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Gas supply to 70pc areas of Punjab restored: SNGPL

3 terrorists killed by own bomb

Demonstrators hold anti-U.S. slogans and portraits of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei during a rally in Tehran’s terrorists were killed on Tues- Azadi Square (Freedom Square) to mark the 35th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution on Tuesday. day when a device they were planting at a roadside exploded in Dera Ismail Khan, district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on Tuesday. According to local police, the incident took place near Pacha-abad area of Dera Ismail TEHRAN—Iran’s President Khan where three militants were planting IED device to target Hasan Rohani on Tuesday convoy of security forces which called for “fair and construcwas set to pass through the same tive” nuclear talks with world area. Police officials confirmed ISLAMABAD—Justice Jawwad hear whatever you say more. appear in main case. “ But I am powers as the nation marked that three terrorists belonged to S Khawaja has remarked that no The court separated review appearing on behalf of federal the anniversary of the 1979 banned outfit.—Online compromise can be made on the case from original case remark- and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa gov- Islamic revolution with massive rallies, complete with fundamental rights of the people. ing “we are adjourning the hear- ernment”, he said. Justice Jawwad observed anti-American and anti-IsHe gave these remarks Tues- ing till Thursday to the extent of 7-year-old girl “you are appearing on court no- raeli chants. day while presiding over a 3- this case. The crowd burned US and At the inception of hearing tice. “if the government is exmember bench of Supreme Court molested Israeli flags with pictures of of Yasin Shah son of Mohabbat empted from law, what you say (SC) during the hearing of reBAHAWALPUR—A man moPresident Barack Obama and lested a young girl and fled leav- view petition filed by ministry of Shah missing person case, about it”. Israel’s Prime Minister BenAAG Shah Khawar appeared Shah Khawar told that he defence against Apex court Deing her in critical situation here jamin Netanyahu and shouted before the court He told the was appearing on court’s nocember, 10, 2013 decision in on Tuesday. Police said that the “Down with the US” and court that federal government tice. “Defence ministry has incident took place in the sub- Mohabbat Shah case with refer“Death to Israel” — chants had filed review petition been affected due to your orence to 35 missing persons who urbs of main Bahawalpur city that are commonplace on against December, 10, 2013 der. Therefore, it has filed rewere picked up from Malakand. where a man kidnapped and most Iranian rallies but now verdict of SC. CMA has also view petition”, he added. JusHe further remarked “primaraped a seven-year-old daughcome against the backdrop of been filed but number has not tice Jawwad remarked “we faciae federal government is deter of his neighbour. The acRohani’s policy of outreach to been marked over it. hear you and give decision. claring itself exempted from law cused managed to escape the West. The court remarked “we Shah Khawar told” the matter and constitution. If it is so then throwing the victim girl near ask the office to mark the numgoes different when private Continued on Page 7 we will give decision after hearher residence. The affected girl was shifted to Victoria Hospi- ing Attorney General (AG) and ber. Shah Khawar told defence counsels come on both sides. Justice Jawwad S Khawaja tal and her condition was stated Additional Attorney General ministry has filed petition. Jus(AAG) Tariq Khokhar. We can tice Jawwad remarked “ Tariq remarked “ we hear Tariq to be critical.—INP not compromise on fundamen- Khokhar is not appearing. Khokhar and AG. Munir A Malik tal rights of the citizens. We will Shah Khawar told he would was AG at that time. —NNI


Missing persons

SC can’t compromise on fundamental rights of citizens

NEC committee meeting

ISLAMABAD—The executive committee of the National Economic Council meeting to be held today is likely to approve different government projects worth Rs270 billion. Planning Commission sources said that the Federal Finance Minister, Ishaq Dar would preside over the NEC meeting. NEC meeting is likely to approve 16 different government projects in water, agriculture and power sectors.—Online

Sindh Assembly debate KARACHI—Sindh Assembly consumed 53 percent of the sitting time by discussing the provision of low quality education in the province during the fifth sitting of the 11th Session on Tuesday, says Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN). One PML-F female legislator and one MQM MPA submitted two similar adjournment motions regarding the provision of low quality education in the province. Fourteen legislators - five from PPPP, followed by MQM 4, PML-F and PTI two each and PML one - participated in the debate. —NNI

3 activists nabbed Staff Reporter K ARACHI —Police had on Tuesday arrested 3 activists of banned religious outfit, who were identified as Umer, Zubair and Hammad. They were arrested from KBR area of the city during a raid. Police claimed to have recovered weapons from the possession of the arrested activists and had shifted them to an undisclosed location for further investigation.

