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Pawee Kiratiya-angul December 10, 2009 Usability Engineering

Heuristic Evaluation on Canon Powershot G11 Digital Camera

Presented by Pawee Kiratiya-angul

Usability Engineering 4004-748 Instructor: Evelyn Rozanski Rochester Institute of Technology


Pawee Kiratiya-angul December 10, 2009 Usability Engineering Heuristic Evaluation on Canon Powershot G11 digital camera This digital camera is a compact camera that will give a capability of taking photo to amateur photographer in the feeling of professional and advanced due to its high image quality, complete manual control settings, and RAW shooting ability. It is impressive with capturing photo that shows such high resolution, high quality and yet low light system without having to carry SLR accessories. Also, it is an alternative for a person who looks for carrying a high-specification compact alike DSLR but not practical, unsafe or heavier. An enhanced i-Contrast system optimizes the range of subjects to deliver the ultimate details.

The ten usability characteristics will be used to evaluate the product. Visibility of system status (rate 5 out of 5) Pro: There is a small LCD screen face down and if a user swivel the screen facing outward while it is still on, it displays the system functions, such a s zoom status, number of pictures taken and the status of battery, etc. It also shows the availability of customizing the camera such a s changing the image size, date adjustment, changing functions. LED light and labels at the top of the camera indicates which mode you are currently using. After changing mode in second, there is a hint to emphasize what mode you are in. 2

Pawee Kiratiya-angul December 10, 2009 Usability Engineering Con: Match between system and the real world (rate 4 out of 5) Pro: This camera has a great mess age display using a simple daily language, icon, words to get the user in and once the user understand, he / s h e quickly adjust the using of the camera a s an advanced amateur. There are some unfamiliar symbols labeled on the camera some users at first time use may need an instruction and fortunately, this camera provides hints and tips displayed every time on the screen when the user is using to turn on each mode. Con: some icons may appear difficult to understand for some novice users such a s “Tv” – Time value which the users may review from the instruction manual.

User control and freedom (rate 4 out of 5) Pro: Users may not be anxious and awkward to press the buttons, swivel the screen, or control the functions because these controls are always on the top of camera and under the users’ control. They don’t have to search through menus to find them confusing. They can retake or undo the pictures if mistakes are made. The image stabilization is featured and if the users have hands quite shaky, the outcomes of photo are totally under control. This camera has a s well a s all the features of a DSLR camera within the point-and shoot portability. Con: The access to some functions may not be obvious to find until the users realize after examining it in a while. The image on screen for example, can be flipped opposite a s mirror image if the user rotates the screen quickly.


Pawee Kiratiya-angul December 10, 2009 Usability Engineering Consistency and standards (rate 3 out of 5) Pro: This camera contains with similar buttons often design these buttons in the sam e categorization, for example, function/set button, auto flash button, macro button, timer button are often used and they are located on the right front panel of the camera where the users using right hand to find it effectively controllable. Con: For those users who use their left hands to manage the camera may find this design inconvenient and unwelcome and expect there is an alternative for left-hand users.

Error prevention (rate 5 out of 5) Pro: This camera is well designed and has this characteristic fit in. The good error mes sag e s are carefully designed to occur before each request is made. Either the setting at functions, or the delete condition, the users will be checked with a confirmation page before they determine to require to the action. Also this camera provides image protection to allow the users to choose “Protect” to lock the images to prevent from the users doing accidental errors. Con: -

Recognition rather than recall (rate 4 out of 5) Pro: Fortunately, icons, hints and tips, and the location of buttons have done this homework to be recognized efficiently when the users once look for the modes on the camera or the large image of icons on the screen, they can easily recognize what these functions can do. The users can also have their own favorite recorded on “My settings”. This is an advanced profit for the users who can always 4

Pawee Kiratiya-angul December 10, 2009 Usability Engineering come back and turn on to “My setting” menu for their favorite performance that if they can only remember this one. Con: For the first time use, the users may found this little difficult to access because this camera is a load of high-specification functions that are expected this compact camera working like DSLR camera.

Flexibility and efficiency of use (rate 3 out of 5) Pro: The novice users can find the basic functions such a s turning “on/off” button and click to take a photo easily and that is an interaction the novice may find themselves efficiently. Con: They may find this camera somewhat difficult and confusing because the expectation of using this camera is for the expert users to interact with this level of accelerators.

Aesthetic and minimalist design (rate 3 out of 5) Pro: There was certainly well design for the users to find many functions on the top and the inside of the camera. The users can select these functions with minimal setting. The lists of useful functions are well aware by Canon team and are designed with the care that the users will access the information easily. Con: But with the complex setting to expect to get the qualified pictures, the users may get confused with a lot of functions being set.

Help users recognize, diagnose, and recover from errors (rate 4 out of 5) 5

Pawee Kiratiya-angul December 10, 2009 Usability Engineering Pro: Error mes sag e s certainly comes to the plain and understandable language to indicate what the problems are and what prevent the user from doing this actions. The users might need to return or change another function to able to do a s they want. They will also receive a suggestive solutions in some error mes sage s when it is necessary to be explained briefly. Con: Some new users may struggle to repeat in doing the sa m e action and get the sam e errors due to the functions is designed for the experience users.

Help and documentation (rate 4 out of 5) Pro: There is some intelligent functions that help the users’ taks becoming easy. These functions can reduce the users’ constraint with the focus when the users hold the camera, the intelligent focus will do self-adjust to get the best picture the users expect but also will require the users to manually adjust the other functions. Con: Some information or documentation doesn’t se e m to provide in the camera but on the instructional manual. Only hints and tips that will be brief to guide what the users should do.

In conclusion, this digital camera is expected to be used a s for semi-professional photographer who can be an amateur wanting to turn into advanced or a professional photographer who wants to carry a light and high-specification camera aside from DSLR digital camera. It totally shows that this camera is a blow of mind compact because its interaction with human is well being designed a s this Heuristic Evaluation has shown that the ratings are shown pretty great.


Heuristic Evaluation on Canon G11 Digital Camera  

Based on usability characteristics and heuristic evaluated , this digital camera design was being evaluated and determined how its corperate...