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monthly newsletter // april 2019

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Page Unified School District

page unified school district

monthly newsletter - April 2019

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cheerbrings team places 2nd Choir home presigious award

SCC gives $4K to page schools

boys tennis Enters April 4-1


softball team enters April 7-5

athletes of the month

Mommy-Son Dance

Meet the 2019/20 student council

Page Multiple Track meet

skate competition is a big hit

employment opportunities

calendar of events

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page unified school district

April 2019

Monthly Newsletter

PUSD is... urposeful:



Decisions will be made that are thoughtful and sustainable.


Our conversations with students and staff are always about improving that person and leading them to be more successful. Teachers are encouraged to be innovative and “risk-takers” to push student achievement.


Short and long term goals are SMART and selective. Our goals are known by staff, students, parents and the community.

pportunistic: Providing opportunities for students and staff that will move the academic needle within our schools.

“Our schools are passionate about the learning-for-all mission and understand that every student matters. We are responsible and accountable for the education of every student that walks through our doors every day.”

rusting and transparent: This is the foundation of everything we do.



page unified school district

monthly newsletter - April 2019

SCC gives $4,000 to Page Schools

The Page Unified School District was the beneficiary of some windfall cash in early March to the tune of $4,000. Representatives from South Central Communications (SCC) presented PUSD the check during the school district’s monthly Administrators/Directors Meeting. The $4,000 was split between Page High School, which received $2,200, Page Middle School, which received $400, Desert View Intermediate School, which received $700 and Lake View Primary School, which received $700. Adam Young, Director of Marketing for SCC, said the company gave the school district the check to be a good neighbor and support the school in its efforts and programs. “As a local service provider, we’re part of the community and we want to support our community by giving to our schools, because they are giving so much to our

community,” said Young. “We care about our kids and our future and putting money into the hands of teachers is a great way to do that.” Because the money was a donation, and not earmarked for any specific department or expenditure, the schools are free to spend it at their discretion, said PUSD Superintendent Rob Varner. From left, Stephanie Hansen, Assistant Principal at Page Middle School; Rich Van Nostrand, Principal at Desert View Intermediate School; Jeanie Wood, Data Tech Coordinator; Adam Young, SCC’s Marketing Director; Rob Varner, PUSD Superintendent; Cathy Erickson, Principal at Lake View Primary School; Beth Jahsman, Director of Educational Services; Mary Stahl, Principal at Manson Mesa High School; and Anne Martin, Principal at Page High School.


Softball team 7-5 going into April

The 2019 softball season is, metaphorically speaking, rounding second and heading for third. The season is just past its midway point and the team is posting a 7-5 win-loss record. With the exception of the season’s opening scrimmage held back in mid-February, the team has played all but one of its games on the road this year. But the team will have four games at home in the coming weeks, on April sixth, eighth, ninth and fifteenth. Many of the players on this year’s softball team are returning players from last year’s team which won the 3A North title. Sand Devils softball head coach, Sunni Crank, is happy with her team’s performance so far. “We’re finally playing as a team, as one,” she said after the team’s victory over Monument Valley in late March. “They played with a lot of heart and a lot of intensity today.” As the team progresses into the heart of the season, Crank says she expects to see that heart and determination get turned into hits, runs and wins.


Lakeview Mommy/Son Dance


Page Multiple track meet March 16


Page students shred skatepark during inaugural skating, scooter competition

See more skate pix on pg. 7


The Page High School student council held the inaugural skateboarding, BMX and scooter contest at the city's new skate park last Saturday. It was a well-attended, high-energy event MC’d by Al Neezy. The contest was divided into several age groups, and there was also an award for Best Trick, which went to Landon Farley, who landed a backflip on his scooter. The winners of each category are listed below: High School: 1st, Dallan Clitso. 2nd, Yate Nez. 3rd, Nike Kinsel. Middle School: 1st, Ernie Santiago. 2nd, Timothy Etsitty. 3rd, Matthew Gishie. Elementary: 1st, Colin Silversmith. 2nd, Aliyah Whiterock. BMX Division Winners: 1st, Sedona Sloan. 2nd, Janell Bronston.


