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Editor’s Note Hey TeenVybe Fans,


e launched two weeks ago to overwhelming support from all of you and for that I wish to say thank you. We’ve made major improvements to this second issue and we know you guys will certainly be pleased. We promised you guys certain features and content and we intend to deliver and we are indeed doing so. This is only the tip of the iceberg for you, our readers, so expect even better and more creative content in our third issue. If any, we embrace your comments and suggestions as we grow and develop. Indulge. Karl Larmond, Junior Editor in Chief

I would just like 2 say you guys did an amazing job on the magazine, so two thumbs up. But imma just tell u the sections I really rated and thought were really cool because they pose such a positive influence on the upcoming generation: health and teenvybe spirit are sections which have substance an caught my eye and it was so well done. Also the fact that Christianity was incorporated in a relatable way was truly amazing. The section about khajeel was heart-warming and respectable. So guys please keep up the good work and you have left me anticipating more. I would definitely read one of these every day! – Aisha Duncan , Kingston, Jamaica Never underestimated you guys and you delivered as expected. well done. (: Michaela Simon – Kingston, Jamaica Magazine Shell! - Jody Ann Thompson This is excellent! I’m very impressed! Wonderful job, great work. Proud of ya!!!

Big up Teen Vybe! – Karen Clarke – Kingston, Jamaica The magazine was awsome :D (Y) ...Can’t wait for a second issue guyz, keep it up (: Trishana Prince Just finished reading y'all magazine and I must say - it’s exciting, fresh and cool. Love the step that you guys have taken and trust me this will go far. Can’t wait for the next issue, no wait, I’m already waiting, lol. I love reading so count me as one of your loyal readers. Keep up the good job!!!! – Floyd Francis – Spanish Town, St. Catherine, Jamaica I sat and read the entire thing(Y) Appreciating teens and their positive contributions is a really good look guys, keep up the good work. Congrats on the first issue, please keep em coming! – Aisha Kay-Marie Cato – Bronx, New York

Excellent Magazine Guys [Y] ♥ Enjoyyed Every Bit (: I'll Be Lookin Forward To Your 2nd Issue ! [: - Khanene Mattis, Kingston, Jamaica Okay I have only read like 3 magazines in my life but you guys have more than a magazine! I look forward to your next issue! – Lici Lou – Kingston, Jamaica It shot! – Damzii Dee – Kingston, Jamaica Just read the first issue and it was sooo amazing! Kept me interested the whole time! Made me proud to be apart of the young people generation stillz. Can't wait 'till next issue. Big ups from Canada! – Jen Bailey – Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

Great job on the first issue guys. Keep 'em coming. – Kellie Bertram – Kingston, Jamaica Leaving love on da page , some ATL love. ♥ Love da mag. As soon as I go back to school next week , Imma tell some of ma friends about this. :-) – Kimberly Carmen Jimenez – Atlanta, Georgia I like it (y) keep it up – Terence Swire – Kingston, Jamaica iViewed It Like 10 Times :$ It Shott A Wayy` .Y. - Kingston, Jamaica

What is YUTE? Youth Upliftment Through Employment EXPLANATION: YUTE is an initiative coordinated by a Jamaican private sector-led coalition, and is an holistic programme designed to empower young people in troubled communities by: 

Improving upgrading







Providing opportunities for gainful employment – work experience and real jobs

YUTE is aimed at zeroing in on some of the root causes of violence and unemployment among young people through an aggressive 2 year programmatic approach. Phase1, January 2011 – June 2013 of the programme is being implemented with 2200 unattached youth in eight Kingston communities - namely: Denham Town

Mountain View

Parade Gardens


Olympic Gardens

Tivoli Gardens

Jones Town

Trench Town

With your support Phase 2 will commence Islandwide thereafter.

Our Focus YUTE seeks to increase the individual marketability of unattached youth in troubled communities. To achieve this feat the programme is divided into 3 streams as outlined below:

YUTE Employment– Opportunity to get valuable work experience (full-time jobs & internships);

YUTE Entrepreneurship– Opportunity to start or develop their own business;

YUTE U-Turn– Opportunity to make a turn-around and develop certain life skills and disciplines while getting skills training.

The programme will be supported by active mentorship for the 2200 young people across all 3 streams.

Why is YUTE different From Previous Initiatives of Sort? 

YUTE is different because it 'closes a circle' - most initiatives focus on training, including community based training, but do not give the participant a long term solution which will move her/him forward.


E.g. of ‘closing the circle’: for the entrepreneurship stream YUTE provides the learning, incubator experience, the access to financing, and ongoing business support for a 2 year period.

The YUTE Programme is community based. In seeking to make a difference in the lives of unattached young persons, it also seeks to achieve a shift in their respective communities by impacting families and friends.

YUTE will track and monitor the 2200 participants who move through the programme.

YUTE calls for partnerships at every juncture of the programme - building on good practices of non government and government agencies, on earlier interventions for youth at risk.

Who is behind YUTE? The project initiation team started work on the ground July 2010 to: 

Learn why we (Jamaica) had not made significant strides in transforming some of our most troubled communities

Determine how to BUILD on the most effective work and see how best to expand and coordinate for increased impact

YUTE leverages resources through Multi-Sectoral Partnerships: Public, Private Sector & Civil Society:  

PSOJ in partnership with other private sector groups/associations Private Sector coalition in alignment with PIOJ and other Government agencies to maximise existing and planned initiatives


ell that time of year has once again proven itself to be unavoidable. Play halts and work begins. It’s the end of summer and the beginning of a brand new school year. Some dread it, some fear it and for some, it’s a joy which they’ve been anticipating since summer began.

- The Dread Many teens dread simply going back to school on a whole. Not that they’re not academically or socially inclined to deal with school work or teachers and peers, but they just don’t like the whole ordeal of school and all its obligations & responsibilities. The tedious preparations the night before, the early morning rising, the often traffic-laden commute, the horrifying lunch options (at some schools), simply going through the day, and much more. For these kinds of people, their favourite part of the day is when that bell sounds to signal the end of their school day, even though they made a great new friend or did well on an important test. THEY JUST DETEST SCHOOL!

- The Fear

“What if my teachers hate me?” “What if someone picks on me?” “What if I don’t make the team?” School scares some people. They don’t want to face it at all because they focus on all the negative possibilities and hence, don’t want to go. There are four easy solutions to this: 1. RELAX! Calm down and think about things rationally, instead of immediately beginning to worry and jumping to the worst conclusions. 2. Talk to your friends. Express your feelings and concerns to them and if they are REAL friends they’ll try their best to help you the best way they can. 3. Talk to your parents. Some parents aren’t receptive of their kid’s issues because they either think they’re insignificant or they don’t have any time. However, if they are indeed different, tell them your concerns and they should help you to the best of their ability because no one loves you like they do, hence they have your best interest at heart and want to see the best in your life, so they’ll give you the best advice they know how to. 4. Talk to Us! E-mail us for advice at

-The Joy

The most uncommon of them, these teens delight in school. They may not necessarily be the best academically or socially, but they see school as an escape from their homes. They actually like all the drama, gossip, sights and sounds that accompany the experience of school.

Despite all these different outlooks on the new school we’re sure about is that we HAVE to go to school morning. Let’s all just approach it with a sense confidence and progressiveness as it is an essential Teenage years.

year, one thing come September of positivity, passage of our

Which International Artist Ruled Summer 2011?? Based upon our polls, it was Wiz Khalifa! It can also be seen in the streets where people are now mimicking Wiz Khalifa with his snapback hats, and streaks of gold at the front of their hair. Close favourites included Lil Wayne and Drake Lil Wayne in particular had the most anticipated album which after being leaked had 1,300,000+ illegal downloads in 30 minutes.

