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Fellowship of Hungarian illustrators

Mariann Bálint

I’m an art teacher and illustrator, I’m working as a freelance artist. I usually work for publishers, I made several books for children. Recently I’m living in Parma, Italy. EDUCATION 1999-2003 Collage of Nyíregyháza, BSc, drawing - visual communication EXHIBITIONS 2012 Nyíregyháza, Átutazók Egyesülete 2009 Dunaszerdahely, Pilicke meséi, könyvbemutató 2009 Keszthely, Őszi gyűjtögetések 2008 Hajdúszoboszló Fiatal alkotók csoportos kiállítása 2007 Püspökladány, Mezőtúr Életmód napok 2006 Budapest, Fényudvar 2006 Debrecen, Benedek Elek Könyvtár PUBLISHED BOOKS Z.Német I.: Zengőrét meséi |Edited by Lilium Aurum, Hungary 2012| Fellinger K.: Mákom van |Edited by Lilium Aurum, Hungary 2010| Z. Német I.: Égimeszelő |Edited by Lilium Aurum, Hungary 2010| Nagy Laura: Erdei barátaink |Edited by Lilium Aurum, Hungary 2010| Tóth E.: A bátor nyúl |Edited by Lilium Aurum, Hungary 2010| Fellinger K.: Dióbölcső, mákfejcsörgő |Edited by Lilium Aurum, 2010| Pilicke meséi |Edited by Lilium Aurum, Hungary 2010| Mikszáth Kálmán legszebb meséi |Edited by TKK, Hungary 2009| Karácsonyi készülődés |Edited by TKK, Hungary 2009| Népmesék |Edited by CAHS, Hungary 2009| NAME: Bálint Mariann LOCATION: Parma, Via Salvemini 4. |Italia| CONTACT: |

Viki Bogdán

I work as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator. I create illustrations for books and design for companies as well. Nowadays I develop applications and interactive books and games for tablets and mobile devices. I usually mix techniques: watercolor, acrylic, computer and textiles as well; sometimes I sew the papers too. My studies in graphic design, animation and textile design fit together in my works. I enjoy creating storyworlds and planning toys and games for the stories and the characters. EDUCATION 2002-2008 Moholy - Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest |design manager| 2001-2006 Moholy - Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest |animation, visual communication| 2005 École des Beaux Arts de Saint Étienne, Saint - Étienne 1993-1997 Secondary School of Arts, Budapest |textile| EXHIBITIONS 2012 Állat pajtások - Marczibányi Téri Művelődési Központ, Budapest 2011 „Dreamweaver” - solo exhibition, Jókai klub Budapest 2007 „POSZT” Pécs 2005 Valley of Arts, Kapolcs 2002 Holló Galéria, Budapest PUBLISHED BOOKS Tamás Ijjas - Viki Bogdán: Bőröndapu |Edited by Betűtészta, Hungary 2012|

NAME: Bogdán Viki LOCATION: 1125, Budapest, Rőzse utca 19. |Hungary| CONTACT: |Tel. 00 36 30 423 1599| |

Mátyás Boros Graphic artist, illustrator. Born in 1979, Budapest, Hungary.

EDUCATION 2000-2005 Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest graphic department | Degree, Master of Arts 1998-2000 Ars Hungarica School of Fine Arts - graphic department 1994-1998 Secondary School of Visual Arts, Budapest - painter department PLACEMENTS 2004 Germany, Stuttgart - Staatliche Akademie der Bildende Künste Stuttgart |Erasmus| 2003 Holland, Utrecht SOLO EXHIBITIONS selected 2012 Art 9 Gallery |Budapest| - There’s no prescription! 2009 Art Factory Gallery II. |Budapest| - Piano 1:1 2006 Meander Gallery |Budapest| - Sketches I. GROUP EXHIBITIONS selected 2011 Roham Gallery |Budapest| - Face Control - New Faces 2011 Szatyor Gallery |Budapest| - Realities 2009 Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Kondor Béla Gallery |Budapest| 2008 Mű-vész Pince |Budapest| 2008 ‘Paan Hwa E Who’ - After Print-making - |Daejeon, South-Korea| 2007 Chinese Characters Gallery |Budapest| - Sketches 2006 Studio Gallery |Budapest| - Péép 2004 XXI. National and International Graphic arts Biennale |Miskolc| 2003 Grapisch Atelier Utrecht |Holland| - Budapest - Utrecht - Budapest

NAME: Boros Mátyás LOCATION: 1071 Budapest, Peterdy u. 29. 1/21. |Hungary| CONTACT:

Sándor Csala I’m freelance illustrator and graphic designer, and graphic teacher in a secondary art school. EDUCATION 2001 Diploma, Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Graphic Design Department, Visual Education Department 2000 University of Art and Design Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland 1995-2001 Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Graphic Design Department, Visual Education Department, Budapest 1993-1995 Berzsenyi Dániel Teacher Training College, Szombathely 1989-1993 Pécsi Secondary School of Art, Graphic Design Department, Pécs EXHIBITIONS 2012 18th National Biennale of Graphic Design, Munkácsy Mihály Múzeum, Békéscsaba 2012 FISE 30, Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest 2011 Exhibition of Golden Drawing-pin competition, Design Terminal, Budapest 2011 Illustrations to Ervin Lázár’s tales, Budapest Bábszínház, Budapest 2011 FISE Polyhedron - The versatile Hungarian design Hungarian Cultural, Scientific and Information Centre, Moscow, Russia 2011 Exhibition of the László Moholy - Nagy Design Grant Holders, Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest 2006 Golden Bee 7 Moscow International Biennal of Graphic Design, Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia PUBLISHED BOOKS Károly Bari: Burláj the Valiant |unpublished, 2011| Jean-Claude Izzo: Total chaos |, Hungary 2008| Elmore Leonard: Luxury |, Hungary 2008| Sándor Kovács Kürti: Stories about Hodja Nasreddin |General Press Publisher, Hungary 2006| Jack London: The Call of the Wild |Holnap Publisher, Hungary 2003, 2008, 2012| NAME: Csala Sándor LOCATION: 7100 Szekszárd, Bródy S. u. 72. |Hungary| CONTACT: |

Panka Deák

I was born in Budapest in 1984. As a child, I was persistently drawing with black ink pen, it was clear to me to study a visual art. At the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, I studied Graphic Design, and now I work as a freelancer. I have been interested in illustration since 2007. I studied illustration as a main subject in Darmstadt in 2008 and this period inspired me in my diploma project which was illustrations for Plato’s The Allegory of the Cave. This is a series of five exercise books, they show the text with five different visual languages. My portfolio ranges from logo-design through book-design to fairy tale illustration.