President leaves for China on Feb 18 ISLAMABAD—President Mamnoon Hussain will pay official visit to China from 18-20 February, 2014. This is his first state visit abroad after assuming office of the President, and he will be the first dignitary to meet Chinese leadership after Chinese New Year celebrations (year of the horse). During the visit, President Mamnoon Hussain will hold summit-level talks with President Xi Jinping. He will also have meetings with Premier Li Keqiang and Mr. Zhang Dejiang, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of China besides interacting with senior officials and government functionaries. —NNI

Rohani for fair Nuclear talks

US Envoy quits over conversion to Islam

Taliban want Mullah Fazlullah to lead Pakistan ISLAMABAD—In a move that could affect ongoing peace talks with the government, the Pakistani Taliban has said it wants commander Mullah Fazlullah to lead the country. “In Pakistan, Mullah Fazlullah is leading us and he has all the qualities to lead the Pakistani nation,” said Shahidullah Shahid, spokesman of the banned Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan. Shahid further said in an interview with Newsweek Pakistan that the militants, who are fighting for Shariah (Islamic law) in Pakistan, consider Afghan Taliban spiritual leader Mullah Omar as their

“Amir-ul-Momineen” (leader of the faithful). The TTP is engaged in peace talks with the government and negotiators from both sides met for the first time last week to draw up a roadmap for dialogue. But Shahid said the TTP is at war with the government for two reasons – its “friendship” with the US and the continuation of the “un-Islamic democratic system”. “We want the establishment of Shariah in Pakistan; this was the reason that Pakistan was created,” he claimed. Shahid said his group is ready for a ceasefire but the government should announce it first. —INP

HAMEED SHAHEEN I SLAMABAD —US Charge d’Affaires posted in Sudan (Khartoum) Mr Joseph D Stafford has tendered his resignation following conversion to Islam, Turkish media said quoting Sudanese sources on Tuesday. Mr Joseph had visited Ansar Al-Sunnah headquarters in Sudan and had developed close relationship with Sudanese clerics via his visits. The US State Department has not yet confirmed or rejected their Envoy’s conversion to Islam or his resignation. US didn’t post full-status ambassador in Khartoum since 1998. Only Charge d’Affaires was

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RAHIMYAR KHAN—The Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) authorities have announced that gas supply to the major areas of Punjab have been resumed after completing repair work on the 36 inch diameter pipeline here on Tuesday. The SNGPL sources said after the 36-inch diameter gas pipeline was repaired by the authority near Rahimyar Khan, domestic consumers witnessed improved gas pressure. However, gas supply to commercial and industrial zone is still suspended and it will take 24 to 36 hours for the remaining repair work to complete and resume supply to the commercial and industrial zones, the SNGPL officials said. Moreover, two committees have been formed to estimate the loss incurred due to the bombings that damaged three main gas supply pipelines in Rahimyar Khan on Sunday night by a banned outfit which caused a huge blaze which killed one woman besides gutting several houses located adjacent to scene of the explosion. In a major terror hit, Baloch Republican Army (BLA) blew up three major gas arteries late

on Sunday night in Yousafabad area, which sparked so big a fire that it engulfed the populated area located nearby. Reports stated that remote-controlled devices were used in the explosions which destroyed three out of the four pipelines within 30 minutes. The pipelines, carrying highly inflammable methane also called natural gas, burst into a massive ball of fire after the blasts. The blasts triggered an

inferno that covered the nearby fields, while Basti Afzal Hamid Khumbara was evacuated immediately, the sources added. A woman was killed in the blaze while many herds of cattle were also injured. The outlawed Baloch Republican Army (BRA) claimed responsibility for the explosions at the point supplying gas to Punjab from Sui, Qadirpur Sawan, Pir Koh and Loti gas fields.—INP

Maryam for strict merit in laptop, Qarz-e-Hasna schemes I SLAMABAD —Chairperson ture of the government. Prime Minister ’s Youth Programme, Maryam Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday directed the officers of PM’s laptop and Qarz-e-Hasna schemes to strictly follow merit and criteria at all levels of the schemes. Chairing two meetings of the authorities concerned, she also focused on impartial and transparent dispensation in this regard, so that only deserving individuals could benefit from this knowledge-friendly ges-

The Chairperson said,”We are a resource constrained nation. Therefore, it must be our top priority to make optimal use of our national resources,”. “We cannot afford any lapse as we are at make or mar stage in our national history, “, she added. Madam Maryam Nawaz Sharif also stressed upon making the eligibility criteria of this scheme, especially for the

