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About P.A.I.D

TEAM P.A.I.D Executives Duane E. Montgomery Founder and President, Editor

Passionate, Ambitious, Integrity, and Driven for success P.AI.D Magazine ~Passionate, Ambitious, Integrity, and Driven for success~ is a new and exciting publication of Financial and Business News relative to Entrepreneurship, Small Business, and Personal Finance. P.AI.D features predominantly young Entrepreneurs, Artisans, and Business-Owners of Generation Y; known as the Millennials from various ethnicities with a commitment for providing high-quality professional and innovative products and services to individuals from their local communities to a national geographic. P.A.I.D’s mission is to promote entrepreneurship and the philosophy that YOU TOO can control your own destiny by incorporating passion, ambition, integrity, and drive into the recipe of financial and social success. As a result of promoting entrepreneurship, P.A.I.D will illustrate satisfaction from entrepreneurs, artisans, and business owners, that it is “cool and rewarding” to reap the benefits of all one’s labor, dedications, and ambitions.

Who you will Reach? • • • •

An entrepreneurial and business-oriented population with a desire to achieve financial and social success through entrepreneurship. Schools and learning institutions that require students to have completed courses in Business and Entrepreneurship. Lower and middle social-classes who are seeking an alternative or additional source of income and are considering entrepreneurship. Consumers, employers, and investors that are looking for “what’s new” in business.

Kyle Joyner-Black Vice President

Team P.A.I.D Associates Maurice Covin Dashaun Cooper Aaron” AD” Davis Gregory “GQ” Hill Jarett Bowles Mark Ferrell Brian Diallo Brandon Langley Terrance Anderson Mark Armour Rasheith Rembert William “Lonnie” Ward

TEAM P.A.I.D Editors Benefits of P.A.I.D Magazine P.A.I.D Magazine contributes alleviation and a solution to a critical crisis during a devastating time in the United States economy. Americans are seeking an alternative or additional source of income to help them financially excel and overcome these tribulations. Their options may be to work an additional job, or reduce their current consumption by sacrificing their current lifestyle to satisfy their needs. P.A.I.D Magazine inspires and encourages people that entrepreneurship, artisanship, and/or starting a business is another solution to their financial problems and personal fulfillment that is attainable.

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7~ Marketing in a Down Economy

4~ Technology

21~ Early Signs of the Entrepreneur Within

6~ Recommended Business Books and Movies– Top 20

27~ Generation Y

11~ Meet Young Entrepreneurs, Artisans, and Business Owners

30~ Who you know vs. What you know 19~ Money- Basics of Investing 31~ Benefits of Reading 33~ Entrepreneurs vs. Entertainers

24~ Food for Thought Motivational Quotes 25~ Q&A– Starting your Business 34~ Coming Soon!

Technology~ Latest Gadgets and Trends

According to reports, Apple is encouraging its retailers to stock up on more popular models of laptops and iPods as supplies from the factory are expected to slow in August. Usually, when Apple issues warnings such as these, it is because production is being scaled down in

preparation for a product update. The memo suggests retailers order three weeks worth of stock for laptops and four weeks of iPods. This would place the product refresh around the end of August or early September, which is right around when Apple usually announces its iPod line refresh (usually either July or September).

Samsung SGH-G800

Motorola H680 $60 Weight: 0.4 ounces Earpiece: Over-ear hook and bud Battery life: About +nine hours of talk time; 190 hours of standby; uses micro-USB cable for charging

Yes, it is a phone - it just happens to have a five-mega pixel camera in the back. The SGH-G800 is already available in Europe but will make its U.S. debut later this year.

Sound quality: Excellent. Capably filtered out background noise and music, resulting in very clear audio Comfort: Comfortable right out of the box; also includes rubber rings to protect the speaker bud.

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Technology~ Latest Gadgets and Trends MBW-150 watch from Sony Ericsson

E-Detail Dual Display Tablet PC This South Korean company has a clever idea that makes tablet PCs more useful: why not add another screen? The dualdisplay PC, which runs Windows XP, allows you to sit across the table from clients and show them your presentation on a big screen. Connect a keyboard, and you can control the action while maintaining eye contact with customers.

Logitech di9ovo Mini $ 150 It's a wireless keyboard that is small enough to sit unobtrusively on a coffee table, and that allows you to kick back on the couch and operate your PC, and what's on that big screen, remotely. The $150 device connects to a PC (or PS3) via a Bluetooth USB adapter. A Mac version is in the works.

This James Bond-like, water-resistant gadget works in conjunction with your handset by vibrating each time you receive a new call or text message and letting you control your mobile music. Price: $400

SentrySafe Firesafe Water Resistant

Your jewelry and documents will be OK in the safe if disaster strikes -- but what about your digital files? SentrySafe, a 75-year-old New York company, is trying to blend its security brand with digital smarts to answer that question. This water-resistant safe stores a 2.5-inch hard drive, and even connects it to an internal USB port to keep it charged. Page 5

Recommended Businesss

ooks and Movies

for Business Professionals

Must Read and Must See Books Movies 1.

How to Win Friends & Influence People By Dale Carnegie 2. Think and Grow Rich By (apoleon Hill 3. The Power of Your Subconscious Mind By Joseph Murphy, PHY, PH.D., D.D 4. The Peebles Principles BY Donahue Peebles with J.P Faber 5. Cashflow Quadrant: Rich Dad’s Guide to Financial Freedom By Robert T. Kiyosaki and Sharon L. Lechter 6. The Entrepreneurial Mindset By Rita Gunther McGrath and Ian Macmillan 7. Black Enterprise Guide to Starting Your Own Business (Black Enterprise Series) By Wendy Beech 8. The Young Entrepreneur's Edge : Using Your Ambition, Independence, and Youth to Launch a Succesful Business (Princeton Review Series) -- By Jennifer Kushell 9. Upstart Start-Ups!: How 34 Young Entrepreneurs Overcame Youth, Inexperience, and Lack of Money to Create Thriving Businesses By Ron Lieber 10. The Young Entrepreneur's Guide to Starting and Running a

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.

Other People’s Money Twelve O’Clock High The Corporation (2003) Salesman (1968) Glengarry Glenn Ross (1992) Office Space (1999) The Insider (1999) Lost in Translation (2003) (etwork (1996) Stand and Deliver (1988) Jerry Maguire (1996) Wall Street (1987) Barbarians at the Gate (1993) Trading Places (1983) Michael Clayton (2007) Boiler Room (2000) In Good Company (2004) Antitrust (2001) The Godfather: Part II (Paramount, 1974) The Godfather (Paramount, 1972) "Working Girl" (Mike (ichols, 1988)

Gordon Gekko is a fictional character from the 1987 film Wall Street-- “Greed, for lack of a better word, is good”

"Larry the Liquidator"

Cashflow Quadrant: Rich

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lately? In many parts of the country spaces sit empty while there are signs in almost every window announcing 50-75% off sales. Some say that this is only the beginning. The question is how can businesses, especially small businesses, survive and even thrive in this kind of environment? a gener-

ally accepted rule in business that when times get tough, the first thing that should go is the money earmarked for marketing. This is a myth. Marketing is seen as a cost center as opposed to a profit center so slashing the marketing budget from 28% of sales to 12% or less seems, on the surface, like a wise idea. But it’s not. Tough economic times can actually be a positive for companies that understand how to use marketing to their advantage. As the economy has slowed down, we have seen the inevitable shakeouts – from banking to retail. The failure of Bears Stern and Indy Mac have sent shockwaves through the country on a large scale, but on a somewhat smaller scale, have you been to the mall

Companies in your industry and related industries may be closing their doors due to economic pressures. This will leave a lot of potential customers looking for alternatives. If you are a newer company or one that has not done any, or very little, marketing or advertising, the door is wide open for you to make your mark. “A recession provides a fantastic opportunity for a well-run business to take customers away from competitors that are struggling,” says Judy Schramm, founder of JMR Consulting, an Alexandria, Virginia based marketing consultancy for small software companies. “You simply need to make sure that your message gets out there loud and clear so those customers know where to turn when they become dissatisfied with their current vendor.”

