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Have A Great Time On Your Camping Trip The draw that nature has for many folks is undeniable. If you want to make your next camping trip an experience to remember, you need to get informed. By familiarizing yourself with the following advice, you can make your next camping trip the best one ever. An emergency kit is a very important component to have while camping. Depending on the location, the kit may have extra items, but the basic items should be there. You may want to pack bear repellent or antivenom. During the planning stage of your next camping trip, take the time to look through some of your favorite recipe books. Eating hot dogs and hamburgers can get old when camping. Mix it up! Look through your cookbooks to find easy recipes that are conducive to outdoor preparation. Be sure to bring any spices or seasonings you particularly enjoy. Figure out how to read maps and use a compass before your camping trips. You can get lost no matter where you are camping, keep that in mind. This can help you to avoid getting lost or falling into a dangerous situation. After buying a tent, make sure to pitch it in your yard before you leave for a trip. You can be sure there are no missing pieces and learn ahead of time the correct way to set your tent up. You will find your frustration level diminishes greatly as well. Whenever you're choosing a sleeping bag, pick one out that's for the climate you're in. During summer, lighter bags are the rule, allowing you to maintain your cool. But during the cold of winter, you need a thermal bag that will keep you protected from the elements. Pack ready to eat foods in your camping gear, like trail mix and jerky. You may not be in the mood to cook, so having these with you can be helpful. Also, these foods keep well so if you don't eat them, you can enjoy them later. Always seek shelter before it is too dark to assess your surroundings. Once the sky becomes dark, finding a good spot for your tent, necessary firewood and food preparation become near impossible. That is particularly true if you aren't used to the blackness of the wilderness. To ensure you get your campsite operational arrive several hours before sunset. Learn Everything You Need To Know About Camping Bring duct tape with you since it can help you in many situations. You can patch holes in your tent, your mattress or your shoes, or secure your tent poles, seal mosquito netting and much, much more. On your camping trip, make sure that you have a proper place for your bathroom needs outdoors. It doesn't have to be anything like a porta-potty. Just make certain you have enough privacy and space to "complete your business". Whether you plan to use public

facilities or the forest, bring toilet paper along. Anyone and everyone can find camping entertaining. The tips in this article can make a trip fun even for those who are not very outdoorsy. Get out and explore and enjoy the wonders that Mother Nature has provided you.

Have A Great Time On Your Camping Trip  

The draw that nature has for many folks is undenia...

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