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Freedom Walk

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Spring Edition

5th Grade Party By Adrianna

hairspray at the high school.

The fifth grade had a party. But before the party my mom used my friend Kyenna and me as test monkeys to try out all the activities. During the graduation party my mom broke the 5th graders into groups. I was in a group with Corel, Kyanna, Jakob, Geneva, Regina, Keyira, Nonica and Justine. My group was group 1. We started with a relay race in the hall. Next, we went to the bungee run. I went against Regina and Kyenna. It was awesome! This is how it worked. When it was your turn, you put on a harness and you got two fuzz balls. by Adrianna You would have to stick your Slowly our bus pulled up. It fuzz balls further than the other person. Then you would jump was cold and moist. We got back and fly against the wall. It was a good thing it was an inflatout of the bus. Up ahead was a ed bungee run.

The problem was it took a

big poster that said “McCAIN.”

while for the

I was going to see The Ugly

play to start.

Duckling and The Tortoise and



The Hare. I took my seat and

time I talked to

the lights grew dark. First, we

some of my friends that were

saw The Tortoise and the Hare.

Hairspray by Kyanna Everyone was so excited to see


close to me.

Soon the play

started, everyone was silent. “Good



“was the first song they performed. But mostly the play was about how racism is VERY wrong. And you should always believe in your dreams.


The last thing we did was hula hoop and jump ropes. We Then we saw The Ugly Duck- had a contest to see who could hula hoop the longest. In the end ling. Finally, we got to meet the it was between Sara and Annie. Annie won that one. Then we did characters after the show. a jump rope competition. Annie won that one, too. We all took home goody bags. Each bag had twizzlers, starburst, angry bird stickers, a notebook, a free McDonalds Happy Meal coupon and a free medium drink from Sonic. Both 5th grade teachers came to the party. I wonder if other years had a party as fun as this one!

5th Grade Recognition Congratulations to all the 5th graders on reaching the end of your elementary school experience! The ceremony on May 18 was full of laughs and tears and wonderful memories. Mrs. Kamphaus gave wonderful advice to “choose your friends wisely” and “don’t be afraid to try new things” in your new school. Mr. Martinez from Junction City Middle School came to welcome the 5th graders, shaking their hands on the other side of the “bridge.” The 5th grade class gave a gift to the school of a beautiful picture book about Junction City presented to the school by Jakob and Justin. The 5th graders gave the parents a gift of an awesome song “Count on Me.” Finally, the ceremony ended with the slide show. What a terrific job the Maddens did. Between the song and the slide show there was not a dry eye in the place. Afterwards we all enjoyed delicious cake. The parents did a wonderful job with the refreshments and the decorations. Good Luck to you all, you 6th graders! Have a great summer! From the Editor, Paige Sessa

Best Wishes & Good Luck

“I Believe In Myself, I Can Succeed!”

Eagle News Magazine

Grade News

Mrs. Guinn’s Class

Let’s Go Bananas

By Jakoliah and Brianna First graders, this is what you might get to do when you are in second grade. You will be able to do these things with Mrs. Guinn, your second grade teacher. She will read you stories and if you are good you might get a popcorn party. Another thing is you might get to play math games, if you do your work. In April, you get to celebrate Autism Awareness

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by Emma, grade 3 3rd grade math has changed its level! Now when you are in third grade you race to make a sundae by learning your multiplication facts from 0 to 12. First you earn a bowl, then a spoon and then a banana. You get one scoop, then two, then three scoops of vanilla ice cream. Last, you can earn the toppings. So, that’s the scoop on this scoop!

day. You will get to do fun activities like watch butterflies grow. You also get to watch movies. You might get to win pennies for patients and a pizza party for your classmates. You also get to see a rodeo. If you listen to the presenters and get the questions right they throw out tee shirts, but you have to remember what they say. You can plant Marigolds for Mother’s day. And you get to do rainbow math with Mrs. Egan.

Rock Springs By Christian, grade 3 Rock Springs is a fun place to visit. Beautiful flowers were blooming, butterflies fly around the place. There was a trail so you can go hiking. There were lots of old places to explore. There was canoeing. There was a bridge above the

Ice Cream Sundae by Lily, grade 2

One time my class, Miss Baumgartner’s class, went to the library to learn about cows and milk. We watched a video about how you make milk and ice cream. I learned that you use an electric machine to get milk from cows. Then we ate the ice cream. I had vanilla ice cream and I put chocolatey syrup on it and m&ms. I had a fun day!

water you can go under. You can go horseback riding at Rock Springs, too. First you put on a helmet and then get on your horse and start riding.

Eagle News

Eagle Living!

Page 3

Talent Show by Ne’lonne

Welcome to our school Talent Show. This is the time when people get to show there talents to other people. This year my friend Adrianna and I got to stand up on stage and gave a speech about Eagle Patrol it was a rush and full of fun! Can tell that everybody had an AWESOME time. Some people were even surprised. The event worked out great, there was terrific food and wonderful talent. I hope you guys have a lot of fun next year.

Movie Review: Chimpanzee by Karmen, 4th grade

Hello! This review is for the new movie Chimpanzee, a true story of a chimp’s life and survival. The story is about a chimp, named Oscar, who gets lost from his pack. Luckily, another troop leader finds him. The troop leader takes care of him from then on. Chimpanzee is good for science or social studies lessons. It is educational, funny and heartwarming. This movie is rated PG. Well, Bye for now! Kamryn Out!

