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Volume XVII, Issue 1| April 17, 2012

THE KEY CHAIN The Official Newsletter of the Egg Harbor Township High School Key Club

Kicking Off a New Service Year! New Officers Trained at the District Convention Page 7


Volume XVII, Issue 1| April 17, 2012


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2| Contents & Editor’s Letter 3| Club Office New President Valerie Wong and Vice President Parth Parikh 4| Club Office New Recording Secretary Cynthia Thurairajah and Corresponding Secretary Vi Nguyen 5| Club Office New Webmaster Michael Tran , Sergeant of Arms Tiffany Luong and Treasurer Selina Su 6| Club Office + Events New Lieutenant Governor Kelly Tran, Bulletin Editor Pak Chau and Prom Fashion Show 7| Events March of Dimes and the District Convention Experience 8| Club Office Introducing the Chairs 9| Contacts and Reminders

On the Cover: District Convention at the Ocean Place Hotel in Long Branch, New Jersey.


“ The District Convention Experience” - New Key Club officer elects attend District Convention to be trained for the new service year. Read more - Page 7

, Editors Letter Dear Key Clubbers, So it’s been awhile since there’s been a general meeting for Key Club . A lot has changed since. Within this time period, a whole new board of officers, including myself, had been trained and now ready to make this service year an amazing one. As officers we’re going to put in a hundred percent to make this club a club to be proud of. Be prepared to get a major of amount hours! Yours in Caring and Service, Pak Chau EHTHS Key Club Bulletin Editor


Volume XVII, Issue 1| April 17, 2012

MEET THE OFFICERS almost anything. I hope that this year turns out to be the best ever and I really wish that each and every member of EHTHS Key Club enjoys the year! Thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity. I promise that I will not disappoint you! Yours in Caring, Love, and Service, Parth Parikh EHTHS Key Club Vice President



Dearest Key Clubbers, I hope you are all doing well. My name is Parth Parikh and I am happy to tell you that I will be serving as your Vice President for the 2012-2013 service year. I have been in Key Club since my freshman year and I have loved every minute of it. Words cannot describe how much I have learned and how much I have grown from Key Club. As vice president, I promise to help the board and every general member to the best of my ability. You can contact me any time if you have any questions regarding

Dearest Key Clubbers, dent, I promise that I won’t be mean and Hey, Key Cubs! How are you doing? I told unwelcoming towards anyone; you’re free

your new president (even though you had no choice) and I won’t disappoint you! I

you that I wouldn’t be leaving the newslet- to talk to me anytime–even if it isn’t Key

love you all. :)

ters just yet. I am extremely ecstatic that I am serving as your 2012-2013 Club Presi-

Club related. I’m not here to boss you around. I’m here to lead you and be not

Yours in Caring, Love, and Service,

dent. It is seriously an honor to have that

only your president, but your friend as

title; however, I know that it’s more than just a title. Last year, I served as your club

well. I hope that you will cooperate with me to help make this service year the best

bulletin editor and even back then Key

service year that EHTHS Key Club has

Side Note: Valerie was

Club consumed my life. I don’t mind it,

ever seen! We will succeed and beat all

former EHTHS Key

though. Key Club is something I care dearly about and it’s something that has

our rival schools at District Convention next year and gain precious memories on

Club Bulletin Editor before becoming this

affected my life forever. As your new presi- the way there. Thanks for electing me as

Valerie Wong EHTHS Key Club President

year’s President!

3 3

Volume XVII, Issue 1| April 17, 2012



EHTHS Key Club Recording Secreatry

Cynthia Thurairajah

Hi Guys! My name is Vi Nguyen, otherwise pronounced Vi as in the letter “V” and Nguyen as in “Neu-win”. In this Key Club service year of 2012-2013, I will be serving as your Corresponding Secretary. This means I am in charge of recording what we do during meetings, monthly reports on our club, and district reports. Even though these jobs do not directly affect you guys as general members, I still hope that you guys come and talk to me if you have questions and anything about projects or any other Key Club related topics. Since I will be working alongside Recording Secretary Cynthia Thurairajah, who is responsible for your hours and for honor society hours, feel free to talk to me if


Hey Key Clubbers! It’s time for a new service year, and as the newly elected Recording Secretary, I can tell that this year’s board is going to make the 2012-2013 a great year! My plans for this year include keeping the hours updated and hopefully bringing the club closer together. I plan to periodically update hours so that everyone will know just exactly how much they have so far in the service year. I also plan to bring the club closer by breaking those social barriers that prevent everyone from being socially active throughout the club to spread friendship and the love of Key Club. I will be working side by side with Corresponding Secretary Vi Nguyen to make this year amazing. Key Club

isn’t just about the officers; it’s about the general members too. If you ever have any questions or suggestions, feel free to ask me Let’s have a great year of service! Yours in Caring and Service, Cynthia Thurairajah EHTHS Key Club Recording Secretary Side Note: Recording Secretary is responsible for mainly recording hours whereas Corresponding Secretary is mainly for giving periodic reports to the district Key Club.

