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Juanita Sanchez After School Program

Fall 2012

Hello Juanita Sanchez Students! Welcome to the beginning of AFTERSCHOOL at JSEC for the ’12 – ’13 school year! Instead of our usual three sessions a year we will run one continuous year of AFTERSCHOOL offerings. Included are the first classes posted. We will begin on Tuesday, November 13th! Teachers and students together will determine the number of times a course meets. And teachers are always able to create and post new classes by submitting them to me for our website. Students need to listen to school announcements over the intercom and in your advisories, to check out the whiteboard easel outside the Afterschool office and to frequently check the Afterschool website…for new classes! Carefully look at ALL programs offered. Talk to your friends about it. Show your parents and see what they think. There’s something for everyone! And all classes are FREE! Register online! Use the computers in the library, the computer labs, the Afterschool office, your classrooms, or at home! Paper registration forms are available in the Afterschool office if needed. This Afterschool program is funded by a 21st Century Community Learning Center grant and Title 1 from the Providence School Department. FOUR of the classes offered have Community Service Hours attached to them. Every student has community service hours as a graduation requirement. Start early accumulating them. The Afterschool office is next to the principal’s suite in the east wing. Always feel free to drop in to offer suggestions and ideas!

“Adolescents who participate regularly in after school programs have better academic and social outcomes – as well as higher education and career aspirations than other teens.” - Professor Milbrey McLaughlin, Stanford University


Janelle Clarke-Holley, Principal Nathan Biah, Dean Rodolfo Vargas, Dean JUANITA SANCHEZ COMPLEX

Dr. Rick Battistoni SOAR Community Partner/Fiscal Agent PROVIDENCE COLLEGE

Juanita Sanchez After School Program

Fall 2012

Courses Are Listed in Alphabetical Order

ATHLETES’ STUDY HALL Instructor: Mr. Shwartz and Pat Matthews Tuesdays & Thursdays 3:15 – 4:15 Here's the opportunity to get help in all your classes! There'll be computers available and tutoring available. Get help with homework, projects, papers, test preparation.... whatever you need. Take advantage of this study hall. It will help you to stay on the team and to stay in school. It’s MANDATORY for athletes and optional for the rest of the student body. Everyone is welcome!

CHEMISTRY/PHYSICS WORKSHOP Instructor: Mr. Leigh Tuesdays & Thursdays 3:15 – 4:15 Need help in these subjects? This is where you can get it. Mr. Mackie is prepared to help you with your homework, any concepts you don’t understand, graphing, calculations, labs and even getting ready for your next test. So if chemistry or physics is driving you crazy do something about it! Just go when you need the help!

CHESS CLUB Instructor: Mr. Nguyen Tuesdays 3:15 – 4:15 Can playing a game of chess really help to improve your grades? Actually, yes! Studies show that playing chess helps develop your thinking skills while having fun! Students of all ability levels are welcome to join the Juanita Sanchez Chess Club to learn chess or to improve your skill. If we have at least five skilled Chess players who are committed, we can propose having a Chess Team that will compete against other schools in the R.I. Scholastic Chess League. Checkmate!

COLLEGE WORKSHOP Instructors: Angela Hui and Bobby Perry Tuesdays 3:15 – 4:15 College Workshop is designed to support JSEC seniors in all aspects of the college application process. Students will spend time researching schools, completing their college applications, working on personal statements, and applying for financial aid. Students will also have the opportunity to work on creating resumes. College Workshop not only serves as a valuable resource for students while applying to colleges, but also encourages students to develop personal accountability in mapping their future plans. This course would be a very wise choice for all seniors headed to college.

Juanita Sanchez After School Program

Fall 2012

CRU-CLUB Instructor: Bobby Perry Wednesdays & Thursdays 3:15 – 4:15 The College Crusade of Rhode Island will be offering tutoring and homework help to all Crusaders at JSEC. Crusaders must bring their work with them. Take advantage of this time each week to get caught up, to have questions answered, to clarify any confusion and most importantly to stay on track for college!

FASHION DESIGN Instructor: Solange Rafael Wednesdays 3:15 – 5:15 Are you into fashion? Do you like creating new looks with your clothing every day? You could get paid to do it someday! This class introduces students to a career in fashion and apparel designs. You'll learn a wide variety of hands-on skills such as pattern making, cutting and sewing knitwear, sweater design, threading and sewing with a machine, etc. You’ll even learn to use technology in your fashion design. Develop critical and analytical thinking skills while exploring your creative talents. Join us and become a designer!