EDUCATION 2009 Graphic Design and Visual Education diploma 2008 spring Hochschule Darmstadt, Germany, Visual Communication Faculty |Erasmus scholarship| 2004-2009 Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Graphic Design and Visual Education Faculty 1999-2003 Vocational Secondary School of Visual Arts Budapest, Graphics and Photo Faculty EXHIBITIONS 2012 ’Com See Pan Exhib’!’ |solo| Drunken Tailor Restaurant, Budapest 2011 ’Ink-bath’ exhibition, Király Spa, Budapest 2010 ‘Illustrator fellows’, Erzsébetváros Community House, Budapest 2009 Rajk Spring Art Festival, Rajk László College for Advanced Studies, Budapest 2008 ‘Filmposters’, Uránia Cinema, Budapest 2008 XVI. National Graphic Design Biennale, Békéscsaba NAME: Deák Panka LOCATION: 1094 Budapest, Páva u. 34. |Hungary| CONTACT: |Tel. 00 36 30 514 1783|

Mónika Egri

EXHIBITIONS 2012 Kutyafitty: Hajdúsági Múzeum, Hajdúböszörmény 2012 Mesebeszéd: Arcus Galéria, Vác PUBLISHED BOOKS Éva Fésűs: Mesebeszéd - Éva néni meséi |hand drawn book illustrations, Hungary, 2012| Hobbyművész - Colouring books |Hungary, 2012| Krisztina Szabó: Egyszer volt egy vízimalom (book illustration computer generated graphics, Hungary 2012| Tímea Albert: Gipsz égbolt |Book cover, Hungary, 2012| Lőrincz L. László: Utazz velünk tevekaravánnal |hand drawn book illustrations, Hungary 2011| Lőrincz L. László: Nagyszakállú kecskeapó |hand drawn book illustrations, Hungary 2011|

NAME: Egri Mónika CONTACT: |Tel. 00 36 20 288 3730|

Katalin Endrődi

I was born in Kaposvár, in 1978. Besides graphic works I made a lot of nature drawings in the last years. I have illustrated more entomologic books for University of Sopron (entomology department). In the context of an americanhungarian project, I make drawings for an atlas-series, wich wants to introduce all the world’s temperate tree species. Also I love artist children books. Presently I work on several projects and I hope there will be books from them in the future. EDUCATION 2003-2007 “Gate of Dharma” Buddhist University, Hungary, Budapest |Religious philosophy department| 2000-2007 Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest |Graphic design and teacher department| EXHIBITIONS 2011 Kokeshi Cat Circus, Taliándörögd, Hungary 2010 Limerickárium, Taliándörögd, Hungary 2010 Scioglilingua, Kaposvár, Painters Town, Hungary 2009 „Bridges”, Turku, Finland 2008, 2009 Outdoor’s leporello for children, Kaposvár, Hungary 2004 XIV. National Graphic Biennal, Békéscsaba, Hungary 2003 Somogy’s Artists IV. Spring Exhibition, Kaposvár, Hungary NAME: Endrődi Katalin Location: Budapest CONTACT:

Adrienn Gyöngyösi

She finished her studies at the Moholy-Nagy University of Arts and Design as a graphic designer in 2004 in Budapest. She has been working as a freelance illustrator for several children’s book publishers since then and illustrated many picture books from classic tales by Grimms to contemporary children’s novels. Her style is always recognizable, painterly and sensitive. Published books: 2006 - Once upon a time - Anthology |Csimota Publishing| 2007 - Attila József: Bedtime story |Pagony Publishing| 2007 - Aliz Mosonyi: Cinderella |Pagony Publishing| 2008 - Petra Finy: Tales of Lampgirl |Pagony Publishing| 2010 - András Bátky: Pipogya |Pagony Publishing| 2010 - Petra Finy: Tales of Mr. Mug |Pagony Publishing| 2011 - András Bátky: Pipogya and the Holy Protector of the city |Pagony Publishing| 2012 - Anthology of Christmas tales and poems (group illustrations) |Celkabella Publishing| 2012 - Petra Finy: Tales of Broom Mate |Pagony Publishing| 2012 - Ilona G. Szász: Clobber the Grumpy Goblin |General Press Publishing| 2013 - Dóra Gimesi: Knot Fairy |Pagony Publishing| 2013 - Anthology of Summer tales and poems |group illustrations| |Celkabella Publishing|

NAME: Gyöngyösi Adrienn Location: 1071 Budapest, Peterdy u. 23 CONTACT: 00 36 30 576 3467 |

Ágnes Halász-Géczi

EDUCATION: 1999-2003 College of Education- Nyíregyháza |Major in Drawing and Visual Communication| Gábor Áron Technical College |Speciality of applied graphics| EXHIBITIONS 2012 House of Culture, Sárospatak „Fellegajtó nyitogató” PUBLISHED BOOKS Tale of Benedek Elek book serials |Edited by Duna International 2012| Piktor workbook for children |Edited by Ex-BB Ltd, 2010 –2012| Story of Red Poppy Pprincess - story book illustration 2010 English coursebook and workbook illustration |Edited by Apáczai Textbook, 2007-2009| The lazzy sparrow - story book illustration |Edited by General Press, 2006| Limner- workbook for children |Edited by STB Kiadó Kft, 2004-2006|

NAME: Halász-Géczi Ágnes Location: 3950 Sárospatak, 17 Egressy Street CONTACT: +36 70 315 09606 | |

Mónika Horváth

I am a freelance illustrator and I also design and create my own textile dolls. That’s my own brand, the Manka. EDUCATION 1999-2003 College of Nyíregyháza, art and visual communication EXHIBITIONS 2011 Aranyvackor 2011 Children’s Book Illustration Award Festival, Budapest 2011 Zölderdő óvoda 2008 Erzsébetváros Community House, Budapest 2009 FSZEK Children’s Library of Budafok, Budapest AWARDS 2011 Aranyvackor children’s book illustration competition - special award of Scolar Publishing

