultural rights are effectively addressed. As Chin leader Dr. Lian Sakhong notes in relation to the Myanmar government’s use of businessmen as peace brokers: “The [Myanmar] government’s perception is that the reason why ethnic armed groups hold arms is the fact that they are poor, and that development is the solution.—Mizzima

Court acquits leading Bahrain rights activist DUBAI—A leading Bahraini hu- government to stop targeting human rights activist said on Monday a court had acquitted him of charges of spreading false news on Twitter after he had been arrested during a protest rally late last year. Sayed Yousif alMuhafda, from the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights (BCHR), was released on bail in January after being detained at a demonstration in Manama in December. Unauthorized rallies and gatherings are banned in Bahrain, which has been in turmoil since pro-democracy protests led by its Shi’ite Muslim majority erupted in 2011. “The court acquitted me today, but I had spent a onth in jail,” Muhafda told Reuters by telephone from Geneva. “We call on the Bahraini

man rights activists and release the head of the centre Nabeel Rajab.” A prominent opposition and human rights activist, Rajab was sentenced to three years in prison last August for taking part in unlicensed anti-government protests. Bahrain, where the U.S. Navy’s Fifth Fleet is based, has stepped up efforts to stamp out the unrest in recent months and several activists have been arrested or jailed for organizing or taking part in unlicensed protests. Earlier this month rights activist Zainab al-Khawaja was sentenced to three months in jail for insulting a public employee after an appeal court overturned her earlier acquittal.—Reuters

History-making Rahim leads Bangladesh run-spree G ALLE —Mushfiqur Rahim Mohammad Ashraful (190) on Monday became the first Bangladeshi to crack a double-century while Nasir Hossain hit a maiden ton as the tourists gained a 68-run lead in the first Test against Sri Lanka. Skipper Rahim hit a solid 200 and Hossain an impressive 100 as Bangladesh were bowled out for 638, their highest total in 76 Tests, in reply to Sri Lanka’s first-innings total of 570-4 declared. The hosts reached 116-1 in their second innings at stumps on the penultimate day of the Test heading for a draw in Galle. Opener Tillakaratne Dilshan was unbeaten on 63 and Kumar Sangakkara 49 not out. Rahim’s memorable moment came in the second over after lunch when he pushed paceman Nuwan Kulasekara for a single to the covers on a day when

missed out on his own Test double-hundred. Wicketkeeper-batsman Rahim, 24, was trapped legbefore by Kulasekara in the same over, but not before helping Bangladesh surpass their previous highest Test total of 556 against the West Indies in Dhaka last year. Bangladesh, who dominated the match for a second successive day with their solid batting, also became only the third team after India and Pakistan to score 600 or more in a Test innings in Sri Lanka. Rahim, 152 overnight, hit one six and 22 fours in his brilliant 321-ball knock. He put on a record 267 for the fifth wicket with Ashraful and 106 for the next with Hossain. Bangladesh’s previous highest stand for any wicket in Tests was 200 between Tamim Iqbal and Junaid

Sri Lanka 1st innings:570 Bangladesh 1st innings: Jahurul Islam c Chandimal b Eranga ......................... 20 Anamul b Mendis ......... 13 Ashraful b Herath ....... 190 Mominul Haque c Mathews b Kulasekara .................. 55 Mahmudullah st Chandimal b Herath ............................ 0 Mushfiqur lbw b Kulasekara ................ 200 Nasir b Dilshan ............ 100 Sohag Gazi b Mendis ... 21 Abul Hasan not out ...... 16 Elias Sunny b Dilshan .... 0 Shahadat b Eranga ........ 13 Extras: (b 2, lb 1, nb 7) .. 10 Total: (all out) .............. 638 Fall of wickets: 1-23, 2-65, 3-170, 4-177, 5-444, 6-550, 7581, 8-618, 9-618, 10-638 Bowling: ........... O-M-R-W

Kulasekara ......... 27-3-94-2 Eranga ............... 34-4-122-2 Herath ............. 62-11-161-2 Mendis ............. 36-3-152-2 AD Mathews ....... 9-2-18-0 Dilshan ............... 26-5-75-2 Thirimanne ........... 2-0-13-0 Sri Lanka 2nd innings: Karunaratne c Abul Hasan b Shahadat Hossain ....... 3 Dilshan not out ............. 63 KC Sangakkara not out 49 Extras: (nb 1) .................... 1 Total: (1 wicket) ........... 116 Fall of wickets: 1-17 Bowling: ........... O-M-R-W Shahadat .............. 5-1-18-1 Abul Hasan .......... 5-0-15-0 Sohag Gazi ........... 9-1-37-0 Elias Sunny .......... 5-0-14-0 Mominul Haque .. 3-0-13-0 Ashraful ............... 1-0-10-0 Mahmudullah ........ 2-0-9-0