Which Local Artist Ruled Summer 2011?? Popcaan having gotten the most votes has been dubbed summer’s favourite! Thanks to his massive hit song ‘Raving’, which can be heard on almost every radio station or at every event. ‘Raving’ had us singing and dancing all summer long! Close favourites included Vybz Kartel, Aidonia and Mavado who also had a great impact on our summer with songs that kept us singing. Vybz Kartel with his addicting songs and infectious lyrics. Aidonia with his lyrical incredible content as well as his well known phrases: “Mhm, Yes Papa”, “Me D’even Swim” and “Yuh See Dat”


iz Khalifa was born Cameron Jibril Thomaz on September 8, 1987 in Minot, North Dakota. He moved to Pittsburgh when he was just two years old. He‟s signed to Rostrum Records. In 2005 he released his first official mixtape, „Prince of the City: Welcome to Pistolvania‟, and later in 2006 he released his first full length street album entitled „Show and Prove‟. Since then he has released a further six mixtapes and a collaboration mixtape titled „How Fly‟ with friend Curren$y. He released his debut album, „Deal or No Deal‟, in November 2009, it reached #1 on the iTunes hip hop chart, and then reached the top ten on iTunes‟ overall album chart the week it was released. Over the next thirteen years, he would move between Pittsburgh and South Carolina, Georgia, Oklahoma, Germany, Japan, and England as his parents were reassigned to different posts as they were in the military. During his travels, Wiz was forced to mature quicker than his peers. He was constantly faced with new surroundings, new schools, and new sets of friends, and he found it difficult to become attached to anyone outside his family roots. This nomadic life gave Wiz an opportunity, though, to broaden his mind and offered him many experiences from which to draw inspiration. He began to perceive the world differently than most kids his age, and he would write his thoughts down every day. These thoughts would become the foundation for his future recordings. By the age of 14, with a few songs under his belt, Wiz was already drawing comparisons with his commanding voice and witty wordplay. While he has been influenced by artists such as JayZ, Camron, and the Notorious B.I.G., Wiz was determined to create his own identity that would, one day, be loved and revered by fans. Ready to take the next step, Wiz began his search for a recording studio to record new songs. He found one, ID LABS, where owner Eric Dan immediately recognized Wiz‟s talents. Along with Chad Glick of ID Management, they began to network Wiz to another Pittsburgh native, Benjy Grinberg of Rostrum Records. Benjy realized the raw talent that Wiz possessed, and immediately brought him into the Rostrum family in-2002. Soon after, Wiz Khalifa began his ascent into the music scene in the Pittsburgh area. He has been hailed by the award winning Pittsburgh Post-Gazette pop music critic, Ed Masley, as having “the skills, the looks, the confidence, the drive, and the charisma for the job.” The New Pittsburgh Courier says, “The combination of a young, charismatic M.C. with a slew of stop-and-rewind rhymes together with a local independent label with major industry connections has set the stage for a hip-hop artist representing Pittsburgh to reach superstar status for the first time ever.

Devaughn Lewis TV: Which school do you attend? Devaughn: “Well I attend Campion College, the baddest school pon three legs!” *smiles*

TV: What do you think makes you awesome? Devaughn: “Making people smile, just being myself. Don‟t change for anybody.” *smiles*

TV: What’s your favourite physical feature and why? Devaughn: “I would have to say my bones enuh, the girls love my slender body. *laughs* No, I was just boosting myself right there but I like my bones, the shape and everything.”

TV: How do you spend most of your time? Devaughn: “Well I like to play video games, especially combat arms. I also like to talk with my friends like Blair Henry for example.  A joke still, she not important. *laughs* I like going on YouTube, I go on YouTube a lot and Tumblr and Facebook.” 

TV: Who are your best friends? Devaughn: “Carlton Brown, Craig Watson, Najee Hibbert, Chadric McPherson, Courtney Reynolds, Jordan Reynolds. Big up everybody, the whole crew. Dem done know demself!”

TV: What’s your most memorable moment? Devaughn: *LOLs* “Umm, when I was at my Dad‟s house and he told me not to go on the road on the bicycle and I went and I fell off and I broke my tooth, yea.”

TV: Favourite food? Devaughn: “Umm, you know seh I‟m a Jamaican. Me love me dumpling yuh zeet? And my fried chicken and rice and peas and macaroni! All those things.” *smiles*

TV: Favourite musical artistes [Local & International] Devaughn: “Well I would have to say internationally it‟s Eminem, one of the best rappers out there. Locally I would have to say Runkus, Di ras! He‟s an upcoming artist. He has some really good songs and I also listen to Kartel and those other artists.”

TV: What is your expectation of TeenVybe? Devaughn: “Well they would provide more for the younger yutes coming up and also they will find a spot for us older teens to hang out, hopefully. And have more competitions. If I enter some of the competitions I might win, but people might just hate me because of my Stick Lady and such. *laughs* I just see them having a bright future though, really looking forward to it!” TV: How did you first hear about TeenVybe? Devaughn: “Well yuh know seh, is the one Karl. The man just mash up ma news feed eno star! As in, people update them stat and me caah see nothing. All I see is TeenVybe, TeenVybe, TeenVybe *laughs* and the man wouldn‟t stop! I just had to like the page and then they just had so many likes, as in …it‟s so awesome!” TV: What do you hope to achieve in the upcoming school year? Devaughn: “Well I will be attending UTech starting soon and hopefully I‟ll meet a chick. *LOLs* No, I‟m gonna take this first semester very seriously to see how capable I am of managing the…. college lifestyle! Then I‟ll probably just slack off a little bit and party and hopefully they have a hockey team, I would go and play hockey „cause I really like hockey and stuff.”  TV: Favourite cartoon character? Devaughn: “Well, you guys might say I‟m demonic but I‟m not. My favourite character is Alucard from Hellsing. He‟s a vampire! swag ”

TV: Favourite TV Show? Devaughn: “I couldn‟t tell when last I watch TV still enuh. *LOLs* But … “Well I would have to say I like watching Man vs. Wild „cause that man is a eedyat. A real idiot that enuh! So it‟s really funny when I watch him eating all those nasty stuff.” TV: MTV or BET? Devaughn: “MTV! Because BET has too many commercial breaks and them break come-een like is all two days dem a show commercial enuh ! But MTV just show you the new hits like Mac Miller and those people and Lil‟ Wayne and Wiz Khalifa, swag!”

The Triumphant Three ON SUNDAY AUGUST 21st, a new teen queen was crowned at the seventh staging of the annual Miss Teen Portmore Pageant; TeenVybe sat down with the triumphant three for a chat. This is what they had to say: Ruth Ann Williams April Weise Shamar Falconer

April – 3rd Place – Alpha Academy TV: What was the first thing that went through your head when you realized that you had placed 3rd? April: “I was really, really happy „cause I didn‟t answer my questions as well as I would have wanted to, so I was extremely, extremely surprised and really elated”

TV: Why did you decide to enter the Miss Teen Portmore Pageant? April: “I entered because I want to become an ambassador for my country and in order to do that I believe that this would have been a stepping stone to get to that place and to help my country and why not start with my community?”

TV: Is pageantry something that you want to continue in the future? April: “Yes, I do want to continue. I would love to like be Miss Jamaica Universe, but you know height is an issue, so I‟ll just enter for the experience and the exposure.”

TV: What’s your ultimate career choice? April: “I want to be a doctor, I want to specialise in diagnostics.”

TV: How was it working with so many other teenage girls? April: “Umm, it isn‟t something unique because I go to an all girls‟ school, so it‟s something I have to endure everyday.”

TV: What’s your favourite part about being the 2nd runner up in the competition? April: “Getting to go out with Ruth-Ann and Shamar.”

TV: Describe yourself in eight words? April: “Spontaneous, random, fun-loving, talkative, intelligent, confident, cute and unique.”