Instead of cutting the marketing budget, ramp it up. Although this may seem counter intuitive, keeping up the volume on marketing keeps your business top of mind with customers. While your competitors are reducing their outreach, and possibly failing their customers, your company’s messages stand out. This provides the additional benefit of giving customers and prospects the impression that your company is solid despite the bad economy. In times like these, expenditures are weighed more carefully than ever. This is true of both individual consumers and corporations. Because of this, it is critically important that your company’s marketing messages be entirely benefits oriented. It must answer the customer’s question: why should I give my money to you? This may be an ideal time to re-evaluate your current marketing messages, collateral and website copy. When customers are making purchasing decisions, they want to be assured that they are making the right decision.

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Marketing Strategies in a Down Economy They do not, however, want to be “sold to.” Watch the quality of the copy. Avoid the used car salesman tone. Be professional and factual while always extolling the benefits to your customer. Remember, the benefit to the customer does not include your vision, your philosophy or your personal story. It’s all about what they will get for their money. It’s always worth paying a professional to write your copy. If you need to, there are other places to cut corners.

research into what types of publications they read and where they go to get information. Now is not the time for billboards, bus benches or other mass market advertising vehicles. To get the most from your ad dollars, focus on placements that hit your prospects directly.

“One advantage to a down market is that you can get very good deals on advertising because other companies are pulling out,” continued Schramm. It could be that you can now afford When considering to advertise in your own expendi- “When customers publications that tures, there are were out of are making certain things to reach before. It purchasing think about that is important to that most will help make the decisions they want note magazines and most of your marto be assured that newspapers are keting dollars. Adwilling to negovertising can be a they are making the tiate ad rates, good option. A right decision.” especially in common mistake tough times. businesses scared You never of losing revenue make is widening their net to get the most visibility possible. The truth is that during times of recession, it makes more sense to narrow your outreach to target the most likely customers.

need pay what is on the rate card. It is okay to ask for a discount for multiple insertions. Conventional marketing wisdom says that a minimum of six insertions is necessary to make the impression. This is true. If you have to, three insertions could work, but never buy only one. If you only have the budget for one ad, either consider a smaller insertion and buy several or spend your money on a different marketing outreach. One insertion will never return your investment. As with sales and marketing copy, it is wise to hire a professional to create your ads. Even at discounted prices, ad space is not inexpensive. If you are going to make the investment, go all the way for the most professional, targeted ad you can. Remember, in slow economic times, cast your net only in the direction of the most likely customer.

Before buying advertising, spend some time to really identify your customer. Who is he or she? Go through customer records and categorize the top types of purchaser. Are they facilities managers for large companies, mothers of young children, athletes? All of them? Then do some Page 8

Marketing Strategies in a Down Economy Poorly done ads are worse for your business than no ads. Every time potential customers are exposed to your company, you have a branding opportunity. Keep your brand consistent, professional and recognizable. You don’t want to appear like Crazy Gonzo selling used appliances at a discount, unless of course, you are Crazy Gonzo. Investing in public relations can be a great way to attract business. The third party validation that you get from an article in a newspaper or magazine can go a long way in (a) letting customers know about you, and (b) providing a somewhat unbiased view of your business. The potential downside is that no one can guarantee results. You have two choices. You can hire a professional PR person with strong writing skills and contacts or you can try to do it yourself. It generally pays to hire a professional if only on a

project basis. Many reporters do not like dealing directly with business owners because there is much less objectivity. Before starting any PR outreach, it is important to have a compelling story. Having a sale is not a story, donating 50% of profit to a charity could be. Taking on a new line or making new widgets is not a story in itself. But, becoming inspired to make new widgets because of the increasing demand for widgets that dogs like, might be. Do not invest in PR unless you have a news hook. It will be a waste of time and money. Before calling that reporter or sending that press release, ask yourself why anyone would care. Yes, it’s brutal. However, it’s better to ask and then rework your story if necessary than spend time and money on something that will go nowhere. Consider that the Internet has made contacting

editors and reporters a snap for just about anyone. As a result, they are inundated with pitches. At the same time, many printed publications are cutting staff and online publications generally have very small staffs. In order for your pitch to make it through, it needs to be relevant, compelling and interesting. The more work you do for the reporter, the easier it will be to write your story. If you are handling your public relations yourself, it is a good idea to run your pitch or press release past someone whose opinion you trust. Find someone who will give you honest feedback. A good writer or editor would be the best. This is your big chance to get in front of a reporter. You want to make sure that you put your businesses best face forward. This means a well written, well composed pitch letter and/or press release. It should

Page 9

Marketing Strategies in a Down Economy be grammatically correct, not contain misspellings, convey interesting, relevant information and be short and to the point. No editor will look past typos and poor grammar to find your news. If done property, public relations outreach can be a very low cost way to market your business or service. There is no doubt that a recession is hard on everyone. In business, customers become harder to get and harder to keep. Cutting back on certain expenditures is a natural and appropriate reaction, however marketing should not be on the list. Smart companies turn lemons to lemonade by employing targeted, benefits oriented marketing strategies to attract new customers and keep their existing base.

About the Author Victoria Rierdan Hurley is the owner of Helicon Public Relations & Marketing, a full service agency based in Los Angeles, California. For over fifteen years, Hurley has advised large and small businesses on marketing strategy, public relations outreach and employee communications. With magazine covers and stories in the Wall St. Journal, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, INC and other national publications, Hurley is valued for her insight and ability to get results for her clients. She can be reached at or

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The Present and the Future

Entrepreneurs, Artisans, and Business Owners Are you the next Steve Jobs, Catherine L. Huges, Shawn "Jay-z" Carter, Russell Simmons, Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey, Tom Ford, Warren Buffet, or Sean "Diddy" Combs? Just as these passionate, ambitious, full of integrity, and driven individuals have inspired millions through their accomplishments, there are many young entrepreneurs, artisans, and business owners who society may not be aware of who can inspire many through their accomplishments. P.A.I.D introduces new young entrepreneurs, artisans, and business owners. Like Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, Shawn “Jay-z” Carter, Warren Buffet, Sean “Diddy” Combs...and many others who control their own destinies and have contributed a portion of their success to society, these featured entrepreneurs are “The Present and the Future” and you are now privileged to learning more about them NOW, rather than years later when the question is asked; how did they:

Duane E. Montgomery Founder and President, CEO P.A.I.D Long and Foster Real Estate, Inc. Realtor Business and Finance Magazine featuring entrepreneurs of Generation Y, with a mission to promote and encourage entrepreneurship. Athletic sportswear apparel, and organization serving student-athletes to help them further their education and athletic career.