De Villiers upbeat after ODI win against Pakistan SYDNEY—South Africa captain A B De Villiers lauded his young players after they convincingly thrashed Pakistan in the first one-day at Chevrolet Park, Bloemfontein by 125 runs. Colin Ingram smashed an unbeaten century. Seamer Rory Kleinveldt bowled a career best 4-22 as South Africa defeated Pakistan by 125 runs in the first of five one-day internationals on Sunday. Pakistan‘s batting woes on the tour continued as Kleinveldt and Ryan McLaren (3-19) combined well to dismiss the visitors for 190 in 36.2 overs. Pakistan‘s top-order batsmen had a miserable run when South Africa whitewashed them in the Test series 3-0 last month. Their poor form continued as captain Misbah-ulHaq notched 38 runs, highest for Pakistan on the day. De Villiers said, “It really excites me to see the boys perform like that,” also adding, “...they haven`t played great ODI cricket of late. It has been worrying and frustrating”.—INP

GALLE: Mushfiqur Rahim is ecstatic after becoming Bangladesh’s first double centurion during Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh 1st Test. Siddique against India in Dhaka in 2010. Hossain was caught at mid-wicket by Sangakkara off part-time spinner Dilshan after hitting nine fours. Ashraful, playing his first Test in more than a year,

added just one to his overnight score when he went for a rash drive off left-arm spinner Rangana Herath and edged a catch to captain Angelo Mathews at first slip. He occupied the crease for more than a day, hitting

Sultan Azlan Shah Cup

Pakistan face arch-rivals India in a must-win match IPOH—India will have to put behind the disappointment of their back-to-back defeats and come out all guns blazing against arch-rivals Pakistan in their next round-robin match on Tuesday, to keep their chances alive in the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup hockey tournament here. India, however, could take heart from the fact that both their previous ties were close encounters. A young Indian side had put up a spirited fight before going down 3-4 to six-time champions Australia in their opening encounter, while a defensive lapse towards the end in the second match cost them dear as they went down 1-2 to South Korea. Pakistan, on the other hand, opened their campaign with a 3-4 win against New Zealand before being crushed 0-6 by Australia Sunday night.

India, after their impressive show against the Aussies, were expected to do well but they were completely outplayed in the first half Sunday by the Koreans, who

took a 1-0 lead. The Indians, however regrouped themselves in the second session and found the equaliser from one of their numerous raids into the rival citadel. But a lapse in concentration in the dying minutes of

the game enabled Korea to score the all-important winner. After suffering two consecutive defeats, the onus now would be on India to quickly fix their grey areas before Tuesday’s do-or-die battle. Even though India‘s chief coach Michael admitted the pressure would be immense on his wards against Pakistan today (Tuesday), he said the players have been advised to take the match “as just another one”. “The players are aware that they have to be consistent and the advice is to take the match against Pakistan as just another one. The team is young and a little raw and the nerve factor could possibly separate the winner,” said Nobbs. He said the performances of Mandeep Singh and the fast improving Malak Singh has lifted the team‘s spirits.—INP

FAISALABAD: A student presenting her Gymnastic skill on the occasion of Jashn-e-Baharan at GC University.

one six and 20 fours in his marathon 417-ball knock. Ashraful earlier survived a confident appeal for a catch at leg-slip off the first ball of the morning while attempting to reverse-sweep Dilshan.—AFP