TV: Any talents? April: “I can sing and I can dance. But you can dispute that, but I think I can dance.”

TV: Two things that you NEVER leave your house without? April: “A phone and money.”

TV: What difference do you think you brought to the competition? April: “I think the difference I made in the competition was that I diffuse a lot of tension because of my randomness. I‟ll just shout out something to just get your mind off whatever is causing you to be really tense. So I‟m guessing I‟m a buffer for all the tension.”

TV: What do you intend to do for the city of Portmore? April: “I want to go into the schools and do reading assessments and help the kids and I like Math so I can help with that. And I can read to babies!” 

TV: Who’s your inspiration? April: “Mommy.” 

Shamar – 2nd Place – Holy Childhood High School

TV: What was the first thing that went through your head when you realized that you had placed 2nd? Shamar: “Oh my god! Is it true? I was happy. I was crying down tears. I was feeling good because I know that all my hard work and dedication had finally paid off.”

TV: Why did you decide to enter the Miss Teen Portmore Pageant? Shamar: “Well, I thought that it would make me a betterrounded individual. I wanted more confidence in myself and I wanted to know more about my community, as in…Portmore on a wider basis.

TV: Is pageantry something you plan to continue in the future? Shamar: “Yes!  I want to enter Jamaica‟s Most Talented Teen Competition, I think it‟s next year, so I plan to enter that next year. And then hopefully Miss Jamaica, then Miss Universe.” TV: What’s your ultimate career goal? Shamar: “I want to pursue a career in the field of forensic science. Yes, I love blood and I love dead bodies! *laughs*

TV: How was it working with so many other teenage girls? Shamar: “Well at first, it was kinda hard because you didn‟t know what they were like and then when you get to know them you find out “Ok, she‟s a very shy person, she‟s a very fun individual” and you get to blend and mix with different personalities so it was fun. 

TV: What’s your favourite part about being the first runner up for Miss Teen Portmore? Shamar: “Getting a crown  *laughs* Umm, the most favourite part is that I get to represent Portmore. I get to tell other persons how lovely Portmore is, not saying that I can‟t tell them

without the crown but I guess they‟ll find it more interesting and they‟ll believe it more coming from me.”

TV: Describe yourself in eight words. Shamar: “Fun, talented, confident, determined, go-getter, shy (at times), jovial and energetic!” 

TV: What’s your talent? Shamar: “I can sing! I can recite poems, act, a little dancing… but I basically do singing” 

TV: Two things that you never leave your house without? Shamar: “My camera! And my phone” 

TV: What difference do you think you brought to the competition? Shamar: “I think the big difference that I brought to the competition is that everybody probably wanted to be a teacher or a doctor or something, but you‟d never meet a person or a GIRL that says “Ok, I love blood and I love dead people and I love dead bodies!”

TV: What do you intend to do for the city of Portmore during your reign? Shamar: “I would like to start a mentorship programme to help the youth of Portmore in their personal problems or any problem that I can help them with or I can even give back in terms of all the training I got during the competition, I can teach them what I have learnt.”

TV: Who’s your inspiration? Shamar: “My inspiration is my mom! I know it might sound cliché and everything, but she is really a go-getter and a very determined individual and I believe that she is really my big influence because no matter how tough or how hard times may get she always pushes on even though her back is against the wall, she keeps on fighting.”

Ruth-Ann – 1st Place – Wolmer‟s High School

TV: What was the first thing that went through your head when you realized that you were the new Teen Queen of Portmore? Ruth-Ann: “Absolutely nothing. *laughs* Like it‟s a lot of built up emotions. You know that you‟ve won, but it hasn‟t registered in your head as yet. You‟re just going out there because, you know you won. You work really hard for it, but at the same time, it‟s like unrealistic.”

TV: Why did you decide to enter the Pageant? Ruth-Ann: “A lot of reasons. Firstly, because at the end of fifth form, you graduate. You‟re at home and thinking and I was like “I never achieved as much as I wanted to, I wasted a lot of time idling and I saw the pageant as a means of achieving something that I‟ve always wanted to.”

TV: Is pageantry something that you want to continue in the future? Ruth-Ann: “Well I‟m not sure, maybe. I‟m considering it but it‟s not really my type of thing because I don‟t really like being the centre of attention, it‟s really uncomfortable for me. Like, I work well with the pressure, but at the same time it‟s not really something that I like to do, but I would like to represent my country one day, so maybe you‟ll see me in the future. I‟m not sure though.” TV: What’s your ultimate career choice? Ruth-Ann: “Entrepreneurship, business all the way! I want to own Jamaica‟s first chain of Teen Entertainment Centres. Because as a teenager I am bored. We have nothing to do. You have to be crashing clubs and adult parties. And I think as adults you don‟t want some bunch of teenagers in your place, so I‟d like to establish a centre where we can go and watch movies and we can party and have fun! And it‟s just our place!” 

TV: How was it working with so many other teenage girls? Ruth-Ann: “It was good, but there were difficult spots, because the clash of personalities. Every girl in the competition has a totally different personality so it was really good to mesh with other people because their personalities were amazing. They were fun and entertaining, but there were times when you know … personality clashes… but other than that, it was good.”

TV: What’s your favourite part about being Miss Teen Portmore? Ruth-Ann: “I would have to say the fact that I‟m somebody that other girls can look up to and emulate. That‟s one of the most rewarding parts about it.”

TV: Describe yourself in eight words. Ruth-Ann: *laughs* “Wow! Shy, smart, jovial, trustworthy, happy, tall, honest and a good listener.”

TV: What’s your talent? Ruth-Ann: “You know, I don‟t think I‟m really genuinely great at anything in particular. I‟m ok at little things. I‟m not sure really, I don‟t think I have like a talent which is worthy of being showcased. I sang for my talent at the show because you have to do a talent. But I don‟t think I have a specific talent.”

TV: Two things that you never leave your house without? Ruth-Ann: “My cell phone! And an extra scrunchy because my hair is really thick.”

TV: What difference do you think you brought to the competition? Ruth-Ann: “Wow. Well everyone calls me a walking encyclopaedia, so I guess that‟s something that was never ever there before. I know a lot of random facts, so I guess that‟s something different. A lot of people said that I was really helpful where the interview and questions were concerned, so I‟d say that.”

TV: What do you intend to for the city of Portmore during your reign? Ruth-Ann: “Well my plan is with the help of the other contestants we‟d go around to high schools in Portmore during the school year like on a Friday or maybe a Saturday and we‟d have like a class where basically all that we‟ve learnt in the pageant, like how to walk, proper etiquette and grooming, public speaking, stuff like that we would teach them as a basis of building confidence and just simply for their personal development, because everyone doesn‟t have the courage to enter the pageant, so it would be an opportunity for them to learn what we have learnt.”

TV: Who’s your inspiration?

Ruth-Ann: “I know this is cliché, but my mother. *laughs* Seriously though, even though we argue like every single day, she really is an inspiration, because to see all that she‟s gone through from being adopted to her adopted parents dying to going back to her regular parents to going into boarding school to being on her own from sixteen and to see where she has come from and where she is now! Even though she is not at where she wants to be at the present moment, but just to see her drive and her force. I think that‟s where I get the business from, because my mother will go into anything. She sells coffee, she does colognes. She‟s absolutely crazy as far as I‟m concerned, but still… Her drive to succeed just inspires me to succeed, so yea, she‟s my inspiration.” 

TV: Heels or Flats? Ruth-Ann: *screams* “FLATS!!! I am 5‟ 9”, don‟t need heels.”

TV: What do you do when you’re bored? Ruth-Ann: “This sounds crazy everytime I say it, but I think. I just think. It‟s like my escape really, I just think about anything really. Just a specific situation, what‟s going on in the world, what could possibly happen to me, my dreams, my aspirations, basically I think about generally anything.”