FORTUNATE COOKIES GIRLS GROUP Instructor: Shawndell Burney Wednesdays 3:15 – 5:15 Calling all Girls! Calling all Girls! If you want to join a group, join us! This is more than a group it’s a movement! As you can see these images have No Faces, the face I want you to see is Your Own. Join us for an opportunity to be a part of an interactive girls group in a safe and confidential setting. Here you will be able to hang out with your peers and get help on how to cope with the pressures of being a teen in today’s world.

FRENCH CLUB Instructor: Mr. Boudreault Mondays 3:15 – 4:45 This club will promote French language and culture through music, film, and activities. You’ll get to taste an authentic French crepe….YUM! And you’ll experience how French culture is part of our everyday life.

Juanita Sanchez After School Program

Fall 2012

GUITAR WORKSHOP Instructor: Mr. Cross Tuesdays 3:00 – 4:30 Have you ever dreamed of being a rock star? Well this is your chance. Guitar Workshop is an exploration of the vast and exciting world of guitar. Students in Guitar Workshop will listen, read, and play rock, jazz, blues, and Spanish styles of guitar music. We will learn the building blocks of how to play guitar: scales, chord progressions, and music theory. With a focus on performance, students will learn how to play the fundamentals of guitar and be ready to continue their studies in guitar after the course ends. This class will set you on the course of being a guitar virtuoso. Looking forward to weeks of guitar jamming!

JAM SESSION Instructor: Mr. Kim Tuesdays 3:15 – 4:45 Do you own and play an instrument? Do you want to jam and make melodies with other people who play instruments? It doesn’t matter what your instrument is…guitar, bass, piano, saxophone, anything…as long as you know how to play it. Bring it along on Tuesdays. Meet on the stage after school. And let’s jam!

JSEC AWESOME TOURS Tour guides: Mr. Quesnel and Ms. Jenner Saturdays A great opportunity for fun, educational experiences led by two seasoned travelers, Mr. Q and Ms. Jenner. See either one of them for registration forms NOW since there’s a limit on all trips. The scheduled ones are listed below. More may be added so listen to the announcements.  

Saturday, November 17th 1 PM Tour at Rhode Island School of Design Museum Saturday, December 8th Noon A Christmas Carol at Trinity Theatre

Juanita Sanchez After School Program

Fall 2012

JSEC DEBATE TEAM Instructors: Karri DiPetrillo and Thaya Uthayophas Mondays & Wednesdays 3:00 – 5:00 Like to argue? Considering becoming a lawyer? Looking to boost your grades and college resume? Then join the Juanita Sanchez Debate Team! Sharpen up your debate skills at practice, and use them to win at monthly tournaments. We’re used to winning and this year we are planning on taking home even more trophies. No experience necessary! We’re always looking for more debaters. Talk to Genesis Sanchez, a JSEC senior, if you have any questions at all.

JSEC GAY STRAIGHT ALLIANCE (GSA) Instructors: Ms. Rowden Mondays 3:15 – 4:15 The purpose of the GSA is to bring together gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, straight, transgender and "questioning" students to socialize, learn, and teach. JSEC's GSA will be one of 35 GSAs at high schools and colleges in Rhode Island. It'll be a place to discuss issues that concern all high school students and to plan activities that will make the Juanita Sanchez Educational Complex a safe and respectful campus. With Youth Pride Inc. of Rhode Island (YPI), as a resource, we will also sponsor the national Day of Silence in April at JSEC. Come and learn more about yourself and your friends while having fun!

JSEC VOICE Instructor: Mr. Bellisle Thursdays 3:15 – 4:45 Come be a part of the JSEC community. Help shape our image and represent our school. Our newspaper is an online newspaper called the JSEC VOICE. As a part of the newspaper staff you will learn how to create a website, write articles and be a staff photographer. All members will have the opportunity to learn and participate in all roles. This newspaper is continually updated to represent the ever- changing life of our school. We need reporters, creative writers, artists, photographers and people that want to learn how to make websites. Come join and have your voice heard! COMMUNITY SERVICE HOURS ARE AVAILABLE FOR THIS COURSE. 