Age: 23 Education: Morgan State University Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance, 2008 Hometown: Long Branch, New Jersey Favorite Sport: Basketball Favorite Book: The Bible, Think and Grow Rich Favorite Business Mogul: Jay-z, Steve Jobs, and Donald Trump icknames: Ice and Stud Goals: “Continue promoting entrepreneurship and the philosophy that you too can control your own destiny. I want to prove to others, especially children, that you don’t have to be an athlete, entertainer, or drug dealer to become finan-

cially successful. One of my main missions is to restore the spirit of my hometown through annual events and other contributions.” Page 11

The Present and the Future

G.MC Ahmir Manning Antione Morgan Daniel Davis Phillip Anderson David Briggs Gregory Onyiuke Omar Carter Gregory Peterson Martesse Gilliam Jermaine Reeder Richard Wyatt G.M.C, Gentlemen Making Changes President ERA Reed Realty Realtor G.M.C (Gentleman Making Changes) was founded by young black men with like ideals. We serve a dual purpose which is to collectively attain financial freedom through entrepreneurial ventures and to revive the lagging social scene in our communities, universities and surrounding institutions. One of our main goals is to speak to the youth about planning for the future. We feel that if we talk to them while they are still in school about the pros and cons of what lies ahead, we may be able to change the lives of those that are not certain about what the future holds. Age: 21 Education: Morgan State University, Finance Expected Graduation May 2009 Hometown: Plainfield, New Jersey Favorite Sport: Football Favorite Book: Make your own Grow, Favorite Business Mogul: Diddy Goals: “To receive an undergraduate degree in Finance and attend Rutgers University Graduate School of Business and get my Masters in Finance.�

G.M.C Page 12

The Present and the Future

Marlon Barton

Kenneth Gwee

Wivertise, LLC (Wireless Interactive Advertisements) Chairman, CEO

Wivertise, LLC (Wireless Interactive Advertisements) Co-Founder

Ceres Enterprise CEO

Coldwell Banker Residential Banker Realtor

Morgan State University Entrepreneurial Society Treasurer

Morgan State University Entrepreneurial Society President

Age: 20 Education: Morgan State University, Finance Major Expected to Graduation Date May 2010 Hometown: Queens, NY Favorite Sport: Football Favorite Book: The Bible Favorite Company: Google, Inc Favorite Business Mogul: Richard Branson ickname: Titan Favorite Quote: Business opportunities are like buses, there's always another one coming. -Richard Branson

Age: 20 Education: Morgan State University Expected Graduation Date May 2010 Hometown: New York Favorite Sport: Football Favorite Book: Harvard Business Review on Enrepreneurship Favorite Company: Apple Favorite Business Mogul: Steve Jobs ickname: Gwee

Goals: “Graduate from Morgan State University with honors. Long Term, develop a Fortune 500 Company, sell it, and then give a portion of the fruits of my labor back to the

Goals: “Establish Wivertise as a premier digital advertisement company in the metropolitan area.”

Page 13

The Present and the Future

Age: 23 Education: Morgan State University Class of 2008, B.S. in Family and Consumer Counseling with a concentration in Fashion Merchandising. Second B.S. in Accounting expected Fall 2008. Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland Favorite Sport: Synchronized Diving Favorite Book: Any inspirational readings Favorite Business Mogul: Tracy Reese Goals: “Furthering my education, becoming affiliated with various associations that will nurture my career, and opening a successful retail store. Any necessary steps to retire by 40.�

Jaimee Young Third Eye Founder, Designer

Third Eye 410-900-7646 Page 14

The Present and the Future

Kyle Joyner-Black

Melissa Steckbauer

P.A.I.D Magazine and Social Network Vice President

Melissa The Red Painter Sole Proprietor

Wisdom II Inc. Sales Associate Inspiring Barber Age: 23 Education: Morgan State University Expected Graduation Date May 2009 Hometown: Wilmington, Delaware Favorite Sport: Basketball Favorite Book: The Secret Hobbies: Cutting hair, reading, spending time with my family. Favorite Business Mogul: Kyle Joyner-Black in 2015! Goals: “Graduate in 2009. I plan to open my Barbershop by the end of 2010. I plan to be a mogul in every aspect of the word.”

Contact Kyle: 302-420-6462

Age: Generation Y Education: BFA University of Wisconsin Hometown: Wausau, Wisconsin Favorite Company: Good Vibrations Favorite Business Mogul or Idol: Mistress Midori Goals: “For the long-term I intend to rely completely on my creative abilities as a source of income. I will use my writing, painting, an dart-making to provide self-sustaining and independent income. In the short-term, I intend to continue living in NYC and Berlin, Germany where I intend to make, show, and sell my artwork.”

Page 15

The Present and the Future

Charles Potter III

Dominique Gaines and Team Wisdom

Wisdom II Inc. Chairman

Wisdom II Inc. Creative Director

Collins & Potter Mortgage Co-Owner

Age: 23 Education: Hometown: Wilmington, Delaware Favorite Sport: Basketball Favorite Book: Purpose Driven Life Favorite Business Mogul: Jay-z, Russell Simmons

Jackson & Belcher Real Estate Realtor Age: 23 Education: University of Delaware, Expected Graduate Date: 2009 Hometown: Wilmington, Delaware Favorite Sport: Football Favorite Book: Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki Favorite Business Mogul: R. Donahue Peebles

Goals: “To evoke change in the mentality of my culture and other like minds through the application of Wisdom.”

Goals: “Start Potter Real Estate in 2009 and become a Multi Million Dollar Real Estate Investor.” Page 16

The Present and the Future

Marcellus Alexander Vesta Mobile Solutions, LLC Chief Executive Officer Age: 23 Education: Business Management, Hampton University Graduate 2006 Hometown: Baltimore, MD Favorite Sport: Basketball Favorite Book: Dare to Prepare, Ron Shapiro Favorite Business Mogul: icknames: Cellus Goals: “ To run one of the most successful minority owned businesses in Maryland.

Brandon Davenport Vesta Mobile Solutions, LLC Chief Operating Officer Age: 23 Education: B.S. Finance, Morgan State University Hometown: Baltimore, MD Favorite Sport: Football Favorite Book: Art of War, Sun Tzu Favorite Company: Wal Mart Favorite Quote: “I run on the road long before I dance under the lights.” Muhammad Ali Goals: “My short term goal is to grow Vesta Mobile into a powerhouse company in the Mobile Marketing industry. My long term goal is to become a conglomerate in a host of different industries. Also, to start a foundation for entrepreneurship, financial, and technical education for people in underserved communities.”