TV: What’s your favourite food? Ruth-Ann: “I love Italian food, I love pasta. Italian sausage is the boss! The bomb-diggety! Like if you have never had Italian sausage, you‟re not living at all. So generally Italian food.”

TV: What are your pet peeves? Ruth-Ann: “All the girls will tell you in the competition that I have a lot. I think it‟s based on how I was grown up, but I really don‟t like judgemental people. And what gets to me, is people who can‟t adapt well to other societies.”

TV: What’s your dream vacation spot? Ruth-Ann: “Fiji! I watched a documentary on it once and it was absolutely beautiful and I‟ve always wanted to go there.”

TV: What’s your number one fear?

Ruth-Ann: “Eternal life. I know it sounds crazy, but thinking about living forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and it‟s like without end. Your purpose has been fulfilled and you‟re still living. It just seems scary to me.”

TV: If you had an opportunity to venture out into entrepreneurship, what field would you go into? Ruth-Ann: “Entertainment. Because Jamaicans love entertainment, I love entertainment, who doesn‟t want to be entertained? So entertainment definitely! Or Food! Because I love to eat. So either entertainment or food.”

Problem: My father keeps on finding excuses when I ask to go out with friends. What do I do? K.M – Immac Solution: Hey KM, I've been through this before so TRUST ME, I understand. Parents nowadays are very protective of their children/teens. Firstly, your parents have to be able to trust you. Be honest to them about, where you're going, who you're going out with and all the details about the event/venue you're going. Most parents would prefer to have an idea of who your friends are. Introduce him to them one day. Doesn't have to be all of them, but just let him have an idea of the people you socialize with (for eg. Tell him their names, the schools they attend and their ages). Be sure to choose an appropriate venue as well. I hope this helps! Write to me again soon☺.

Problem: Hi, I am 16 years old and my boyfriend keeps pressuring me to have sex. Whenever we go out, the conversation always comes up. I tell him no whenever he asks. Most of my friends aren't virgins and well, I feel kinda left out. I don't want to have sex but I want to have sex because I don't want to feel left out. What should I do?! I need ur help. - R.T – Andrews.

Solution: Sex can wait. It was here before we were born and it‟s gonna be here after we die. If he continues asking and if it makes you feel uncomfortable, then end the relationship. No matter how much you like him, he should be a

'man' enough to respect your decision. In any case, I'm sure he'll get what he wants when you let him go. There are real awesome guys out there who won't place that unnecessary stress on you. I assume you have CXCs this year? You don't need that, at all. Your friends made the wrong choice. Having sex doesn't make you cool, at all. The fact that they made the wrong choice doesn't mean that you should too. You're going fine so far, keep it up! Problem: I like this guy but he has a gf. We talk everyday and I hope he likes me too. I don't wanna be a 'home-crasher' but whenever he and his girlfriend have problems, he comes to me. I'm always there for him and we call ourselves besties. We went out a couple Saturdays ago and almost smooched. I don't know what to do. T.C. – Wolmer‟s Girls Solution: It seems as if you got yourself into a tough spot. Both you and him need to talk. You need to stop talking to him as often as you already do. I know you don't want to be a 'home-crasher' but right now you are….Haha I think you know what I'm gonna say. Tell him that you guys are just friends and it'll remain that way, you just need some space. Let him focus on his girlfriend for a bit. Whatever problems he has with her, I'm sure he'll get over them without you at that moment. Try your best to get over him, at this point, nothing should be more important that preserving your friendship with him. Once it becomes something other than friendship, it‟s

gonna become awkward and if you guys break-up, you might never speak to him again. So this is very important for you to do! Problem: What do you do when one person shows more affection/love in a relationship than the other? Like, one person is showing affection over long periods, but the other person is driven crazy because they try all the time and like, one person says 'I love you' more and will text no matter if they're sick or busy but the other won't as much, if at all. - J.P – Coral Springs High - FL. Solution: AHA! A complicated question. People and affection. It‟s been on my mind for a while now! So here goes. The affection part is according to how they were raised, believe it or not :l. People who don't get much affection will crave it more than the people who are used to affection. Random 'I love yous', kisses and cuddling might be great for someone who is not accustomed to those gestures. There's also a twist! There are those people (like myself :p) who are used to affection and just require the same amount of affection they're accustomed to from their boy/girl friend. The key thing in solving this problem is communication. Talk to your boy/girlfriend and tell him/her how you feel. Try to be open with each other. Hope for some changes and that the feelings/actions will be reciprocated. Problem: How do I get over the

embarrassment of failing some of my CSEC subjects? - M.L – Ochi.

Solution: Well, you know, if you have awesome friends, they won't judge you. They'll be there for you and help you emotionally to get over this…If you passed the ones you need to be whatever it is you want to be then, go for it! Find an institution that will facilitate you and help you pick up from where you left off. If you still need more subjects, maybe you should settle down and do them over in January. It won't be that bad, seeing that you won't be the only person re-sitting and no one will point you out or anything! It‟s nothing really! Bill Gates didn't have an education and look at him now. You can do this! Don't mind people and their negative attitudes. They'll always talk but this is about you and what you want and there's nothing they can do to stop you from doing what you need to do! The only person who'll be in your way, will be you. Try not to get caught up with unimportant stuff, don't get distracted. It‟s really expensive to re-sit so just focus this time around, k. I really do wish you all the BEST my dear! If you have any problems or issues you think you can't handle alone, email us at: This is strictly confidential, no one will know but you. You may even create fictitious e-mail addresses to send in your problems or issues.

Got Yellow Fever?


o, I‟m not talking about the disease! What I‟m actually referring to is the huge summer trend; that is, the colour yellow. Now, you‟re probably wondering

„why is she talking about summer trends when summer is basically over?‟ Well, dear reader, summer isn‟t over until the school bell rings to signal the start of classes! It goes without saying that bright colours dominate the fashion scene each year around this time. Thus, many would say that yellow during the summer is a no-brainer. The colour itself is associated with so many positive things that the warm weather brings: the sun, lightness, happiness and the never-ending fun that comes with summer. So it is no surprise that this color has been a major staple this season. Yellow is widely regarded as universally flattering, meaning that it can suit any body type, whether stick skinny or fluffy, tall or short, boyish or curvy, as well as pretty much any skin tone. It's a very easy and uncomplicated colour to wear and almost everyone can get away with wearing the right shade. The colour yellow adds a lot of vibrancy to a girl‟s wardrobe. It can brighten up any outfit and provide that well needed „pop of colour‟ to any dull ensemble. Furthermore, with so many shades to choose from, yellow gives you the opportunity to choose the right shade that suits your personality and character.

Find YOUR shade! With such a wide array of shades to choose from, comes great confusion and much leeway for unflattering shade choices. As I said before, yellow suits pretty much everyone, as long as you wear the right shade for your skin tone. To help you avoid making the wrong shade choice, here are a few tips to wearing yellow to suit your skin tone. 

Pale- For persons with an extremely light skin tone, dark yellow, mustard yellow, and very pale yellows are your go-to shades. Avoid neon-bright and primary colour yellow; those will only make you look paler.

Medium/Caramel- Go for opposite ends of the spectrum. You should reach for lemon yellows, bold yellows, and can even go for super bright yellow which will accentuate your bronze skin complexion.

Dark- You‟re the lucky ones! You can pretty much wear whatever yellow you'd like and look fabulous. However, I‟d advise you to reach for those gold tones. Gold will bring out the rich colour of your skin tone and really give you a gorgeous glow. The only yellow to avoid is neon yellow, just because it may look too jarring since it'll be a sharp contrast to your skin tone.