Watson, Pattinson axed for 3rd Test for disciplinary reasons M OHALI —Australia are already 2-0 down in the fourmatch Test series in India, playing some of the worst cricket they‘ve been seen playing in the subcontinent, and just as they thought things couldn‘t get any worse, four of their players have been axed from the third ‘must-win‘ Test for disciplinary reasons. The four players who have been dropped are: Usman Khawaja, Mitchell Johnson, Shane Watson and James Pattinson. Early reports suggest the four were axed after failing to comply with team orders. The entire 16-man squad was supposed to fill in a written personal review each after their side’s massive loss in the second Test at Hyderabad and the axed four had failed to take part in that. The review asked players to reflect on the team’s culture and expectations and suggest improvements that need to be made for the upcoming Test match. Failure to comply with those directives meant the team hierarchy had to take firm steps against the offenders. While the first two may not be regular first teamers in this tour, the other two Shane Watson and James Pattinson - will be a big blow for the Aussies. With Wade also injured and Haddin being called upon, the team seems in complete disarray ahead of the Mohali match that begins on March 14. The four will be available, though, for the fourth Test in Delhi, revealed Australian coach Micky Arthur to Fox Sports, but the decision to drop them was a ‘line in the sand’ for Australian cricket. He also admitted that it was the toughest day of his coaching career, but deemed the strong action necessary in his aim to put Australia back on the top of world cricket.—INP

Novak Djokovic scrambles into third round I NDIAN W ELLS (Califor- himself down 5-1 to Donskoy nia)—Novak Djokovic passed a tough first test at Indian Wells to maintain his perfect record for the season and reach the third round of the year’s first Masters tournament. The world No. 1 defeated Fabio Fognini 6-0, 5-7, 6-2 on Sunday, the struggles he encountered against the 36thranked Italian echoing world No. 3 Andy Murray’s battle to a 5-7, 6-2, 6-2 victory over unheralded Russian Evgeny Donskoy. Djokovic improved to 140 in 2013, but he was kicking himself for letting control of the match slip away in the second set, when he went up an early break only for Fognini to get back on serve with a break of his own in the seventh game. “It was definitely a difficult challenge today,” Djokovic said. “Fabio played well towards the end of the second set, but it was all my fault. I had a break for 4-2 up and I played a terrible game. “After that it was very even. It could have gone either way.” Fognini saved a match point with a service winner in the the 10th game of the second set and broke Djokovic in the 11th. He duly served out the set, and had Djokovic under pressure in the opening game of the third, when the Serbian fended off one break point then battled through four game points and an irksome time violation before finally holding serve. From there Fognini began to fade. Djokovic broke him to lead 3-1 and broke him again to secure the win. Djokovic said his difficulties hadn’t dented the confidence gained from capturing his fourth Australian Open crown in January, and a fourth ATP Dubai title last week. “I’m not concerned,” Djokovic said. “I know I have been in this situation before where I had minor setbacks in a match, especially in the opening matches where I’m trying to get used to the court, the conditions, so forth. “In the end, I have done what I needed to do. The ‘W’ is there, so I feel good about myself.” Murray, playing his first match since falling to Djokovic in the Australian Open final, quickly found

— ranked 83rd in the world. Although the slow start raised unwelcome memories of his first-match exits here in each of the past two years, Murray won four straight games to level the set. However, he was unable to convert any of six break chances in the 11th game and Donskoy broke him for a third time in the 12th game to pocket the set. Murray, however, had found his range and made short work of the second and third sets. Seventh-seeded Argentine Juan Martin del Potro had little trouble in a 6-3, 6-4 victory over Russian veteran Nikolay Davydenko, but eighth-seeded Jo-Wilfried Tsonga of France had to fight past determined US wild card James Blake 7-6 (8/6), 64. Tsonga squandered four set points in the 12th game of the opening set, then had to fight off three set points for Blake in the tiebreaker. Blake saved two match points against his serve in the ninth game of the second set before Tsonga closed it out with a love game.

It was a bit of a slog for the top women as well. Second-seeded Russian Maria Sharapova had to battle back from an early break in each set to earn a 75, 6-3 third-round victory over Spain’s Carla Suarez Navarro. “I thought it was a tough one,” Sharapova said. “She’s a quality player, capable of playing some really good tennis. She’s beaten top players in Grand Slams before and has a really solid game with a lot of variety. “There are a few things I want to improve on, but I was happy I got through on not a great day,” she added. Third-seeded Agnieszka Radwanska of Poland dropped a first-set tiebreaker but rallied for a 6-7 (3/7), 6-3, 6-4 victory over Romanian Sorana Cirstea. Fifth-seeded Czech Petra Kvitova, the 2011 Wimbledon champion, had slightly less trouble emerging with a 6-2, 7-6 (7/5) victory over Ukrainian qualifier Lesia Tsurenko, while sixthseeded Italian Sara Errani sailed through, defeating Sweden’s Johanna Larsson 6-3, 6-1.—AFP

INDIAN WELLS: Novak Djokovic of Serbia hits a return to Fabio Fognini during the BNP Paribas Open Championship.