PHS Concert Choir brings home a Superior with Distinction

The 32 students who make up the Page High School Concert Choir returned from the AzACDA State Festival earlier this week with an “Superior with Distinction” for their performances of three memorized pieces, as well as sight reading new and unfamiliar pieces. Concert Choir Director/Instructor, Lynda Nolan, was very happy with the achievement, but not too surprised. “This is a great group of kids who love working with each other,” Nolan said. “There is always a positive attitude in the choir room during rehearsal. At the beginning of the school year the choir discussed as a group what their goals were and what would be required to achieve them. The group’s motto this year was, ‘Don’t wait to be extraordinary.’ “They wanted a Superior,” Nolan said. “We had to call some extra rehearsal during spring break that they attended,

and because of the long break before the festival we had an after-school rehearsal that everyone worked hard at.” Nolan is joined by Dawnell Robertson who is the accompanist on the piano. The Concert Choir first had to prequalify at the Regional Festival last autumn, which they did by receiving a high ranking on festival pieces and passing the Sight Singing Portion of the festival, which earned them an “Excellent with Distinction.” There are two sections of the festival. In the first section the choir perform three memorized pieces for three judges, who will then give the choir one of five ratings, with Superior being highest and Excellent falling just below that. The Concert Choir has been performing and memorizing in preparation for the festival since mid-January. The scoring rubric is very detailed and broken down, explains Nolan, and the

choir’s final score comes from an average from the three judges. Receiving a rank of Superior is not an easy task, said Nolan. During the second portion of the judging process, the choir must sight read music they haven’t seen before. The group must then sing it in four parts (SATB). They are not allowed to be accompanied by a piano, nor can the director help them in any way except to keep a beat. They’re graded on note/pitch accuracy, rehearsal technique, sectional work, and musicianship. They must achieve more than 40 out of 50 points to get the mark of “Distinction”. They received 42. “They have a great work ethic and positive attitudes,” Said Nolan. “With these kinds of students, a teacher can mold, direct and inspire, and they respond.”


Boys tennis team enters April with 4-1 record

The Sand Devils varsity tennis team enters April an impressive 4-1 on the season. The team’s first loss came in the last week of March in a close match against Northland Prep. The team won four matches (one doubles and three singles) and lost five. This year’s team has a pretty even mix of experienced and inexperienced players. This is only the second year playing competitively for Isaiah Adams, who plays in the No. 1 spot. As the team’s No. 1 player he plays the best player from each team, and has brought home some impressive victories. He has lost only twice in singles so far this season. The team’s No. 5 player, Seth Deering, is a freshman. Boys tennis head coach Ryan Palizzi said Seth Deering’s performance this year has helped his team gain several of their victories. Deering, a freshman, plays in the No. 5 position. What makes his wins remarkable is that this is his first year ever playing tennis. “He’s beaten some pretty impressive players,” said coach Palizzi. “He’s an athletic kid, and that helps a lot, but eventually

you also have to learn and know the fundamentals of the game and he’s learning them quickly.” The team’s No. 2 and No. 3 players, Anthony Isaac and Jazheel Acosta, are both seniors with years of experience. “They’re pretty athletic kids who can hit a good slice and they have good movement on the court,” said coach Palizzi. Palizzi expects Isaac to move into the No. 1 position next year after Isaiah graduates this year. This year is also the first year

coaching tennis for Palizzi. Palizzi also coaches boys soccer for the Sand Devils in the fall, where he also coaches about half of the tennis players on his team. He says that background and builtin camaraderie has made his job as tennis coach go a lot smoother. “I know these guys pretty well, and I can’t talk enough about what a great group of genuinely good kids these are,” he said. “They are everything you’d want in a player. They’re open to

criticism, they’re respectful and a joy to be around.” This year’s snowy, rainy, cold weather cut into the team’s practice and game schedules, resulting in several early season practices and games cancelled or rescheduled. Isaiah Adams is the team’s No. 1 player, with Anthony Isaac at No. 2, Jazheel Acosta No. 3, Ben Treece No. 4, Seth Deering No. 5 and Konnor Reed No. 6.