you’re having any problems with the hours or need details on projects posted on the doors. I will keep Cynthia in check and make sure she is prompt with updating hours and on her other duties. For this Service year of 2012-2013 let us all work hard together and strive to make our club the very best out of all of the New Jersey District and let’s win all the awards next year! Yours in Caring and Service, Vi Nguyen EHTHS Key Club Corresponding Secretary


Key Club Corresponding Secretary

Vi Nguyen

Volume XVII, Issue 1| April 17, 2012


CLUB OFFICERS Hey Key Clubbers! How do you feel? I hope you said you feel “good”! This is your Treasurer for the 2012-2013 service year speaking. I have been a member of Key Club since my freshman year and will do my best to maintain and improve on what past treasurers have accomplished. If you need to hand any forms or money you can easily contact me or approach me in the hallways. Don’t worry, I don’t bite (I promise!). The board this year is absolutely amazing and we will do

our best to make our Key Club even better than it already is with your help of course because the general members are what make up Key Club and are the most important part. Hope you all had a great spring break! Yours in Caring and Service, Selina Su EHTHS Key Club Treasurer

EHTHS Key Club Treasurer Selina Su Hello my minions! I’ve been an active member of Key Club since my freshmen year, and now I am excited to contribute to this service year as your Sergeant-at-Arms. My job is to make sure that the meetings run as smoothly as possible. Happy Key Clubbing! Yours in Caring and Service, Tiffany Luong EHTHS Key Club Sergeant of Arms

“I pledge on my honor to uphold the objects of Key Club International; to build my home school and community; to serve my nation and God and to combat all forces which tend to undermine these institutions. “

EHTHS Key Club Sergeant of Arms Tiffany Luong Hello fellow Key Clubbers, my name is Michael Tran and I’ll be your 2012-2013 Webmaster. Although you may or not know it, webmaster is an important role. I’ll be the one creating a new site that will take first place for best site. I’m also in charge of updating the sites on events information and more importantly, your hours. I promise to update everything as soon as possible so if your hours aren’t

updated, don’t blame me, but the secretary. Just kidding, but seriously, it’s not my fault. I hope you’ll find the site to be just as great as the last one, or even better. Yours in Caring and Service, Michel Tran EHTHS Key Club Webmaster

EHTHS Key Club Webmaster Michael Tran



Volume XVII, Issue 1| April 17, 2012

Pak Chau

EHTHS Bulletin Editor

Kelly Tran

Lieutenant Govenor 1b


Ever since becoming the Lieutenant Governor-elect in January, I have been overwhelmed by the majesty of Key Club. I often ask myself if any of this is real. Now that my time being an elect has come to an end and I am officially installed as the Lieutenant Governor of Division 1B, I am at a loss for words to describe what I am feeling but I can say that I am exceedingly honored to be able to serve you in the 2012-2013 service year. Key Clubbers before me have instilled in me a genuine love of Key Club and I hope to be able to spread this love and make this a wonderful service year. My name is Kelly Tran and I am currently a sophomore at Egg Harbor Township High School. To be completely honest, I joined Key Club for all of the wrong reasons but I am glad that I did. Through Key Club I have met amazing people, made unforgettable - our wayItof memories, and“Caring have fallen in love with service. just Life” goes to show that the first impression does not amount to as much as the journey and the destination.

So finally I get to write my first newsletter and boy am I exhausted. Whew. It’s not the most amazing thing in the world but it took time effort and long nights to complete it so I hope you took the time to at least flip through the pages. Oh, by the way, my name is Pak and I’m your 2012 - 2013 service year Key Club Bulletin Editor. My job is to make sure you guys are aware of what is going on in Key Club (inside our club and internationally) as well as let people outside of our club know the amazing things that we accomplish throughout the year. As I had said during my election, I will, to the best of my ability, perfect these newsletters. I have confidence that this year is going to be one amazing year that will be remembered and I’m planning to put each and every event in Key Club into the newsletters. The new officer board is amazing and what’s even better are all you Key Clubbers. Let’s make this a service year to remember!

Yours in Caring and Service, Kelly Tran Division 1B Lieutenant Governor

Yours in Caring, Love, and Service, Pak Chau EHTHS Key Club Bulletin Editor

Prom Fashion Show Have you ever been to a fashion show? Well, now’s your chance to! On April 28, 2012, EHTHS Key Club will be assisting Kathleen’s Closet in the Shore Mall in hosting their first ever Prom Fashion Show! Kathleen’s Closet is a non-profit thrift store in the Shore Mall on Black Horse Pike. They only accept donations and every penny they earn go to the Food Bank. Every dollar that the store earns goes out to buy $10 worth of food for the underprivileged families around this area. Kathleen’s Closet


is also looking for prom dress donations as well as shoes to sell at their store and for students to model in. So if you have a family member or friend who is willing to donate their old prom dresses–here’s the chance to! Donations can be dropped off in Mr. Stevenson’s room at E117 by April 26, 2012. Come out and see your fellow peers model in prom dresses. It’ll be fun–and it’s for a good cause!  BY VALERIE WONG President