Four matches decided in District Football Championship L AHORE —Four

Matches were decided in District Football Championship here on Monday at Model Town Football Academy Ground and Raiders Football Club Grounds. Young Union F.C, Lahore United F.C, Mughalpura Football Club and Saleem Khan F.C earned victories against their respective rivals. Young Union F.C beat

Samanabad F.C 2-0 Shahbaz and Anjum produced one goal each in the 23rd and 60th minutes. Lahore United F.C beat Shaheen F.C (CMH) 30. Ahit, Muslim Butt and Abdul Rasheed shared one goal apiece. Mughalpura Football Club scored a narrow 1-0 win over Model Town F.C. Farooq Aziz scored the goal of the match in the 40th minute.

Saleem Khan F.C outplayed Afshan F.C 2-0 as Nawaz and Nazeer scored the 27th and 67th minutes goal. Matches for tomorrow, Tuesday, PAF F.C Vs Ideal F.C at Raiders ground ,Publican F.C Vs Bata F.C at MFTA, Chief College F.C Vs Mujahid F.C at MFTA,Pency F.C Vs Universal Bab Cargo F.C at MFTA.—APP

Australian captain impressed with world’s wonderful Taj Mahal BIPIN DANI OBSERVER CORRESPONDENT M UMBAI —Wow.. Wonderful... were the exclamatory words instantly expressed by Michael Clarke during his trip to Taj Mahal in Agra late last week. This was revealed by Munnazzar Ali, the conservation assistant at the world’s famous monument. Speaking exclusively over his mobile from Agra, Ali says, “Clarke, who came with his wife Kyly here, was highly impressed with the World’s Wonders !. The couple spent some good time here”. “No other members of the current Australian

team has paid visit to Taj this time”, he added. “Though the former Australian fast bowler Brett Lee came the next day, his visit coincided with the shooting here”. “It was Clarke’s personal visit and therefore the visit fee of Rs. 1,500 per couple could not be waived. Had he come in some official capacity, the team would have got the free entry”, he added. Australia’s chief coach Mickey Arthur had allowed the players a couple of days off to enable them them to not only “reflect on their game” but also refresh them for the upcoming challenges in the next two Test matches in Mohali and Delhi. “Clarke had not brought

any security official with him but the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) had provided “Quick Relief Task” officials to the visiting captain. All foreign visitors are being well looked after by our own secirity officials”, he further added. “Clarke hired the services of a local guide (A.N.Sharma) to understand the history of this monument”. “Former Pakistan captain Rameez Raza was the last international cricketer to have paid visit to Taj before Clarke and Lee”. “It is because of Taj Mahal, I am able to serve the international cricketers here in this city”, Munnazzar Ali signed off.

B vitamins might help some with schizophrenia


OSSESSING one or another version of a gene key to metabolizing the B vitamin folate may make a big difference in who responds to vitamin supplements intended to treat negative symptoms of schizophrenia, according to a new study. Researchers tracked 140 people with schizophrenia for 16 weeks and found that those with the so-called high-functioning FOLH1 gene variant had a greater response to folic acid and B12 supplements, compared to those with the low-functioning FOLH1 variant. “That’s a gene that actually controls the digestion of folate (or folic acid) into the bloodstream,” said Dr. Joshua Roffman, the study’s lead author from Massachusetts General Hospital in Charlestown. Folate, one of the B vitamins, is used in the manufacturing of neurotransmitters, which send signals throughout the brain and body, and it’s found in leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, beans and fortified grain products. Since the 1960s, Roffman told Reuters Health, folate deficiencies have been tied to the development of schizophrenia, and researchers have observed spikes in cases of the mental disorder after famines in China and the Netherlands, for example. But this new study, he said, is the first to look at the effects of folate supplements in a large population of people with the

