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Since we are living in a free world, we are all privileged with the freedom to express ourselves. This newsletter is made purely to give us entertainment while enjoying basketball with our comrades in the Suzuki Cup . If for any reason this journal affected you in any way, all reactions/comments/suggestions, etc... are welcome at Have fun at the games!

AS THE 1st round robin draws to a near close, will the Bulldogs @ 0-2, use fangs to bite and chew up their next opponents and show what Bulldogs are made of?

THE HUGE effort poised by Joey Lo in the fourth quarter didn’t fire enough power to the gas as the Askals lost in the dying seconds of their close fight with the Bobcats, 41-39, on the second day of Suzuki Cup. JLo perfectly shot four baskets from the field and grabbed 6 rebounds but the rampaging Edong Oguing provided the needed countermeasures drilling 5 of his 7 points in the last quarter. Main man Bertow Soriano’s absence didn’t faze the only six Bobcats who came for Wednesday’s game compared to ten roaring Askals. In the 2nd quarter, slasher Sam Bumanglag led the pack in scoring figures as he shot 10 of his team’s 27 1st half points with the aide of twin towers Richie dela Rosa and Commisioner Pakz scoring 5 and 4 respectively. Hot shooting Conrad Artagame who sizzled in the first quarter, hitting a three and 4 perimeter shots, was not able to save Askals in the last 2.10 seconds of the ball game. Michael Cambel had a cold evening draining only 2 of his 5 attempts. Jun Apor seemed to have lost his bag of rookie-sensation drawing only 4 points. He tied with Richie in

the rebounds category pulling 7 boards apiece The orange-dressed Bobcats grabbed their second straight victory with oohs and ahhs on the side court contesting a bad call from one of the referees. The issue was settled yesterday morning. Scores by quarter: 4-13; 27-19; 32-26; 41-39














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Games next week 1st: Bulldogs vs. bobCats 2nd: Askals vs. Dolphins

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IT APPEARS that the Dolphins who played Wednesday’s game were not the same cagers who performed poorly on their first outing last week. Power forward Mark Bonayon delivered the goods right on time as he rallied with 5 precious points in the fourth quarter sealing the win, 41-39, against the aching Bulldogs. They trailed by 3 points ending the 3rd period but were able to break away with the victory, as all Dolphins’ last five hit a basket in the final offering. Former MVP Popot’s remarkable output was halted when he sprained his ankle early in the fourth but he managed to take home 14 points, 5 of which was his team’s only score during the 3rd quarter. Despite the double-double performance of enormous Mike Romero, scoring 15 points and hoisting 10 rebounds, and unstoppable Mari Suzara’s 20 points-- his tremendous game high contribution, the Bulldogs shyly wagged their tails for they were not able to defuse the explosion set off by the Dolphins. They also struggled throughout the game without a clear point guard. Glenn Macabiog’s inavailability left a vacancy that was highly needed

for replacement. Allan Bañaga’s coaching expertise seemed to have ignited the Dolphins and boosted the defense mechanism set up by sky scrapers Leo San Jose, Mark and Tony Zabala as they combined a total of 19 rebounds and 4 blocks. Superfast Jervis added a bit of sparkle when he nailed 4 consecutive goals in the first half. Scores by quarter: 13-5, 23-19, 2831, 41-39


Suzuki Cup Official Newsletter by Brandon Boyd II a.k.a. Jervilis.