Volume XVII, Issue 1| April 17, 2012



The DCON Experience There is only one word to describe DCON…Key-tastic!!! Besides from the fancy hotel, nightly party, and meeting new people, DCON had a lot of interesting sessions that was both fun and informative. I personally loved the experience and if it was up to me, I would go every year. From these sessions, I understand what it means to go the extra mile. There were members there that started off the same way I did but then became so dedicated to this club it’s inspiring. By attending the sessions, they held at DCON, I learned a lot from the leaders of the club. They are the reason why I now want to become a more active member of Key Club. Although their ambitions greatly surpass mine, since the least they do is take care of a whole division, I want to do my part and, at the very least, give it all for the Key Club in our school. I entered DCON thinking it was just a place to hang out with friends for the weekend at a nice hotel. When it was time to leave DCON I felt that I was part of something bigger than

2012 New Jersey District Key Club District Convention

anything I could think of. I was part of something that has the power to help millions of people. I left the convention with a better appreciation for Key Club and a motivation to be an even better member. Also, I left with tons of funny memories with great friends that could last a life time. BY HAI LE General Member

DCON Awards 2011 - 2012 Service Year Distinguished VP - Brian He


Distinguished Secretary - Michelle Chen Distinguished Treasurer - Kim Peng


Distinguished Bulletin Editor - Valerie Wong


Golden Member Award - Michael Tran Early Bird Award Platinum Achievement Club Award

Distinguished Webmaster - Nafis Nibir


2nd Place Non-Traditional Scrapbook - Kelly Tran, Abby Torres, and Jennifer Ye

International Distinguished Club Award

3rd Place Club Bulletin Award - Valerie Wong 3rd Place Club Video Award - Tiffany Vuong and Kyle Deveza

Dominico Gatti Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award - Erik Stevenson

March of Dimes


It’s that time of year again, to walk for premature babies with March of Dimes. The walk in Ocean City raises money to fund research and education to better the lives of premature babies. Last year, to get the crowd started, we danced to some Zumba music. When the event started we walked, handed out refreshments, and cheered on the walkers. The walk is great because you know that you’re saving lives just by donating some time and a few dollars. By donating $6, you receive a bracelet and help fund research. I hope to see many Key Clubbers on April 29 on the Ocean City boardwalk!



Volume XVII, Issue 1| April 17, 2012


Committee Chairs

Congratulations to the following people for being appointed as a committee chairs! Names are names are listed in order in respective to their location on the chart on the left starting from the top left corner, moving across, then down a row:

r o j Ma Advo c

acy l a n o i t a n r e Int rtners PaS ocial a ll a b y e l l Vo thon Recog nition p i h rs e b Mem Serv ice Christine Pao (Recognition) Andrew Pham (Advocacy)

Tyler Wan (Environmental)

Ahsan Ikram (International Partners) Jessica Pamfilo (Volleyball-a-Thon)

Jasmine Lee (Membership) Anthony Woo (Advocacy)

Josh Perez (Major Emphasis) Melissa Lam (Service) Hai Le (Social)

Isvita Marfatia (International Partners) Shenelle Alexander (Major Emphasis) Aaron Chung (Social)

Jesus Perez (Environmental) Sahira Iqbal (Recognition) Shirley Luo (Membership) Kelli Kyle (Service)

BY PAK CHAU Bulletin Editor


Volume XVII, Issue 1| April 17, 2012




Valerie Wong President (609) 742-3868,

April is autism awareness month.

Donated prom dresses and shoes are due April 26th in Mr. Stevenson’s room.

March of Dimes at Ocean City on April 28th; sign up online and on the sheet.

Vi Nguyen Corresponding Secretary (609) 742-3455,

Cynthia Thurairajah Recording Secretary (609) 440-3366,

Kathleen’s Prom Fashion Show at the Shore Mall on April 29th - volunteer models needed.

Mr. Stevenson’s birthday is upcoming!

There are a lot of new projects posted on the door - great time to get some community service done!

Join the Facebook if not already part of it and check for updates and projects!

Parth Parikh Vice President (609) 576-9885,

Selina Su Treasurer (609) 442-5975, Pak Chau Bulletin Editor (609) 553-3366, Michael Tran Webmaster (609) 788-4845,

Next General Meeting

Tiffany Luong Sergeant-at-Arms (609) 969-3333,

May 1, 2012 Next OCC Meeting

Kelly Tran Division 1B Lieutenant Governor (609) 432-9204, ltg1btrank

April 24, 2012

“Caring - Our Way of Life” 3636 WOODVIEW TRACE INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46268 • 317.875.8755 • US AND CANADA: 800-KIWANIS


EHTHS Key Club Newsletter Volume XVII Issue 1  

"Kicking Off a New Service Year" - A new service year begins right after the New Jersey Key Club District Convention and a brand new board o...

EHTHS Key Club Newsletter Volume XVII Issue 1  

"Kicking Off a New Service Year" - A new service year begins right after the New Jersey Key Club District Convention and a brand new board o...