condition - at several medical centers in Massachusetts, New York and Michigan. The researchers, who published their findings in JAMA Psychiatry, were targeting so-called negative symptoms in schizophrenia patients, which include apathy, withdrawal and an inability to display emotion. Those are less severe than the more well-know symptoms of schizophrenia including hallucinations, delusions and paranoia - but still lead to significant impairment, because they are unaffected by traditional antipsychotic drugs, experts said. “There’s nothing that’s widely accepted that’s demonstrated to help. So there is a big need for this kind of work,” said Dr. Scott Stroup, a professor of psychiatry at New York’s Columbia University who was not involved with the research. For the new study, the researchers recruited 140 schizophrenia patients and randomly assigned them into two groups. One group received 2 milligrams of folic acid and 400 micrograms of vitamin B12, which increases folic acid’s effect, per day for 16 weeks. The other group took placebo pills for comparison, but all patients also continued their normal medications. At the beginning, each group scored in the mid-30s on a scale that measures the severity of their negative symptoms from 0 to 100 - with higher scores being more severe. Roffman said the participants all had moderate to severe symptoms.

KARACHI: Rangers personnel seen at the site of bomb blast near a Paan shop in area of Khurramabad, Landhi No 2.

KWSB seeks Finance, LG departs help to recover dues

Blast in Landhi claims 3 lives, 8 injured


men attacked a local petrol pump near Bacha Khan Chowk. One was injured in the grenade attack. Armed men in Aligarh Colony in Orangi Town killed three security guards during an attempt of robbing Bank van that was moving with heavy cash. The security guards had shown resistance but to no avail. The armed men opened fire on the security guards due to which three of them died on the spot and two passers-bye sustained bullet injuries. Mwanwhile, Muttahida Qaumi Movement Chief Altaf Hussain has expressed concern over the bomb blast in Khurramabad area of Landhi. He expressed his grief and sorrow on the deaths of people and injuring of many others in the blast. He said that bomb blasts and incidents of terrorism one after another had given rise to many tragedies in the past

IRFAN ALIGI K ARACHI — Karachi Water K ARACHI — Karachi and Sewerage Board (KWSB) has sought help from Finance and Local Government Departments to recover Rs.328 million in dues outstanding on Public Health Engineering Department due from February 2012 onwards. In a letter to Secretary Finance and Secretary Local Government KW&SB Managing Director Misbahuddin Farid requested that KWSB was going through financial crises and in order to carry on day to day operations it was vital that all Government, SemiGovernment and Private Institutions pay their outstanding dues. Furthermore, beside the maintenance and day to day expenses required to ensure swift provision for water supply and sewerage facilities to the citizens of Karachi, salaries of employees.

was once again set to bleed as a planted bomb exploded Monday in Khurramabad in Landhi. The bomb was planted somewhere around the paan shop located in densely populated area with heavy public movement. Subsequent to the blast, three died while 8 were injured. Bodies and injured were all shifted to Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre. Those injured are Naveed 27, Abdul Sattar 28, Jagdesh 26, Zafar 30, Ali 30, Pervez 30, Jameel 30 and Hussain 27. The Police and Rangers condoned off the area after the explosion. However, it was not yet clear whether the bomb was planted in any motorcycle or was set to explode from a remote control device. In another incident of terrorism, unidentified armed

Measures taken for betterment of PML-F demands removal of governors for fair elections education: Pir Mazhar

KARACHI: Jamat Ahl-e-Sunnah holds a rally against bhatta mafia in front of KPC.—PO photo


STAFF REPORTER K ARACHI — Pakistan Muslim League Functional (PMLF), Sindh chapter, General Secretary Imtiaz Ahmed Shaikh had said that the PML-F and allied parties were preparing for nominating unanimous candidate on all seats so as to defeat the pretentious opposition in the Sindh Assembly. He was addressing a press conference after a meeting of religious and political parties was held at the Functional House Monday. The meeting and the press conference was attended by Jam Madad Ali Khan,

Shaheryar Maher, Kamran Tesori, Akbar Shah Rashidi, Zubair Memon, PMLN leader Salim Zia Awan, National People’s Party leader Masroor Jatoi, Jamaat-e Islami leaders Maulana Asadullah Bhutto and Muhammad Hussain Mahenti, Jamiat Ulema-e Islam-F leader Muhammad Aslam Ghauri, Jamiat Ulemae Pakistan leader Muhammad Haleem Khan Ghauri, Pakistan Sunni Tehreek leader Shakeel Qadri and Matloob Awan, Sindh United Party leader Syed Zain Shah and Syed Ghulam Shah, Qaumi Aawami Tehreek leader Muhammad Alam Shah,

Sindh Tarraqi Pasand Party leader Haider Shahani and Dr Abdul Hameed Memon. The meeting decided to hold the next meeting at Jamaat-e Islamai’s Idara-e Noor-e Haq on March 20. Shaikh alleged that the government had already started to rig the coming elections, which had made the claims of free and fair elections suspicious. The government was making full use of state resources to obtain the desired results in coming elections and in this regard, key officials were being posted at the specific positions wherefrom they could affect the elections.