The Over Nighter

by Marcel, grade 3 Eagle day was called “Fun Fitness” this year and it was about all the fun things you can do to get exercise. Here are some of the fun things we did: we did basketball with Mr. James, we did baseball with Mrs. Boller and we did football with Miss Baumgartner. We did face painting. I got an eagle beak and red, white and blue stripes on my face. We did chalk drawing with Mrs. Poppe. I drew some people. We got really wet with Mrs. Egan! At the end of the day we had pop ice. It was the best day I ever had! The Halloween Celebration

by Tracey

On March 30, 2012 we had an Overnighter at Eisenhower. We danced, played games, and watched a play by the teachers about staying away from drugs. The kids also had to follow clues to find the missing Ooops and Daisy pictures. We also met some K State football players who

Eagle Day 2012

by Emma

talked to us about how to reach our goals by practicing and staying away from drugs. Last, we watched the movie, The Adventures of Tin Tin and went to sleep. The next morning we had doughnuts and juice. Eisenhower’s Over Nighter: It’s the best thing I

The Halloween parade of characters in the gym was fun! There were lots of cool costumes and some were scarrry! There were ghosts, princesses, witches, even pop stars. I think everyone had a good costume. I give everyone a “thumbs up.”

Afterwards we went to our classrooms and had an “afterparty.” I hope all the students had fun at their parties!

Eagle News Magazine

Student Advisory Council

Earth Day Project by Paige Sessa, SAC Sponsor This year, as the culminating project for two years of Terracycling, the Student Advisory Council purchased two decorative urns, soil and plants to beautify the front of the school a little. We decided to do this as an Earth Day Project to go along with our commitment to recycling.

Pennies For Patients by Izzy, 3rd grade This year the students from Eisenhower Elementary collected $2000.00 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to helps kids with blood cancer. The classes that raised the most money to win a pizza party Mrs. VanNatta, Mrs, Guinn, Mrs.Malec and Mrs. Abellara.

Page 4 Sweet Sales The SAC students sold candy this year to raise money for their school. We kicked off the sales with heart shaped lollipops in February. In March we sold candy sticks in lots of great flavors like watermelon, bubble gum, and tutti fruiti, just to name a few. The sticks

Troy, grade 4

Terracycling by Izzy, grade 3 In SAC we do terracyling. We collected 18,162 Capri Sun drink pouches and 7, 652 Frito Lay chip bags during the last two years. In

sold for $,25 each and sold out within two weeks. What a sweet deal!

all, both the chip bags and the drink pouches we collected will raise $490.17 for our school.

More About Terracycling By Terracycling is where you collect

Pizza Party Fun The pizza party is the traditional end to the Student Advisory

Frito Lay chip bags and Capri Sun

Council year of service. This is

drink pouches and send them in to

the only time that first semester

the Terracycling company. The

and second semester representa-

company takes the bags and pouches

tives meet as one group. The stu-

and turns them into stuff like back-

dents enjoy getting together to

packs and pencil cases.

share pizza and some cold drinks

Editor’s Note: Anyone interested in finding out more information about the Terracycling program can check out their website at:

and review the accomplishments of the school year. Our thanks go out to all the students who gave up their lunch and worked hard on all the activities SAC worked on this year. Have a great summer!

Eagle News Magazine

Eagle Poetry

Page 5

RAINBOW By MARCEL, grade 3 Talk about yourself and your staff. Talk perhaps about specials, when and how much, that you offer. Talk about solutions or tips in your specific field. Talk about some of the reasons why some of your services are important. You may include games or comics or puzzles if you so choose, as it gives everyone a reason to keep or use the newspaper longer. These can be very popular and enjoyed. Overall, just keep it simple. Let your customers enjoy your newspaper without working hard to do so.

R eally Colorful A mazing I ncredibly Cool N ice B ig Pot of Gold O range


W onderful!

DESIGN SERVICES If you need help with designing your newspaper, we have the most efffecient, inexpensive graphic service department anywhere! Visit our site for templates or help!

By Jerohn, grade 3

Math makes you smart. Math helps you learn.

The World’s Feelings

Math makes you happy.

by Zaquanna, grade 3

Math is the best!

When the sun comes up, The world swirls around. When the sun goes down, The

The world turns around.

Eagle News Magazine

Eagle Funnies

Page 6



by Ricky, grade 3 Why did the chicken cross the road? Because the horse was bothering him. Knock! Knock! Who’s there? Orange. Orange who? Orange you glad you’re not a banana?

Logan, grade 3

Editor’s Note: My cartoonists were a dedicated group, showing up several times a week to work on their cartoons. As you can see, they were all boys and many are third graders. Third grade must have been a lot of laughs this year!

Christian, grade 3

Troy, grade 4

Eagle News Magazine

End Notes

Page 7

The writers, poets, and artists of the Eagle News: Troy, Maiya, Karmen, Ne’lonne, Kyenna, Adrianna, Esau, Emma, Christian, Brianna, Jakoliah, Ricky, Tracey, and Logan. Not pictured: Marcel and Zaquanna From the Editor: Many thanks to all the contributors to this news magazine. I am very pleased to have worked with you all! Keep writing, drawing and working to fulfill all your dreams! James, ARC grade 4

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