 2009 Aranyvackor children’s book illustration competition - special award of PUBLISHED BOOKS Manka’s travels -illustration and tale |Edited by Cerkabella, 2012| Annamária Váradi: On the farm [illustration] |Ann’sgallery, 2012| Magda Szabó: Tündér Lala -cover illustration |Edited by Europa, Hungary 2011| Beatrix Delarue: Vilma’s soup -illustration |Edited by Pagony, Hungary 2011| Manka -illustration and tale |Edited by Cerkabella, Hungary 2010| King of the forest and other stories [illustration] |Edited by Noran, Hungary 2008| NAME: Horváth Mónika LOCATION: 255 Deep Dale Lane, Sinfin, Derby, DE24 3HG |United Kingdom| CONTACT:

Juli Ilyés

I was born in Kolozsvár, in 1979. We moved to Hungary when I was 9 years old, and this time had change my life. As little girl I knew I would like to do sth. abiding. Of course in that time I didn’t know exactly what would be that thing. Today I work as freelance graphic designer and illustrator. I usually design for companies e.g. logos, images, web design, catalog and other else. As illustrator I have published two children books. I use a lot of technics, at first acrylic, guache, computer, etching, pencil, pen etc... This profession give me a lot of freedom and I am always motivated to do sth. new, something interesting to the best of my knowledge. My plans for the future to work mainly as illustrator, to give more paintings for children. EDUCATION 2005-2010 Moholy - Nagy University of Art & Design, Budapest |teacher| 2004-2009 Moholy - Nagy University of Art & Design, Budapest |graphic designer| 2001-2004 Corvin Drawing School, Budapest EXHIBITIONS 2013 Aranyvackor Illustration Award Exhibition, Budapest 2011 VII. Children’s book festival, Budapest 2010 VI. Children’s book festival, Budapest 2009 V. Children’s book festival, Budapest 2008 Kossuth Club, Budapest 2007 Ponton Gallery, Budapest 2005 Örökmozgó Filmtheater, Budapest PUBLISHED BOOKS Attila Hécz: Mélytengeri Zsiráf / Deep-Sea Giraffe |Edited by Pallas, Budapest, Hungary 2010| Attila Hécz: Kőszáli Guppi |Edited by Pallas, Budapest, Hungary 2009| NAME: Ilyés Juli LOCATION: 2162 Őrbottyán, Dózsa Gy. u. 9549/2. |Hungary| CONTACT:

Julianna Kasza

I realized, that a picture can take effect either to the emotions, make an athmosphere, and make the viewer to get involved into it, e.g. the fluffy animals, which looks touchable, which causes feelings in the viewer, trying to make him either sad, happy, or whatever: in this case our eyes make them (feel). On the other hand, the illustration can also take effect to the understanding, to the mind - in this case, it uses mathematical instruments. These are in fact equations, but not totally calculable, because they stay as pictures. I do not consider the vector-based graphic as less than the old technics. Every visual phrasing can work, we only should know what we are about to say. So the main task is to discover life, and tell it to the others. EDUCATION 2001-2006 Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest |graphic artist| 2001-2007 Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest |teacher| 1995-1999 High School of Art and Design, Nyíregyháza |graphic artist| EXHIBITIONS 2011 Jókai Club, Budapest 2009 Bar Ladino, Budapest PUBLISHED BOOKS Erzsi Kertész: Labirintó |Published by Cerkabella, 2012 Budapest| Julianna Kasza: Április és az úttekerők |Published by Cerkabella, 2010 Budapest| Grimm: Snowwhite and the 7 dwarfs |Published by Csimota, 2009 Budapest|

NAME: Kasza Julianna LOCATION: 3950 Sárospatak, Comenius utca 5. |Hungary| CONTACT: |

Csilla Kőszeghy

I am a freelancer illustrator and art teacher. I create illustrations for children’s book publishers and textbook publishers since 2007. I do digital collage using hand painted textures for a layered, painterly, cut out look, and line drawings combined with hand coloured textures. I love experimenting with different techniques to improve my style, and making research about the themes and subjects I illustrate. EDUCATION 2007-2008 Kingston University, London, U.K., MA illustration 1998-2003 Hungarian University of Fine Arts, BA, MA printmaking, Art teacher 1996-1998 Karoly Esterhazy Teacher’s trainer college, art teacher, visual communication PUBLISHED BOOKS Tamás Prágai: Vadállatok a kabátzsebben |Hungary 2012| Judit Berg: Két kis dinó Budapesten |Edited by Pagony Kiadó, Hunary 2012| Csilla Kőszeghy: Bumburi és a Papagáj |Edited by Pagony Kiadó, Hungary 2012| Csilla Kőszeghy: Bumburi nyaral |Edited by Pagony Kiadó, Hungary 2011| Judit Berg: Két kis dinó a zsírkréta korban |Edited by Pagony Kiadó, Hunary 2011| Csilla Kőszeghy: Bumburi a Városban |Edited by Pagony Kiadó, Hungary 2010| OTHER CLIENTS BBC, Story train-Driver Dan episodes, 2011 Waitrose Ltd, Inhouse magazine, 2008 National Textbook Publisher, 2007

NAME: Kőszeghy Csilla LOCATION: 1147 Budapest, Fűrész utca 15/A |Hungary| CONTACT: |Tel. 00 36 30 405 6177| |

Iván Krebsz

Earlier I painted abstract pictures, primarily with oil paint. Later I wrote a couple of tales which I then illustrated myself. I was truly attracted to the playfulness and freedom of the genre. Since then I`ve been making illustrations besides my painting work whenever I`m given the chance. Currently I`m working on a series of tales, the protagonists of which are given life in the form of statuettes, with the help of recycled materials.