Yellow in Small Doses

Not a huge fan of yellow? Well have no fear; yellow in small doses is all you really need. What do I mean by this? One word: accessories. Adding a simple touch of yellow to an outfit will still add that vibrancy you‟re trying to achieve. Accessories like simple jewelry, scarfs, nail polish and shoes will do the job. Of course, I couldn‟t tell you all about the versatility of yellow without giving you at least one tip on what NOT to do! The only drawback


wearing yellow is the









want to look like the beloved Sesame Street character when deciding to don this trendy colour. Avoid looking like Big Bird by keeping things simple when it comes to this colour. You can take a risk and play with certain styles and get away with it but for the most part, I‟d suggest you stay away from frills, feathers and avoid complicated twists. Keep it simple and chic; less is more.

Stefen Ewers – 15 – Campion College Kobe Laing – 13 – Wolmer’s Boys Pierce Rousseau – 14 – Ardenne High School Pierre Shum – 14 – Campion College

TV: How long have you guys been best friends? Stefen: “Bout a year now enuh”  *LOLs* TV: How did the friendship begin? Stefen: “YVA’s last year ! *laughs* we a dance wid two girl yuh z’mi? And then is like, we see some MoBay girl ! And then is like me a gi dem two touchingz and then me see Pierce run een and gi di girl two touchingz and then the rest a dem man yah run een and after that mah seh yo dem man yah a me bredrin ! *DWLs* But me did know Pierre from school still ‘cause him did inna me class and ting yuh z’mi? And everyday the man used to hail me and me d’even know the chiney boy enuh. The man used to seh “Yoo, Stefen !” and me a seh “A who dah yute deh man?” *LOLs* And then we turn best friend and the ting just evolve yuh z’mi?” TV: Most memorable moment together as best friends? Pierce: “Is like seh, we went to Haagen Dazs in our underwear. And security a call up police.” Stefen: “And some ooman a seh sum suppen to wi and mi seh “Yoo, a wah do dah ooman yah man? Dah ooman yah nah nuh manners? She nuh see seh me rich?! She can afford me?” *DWLs* Next memorable moment a YVAs! Casual clothes, we dress up as Superman with a helmet, a karate ninja power rangers and then Kobe did have on a construction glasses.” *DWLs* TV: What are some fun things that you guys do together?

Kobe: “Link girls!” Stefen: “Go over girl yard and link dem. We buck up certain man a certain girl yard eno *laughs* Yoo, big up Vintage yuh z’mi ?” Pierce: “Me nuh link nuh girl eno, Jackie” *blushes* Stefen, Pierre & Kobe: “Awwwwwwwwwwww !” *LOLs* TV: What are some weird things that you guys do together? Stefen: “Two man go a girl yard fi link the girl yuh z’mi? The man dem a come back home and like round twenty man pon twenty bicycle just come yuh z’mi? And ten more man just a walk wid machete inna dem hand yuh z’mi? And just come and rob the man dem fi one Nokia. So is an army of five hundred fi one likkle phone yuh z’mi?” Kobe & Pierre: *DWLs* Stefen: “And me a talk bout is some six year old a tek weh di man phone enuh! Some six year old wid some big knife!” *LOLs* Kobe: “Dawg, I swear to you. And then is like seh Shum gone weh lef’ me and mi she, jaah know. Because when mi see a man a run down to me wid a big machete, me just look the other way and Shum reach well farrrr” *LOLs* Stefen: “Mek me tell you what is weird. When me a bathe and man a come inna bathroom and a brush them teeth. Me nuh appreciate dem ting deh zeen? When me a bathe me fi bathe inna peace. Me nuh wah hear nuh *makes gargling noise* and a brush, brush, brush teeth and then dem all a spit inna the bath tub.” EVERYONE: *DWLs* TV: Do you guys see your friendship lasting into adulthood?

Pierce: “Well, me aguh finish high school before them soo… me nuh sure bout that… well yea!” Stefen: “Yea man, yea man, we aguh rich eno and we ah tek ova di globe enuh, ‘cause a we run the world and ting.” Kobe: “And we’re such trend-setters sometimes”  TV: Favourite place to hang out? Stefen: “Kobe yard!” Kobe: “Or girl yard”  TV: Why are you guys best friends? Stefen: “‘Cause we just deh deh fi each odda yuh z’mi? We a thugz yuh z’mi?” Kobe: “Nuh really, well never mind.” *LOLs* We tired a other yute a tief we girl. *awkward silence* Stefen: “I think is because the whole a we just different. If you put we in a group with 500 uptown girls and 20 uptown yute and yuh have 4 scabby man or 4 regular man. Yuh z’mi? Kobe: “And plus we just nuh like people.”

TV: What’s the biggest fight you guys have ever been in and how did you guys get over it? Stefen: “Yea man, the man tief me ex-girl, man; and then lie to me bout it yuh z’mi? Tell me seh him gone a other girl yard when him deh a fi har yard and then me a go a fi har yard fi link har and then she tell me seh she link him yuh z’mi? Pierce: “Is a big coincidence!” Stefen: Well anyways, the man put up a status apologizing about it and so on, so I guess…

TV: Who’s the most talkative? Pierre, Stefen and Pierce: “KOBE LAING!” Stefen: “Him talk the most foolishness and yuh not even a listen to most of it. Pierce: “Mi a di wisest!” *DWLs* TV: Funniest moment together as best friends? Kobe: “Everytime! Stefen: “Everytime enuh, ‘cause yuh know seh we mek bere joke and… yuh z’mi? enjoy we self” 

TV: How would you guys describe each other? Stefen: “Yo! Yuh know seh Pierce, Pierce a gyallis enuh, him have feelings enuh but the man heart cold!! The man just cool though, a mi bredrin yuh z’mi? Sometime the man call me all some random hours and just talk some random foolishness and mah seh “weh di man a call me fah ?” *LOLs* Shum! Yuh know seh before me meet any of them me meet Shum still. Shum a di first best fren weh me did get inna Campion yuh z’mi? Shum a me bro! Sometimes di man all tell some lie fi me to me mother and ting yuh z’mi? Laing! Laing me can count pon fi anything really. If me bruk and me caah go a party, mi can seh “Yow Laing, hustle up a funds fi me so me can reach the party yuh z’mi? and me can tief him clothes pon a regz” *LOLs* Kobe: “Well Stefen, me d’even know. *LOLs* The man just run some joke and it just funny. And then Shum, Shum just chat some… stupid things but it funny! And then Pierce, Pierce just fool and then the man just smile and it funny!” Me friend them just cool still! I just rate them”  Pierre: “Yea man, bredrin dem a gyallis yuh z’mi? Pierce a gyallis yuh z’mi? And the man cool still, Kobe: “We just get girls.” Pierre: “Can just talk to him bout anything still. And Kobe, Kobe talk nuff! Kobe is a good friend yuh z’mi? And the man talk a lot of foolishness and the man always carry me guh party, so we good yuh z’mi? And Stefen, meet him from school and I can chat to him bout anything really. Him know the medz.” Pierce: “Kobe, me nuh know. Me just like stay over fi him yard ‘cause me not even haffi ask more time. A me bredrin! Stefen, well Stefen funny yuh z’mi? And me and him can talk bout girl yuh z’mi? Because practically we guh through the same girl yuh z’mi?” EVERYONE: *LOLs* Pierce: “And Shum! Pierre did just come along when me did wah look him sister yuh z’mi? And when me notice seh me couldn’t get har me just seh “Ahh, Shum a bredrin den” yuh z’mi? And well, I just think Shum cool and him dumb.” TV: Who’s the shyest among you guys? Stefen: “None a we nuh shy enuh! We do anything anyweh enuh, we do anything anyweh! Kobe: “Yow, the man call a girl horse head one time” *LOLs*

TV: Do you guys defend/protect each other when the other is in a problem/situation? Pierce: “Me haffi protect dem still, well dem two yah *points at Kobe and Pierre*, Stefen good enuh, ‘cause Stefen a cruff, but like Kobe and Pierre me just haffi watch out fi dem

‘cause dem man deh a bait yuh z’mi? *LOLs* and haffi be a hot skull and if a man violate him get annihilate.” TV: Favorite TV Show to watch together? Stefen: “NARUTO ENUH!” Kobe: “Naruto Any day!” Stefen: “Me just wah see the great ninja war start!” TV: You guys have any nicknames for each other? Stefen: “Pierce! – Dj Squigles, Kobe – Dj Laing, Pierre – Dj Shum , and ME! – Micho Psycho 


fter a long holiday of new and exciting music, where it seems as if new songs were being released daily, we have realized that at events the Songs From Kartel’s Past Days are the most favoured ... So with that Teen Vybe as complied a list of what we Would like to Call “ Black Kartel’s “ To achieve this we decided to take a poll And from a poll of 1044 contributors, we arrived at the Top 10 “Black Kartels” of all time! Drum-Roll Please!

