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In Key Club, you may not change the world, but you have the opportunity to help someone who just might.

PA Key Clubbers at ICON in front of the Capitol

Podium at the 2013 District Convention/Leadership Conference in Hershey, PA. This year’s District Convention will be in Harrisburg, PA.

International convention was held in Washington D.C., the Pennsylvania tour started on June 30th, and the convention was July 3rd-7th. We boarded the bus with other PA Key Clubbers, and headed down to D.C. For the first few days, we explored the historic capital city. We toured the monuments, museums, and restaurants. Being in the United States capital for the Fourth of July was a great experience. We also watched the Fireworks on the mall from our hotel rooms. As Key Clubbers, we made memories and friends that will last a lifetime. Once the actual convention started, we went to workshops to make us better Key Clubbers, and leaders. We traded our district pins, which featured the fabulous Pinky the Flamingo in Fourth of July gear. There were Key Clubbers from around the world. Some of the key clubbers in attendance were from the Bahamas, Jamaica, Canada, and even the U.K. We elected our new international officers and Raeford

Penny was elected our new international president, taking over for Rebecca Riley. We had a Key note address from Elizabeth Smart, who was kidnapped for nine months when she was a teenager. She was forced to live a life against her will, and stayed strong throughout the entire ordeal. Her story was one of hope, courage, and inspiration. While she spoke, a ball room, full of teenage Key Clubbers was so silent you could hear a pin drop. President Riley read a letter at the introduction of the closing ceremony that was actually from President Barack Obama himself. He wrote of how proud he was of our service and dedication. It was incredible to have the President of the United States write to us, and a gesture that will not be forgotten. While at convention, everyone attended an Eliminate dance, and we danced towards a better world that is maternal/ neonatal tetanus free. To wrap up our days we watched Key-

Parkland Key Clubbers prepare for an exciting day at DCON 2013 in Hershey, PA!

Q: The new school year is starting and I’m not sure how to balance Key Club with my 4,598,986 other extracurricular activities? - Overcommitted Officer A: Okay, first, breathe. Remember you are in your position for a reason and you wouldn’t have been elected if your peers didn’t think you could handle the job. Being involved in different leadership positions inside and outside of Key Club will help prepare you for the future. So handling these kinds of situations now will give you the experience you need to succeed in the future. The best answer is to put everything into perspective and get organized. Look at what you are all involved in and decide if you need to cut anything out. Decide what means more to you and go from there. To help you get organized, get a planner and write everything down. This will help you not forget anything and give you a resource to refer to when you need to schedule something. Q: Our board is so disconnected and the officers barely speak to each other outside of meetings. The club is beginning to suffer, because of the lack of communication. What can we do? - Mission: Bond the Board A: Doing simple things outside of school, like a movie night or a pool party, are good ways to help build friendships between the officers. Different social activities will help the board better connect with each other and build friendships that will outlast the years in Key Club. Another option is attending Kiwanis Key Leader, which you can find more information about in this issue of the Keystonian! Q: About half of our Key Club graduated last year and freshman don’t know what Key Club really is exactly. Our membership is really lacking and our service projects aren’t going as well. What do we do? - Missing Members A: Host a membership mixer! You can find a how-to guide in this issue! Also, if your middle school has one, Builders Club is a great way to gain new members, as they are already a part of the Kiwanis-Family.

By now, you all know that UNICEF plays a major role in the Eliminate Project. However, UNICEF can’t donate time and money for vaccinations without any donations. Luckily, there is a creative and easy way that you, a dedicated Key Clubber, can contribute to the ever-depleting fund pool and help fight maternal and neonatal tetanus, as well as a lot of other worthy causes. Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF has helped raise over $167 million so far, and it has made a difference in the lives of millions of kids across the globe. You can participate in Trick-orTreat for UNICEF by preordering your collection boxes at http:// The boxes are completely free and can be easily ordered online. From there, it’s easy as dressing up on Halloween and people for, along with candy, to make a small donation. Anything works: coins or bills; all you have to do is ask! Be sure to remind them that it’s for a good cause: eliminating MNT, as well as providing fresh food and water for children who don’t have access to it. Here are some stories of kids across the world who have directly benefited from you guys trick-or treating. Nirmala in Nepal: Around the world there are 150 million orphans. 650,000 orphans live in Nepal itself. Many children in Nepal whohave lost their parents are forced to work and become caretakers of their younger siblings. 13- yearold Nirmala, an orphan herself, is taking care of her two younger siblings. Nirmala works ong days to help provide much needed food for her brother and sister. Hunger is a real problem in Nepal, with half of all children suffering from malnutrition, and affecting the most vulnerable children like Nirmala and her siblings. UNICEF is there in Nepal helping Nirmala and children like her realize their potential by providing special protection and diets and opportunities to attend school and get an education for a brighter future. Rosie Bell in Nicaragua: Almost 800 million people around the world don’t

have access to clean, safe water, including a third of the people living in Nicaragua's countryside. Until recently, 12year-old Rosie Bell used to get up at the crack of dawn and walk a mile and a half to fetch water for her family from a creek. Despite all this effort the water was unclean and dirty. Consuming the unclean water caused a nearly fatal case of cholera for Rosie's younger brother. UNICEF has installed a solar powered water pump and filtration system for a new well in this Nicaraguan community. The new well provides pure clean water that is pumped directly into households. Rosie Bell and other kids are now safe from contracting fatal water borne diseases. Rosie Bell no longer has to take the daily long walk and can attend school. The kids whose lives you are touching through UNICEF are real, with real problems that cannot be remedied alone. It’s up to you to take advantage of this scary holiday to alleviate some scary situations for children like you across the globe. Take action and Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF this Halloween!



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