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Utilities of the GBIC Transceiver Module The fiber optic network is an advanced technology. It is sheer elegance to be able to transfer a signal through laser that is further reflected by the sides of a microscopic tube. For this device to operate smoothly an optical transceiver is required. A transceiver technically is a combination of a transformer and a receiver. Over the past few years there has been significant developments happening in this field with the latest scientific innovation. Most of us have heard of the GBIC transceiver module. The IT industry and the word GBIC are interconnected, where GBIC stands for Gigabit Interface Convertor. Technically, it is a variant of Optical transceivers, designed in such a way to change serial electric signals into serial optical signals. The modules are inserted to a network switch connecting the Fiber Optic with the Ethernet system. The common applications for GBIC modules are Gigabit Ethernet and Fiber Channel. GBIC is completely hot swappable, which makes it elastic and simple to install. Today, it is the most common form factor for optical transceivers and is able to assist a diverse range of physical media, for instance, from legacy copper to long wave single mode fiber, up to several hundred kilometers. One can decide to switch to a new kind of optical fiber. Here a separate transceiver is allotted to handle the new optical fiber. Alternatively, one can even install a different type of Ethernet cable and a new one can replace a single transceiver. However, in every case a transceiver will always possess the capability to manage one particular optic fiber variety and a unique electrical connector type. However, today there are popular service providers of GBIC transceiver modules offering innovative GBIC solutions and various product variants. They are also the premier supplier of OEM, CISCO compatible transceivers. They help in personalizing designs to their clients for any sort of advanced requirement. While manufacturing world best products, these companies try to eradicate all wasteful practices. Hence, apart from catering and benefiting the customers, they also contribute towards a better environment. Know more on: WS-G5484 sfp-10g-sr Cisco Compatible xenpak-10gb-sr Cisco compatible

Utilities of the GBIC Transceiver Module