1. Bicycle 2. My scheme 3. Beg You a touch 4. Slow Motion 5. Love Dem 6. Get Wild 7. Come Breed Me

8. Broad Daylight 9. Emergency 10.Send Fi Mi Army

 Stress Relief Stress: Stress - defined by the Merriam Webster Dictionary as a physical, chemical, or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension and may be a factor in disease causation. No doubt, it causes more harm than good, with end results such as your life crumbling apart as you sulk into depression. Sometimes stress pushes you for the better, however, most times than not, its end results are negative. Tips for stress relief:

1. Music is CURE. Get the right music and block everyone out. This works for most. You can never go wrong with music and its many genres? 2. Exercise. Heart pumping, nerve impulses, mind jittering actions tend to take you off the source of stress and more into survival mode.

3. Self Expression. Writing, drawing and painting are all ways of expressing yourself. Even through dancing one may completely let go and enjoy the passion in doing what you love. 4. Talk to someone you trust or talk directly to the cause (if a person is the cause of your stress). You will either get it off your chest or realize that what you thought was a big deal; wasn’t so big after all – Communication is a major stress relief. 5. Rest! YOU NEED SLEEP. No matter how much of a socialite you are. No matter if you’re dying to finish that novel or movie. No matter if you’re wasting time on twitter. Rest is mandatory. Sleep is vital. One of the main reasons you might be constantly cranky anyway. 6. Breathe in and count to 10. Then exhale, it may surprise you how effect this simple exercise can actually be.

7. TURN OFF all social networking devices. I’ve known it to be a true testimony of just shutting away distractions like these. A few hours without them will do you justice. Imagine even 4 days without them? – Relax, I’m just

playing, but seriously though, step away from them sometimes – they can be major contributors to stress. I hope these tips were helpful. Suggestions may be sent to

INTRODUCING Vans106 vulcanized black/white, for the simple but yet sophisticated male.

way for you to help keep things clean for the next generation of skaters Price: US$50 - US$55 / JA$4500 - JA$5000 You can find them at: /wcs/stores/servlet/topcategor y_10001_10101 Jeans: Rude Black Skinny Fit Denim Jeans

Vans 106 Vulc is a recent addition to the Office Vans collection. The 106 vulcanized is a comfortable low-top with vintage skate shoe lines, but it has a very modern conscience in its construction. The uppers are made from 100% organic canvas, and the waffle grip outsoles are made out of 20% recycled rubber that further reduces the shoes' impact on the environment. It's a good

These black jeans feature a skinny fit with a slim leg, a low-rise waist and a button fly. Price: US$34.99/JA$3000 JA$4000 You can find them in trends or fashion express (Jamaica) or you can order from

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Javascript:OpenViewWindow(' opic/store/product_zoom_disp lay4.jsp',515,670,'no','no')

Price: JA$1000 - JAS$1500 You can buy a shirt like this at just about any clothing store. Jacket: Black with White jacket - prefered if the jacket fits slim fit – so therfore it gives you a neater and sharper look . Price: JA$4000 - JA$6500 You can get these jackets at Di Trends store down by Half Way Tree or order them off websites like

Hats: Fitteds or Snapbacks Snapbacks preferably because fitteds are now way too common in Jamaica & snapbacks are ajustable and they fit better. Price: JA$3000JA - JA$3500 You can get these snapback hats with Sebastian Austin aka „Bassyâ€&#x; BlackBerry Pin: 22731AE7 Telephone Number: 454 4802 Pick any hat you want from this picture & they will deliver at any place you wish.

Mona School of business, located at the University of the West Indies, found that there was a constant cry from customers regarding the high cost of computers. This, the study also concluded was one of the main hurdles in the way of technological access, which is literally the fuel that moves the world today. With that being the case, LIME must have seen this as a perfect opportunity to either bridge the gap or gain some ground on their competitors by rolling out a new plan that will see both a boom in internet access and usage across the island.


ccording to common belief, they might be lagging behind that other mobile telecommunication giant when it comes to their mobile subscribers, but apparently LIME has gotten it right this time around, raising the bar so high, this just might be a hard act to follow.

INTRODUCING - LIME‟s latest, and we must say, innovative and affordable effort of getting technology into the hands of more Jamaicans, who according to a recent study at the

Now let‟s be real, in this day and age of technology, where we talk online, get assignments and turn them on line, make purchases, listen music, work and the list goes on – all online, this is indeed great news.

LIME‟s FLIPtop – is a low-cost laptop which comes with a two-year residential internet service package,

starting at just under fifteen thousand (JMD) dollars.

transportation centre, Mr. Sinclair also pointed out the importance of internet access in this day and age, in every household across the Island, making it clear that the internet is a source of unlimited education, he also talked about LIME‟s plans to lead the charge of making such a tool accessible to all.

The aim according to Mr. Garry Sinclair, managing director of LIME Jamaica, is to remove the barriers to online access that is faced by many Jamaicans. At the launch of this initiative, held at the Half Way Tree So far they seem to be serious, even going as far as teaming up with JNBS to provide financing through its “Term Share Loan”.

LIME‟s Fliptop is an ultra-thin, WiFi enabled laptop, which comes with 160 GB Hard Drive, 1 GB Ram, a 1.3 mega pixel, Skype-ready camera and runs on the Windows 7.0 platform. So far it sounds and looks good, and with this achieved we are almost sure that their competitors will be trying very hard to cross it…but who knows, maybe only LIME can actually cross it, but hey, time will tell…So far, sounds great, and will definitely be a benefit to young people and our society at large.

Many of you may not know him now, but trust me, in a minute you all will. This issue spotlights 19 year old, Nikolai Demitri Davis formerly of Wolmer’s Boys School, more popularly known as Propa Fade.

Songs: “Out and Clean”, “Party Shot”, “Oh What A Day”, “Party Invitation”. TV: Who or what is the inspiration behind your music? PF: “Well, I would have to say current affairs are the biggest inspiration right now. I talk about things that are happening around me, the society. My biggest inspiration as an artist wudda haffi be Sizzla Kalonji.”

TV: What’s the most memorable moment in your career so far? PF: “The first time I heard my song playing on the radio. It was on Zip and ZJ Rose did drop it at like 9 o clock.  The song was “Give It To Me Like That” ”

TV: Are you a deejay or a singjay? PF: “Singjay.”

TV: How’d you get your stage name, ‘Propa Fade’? PF: “Well, the thing is, we’re preeing to just cut off the ‘Fade’. And then ‘Propa’ now, well… I’m an engineer, a song writer, a singer, I build riddims and I just manage to do everything properly. *laughs* So I’m pretty well rounded and everything is done well.”

TV: What do you when you’re bored? PF: “Listen music, probably just kick back and relax and just reflect.”

