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Intro to YSY

Fall Rallies



Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF


Halloween LTG Fun Facts

Meet the Sister Districts:





Fall Into Service

Intro to YSY Key Club believes that proper early education is critical in order for children to be given the chance to lead successful lives. To help with early childhood development Key Club has enacted Youth Serving Youth (YSY). The Pennsylvania District Key Club has a goal to that each club complete 75 hours towards educating the youth. Youth Serving Youth is a concept in which children help improve a community’s early childhood education. Key Club sponsors multiple ways to get involved with YSY. The Key Club Sponsors Children’s Miracle Network, March of Dimes, and UNICEF all work to improve early childhood education in communities. The organizations provide simple ways for clubs to get involved. In addition, YSY also allows clubs to come up with their own individual and unique ways to promote YSY. This year, the Pennsylvania Key Club District has taken a special interest to raise funds for the Pennsylvania Kiwanis Foundation’s educational booklet: Every Day I learn Through Play. The book promotes Early Childhood Education because it provides instructions, information, activities, and guidelines for parents to assist in the education of their children from birth to the age two. Like this, Key Club participates in many projects to promote Early Childhood Education. If each Key Club in the Pennsylvania District completes 75 hours of service for YSY, the Pennsylvania district as a whole would have dedicated 10,000 hours to improving Early Childhood Education for the community.

By Nandhini Krishnan

Fall Rallies The first-ever district-wide fall rally was held on October 21st, 2017 at Hershey Park! The rally officially began at 11:00AM and lasted until 1:00PM, followed by lunch. After a few hours filled with service projects, presentations, and fun activities, guests were free to have the rest of the day to themselves at Hershey Park! This rally was a great opportunity for Key Clubbers from all over the state to meet each other and have an amazing time! By Jazmine Owens

Top to Bottom: District Board Members have have fun in Hershey; Officer breakout sessions help officers learn more about their responsibilities; Attendees participate in a service project that gives non-slip socks to kids.

Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF Halloween is right around the corner! In addition to all of the tricks and treats, Key Club members know that there is also the sweet pleasure of service. So scare up some funds and fun this Halloween by participating in Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF. It’s a great opportunity to collect donations instead of candy or to bring club members together for a fabulous event or party. All money collected by Key Club members will once again support The Eliminate Project, helping to save moms and babies from maternal and neonatal tetanus.

HOW TO TAKE PART 1. Decide with your club what kind of fundraiser you’ll do. UNICEF has their own fundraising guide on their website at 2. Order your collection boxes. Buy for free at 3. Collect donations. 4. Fill out the gift form and submit it with your club’s donations. Go to for the form 5. Celebrate! You’re helping save moms and babies.

Where to Send Funds: Once you’ve collected all of your donations, send a check or money order (made payable to the Kiwanis International Foundation) and your completed gift form to: The Eliminate Project: Campaign Office Kiwanis International Foundation P.O. Box 6457 - Dept #286 Indianapolis, IN 46206 USA ATTN: Trick-or-Treat


Clubs that raise and submit more than $250 by December 31st will receive a special banner patch. So don’t forget to send in the funds you raise by the deadline!

By Jazmine Owens

Halloween LTG Facts Autumn Bullek We dressed my cat up as a "scary" business man for Halloween a while back. Jazmine Owens Two years ago I dressed up as a squirrel with a giant inflatable tail Allie Pultorak My Favorite Halloween movie is the Corpse Bride Jordyn Powell My favorite tradition is making pumpkin Gobs with my mom. Gabrielle Harding My favorite Halloween candy is Reese’s. Maddie Smith My favorite costume was a couples flintstones costume I did myself with a friend
 Nandhini KrishnanFave Halloween Candy: Kit-Kat Fave Villain : Maleficent

Erica Presson- 
 My favorite candy is also candy corn as well as butterfingers and heath bars
 Last year I dressed up as Meredith Grey from Grey's Anatomy
 My dog has a super dog costume that she wears and we take her out to go trick or treating Maggie KarpinskiMy Favorite candy are the Carmel apple lollipops We get up to 500+ Trick or Treaters so we must buy 30+ pounds of candy! I’ve been in a Halloween parade every year since I was 7! Olivia Evans I’ve only been trick or Treating in one development my whole life My brother and I always organized our candy by type and would make trades to get our favorite kind.

Meet the Sister Districts 

Pennsylvania’s Pinky the Flamingo

Michigan’s Mikey the Mitten

Jamaica’s Key Club Hummingbird

At International Convention a new Key Club International Board was elected. This means Pennsylvania was not only assigned a new International Trustee, but two new sister districts! The Jamaica District and the Michigan District are just as excited as we are and we cannot wait for the year ahead of us. Sister Districts are assigned in order to create smaller communities within the giant Key Club organization. These communities are designed to bounce ideas from district to district, share documents with each other, and to come up with some cool ideas for each location. The Pennsylvania District is very happy to work with the Jamaica District and the Michigan District in the upcoming Key Club Year.

By Trey Trkula

Fall Into Service Going back to school can be tough.

The transition of Summer to Fall may be even tougher, depending on your preference. That's where Key Club comes into play! Autumn is the perfect time to “Fall” into service with your local club. There are plenty of service opportunities that can take place during this time of year. Here are some, just to name a few: • Trick or Treat for UNICEF • Host a pumpkin decorating night with your local elementary school • Bake sale/competition (Fall themed, of course!) • Field day • Pumpkin pie eating contest • Fundraisers • Carving • Rake leaves in local neighborhoods This is a great time of year to incorporate new and fun service projects. Don't be afraid to get creative and try something new. Remember, it is always a good idea to design your projects so they have a theme relating to the time of year! Good luck and I hope you all enjoy “Fall”ing into service as much as we do! By Trey Trkula

Fall Keystonian  
Fall Keystonian