EDUCATION 1998-2002 Eszterházy Károly Főiskola (Eger)

NAME: Krebsz Iván LOCATION: 2120 Dunakeszi Barátság útja 32. |Hungary| CONTACT: |Tel.: 00 36 30 376 8819| |

Zsuzsi László

I am a freelance graphic designer in Budapest, Hungary. My primary focus has been corporate brand design, along with print production, including both illustration and layout design. Currently, I am experimenting with hybridizing digital graphic design with freehand drawing, particularly stepping beyond the boundaries of the page (or monitor) and situating the art in real space. This idea led me to found a company, Paintwall Design, which has enabled me to pursue my passion to integrate these creative spheres. EDUCATION 1997-2002 Eszterházy Károly College, Eger |Department drawing and visual communication| 1994-1996 Technical College of Arts and Crafts, Kaposvár |Department of graphic art| SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2010 Három Hét Galéria, Budapest 2005 Rippl Rónai Galéria, Kaposvár 2002 Megyei Művelődési Központ, Eger 2002 Ökollégium Galéria, Budapest PUBLISHED BOOKS Dr. Jámbor Andrea - Dr Orgován Gábor: Hallhatatlan szavak / Deathless words |Hungary 2012| Jogom van… / I have the right.... |Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities, children version; Edited by Sinosz, Hungary 2008| Történelembúvár, Magyar történelem |Edited by Tesslof Babilon, Hungary 2007| ILLUSTRATION PUBLICATION 2006-2013 Marquard Media, Eva Magazin 2009 EST TV Magazin NAME: László Zsuzsi CONTACT: |Tel. 00 36 20 522 7214| |

Dóra Lévai

I am a freelance designer, specializing in surface design for paper and textile products, unique decoration and wall art. Sometimes I make animations. My favourite techniques are paper-cut, hand print, embossing, stencil and embroidery. I like to use oil pastel mix with pencil. I collect marbles, old cans and old siphon bottles, I love Super 8 and Polaroid. These things give me inspiration. I like clear, minimal style, simple things and harmonic colours. EDUCATION 1997-2001 Eszterházy Károly College - Department of Graphic Arts and Visual Communication graduate work: Animation film/ The three rabbits EXHIBITIONS 2011, 2012 Exhibit with Illusztrátor Pajtások, Winter Salon of Két Egér children bookstore 2007-2008 Paperworld, Frankfurt 2003 „M.A.O.E. premier”, XXVII. Spring Art Exhibition of Salgótarján 2001 XXVI. Spring Art Exhibition of Salgótarján, Graduate Exhibition 2000 XX. National Biennal Exhibition of Graphic Art-Miskolc 1999 XXV. Spring Art Exhibition of Salgótarján, National Exhibition of Miniature Drawings-Colour Drawing, Winter Art Exhibition of Miskolc 1998 National Exhibition of Miniature Drawings-Internal Drawing AWARDS 2002 12. Mediawave Festival-national category, the best animation film, Győr VI. Kecskemét Animation Film Festival (KAFF) -the best first animation film International Film Festival of Fine Arts -the prize of the student jury, Szolnok 2001 National Exhibition of Visual Departments -individual prize, Budapest II. Youngerground Filmfestival -Best animation film, Szeged 16. National Student Video-race (ICEM) gold medal, Eger

NAME: Lévai Dóra LOCATION: 2473 Vál Arany János u. 43. |Hungary| CONTACT: |Tel. 00 36 20 488 0065| | animation link:

Gabriella Makhult

Due to my qualification I most love printmaking techniques. Besides I make ink-drawings, puppet-theaters, paper - sculptures, special books, wood-works, children’s workshops, decorations, and many kind of experimental artwork. EDUCATION 2000-2005 Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts 2004 Scolarship „Erasmus” to the Netherlands, Maastricht 2005 Degree in printmaking graphics 2007 Grant of the Foundation „Kajári” 1999-2000 Secondary School of Folk Arts, leather-worker 1995-1999 Secondary School of Fine and Applied Arts EXHIBITIONS 2012 Culture Center „Klebelsberg”, Budapest 2009 Club Kossuth, Budapest 2007 Theater Szkéné, Budapest 2005 Festival Mediawave, Győr PUBLISHED BOOKS Mi, banditáék |Edited by Móra, Hungary 2012| Calendar Miss 2013 |Edited by Cerkabella, Hungary 2012| János Lackfi: Karácsonyi vándorok |Edited by Móra, Hungary 2011| Circus Maximus |Edited by Csimota, Hungary 2010 | Editions Callicephale, Fr| Hófehérke (Edited by Csimota, Hungary 2009 | Editions Callicephale, Fr| Az aranyhalacska -kamishibai |Edited by Csimota, Hungary 2008 | Editions Callicephale Fr|

NAME: Makhult Gabriella CONTACT: |Tel. 00 36 70 521 1264|

PUPPET THEATHERS The sad princess |Puppet Theater „BábAkalács”, Hungary 2008| János Vitéz for Gábor Boka’s travelling theater |Hungary 2003|

Krisztina Maros

Krisztina Maros studied Typography at Moholy Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest. She works as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator. The first book with her illustrations and typography-publicated by Manó Könyvek, 2010, written by Dániel Varró-has won the ’Beautiful Hungarian Book Prize’ in 2010, in children’s book category. At the same year her first own picture-book /titled: Cricket on the Moon*/ was a finalist work of Key Colours international picture-book contest, in Belgium. She participated several children’s book-projects and competitions. She love pencil lines, painted textures and mixing them in computer work. She lives in Hungary with her three lovely children and husband. AWARDS Special award of Publishing-’Aranyvackor 2011’ Illustrated book contest, Hungary Certificate by merit of the jury-’Aranyvackor 2009’ Illustrated book contest, Hungary |Nominated for Key Colours Illustrator’s Award 2010, Belgium| Selected for ’The most beautiful illustrations of Key Colours’ exhibition Hasselt, Belgium |’Beautiful Hungarian Book Prize’ 2010| PUBLISHED BOOKS Laurie Cohen: Ma voisine est une sorcière |Éditions d’Orbestier, France 2012| Kacagtató - selected by Ilona Gróh |Edited by Kolibri, Hungary 2012| Gabi Both: A hintarabló |Edited by Pagony, Hungary 2012| Krisztina Maros: Tücsök a Holdon* |Edited by Manó Könyvek, Hungary 2012| Ilona Gróh: Ringató - Ölbéli játékok, mondókák, dalok |Kolibri, Hungary 2012| Attila Szabó: Pocakmese |Edited by Kolibri, Hungary 2012| Dániel Varró: Akinek a lába hatos |Edited by Manó Könyvek, Hungary 2010| Dániel Varró: Akinek a foga kijött |Edited by Manó Könyvek, Hungary 2011|

