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Author wordsI have lived in Birchrunville my whole life and have always loved taking a step back and being thankful of the amount of nature and beautiful views that are right out my window. Much of my family and friends also enjoy coming to visit my familys home since this community has such a relaxing atmosphere.


I just called my sister Rachel on her cell phone to tell her the exciting news that our cousin Brittany is coming to spend the summer with my family here in Birchrunville. We are both looking forward to showing her around.


My mom asked us to create a list of historic places as well as our favorite places in our town that we will be able to share with our cousin.


After brainstorming, we made a list of fifteen destinations.


This is the heart of Birchrunville. Many residents come here to pick up their mail at the quaint post office and go out to dinner at the Birchrunville CafĂŠ.


The Birchrunville CafÊ serves contemporary French-Italian cuisine. My family goes there for special occasions such as birthdays. Brittany’s birthday is in August. This would be a great restaurant option.


We cannot forget to tell Brittany about the history of the Birchrunville CafĂŠ. Years ago this building use to be a creamery. Many would come to buy dairy products to take home to their families. It was built by two of the founders in the area - T.B. & I.L Dewees in 1898.


Birchrunville lies between two ridges. My family lives on this ridge.


This is the other ridge. The two ridges form the “hollow�.


After the snow and rain storms, all of the water the drains off the ridges funnels into the French Creek river.


This bridge was built in 1850 and is named Sheeder-Hall Bridge. Not only has it helped everyday drivers but years ago it helped the community to evolve into a beautiful community that it is today.


This creek runs below the bridge. In the summer time you can catch people fishing and even spot a herd of deer getting a drink.


Rachel, we can’t forget some of the historic homes that are around here.


This home was built 1860 and was home to James McDermond. He added three buildings to Birchrunville and wanted to change the name of this town to “Mechanicsville�. After a couple months of debate, the town retained its original name of Birchrunville.


This is a 1740 home that was owned by Morris Evans, a sheep farmer. This home was originally on a 50 arcer lot. When Mr. Evans died, the land was divided into 8 lots. Today much of the 50 arces are the heart of Birchrunville.


Birchrunville is full of fields for horses and cattle to graze. Some families enjoy showing their horses, fox hunting or just taking them out for a Sunday afternoon ride. We should ask Brittany if she would like to go horseback riding.


Years ago this was where all the children in Birchrunville went to school. This school building was built in 1863.


Today, everyone in the Owen J. Roberts School District attends school here. It will be fun to show Brittany our school and hear the differences between our school and hers. The supreme court judge, Owen J. Roberts, bought the land in1929 where the current school is built.


Taking Brittany to St. Peter’s Village would be alot of fun. Years ago which was a granite quarry. This village was built in a narrow boulder rich ravine where the water flows into French Creek.Today students come after school to hang out water-side on warm day with their friends and stop by the shops.


The other restaurant that we could take Brittany to is the St. Peter’s Inn. This restaurtant offers a wide range of Italian Cuisine. The restaurtant’s balcony overlooks the creek. The sound of the water rushing over the rocks is relaxing when our family eats dinner at the Inn. Brittany will enjoy this restaurant as well, but it is her choice.


We cannot wait for Brittany to arrive so we can begin this adventure.


My "Peace" of Country  

In preparation for our cousin to visit our beautiful town.