Page 17

The Present and the Future

Chenelle Covin Unheard-Voices, 2185 Media, Chenelle Designs, and CEO and Editor Company Descriptions:

Lenzy Betters & Cool Kids Society For Urban Freshness Blog Network (Cool Kids Network) CEO Company Descriptions: is a gossip/entertainment blog that is dedicated to bringing you the latest and freshest in entertainment, music, fashion and lifestyle from around the net. Log on and kick back, we're addicted to fresh! The Cool Kids Society For Urban Freshness is a network of leading blogs in the urban niche covering Entertainment, Music, Fashion, and Lifestyle topics. Age: 23 Education: Currently attending Howard University perusing a degree in Public Relations and Graphic Design. Hometown: Los Angeles, CA Favorite Sport: Tennis Favorite Book: The Art of War Favorite Business Mogul: Diddy & Nick Denton Favorite Quote: “What you make of your life is up to you. You have all the tools and resources you need. What you do with them is up to you. The choice is yours.”

Unheard-Voices is a minority magazine based out of Long Branch, NJ. 2185 Media Design is a web development & graphic design company. is a Myspace resource, and free web layout website. Age: 22 Education: Rutgers University Business School Currently enrolled Hometown: Neptune & Long Branch, NJ Hobbies: web development, graphic design, basketball Favorite Book: Kevin Liles – “Make It Happen” Favorite Business Mogul: Sean Combs Favorite Company: NextSelection LifeStyle Group

Favorite Quote: If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door! Goals: “My ultimate goal is to build an empire to not only change my life but the lives of my children, and children’s children. I want to be able to give opportunities to others and show that anything is possible. And I’m already beginning to build on that reality!” Page 18

$$$Money$ Money$$$ Money$

Money Basics of Investing Brought to you by

. Over the long term, stocks have historically outperformed all other investments. From 1926 to 2006, the S&P 500 returned an average annual 10.4 percent gain. The next best performing asset class is bonds. Long term U.S. Treasury notes returned, on average, 5.9 percent over the same period. 2. Over the short term, stocks can be hazardous to your financial health. On Oct. 19, 1987, stocks experienced the worst one-day drop in stock market history - 22.6 percent. More recently, the shocks have been prolonged and painful: If you had invested in a Nasdaq index fund around the time of the market's peak in March 2000 you would have lost three-fourths of your money over the next three years. 3. Risky investments generally pay more than safe ones (except when they fail). Investors demand a higher rate of return for taking greater risks. That's one reason that stocks, which are

perceived as riskier than bonds, tend to return more. It also explains why long-term bonds pay more than short-term bonds. The longer investors have to wait for their final payoff on the bond, the greater the chance that something will intervene to erode the investment's value. 4. The biggest single determiner of stock prices is earnings. Over the short term, stock prices fluctuate based on everything from interest rates to investor sentiment to the weather. But over the long term, what matters are earnings. 5. A bad year for bonds looks like a day at the beach for stocks. In 1994, the worst year for bonds in recent history, intermediate-term Treasury securities fell just 1.8 percent, and the following year they bounced back 14.4 percent. By comparison, in the 1973-74 crash, the Dow Jones industrial average fell 44 percent. It didn't return to its old highs for more than three years or push

significantly above the old highs for more than 10 years. 6. Rising interest rates are bad for bonds. When interest rates go up, bond prices fall. Why? Because bond buyers won't pay as much for an existing bond with a fixed interest rate of, say, 5 percent because they know that the fixed interest on a new bond will pay more because rates in general have gone up. Conversely, when interest rates fall, bond prices go up in lockstep fashion. And the effect is strongest on bonds with the longest term, or time to maturity. That is, longterm bonds get hit harder than short-term bonds when rates climb, and gain the most when rates fall. 7. Inflation may be the biggest threat to your long-term investments. While a stock market crash can knock the stuffing out of your stock investments, so far - knock wood - the market has always bounced back and eventually gone on to new heights. However

Page 19

$$$Money$ Money$$$ Money$ inflation, which has historically stripped 3.2 percent a year off the value of your money, rarely gives back what it takes away. That's why it's important to put your retirement investments where they'll earn the highest longterm returns. 8. U.S. Treasury bonds are as close to a sure thing as an investor can get. The conventional wisdom is that the U.S. Government is unlikely ever to default on its bonds - partly because the American economy has historically been fairly strong and partly because the government can always print more money to pay them off if need be. As a result, the interest rate of Treasurys is considered a risk-free rate, and the yield of every other kind of fixed-income investment is higher in proportion to how much riskier that investment is perceived to be. Of course, your return on Treasurys will suffer if interest rates rise, just like all other kinds of bonds.

9. A diversified portfolio is less risky than a portfolio that is concentrated in one or a few investments. Diversifying - that is, spreading your money among a number of different types of investments - lessens your risk because even if some of your holdings go down, others may go up (or at least not go down as much). On the flip side, a diversified portfolio is unlikely to outperform the market by a big margin for exactly the same reason. 10. Index mutual funds often outperform actively managed funds. In an index fund, the manager sets up his portfolio to mirror a market index - such as Standard & Poor's 500-stock index - rather than actively picking which stocks to purchase. It is surprising, but true, that index funds often beat the majority of competitors among actively managed funds. One reason: Few actively managed funds can consistently outperform the market by enough to cover the cost of their generally higher expenses.

Good Bad and Ugly Credit “ Your credit is like a great smile.�

How do I order my free report? You can order your free annual credit report online at, by calling 1-877-322-8228, or by completing the Annual Credit Report Request Form and mailing it to: Annual Credit Report Request Service, P.O. Box 105281, Atlanta, Page 20

Early Signs of the Entrepreneur Within It’s evident only those of a select breed are predisposed to cut the proverbial corporate chord. They actually seek horizons beyond protocol, are capable of leaping outside the box of micromanagement, and ultimately break out on their own. For some it takes several aggravating years behind a desk daydreaming through long-winded lunch meetings. They reluctantly lead one task force after another and cooperatively attend corporate training sessions on diversity, teamwork, and finding the winner within. Some, however, are born with an innate sense, which empowers them to run their neighborhood by the age of 6 and own a small country by their 9th birthday. There’s also the longbloodline-of-family-business types, who like it or not, will run the inherited business rather than witness their kid brother mess it all up. Protecting the family name doesn’t happen nearly as often as it used to, yet entrepreneurial parents sure know how to keep that apple from falling too far from the tree. Still others, like many not raised in this country, have little problem diverting from the comfortable norm. They aren’t afraid to take chances because they may, literally, have nothing to lose. On top of that, they’re not lured by benefits packages, 401k plans, and the promise of

vacation days after 5 years of dedicated service; they in fact, know better than to trust mediocre systems of intangibles. Lastly, there are our stay at home moms that construe the craftiest lil’ kit-nkaboodle ideas that no one would ever dream of patenting. They sit atop the summit at Forbes, snickering at the darndest notion they’ve become filthy rich off plastic buttons and rubber shoes.

FEA R making them restless to strive for independence and create their personal ideology. Some are out to seek fame and fortune, while others want just the simple stuff done their own way. Their goals may differ, but the drive to prove something is just one of their many tying threads.

