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Page(s) Sketchbook: A look at the process


Paige Ioia

Published in Long Branch, NJ April 2013

Content(s) You Do Voodoo: Ritual Kits

Values: What do you value most?

Clothes Minded: The right clothing for any weather

Variations in the Hand: A response to Eric Gill’s essay

07740: Jettys as borders


Page(s) is my sketchbook and a look at my process. Everyone knows what a “sketchbook” is, right? A surefire argument starter in a room full of artists who all have their own definition of a “sketchbook,” but there is usually a general understanding of the term. A “sketchbook” is a pad or book of blank or lined pages mainly used for sketching. In this case, it can also be a place to jot down thoughts and ideas. The concept of this book has stemmed from the term, “sketchbook.” The process begins when placing pen to paper, writing and sketching and more writing and more sketching. This action is necessary to get those creative juices flowing. The use of a sketchbook is essential when brainstorming. It is not only a tool for thinking, but it is also needed throughout the entire creative process until a project is complete. Throughout this book there is a series of projects and artwork that have all begun by placing pen to paper in a sketchbook. Writing and sketching, and more writing and more sketching. Each project was born out of various pages of notes, ideas, thoughts, and sketches, which then develop into completed and final projects. Expect to be faced with endless amounts of notes, thoughts, and sketches. To get the most satisfaction from the final product, you must truly enjoy the process.

You Do Voodoo Ritual Kits

Most people think these dolls are used in a negative way, but really, they are mostly used for positive.

Random panda.

“You Do Voodoo� For your personal positive use.

This was chosen based on what I believed the most popular “wants� are: love, money, and health.

This is how one would position the doll in between the candles for the rituals.

This is important in order to use the doll properly.

Most people think that this practice is used for evil. This project is meant to show that it is mostly used for good.

Side note: This was changed this to health.

In order to stay true to voodoo, the boxes “match� or feel like they belong to the kits.

I tried to figure out what information was the most important to include in the user guide. These four things are necessary.

Values What do you value most?

Thinking of value in terms of the grey scale and how this color scale can relate to people’s values.

I had to decide who I valued most in my life. Then, I asked them to list their values.

Everyone was asked to list their top 5 values. 1 being the least, 5 being the most valued. The message was sent to everyone in a group chat so they could all see everyone else’s replies.

This statement is number 5 on my list of values.

To be able to value fear is a not an easy thing to do.

It was interesting to see this pop up a few times at different numbers. For me, this is a 2.

The existence of art is very important to me too. Without it, there would be no expression.

This statement is my number 1, but I also just simply value my family.

Honesty is hard to come by.

I agree, this is also number 4 on my list.

This is something no one else has listed.

This is my number 3.

Making the values annonymous adds more to the piece because the viewer can just read and relate, without having to know who said it.

I kept the size intimate and small, so the viewer would have to step close and be personal with the piece.

Clothes Minded The right clothing for any weather

Empowered by my Iphone.& I can’t go anywhere without it. I started to think about Iphone applications.

Not sure if this already exists.... This isn’t a self-defined problem after all. So I kept thinking.

This is a huge problem of mine. It is most definitely a problem for others too.

I have arrived at my self-defined problem. Picking an outfit needs to be easier.

The weather can change throughout the day and who wouldn’t like to be more prepared for that.

What type of image would be more user friendly? Hmm......

I decided that the images would be better. Even though they are more specific.

Showing the images of the items with labels makes it more clear.

This title is a good play on words. Mind the clothes you wear for the weather outside.

Male and female clothing item options is important, gives the app a broader audience.

Variations in the Hand A response to Eric Gill’s essay

This is basic information needed. I chose scans as my illustrations.

Random skull #1

This is wrong. Oops.

Calculating the size of the book.

Learning the basics.

Random scissor #1

Chose an article from an encyclopedia that focused on hands and hand movements.

“Sketches” of the fingers that I would scan for each chapter. # of fingers = # of chapters.

Random skull #2 Cleary, I’m into skulls.

07740 Jettys as borders

Random skull #3 Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.

The beach is my home and the jettys act as a border to protect it.

Random scissor #2

I decided to be the photographer, to make the borders more personal. Random skull #4

The full spreads will have more of an impact.

The beach is an important part of my home, so, the jettys acting as borders are keeping the beaches safer.

This is an obvious statement. Borders are needed in a lot of situations.

Colophon Page(s) was created and made in Long Branch, New Jersey. The original source for this book came from my personal notebooks from classes and projects throughout my semesters in the BFA program. This book was printed at Eddie’s Department, in Eatontown, New Jersey, on April 1, 2013.


Thesis book


Thesis book