Juanita Sanchez After School Program

Fall 2012

KRUMP, ETC. Instructors: Alex Jimenez and Cheavinn Chhoeun Mondays & Thursdays 3:15 – 4:45 You’ve seen it in “Rise”. You’ve seen it in “Stomp the Yard!” and in “Step up 4!” with the creator, Tight Eyez. It’s KRUMP! Come join us and learn awesome KRUMP moves and KRUMP choreo. We’ll also work on different dance styles like Breakdance, POP, etc. So if you want to have fun and learn some cool dancing sign up NOW!

MODEL MAKING Instructor: Sami Betancourt Mondays & Wednesdays 3:15 – 5:15 Would you like to create a train, a slot car, an airport, a hotel, a theme park or whatever you want? Design a 3D model then construct, animate, decorate, and maybe even light it. We’ll provide the supplies, you supply the creativity and the work!

OPEN Art STUDIO Instructors: Ms. Garland and Lauren Yattaw Tuesdays & Thursdays 3:15 – 5:15 Have you ever wished that you could … o o o

just make art for the fun of it? just experiment and not worry about your grade? just ‘chill’ and chat with other artists?

There’s an opportunity in this class for all of that! And the best part? There’ll be TWO talented Art teachers who will help you do it! During this time you can also work on projects and assignments for your other classes. And it’ll be a valuable time for students who will be creating portfolios or working with RISD’s Project Open Door or the seniors who need to work on visual aids for their advocacy projects or the RISD Museum’s Art & Design program or those students who just drop in to exercise their creativity. If you like Art this is the place for you!!!

Juanita Sanchez After School Program

Fall 2012

OPEN LIBRARY Instructors: Mr. Quesnel, Ms. Jenner, Ms. Liu Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays 3:15 – 4:15 The JSEC library will extend its hours on these days to allow students the chance to use computers and get assistance from JSEC teachers with……research projects, homework, papers, and anything else related to your school courses. It's not necessary to register for this class ahead. It will be run like a drop-in. Use it when you need it. Take advantage of this great opportunity to improve your grades. You'll have a quiet place to get a lot of work accomplished. What a good feeling to leave school with all your homework done and done well!

PHOTOGRAPHY/ART CLUB Instructor: Rafael Rodriquez Wednesdays 3:15 - 4:15 PM This course is a combination of photography and fine arts. You'll learn how to compose photos, shoot photos, and compare photos. You'll also study the differences between street photography, regular photography, and studio photography. Also you'll be doing comparisons of portraits, landscapes, nature, and still life. You'll be exposed to famous photographers and get to critique each other's work. Join us and see how much fun photography can be!

PRINCIPAL LEADERSHIP PROGRAM Instructors: Peter Chung, Co-Director, Young Voices Ms. Clarke-Holley, Principal, JSEC Tuesdays 3:15 – 4:45 Want to make a difference in your school? Do you want someone to listen to your great ideas? You may be exactly what the Principal Leadership Program (PLP) is looking for. The group is open to guys and girls in their freshman, sophomore or junior years that are able to make a two year commitment. PLP will be featuring Young Voices! Young Voices is a national youth advocacy group that is based right here in Providence. They will help us determine the issues, collect data and make presentations to create positive changes in the school while having fun and building relationships. Ms. Clarke-Holley, Principal, will also meet with members of the group to further help develop your leadership skills! These meetings may occur at off-school sites. You’d be smart to join PLP! COMMUNITY SERVICE HOURS ARE AVAILABLE FOR THIS COURSE. 

Juanita Sanchez After School Program

Fall 2012

PROVIDANCE COMPANY Instructor: Mrs. Sprague Tuesdays 4:00 – 5:30 Love to dance? Whether it be on stage or just when you think no one is looking? Come be a part of the ProviDance Company! Performers are drawn from the entire Juanita Sanchez community. All are welcome and no previous experience is necessary. We’ll perform at special functions and events around the state. And we’d love new members! You’ll be introduced to World Dances (ie: Latin dances, African, Southeast Asia, Hip Hop), jazz and modern dance.


Instructor: Mr. Milligan Thursdays 3:15 – 5:00 Having trouble with Science homework? Need help finishing a project for Chemistry, Physics, Biology, or Biotech? Need help writing essays on Science topics? If you answered YES to any of these questions then drop in to Room 204 any time after school on Thursdays to get one-on-one support from a Science teacher to help take the anxiety out of your Science class!