Beyond the satire, it is obvious that only some people are truly capable of running their own show and successfully captaining the ship. Although diverse in origin, many share several qualities

The evolution begins: 10 early signs you may be an entrepreneur You’re curious how things work: You catch yourself watching shows like “How It’s Made” or eyeballing “How To” guides. Whether it’s an assembly line or a paper airplane, the process intrigues you, the mastermind behind the functionality, and the dreamer who imagined it could all work. You’re inquisitive about the lives of those you consider successful and are eager to learn where they began and how they made it to the top. Watching “True Hollywood Story”, “Behind the Music”, “Inside the Actor’s Studio”, or “Oprah”, may be just some of the material you consider “research”. And, don’t even think about watching an episode of “Cribs” without getting fired up. Despite the evoking frustration touring an enormously wealthy pre-prepubescent mogul’s home, you’re curious and often find you can’t help but watch.

Your mind is constantly in motion: Your brain is forever busy, dreaming up a multitude of avenues for success. Frequently, you marvel at the ridiculous concepts that have made people wealthy and conjure up half-hearted ideas as stepping-stones for your “real” venture. Page 21

Early Signs of the Entrepreneur Within According to you, products are never made correctly. More often than not, you have innovative perspectives on how to make things better and enhance existing services. You’ve even thought, on more than one occasion, about writing the company to suggest your ideas. Yet you fall short when realizing the lines of compensation may easily get skewed. Inventions and such may not be your bag, but still you can’t help but wonder, “Why didn’t they think of that?” or “Where was I when the panel was out on this one?”


You are inescapably impatient: If delegating is difficult for you because you live by the motto: “If you want something done, you gotta do it yourself,” you may be an entrepreneur. Why wait, when you can just do it yourself? Unfortunately, you can’t do everything alone and there will be times you will have to wait for the assistance of others. While you do, however, you’ll surely imagine how it could be done better. You will most likely modify or redo altogether the task at hand at least once or twice over, so just be honest and apologetic. It’s usually safe to blame your “high maintenance” persistence on perfectionism and patterns of OCD.

Say it loud & Rock it out

In certain realms, you are seldom satisfied: Especially with your own work, you are critical and rarely satisfied. It can always be better, you can always work harder, and when passion is driving the force you will relentlessly keep at it. If it’s your name being tagged on the final project, you want to make sure it’s right. The sacrifice will commence until it’s correct, so choose what or who wisely as you instinctively know when something’s gotta go.

You don’t know what you want to be when you grow up: The truth is, you may be good at a lot of things and are willing to consider many options as long as it consists of making money and doing so on your own accord. Often the journey begins by finding out what you don’t want to be when you grow up. Take note, as with your makeup…. the discoveries may be plentiful. You question authority: It’s not like you necessarily do it on purpose. It’s not entirely your intention to have “issues” with authority. It’s just; you know things can be done more efficiently with less difficulty or overall better in general. Because of this, you question the way things are done- everything, or at least everything that affects you. Sometimes it’s received well, others…not so much. Each snafu, however, acts as a great teaching moment on what not to do once you’re up and running on your own.

Patience to climb the ladder you don’t want to sit at the top of, is asinine. It’s like dating someone

You’ll likely hold several jobs: Well, because you disagree with authority, sometimes it’s difficult to stay in a place that compromises your integrity. Or that’s at least how you put it when describing your departure to others. It may have been the mismanagement of the facilities, the poor administrative practices, or you just weren’t feelin’ the love. Either way, you know when you want out and, quite frankly, you’re not afraid of walking out the door with your head held high and the sense of freedom in your soul.

you don’t want to

Patience to climb the ladder you don’t want to sit at the top of, is asinine. It’s like dating someone you don’t want to marry, or not worth bringing home to your parents, or introducing to your friends. It may work for the short term, but the cons kill the pros in a head to head contest every time.


Page 22

marry, or not worth bringing home to your

Early Signs of the Entrepreneur Within You are drive-force diligent: When motivated, you rank in as MVP. Multitasking blind folded while standing on your head is a piece of cake. Long hours, lack of sleep and running on empty is the standard. You can see the light at the end of the tunnel and know self-induced slave labor may be necessary to get you there. Simple gratitude will take you a long way; add honesty and you can do anything you want, except be a politician of course.

You are a natural leader: If you get involved you’re most likely taking over. Not necessarily in a bad way, you plainly can’t help it. You can’t keep your mouth shut in class or in meetings when discussions reach, even barely, close to home. Even when you’re trying to stay out of it you struggle. Your mantra walking into a meeting may be, “I will not get involved.” Repeatedly, with more authority, “I WILL NOT…” Yet, all bets are off when a matter surfaces striking that Is he kidding me with this? chord. ot afraid to take chances: People often think you’re crazy, yet you believe in your conviction. You understand the risks and realize denying yourself the opportunity would make matters far more dicey. You’d have regrets, which can eat away at you and you’d surely develop complications much more difficult to survive than failure. Besides, you have the personality and the will power to bounce back and only learn from your mistakes in order to take them forward to your next venture. It’s all about perspective. Your glass can often be objectionably beyond half full, yet you wouldn’t have it any other way. Sure, your confidence can take hits, even big belly blows, but with intrinsic motivation on your side, the positive energy will inevitably win. Whether it’s a childhood dream, a simple workable idea, or a complex mega-plan, recognizing the entrepreneur within is the first step. The hunger, the drive, and the desire may just be beyond the awakening. So, watch for the signs, wait for the right time, and then go with your gut. It’s innate, it’s who you are and you will only beat yourself up trying to deny it.

By Kat Hurley Owner Freeterrain, LLC

Say it loud & Rock it out

Page 23

dom s i W f o s d r o W ght/ u o h T r o f d o o F Appetizer Motivational and Inspirational Quotes

Motivational Quotes

~What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

~ Work spares us from three evils: boredom, vice, and need.

Ralph Waldo Emerson ~The mind that opens to a new idea never comes back to its original size.

Voltaire ~The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible

Einstein ~Wall Street is the only place that people ride to in a Rolls Royce to get advice from those who take the subway.

Arthur C. Clarke ~Experience is the child of thought, and thought is the child of action. ~Benjamin Disraeli

Warren Buffet ~A mans reach should exceed his grasp.

~You cannot plough a field by turning it over in your mind.

Robert Browning ~If your reality begins with your dreams, your dreams will become you reality.

Author Unknown ~My suggestion would be to walk away from the 90% who don't and join the 10% who do. Jim Rohn

Donald Trump ~I cannot change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination. Gail Conner-Luckett ~When you know what you want, and you want it badly enough, you'll find a way to get it . Jim Rohn ~He who hesitates is lost.

~The best way out is always through. Robert Frost ~Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking. William B. Sprague ~Nothing will ever be attempted if all possible objections must first be overcome. Samuel Johnson


Page 24




D A9 .O RG

Does every business need a license? No. Licenses should be issued only to those businesses that are required to be licensed by the state. Requesting an unnecessary license only creates extra paperwork and hampers timely service to businesses that need assistance. To determine if you need a license, contact your local Clerk of the Court or call the State License Bureau at 410-260-6240.


