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Road 2 Ejector Seat Headliner Proposal: Brother Goose

About... Road 2 Ejector Seat is a new event being trialed this year as an incentive based event, which local music artists of all kind as well as fine art, sculptors and illustrators can get involved in. The aim of the event is to draw in awareness of Ejector Seat Festival before the event happens; as a way of communicating with the local people of Southampton and local talent. The overall incentive for the acts is being able to provide them with a way of getting noticed.

How? How do people get involved? Simple. All they have to do is send in their own original work to us with a brief 100-200 word description on who they are and what they do. Judges representing both Ejector Seat and the proposed venue, The Cellar, will choose 4 music acts and 8 - 10 artists to display their work and perform on a TBC date during the week commencing March 17th. The winners will be chosen for both categories after the music based performances have finished. The chosen music act will then be given a spot at Ejector Seat Festival to perform in front of thousands of people on the Band Stand stage. The artist(s) chosen will be commission to create pieces of art during the day at Ejector Seat Festival 2014. Overall, it’s a great way for us to get people excited and involved with the festival, whilst helping to promote local acts and artists in the city of Southampton.

We want YOU... How are Brother Goose involved might you ask? Well ultimately we want to display you as a great band who have previously performed at Ejector Seat. As a young band yourself who are just starting out, you’re a great example for us to promote. Therefore, we are proposing you ‘Brother Goose’ perform as our headline act on the night, to provide us with a 30-45 minute set, giving the judges enough time to decide the winner. These will then get annouced after your performance. A DJ is then to follow for the rest fo the evening. We will promote you to the Media and using our Ejector Seat branded sites as the headline act for this event. If you’d be happy with this arrangement then please contact us for the finer details regarding the event, equipment, incentives and TBC dates and venue location.

Brother goose headline proposal