NAME: Maros Krisztina LOCATION: 2330 Dunaharaszti, Akácfa u. 10. |Hungary| CONTACT: |

Olga Molnár

I am a childhood drawing addict turned grown up illustrator-graphic designer. For now I’m operating as a part - time freelancer but slowly taking steps to become a full - day artist. My first children’s book was published in 2011 after receiving 2nd prize at Aranyvackor the Hungarian Children’s Book Illustration Award. I mainly use black ink with acrylic and assemble my paintings with a special collage technique. I enjoy experimenting with boundaries, and look for the purest and simplest way to express our complex world. EDUCATION 2001-2004 L’Ecole Supérieure des Arts Saint - Luc, Brussels |Illustration-Graphic Design| 2003-2004 Ecole d’Art d’Uccle, Brussels |Etching and Engraving| 2002-2004 L’Ecole Supérieure des Arts Saint - Luc, Brussels |Photography| 1998-2001 Institut de la Vierge Fidèle Secondary School, Brussels |Technical Qualification in Visual Arts| EXHIBITIONS 2012 Filter Contemporary Jewel Design and Art Gallery, Budapest 2012 FSZEK Children’s Library of Budafok, Budapest 2011 Aranyvackor 2011 Children’s Book Illustration Award Festival, Budapest 2008 Erzsébetváros Community House, Budapest 2005 Merlin Theater, Budapest AWARDS Second prize - Aranyvackor 2011 - Children’s BookIllustration Award, Hungary Special award of Csimota Publishing - Aranyvackor 2011- Children’s Book Illustration Award, Hungary PUBLISHED BOOKS Pont, Görbe, Egyenes (Edited by Csimota, Hungary 2011|

NAME: Molnár Olga LOCATION: 1024 Budapest, Fillér utca 12. |Hungary| CONTACT: |Tel. 00 36 30 662 9806|

Kata Pap

Born in 1976, Hungary. My career as an artist started the day I drew my first line with a crayon. In nursery school my friends kept ordering drawings of popular cartoon figures from me. My versions didn’t look anything like the originals but me and my customers were happy about them anyway. Later on I attended Eszterhazy Karoly Teacher Training College where I took a degree as an art and visual communication teacher. Afterwards I started to work as a graphic designer in an advertisement agency. I also had the opportunity to illustrate or take part in the illustration of the following children’s books: PUBLISHED BOOKS Péter Nyulász: Mesélő babakezek - Gyere játszani |Edited by Tesslof Babilon, Hungary 2011| Péter Nyulász: Mesélő babakezek-Menjünk sétálni |Edited by Tesslof Babilon, Hungary 2011| Ifj. Mózes Gaál: Mildi meséi |Edited by Tarandus, Hungary 2011| Hófehérke és a hét törpe |Edited by Csimota, Hungary 2009| A három kismalac |Edited by Csimota, Hungary 2007| János Lackfi: A Bögre család újabb kalandjai |Edited by Noran, Hungary 2007| Egyszervolt |Edited by Csimota,, Hungary 2006| János Lackfi: Bögre család |Edited by Csimota, Hungary 2005| Krisztina Tóth: A londoni mackók |Edited by Csimota, Hungary 2003| Since 2012 I work as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer - focusing mostly on illustrating.


Bogi Paulovkin Graduated in 2003 in Graphic Arts from the Hungarian University of Industrial Arts (MOME). She illustrates and designs children’s books for several hungarian publisher house, but often writes the stories of her books as well, like The Ladybird’s Lost Spots (Pagony & PXB, 2004), Fox and Mouse are looking for a new home (Pagony & PXB, 2006), Guriga Rabbit’s Adventures - “I’ve hidden!’ (Csodaceruza, 2010), The big journey (Pagony & PXB, 2012). Her books are published in Germany and in Sweden, too. About the children’s book, she says: „Every book conceals a special world in itself. When you open it, you enter another reality.” PUBLISHED BOOKS selected Cat in the Boots |Edited by Csimota, Hungary 2012| The lost little bird |Edited by Scolar, Hungary 2012| The big journey |Edited by Pagony, Hungary 2012| Raven och Musen netar ly lya - also as a writer and illustrator |Felis Förlag, 2010| Guriga Rabbit’s Adventures - “I’ve hidden!’ - also as a writer and illustrator |Edited by Csodaceruza, Hungary 2010| Ottó Kiss: Grandpa’s binoculars |Edited by Móra, Hungary 2009| Crazy ABC - with contemporain hungarian writer’s and illustrators |Edited by Magvető-Csimota, Hungary 2008| Ottó Kiss: Mario, der Sternensammler |Schenk Verlag, 2008| Wie Der Marienkafer Seine Punkte Wiederbekam - also as a writer and illustrator |Schenk Verlag, 2007| The Ladybird’s Lost Spots |Edited by Pagony & PXB, Hungary 2006| Tales at Ten O’Clock |Vox Artis Foundation, 2004| First Day at School |Edited by Scolar, Hungary 2004| The Merry Storyreader |Edited by Scolar, Hungary 2004| Mario, the Star-Gatherer |Edited by Móra, Hungary 2002| The Merry Reader |Edited by Scolar, Hungary 2002|

NAME: Paulovkin Boglárka LOCATION: 2074 Perbál, Egyetértés lp. A/1 lp. |Hungary| CONTACT: |Tel. 00 36 70 240 1341|