How do I create my business structure? Sole Proprietorships, General Partnerships Sole proprietorships or general partnerships require no legal entry formalities except compliance with State and local licensing and taxation requirements. Legal Entities (Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Limited Partnerships, and Limited Liability Partnerships) For information about registration requirements for legal entities, contact: State Department of Assessments and Taxation Corporate Charter Division 301 West Preston Street, 8th Floor Baltimore, MD 21201

Programs and services to help you START GROW & SUCCEED All sba programs and services are provided on a

About SBA

Can I search to see if the name I wish to use for my business is available? Taxpayer Services Division 301 West Preston Street Baltimore, MD 21201

How do I start a non-profit organization in Maryland? Most charitable organizations are classified by the Internal Revenue Service as tax-exempt organizations. The benefit of obtaining the tax-exempt status is that the organization is not liable for any federal income tax. Applications for this status are made to the Internal Revenue Service. If tax-exempt status is granted, the organization will receive a tax determination letter. It is usually during this process that your organization will be designated an employee identification number or federal identification number. (Please note that these terms are used interchangeably.) This number is also required for many of the exemptions described below To obtain the necessary forms to apply for tax exemption, please contact the Internal Revenue Service by calling (toll free) 1-877-829-5500, using the IRS fax system at 703-368-9694, or downloading the forms from the IRS's website. The required forms are:

Page 25

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) was created in 1953 as an independent agency of the federal government to aid, counsel, assist and protect the interests of small business concerns, to preserve free competitive enterprise and to maintain and strengthen the overall economy of our nation. We recognize that small business is critical to our economic recovery and strength, to building America's future, and to helping the United States compete in today's global marketplace. Although SBA has grown and evolved in the years since it was established in 1953, the bottom line mission remains the same. The SBA helps Americans start, build and grow businesses. Through an extensive network of

STARTIG A BUSIESS S TA TE DE PA RTM E9T O F A SS ES SM E 9T S A 9 D TA XA TI O9 Charter Division 301 W. Preston Street; 8th Fl Baltimore, MD 21201-2395.

Form SS-4: Application for Employer Identification Number; Form 8718: User Fee for Exempt Organization Determination Letter Request; and Either: Form 1023: Application for Recognition of Exemption for 501(c)(3) Organizations; or Form 1024: Application for Recognition of Exemption for all other exempt statuses. To access these forms via the fax system, you must dial directly from your fax machine. Although Forms 1023 and 1024 are not accessible via the fax line, the catalog numbers for Form SS-4 and Form 8718 are 16055 and 64728, respectively.

Internet Business From a licensing standpoint, an Internet business is not significantly different than a business that has a physical storefront location. For the purposes of this case study, let’s assume an Internet business is a business that sells products or services through a web site and does not warehouse or store any inventory.


Maryland State agencies regulate the sales of certain goods to the public including, but not limited to, agricultural products, plants, animals, pesticides, chemicals, fertilizers, food, beverages, motor fuels, tobacco, body tissues, precious metal objects, burial goods, boats, hand guns, fireworks, explosives, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, motor vehicles, insurance plans, securities, franchises, health club memberships, pay telephones, condominiums, real estate, and various other goods and products.


Select your business structure

Create or register your business

• Select and register your busi ness name and entity •

Obtain personal property tax information

Register a trade name

• Obtain federal, state, county, and local tax information •

Tax Id number and FEI

• Check county and local zoning requirements • Check state and local license requirements

Maryland State agencies regulate certain services that could be offered to the public over the Internet including, but not limited to, importing and exporting, educational services, pawn brokering services, employment agency services, home health agency services, accounting services, legal services, medical advice, insurance consulting, financial planning, stockbroker services, charities, and various other services. Follow the steps for How To Start A Business In Maryland. Using the search box near the top of the BLIS home page, search on keywords related to the types of goods or services that you will be selling over the Internet. Review the list of licenses that BLIS displays. View the details of any licenses that may pertain to your business operations. Contact the State agencies that issue the licenses to apply for the licenses applicable to your business type. If you use scales or meters to sell products to Maryland consumers, you will need to have your weighing and measuring devices certified for accuracy by the Maryland Department of Agriculture. Call 410-841-5790 for more information.

• Obtain and complete Application for Maryland Business License

Page 26

G E  E R AT I O  Y

seen before. We believe that everything should just be generation or the generation of handed over to us without slippers and pajama pants. It’s working for it like our parents the new era of sleeping in late, the baby-boomer generation drinking espressos and energy did. We all see our parent’s drinks to give us some more pep. working day in and day out Nobody has the desire in workand tell ourselves that we will ing for it, putnot live that life ting in that extra “Nobody wants to work for that we will find hour. The word something better it anymore. There's no overtime does and unfortunately honor in taking that after not even cross school job at Mickey Dee's, many do not. our minds. So Even though high honor's in the dollar, kid.” what is this school drop out -Giovanni Ribis, Boiler slacker generarates are lower Room tion you may than ever in the ask. Although past 30 years it is it’s been argued of the dates it’s colleges that are seeing this commonly known as people benumber increase. More men ing born during the years of these days in colleges are 1977-1998. Or Generation Y. dropping out to start their own A simple fact about inventions and businesses generation y, to sum it up a study which is noble but the studies was done about our y generationhave shown that only a few ers and it showed that the 2006 percentage go on to make it. college student is 30% more Today young adults don’t even narcissistic than the average make it into a class room 1982 student. Today we carry rather we have online colleges around a sense of entitlement set up now, granted in some today that the country has not situations it is very useful but

The new hip, up and coming

it also depicts the picture being painted of the laziness this country is raising. More and more students are ditching regular high schools and colleges to earn online credits while they watch SpongeBob and drink red bulls after waking up at 10 o’clock in the morning to do their work on their own convenient schedule to make sure not to miss yoga class or the latest CSI episode. Earning money these days is nothing how it used to be when hard work was respected and you did whatever it took to put food on the table. When was the last time you had a kid come up to you asking if he could mow your lawn or wash your car? It just doesn’t happen anymore. I’m sure some people remember the days when they would go with their old man to the job site and mess around with the tools and learn lessons on how to be a hard working man, something as being in the y generation I have no idea about other than in stories and movies. I would never know anything about walking miles in the snow to go to school because frankly I wouldn’t walk a mile anywhere even if Abraham Lincoln was teaching the class. Nobody wants to stay an extra hour at work or get a second job, yet we’re quick to put effort into the get quick rich schemes of late night television. I to am victim of succumbing to this I fell for the pitch of “easy money” one network marketing representative