TV: Where do you wish to see your career in the next ten years? PF: “An internationally known artist. Producing mainly, you get me? And just rich and happy 

TV: Who are some artists that you’d like to work with? PF: “I would want a collaboration with Wiz.”

TV: Who are some producers that you’ve worked with? PF: “Well yuh done know Young Vibez, so that’s Jamie Roberts and also Dunwell. I have upcoming songs for Anju Blax.”

TV: Who are some artists that you’ve worked with? PF: “Talisa. And I have an upcoming collabo with Jahmiel and I did “Oh, What A Day with Kanambo.”

TV: What do you do for fun? PF: “Party and just chill and vybe when we making music and ting”

TV: What do you think is your best quality as an artist?

PF: *laughs* “My smile. *smiles* I would say my style, delivery and my melody, Oh Gosh!”

TV: What makes you stand out from all the other young artists that are popping up nowadays? PF: “Ok, first of all, good management and difference. It’s not like the same thing. I sound different from everybody else. And also certain experiences and people who I’m around now. They’ve been in the music business much longer than I have.”

TV: Is there any established artist that mentored you or that you learned anything from? PF: “To be honest the first artist that I ever see recording a song and I was actually really amazed at everything was Laden. So definitely Laden. And I learn from other various artists like Popcaan, Bugle, Zamunda.”

TV: How important do you think it is to be mentored or taught by an already established artist? PF: “It’s good because you need someone who has already done it on a certain level. But honestly, my biggest mentor would have to be my manager, Mr. Patrick Roberts. Him teach me everything and also Jamie Roberts. So I don’t’ really have any artiste as a mentor, it’s just mainly my producer and my manager.”

TV: What would be doing if not music? PF: “Nothing else, I swear.” TV: If you were stranded on an island, what would you bring with you? PF: “Me PSP, me riddim dem and my laptop.”

TV: If you were an animal, what animal would you be and why? PF: “Bird, yuh z’mi? To fly, to soar and ting. I always wondered how that feel yuh z’mi?” *laughs*

TV: What’s your dream vacation spot? PF: “Dubai”

TV: Anything for us in the near future? PF: “Just more songs, good music. Mix tape should be dropping soon, so look out for that. A lot of dancehall riddims, more singles. Not really looking for any collaborations right now still.”

TV: What’s your number one fear? PF: “Lizard! me nuh like lizard at all!”

TV: What’s your favourite food? PF: “Peppered steak, some sweet and sour chicken. Chinese! Yuh z’mi? Jamaican food. Me like ackee and saltfish, jerk pork, jerk chicken, anything jerk! Well not anything still. Yuh z’mi?” *laughs*

TV: What’s your favourite video game? PF: “FIFA, God of War and Tekken”


ith all the turmoil and economic collapses in the world, from the Middle East to our very streets, it’s interesting to see just how silly the powers that be continue to be in such a critical time – NO, NOT THE POLITICIANS THIS TIME – THIS TIME IT’S THE MEDIA. CASE IN POINT: Okay fine, charge LA Lewis for whatever it is said he did, but is such a development prime time news worthy? – No it’s not, but that’s exactly what happened – LA Lewis got more air time recently than the entire missing persons report, which consisted of over six individuals, and for what? - To again spew his garbage to the nation? – To again utter his verbal creations of ignorance that are then served to viewers as either entertaining or informative? - Which just for the record, when it comes to him, his five seconds of being hilarious faded over a year ago. Let’s be real here for a minute and see this for what it is. We live in a day and age of treachery and chaos, where we never know what the next day might bring. Correct me if I’m wrong, but media outlets – SPECIFICALLY THE PRIME TIME NEWS – are created for the sole purpose of information and reporting on issues that affect the nation – and with all that’s happening in Jamaica and the world, seriously, don’t we have anything else but LA Lewis to report on? This individual claims to be an entertainer slash businessman, and we know no song he has done, and we know no business that he has ever established, and according to many - NO, his 7 Star enterprise is not a business, but nothing more than a sham, a mere reflection of himself, so need I say more? But seriously, with things the way they are in our society, shouldn’t air time reserved for prime time news be just that? – PRIME TIME NEWS - It just makes sense to me. How about highlighting someone who has something worthwhile to say? How about highlighting a Teenage overachiever? How about highlighting a company that is doing more than taking from the people? How about highlighting anybody – but LA Lewis and philosophical idiocies?

Adam Kimmel High - Top


Well, maybe except go out in style…Anyway



let’s talk about the sneakers in the pics.

Spring/Summer 2012

Yes, I know you may not



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Formerly known as Black Diamond Family, this group of teenagers staged their first event in Summer 2011 and they’re back with a new name and new vybe – ‘Lucrative Vision’. Members: Jordan Reynolds – 16, Dre Barnett – 16, Gervase Prescod – 16, Dominic Parram – 15 TV: What is Lucrative Visions? Gervase: “We’re a promotional crew but we also do more than promotions. We’re also a group that does different variations of business.” TV: What school do you guys attend? Gervase: “Three out of four of us go to Wolmer’s and Gio goes to Meadowbrook.” TV: Why did you guys decide on promotion? Jordan: “We chose promotion because we realized that with most parties there’s more to be done in order to make it successful and we figured we knew how to make an event successful.”

TV: When was Lucrative Visions established? Dre: “March 2011”

TV: Favourite part about being promoters? Gervase: “Going to other parties to promote because sometimes we get free entry and so on.” Jordan: “And also the profits, who doesn’t like profits?” *laughs*

TV: What was the first Lucrative Visions event, what was learnt from it and how was the event overall? Gervase: “Arite, first Lucrative Visions event was Hangover at Constant Spring Golf Club and we learnt a lot. We learnt that promotion is not as easy as it looks. It’s very stressful, especially on the day of the event and the party was a success, we pulled over 700 patrons.” *smiles*

TV: Have anything in store for us? Jordan: “Well like we said before we do both events and other aspects of business. In the event planning aspect we plan to have a kick-off party in December for the winter and two of us actually have plans to open a store but we can’t get into all those details right now.” *smiles*

TV: Any particular promoter or event coordination group that you guys look up to? Gervase: “ & Lawless Events!”

TV: Were you guys all friends prior to the establishment of Lucrative Vision?

Gervase: “Yea man, I guess we’re actually more than friends. We’re like a family and Dominic and Dre are actually cousins.”

TV: Is there a leader of the group? – if so, who and why ? Dre: “Naaah.” Gervase: “We all put in 100%. Dre: We all work together.”

TV: What are your parents’ opinions of Lucrative Vision and are they supportive of Lucrative Vision? Dre: “They liked the idea of putting on parties. When we just started, they followed through with it. They're very supportive of us as they would help us in doing last minute run up and downs and such.”


esults and Reports are out and summer’s ending. How are you preparing for the first time those gates open to the smell of a fresh and new school year? We always make commitments to do better, be more organized and make our parents proud. Really? Do we follow these commitments? NOW we will. Get your equipment ready because this coming school year it’s a whole different story. Not ready at all for the first days? Get real. We know these teachers are going to slap on homework so fast, that it may literally take the speed of the Bolt himself to keep up with them. 1. Make sure you have your bag packed at least the night before school. 2. A week or two before school starts, run over some subject material to get familiar with doing work regularly. 3. As soon as you get your schedules, plan your study timetables. This is mandatory. If you’re serious about changing this year - it is going to be tough, but worth every bit of your effort. 4. Say hello to your priorities and goodbye to the summer’s social calendar? You must learn to balance your life proficiently. No procrastination. Make a list of all your goals and separate regulated meetings with friends from earlier on. 5. Get used to your sleep pattern. Eight hours of rest every night is what we all definitely need. 6. Prep yourself for the stress. Exercise or working out helps your body to get ready for all mental, emotional and physical challenges. It’s all a mind game. Keep your mind in the game. 7. Relax and be open-minded. 8. Be Optimistic. 9. Turn over a new leaf and squash ALL of last school year’s drama. 10. Talk to your parents. Ask them to help you or just tell them you love them every day before you leave out. Trust me, thank them for school also. We have lives because of them. Have a successful school year.

