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The Rabbit Vibrator: The Number One Pleasure Toy For Women A rabbit vibrator seems to be a complicated and hard to operate tool women use when pleasuring them sexually. The toys are tried everyday by women who are seeking sexual satisfaction. Before one begins to learn how to use a ladies sex toy, she needs to know the various parts that make up the sex toy tool. Generally, the vibrator is made up of two main parts namely the shaft and bunny. The bunny portion serves as a clitoris operator while the shaft serves as the penis. The ladies sex toy should be checked that it has working battery installed correctly. A girl or woman who is going to use the vibrator toy needs to get familiar first with the controls of the sex toy. Most sex toy vibrator commonly has two control functions including the shaft and bunny. A girl or woman is supposed to practice using these control parts of the ladies sex toy until she fully understands its mode of operation. It may be a requirement that sex toys be used with some sort of lubricant. Most sex toys are made to be used with water-based lubricants. The lubricants are applied to the shaft of toy and on hand. A woman has her hands and sex toys for women fully lubricated in order to experience pleasure whenever her hands touch her breasts and the vibrator touch her vaginal areas. Before switching on the rabbit vibrator sex toy, the woman should ensure that the shaft is fixed on to her vagina. The bunny should be made sure it is facing up. To make sure every part of the pleasure toys is inserted properly, you should check to see the bunny’s ears are lined up over the clitoris. The vibrator bunny with a shaft having pearls or rotated beads should be checked to ensure they are close to the vaginal opening. Click here for more details

How To Use A Rabbit Vibrator