Blanka Radnóti

I am a freelancer illustrator and graphic designer. I specialize in making design products for children, e.g. illustrating children’s books, designing posters, and also slow design (furnitures, textiles). I mainly use vector style, but I also do painting with acrill. EDUCATION 2005-2010 Moholy - Nagy University of Art & Design, Budapest |teacher| 2004-2009 Moholy - Nagy University of Art & Design, Budapest |graphic designer| AWARDS Aranyvackor 2013 Illustrated book contest, first prise EXHIBITIONS 2013 Aranyvackor Illustration Award Exhibition, Budapest 2012 Műhely cafe and gallery 2012 Két egér bookshop and gallery 2011 VII. Children’s book festival, Budapest 2010 VI. Children’s book festival, Budapest 2009 V. Children’s book festival, Budapest 2008 Kossuth Club, Budapest Published book Szecsődi Tamás Leó: Békakirály (edited by Csimota, Budapest, 2006)

NAME: Radnóti Blanka LOCATION: 1112 Budapest, Oltvány utca 19/d Hungary CONTACT:

Nóra Rácz

I am an illustrator, graphic designer, and I also give creative drawing classes to children. To enrich my books and other works (adult book illustrations, logos and websites, children’s room wall-painting) I like to experiment with different materials, and make a lot of research in order to have a deep background. EDUCATION 2003-2008 Moholy-Nagy University of Art & Design, Budapest |design manager| 2006 Universidad de Barcelona, Barcelona |Erasmus scholarship - Visual Communication| 2002-2007 Moholy - Nagy University of Art & Design, Budapest |graphic designer| EXHIBITONS 2012 Tr’end of Print - National Széchenyi Library, Budapest 2012 Attila Dargay and the next generation exhibition, Rododendron, Budapest 2011 Ink-bath - Kiraly Spa, Budapest 2010 Solo exhibition - Cafe Műhely, Székesfehérvár 2009 Media Wave -Trafó House of Contemporary Arts, Budapest 2008 MOME Cake exhibition - Gallery Ponton, Budapest 2006 Outdoor Installations - Sziget Festival, Budapest 2006 “Secret-box” installation - Park Millenáris, Budapest PUBLISHED BOOKS Szabó Borbála: Átváltozott gyerekek |2012, Budapest, Edited by Pagony Kiadó| Varró Dániel: Játszótéri etikett |2011, Budapest, Edited by Karmamédia| Mirkó csillagközi utazása |2010, Budapest, Edited by Két Egér Könyvek| Bolyongások Budapesten |2009, Budapest, Edited by Két Egér Könyvek| Varró Dániel: Szívdesszert |2007, Budapest, Edited by Magvető Kiadó|

NAME: Rácz Nóra LOCATION: 1137 Budapest, Pozsonyi út 53-55. |Hungary| CONTACT:

Renáta Rippl

I originally graduated with an MA in textile design. I have designed collections for different companies and theaters, but my favorite part of the creating process has always been to realize my ideas. After the birth of my girls I started to draw illustrations for children. I use several techniques, collage, acrylic, guache, pencil drawing, water-colour… EDUCATION 1992-1997 Moholy - Nagy University of Art and Design 1988-1992 Art school Pécs EXHIBITIONS 2013 Picture - Book, Balassi Institute, Brussels 2011 Fairy Tale Heroes and Holidays, solo exhibition Zölderdő Kindergarten 2011 Attracted by Szentendre -contemporary arts and crafts exhibition, Picture - Gallery, Szentendre 2011 Illustrator Pals - The Year of the Rabbit Exhibition CODE Budapest 2011 Fable Festival Millenáris, Budapest 2011 Bear Buddies goup exhibition, Staircase Gallery 2010 Dragon Exhibition |exhibition of the members of the Association of Children’s Authors and Illustrators living in Szentendre| Hungary 2010 Illustrator Pals group exhibition, Budapest 2010 Exhibition of the “Együtt lenni jó” competition MÜPA Budapest 2009 Exhibition of the “Gyermek - Játék” competition, Budapest 2009 Christmas art - exhibition, Vízivárosi Gallery 2009 Aranyvackor Exhibition, Petőfi Museum of Literature PUBLISHED BOOKS Viktória Bosnyák: Puszedli és Habcsók |Edited by Kolibri, Hungary 2012| Ilona Gróh: Elment a tyúk a vásárba… |Edited by Kolibri, Hungary 2012| Emese Tóth: Egy zsák mák |Edited by Kossuth, Hungary 2012| Elek Benedek: A csúnya királyfi…|Edited by Csimota, Hungary 2011| NAME: Rippl Renáta LOCATION: 2000 Szentendre, Törökvölgyi út 7. |Hungary| CONTACT:

Anikó Róth

EDUCATION, PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCES 2012 Website || redesign, won web design awards 2012 Illustrations for childrens book titled Beni, the dragon trainer written by Mónika Miklya - Luzsányi |Egmont Publishing Company, series of It is good reading together!| 2011 Illustrations for childrens book titled Heni and the gruesome plan written by János Laczkfi |Egmont Publishing Company, series of It is good reading together!| 2011 Poster graphic design for the Italian energy company, ENI 2011 Besides several international artists, six pages interview with images in the dpi magazine |Design, Popular, Imagination,Taiwan| 2010 Illustrations for children book titled Felician, or Dance of the Oaks written by Ágnes Nemes Nagy |Akadémiai Kiadó Company, Budapest| 2009 Illustrations for children book titled Miracles of the night written by Sándor Weöres |Tericum Publishing Company, Budapest| 2008 Illustrations for children book titled Sacktale written by Ottó Ördögh |Scolar Publishing Company, Budapest| 2008 Twelve T -shirt designs for Christian Lacroix Homme for 2008 spring collection and two T -shirt designs for the Beijing olimpic games. 2007 One illustration accepted to publish in I.DoT. book about Italian furniture |Milano| 2007 2 paintings published in Zupi |Brazil| spring and summer editions 2007 5 paintings published in The Ultimate Illustration Collection book |Liaoning Science & Technology Publishing House, Shenyang, China| 2007 published in Web Design Index 7 book |Pepin Press, Amszterdam| 2006 Site design for Ahn Trio || with several web design awards winning.

