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Galaxy Lollywood Article

Official Poster of ‘The Dusk’ got leaked!! Article Dated: 17 August 2011

No matter how big a film is, how strong the measures are and how hard one tries to keep something safe. People here always try to do something that finally results in film-makers losing their interest in further investing their money in film industry. Even films like Bol, Love Mein Ghum and many other big ones couldn’t hide themselves being targeted by such culprits of industry. This time something very similar happened to upcoming film The Dusk, when someone quite possibly from movie’s own working team leaked one of the official posters of the film on such vibrant communication medium of internet.

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Galaxy Lollywood Article Although the production team of the film had planned a whole party event to release this stuff on next Tuesday, but the one who did it might have gone greedy to earn some cheap attention by doing this unethical act.

Talking about this, producer of The Dusk Wajahat Abbas Kazmi said, “This is really something shameful and not good for our industry, people should understand that a film-maker works really hard to make his product successful. And when something like this happens, it really ruins many of the things.” “I have taken a quick action on it and trying hard to look for the one who did this. But still I would say, I am really happy to see how people are liking our effort and receiving this official poster with positive remarks”, said Wajahat while further commenting on the issue.

When asked whether that Poster’s launching event on coming Tuesday is still in his plans, he said, “Well Yes! The launching party is still very much there and will held the way it was previously planned, and we aim to successfully release the whole set of film posters in that event.”

Besides all this, the poster which shows film’s lead actress ‘Uzma Khan’ on front with a miserable facial expression mainly depicting her vulnerable situation in the film with a background set in the dusky time of the day; does nothing but increases one’s curiosity to watch the film. And for that Galaxy Lollywood really appreciates the efforts of all those who had their hands in it.

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Upcoming Pakistani Movies

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Upcoming Pakistani Movies

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Upcoming Pakistani Movies

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PC MAG Issue 2  

Pakistani Cinema Magazine Contains Showbiz Articles from Different Famous Pakistani Magazines.

PC MAG Issue 2  

Pakistani Cinema Magazine Contains Showbiz Articles from Different Famous Pakistani Magazines.