EMPLOYEES of the month

In recognition of academic and professional excellence...

The March Students of the Month were TyAhna Yazzie, from Lakeview Primary School, Nolan Jackson, Desert View Intermediate School, Whitney Smith, Page Middle School, Matthew Tadytin, Page High School and Jared Tsinnijinnie, Manson Mesa High School. The Teacher of the Month was Elizabeth Montez-Dasler, and the Certified Employee of the Month was Fred Kellar. Congratulations everyone for a job well done!


page unified school district

monthly newsletter - April 2019


Athletes of the month

at Page Unified School District

Cammie Robinson cheer March 4

Collin Whitehorse baseball March 11

Diana Secody Tennis March 18

ben treece tennis march 25

2019-20 Student council election results Student Body President: Evan Cambridge VP: Mikenna Penrod Secretary: Marah Little Treasurer: Jordan Varner Activities Coordinator: Parris Adams

Class of 2020 President: Robyn Holgate VP: Benjamin Alvarez Treasurer: Taylor Keisling

Class of 2021 Class of 2022 President: Brianna Motko VP: Kristen Claw Secretary: Neve Redhair Treasurer: Latasha Slim

President: Christina Chief VP: Braxton Harris Secretary: Gracie Baran Treasurer: Kelsie Varner


page unified school district page unified school district

monthly newsletter - April 2019

Employment Opportunities at Page Unified School District Interested in working for the school district? Here are just some of the positions available now!

Certified and Classified position openings: • Lake View: Teacher - K-2 (19/20 SY) FEBRUARY 2019 • Lake View: Counselor (19/20 SY) •

Desert View: Elementary 3-5 (19/20 SY)

Page Middle School: Choir Teacher / half time middle school, half time high school (19/20 SY)

Page Middle School: Science Teacher (19/20 SY)

Page Middle School: Social Studies teacher (19/20 SY)

Page Middle School: English Language Arts 6th grade (19/20 SY)

Page Middle School: English Language Arts, 7th and 8th grade (19/20 SY)

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Page Middle School : Math 6th Grade (19/20 SY)

Page Middle School: Guidance Counselor (19/20 SY) Page Middle School: Assistant Principal (19/20 SY) Page Middle School: School Psychologist

Manson Mesa High School: English Teacher (19/20 SY)

Certified and Classified postions: •

Page High School: Director - Career and Technical Education (CTE) / Post-Secondary Development (19/20 SY)

Page High School: Earth Science Teacher (19/20 SY)

Page High School: Chemistry Teacher (19/20 SY)

Page High School: Culinary Arts Teacher (19/20 SY)

Page High School: CTE Welding Instructor (19/20 SY)

Page High School: English Teacher (19/20 SY)

Page High School: Navajo Language Teacher (19/20 SY)

Page High School: Choir Teacher. Half time middle school, half time high school (19/20 SY)

Grants and Accounting Assistant

Substitute Teachers and Aides (Pre-k thru 12)

Substitute Crossing Guard

School Bus Drivers


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In order to see all available positions and to apply, please visit the Page Unified School District job opportunities page at for more information.

"One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world." -Malala Yousafzai


page unified school district

monthly newsletter - April 2019 PUSD Calendar of Events

For the complete PUSD calendar including start times, go to

april 2019 sunday



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Donkey Basketball @ PHS Gym 7PM

7 14 21 28



3 10 17 24

4 11 18 25

PRIDE Assembly DVI 2:15PM


5 12 19 26

Governing Board Study Session


@ Canyon Cantina 9PM to Midnight

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers @ CAB 7PM

2nd Grade Transition DVI 9:30AM 2nd Grade Transition DVI 4:30PM

6 13 20 27

Sand Devils Dodgeball Tournament @ PHS Gym 10AM3PM

------------------------Prom Spirit Week --------------

Regular schiool board meeting 5PM


NO SCHOOL PHS Day of Service

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers @ CAB 2PM matinee

Dancespace performs "Giselle" Ballet @ CAB


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April District Newsletter  

News and events occurring at the Page Unified School District for the month on March.

April District Newsletter  

News and events occurring at the Page Unified School District for the month on March.

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