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Join us There are over 130 Archive-It partner institutions in 42 states and 14 countries:

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College and University Libraries Museums and Art Libraries Historical Societies and Public Libraries State Archives National Government Institutions

Learn More The Archive-It team conducts twice-monthly informational webinars with a live demonstration of the application. Sign up at: or call for more information: 415-561-6799 ext. #4

About Archive-It First deployed in 2006, Archive-It is a subscription service which allows institutions and individuals to build and preserve collections of digital content. Through our user friendly web application, ARCHIVE-IT Archive-It partners can collect, catalog, manage, access, search and archive their digital information collections. We are a division of the Internet Archive. Join us at:


Web Archiving and Preservation Service Capture, archive and enhance digital collections, artist files and online exhibitions collect-it manage-it search-it

About Internet Archive Since its inception as a non-profit Digital Library in 1996, Internet Archive has focused on ensuring the availability and accessibility of internet content by creating a digital library to permanently store digital content for anyone to view at any time. The Internet Archive is the world’s largest public web archive, and all collections are freely and publicly accessible at:



Internet Archive 300 Funston Avenue San Francisco, CA 94118

FEATURES Curator Controls: • • • •

PARTNER TESTIMONIALS: “One of our main motivations for choosing A r c h i ve - I t i s t h e s e r v i ce ’s “ t u r n - key ” functionality. The Archive-It service allows us to focus on the curatorial aspects of the endeavor, and to avoid getting bogged down in the myriad technical issues associated with Web crawling, storage, display, etc.”

Harvests can be set to 9 different harvest frequencies (twice daily to annual) Tools to expand or limit scope Reports and analysis to evaluate your web harvests

- University of Texas, Austin

Dublin Core Metadata and customized fields for cataloging collections

“The special collections of tomorrow’s research libraries are going to be, at least in part, the digital content and websites of today. With very little investment and overhead, Archive-It gives us capacity to collect, curate, preserve and take responsibility for the materials that matter most to our users and our communities – both current and those to come.”

Archived Content: •

Includes: html, images, video, audio, PDF, social networking sites, blogs, online newspapers, and much more...

Access and Storage: How can your institution use Archive-It? •

Gather information from the web to enhance your existing collections and exhibits

Assemble research and different perspectives on an exhibit or artist

Capture social networking sites comments, tweets, blogs about your collections and exhibits

Assemble a comprehensive data base of information on a historical topic, photograph or individual

Capture and archive digital collections, artist files and online exhibitions

Capture and archive your own website - preserve it with a searchable history of how your institution has evolved over time

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Collections are browseable by URL and indexed for full text search

“We sleep better at night knowing we use Archive-It”

Hosting, access and customized landing pages included Storage copies at our data centers, residing on multiple servers Patrons can access collections from your website

Partner Support: •

- University of Alberta, Canada

Account administrator and multiple unique users across an institution In-depth online training sessions, help documentation and tech support

- Indiana University


Stability of organization: longevity, experience and commitment to the same principles

User friendly, flexible application

Reliable and sophisticated software tools

Fast and easy access to archived content

Technical support and assistance


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Archive-it brochure  

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