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everybody knew everything

everybody knew everything a p h o t o p o r t fo l i o

by paige berry

By choosing to elevate the aspects of life that are uncomfortable, I’m addressing my fears without addressing them. I’m hiding the ugly with the ugly. My thinly veiled attempts to conceal are really only exaggerations that hide. These exaggerations simultaneously reflect my personality and my fears. I am unsure how to do anything on a small scale, and it is my my intent that my work doesn’t either. I take photographs because the world I’ve created is better than the world I live in. It’s not necessarily a nicer place, but it’s a place that I can understand. It’s a place where loss can actually be drowned by things, that all that glitters is really gold. It’s a place where letting go is unnecessary and pain is just a precursor to pleasure. I take photographs because I’m afraid of what it means to step outside the world that I’ve created. I’d much rather invite you in.

Everybody Knew Everything  
Everybody Knew Everything  

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