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gradual process... some may say a bit like choosing a husband really! You’ll know instinctively whether you like a particular dress and if you feel comfortable in it – and then maybe the more you look at it, the more you like it. Before you know it you’re comparing every dress to this one and wanting to try it back on again. This is a good sign. Trust your instincts and if it feels right then it is right. Other girls never get this feeling and like bits off several dresses and can never find everything together on one dress. If you feel like this, then maybe you should consider having a dress made and designed especially for you. That way, you can combine all your favourite bits together. My job as a designer is to tell if your ideas will work and to add inspiration to your thoughts by suggesting fabrics and laces, etc. This can be a really exciting process and not as terrifying as you might think. We have a huge range of dresses to try and by combining styles, and perhaps draping fabric around you, it is possible to get a really good idea of how your design will work.

From the Mori Lee collection

How many fittings are needed and how long does each take? If you are having a dress made and designed for you, then the process usually starts five months before your wedding. We always start the dresses as early as possible so that you have seen the almost completed dress at a very early stage. Each fitting takes 30-60 minutes. By the time you’ve had your third fitting the dress will look almost finished. At your fourth and final fitting, just the hem and buttons or lacing detail will need to be finished and any lastminute adjustments made if your weight has fluctuated. Having a dress made can be great fun and a really fabulous experience if things are done in plenty of time. Never trust anyone who leaves everything to the last minute and keeps postponing fittings. This is usually the sign of a disorganised person and frankly causes too much stress for all involved. If you have ordered a dress in, then we usually get you to try the dress on as soon as it has arrived in our shop. If at all possible we like to have the dress ready for you to try approximately eight to 12 weeks before your wedding. If anything major needs doing we would start the alterations then, but normally we get you to come back four weeks before your wedding just to do a final pull-in to ensure you get the best possible fit.

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