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Proposed plan for ‘Road to EjectorSeat’ event at The Cellar EjectorSeat are Southampton-based promoters who organise events in and around Hampshire. Priding ourselves on bringing new music and arts to fresh audiences whilst promoting artists we love. The first festival was hosted in June 2009 and has been a success ever since. The annual Arts Festival is now our flagship event, a free festival that draws over 5000 visitors and engages with over 200 artists, and grows every year with new audiences and new activities. We aim to increase access to the arts for all and take this one step further by providing free workshops that teach new skills, enriching the festival audience experience. This year the Media Relations team has come up with a new and exciting strategy that we hope will involve The Cellar with holding a competition style event. The event will be based around music acts, so including bands, singers, instrument based acts and forming a ‘battle of the bands’ type event. The event is a warm-up event, to be held before EjectorSeat Arts Festival takes place on June 14th, to attract local artists to take part. It will be constructed of the following sub-events to construct the ‘Road to EjectorSeat’ main event: -

Participants will send in Promo tracks as well as an image, and brief 100-200 words paragraph statement on who they are, how they started and why they should be chosen to take part in ‘Road to EjectorSeat’. There will be a two – three week entrance time limit. Representatives from both the EjectorSeat group and representatives from The Cellar will then judge these entries on their sound, quality, enthusiasm and overall match to the arts festival. A total of 4 entries will be chosen to go through to the live stage. The last step will be for the four acts to perform a 15-minute set each at The Cellar to display their talent and overall impress the judges. Again the judges will be the same representatives. To draw in the crowd and show potential attendees and participants their possible future, we have potentially secured a headline act for the event being ‘Brother Goose’, a young and up coming Southampton act that performed at last year’s event. The headline act will play during the duration of the judge’s decision making and then after a approx. 30 – 40 minute set from Brother Goose the winner will be announced. The winner receives a spot on the bandstand stage to play at the iconic locally based EjectorSeat Arts Festival. Helping the band to overall grow and gain new followers and publicise the event.

Overall the main aim of this event is to get people interested in Ejector Seat Festival before the event happens. To excite people about local talent and gain awareness for the talent we have in this area. It’s also a great opportunity to get new followers for the Cellar, and for you to gain publicity and profits for yourself through bar sales and attendees of the event. We’d also like to include a section in the cellar to be dedicated to artists and their works. There will be an opportunity for local artists to send in their submission and again be judged by the same panel. This work will then be displayed in the cellar on the night to be judged again and the winner will be commissioned to paint a live piece at the festival. It’s a great opportunity to draw in two types of target audiences to the cellar. As the Ejector Seat Festival itself is a free family friendly event. We don’t want to charge people an entry fee for the ‘Road to Ejector Seat’ event, as we want to keep the ‘free’ aspect the same. This will help to draw in a wider audience and potentially bigger bar sales for yourself as people coming to the event won’t have to pay to get in. We would love to have such an established venue work alongside us in creating this event and helping to promote not only yourselves but also a great locally based free event. Please feel free to ask me any other questions about the event. Dates are agreeable with you ranging from the 17th to the 21st March, as this is during SMILE week (Southampton Solent University events week) where we can gain more publicity within the student community.

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