KARACHI —Senior Minister for Education and Literacy Sindh Pir Mazhar Ul Haq said that during his Ministry’s period he took every possible step for the betterment of Education of Sindh Province. Several Education projects were completed and while many educational projects were near to its completion. Time would prove that how much progress we have made in the field of education in Sindh. He expressed these views while talking with the officers of Education Department over his surprise visit to the offices of education Department it Tughlaq House. He said when he took over the Ministry of Education, first of all he visited the

offices of Education department and he is here today for farewell meeting. Our services for the promotion and development of education were in front of public and we served people without any discrimination. He further added that teachers had been inducted on the basis of merit; new colleges had been established in remote areas of Sindh where students of those areas were provided the educational opportunities at their doorstep. He added that he did every possible thing for betterment of education, now it’s the responsibility of upcoming elected Government to continue the educational projects in the interest of Sindh province. Senior Officers of Education Department were also present during meeting.

Swat-like operation demanded KARACHI —The Jafria Alli-

KARACHI: Ladies taking interest in flowers during an exhibition at Karachi Zoo.— PO Photo by Sultan Chaki

ance Pakistan on Monday called for the launch of a Swat-like offensive in Karachi to wipe out terrorists. Addressing a press conference here, JAP President Allama Abbas Kumaili said the recent acts of terrorism were aimed at postponing the general elections. He was of the view that Abbas Town bombings, Chishtia Masjid blast and Joseph Town violence are the result of same mindset.—INP

few months. He said that the situation in the country was grave after the blasts on Alamdar Road and Kirani road in Quetta and in Abbas Town in Karachi and the unfortunate tragedy in Badami Bagh in Lahore. He said that the blast in Karachi in these circumstances was highly condemnable. He said that the way the terrorists were targeting mosques, imam Bargahs and attacking the armed forces, security forces and general public had made it clear that they were working on an agenda to weaken the country. He said it was necessary to make committees at local neighbourhood levels in order to keep an eye on suspicious elements. He sympathized with the families who lost their loved-ones in the blast and prayed for the speedy recovery of the injured.

Caretaker setup: CM starts consultation K ARACHI —Sindh government has started consultation with the opposition leader and other opposition parties in the provincial assembly for formation of caretaker government in the province. Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah has contacted opposition leader Syed Sardar Ahmed and other parliamentary leaders of opposition parties in Sindh assembly . In this regard CM would write a letter to opposition leader soon. The draft of the letter has been prepared in which two names for the slot of interim chief minister would be sought from the opposition. On the other hand opposition leader Sardar Ahmed has also made contacts with parliamentary leader of PML(F) Jam Madad Ali . There are several name of retired judges , ex bureaucrats and former diplomats are revolving in the political circles for care taker CM including Justice (R) Syed Didar Hussain Shah, Qazi Fazal Ullah and Hussain Haroon.—Online

Dialysis has both risks and benefits


HILE daily dialysis can boost the overall health of kidney disease pa tients, it also can put them at higher risk for certain complications, a new study finds. About 2 million people worldwide receive dialysis treatments. In dialysis, patients use a machine to artificially do what healthy kidneys should: eliminate waste and unwanted water from the blood. Standard dialysis involves three treatments a week, while frequent dialysis involves treatment once each day, HealthDay News Reported. Of course, frequent dialysis requires accessing the blood more often, which typically is done using a long-lasting puncture site through which blood can be removed and returned. Having the blood cleansed more frequently does typically improve patients’ health and quality of life. It wasn’t known, however, whether these patients also had any higher risk for complications related to repeated use of the blood-access site. In this study, researchers led by Dr. Rita Suri, of Western University and Lawson Health Research Institute in London, Canada, conducted two 12month clinical trials involving 245 patients. The patients were randomly selected to receive either in-center daily dialysis (six days a week) or standard dialysis (three days per week). Another 87 patients received either frequent home-