Page 27

G E  E R AT I O  Y

can dream is no longer workthrew at me and thought why ing your way up the chain it’s not, what’s wrong with a how fast you can get to the quick dollar so I did my top of the chain. Is it wrong dance trying to get people to to criticize someone to take buy my products so I wouldthe easy way out? If I were n’t have to work a 9-5 at my to criticize someone for maklocal grocery store. ing it truth be told I would Now what about the only be jealous. The real entrepreneurs, the new invendifference is if Robert tions that did make it, Frost was born in Genthe Facebooks, the Myspace’s of the “If Robert Frost eration Y would he take the road less traveled? world. The creativity was born in Would anyone of us of the Y generation is excellent no short of Generation Y take the road less traveled or the roads we brilliant in most would he take were most comfortable cases, but what separates the great ideas the road less with? There are the Robert Frost’s of our that make it and the traveled?” generation as well. Not ones that seem to all are part of the sleepisink? Hard work. ness, but the difference today This young generation is not is there are less Robert without hope there is the ones Frost’s and the majority are that have the bug of hard unmotivated. work in them, the drive and Out of all these the passion to make it in this questions though the question the world. The American I fear most, however is one Dream. day when my son comes up Somewhere along to me and says, “Well old the years America lost its dream with the new generation. Most kids today are born into the America Dream products of their parent’s hard work. Where did that strive go? What more is there to do as a child when your already living in the suburbs in a three car garage, how far more up the ladder can you climb? Of course in America you can always grow higher but there is such a feeling of being content with this life and its luxuries why would you need to change that now. The Ameri-

timer, what did you listen to you when you were a kid?” What’s going to be my answer? Somebody named half of a dollar yelling into a microphone about selling drugs on a street corner holding a gun? Can half the world relate to music now a day? When you go into your daughter or sons dance these days you wouldn’t believe the obscene language about slapping girls or having sex with hooker’s. What happened to music about love and happiness something to a degree most of America could relate to? Being a parent is harder than ever these days when all the children’s influences are former gang member’s turned rappers or young celebrities checking in and out of rehab every other week. I would much rather have my son look up to John Wayne than a gangster getting arrested on drug trafficking charges. I give the

Page 28

G E  E R AT I O  Y

parents of the kids in the Y Generation much respect and credit for doing the toughest job in America: raising kids who have over 900 TV channels and magazines that glorify drug use and sex as a daily part of life. Life was so much simpler when there were only 4 channels on the tube. Some people say where are the parents when they hear kids using foul language today, but how are parents to blame when their kids are downloading illegal music over the internet with the f bomb every other word. Not only do parents have media and music to try and monitor, they have movies as well. When I was under 18 I can’t even tell you how many rated R movies I would buy tickets for. Parents cannot be responsible for every child’s actions and on the other hand it is not the movie industries fault that I made the wrong decision to buy tickets when I was underage. I do not blame the movie industry for the horri-

ble content in the movies because they have a job to do, so I can only blame them for the lack of skill they do their job. Every time I go into a movie theatre its like I’m watching a Seinfeld re-run. Are we going to re-do every movie that was made in history. What happened to an original idea? Batman, Spiderman, all make millions of dollars. But original? No. I’m not saying these are bad movies they are excellent films, but where is the creativity in the movie industry. What movies made in the 90’s are going to be re made in the next 30 years? I am willing to bet that amount is not nearly enough as the amount being redone today. Generation Y does believe it or not have some perks to it. Our youth is more concerned about the environment than ever before. Due to our creativity we are rebuilding an eco friendly world and people in the retail industry have also started to do their part in this as well. Look at what a little extra work of all the people can do. Because of this generation and the disasters of late, a whole city is rebuilding “green.” We are now switching out plastic bags at grocery stores, working on pollution and tons of great things you hear on your local news channel every morning. So is this all we need a little extra hard work, another Red Bull in the morning to get us going? I do not have the answer but somewhere out there is a solution. Somewhere we lost our drive, our passion for growing up in America and we just need an extra spark,

an extra encouragement and knowledge and motivation in our goals. There is nothing wrong with wearing slippers and pajamas if you haven’t tried it you probably should. But everything needs some moderation.

By Jason Baker

Page 29


Vs WHO YOU K9OW I work hard preparing myself. I have a B.S in Finance, a promising internship and I attend Graduate School parttime. I figure, with my education and experience this is a great start toward my future. I applied for a job with wellknown firm in the Financial District. The day of the interview, as I sit in the main lobby waiting to be called in to meet with one of the hiring managers, in walks a guy who seems very sure of himself. Now there’s nothing wrong with being sharp and confident in Corporate America. Sharp and confident go hand in hand. However, he was the last one to arrive to the interview, despite the fact that he was without a portfolio or resume in his hand. Now who shows up for an interview like that? Anyway, at that point, I am thinking he is either inattentive or very brave. Next, this guy goes right up to the administrative assistant at her desk and whispers something into her ear. She flashes a big smile, picks up the phone, and before I knew it she is escorting “Mr. Late” into one of the fancy offices most of us were hoping we would make it for that golden opportunity to

WHAT YOU K9OW discuss our qualities we would bring to the company. About 15 minutes goes by and I am still waiting in the lobby next to the other six candidates that were also applying for the same position. By now I have that gut feeling that something is up; leave it to your gut to never steer you wrong. Ten minutes later the admin assistant comes out of the office and thanks us for coming to the interview. Then she tells us the boss had to cancel all job interviews because he had an unexpected emergency. I look around and all the other interviewees are getting there things together looking disappointed as they leave the office, not before handing their resumes to the admin assistant for what I thought was an unlikely follow-up call. Not too long after that announcement, the door opens and “Mr. Late” comes out with that million dollar smile with the boss. I am not close enough to hear what they are discussing but I can see them shaking hands and parting ways. I still didn't know what had just happened but I knew I was not going to get the job.

I walk into the elevator and someone yells out, “ can you hold that please”, then in comes Mr. Late, before I press the main floor button in the elevator, the boss yells out to him," Tell your dad that he better make some time; I am taking my boat out to sea next week." There I stood completely understanding; that is not what you know but who you know. I promised myself in that elevator standing right next to the guy who had advanced in his career because of who he knew rather than what he knew, that would never happen to me again. I decided to stay at my current job and grow within the firm. I was kind of quiet. I would go to work, do my job, and leave the office at 5pm routinely. I decided that I needed to change, and let the company know who I was and what contributions I could bring to the table to help the company increase performance. I started by smiling more and remembering associate's names I had been introduced to in the past. I volunteered more work for charity events and accepted

Page 30

AMBITIOUS invites to social gatherings. My company offered free learning workshops for employees. In these classes I met other co-workers from other departments and learned how and what their jobs entailed. Knowledge is a strong power and it's up to you as an individual to take advantage of knowledge and all it has to offer. My point in all of this is that. yes there will be those people that are blessed with knowing the main man and gets through life less challenged. So I suggest, you take what you know and start mixing it with who you know and you to will be able reach beyond your grasp.

Benefits of Reading By Nicole Sebula

It seems like from the moment we enter this world as babies we are read to and eventually through time we start to read to ourselves. But why is reading so important? Is it to just communicate better with our peers or understand teachers in school? That is partly correct. Teaching children to read at an early age prepares them to be productive adults in the future according to The more a child reads the stronger their comprehension skills are, the better they will do in school and eventually in the workforce. They will be able to grasp concepts quicker than a person that does not read (or read as much) and have a stronger ability to think analytically. Both