Altaf informs Zardari about workers detention STAFF REPORTER KARACHI—There has been a telephonic conversation between MQM Leader Altaf Hussain and former president and the co-chairman of the Pakistan Peoples’ Party Asif Zardari. They discussed the law and order situation in Sindh and the inhuman acts committed by the police and the Rangers against the MQM workers. Hussain informed Zardari about the extra-judicial killings of the MQM workers, illegal arrests and detentions,

and subjecting them to barbaric torture in the custody. He told the former president that 45 MQM workers, including three sector members, went missing soon after they were arrested and no one knew anything about their whereabouts. Hussain said that the lawenforcing agencies were carrying out illegal raids at the houses of the MQM workers. The arrested workers were being asked to disclose information about workers of the Women’s Wing of the party which was very disturbing.

bachelor level students, broadbased to include all regions of country and all segments of society, so that it could accommodate maximum number of youth. She also gave elaborate instructions on the distribution mechanism of the scheme in line with the principles of merit, transparency and impartiality, and decided to distribute the tranche of laptops before the start of summer break in universities.—APP

SHC orders removal of sub-standard CNG cylinders STAFF REPORTER KARACHI—Sindh High Court on Tuesday passed an order according to which all sub-standard CNG cylinders should be removed form all vehicles within 15 days. A 2-member divisional bench of the SHC headed by Justice Irfan Saadat during a hearing pertaining to use of sub-standard CNG cylinders in private vehicles ordered the authorities concerned to ensure removal of such sub-standard CNG cylinders within 15 days. The SHC said that precious lives had been lost in accidents due to use of sub-standard CNG cylinders.

US debates drone strike on American terror suspect in Pakistan WASHINGTON—American citizen who is a member of al-Qaeda is actively planning attacks against Americans overseas, U.S. officials say, and the Obama administration is wrestling with whether to kill him with a drone strike and how to do so legally under its new stricter targeting policy issued last year. The CIA drones watching him cannot strike because he’s a U.S. citizen and the Justice Department must build a case against him, a task it hasn t completed. Four U.S. officials said the American suspected terrorist is in a country that refuses U.S. military action on its soil and that has proved unable to go after him. And President Barack Obama’s new policy says American suspected terrorists overseas can only be killed by the military, not the CIA, creating a policy conundrum for the White House.

Two of the officials described the man as an al-Qaida facilitator who has been directly responsible for deadly attacks against U.S. citizens overseas and who continues to plan attacks against them that would use improvised explosive devices. But one U.S. official said the Defense Department was divided over whether the man is dangerous enough to merit the potential domestic fallout of killing an American without charging him with a crime or trying him, and the potential international fallout of such an operation in a country that has been resistant to U.S. action. Another of the U.S. officials said the Pentagon did ultimately decide to recommend lethal action. The officials said the suspected terrorist is well-guarded and in a fairly remote location, so any unilateral attempt by U.S. troops to capture him would be risky and even more

politically explosive than a U.S. missile strike. Under new guidelines Obama addressed in a speech last year to calm anger overseas at the extent of the U.S. drone campaign, lethal force must only be used “to prevent or stop attacks against U.S. persons, and even then, only when capture is not feasible and no other reasonable alternatives exist to address the threat effectively.” The target must also pose “a continuing, imminent threat to U.S. persons” — the legal definition of catching someone in the act of plotting a lethal attack. The Associated Press has agreed to the government’s request to withhold the name of the country where the suspected terrorist is believed to be because officials said publishing it could interrupt ongoing counterterror operations. The officials spoke on condition of ano-

nymity because they were not authorized to discuss the classified drone targeting program publicly. House Intelligence committee chairman Mike Rogers, R-Mich., complained last week that a number of terrorist suspects were all but out of reach under the administration’s new rules that limit drone strikes based on the target’s nationality or location. Two of the U.S. officials said the Justice Department review of the American suspected terrorist started last fall. The senior administration official confirmed that the Justice Department was working to build a case for the president to review and decide the man’s fate. The official said, however, the legal procedure being followed is the same as when the U.S. killed militant cleric and former Virginia resident Anwar al-Awlaki by drone in Yemen in 2011, long before the new targeted killing policy

Published by: Zahid Malik from Ali Akbar House Markaz G-8, Islamabad and printed by Gauhar Zahid Malik at Al Umar Printers

took effect. The official said the president could make an exception to his policy and authorize the CIA to strike on a onetime basis or authorize the Pentagon to act despite the possible objections of the country in question. The Justice Department, the Pentagon and the CIA declined to comment. If the target is an American citizen, the Justice Department is required to show that killing the person through military action is “legal and constitutional”— in this case, that the Pentagon can take action against the American, as the administration has ruled him an enemy combatant under the Authorization for Use of Military Force, a resolution Congress passed a week after the 9/11 attacks to target al-Qaida. Mary Ellen O Connell, a professor of international law at the University of Notre

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