based dialysis or standard dialysis. In the first hospital-based trial, 31 percent of the 245 patients had to undergo repair of the blood-access site, lost use of the site or were hospitalized due to problems with the site. Complication rates were higher among the frequent-dialysis group: There were 33 repairs and 15 losses in the frequent-dialysis group compared with 17 repairs, 11 losses and one hospitalization in the standarddialysis group. Overall, the risk for a problem with the bloodaccess site was 76 percent higher in the frequent-dialysis group than in the standard-dialysis group, the researchers reported. Similar trends were seen in the home-based trial, but the results were not statistically significant, according to the study results, which were published online Feb. 7 in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology. The findings are the first to show that frequent dialysis may have potentially harmful effects on the blood-access site, and provide valuable information for dialysis patients and their doctors, Suri said in a journal news release. “Frequent dialysis has been an area of intense interest since the publication in 2010 of a study from the Frequent Hemodialysis Network (FHN) that found a reduced rate of death and other events.

LAHORE: Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif presiding over last meeting of the tenure of Punjab Cabinet.

AKF provides emergency relief to victims STAFF REPORTER

LAHORE—UK based charity organization Al-Khair Foundation (AKF) having its head office in Lahore, has started providing emergency relief to the Christian Community of Joseph Town, Badami Bagh area. This was stated by Mr. Tahir Begg, a trustee of AKF in a statement issued from Lahore. Mr. Begg said that AKF stands with the Christian’s brothers and sister in their sorrow and grief. It has started providing cooked meals, shelter, beds and clean drinking water to the homeless people in the area. It is also providing cordoned milk and biscuits to the children. AKF team has rushed to the area to take care of the immediate needs of the victims and is ready and equipped to put the community in the area back on its feet. He added that, what has happened in Joseph town is totally unacceptable and that from number of commands of our holy prophet it is evident that protecting ones neighbor LAHORE: Activists of Joint Action Committee for People’s Rights holding a protest is a Muslim’s major responsibility. He thanked the donors against Saturday ransacking of Joseph Colony at Faisal Chowk. of AKF and reiterated that under the guidance of AKF’s founder and CEO Imam Qasim, it will keep working for all the communities around the world.

Hamza distributes cheques among Badami Bagh affectees STAFF REPORTER

L AHORE —Leader of Pakistan Muslim League-N Hamza Shahbaz Sharif has said that all minorities living in Pakistan are Pakistani and they have equal rights over Pakistan. He said that all Pakistanis are ashamed of such incidents in the comity of nations. He said that promotion of religious harmony and tolerance is need of the hour and it will only be possible

through provision of justice without any discrimination. He said that our religion gives us lesson of tolerance and patience. Hamza Shabaz said that minorities have equal rights to lead their life according to their religions. He said that PML-N does not believe in lip-service and distribution of cheques of financial assistance among effectees of Badami Bagh incident is proof of this fact that it

equally shares the grief of its Christian brethren. He expressed these views while distributing cheques among the effectees at Town Hall. Senator, Pervaiz Rashid, MNA Pervez Malik, Provincial Minister Mujtaba Shujar ur Rehman, MPA Malik Riaz, Senator Kamran Michael, President National Council of Churches Pakistan, Azad Marshal and DCO Lahore Noorul Ameen Mengal were also present on the occasion.

Dance festival LAHORE—Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop will arrange its second annual “National Dance Festival” on Thursday at Rafi Peer Cultural Centre. A number of artistes will perform classic, modern, contemporary and devotional dance. The festival aims to provide a platform to dancers in the country. —APP

UVAS spring Islam teaches tolerance, respect festival kicks off to other religions: Shahbaz MUZAFFAR ALI

LAHORE—University of Vet-

SALIM AHMED L AHORE —Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Monday said the burning of houses of Christians was a worst example of barbarism and elements involved in it would be awarded exemplary punishment. Presiding over a meeting at the Chief Minister’s House to review the situation after the Badami Bagh tragedy, the CM said the torching of Christian houses was, in no way, a service to Pakistan or Islam. He said Islam teaches tolerance and respect to other religions. He said maltreating the


versity has given a complete new direction to the local education system by effectively using Information & Communication Technologies (ICT). The main object behind its establishment was to spread the same quality of education across Pakistan. An interesting feature of the University is that through the use of modern ICT i.e. its own satellite television network, web portals and DVDs, students have access to world class educational material round the clock despite their geographical locations. The University has about 200 campuses with presence in over 110 cities of Pakistan, and establishing campuses in each district headquarter is part of the future expansion plan to increase its outreach. The faculty involved in supervising and mentoring the students at Virtual Uni-