NAME: Róth Anikó LOCATION: Budapest |Hungary| CONTACT: |

Eszter Schall

I am a freelance illustrator and designer working with children’s books, web design, logos, posters, banners and catalogs, jewelry - among many other things. EDUCATION 2006-2009 NOVUS Art School, Budapest AWARDS AND GRANTS 2012 HAUG Poster design competition 2011 Aranyvackor children’s book illustration competition 2011 Csodaceruza children’s book illustration competition 2011 ARC - ELMŰ poster competition 2010 “The digital painter of the year” BPIX 2010 Digital Painting Competition EXHIBITIONS 2012 Drunk Tailor 2012 Odeon 2012 Castro Bistro 2011 Gallery Lénia 2010 BPIX digital art center PUBLISHED BOOKS Tarka kutya hová mégy? |Edited by Kolibri Kiadó, Hungary 2012| 365 nap inspiráció |Edited by Libri, Hungary 2012| 365 nap boldogság |Edited by Libri, 2012| Péter Nyulász: A baba bab |Edited by Betűtészta Kiadó, Hungary 2011| Alfred Jarry: A két ÜBÜ-dráma |Edited by Cartaphilus, Hungary 2011|

NAME: Schall Eszter LOCATION: 2092 Budakeszi, Szél u. 23. |Hungary| CONTACT: |Tel. 00 36 30 384 4538| |

Cecília Simonyi I am a freelance graphic artist, illustrator. Closest to my heart are the traditional graphical technics of printmaking, and I like working with materials I can touch such as wood, copper, soot, slate, grape wines. For illustrations I mostly use aquarelle, collage, and if I have the time, etching and other printmaking technics. Besides illustrating I design logos, websites, own projects and everyday objects, bind books and leave prints. I do creativity development workshops with children in schools and on the streets. EDUCATION 2005-2007 Óbuda School of Fine Arts, Budapest |Graphic art, printmaking| 2003-2004 Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Ghent, Belgium |Graphic Art| 2001-2003 The Development School, London Metropolitan University |Social Development Practice| 1999 Humboldt Universitat, Berlin, Erasmus |Europaische Ethnologie, Design of Atmosphere| 1997-2000 Baranya County Technical School of Crafts, Pécs |Woodcarver, woodworker. Teacher of traditional crafts| 1995-2006 University of Pécs, Faculty of Arts |Communication, antropology, philology, teacher| EXHIBITIONS 2012 Qwert Mozi Galéria, Budapest 2012 Fonó Budai Zeneház, Budapest 2012 Néprajzi Múzeum, Budapest 2012 Zsolnay Fesztivál, Pécs 2011 Művészetek Völgye, Kapolcs 2011 Aranyvackor Illustration Award Exhibition, Budapest 2011 Két Egér Könyvesbolt, Budapest PUBLISHED BOOKS Gabriella Ásmány: Stories from Székesfehérvár |Székesf. City Council, 2011| Krisztina Rita Molnár: Különlét -poems |Edited by Pont Kiadó, 2008| UPCOMING Children of the Elements, for the iPad |to be published in May, 2013| Krisztina Rita Molnár: Malena’s Garden |Edited by Naphegy Kiadó, 2013| NAME: Simonyi Cecília LOCATION: 2089 Telki, Áfonya köz 10. |Hungary| CONTACT: |Tel. 00 36 30 418 5446| |

Edit Szalma

I was born in Vásárosnamény 28, February, 1964. After finishing the secondary School of Fine and Applied Arts I graduated from graphic design at the Hungarian Academy of Applied Arts in 1991. From 1991 until 1993 I did the Maters’ Course at the Academy of Applied Arts. My master was József Árendás. I have been working as a graphic designer since 1993. EXHIBITIONS 2012 Arcus Gallery, Vác 2011 BIB - International illustrations Exhibition; Pozsony |Slovakia| 2011 Children book illustrations­, Millenáris; Budapest 2011 In memory Ervin Lázár, Budapest Puppet Theater |Hungary| 2009­ Hommage á Benedek Elek, Millenáris; Budapest 2004 Free games - Duna Gallery, with Márta Mészáros |Hungary| 1996–1998, 2000 National Graphics Biennal, Miskolc |Hungary| 1998­ CIRCUS Exhibition -Colmar Herlischeim |France| 1997­ International Printing Triennial ’97 Cracow |Poland| 1997 International Print Exhibition’97 Portlan Art Museum |USA| PUBLISHED BOOKS Grimm testvérek: A három toll |Edited by Csimota, Hungary 2013| Mónika Miklya Luzsányi & Zsolt Miklya: Cerka Tinka és a szürke lord |Edited by Egmont, 2011| Luzsányi Mónika Miklya: Zoknimanó karácsonya |Edited by Egmont, 2010| Ildikó Módra: TRAPP - Edited by Naphegy, Hungary 2010 |IBBY, Childrenbook of the year, 2011| Péter Nyulász: MIAZMÉG |Edited by Móra, Hungary 2010| Attila József: Altató |Edited by Móra, Hungary 2008| NAME: Szalma Edit LOCATION: 2131 Göd, Vörösmarty u. 4. |Hungary| CONTACT: |Tel. 00 36 27 332 825|

Katalin Szegedi

Katalin Szegedi was born in 1963 in Budapest, Hungary. She graduated from the Hungarian University of Applied Arts where she majored in graphic art and book design, earning her Master of Arts Degree in 1991. She began illustrating books in 2000. Her works are published in Hungary, Germany, USA, Sweden, France, Greece, South-Korea, Poland and France. Katalin Szegedi has been the recipient of the “Illustrator of the Year” award in 2005 by the Hungarian section of IBBY. She was nominated of IBBY’s Honour List in 2006. She was nominated of Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award in 2010.

