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FLUFFY ORANGE PR Intercultural Communication Workshop

Who are we?

Aleisha Lee-Brown

Helen Cummings

Paige Hiley

Chloe Attwood

What to expect from us‌

Our aim for you •  What do you think good communication is? •  This is what we think good communication is.

American culture theory

American Culture How would you stereotype American culture?

Work Ethics within American Culture

What Benefits will you gain from this task?

Chinese culture theory McGregor’s Theory X and Y in China

Y Managers

X Managers

Theory Y managers assume that

After the Revolution in China, two

employees will be more motivated

types of managers emerged:

if they are given freedom and

“Reds” and “Experts”. Experts

autonomy in the workforce

skilled in technical expertise used

(McGregor, 1960).

Theory X.

Chinese culture How would you stereotype Chinese culture?

Write down what you think are some Chinese culture traits.

Here is the list which we came up with for Chinese culture traits.

Barriers theory – Hall and Hall 1990 Monochronic Time (M-Time) Punctual

Notice Time

Efficient Late

Feedback Stick to schedules

Polychronic Time (P-Time)

Multiple tasks at once

Leisurely atmosphere

Friendships/Human Relationships more important than tasks

Unstructured Spontaneous

Barriers of communication American and Chinese Timing Monochronic Time and PolyChronic Time

Stick to a timetable…

Don’t follow timing guidelines, make up own deadlines…

Arrange regular meetings… Have spontaneous meetings… Expect constant feedback… Won’t reply or ask for feedback often… Get one task done before completing another…

Don’t feel like they are wasting time…

Always on time…

Running late…

Sign contracts…

Stick to traditions more than tasks…

Hall and Hall - 1975 Fact over Intuition

Value directness

Low context culture North American Facts and Logic

UK Precise words

German Contracts

People are all the same

Rely more on nonverbal communication

High context culture Use gestures to show their point

Middle East

Asia ‘How’ something is said is more important than ‘What’ is said

Non-verbal communication theory Sending and receiving wordless cues

Gestures with different meanings

Non-verbal communication

Negotiation theory Trompenaars’ and Hampden Turner 7-D Model 1.  Universalism v Particularism 2.  Neutral v Affective 3.  Individualism v Communitarianism 4.  Specific v Diffuse 5.  Achievement vs Ascription 6.  Inner v External 7.  Sequential v Synchronic

Negotiation styles If you can’t communicate how do you expect to manage a team.

How would you explain something to a child?

Workshop Timetable Time



Workshop Introduction


American Culture Theory and Activity


Chinese Culture Theory and Activity




Barriers of Communication Theory and Activity


Non-verbal Communication Theory and Activity


Negotiation Styles Theory Workshop


Evaluation of workshop

Thank you for listening. Any questions?

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Fluffy Orange PR Presentation  

This presentation was constructed to help brief business associates of the communication and gestures used in China to help them with Busin...

Fluffy Orange PR Presentation  

This presentation was constructed to help brief business associates of the communication and gestures used in China to help them with Busin...