versity has been trained at the best local and international universities. The University has also signed MOUs with several foreign universities in order to further extend the students’ access to quality education at every level. The University has established a Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) in order to ensure the quality and standards of education delivered to its students. It has developed its own web based application; Learning Management System (LMS) to provide seamless access to course material, lectures and discussions with fellow students and the teachers. Virtual University has been acknowledged as an icon of high quality education at affordable cost with maximum convenience amongst the students and their parents. As a result, size of the student body

is continuously increasing. At present over 100,000 students are registered for different academic programs with the University. They are making progress in their chosen disciplines and putting their stamp of approval on this form of education system. The University aims to take the light of knowledge to each and every household in Pakistan. Recognizing the tremendous efforts of Virtual University in developing world class open education resources, the “Open Course Ware Consortium” has awarded its “2012 Outstanding New Site Award” to the Open Course Ware (OCW) website. By publishing its courses free of charge, complete with video lectures, assignments and solution on its OCW website, VU now stands amongst the selected group of premier universities of the world.

changed decades-old culture of public transport,” he added. He said he had already directed to import more buses from Turkey in view of great rush of travellers on metro buses. He said the PML-N would contest upcoming elections on the basis of performance as it had completed a record number of development projects during the last five years. The chief minister advised the lawmakers to have close contact with voters of their respective constituencies and try to get their support for party’s victory in elections.

GCUs awareness drive takes off STAFF REPORTER L AHORE —“Help the Helpless”, the annual fund-raising and awareness campaign, Monday began at the Government College University Lahore. Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad Khaleeq-urRahman chaired grand opening of the fund-raising drive at the university’s Bukhari Auditorium, while GCU Endowment Fund Trust Secretary Dr Khalid Manzoor was also present. The two-week campaign, initiated by the GCU Welfare Society in collaboration with the Endowment Fund Trust is aimed at raising awareness among the well-off old Ravians and students about the importance of helping deserving students and collecting funds for them. Addressing the students, Vice Chancellor Prof Rahman said universities were not only meant for making students scholars, scientists and engineers, but also for making them good

Virtual University completely based on modern technology! HE importance of edu cation is obvious from the fact that no country can progress in any field without giving the development of knowledge its due importance. Owing to the fact, revolutionary changes have been brought in the field of education by the modern world over the years. The positive effects of some of these developments have reached Pakistan as well. On the road to prosperity and development, Pakistan has adapted several of these new practices for the wider spread of literacy. The foundation of Virtual University is the result of such new developments. Virtual University is chartered by the Federal Government of Pakistan with its degrees which are recognized within Pakistan as well as abroad. The Uni-

Christian families and the burning of their houses were unjustified after the arrest of the blasphemy suspect. The CM also reviewed restoration work at Joseph Colony and said the affected people would be compensated at all cost. Meanwhile, Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said the PML-N would launch more projects like the metro bus service if voted to power after general elections. Talking to assembly members on Monday, he said the metro bus project was a unique gift to citizens of Lahore. “This modern means of transport has entirely

The University encourages the bright students by granting Merit Scholarships and also addresses the financial hardship through Need Based Scholarships. The practice of holding convocation for graduating students of the University is also catching root. Recently the University held its third convocation in five different ceremonies and five different cities to facilitate the graduates of their respective areas. The degrees, medals and certificates of merit were awarded to the successful candidates at the convocation. Virtual University reaffirms its commitment to keep introducing new technology for the spread of education in an attempt to speed up the process of development and prosperity in Pakistan. —Anjum Iqbal

humans who cared for others. He appreciated the campaign, saying that the ‘haves’ had a responsibility towards ‘have-nots’ about which they at least be aware of. “People should realize that helping a student means changing the life of a whole

family,” he added. The Vice Chancellor also called on philanthropists, industrialists, businessmen and old Ravians to come forward and help the university in the noble cause, so that the bright students can continue their studies without mental stress.

erinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS) Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Talat Naseer Pasha inaugurated spring festival 2013 at the City Campus on Monday. The colourful event started with Qiraat and Naat Competitions in which students from various departments participated. Declamation and drama contests, a pet show and floral competitions.

e-Paper March 12, 2013  

e-Paper March 12, 2013

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