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Where did we go?

Why we went to the businesses to do the interviews? -

To be able to carry out the interview better. To see the facilities first-hand. To take photos. To make the corporate video.

However before we started, we called the businesses, because they were very far from our house and we wanted to be sure that they were willing to do the interview.

What we were expecting? At the time of the call we expected that:


They will accept the proposal. It was the boss or owner. They were available.

At the time of beginning the interview we expected:


That they will let themselves be recorded. That they answered all the questions. Clear and accurate answers.

What did we learn? Curiosities. ●

Different aspects to take into account at the time of creating a paintball business in Mallorca.

What is and what is not important to focus on.

Space for children can attract more clients.

The size of the tracks is not the most important.

Interview impression. How did we feel before/during/after the interview?


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Presentation interviews  

Presentation interviews