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Keystonian Winter Edition

“Kindness is like snow—

it beautifies everything it covers!�

—Kahlil Gibran

Table of Contents Club and Officer Elections By Nandhini Krishnan

DCON & District Elections By Jazmine Owens

Frequently Asked Key Club Questions By Jason Marcin

Preferred Charities By Trey Trkula

Winter Service Ideas By Emma Galiardi

My Experience On the District Board & Why You Should Run By Sebastian Immonen

Club Officer Elections Club Officer elections are important to the future of your Key Club! Elections should take place before District Convention in late March. It is important to give the newly elected officers ample time to learn from the person who previously had their position. In addition, it will give the new officers time to meet and discuss their plans for the next school year! Clubs should try to switch over to this cycle of elections (that is, from March to March) rather than going along with the school year in order to follow the annual International Key Club calendar. Besides, having a dedicated group of officers going into the Summer will allow for a great start the next year, and maybe some projects even before school starts! Positions that Club’s should have as options to run for: • President • The President is in charge of creating the club meeting agendas, running club meetings, appointing the committee chairs, and keeping their Lieutenant Governor updated on their club activities. Works closely with the club advisor and other officers. • Vice President • The Vice President is in charge of assisting the President in their duties, as well as replace them in case of absence. The Vice President must be supportive and prepared.

• Secretary • The Secretary is responsible for the club records. The Secretary must take minutes of the meetings, as well as maintain and keep track of important files. The Secretary position requires responsibility and patience. They are an essential position to keep track of the club, and keep records. • Treasurer • The Treasurer is in charge of all the money the club handles and deals with. This includes dues and money they collect for charities and organizations. The Treasurer should be responsible and well accustomed to handling financial affairs. • Editor • Also known as the Bulletin Editor, Webmaster, or Publicity Director. With as many names as these, it is understandable they have an important role. Editors are inc charge of keeping track of deadlines for the club members and reminding them of them. Editors should have great communication skills. Use these descriptions when advertising positions to members interested in running for election! When these elections occur, remember to have voting be anonymous and fair. Consider allowing speeches and creating ballots! Remember, in the case of the tie, the decision should be differed to the advisor, as they know club history.

DCON & District Elections 2018 PA Key Club Convention It‘s almost that time of year again! This year’s District Convention will be held at the Penn Stater in State College, PA from March 23rd until March 25th. The theme: Serve-fari! Get ready for an enriching and exciting safari adventure that will consist of guest speakers, fun activities, and plenty of service projects to participate in with Key Clubbers from all across the state. If you have not received pricing information, contact your Lieutenant Governor today and come join us for an unforgettable weekend in March!

2018 District Elections

Interested in serving on the District Executive Board? District Elections will take place in March during the 2018 District Convention. Running for office may seem like a daunting task, but here is a checklist to make things easier: 1) Review duties and responsibilities of a District Officer

Trey Trkula, current Lieutenant Governor of Division 13 North gives a speech at the PA District Board Trainer.

2) Fill out a Campaign Expense Report 3) Complete and Submit a Statement of Candidacy form for District OďŹƒce 4) Submit two letters of recommendation (advisor, principal, Kiwanian, or pres)

These forms can be found on the PA Key Club website and must be submitted by February 28th to be eligible. Submit your biography (also on website) to the district administrator by February 14th.

Frequently Asked Questions Hi! I’m Jason Marcin, your District Secretary/Treasurer. Key Club is an international organization that does so much good all across the world, but it can be confusing! So, I’m taking time to examine some common questions that Key Clubbers ask.

Q: What opportunities does Key Club offer outside of High School? A: Well, there are a lot! After you graduate, you don’t need to fret because your journey with Kiwanis International is just beginning. In college you can join Circle K, or as an adult you can join your local Kiwanis and continue bettering your community in so many ways. Other programs during high school that span outside the classroom include the annual District Convention and Key Leader programs. More info on the website about those. Q: How is Key Club in Pennsylvania organized? I didn’t even know what a Lieutenant Governor was until I became an officer! A: Great question! As you know, each club has its own officers and board. Lieutenant Governors (LTGs for short) oversee several clubs across a particular region of our district, the whole of Pennsylvania. These LTGs make up the District Board, which is led by our Executive Board. The executive board consists of Bulletin Editor, Secretary/Treasurer, and Governor. Q: I don’t know anything about Key Club. Do you make Keys? A: This is a question we get A LOT! While I’m sure some of our members are locksmiths, our mission is not to manufacture keys. KEY is actually an acronym - meaning Kiwanis Educates Youth, applying homage to our parent organization Kiwanis International. So no, we do not make keys. A common phrase is “We don’t make keys, we make memories.”

Preferred Charities K

ey Club International has 3 preferred charities: UNICEF, March of Dimes, and Children’s Miracle Network. These charities are very impactful and Key Club strongly emphasizes their importance through partnership. UNICEF: UNICEF is dedicated only to children. They work on providing for children’s needs in more than 150 developing countries. Safe water, sanitation, health care, and a basic education are all provided through this charity. To get involved, you may participate in Trick or Treat for UNICEF, fundraisers and much more. March of Dimes: March of Dimes focuses on making a positive impact for the lives of premature -babies all across the world. To help this charity with their campaign, Key Clubbers can fundraise, participate in the March for Babies, or participate in Prematurity Awareness Month. This charity has fundraisers all year long and there are many opportunities to get involved. Children’s Miracle Network: Children’s Miracle Network sponsors various fundraising events and conducts service projects at local pediatric hospitals. This charity hosts a dance marathon to raise awareness and money, and they host multiple other campaigns as well. Donations and fundraisers are also ways to get involved.

Winter Service Ideas Key Club can become a little challenging during the Winter, no sunny skies to meet under, driving can be hard in the snow, and people’s sense of altruism gets cold with the weather. But, here we have for you a couple of great service projects that your club can do to get through Winter with consistent, productive projects: • Host a coat drive to collect coats, hats, and mittens for needy families. • Volunteer at a local soup kitchen or homeless shelter. • Collect toys for families who are in need. • Shovel snow in the driveways of elderly neighbors. • Host a food drive for a local food bank. • Sleep-a-thon (a quick search on the internet gives great ideas for this one) • Spaghetti/Potluck Dinner fundraiser • Day of Community Service • Craft Sale Keep asking yourself, are you happy with how your club is serving the community? If the answer is no, starting with one of these is a great baseline. If yes, keep pushing your club to do more!

My Experience On the District Board & Why You Should Run This being my last Keystonian, I’d like to ensure that I get this message across: Key Club needs YOU. Let that sink in for a moment. Every single member is valuable, but if you are passionate, it means you are already more influential than many. I’m so proud of you. The District needs members like you who can take care of business, but enjoy doing so. Every year, the District cycles through a new District Board, and this year is no different. Your Lieutenant Governor should have sent out an email about the District Board Elections in your neck of the woods by now. If they haven’t, make sure to get in contact with your zone administrator as soon as you can, so you can help push Key Club into the next year. I love the District Board. We are a family of like-minded, enthusiastic people who encourage each other in the most productive way I’ve ever seen. We get a lot of business experience, and grow as leaders right along with the Key Clubs we advise. If you’re not running, I can’t imagine why. Being a Lieutenant Governor gives you leadership experience, opportunities to meet incredible leaders, and a more influential means of bettering your community. -Sincerely, Sebastian Immonen.

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