FINANCIAL Relief For Students Seeking Higher Education Excerpt from Minister of Education – Andrew Holness’ recent address:


hat we will have to do is to implement a new policy. And that new policy is that the closer you are to market, and the closer you are to being employed, is the greater the cost of the tertiary burden that the student will bear. That doesn’t mean that we will take away the funding. What it means is that we should provide greater funding by developing a credit market,” Mr. Holness pointed out. Mr. Holness continued by saying: “So, you would have greater access to loan funding to sponsor your tertiary education. We would remove the need, therefore, for guarantors, which, in fact, are major obstacles for many students. We would remove this requirement that you start repaying your loan as soon as you have finished. We would make the loan income contingent and when you get a job, that’s when you start repaying your loan. We would extend the length of your loan… so instead of giving you 15 years, we would extend it to 30 years, so you would have a longer period of pay back,” he explained. Mr. Holness explained that the aim of this initiative is to treat tertiary education as a tangible asset that students can use to access funds. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION contact the SLBJA – Students’ Loan Bureau – Tel.: 876 754 2559 Toll Free: 1 – 888 991 2603

-Mr. Holness was speaking on August 17 at a scholarship award ceremony for tertiary level students from St. James held at the Sunset Beach Resort and Spa in Montego Bay.


esearch in Motion just released several new BlackBerry devices, but









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BlackBerry will be released in the first half of 2012, but like RIM's PlayBook tablet, it could be missing a few bells and whistles in order to stay on schedule.

The device, known internally as the BlackBerry Colt, is currently being tested with a single-core chip. As PCMag mobile analyst Sascha Segan pointed out recently, RIM





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There's also the matter of email.


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rather than brave new ideas.

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RIM is now prepping a QNX-

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announced the BlackBerry Torch "The kicker? If companies want

9810, 9850, and 9860 for AT&T,

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the BlackBerry Bold 9900 –





support out of the box," BGR wrote.




I’M SURE WE HAVE ALL HEARD THE ABOVE PHRASE BEFORE, and just maybe we have even given it some thought, well; forgive me for being the bearer of bad news, but none of us stays forever young, we are all going to get old. Think it’s a game, just look around you. Yea, take a closer look and I’m sure you will see quite a few persons that look way older than they did a few years ago. Yea, that’s the end result of time, which we all fall victim to, in one way or the other. Mommy and Daddy are two major examples of this reality. Anyway, with that said, it brings me to this. Since we are not getting younger and we cannot stay forever young, doesn’t it make sense that we make preparations for the inevitable – getting older, which like it or not, or realize it or not, is an entirely different ball game, with its own set of rules, all hinged on the doorpost of responsibility. Hey, it is what it is. I’m not trying to ruin anyone’s fun or give them something else to think about that they would rather not think about, but let’s be real, we are all getting older, and with age comes change, so it only makes sense that we get ourselves in preparation mode. Depending on your age, in a matter of time, bills will become a part of your reality. You will eventually have to provide the daily necessities such as food, shelter and clothing for yourself, and again, depending on your reality and gender, you may be responsible for more than one, physically and or financially. Clothes cost. Cars cost. Gas costs. Phones cost. Parties cost. Girlfriends cost. Wives cost. Children cost. Food costs. A place to live also costs. Everything that will be your responsibility in a matter of time -COSTS! So if all of that and then some costs, shouldn’t we be in preparation mode to earn the funds that are going to be needed to maintain such responsibilities? Makes sense to me, and with that I say this – a man or woman who fails to plan, is already planning to fail –Plan for your tomorrow, today – THIS IS WHAT TIME IT REALLY IS, whether you wear a G-Shock or not.


hat makes a successful event? Good people dancing to good music in a good venue all accompanied with good „vybes‟. On August 26th into the beginning of the 27th, the StarGang treated their patrons to exactly this winning formula; with one exception. THE VENUE! The majority of 14 Castle Drive was grass and Cabana was a water party. Let‟s do some math real quickly, shall we? WATER + GRASS = MUD! And there was tons of it. Patrons could be seen trying to find a suitable hiding place for their footwear out of fear of the mud. Partiers also had to hold on to each other while traversing the venue to avoid slipping in the mud or stepping in mud puddles, which at many times proved futile as there were many slips and spills during the event. The

VIP area however was absolute bliss as the important people partied in mud-free style. Apart from the mud, Cabana was indeed „The Good Life‟ as we heard musical selections from ace dj‟s Karyzma and ZJ Ice as well as other young, talented disc jocks. The pool was also put to good use as the VIPs had a grand time dancing along its banks. Campion‟s own StarGang certainly did not disappoint their loyal patrons and definitely gained some new ones.

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Jeremiah 1: 5 – 7 Then the word of the LORD came to Jeremiah saying: “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; Before you were born I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations.” Then said I: „Ah, Lord GOD! Behold, I cannot speak, for I am a youth.” But the LORD said to me: “Do not say, I am a youth,‟ For you shall go to all to whom I send you, And whatever I command you, you shall speak.”

Part I – PURPOSE In this and the following issue we’ll discuss purpose. I have come to understand that it’s purpose that gives us passion for life and it’s passion that fuels our performance. Hence I trust that this two-part series of TeenVybe Spirit will lead all our readers on an exciting quest to discovering his or her own purpose. For everything created there’s a purpose, would you agree?...I thought you would. Then would you also agree that we each must have a purpose? Great, but how does one discover his or her individual purpose? It’s pretty simple I believe. When we first purchase a new gadget, let’s say a phone or a video game; we immediately refer to the owner’s manual, (which the manufacturer, creator or inventor includes in the package) in order to discover how it works, what feature does what and so on; and to effectively use the gadget and maximize its full potential. So it stands to reason that if one were to discover his or her own purpose, maximize his or her full potential and get the most out of life; then one would have to consult the manual provided by ones manufacturer, creator or inventor, right? Well, The Bible is the manual that our Creator; God Himself has provided us with in order for us to discover our purpose, maximize our full potential and get the most out of life. So I implore our TeenVybe readers to consult the manual to receive God’s instruction for everyday life and living and His purpose for you This leads me back to our scripture reference; Jeremiah 1: 5 – 7. The Lord appeared to Jeremiah and told him that before He formed him in his mother’s womb, he not only knew him, but He ordained him to be a prophet to the nations.

What this says to us is that; like Steve Jobs; co-founder of Apple Inc., or any inventor for that matter; God knew the intended purposes of each of His creation before He created them; likewise, He knew your purpose even before He formed you in your mother’s womb. Jeremiah spoke back to God and rather than agreeing with God, he identified his insufficiencies. He told God that he was a youth and hence he couldn’t speak, but I encourage you; do not be like Jeremiah and make excuses for accomplishing God’s purpose for your lives, but instead discover it and live it. You may ask – how do I discover my God given purpose…I’m glad you asked. In our next TeenVybe Spirit we’ll give you practical ways to discover and fulfill your purpose. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you believe God’s word (The Bible) is true and effective for life and would like to know His Son; Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord of your life, it’s very simple…Just: A. Admit that you are a sinner in need of God. B. Believe that Jesus Christ died and rose again for your sins. C. Confess Jesus Christ as Lord of your life. The following prayer is one you can say right now to confess Jesus as Lord and ask Him to save you: Dear God, I admit I am a sinner in need of You. Please forgive me of my sins and give me abundant life here on earth and eternal life with You in heaven. I believe Jesus died and rose again for my sins. I confess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of my life. Thank You for saving me, In Jesus' name, Amen.

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