“You take what you know and mix it with who you know and you WILL be able to reach beyond your grasp.” By Olga Gonzales-Ramon

skills that are helpful as the child grows and continues through to college. According to the website Focus on the Family, reading has many positive effects on life. They state that reading causes better concentration to seeing subtleties and processing information to having a fulfilled adult life. The site goes on to say how reading also develops the ability to help the reader understand how other people think and feel because when you are reading you follow a character and see how they are dealing and interacting with problems within the story line. Not to mention reading helps with the simplest of tasks and following directions. Comprehension is a large part of what a child receives from reading at an early age. With that they will be able to do tasks given to them by an employer or at home following a recipe they downloaded from the internet. Not only recipes but

there are also food labels to consider. What if a person is allergic to something or needs food that contains low sodium? The ability to have strong reading skills will help ensure that the correct foods are being purchased. Also, when taking medications and the ability to take them correctly. The child will be able to sift through the information, find out what he or she needs and continue with the task, where as someone with a lower reading ability might not be able to follow along so easily and get lost in the process. Not only does reading help brighten future prospects; there are health benefits to reading as well. According to NHS Direct, reading not only helps a person deal with unwanted stress and anxiety as reading provides a ‘form of relaxation and escapism,’ but reading also is a ‘brain tool’. By being a brain tool reading helps those of all ages to continue to learn and develop skills that are important in life. NHS gives the Page 31


examples of education, self improvement, positive life choices and all round well-being as the skills that are needed. Reading also helps a child learn about relationships and how to interact in the different kinds of relationships. Not only those of love and friendship but how to interact with family. Sometimes getting a new sibling can be tough on a child, especially when they have been an only child for a period of time. By reading about becoming a responsible, respectful older brother or sister the child will comprehend that while there is going to be change that does not mean that his or her parents love him or her any less. As a parent sits and reads with a child, it helps develop important bonding time with the child. Not only does reading to your child or having your child read to you a great way to spend time together, but it also is a great way to open up conversation with the child. It is a great way for the child to be inquisitive and for the parent to be responsive and receptive to the questions that come about during this time while building a bond between the child and parent. Sharing reading time with a child will also help the parent to see what the child is interested in. The subject matter of the books, anything from astronomy to zoology, can bring other family time activities. For example, if the child is interested in astronomy, get a telescope and continue the learning process, find the stars and plot star maps or go on a field trip to further explore the child’s passion. Not only will the child continue to learn, but there will be an amazing bond between parent and child. Take your child to the

public library to see what interests them. Sometimes though, especially with both parents working, it can be difficult to find the extra time to read every night with your child. There are steps to help ensure that your child is getting the required amount of reading in. The easiest one is finding a daycare/babysitter that will either spend time reading to the child or having the child read to them. When at home, and the television is on, try to make the shows being view educational ones. And lastly, remember that you as a parent are the child’s role model. They will imitate what you do and if you enjoy reading, they will do the same. Reading is not only important for school aged children, it is important for the elderly as well. While many of the older generation cannot get around like they once did, keeping their minds sharp is very important. Reading helps keep the brain waves flowing and keeps the older generation articulate and sharp as they were when they were in their 20’s. While reading is an important skill learned at a young age, some have great difficulties in learning to read. According to NICHCY, difficulty with reading is not something unusual nor is it something to be ashamed of. Millions of people within the United States have trouble reading. Some may not be able to read at all while others have basic reading skills but would be considered a "slow reader." Problems with reading are often accompanied by writing, listening, or speaking problems.

Page 32


• • • • • • •

Stimulates your imagination Engages curiosity Sharpens your observational skills Encourages you to ask more questions Enhances your listening skills Lengthens your attention span Encourages you to create images in your own mind rather than passively accepting images that are presented to you by television Aids the development of your problem-solving skills, logic, and reasoning Gives you information about a variety of new subjects (colors, shapes, animals, music, etc.) in an engaging, ageappropriate way

United Way of King County

The most important thing is to know that there is help available. Finding out the problem early on can be helpful in correcting the problem. Problems range in everything from poor vision to dyslexia. It is important to get a child’s vision checked early on if they are having problems with reading.


Team Young Entrepreneurs

Jay-z and Lebron James leading the way for Team Entertainers

The quintessential entrepreneur is a business owner, initiating their business by either bank loans or family inheritance. They have a natural affinity to present themselves as figures we admire in the community but their primary business goal is to thrive and produce a product or service in high demand. An example of this ownership would be Bill Gates with his Microsoft Empire.

few, start out in the business as entertainers and through cunning business practice and negotiations, create ventures in the likes of magazines and print, talk television and fashion.

Entertainers play a very influential role in our community as well. While their source of revenue is sales, their image to the majority of their viewers must be informative or merely enjoyable. For instance, the latest Philadelphia artist Jasmine Sullivan is an entertainer with a primary goal to reach and touch people with a powerful voice through her music.

image and public persona pro-

the featuring of a business owner. It is the civil responsibility of an entrepreneur to increase his image in society through community service and outreach allowing

Entertainers are undoubtedly

citizens to follow their business

more embraced in modern society than entrepreneurs are due to their

footsteps through practice and benevolence.

higher level of exposure. Their

mote and market their livelihood

By Sandrew Pinckney

therefore persisting longer than



The double-threat is when mogulminded individuals like Oprah Winfrey, Sean “Diddy� Combs, Tyra Banks, and Nelly to name a Page 33


P.A.I.D Athletics- sportswear apparel, and organization serving studentathletes. Student-athletes are determined to make advances in their athletic and academic careers with the desire to one day be able to feel rewarded, accomplished, educated, and P.A.I.D. The path to being P.A.I.D is accessible by many routes that one has to determine is the right path he or she will travel. Some student-athletes will be fortunate to receive many blessings utilizing the talents they possess to receive scholastic and athletic scholarships. Others will further their education by grants, loans, and financing their education. Either way, advancing your education is one of the higher percentages of paths chosen toward a promising future. P.AI.D is an acronym that stands for Passionate, Ambitious, Integrity, and Driven for success. These characteristics are essential for student-athletes to advance in there athletic and professional careers. P.A.I.D Athletics sportswear apparel is representation of determination for success. The word P.A.I.D is not used in a monetary sense, or to describe financial gains. It is used to describe the passion and desire for those student-athletes who are driven for life-success.

Products Athletic Wear Designer Jackets Gym Bags Tote Bags Backpacks Drawstring Bags Caps Socks

Page 34


P.A.I.D Apparel- apparel and products for professionals who compete extensively in the realm of business and entrepreneurship delivering quality service and products to society. P.A.I.D Apparel is for professionals that participate in the professional league called “Business”. Like a Short Stop, Quarterback, and Center; there are also positions associated in Business: Some notable positions are President, Owner, Chief Executive Officer, Marketing Director, Salesman, Publicist, and the list goes on. A substantial profitable fiscal quarter is like going on a 10-0 game winning streak. The acquisition of smaller company or product is like acquiring a player from free agency. Like sports, business is a team sport. The phrase often used in team sports, “There’s no letter ‘I’ in team” can be transferred into every organization made up of a group of individuals working together to achieve one common goal. The characteristics of sports and athletes are closely related to those in businesses and other organizations, that I felt it was necessary to create P.A.I.D Apparel and Fashions as the chosen clothing line for entrepreneurs, artisans, and business owners who strive to SATISFY their fans (customers, clients, shareholders) and WIN in the game of business.

Products Laptop Carrying Cases Conference Bags Deluxe Briefcase Tote Bags Wallets Office Accessories/ Stationary

Fashion Designer Shirts Designer Polo Shirts Designer Sweatshirts Designer Jackets

Page 35

P.A.I.D Magazine  

Business and Finance Magazine featuring Entrepreneurs, Artisans, and Business Owners of Generation Y.

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