NAME: Szegedi Katalin CONTACT:

János Szüdi

I’m a graphic designer. I work as a web designer since 1998. I also make commercial illustrations, computer game graphics, identities and illustrations. As an illustrator I mainly use ink and brush techniques and give them a gentle digital polish. If I need more colors I use acrylics, collage and digital painting. Drawing and illustrating is a lifelong journey with a lots of fun and full of yet unexplored territories. EDUCATION 1999-2001 Hungarian Technical University Colour dynamics-Studies about colour science and design 1997-2001 Karoly Eszterhazy College, Eger, Hungary Arts & Visual communication |teacher| 1995-1997 Secondary School of Arts and Crafts, Kaposvár, Hungary, |Graphic designer| EXHIBITIONS 2012 Re:Public, Pécs 2012 Café Pavlov, Budapest 2011 Picasso Point, Budapest PUBLISHED BOOKS Dr. János Szüdi: Teacher, Parent, Child |Hungary 2010| Márk Barok: Clowns of the Hundred Acre Wood |Hungary 2009|

NAME: Szüdi János CONTACT: |Tel. 00 36 30 228 9003|

Sarolta Szulyovszky

I was born and grew up in Budapest (Hungary), I have lived in San Daniele del Friuli (northeast Italy) since 1997. I have been involved in applied arts and graphic design first in Hungary, and then in Italy. I work as a freelance illustrator and a graphic designer. In my work as an illustrator I enjoy doing research (history, iconography, objects, symbols etc.), studying nature and making images that make you dream, but also think. I work in acrylics, pencil and with digital techniques. Since 2005 I have had my illustrations published by various Italian, Hungarian, Polish and American publishing houses. EXHIBITIONS 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 Mostra Internazionale d’Illustrazione di Sàrmede, Sàrmede |Italy| 2012 Sentieri illustrati, Pordenone |Italy| 2012 Mostra Illustratori Italiani Annual 2012, Milano |Italy| 2012 Visioni di un visionario - Biglietti d’autore - Udine |Italy| 2011 Biennale d’illustrazione di Bratislava (Slovakia) 2011 Illustra Pinocchio” Galleria d’ Arte Davico, Torino |Italy| 2009 Aranyvackor, Budapest |Hungary| 2008, 2009 Salone del Libro di Torino |Italy| PUBLISHED BOOKS Petra Finy: Egy marék buborék |Edited by Kolibri, Hungary 2012| The stories behind the songs |Christian Reformed Church, USA 2012| Noémi László: Labdarózsa |Edited by Bookart, Romania 2010| Zoltán Jékely: A három pillangó |Edited by Csimota, Hungary 2010| Angi Maté: Volt egyszer egy |Edited by Pagony, Hungary 2010; Cult Editrice, Italy| Sarolta Szulyovszky: A hálás virág |Edited by Csimota, Hungary 2010; Editrice Leonardo, Italy; Namas, Poland| Béla Markó: Balázs kertje |Edited by Bookart, Romania 2009| Ines Battaino: Orco Osvaldo e Topo Riccardo |Falzea editore, Italy 2007| Éva Janikovszky: Se io fossi grande |L’Omino Rosso Editore, Italy 2005| NAME: Szulyovszky Sarolta CONTACT: |Tel. 00 39 329 930 8903|

Mari Takács

After having spent 10 years in advertising as an art director I started my carrier as an illustrator in 2002. Since that I have prepared 22 children books published in France and Poland beside Hungary and received major professional awards. I won the Beautiful Book Award two times: “Fresh Ink!”, |Publisher: Pozsonyi Pagony and Csimota| in 2005 and “Once Upon a Time in the Land of Tales” (Publisher: General Press) in 2008. For the illustrations of “On the Edge of the Morning Star” |Publisher: Magvető|, I received the Hungarian IBBY ‘Children’s Book of the Year’ Award in 2007 and I got the Ministry of National Resources’ Special Award in 2009 for her illustrations of “The Fairy Who Could See in the Dark” |Publisher: Pozsonyi Pagony| I am active member of art unions and societies, and I has had several exhibitions and co-exhibitions. EDUCATION Secondary school of Fine and Applied Arts, Budapest College of Design and Decoration, Budapest MOME, Budapest

NAME: Takács Mari LOCATION: H-1071 Budapest, Peterdy utca 39., 5/35. |Hungary| CONTACT: |Tel. 00 36 20 254 7571|

Melinda Vajda

I am a freelancer animation artist, a graphic designer and illustrator in Budapest, Hungary. I prepared animated advertisements, worked in animated films and animated TV series, and I made banners for websoites, and create movie -promotion posters. Films clean-up drawer in Macskafogó 2. |director: Ternovszky Béla, 2007| clean-up drawer in Chico & Rita |director: Tono Errando, Javier Mariscal, Fernando Trueba | the film is nominated to Oscar award 2011 Own films: Banóka - Cozzztume |2’37”; 2007| Gelka - Blame |3’19”; 2009| Exhibitions 2008 Pesti Est - “Scribble” graphics appeared in weekly paper 2009 Petőfi Irodalmi Múzeum - “Aranyvackor” collective exhibition 2010 Jászi Galéria - “Circus” collective exhibition 2011 FISE Galéria - “Ill-Luska” - individual exhibition 2011 Művészetek Völgye, Vigántpetend - Illusztrátor Pajtások collective exhibition

NAME: Vajda Melinda LOCATION: Budapest CONTACT: 0036-20-311-3890 |

Zsófi Varga

Zsófi Varga was born in 1974, in Budapest. She studied graphic art in the Art Secondary School of Budapest from 1988 till 1992. Since then she has been working as a freelance artist. She had many solo exhibitions and her works were published in group exhibitions in several towns of Europe and in the United States. Besides her independent work, in the last years she have made illustrations as well. SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2007 „Duna” Gallery, Budapest 2006 Charenton-le-Pont, Paris 2005 Budapest Gallery, Hungary 1992 Wertheim, Germany 1983 „Liget” Gallery, Budapest GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2010 she took part in the project of „The great book of graphic art”book, collection, conference and series of exhibitions about XXth century graphic art in Europe. 2009-2010 she took part at the Estampe Europeenne, exhibition about contemporary European graphic in Paris and several cities of France 2007 her works were presented at „100 Years of Hungarian Graphic Art”, exhibition and conference, University of Fine Arts, Budapest NAME: Varga Zsófi CONTACT: |

Virág Vécsey

I’m 26 years old and work as a freelance illustrator and puppet maker. My love for puppets comes from my study years, I studied animation and was specially keen on stop-motion. When I illustrate I usually create three dimensional sets with puppets and with the help of a camera I turn them into „flat” images.

NAME: Vécsey Virág CONTACT:

Illusztrátor Pajtások Katalógus  
Illusztrátor Pajtások Katalógus  

Fellowship of Hungarian Illustrators catalogue. Mariann Bálint, Viki Bogdán, Mátyás Boros, Sándor Csala, Panka Deák, Mónika Egri, Katalin E...