SGT/SPORTS-GAMES-TECHNOLOGY Instructor: Mr. Moreau Tuesdays & Thursdays 3:15 – 5:15 This is one of the most popular Afterschool courses. You get to do so many things! When the gym’s available you’ll play football, basketball, volleyball, floor hockey, bocce, ultimate Frisbee, karate, pickleball and more. When it’s not, you can choose from a wide variety of board games. And sometimes you’ll be in the computer labs to use technology to work on projects, homework, and create fitness/athletic charts, etc. The two hours fly by because you’re having so much fun! Sign up for SGT!!!

SPANISH ACADEMIC SUPPORT Instructor: Ms. Guerrero Mondays 3:15 – 4:15 Want to improve your Spanish? You really will if you join this Afterschool group. You will have the opportunity to receive extra help on your assignments, homework, and projects. It’s open to any student taking Spanish or those wanting to brush up on their Spanish skills. You’ll be amazed at how much you’ll read, write, and speak Spanish. You’ll feel like you’re ready to be a Spanish interpreter!

Juanita Sanchez After School Program

Fall 2012

SWIMMING at the YMCA Instructors: Staff at the YMCA Tuesdays 3:00 – 5:00 Want to have more fun this summer? Learn to SWIM! Take this course and by the end of school this year you'll have it mastered. You'll take lessons with the highly qualified staff at the East Side/Mt. Hope YMCA on Hope Street, Providence. The first 45 minutes will be swim lessons and then the last 15 minutes you will have free swim. The space is limited...only 20 spots attendance is VERY important. SO don't register unless you are serious about going each week and really learning to swim. Transportation will be provided. Swimming is a life-long skill. Take advantage of this wonderful FREE opportunity! Registration forms and parent permission slips are now available on the door of the afterschool office. Return them ASAP since there are only 20 slots available!

TEE-SHIRT DESIGN Instructor: Carlos Villalona Wednesdays 3:15 – 5:15

This is a unique group run by JSEC graduates where you will learn to design and make unique limited edition tees. You will work on and design JSEC logos as well as create artistic and self-expressive designs. You will become familiar with screen-printing in the process.

TURNING A SPACE INTO A PLACE Instructor: Mr. Gormley Mondays 3:15 – 5:15 This course started last year and it’s continuing now. The ground has been broken. Plans have been made. But a lot more needs to be done to turn the land between the school and the parking lot into a very special place. And lots of students are needed to make it happen. So join us! We must build a pergola (a wooden archway), install fencing, plant a bulb garden and a garlic garden, write grants, photograph our work, draw designs , and make a website to show others what we are doing. The tasks are interesting and fun! Sign-up and let us know what you’d like to do. COMMUNITY SERVICE HOURS ARE AVAILABLE FOR THIS COURSE. 

Juanita Sanchez After School Program

Fall 2012

YUGA ~ Youth United for Global Action Instructors: Ms. Lallo and Providence College mentors Mondays & Wednesdays 3:15 - 4:45 Youth Leadership ... Global Activism ... International Connections ... World Impact! YUGA at JSEC is the place where international movements happen! Become part of a national network of ambitious young people who take action on world issues through school-wide and community campaigns and global awareness-raising activities. When you join YUGA you have the opportunity to connect to your fellow youth activists through campaigns, conferences, social media and School- to- School Connect programs around the globe. YUGA members bridge global divides and build friendships that last for years. Work with other students, Ms. Lallo and students from Providence College. Don't miss out! ď‚ŤCOMMUNITY SERVICE HOURS ARE AVAILABLE FOR THIS COURSE. ď‚Ť

ZUMBA! Instructor: Ms. Boothman Thursdays 3:15 - 4:15 Come join the latest rage! This program is sometimes called 'exercise in disguise'. It infuses elements of merengue rhythms and steps with hip hop, cumbia and African beats. The moves make exercise vigorous and fun! This aerobics program is made up of intervals which means that we rotate using high and low energy steps to ensure a good workout for all. Staff and faculty are welcome! Encourage your favorite teachers to join us. You don't need to be a dancer at all. Beginners and experts are all welcome. Dress in comfortable clothing. Just come and have fun while burning calories!

Juanita Sanchez After School Program

Fall 2012

Courses At A Glance Times


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SATURDAYS: Nov. 17th & Dec. 8th JSEC Awesome Tours See Course Description for additional details.


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